Friday, May 05, 2006

Soccer-Ahmadinejad:No entry to Germany for Ahmadinedschad

Stop Soccer-Rikowski

The European Union has denied entry to the President of Belarus (White Ruthenia), Lukaschenko - rightfully so. There are even more reasons to prohibt the Iranian president Ahmadinedschad from attending the football world championship in Germany.
The predominant majority of countries recognize and view Ahmadinedschad as a war monger. His threats against ISRAEL and EUROPE are more aggressive than anything of the like since the Second World War. He sees himself as the tip of the spear of an Islamic world revolution. His nuclear armament is the worst threat to mankind since the end of the cold war. Permitting him to visit Germany would be a fatal sign of resignation for all democrats. Because of concrete, provable law breaks, e.g. denying the Holocaust, the public prosecutor's office would be forced to arrest Ahmadinedschad.
We therefore request the Federal Government to declare an immediate and unlimited entry prohibition for Ahmadinedschad and all members of the Iranian Mullah regime.
The Undersigned
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