Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Soccer-Ahmadinejad:Little Knowledge

Stop Soccer-Rikowski

Ahmadinejad, the Jew baiter of Teheran, strikes a classic pose, eyebrows raised in feigned horror, hand on heart in supposed sincerity. Behold, a crusader to restore the world to balance: Jews down there where they belong, their victims back on top. In every generation, as the saying goes, a new Amalek emerges to attack the Jews. Well this one certainly takes the biscuit.
Take a look in this week's Der Spiegel which features an interview with the Iranian President: 'Der Mann, vor dem die Welt sich furchtet' . It's subscription-only so for a digest you might want to check elsewhere - like Haaretz.
Why Der Speigel should deign to publish this bird-brained buffoon's ravings on the subject of Jews and Israel is a puzzle in itself. Like a gauntlet, everywhere he goes he throws out his refusal to believe that six million Jews were killed during the Second World War, let alone, presumably, the pillage and persecution that preceded and accompanied the Holocaust, and indeed followed it. To add insult to injury, he refuses to accept that Jews have a right to live in the Holy Land, but should be forcibly resettled in the countries in which their parents and grandparents were robbed and murdered. Any opposition he encounters he blames on invisible yet all-pervasive Zionist conspiracies.
Had he finished primary school and not sat at the back doodling all day, had he learned to read and develop his apparent interest in history and politics to a level that might entitle him to speak out on the subject he would have jumped at the chance to visit Germany and see for himself, in between the soccer, whether the camps and other monuments of the destruction of European Jewry are real or not.
But no: he has backed out of his proposed visit to Germany. He'd rather remain in his cacoon of ignorance. Here's a man if ever there was one, who proves the rule that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
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