Friday, May 26, 2006

Soccer-Ahmadinejad:Iranian Satirist: "Dear Mahmoud..."

Stop Soccer-Rikowski

For a very funny read, check out an Iranian satirist’s letter to Ahmadinejad, in response to his letter to President Bush. (Translated by MEMRI):
Ibrahim Nabavi is a “well-known expatriate Iranian satirist ,” according to MEMRI. He sounds utterly sane and well-informed. This man is not our of the Dark Ages of the 12th century.
...Oh adorable little boy who makes noise and needs attention!
”...In your explanation [about this letter], you said that you had written to [President] Bush to present a solution to the problems in the world. What an excellent idea. But have you noticed that the problem in the world is you yourself? Do you know that it is you who are the cause of most of the bad luck and punishments now descending upon the free peoples and the countries of the world? [Do you know] that if there is a problem that must be solved, it is called Ahmadinejad?...
“My dear son Mahmoud!
“You wrote to George Bush: ”...[You intend to] establish a single global society which is to be ruled by Jesus and by the righteous of the earth….”
“My good boy! Do you really think that George Bush wants to establish a single global society so that Jesus and the righteous of the earth will rule it? Who told you this? Who said that Bush and the Americans – whose regime, thought, and laws are based on secularism – want Jesus and the righteous of the earth to rule the globe?...
“All Westerners, including the Americans, have for 200 years been diligently saying that they are not interested in a religious regime, and that they advocate secularism. Now you say that they are interested in rule by Jesus? Where is Jesus? Who was talking about Jesus? On your mother’s life! Go find the nutcase who taught you these things, fire him, and don’t listen to him any more. [Those who taught you] see that you are naïve, so they want a laugh at your expense. They say these things in jest – and you publish them?!...”
Read the rest and heave a sigh of relief.
James Lewis

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