Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Who are The Anti-Germans?

The anti-Germans are not a political party, not an organisation with identity cards, not a uniform collective at all. Instead they are individuals connected through their criticism of German ideology. Their practice is the criticism of ideology (“Ideologiekritik”).
Well, how do you measure the influence of such criticism?
There may be some thousand anti-German critics. Their publications probably have some thousand readers more. Some hundreds of participants (or less) take part in anti-German demonstrations.
So while their influence goes against zero measured in numbers, they are rather agile, their criticism is sharp and apt, resulting in the curiosity that they are well-known in Germany – and even abroad – especially by the radical left and the anti-Imperialists, in Germany as elsewhere in the world one of the leading forces of the appeasers and collaborators of the current “Islamic revolution”. There is a special opportunity for effective criticism of the radical movements, given the fact that there is a striking contradiction between their self-portrait as the world’s elite emancipators and their real practice of systematically defending the world’s most anti-emancipatory movements and regimes, for example Hamas, Hizbullah, the Iraqi “resistance” and Iran’s “Islamic revolution”. This is true even for the so called moderate left, in Germany currently represented by the party “Die Linke”, founded just last year. It’s leader, former Minister of Finance Oscar Lafontaine, repeatedly defended Iran’s atomic weapons program and propagates an alliance between the left and Islamists, arguing that they have many things in common; rejection of the interest economy, for example. Unfortunately, this argument is absolutely correct.
Prior to the Iraqi war of 2003, Germany as a whole wanted to lead the all the appeasers. Former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (Social Democratic party) and Appease-Minister Josef Fisher (Green party) defined the German foreign policy to entail Germany acting as the world’s “peace” power (“Friedensmacht”). What are the methods for “peace”? “Dialogue” with the henchmen of “Holy War” and support for anti-Americanism.
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