Saturday, May 06, 2006

Muslim Cartoon Attacker Dies in German Prison

A Pakistani Muslim who was arrested for trying to kill the editor of Germany’s Die Welt (for publishing the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy) has been found dead in his Berlin prison cell: Pakistani dies in German prison. (Hat tip: hans ze beeman.)
Like clockwork, his family is claiming he was tortured. LGF hereby calls for an immediate UN investigation.
Germany has confirmed that a Pakistani student has died while being held in custody in Berlin.
Amer Cheema, 28, hanged himself while alone in his prison cell, a spokeswoman for the German Justice Ministry said.
Mr Cheema had been accused of threatening the editor of the Die Welt newspaper after it printed cartoons caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad.
Some MPs in Pakistan have called for a debate on Mr Cheema’s death after his family said he was tortured.
The BBC’s Ray Furlong, in Berlin, says the torture claims are highly improbable. Torture is illegal in Germany and even the suspicion of torture would create a huge scandal, he says.

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