Saturday, May 20, 2006

Soccer-Ahmadinejad:Howard compares Iran to Nazi Germany

Stop Soccer-Rikowski

More on the Iranian dhimmi badge story. As I said below, it is like Nazi Germany, but it is much more like ancient laws for dhimmis.
"Howard compare s Iran to Nazi Germany," from the Sydney Morning Herald, with thanks to JE:
Prime Minister John Howard was among three world leaders who today said an Iranian bill, which reportedly would force non-Muslims to wear coloured badges in public, was akin to Nazi Germany.
However, Teheran emphatically denied the report, in a Canadian newspaper, that the law would force Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians to wear a yellow, red or blue strip of cloth, respectively, on their clothes....
"If that (the report) is true, I would find it totally repugnant," Mr Howard told reporters before the report was debunked.
"It obviously echoes the most horrible period of genocide in the world's history and the marking of Jewish people with a mark on their clothing by the Nazis, and anything of that kind, would be totally repugnant to civilised countries.
"If it is the case, it's something that would just further indicate to me the nature of this regime.
"It's a calculated insult, if it's true, not only to Christians but most particularly to Jews."...
In Teheran, MP Emad Afroogh, who sponsored the bill and chairs the parliament's cultural committee, said today there was no truth to the Canadian newspaper report.
"It's a sheer lie. The rumours about this are worthless," he said.
"The bill is not related to minorities. It is only about clothing," he said.
"Please tell them (in the West) to check the details of the bill. There is no mention of religious minorities and their clothing in the bill," he said.
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