Friday, June 30, 2006

EU in spe II


EU in spe

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Thousands of angry Turks burned an Israeli flag Friday and chanted “Murderer Israel, Get out of Palestine!” to protest Israel’s offensive into the Gaza Strip.
Hundreds of women, wearing black chadors or covering their heads with Islamic-style head scarves, carried Palestinian flags and banners which read: “Israel is burning Palestine.”
Police said about 5,000 people participated in the protest outside Istanbul’s Bayazid Mosque.

Bosnian Muslim Guilty but Freed

Bosnian Muslim commander Naser Oric was convicted by the United Nations court in the Hague of war crimes against the Bosnian Serbs. His sentence was handed down today: two years, already served, and he’ll be released immediately.
Correspondents say many Bosnian Muslims regard him as a hero, and believe the decision to prosecute him was made to counter complaints by Serbs that the tribunal was biased against them.

Thursday, June 29, 2006 Campaign to Whine About "Islamophobic" Sites

The terror supporters at British Islamic hate site (lgf: search) are taking a break from posting jihad videos to urge each other to complain to police and other authorities about any sites that are wise to them: organise a campaign to complain about anti-islam websites.

Turkish PM: 'Islamophobia' is a Crime Against Humanity

Speaking to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Turkey’s Prime Minister said that criticism of Islam is a crime against humanity: Islamophobia Is a Crime Against Humanity: Erdogan.
STRASBOURG, 29 June 2006 — The incitement to hatred of Islam should be considered a crime against humanity, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech before the Council of Europe in Strasbourg yesterday.
“Just as anti-Semitism is a crime against humanity, so should Islamophobia be regarded,” Erdogan said. Erdogan warned against the growing phobia against Islam and foreigners in the world in which “we Muslims feel increasingly under siege.”
Referring to the row over blasphemous cartoons that were originally printed in a Danish newspaper, he said freedom of expression should not be confused with the freedom to insult.
The row showed not only a “lack of respect for religious convictions,” but was also a sign of a “growing and dangerous polarization between the Western and Islamic world.” The Turkish prime minister called on Western countries to integrate the Muslims living among them to a much greater degree.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fitzgerald: Turkey has had a good run

Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald wonders if policy should really be a matter of avoiding hurting other's feelings:
Turkey has had a good run. Ataturk, "secular" Turkey, Bernard Lewis and "The Emergence of Modern Turkey," Sanford Shaw, of course (without the Vryonis replique), those generals in Ankara meeting those American generals, the performance of those Turkish soldiers in Korea during the war, those airbases, that other base at Sinop, the assurance that Kemalism was forever, and that the numbers of the westernized Turks would always increase. Yes, a good run. And besides, what did it really matter -- because wasn't Islam throughout the Cold War seen only as "a bulwark against Communism"?
Now the discovery of another Turkey, la scoperta del imperio ottomano, or rather della Turquia, shows us that after the Cold War, when Turkey is no longer quite so necessary a place for listening-posts directed at the Soviet Union, the American bases are apparently not to be used for the only conceivable purpose for which they would now do much good: against those who, in Dar al-Islam, need to have their major weapons taken away. Turkey did not allow that fourth American division to invade from the north. Turkey has been critical of the invasion of Iraq for all the wrong reasons. An important Turkish official described the behavior of American soldiers as "worse than Nazis."
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Monday, June 26, 2006

A Muslim Constitution in Europe

Danish LGF reader Ulf translated this jaw-dropping report that the European Council for Fatwa and Research, a Muslim Brotherhood front group led by Tariq Ramadan and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, is working on a special constitution for European Muslims—that will be “above national legislation.” Europe is turning into Eurabia before our eyes: A Muslim constitution in Europe.
Islamists in Europe are working on a special legislation for muslims, that will be above national legislation. The initiative comes from the Fatwa-council for Europe, who claims that a “constitution for European muslims” is on its way. The Fatwa-council has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood organization. It’s spokesman is Tariq Ramadan, who among many westerners has a reputation of representing a more liberal european Islam.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Germany kicks in 20 million euros for Palestinian jizya

They should call it the Adolf Hitler Memorial Jizya Fund. "Germany grants EUR 20m to Palestinian fund," from DPA, with thanks to Sr. Soph:
BERLIN - Berlin is granting 20 million euros (25 million dollars) to an aid fund for the Palestinian territories in the interests of "freedom and more stability in the region," the German aid minister, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, said Wednesday.
Wieczorek-Zeul said in parliament that the European nations had so far pledged 150 million euros for such funds, replacing official European Union aid which stalled in March after the election of the radical Hamas movement.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cleansing Serbs in Kosovo

source: T h e N a t i o n
By Jeremy Scahill
In early June, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan told the Security Council that violent attacks by Kosovo Albanians against Serbs and other minorities "appear to be part of an orchestrated campaign." The Secretary General did not say who exactly is orchestrating this campaign. Perhaps that ’s because to do so would implicate the Kosovo Protection Corps, established, funded and commanded by the UN. It would also acknowledge that the UN’s stated efforts to maintain peace in Kosovo following Belgrade’s brutal campaign against Albanians have failed to stop a second deadly round of ethnic violence. On paper the 5,000-man KPC is conceived as a "civilian emergency service agency." Its tasks range from removing landmines to repairing roads. It is to have "no role in defense, law enforcement, riot control, internal security or any other task involved in the maintenance of law and order." In reality the KPC, consisting almost entirely of "demilitarized" members of the Kosovo Liberation Army a disparate group ranging from nationalists to common criminals that came to prominence before the NATO bombing and whose activities are under investigation by the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia has been instrumental in sustaining an atmosphere of terror aiming for an ethnically cleansed Kosovo. An internal UN report prepared for Annan and leaked to journalists earlier this year accuses the KPC of "criminal activities, killings, ill-treatment/torture, illegal policing, abuse of authority, intimidation, breaches of political neutrality and hate speech." Yet Susan Manuel, spokesperson for the UN Mission in Kosovo, says, "As far as I know, no one’s been [criminally] charged with anything." This refusal to prosecute those in the KPC who commit atrocities has in effect given the go-ahead to a wider campaign of terror against Serbs and other civilians. This campaign, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, has forced more than 200,000 minorities - mostly Serbs - to flee Kosovo since NATO forces rolled in last summer. The United States is the largest funder of the KPC, shelling out some $5 million for its activities to date. But the US connection doesn’t end there. The man chosen to head the KPC is well-known to Washington: Gen. Agim Ceku, former military Chief of Staff of the KLA. Ceku refined his brutality as a general in the US-backed Croatian Army during the Balkans war and was trained by Military Professional Resources Inc., a private paramilitary firm founded in 1987 and based in Alexandria, Virginia, with former high-ranking US generals and NATO officials on its board [see Ken Silverstein, "Privatizing War," July 28/August 4, 1997]. In 1995, armed with a contract authorized by the Clinton Administration, MPRI officially began to train Croatian forces. Just months after MPRI arrived on the scene, Croatian forces carried out the notorious Operation Storm. In a brutal four-day blitzkrieg in 1995, these forces expelled some 200,000 Serbs from the Krajina region of Croatia after their villages were mercilessly shelled. Jane’s Defence Weekly reported that Ceku was "one of the key planners" of the operation that the New York Times called "the largest single ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the war." The criminal tribunal has been investigating Operation Storm for years. The Sunday Times of London recently reported that Ceku is also suspected by the tribunal of war crimes committed during raids he led in the south of Croatia in September 1993, when he was commanding the feared 9th Brigade. Spokeswoman Manuel says the UN is "aware" of Ceku’s history and the accusations against him but placed him at the head of the KPC "because he was the leader of the KLA when we arrived, and he wanted to contribute to the transformation of the KLA to a constructive force for the future of Kosovo." Washington, maneuvering to reward the KLA in the "new" Kosovo, has sacrificed human tights and ethnic tolerance to a desire to maintain a close relationship with the forces it hopes to do business with for years to come. In legitimizing Agim Ceku and thousands of other KLA members by putting them in positions of authority, Washington is giving ethnic cleansing a green light. Not criminally charging KPC members sends a clear message to those in and outside the KPC that crimes may continue with impunity. It’s not surprising that some of the worst brutality against Serbs has occurred in the US sector of Kosovo. The only way the UN can begin to have credibility with minorities, particularly Serbs, is to remove Ceku from any position of authority within Kosovo and to dismantle the KLA, both in name and force. KPC members who commit crimes should be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned, not just fired or internally disciplined. The United States should immediately cut all funding of the KPC until it is verified that it is no longer engaged in murder, torture, kidnapping and other atrocities.
American Council for Kosovo

Friday, June 23, 2006

Nazi Dalai Lama is Canadian Honorary Citizen

Not unlike other religions Buddhism also has “skeletons in its’ closet” which it carefully conceals in the Western world. There are dark aspects in this “philosophy of compassion, non-violence and tolerance”. Zen-Buddhism for example influenced the most sophisticated warrior philosophy of the East: the extremely brutal and suicidal Samurai Ethics. In Tibetan Buddhism one can find believes in spirits and demons, in secret sexual practices, in war gods, in occultism. Lamas search to influence their retinue and the world with all sorts of magical rituals. In Sri Lanka Buddhist violence and Buddhist racism are the order of the day. In Burma and in Kashmir Buddhist armies are fighting. And yet the Dalai Lama has another face that peeks out from behind the mask of goodness, charity and kindness, which gives one pause to think more deeply about the shadow sides of this “man of peace.” Why is Buddhist fundamentalism so dangerous - because it shows a tendency to religious Fascism! It’s not well known that the brain trust of the SS in Nazi Germany was extremely interested in Vedic- and Buddhist- teachings, in the Lamaist culture, and in Zen-Meditation with the goal to construct with elements of these eastern believes its own Nazi-Religion. (See: ) Buddhism – if it will become congruent with western values like democracy, human rights, equality of gender etc. must be “reinvented”. The condition therefore is an open, critical and honest debate.
Victor and Victoria Trimondi


The Nazi-Goal-Movie:
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Iran and the World Cup

Germany escaped an awkward situation thanks to Iran’s World Cup tournament defeat last Saturday by Portugal, and its elimination from championship competition. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threats against Israel and his open Holocaust denial prompted some Western countries and Jewish groups, such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center, to petition German Prime Minister Angela Merkel to deny him entry to watch the Iranian national team’s matches.
Ahmadinejad had vowed to go to Germany if Iran advanced to the next round. But with Iran eliminated, Germany is delivered from this threat. Had things gone differently, the German government would have been faced with the problem of a president who speaks as vehemently as Hitler used to do back in 1938.
Many have noticed how, in second half time of the match of Iran and Mexico, the Iran team suddenly lost the concentration and strength it had shown in the first half. Dispirited play led to defeat. This may sound like the normal ebb and flow of team energies, but in the Iranian case things are more complicated. Inside Iran it was widely suspected that the team was ordered to lose.
The regime fears mass celebrations, which would draw huge crowds to the streets of all cities. Widespread discontent could readily turn into anti-government riots of uncontrollable dimensions. An opposition group reported,
“most members of the Iranian team had refused to chant the mandatory Islamic republic anthem, which was very noticeable during the televised transmission.”
For those not familiar with the real nature of the Islamic Republic regime, the Mullahs force the national team’s players to “show respect” for the “revolutionary hymn.” The price for not doing so may be very high. Nevertheless, some maverick players refused to chant the anthem imposed by the Khomeini regime in 1979. This was the other reason for which the team was thought ordered to lose.
Protest actions took place in and outside the actual of the stadium. Despite the presence of the Islamic Republic’s vice-president, Mohammad Aliabadi, dozens of Iranian fans – including western-looking girls – waved the banned Lion and Sun flags inside the stadium, instead of the imposed Islamist ones. Outside the stadium, dozens of members of the Iranian diaspora rallied alongside Jewish groups protesting the regime’s official anti-Semitic terrorist-supporting policies.
As Ahmadinejad and his gang of thugs keep offending the human conscience by denying the tragedy of Holocaust and endangering the regional and world stability, many still wonder what the free world intends to do. The early signs are not encouraging. Instead of a strong response, the Bush administration is joining the mercantilist European powers in appeasing the Mullahs, in the hope that the latter may “join the community of nations”. This reminds of Munich, circa 1938.
It seems that President Bush has abandoned his vision of helping the Iranians get rid of a regime that’s an active duty member of the Axis of Evil. Worse, voices say Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice worked closely with a key Democrat senator to “ditch” the Iran Freedom and Support Act, which have strengthened support for opposition groups working for regime change. The Act was voted down by the Senate, which in its place passed a weaker version.
This follows the decision not to grant funds to Los Angeles-based popular satellite TV stations, such as the National Iranian Television (NITV), focusing solely on Voice Of America and Radio Farda. NITV, which gave voice to genuine opposition movements like SMCCDI to organize and coordinate massive protests in Iran – among which the student, workers and soccer demonstrations – has now been forced to suspend its satellite broadcasting due to lack of funds. NITV has worked long to promote awareness about the real aspirations of the absolute majority of the Iranian population to secularism and total regime change through non-violent means.
The Bush administration had gained popularity among many Iranians. The sudden alliance with the forces of multilateralist appeasement in Europe and the United Nations damages that popularity in the long run and unawarely aids our enemy to kill us in the very same time we’re pleasing it.
Have we forgotten the lessons of 1938? Sometimes, history repeats and it is better we realize this sooner than later.
Stefania Lapenna is an Italian political activist and blogger. She blogs at Free Thoughts. She has written for several newspapers, including the Jerusalem Post, and in Italy, L’Opinione and Il Foglio and is a contributor to Ragion Politica.
Stefania Lapenna

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Extremist on UN's Payroll

Croatian general accused of war crimes now on the UN payroll
source: The Halifax Herald, The Windsor Star and The Pembroke Observer
By Scott Taylor
Posted in The Halifax Herald, The Windsor Star and The Pembroke Observer during the week of June 2, 2003 Monday, 19 June 2006
Pristina, Kosovo – In their small office at the UN police headquarters in Kosovo, former Ottawa policeman Derek Chappell and his partner, Barry Fletcher, an ex-New Orleans cop, explained to me their frustrated efforts to control the ongoing inter-ethnic violence in this war-ravaged Balkan province. Since NATO forces first entered Kosovo and Serbian security forces withdrew in June 1999, the majority of the terror attacks have been committed by Albanian extremists against Serbs and other ethnic minorities. The result has been the expulsion of nearly 240,000 non-Albanians from Kosovo, with those few remaining minorities polarized into isolated enclaves. This wholesale ethnic cleansing of Kosovo has taken place over the past few years, despite the presence of some 27,000 NATO troops and 4400 international police. "One of the UN’s biggest obstacles to overcome has been the well-entrenched Albanian mafia who use the banner of Kosovar nationalism when it suits their purpose," explained Barry Fletcher. "Whenever we arrest a gangster leader, he wraps himself in the Albanian flag, and the streets become filled with protestors. This is not a society affected by organized crime, it is a society based on organized crime." Since mid-November 2000, various Albanian extremist groups – based on the original Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA, UCK in Albanian) – have begun expanding their area of operations into neighbouring south Serbia and northern Macedonia. In these areas, which are populated by a large percentage of ethnic Albanians, the extremists have ignited separatist movements by launching attacks against the Serbian and Macedonian security forces. Although it is widely known that the Albanians are using Kosovo as a safe haven from which to conduct these destabilising operations, the political interference of the UN and NATO have prevented the international police from cracking down on the culprits. In accordance with the 1999 peace agreement, the KLA was to be demilitarized and converted into a humanitarian assistance organization known as the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC). The wartime leader of the KLA, General Agim Ceku, remains employed under UN direction as the head of the "new" KPC. Of course, the KLA never did turn in their arsenal of heavy weapons and, under he guidance of Ceku, has remained a military formation numbering 2000 regular forces and 3000 reservists. Although he and his soldiers are paid by the UN authorities, Ceku remains openly defiant of Kosovo’s interim civil administration. "Whether [the UN] wants to admit it or not, the KPC are the army of Kosovo and I’m their commander," Ceku told the local Albanian media. Despite public denials, the UN police are also aware of the fact that Ceku’s KPC are directly involved with the acts of terrorism being conducted throughout the region. "At any one time, there are at least 15 per cent of the KPC soldiers that cannot be accounted for by their commanders," said Fletcher. "The NATO troops responsible for the KPC know this is because these absent soldiers are somewhere in the Presevo valley (in south Serbia), or in Tetovo (Macedonia)." In recent weeks, NATO has applied direct pressure by ordering Ceku to voluntarily turn over all of the extremists who nominally serve in the ranks of his KPC. "[NATO] has a list of suspects, but they did not supply these names to Ceku," said Fletcher. "He is to come up with his own list and it is hoped that these individuals will match." Unfortunately, even this latest demand on Ceku to cut his ties with the terrorists is seen as another hollow gesture. "There is no ‘or else’ attached to the ultimatum and no definitive timeline," said Fletcher. When asked why the UN, to date, has not removed Ceku from his post and sent him to The Hague for his previous war crimes, the American policeman just shrugs and says "politics." This double standard of justice exemplified by the UN authorities in Kosovo will no doubt not sit well with those Canadian soldiers who bore witness to the terrible atrocities committed by Agim Ceku. The first occasion our peacekeepers encountered his bloody handiwork was during the September 1993 Medak Pocket operation. Then serving in the Croatian army, Ceku led a short offensive and captured four Serbian villages. When the soldiers of the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry reoccupied the contested area, they discovered that the Croat forces had perpetrated a violent orgy of rape and murder. Despite the careful cataloguing of the atrocities and the lodging of formal complaints against his conduct, Agim Ceku was promoted to general and put in charge of the Croatian artillery. It was in this capacity in 1995 that, during a major offensive in southern Croatia, Ceku’s gunners deliberately engaged fleeing columns of refugees in the city of Knin. Once more, Canadian officers and soldiers observed this deliberate terror attack and demands were again made for Ceku’s indictment at The Hague tribunal. Last year, the Canadian government bestowed upon the soldiers of 2PPCLI a special unit commendation for their bravery in the Medak Pocket. While this honour was long overdue, such recognition seems somewhat meaningless given that the criminal responsible for this massacre not only remains at large, but also continues to wage a terror campaign in the Balkans while collecting a UN paycheque.
American Council for Kosovo

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jihadist site: Soccer is against Islam

It's all a "colonial crusader scheme," you see, and it's condemned by none other than the Prophet of Islam himself. From Ynet News, with thanks to Sr. Soph:
A British jihadists website has warned Muslims against being drawn in to what they described as "the new religion of soccer."
The Saved Sect website, which calls on Muslims to work to establish an Islamic state in Britain, has attacked "football fever," saying that soccer has "captivated the masses, dedicating their time and effort towards it."Comparing the allegiance of soccer fans to Islam and jihad, the organization said: "Football is the deen (religion) by which people live their lives by and are willing to die for. Their jihad is to fight against those who are arch rivals against their team. Their da'wah (call, invitation) is to publicize, defend and justify their team, inviting others to support them in this."...Claiming that soccer plants the seeds of nationalism, and is therefore part of a "colonial crusader scheme" to divide Muslims and cause them to stray from the vision of a unified Islamic identity, the website told readers: "The sad fact of the matter is that many Muslims have fallen for this new religion and they too carry the national flag.The statement, aimed at calling on British Muslims to disassociate themselves with the World Cup in Germany, ended with a quote by Islam's prophet, Muhammad, condemning nationalism.


Lizas Welt

The American Council for Kosovo Protests Washington Visit of Terrorist and War Criminal Agim Ceku

A press release from the American Council for Kosovo:
Kosovo Serb spokesman: Ceku should be standing trial, “not being received with honors in the capital of any civilized democracy.”
WASHINGTON, June 19, 2006 – The American Council for Kosovo protests the official visit to Washington, DC, of Agim Ceku, an indicted war criminal and former commander of the jihad terrorist organization, the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army.” According to the Associated Press, Mr. Ceku is scheduled to meet today with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and with officials at the White House, before proceeding to New York for a United Nations Security Council meeting on the future of the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. Mr. Ceku is styled “Prime Minister” of the local institutions operating under the authority of the United Nations, which has administered the Serbian province since 1999.
In a statement issued today, Rada Trajkovic of the Serbian National Council of Kosovo and Metohija said: “Speaking on behalf of a community that has been the victim of outrages committed by jihad terrorists under the command of Agim Ceku, we, the Christian Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija, fail to see how officially receiving such a person in Washington is consistent with America’s professed war on terror or with an honest effort to reach a just and equitable settlement in our province. Agim Ceku is an indicted war criminal in Serbia for crimes committed in Kosovo and Metohija, not even accounting for his previous crimes in Krajina. He should be standing as a defendant before a court of law, not being received with honors in the capital of any civilized democracy.” The Serbian National Council of Kosovo and Metohija is an officially registered non-governmental organization representing both Christian Serbs still living in Kosovo and the more than 250,000 that have been driven from the province by Muslim Albanian violence.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Turkey's Anti-American Pop Culture

At Slate, Richard Morgan has a piece on the rise of virulently anti-American popular entertainment in Turkey: Turkey’s anti-American pop culture. (Hat tip: Fjordman.)
Allies aren’t supposed to behave like this. In Turkey—a stable secular Muslim democracy that’s practically European—the country’s biggest-budget-ever movie, Valley of the Wolves: Iraq, is preparing to hit shelves on DVD and is scheduled for a U.S. theatrical release this summer. Based on a television series that has been a record-breaking hit for four seasons, it’s a military thriller about an elite Turkish intelligence officer who near-single-handedly smites a group of reckless U.S. soldiers who make Abu Ghraib look like a Sunday picnic. The film, which received some press coverage in the States, is only part of a wave of anti-American pop culture that’s sweeping the country.
Valley of the Wolves: Iraq starts off factually enough, with a depiction of a July 4, 2003, incident in which around 100 soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade stormed the barracks of a Turkish special forces office in Iraq, arresting 11 Turks who allegedly were planning to assassinate the Kurdish governor of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. The Americans not only handcuffed the Turks but also forced hoods over their heads and held them in custody for more than two days. The U.S. government later apologized, explaining that its soldiers couldn’t tell the difference between Turks and Iraqi insurgents because the Turks were not in uniform. Turkey didn’t buy it, and this blockbuster is the payback.
As the flick takes a sharp turn toward fiction, one of the 11 Turks in the 2003 debacle commits suicide to regain his warrior honor. His suicide note is sent to Polat Alemdar, the Turkish intelligence officer who stars in the Valley of the Wolves television show. Alemdar heads to Iraq to find U.S. Special Forces Cmdr. Sam William Marshall (played by Billy Zane), who, in his role as a self-described “peacekeeper of God,” is busy leading a massacre of machine-gun fire on unsuspecting civilians at an Iraqi wedding. Survivors are sent to a facility where a Jewish-American doctor (played by Gary Busey) pulls out human hearts with Mengelian apathy and sells them to aristocrats in London, New York, and Tel Aviv. When one of the American soldiers expresses concern that a truckful of Iraqi civilians are packed in too tight to breathe, a fellow soldier stops the car and bullet-soaks the trailer and its human cargo. “I was making sure they could breathe,” he quips, pointing to the holes in the truck.
Morgan doesn’t seem to notice that the character played by Gary Busey in this film is an appalling antisemitic caricature. And after recounting the near-psychotic, often delusional hatred of America that’s so prevalent in Turkey, Morgan’s conclusion is that we’re just as bad. After all, there was Midnight Express.
During a recent vacation to Istanbul, I did hear one complaint more than a few times, a long-lingering wound to their national pride: the hugely popular 1978 American film Midnight Express, which was nominated for six Oscars and won one for its writing. In it, Billy Hayes, an American tourist jailed for smuggling hashish, tells a Turkish court, “For a nation of pigs, it sure seems funny that you don’t eat them! Jesus Christ forgave the bastards, but I can’t! I hate! I hate you! I hate your nation! And I hate your people! And I f**k your sons and daughters because they’re pigs! You’re all pigs!” So perhaps one good movie deserves another.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ghana Football Association Apologizes

Many were surprised and pleased when a player for the Ghanaian soccer team waved an Israeli flag during World Cup victory celebrations.
Others were surprised and not happy at all.
Today the Ghana Football Association issued an abject apology to the world’s Israel-haters: Ghana FA apologizes for Israeli flag. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)
WUERZBURG, Germany (AP) - Ghana’s Football Association on Monday apologized after Israel-based defender John Pantsil pulled out an Israeli flag during celebrations for Saturday’s 2-0 victory over the Czech Republic. “It was an action out of naivety and we apologize to anyone who was offended. It will never happen again,” Ghana FA spokesman Randy Abbey said. “He was obviously unaware of the implications of what he did ... He’s extremely popular in Israel and he wanted to thank the fans who traveled to see him play,” Abbey said.
Pantsil, 25, plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv. He pulled out a small Israeli flag during a goal celebration at Cologne Stadium.
Abbey said that there had been complaints to the Ghana FA but did not elaborate.
“We’re not here for politics ... We don’t support Israel or Arab nations ... It was unfortunate that the player was ignorant about the political situation.” Abbey added: “But he has apologized to us and I think the matter should end there.”

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Coming Muslim Takeover of Europe

(Book review of While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within, by Bruce Bawer; published February of 2006; 237 pages; $23.95)
This stunner of a book about Continental Islam has two main themes. The first is that Europe has a horrific Muslim immigration and reproduction problem. Muslims are expanding their numbers almost exponentially, and they are not being assimilated or integrated into European culture. This radically new and explosive demographic segment, according to the author, is not being converted to Western liberalism or adopting Western life-styles.
While Europe Slept argues that while Europe is currently only about ten percent Islamic—vs. two percent for America—if present trends continue it will only take a generation or two for Muslims to become the majority. The once-noble Continent will become what intellectual fellow-traveler Bat Ye’or in 2005 called “Eurabia.” The shocking claim by Bruce Bawer is that well before 2050, most of Europe is likely to become an outpost of Islamdom governed by Sharia. Europe will be alien to Western culture and an enemy of Western Civilization.
The second theme of this almost shattering book is that Europe today is a hellhole of leftist multiculturalism, far worse than anything in America, and even far worse than almost anyone in America suspects. American expatriate Bawer—who has lived the past ten years in various European countries, mostly Holland and Norway—is almost uniformly horrified by every country he resides in or visits. According to him, political correctness and multiculturalism are “a habit of thought that in America is an annoyance but in Europe is a veritable religion.”
Bawer excoriates his European friends for their propensity to display phony “respect” and “understanding” of the various foreigners in their midst, especially Muslims. He blasts their cult-like belief in the mantra of multiculturalism and their unlimited “belief in peace and reconciliation through dialogue,” even with Islamics who emphatically reject peace, reconciliation, and dialogue as methodologies or ideals.
While Europe Slept also makes the interesting observation that there is virtually no American-style “religious right” to oppose growing Muslim power. Virtually the whole Continent is atheist or de facto atheist. Thus in Europe the religious right is the Muslims.
This leads to some odd political terminology and alliances. Bruce Bawer consistently champions what he calls “the liberal resistance,” but he doesn’t seem to know where to find it or even how to describe it. What he does describe, in sickening detail, is how much the multicultural left utterly protects the Islamic religious right. These two have formed an evil alliance in the heart of Western Civilization which seems all but unstoppable.
Bawer himself is a little confused about what he is. He edited a book slamming America’s multicultural left called Beyond Queer: Challenging Gay Left Orthodoxy (1996). But he’s also written a book called Stealing Jesus: How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity (1998), which trashes the religious right. In the end, Bawer calls himself a part-time “libertarian” and is essentially a strong Western or classical liberal.
This book is an easy and fun read. But it’s also horrifying. And despite the speed with which its mere three chapters can be consumed, it has plenty of documentation for its claims from almost every nation in Europe. Bawer, who is also a translator, speaks Dutch and Norwegian fluently, and is conversant in several other European languages as well. This insider-perspective helps provide quotes, incidents, and stories from all over the Continent—many based on personal experience.
In the end, this book essentially writes off (!) Europe. It argues that America is the last hope for Western Civilization and the world. Although While Europe Slept tries to be positive at times—and does offer suggestions to ameliorate the coming demographic nightmare—ultimately Bawer concludes
“Europe is steadily committing suicide, and perhaps all we can do is look on in horror.”
Perhaps the most terrifying part of the book is the way Muslims everywhere are already confidently planning to rule Europe and make it part of the caliphate. A popular Swedish t-shirt reads simply “2030—then we take over.” With France still only 12% Muslim, the leading Parisian newspaper Le Monde seems to have already surrendered. In 2004 it praised France for “the fact of its having and accepting the role of the first Muslim country of Europe.”
How did Europe ever reach such a dead-end? The problem began rather recently, in the late ‘60s and ‘70s, with a temporary labor shortage and subsequent special “guest worker” programs. But the shortage is long gone and the Muslims are still here. And as Bawer points out repeatedly, they aren’t being integrated into the various populations as in America. Almost all Muslims live in suburban ghettos and are somewhat rejected by the native and slightly nativist whites. The Muslims, in turn, utterly reject their new country and its Western liberal ideology. The vast majority—even second generation kids—aren’t fluent in the different, local European tongues.
And this growing cancer is wildly exasperated by a phenomenon unknown in America called “fetching” marriages. Males from Europe use “family unification” laws to being in illiterate females they’ve never met from their former country, and then marry them—usually as uneducated teenagers. The young girls are then kept at home in a virtual prison where they reproduce wildly. These new citizens never learn the local languages or customs but they do qualify for vast welfare benefits and quickly produce more Islamist-oriented males and slave-like females. Then the process starts all over again.
The effect of all these Muslims on the life-styles of Europeans is simply remarkable. Homophobia is way up, as is opposition to abortion and divorce. “Honor” killings are rampant as is female circumcision. In many parts of Europe all women must wear a scarf covering their face lest they be deemed whores and “for everyone.” By right, any Muslim or Muslim gang can rape any uncovered girl. Afterwards, the girl is properly killed by relatives to end the “shame” of her family.
The rapists, naturally, go unpunished. And because native Europeans differ on this practice, Muslims scornfully think of all white men as weak and effeminate, for not being able to control their women. They think of all normally-dressed Western women as honorless low-lifes and unloved harlots, valuable only for group violation and subsequent termination.
Among the nightmare statistics cited by the book are these: 1. 80% of the women in Oslo’s shelter system are Muslims fleeing abusive families, husbands, and boyfriends; 2. Danish Muslims make up 5% of the population but 40% of the welfare rolls; 3. refugee-friendly Switzerland is already 20% Muslim; 4. the world’s most wonderful city (in my view) Amsterdam is now majority Muslim; 5. 70% of all French prisoners are Muslim; 6. the four London bombers that killed 56 in July of 2005 received almost a million dollars in welfare benefits.
And the bad news in this book just keeps coming. Bruce Bawer and While Europe Slept are relentless. This book is praised by Mona Charen, Abe Foxman, Daniel Pipes, and Victor Davis Hanson, among others. But it doesn’t offer much hope. Because of a kind of maniacal political correctness, otherwise civilized and enlightened Europeans seem doomed to Muslim domination in the near future. They are incurably infected with multiculturalism and a subsequent “unprincipled spirit of compromise and capitulation that is guiding today’s Europe, step by step, to the gallows.”
Andre Zantonavitch

Satire that could land British artist in a Turkish jail

Imagine how many artists and comedians and others would be in prison today if this were the standard in free societies. A Let-Them-Into-the-EU Alert from the TimesOnline, with thanks to JE:
A BRITISH artist is facing up to three years’ jail in Turkey for exhibiting a collage that depicts its Prime Minister as a dog being awarded a rosette by President Bush in a pet show.
Police in Istanbul seized Michael Dickinson’s Best in Show — in which he superimposed the head of Recep Tayyip Erdogan on to a dog’s body — from his exhibition in the city.
He has been told that he is likely to be charged with “insulting the dignity of the Prime Minister”. The show’s organiser, Erkan Kara, will go on trial on September 12 on the same charge.
Mr Dickinson, 56, said: “It’s such an Alice in Wonderland feeling. The law is so absurd . . . This law exists in Turkey about insulting ‘Turkishness’ or the State. You’re not allowed to state your opinion.”
The case could greatly embarrass Turkey and Britain, for it raises questions about Turkey’s human rights record as it seeks EU membership, with Tony Blair’s backing.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Only A Game ? Learn From History !

Winnie the Pooh Banned in Turkey

Islam has a raging case of swinophobia: Piglet keeps Pooh off air. (Hat tip: hans ze beeman.)
TURKEY’S public television TRT, controlled by the Islamist-rooted government, has barred the popular Walt Disney cartoon Winnie the Pooh from air because it has a piglet as one of its main heroes, the Turkish press reported today.
Several other cartoons featuring pigs also failed to win the green light from TRT management, according to the left-wing Cumhuriyet daily.
The station initially considered scissoring the scenes showing Piglet, but abandoned the idea because the small pink-skinned character, one of Winnie the Pooh’s closest friends, appeared too often, Cumhuriyet and the mass-circulation Sabah newspaper said.

British media decision not to reprint Muhammad cartoons a "disastrous miscalculation"

In "Faith crimes" in the Financial Times (thanks to Tim), John Lloyd criticizes the liberal establishment and media in Britain for not standing up for freedom of speech during the Muhammad cartoon controversy:
Liberals have lost some important battles in the struggle to preserve democratic standards in the face of extremism. One was lost here in Britain, and by my profession, namely the decision by all British newspapers not to reprint the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten.
The papers' decision was encouraged by the Labour government and accompanied by a good deal of sage self-congratulation that wisdom had prevailed.
The fact that journalism's central task is to relate or show to people what is happening was put to one side, even though in this case what was happening was, inter alia, murders, burnings, riots and boycotts. Now that the smoke has literally cleared, we can see more clearly what that decision was: a disastrous miscalculation.
The fourth estate acted on the possibility rather than the actuality of a threat, putting it in the same league as the management of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, which took off the play Behzti after it was attacked by militant Sikhs, and, more recently, the organisers of last month's London exhibition of the paintings of Maqbool Fida Husain.
Husain was targeted by Hindu militants because he painted nude gods and goddesses, which happens to be common in Hindu art and sculpture. But militants in any faith community are driven by competitive pressures as much as the keenest business leader. If the Muslims win a trick, why shouldn't the Sikhs? And the Hindus? The only faith that hasn't generally won these kind of contests is that of the Christians, who last month had to put up with seeing Madonna perform while hanging from a cross....
"Without fear or favour" has been a motto of the press. But in the case of the cartoons, it showed fear, and did itself and the communities to which the pro-ban militants claim allegiance no favours. Fundamentalist, violent Islam has, of course, a world- conquering ideology that no other religion now possesses.
Or ever has possessed, but let it pass.
A crucial debate is going on within Islam. While the keenest and most violent spirits of this war seek to win the fight by exporting it to the lands of the Crusaders and the Jews, their non-violent co-religionists are engaged in a struggle of opinions that must now involve us all. This debate is going on in the only place it can - in western Europe, where there are many diverse Muslim communities, and where the traditions and freedoms necessary for open argument exist.
In this context, acceptance of limits on debate serve Muslim communities ill. The defeat of the proposed law on incitement to religious hatred was a victory for free speech, but also for Muslims. When powerful figures in religious-ethnic communities seek to preserve their authoritarian status and confine argument, their first targets are their dissenting co-religionists....
Read it all.

Friday, June 16, 2006


1938 Alert from AP, with thanks to Warren:
Iran's defense minister on Thursday vowed that his country would "use nuclear defense as a potential" if "threatened by any power."
Speaking following a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Hassan Ali Turkmani in Teheran on Thursday, Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar emphasized that Iran "should be ready for confronting all kinds of threats."

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Turkey: Support for EU Membership Falls

...which is good news for the EU. "Turkey: Support for EU Membership Falls, Poll Shows," from AKI, with thanks to Fjordman:
Istanbul, 14 June (AKI) - Only 57 percent of Turks support their country's bid for European Union membership compared to the 70 percent who six months ago said they favoured entry into the bloc, according to the results of a new survey. Carried out by two university researchers, the survey, titled 'Social Choices In Turkey' interviewed 1,846 people living in 18 of the country's provinces during the period March-April 2006.
The results also suggested that the ruling Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP) Party would win the next elections scheduled for 2007. Respondents placed the AKP on the extreme right of the political spectrum while the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) was placed on the extreme left.
While the majority of those interviewed said they were in favour of democracy, some 40 percent think that "in some instances" military rule is better than an elected government.
Similarly, 51 percent said that they believe that human rights may be violated if to do so is in the interests of the nation.
Some 25 percent of respondents also said they thought that undue pressure was being placed on religious Muslims in Turkey and cited a ban on women wearing headscarfs in public offices and at universities as proof of this. Sixty-five percent said they thought civil servants should be allowed to wear the headscarf, while 68 percent said students should also be permitted to do so.
The majority - 65 percent - also favoured the introduction of curbs on the activities of Christian missionaries in Turkey, with 42 percent saying they believed that foreigners settling in Turkey pose a threat to Turkish culture.
While the results suggested that the majority of respondents want Islam to have a privileged position in Turkish society, around half of them said they wanted religious classes at schools to become optional. These have been mandatory for the last three decades.


David Letterman: "Top Secrets Found in Al-Zarqawi's Safe House": He occasionally liked to dress up in a frilly pink burqa; Osama's been staying at a Red Roof Inn in Tulsa for over two years; He introduced Saddam to the joy of eating Doritos in your underpants; Was hoping to be the next "View" co-host; According to his will, he left everything to the Boys and Girls Club of Long Island; The song "Rhinestone Cowboy" always made him cry; Refrigerator was fully stocked with Hebrew National Hot Dogs; High school yearbook shows he was voted "Most likely to start a Jihad"; Signed off on all al-Qa'ida correspondence with "Zarqawi, out."

Jay Leno: Hey, remember how President Bush promised to create jobs? He recently announced the latest job opening he created: head of al-Qa'ida in Iraq. Of course, the question now, is who will be the next al-Qa'ida leader? Sounds like a bad reality show on Al Jazeera. ... The Air Force got Zarqawi by dropping two 500 pond bombs on his safe house. 500 pounds? Do they even have to go off at that point? ... His name is now ow ow ow Zarqawi! ... According to a recent study, Massachusetts has some of the worst drivers in the nation, but in fairness, they do have the Kennedys. That throws the curve way off. ... Congressman Patrick Kennedy was released from rehab this week. In fact, they took precautions in Washington. They placed concrete barriers in front of the concrete barriers. ... Actually, Kennedy wasn't cured, the doctors made him leave. They said, "Cure a Kennedy? We're doctors not miracle workers." ... Vice President Dick Cheney gave the commencement speech at his old high school in Casper, Wyoming last weekend. He told the graduating seniors to aim high because if they didn't they might shoot someone in the face. ... Al Gore's movie is a pretty sobering film. Critics are calling it a wake-up call, which is pretty amazing. Who ever thought Al Gore would be giving people a wake-up call? ... They also said if global warming continues, tropical countries to the south will become too hot to live in and their desperate citizens will flee north, which means millions of Mexicans could sneak into the United States. Oh like that would ever happen.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hamas 'Foreign Minister' Smuggles Millions in Cash

Hamas thugs are smuggling money in suitcases like Mafia bag men: Palestinian carries millions in suitcase.
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar, who has been seeking to raise money for the financially strapped government, returned to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday with a suitcase full of cash, Palestinians officials said.
An official said Zahar was believed to be carrying up to $20 million. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the media. An official statement was expected later Wednesday.
UPDATE at 6/14/06 10:20:06 am:
In April, Zahar claimed that $450,000 was
stolen from his hotel room in Kuwait.

NO-Soccer-Ahmadinejad:Iranian Presidential Advisor: 'Resolution of the Holocaust Issue Will End in the Destruction of Israel'

1938 Alert from MEMRI: "Iranian Presidential Advisor Mohammad Ali Ramin: 'The Resolution of the Holocaust Issue Will End in the Destruction of Israel'":
On June 9, 2006, the reformist online daily Rooz reported that during a visit with students at Gilan University in Rasht, Iran, Mohammad Ali Ramin, advisor to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, discussed historical accusations against the Jews and questioned the Holocaust.
The following are excerpts from the Rooz article, in the original English: [1]
"'Throughout History, This Religious Group [i.e. the Jews] has Inflicted the Most Damage on the Human Race'"
"On a visit to Gilan University, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s advisor Mohammad Ali Ramin said to a group of students in the town of Rasht, 'Ten years ago, when I brought up the issue of the Holocaust for the first time in this country, my goal was to defend the Jewish people. But among the Jews there have always been those who killed God’s prophets and who opposed justice and righteousness. Throughout history, this religious group has inflicted the most damage on the human race, while some of its groups engaged in plotting against other nations and ethnic groups to cause cruelty, malice and wickedness.'
"'Historically, there are many accusations against the Jews. For example, it was said that they were the source for such deadly disease as the plague and typhus. This is because the Jews are very filthy people. For a time people also said that they poisoned water wells belonging to Christians and thus killed them,' Ramin said.
"While acknowledging not knowing the source of these events around the world, Ramin said, 'I only know that Jews have been accused of such conspiracies and sabotage throughout history and have not performed well.'
"Claiming that the Holocaust was the principal reason why Palestine was occupied while Israel was the main cause of crises and catastrophe in the Middle East. 'So long as Israel exists in the region there will never be peace and security in the Middle East,' he said adding, 'So the resolution of the Holocaust issue will end in the destruction of Israel.'...


Solidarity with Israel!

Withdraw the Right of Existence from Germany!
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust and calls for the destruction of Israel. Meanwhile, Nazis are planning a demonstration on the occasion of the Iran – Portugal soccer match on June 17th. The motto: „President Ahmadinejad – Welcomed by Friends“ We want to disturb the unspeakable actions of this anti-Semitic alliance and invite you to a demonstration against anti-Semitism of all colours and against the German reality.In the aftermath of the revolution of 1979, Iran was remodeled into an autocratic theocracy that cuts women’s rights and persecutes the opposition. Within the Muslim world the Mullahs of Iran stress their leading role in spreading anti-Semitism and a global call for arms against Israel. A European debate on the condition of Iran has only started as a consequence of a possiblenuclear threat that Iran is posing to Europe, as well as the ongoing denial of the Holocaust by Ahmadinejad. Although a visit to Germany by Ahmadinejad during the World Cup has not been confirmed German’s Minister of the Interior,Wolfgang Schäuble, promised to be a „good host“ – that’s the way Holocaust-deniers are welcomed in this country. This preemptive hospitality cannot be explained without regard to the close economic ties of the two countries – Germany is Iran’s biggest trade partner. For example: a German firm sponsors the Iranian vice squad.In the 1940s, ideological similarities already led to a practical cooperation of National Socialists and Islamic fundamentalists. The Freie Nationalisten Rhein/Main (a regional hardcore nazi- group from the river Rhine/river Main region) stand in this tradition by solidarizing with the regime in Iran. Nonetheless, they do not forget to agitate in a racist way against „massive immigration and the corrosion of the German people (Volk)“. Islamic fundamentalists are welcomed as strategic partners in a fight of völkische collectives against an imagined world-wide jewish conspiracy. Following the anti-Semitic delusion, Nazis suspect the „Kulturfeind“ not only in Israel but behind every „malice“ of modernity; of course also in Frankfurt that they entitle the „city of stock exchange and the city of high street banks, the Jerusalem on the river Main“.Behind the German curtain of complaints about savage anti-Semitism voiced by Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists lies a broad anti-Semitic consensus.Following a study of 2005 68% of the German population are annoyed with „being charged with German crimes against Jews“. And just as many think that „Israel is waging a war of extermination against the Palestinian people“. Since 1989 postwar- Germans see themselves as world champions in dealing with history, claiming a morally superior position that allows them to demonize Israel as today’s perpetrator.In trying to secure the everyday lives of Jews on a political and military level Israel must have our full support and solidarity. Instead of denying or paternalistically granting Israel the right to exist – as many Germans do – we consciously turn against Germany, the country of perpetrators. Due to it’s grave and outrageous crimes we decline to accept Germany’s right to exist.Demonstration: Friday, June 16th 2006, 6:00 pm at the Merianplatz (via subway U4)

The June 16 Alliance [AK Antifa Mainz, Alliance against Anti-Semitism Rhein/Main, Comité Liberté Gießen, FDJ Frankfurt, sinistra! Frankfurt, Association of anti-German Communists Heidelberg]Supporters:A2K2[west. Ruhrgebiet], [aae] Marburg, Antifaschistischer Aufstand Köpenick (AAK) Berlin, Antifaschistische Gruppe Oranienburg [A.G.O.], CCP - Charlie Churchills Papagei[to be continued]homepage: ///e-mail: gegenantisemitismus[AT]gmx.netThu, June 15th: Lecture by Andrei Markovits about Anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism in Europe. 8:00 pm - Café Kurzschlusz [Kleiststr. 5, UAS Frankfurt]Sat, June 17th: Infos and updates on the Nazi demonstration:http://antifa.frankfurt.orgManifestation against the Iranian regime: 2:00 pm Opernplatz [see:]

Fitzgerald: Who will save the monuments?

Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald discusses the threat to Western art posed by the Islamization of Europe:
Already statues have been vandalized by Muslims in public places, and in churches, in both France and Italy. The destruction of the monuments and artifacts and hence part of the histories of Infidels, that so many Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and Buddhists in the Middle East, in North Africa, in the Balkans and southeastern Europe, in Central Asia and Hindustan and in southeast Asia know well, now has come to Western Europe. What will happen in Italy, where every street corner in Rome has something that could be damaged by determined Muslims? What will happen to the churches, to the frescoes (including that which Muslims have been taped planning to destroy in Bologna), to the paintings in the Louvre, the Prado, the National Gallery, the Rijksmuseum, the Alte Pinakothek, the Uffizi? Has any organized association of museum curators, or of art scholars, even dared to think of organizing a conference on the protection of art in Europe, and the prohibitions of Islam against sculpture of all kinds, against paintings of living creatures?
Is anyone at all thinking about this, and contacting others? What about Philippe de Montebello or J. Carter Brown or Anne d'Harnoncourt or any other museum directors or retired directors, or any celebrated collectors, or those who might join a group to Save Venice or Save Florence or Save Art here and there and everywhere? What about those who fund or staff foundations that will pay to rescue Roman mosaics from the rising manmade flood that covered Zeugma, or the Temples near Aswan, but have never before had to confront the problem of Islam and how its adherents threaten Western art, as they once not only threatened, but managed to destroy, so much of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Greco-Bactrian monuments, stupas, manuscripts, temples, artifacts, to erase, or to appropriate as their own, the signs and symbols of anything pre-Islamic or non-Islamic?
Continue reading "Fitzgerald: Who will save the monuments?"

Turkey orders 500-year-old inscription erased from castle

Turkey erases artifacts of jahiliyya (the pre-Islamic period of ignorance) while attempting to join the jahili EU. From AP, with thanks to all who sent this in:
ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkey's Islamic-rooted government has ordered a 500-year old Latin inscription believed to have been carved by the Knights of St. John erased from an old castle, newspaper reports said Tuesday.
In the written order, the Culture Minister told museum officials to scrape away the inscription "Inde deus abest," or "Where God does not exist," carved at the entrance to the dungeon of the Castle of St. Peter in the Aegean resort of Bodrum, Hurriyet, Sabah and Milliyet newspapers reported Tuesday.
The ministry claimed the inscription had no historical value, the papers said....
The move comes at a time when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government is under criticism for alleged attempts to raise Islam's profile in predominantly Muslim but secular Turkey. The government denies it has an Islamic agenda.
The sign could be considered offensive to devout Muslims who believe in God's omnipresence.
Of course, so did the people who carved the inscription. They were making a different point.
"Baffling censorship on 500-year-old inscription," Sabah said in a banner headline.
"500-year-old inscription has no historic value!" read the headline in Milliyet.
The Castle of St. Peter is now a museum of underwater archaeology displaying ship wrecks. The castle's dungeon -- the Gatineau dungeon -- was used as a lockup and torture chamber from 1513 to 1523.
Milliyet said the ministry ordered the inscription erased two months ago. Museum officials had removed a tin plate sign with the English and Turkish translations of "Inde deus abest" and were pondering what to do with the inscription, it said.
"Either we will scrape it away or cover it somehow," the paper quoted museum director Yasar Yildiz as saying.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Life for the Taking

Young girls are taking their own lives in Turkey in alarming numbers. For the Sunday Times this was an opportunity to rake up some dirt; for Fazile Zahir, writing for Asia Times, it's perhaps a question of raking over the dirt.
Christine Toomey in the Times suggests that the high incidence of female suicide around Batman in southeastern Anatolia is an inadvertent result of the Turkish government's crackdown on honour killings: while the number of young women being murdered has fallen, the number of suicides has risen. 'Women's groups and human-rights workers believe ... a growing number of girls and women are being locked in rooms by their families, with a gun, poison or a noose, and left there until they kill themselves.'
'"Every suicide of a girl or woman should be looked at with suspicious eyes," argues Nebahat Akkoc, the director of a women's support organisation called Ka-Mer in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir. Just how many suicides are 'forced', Akkoc and other human-rights workers admit, is impossible to say. "One girl who survived told us how her family stood watching as she cut her wrists. They then silently closed the door on her and walked away." Akkoc also talks of other survivors, who have made it to the shelter her organisation runs, describing how their families have told them: "You are going to die anyway, so why let your brother go to prison for killing you? Why not do it yourself?"'
Zahir feels that this focus on family honour misses the point: 'Although there was a sudden upswing in suicide numbers in Batman in early 2006, there has always been a high background level year-on-year. Prior to their new assignation as "forced suicides", they were explained as the result of despair caused by poverty, cramped living conditions, cruel husbands and unemployment - the Four Horsemen of Rural-to-Urban Migration. ... Young people and women are more prone to encounter life crises and are more economically dependent ... 57% of women attempting suicide were economically inactive; this group is under heavy economic stress. Further, close family ties and lack of autonomy in Turkey may render life more difficult for women and teenagers... Turkey has a problem with poverty, and the burden of dealing with the problem falls on the shoulders of women, some of whom can't cope.'
Clearly poverty is a problem, but it doesn't explain why young teenagers are killing themselves, and it doesn't contradict the documented evidence of family and social pressure.
An interesting aspect is the actual problem of suicide itself: 'the glamour of death ... of martyrdom'.
'The Center for Suicide Prevention states that suicide spreads via a process of contagion, that is to say that one person's suicidal behaviour influences another person to attempt suicide. It says clusters of suicides happen "when there is glorification of the suicide victim and a sensationalization of their death", combined with "a highly charged emotional atmosphere".
The center states that it is not necessary for the decedents in a cluster to have direct contact with one another - knowledge of the first suicide could be obtained through the news media. Many of these Kurdish girls will have been home all day (economically inactive since they left the village) with the television presenting yet another spectacular suicide case. These girls may not have known one another personally but they watched one another die. Perhaps some girls now see their suicides as their 15 minutes of fame.'
Which of course touches on an area of even wider significance in the Moslem world.
The Free West's Weblog

Monday, June 12, 2006

Fallaci trial to begin today in Italy

Do you have your copy yet?

Courtroom Jihad in Italy: the Fallaci trial begins today, no doubt with the mujahedin laughing behind their palms at the indignant compliant dhimmis. Indignant, that is, at Fallaci, not at the mujahedin who so skillfully use our legal system and the prevailing and suicidal multiculturalist zeitgeist against us. As one Muslim leader told the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Izmir, Turkey, Giuseppe Bernardini: “Thanks to your democratic laws, we will invade you. Thanks to our religious laws, we will dominate you.”
Meanwhile, here is my response to the charges against Fallaci, showing that she is right about every one. Such charges could only have been brought to spread more fog about Islam and jihad, thereby to lull complacent Westerners to continue on their path of cultural and domestic non-resistance.
"Italian author to be tried for defaming Islam," from AP, with thanks to Romy:
Italian author and veteran journalist Oriana Fallaci goes on trial Monday, charged with defaming Islam in a 2004 book. Fallaci, who lives in New York, was not expected to attend the hearing in Bergamo, northern Italy.
Muslim activist Adel Smith filed a lawsuit against Fallaci, charging that some passages in her book, "The Strength of Reason," were offensive to Islam. Smith's lawyer cited a phrase from the book that refers to Islam as "a pool ... that never purifies."
Fallaci told The Associated Press last year that "I have expressed my opinion through the written word through my books, that is all."
I doubt that Fallaci will grace these disgraceful proceedings with her presence. If she does, she will be imprisoned for rhetorical excess. Such is the madness of Europe today.

Islamists Hate World Cup

How can anyone resist the allure of shari’a law? Two die as hardline Islamists ban World Cup.
Hardline Islamic courts shut cinema halls and barred residents from watching the World Cup, prompting scores of civilians to protest the ban in which two people were killed, court officials and residents have said.
The gunmen loyal to the Joint Islamic Courts (JIC), cut electricity, cleared cinema halls and warned residents against watching the football tournament in areas they control, forcing a violent protest late on Saturday in which two people were killed, residents said Sunday.
The JIC deputy chairman AbdulKadir Ali Omar said the Islamic tribunals would crackdown on halls that defy the order to show western films and video, including the World Cup.
“This is war against all people who show films that promote pornography, drug dealing and all forms of evil,” Omar told AFP. “We shall not even allow the showing of the World Cup because they corrupt the morals of our children whom we endeavour to teach the Islamic way of life,” he added.
Islamic courts officials said they were against some elements of World Cup, notably the advertisements for alcohol.
On Sunday, residents said Islamic gunmen were roaming in Sukahola and Huriwa neighbourhoods in northern Mogadishu to ensure that the ban was enforced.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Brace yourself for the next Mohammed Cartoon Jihad

According to the gutsy Brussels Journal, the Dutch are bracing to be the next target of Jihad mob demonstrations. The reason? Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s soon to be released new movie, Submission 2. The first Submission film was made by Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh with the help of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It showed Muslim women victims of domestic abuse, with verses of the Koran painted on their bare backs. Theo van Gogh was later murdered for that in broad daylight, in the middle of the street. The Dutch took fright—they are only heroic in promoting euthanasia, three-day divorce, and free drugs. But when it comes to defending real human freedoms they are trying to keep their heads down.
The Netherlands expelled Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who become an international symbol for women’s rights against Islamic fascism, when threats against her life began to concern her neighbors, using misstatements on her application for snactuary which had been known for years. Fortunately, the American Enterprise Institute gave her a job, and the US State Department, to its credit, welcomed her to the United States.
Submission 2 is a critique of Muslim persecution of homosexuals. The Taliban staged public executions of gay men. Iran has beheaded homosexual men and women. The Saudis sentence them to such punishments as “2,600 lashes,” which comes down to execution by whipping.
So Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a new, provocative movie coming out, and the Dutch anti-terrorism agency is warning of another Cartoon Jihad – maybe we can call it a Gay Flick Jihad.
According to the Brussels Journal,
“The Dutch authorities are working on a plan about what to do if the movie does, indeed, stir up international Muslim indignation. “Controversial debates or artistic quotes about Islam in the Netherlands can be abused by radical Muslims abroad to agitate against the Netherlands,” the … report says. It states that the Danish cartoon affair shows how minor local incidents can rapidly escalate into violent tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims. “Not only political interests but also economic interests as well as the safety of embassies and Dutch troops abroad can be in jeopardy.”
That is an interesting way of spinning the truth. As AT and others have pointed out, the evidence is clear that the Cartoon Jihad was deliberately and fraudulently whipped up by two Danish Imams, who circulated some genuine Danish cartoons along with two truly hateful crude forgeries, to a summit meeting of the Arab League. That’s when the international fuss started, half a year after the original cartoons were published. In other words, the Dutch either don’t know or don’t care that the Cartoon Jihad was a deliberate attempt to intimidate Europe into kowtowing to the radical Muslim agenda.
It gets worse.
The report says that Dutch Muslims, including soldiers in the Dutch army, are growing ever more radical. An increasing number is said to visit radical mosques controlled by the Salafi, a Saudi dominated sect which advocates a return to the strict rules of 7th century Islam.
So we might see another Cartoon Jihad, with worldwide Muslim demonstrations and boycotts against Gouda cheese and Dutch tulips. Big deal. The question is: Will the Netherlands understand that this is a deliberate pressure tactic to force Europe to bow down to the very radicals who are faking the outrage? Will the Dutch take a simple stand on free speech and a free press, as Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark did when he was confronted with the cartoon mobs? Or are cheese and tulips so important that the Dutch are willing to sell their most precious freedom for a little temporary safety?
We will soon find out. Stay tuned.
James Lewis

To view Submission 1 please click here .

Saturday, June 10, 2006

No hospitality for agitators and warmongers!Solidarity with Israel – against Ahmadinejad and his German neo-Nazi friends

Despite international protests the Iranian football team was permitted to participate in the World Cup 2006, because the international football association FIFA supposedly wished to keep out politics. At the latest, by the time it was announced that the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadinedjad, might come to Germany to watch the matches of his team, the statements of the FIFA became empty phrases.
Sport was never free of politics. World championships and Olympic Games always served also as a political stage, not least in 1936 in Nazi-Germany. However, instead of showing Ahmadinedjad the red card, German Minister of Interior, Wolfgang Schäuble, announced: “We should be good hosts”. Contrary to this announcement, the signatories of this appeal demand a clear sending-off:
· No hospitality and no entrance ticket for an agitator, who has repeatedly denied the Holocaust, wants to wipe Israel from the map, calls for the extermination of Jews, finances terror, works on building up nuclear threat und threatens and mocks the whole civilized Western world.
· No hospitality for a man who – together with the regime of mullahs – is responsible for human rights violations, violence, oppression, and for the poverty of the population in Iran.
· We express our solidarity with Iranians, who suffer because of the regime or who have had to escape into exile.
· We demand a refusal of entry for Ahmadinedjad and criminal proceedings against him because of incitement of the people and denial of National Socialist crimes.
· We demand that solidarity rallies planned by neo-Nazis for Ahmadinedjad and his regime, will be stopped.
Germany should support the democratic opposition in Iran and in other countries of the Middle East and should work towards a change in these countries. Germany should be less concerned about being a good host for somebody who openly calls for the murder of Jews. Instead Germany should take care that Ahmadinedjad will not get a platform here, but will be sanctioned internationally and will get to know his limitations.
Already at the beginning of this year, these points were demanded by the late president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Paul Spiegel, of blessed memory, when he called for demonstrations against the anti-Israeli incitement campaign of the Iranian president. We want to follow this call under the motto “NIE WIEDER! NEVER AGAIN!” We want to set a clear example and we want to show on a huge scale that this preacher of hate is not only not welcome, but that he and his accomplices must be stopped.
There will be protests against the Iranian regime on June, 11th at 3 p.m. at the Jacobsplatz (downtown) in Nuremberg, on June 17th at 2 p.m. at the Opernplatz in Frankfurt and on June, 21st at 2pm at the Marktplatz (Ecke Petersstr./Grimmaische-Str.) in Leipzig.
This call for protest is supported, among others, by the following individuals and organizations:Prof. Dr. h.c. Arno Lustiger, Ralph Giordano, Dr. Michel Friedman, Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh (Iran-Experte - MEMRI), Efraim Zuroff (Simon Wiesenthal Center, Jerusalem), Henryk M. Broder, Prof. Dr. Micha Brumlik, Cem Özdemir (MdEP), Dr. Hans-Peter Raddatz (Orientalist), RA Albert Meyer, Nasrin Amirsedghi (Publizistin), Bärbel Bohley (Malerin u. Bürgerrechtlerin), Prof. Dr. Michael Wolffsohn, Dr. Daniel Pipes (Middle East Forum), Lutz Sikorski (Fraktionsvorsitzender der Grünen, Frankfurt), Jutta Ebeling (Stadträtin, Frankfurt), Pfn. Annemarie Werner (Vaterunserkirche), Tobias Jaecker (Journalist), Dr. Gudrun Eussner (Journalistin), Morten Friese (Journalist), Seyran Ates (Rechtsanwältin), Hannes Stein (Journalist), Dr. Matthias Küntzel (Publizist), Stadtrat Lothar Klein (ehem. MdEP, Vorsitzender Sächsische Israelfreunde e. V.), Frankfurter Arbeitsgemeinschaft der DIG, Harald Eckert (Israel Heute - Christen an der Seite Israels e.V.), Dr. Jürgen Bühler (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem), Anetta Kahane (Amadeu Antonio Stiftung), Ghodsi Hejazi, Klaus Faber (Staatssekretär a.D., RA,), Dr. Ruth Contreras (Scholars for Peace in the Middle East), Sacha Stawski, Daniel Hofmann, Gitta Mohrdieck - Honestly Concerned e. V., Rene Pollak - Vors. Zionistische Organisation Frankfurt, Martin Borowsky (Synodaler der Kirchenprovinz Sachsen, Vorsitzender DIG, AG Erfurt), Johannes Barth (Vorsitzender DIG Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rhein-Neckar), Prof. Dr. Andrei S. Markovits (University of Michigan), Dr. Hermann Kuhn (Vorsitzender Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft AG Bremen), Katharina Seewald (DGB Regionsvorsitzende Kassel), Dr. Klaus Thörner (Publizist), Prof. Dr. Heinz Gess (Fachhochschule Bielefeld), Jörg Fischer (Journalist u. Autor), Nea Weißberg-Bob (Autorin, Verlegerin), Chana Steinwurz (Standpunkte-Pädagogin), Dr. Martin Kloke (Politikwissenschaftler), Wolfgang M. Nossen (Jüdische Landesgemeinde, Erfurt), Thomas v. der Osten-Sacken (Wadi e. V.), Alternatives Jugendzentrum e. V. (Dessau), Jörg Rensmann (Redaktion typoskript), Steffen Andersch (Projekt gegenPart, Netzwerkstelle gegen Rechtsextremismus, Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Antisemitismus, Dessau), Bernd Fechler (Jugendbegegnungsstätte Anne Frank), Margitta Neuwald-Golling (VP European Council of WIZO Federations), Iva Svarcová (Filmregisseurin u. Produzentin), Ruth Sophia Nitz-Berthold (Rechtsanwältin), Jüdische Gemeinde Hamburg, Gesellschaft für christlich-jüdische Zusammenarbeit e.V. (Essen), ILI - I Like Israel e.V., Israelitische Kultusgemeinde München u. Oberbayern, IKG Nürnberg, B’nai B’rith München, DIG München, AmEchad n.r.V., Jüdischer Turn- u. Sportverein Makkabi, Zionistische Organisation in Deutschland (Z.O.D.), Frankfurt Loge B’nai B’rith, Wizo Deutschland e. V., Evangelische Marienschwestenschaft, Israelfreunde Hannover, Jüdischer Jugend- u. Studentenverband Hessen, Förderverein Ehemalige Synagoge in Hemsbach e.V., Freundeskreis Weinheim - Ramat Gan e. V., haGalil e. V., Prozionistische Linke Frankfurt, Redaktion Bahamas, Keren Hayesod Deutschland Vereinigte Israel Aktion e. V., DIG Aachen e. V., German Media Watch, Adass Israel Nürnberg, DIG AG Franken, Bündnis gegen Antisemitismus Leipzig, and approx. 4.000 other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and petition-signatories (which can be viewed at ).

French police fail to protect Jews against mob

If you were wondering whether the Dark Side of Old Europe was rising again, doubt no more. On Sunday, May 30, a mob of Black Panther-type militants stormed the Old Jewish Quarter of Paris, shouting and threatening people. The “Ka Tribe,” led by one “Fara (pharaoh) Kemi Saba” has the usual mush of grandiose paranoid cult beliefs; naturally it blames the Jews. It has been allowed to operate freely in Paris.
The most salient point: The gendarmes were nowhere to be found, and didn’t show up in response to panicked phone calls. They only arrived when the near-riot was over.
According to Nidra Poller in the City Journal:
Three months after the torture-murder of Ilan Halimi, the intimidating incursion of the Ka militia into the narrow “Jewish” street of the Marais looks like an ominous sign of worse to come. The Ka Tribe is the lunatic fringe of a broad anti-Semitic movement …
Eyewitnesses concur about the incursion: 30 men in paramilitary formation stormed into rue des Rosiers, shouting threats and insults against Jews. Some wore boxer’s mouthpieces and leather gloves with brass knuckles. They burned with anger and itched for a fight. Frantic calls to the police met with laconic replies: “Yes, we have been informed.”
According to Poller,
... a dapper gray-haired shop owner said, with dignified regret, “It’s over for Jews in France.” And added, “The police told me . . . they said it’s over for us . . . they can’t handle this problem. . . . It’s too late.”
According to James Wilson and Rudy Giuliani’s “broken windows theory” of city crime, bad guys will test society in small ways—- breaking windows—- to see if they can get away with bigger crimes. If you don’t enforce laws against window breaking, pretty soon you will see worse. In France, by all accounts, the windows are being broken all over. Gang rapes are common in La Zone, the grey high-rise suburbs where immigrants and their many children are housed and fed by the welfare state. Tourists are routinely rolled on the Paris subway—- it was tried with me twice on two consecutive days a couple of years ago, both times by Arab-looking teenagers who working in pairs. And the thuggish “Ka Tribe” has just found out something very significant—- if you riot in the Old Jewish Quarter, nobody will try to stop you. Broken windows indeed.
History repeats ad nauseam, but its victims don’t need to play along. The Jews of the Old Quarter can learn to defend themselves, just as Israel has. Guns are outlawed in Paris, naturally, which is why crime without consequences is rampant. The legal system punishes self-defense, just as it does across the Channel in London. But in the Warsaw Ghetto the Jews were able to arm themselves in secret. Apparently some are learning unarmed self-defense. The community can hire former soldiers from Israel to help create a self-defense corps. Videocams can monitor the streets to protect residents and track criminals. Political pressure can be mounted on the do-nothing police. France can be publicly shamed in the international press.
Minister of Interior Nicholas Sarkozy, who nominally runs the police, at least showed up after the riot to promise an investigation. Sarkozy, who is half-Jewish by birth, is running for President, and has a good chance of winning. But in the atmosphere of cultural breakdown created by France’s most famous intellectuals over the last several decades, no single individual can reverse the tide. France must somehow rediscover its own values; its chattering classes may have to invent post-Postmodernism very quickly, before the country tumbles backward into the Dark Ages.
James Lewis

Friday, June 09, 2006

Kosovo: Province is a Human Rights "Black Hole" for Serbs, Official Warns

source: ADN Kronos Internatioal (Italy)
Belgrade, (AKI) - The ethnic Albanian majority southern province of Kosovo's tiny Serb minority is facing annihilation, a senior Serb official on Tuesday warned the UN chief representative in Kosovo, Soren Jessen Petersen. The Serbian government's coordinator for Kosovo, Sanda Raskovic Ivic told Jessen Petersen that Kosovo is a ‘black hole’ when it comes to human rights, blaming the international community for not doing its job there. Since the continuing talks on Kosovo's final status started last October, 186 ethnically motivated incidents against Serbs have taken place, including two murders and 20 serious injuries.

There will soon be no Serbs in Kosovo if the present situation continues, Raskovic Ivic told Jessen Petersen in a letter. She pointed out that 140,000 remaining Serbs in Kosovo live in isolated ghettos, without freedom of movement and basic human rights, including the “right to live”. Serb officials have previously accused Petersen of bias in his support for the ethnic Albanian drive for independence.

Serbs in Kosovo were the victims of constant harassment and even murders by the majority ethnic Albanians, Raskovic Ivic stated. “Today, Kosovo and Metohija (the Serbian name for the province) is a ‘black hole’ when it comes to human rights, and many democratic countries keep assaulting the territorial integrity of Serbia through their officials and lobbyists,” said Raskovic.

"Serbs are the most endangered ethnic group in Europe. Today an ethnocide is being carried out on its soil front of the international police force, which simply looks the other way, not wishing to see the reality,” she said.

Raskovic Ivic blamed the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) for "killing even the Serbian word" by censuring its press. "Only this time the gunshot did not come from an Albanian sniper, it was fired from UNMIK’s office,” Raskovic concluded. The dramatic letter, distributed to the press, was written on the eve of the seventh anniversary of Kosovo being put under UN control in June 1999 and ahead of Petersen’s imminent report to the UN Security Council on the situation in Kosovo. Over 3,000 Serbs have been killed or listed as missing since the province was put under United Nations control in 1999.

Belgrade and local Serbs oppose Kosovo's independence, which they regard as the birthplace of their state, preferring a form of broad autonomy for the province. According to signals from world powers, the international community is now moving towards granting Kosovo independence - wanted by most of its 1.7 million ethnic Albanians.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The Simon Wiesenthal Center is circulating a petition to German chancellor Angela Merkel to "keep the Holocaust-denying president of Iran out of Germany" for the World Cup. I signed, of course.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fjordman: Destroy the EU Before It Destroys Europe

At the Gates of Vienna, Fjordman explains: Why the EU Needs to be Destroyed, and Soon.

NO-Soccer-Ahmadinejad:U.S. cites Iran as human trafficking hub

Stop Soccer-Rikowski

Human Rights Alert from Iran Focus, with thanks to JE:
...A report released by the U.S. State Department described Iran as a “source, transit, and destination country for women and girls trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation and involuntary servitude”.
The report cited cased of women and girls being trafficked to Pakistan, Turkey, the Gulf, and Europe for sexual exploitation.
“Boys from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are trafficked through Iran en route to the Gulf states where they are ultimately forced to work as camel jockeys, beggars, or labourers”, the report said.
“Women and children are trafficked internally for the purposes of forced marriage, sexual exploitation, and involuntary servitude”, it said, adding, “The Government of Iran does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so”....
“The Government of Iran did not improve its protection of trafficking victims this year”, it said, adding, “Child victims of commercial sexual exploitation reportedly have been executed for their purported crime of prostitution or adultery. For instance, one 16-year-old sex trafficking victim was hanged publicly by religious authorities who accused her of engaging in "acts incompatible with chastity." The governor of the town later congratulated the religious leader for his ‘firm approach’”.
And no one seems to have seen it as in any way incompatible with their religion.

Monday, June 05, 2006

What Has Hitler Taught Germany? (Part 2)

By Myles Kantor

“Every battle must be fought to the end.” --Adolf Hitler, speech in Munich, July 28, 1922.[1]
Not all neo-Nazis are white skinheads. The world’s most powerful neo-Nazi is a bearded Persian.
“The Zionist regime is an injustice and by its very nature a permanent threat,” Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on April 14. “Whether you like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation. The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm.”[2]
These genocidal desires amplified Ahmadinejad’s statement on October 26 to Iranian students at a program titled “The World Without Zionism”:
Our dear Imam [Khomeini] said that the occupying regime [Israel] must be wiped off the map, and this was a very wise statement. We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine…This would be a defeat, and whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime has, in fact, signed the defeat of the Islamic world.”[3]
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seeking to go where Hitler went before.
Israel still stands. This has not deterred Iran from deploying latter-day Einsatzgruppen to perpetrate massacres like the March 17, 1992 bombing of Israel’s embassy in Argentina and the July 18, 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.[4]
Like other neo-Nazis who deny Hitler’s monstrosities as they seek to repeat them, Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust a lie. He said on December 14, “They [Jews] have fabricated a legend under the name Massacre of the Jews, and they hold it higher than God himself, religion itself and the prophets themselves.”[5]
Iranian media have likewise glamorized Holocaust deniers.[6] A January 4 headline from Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency read, “Major world historians support Ahmadinejad's holocaust outlook.”[7]
When he isn’t advocating another Endlösung der Judenfrage and denying Hitler’s, Ahmadinejad enjoys soccer—which brings us to Germany and the World Cup.
Germany hosts the World Cup this month, and Ahmadinejad indicated he might visit to watch Iran’s first match on June 11. Iran will play Mexico in Nuremberg, former site of Reichsparteitage and denationalization of Jews.
“I don't know yet whether I'll be at home in front of the television set or somewhere else,” he said in late May.[8] An Iranian functionary recently said Ahmadinejad would not attend the games,[9] but Ahmadinejad subsequently indicated he will try to attend if Iran makes it to the second round.[10]
More important than Ahmadinejad’s travel plans is how Germany has responded to the possibility of his visit. Germany under Hitler sought the annihilation of world Jewry and murdered most of European Jewry. Will it allow entry to Hitler’s descendant?
In a January statement describing the Holocaust as “an indelible part of German history and our perpetual obligation for the future,” Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that Germany “must act decisively against anti-Semitism and ostracizing trends, including clearly rejecting any attempt to deny or minimize the Holocaust…Germany will confront shocking and unacceptable statements such as those of Iranian President Ahmadinejad with all resolve.”[11] Chancellor Angela Merkel said in February, “A president who questions Israel’s right to exist, a president who denies the Holocaust cannot expect to receive any tolerance from Germany.”[12]
Given these unequivocal commitments, one would not expect Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s statement in April: “Naturally he [Ahmadinejad] can come to the matches. It won't be a simple matter because of the things that he has said in the past that are simply unacceptable. But my advice is we should be good hosts.”[13]
What was that about decisive action against anti-Semitism and no tolerance for Holocaust deniers?
When I visited Germany with other journalists in May through the Atlantik-Brücke, Ahmadinejad’s possible visit came up during a meeting with parliament member Hans-Ulrich Klose, who is also deputy chairman of the foreign affairs committee. “Herr Ahmadinejad should kindly stay at home,” Klose had remarked to a German newspaper.[14]
What if he doesn’t kindly stay at home, I asked. Would he support banning Ahmadinejad from Germany?
Klose said he “would prefer not to discuss” the issue other than to say, “We should make signs that he is not welcome.”[15]
Other Europeans have shown more moral courage and historical consciousness. European Union parliament member Jana Hybaskova of the Czech Republic and over 70 peers have petitioned to ban Ahmadinejad from EU countries.[16]
The German government’s feeble response to Ahmadinejad needs to be viewed in the ugly context of German-Iranian relations. German political scientist Matthias Küntzel notes:
Germany is today by far the most important supplier of goods to Iran and its exports are increasing at a steady 20% per year. In 2004, German exports to Iran were worth some €3.6 billion. At the same time, Germany is the most important purchaser of Iranian goods apart from oil and Iran’s most important creditor.[17]

This economic intimacy corresponds to a long record of German support for Iranian tyranny:

For the last 25 years, the German government has offered its good offices to the anti-Semitic Mullahs in Tehran with a shamelessness unrivalled by any other western government. In 1984, Hans-Dietrich Genscher was the first western Foreign Minister to pay his respects to the Mullah regime. Ten years later, Germany’s federal intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), trained Iranian intelligence agents in Munich.[18]

When Gerhard Schröder’s government welcomed former Iranian leader Mohammad Khatami in July 2000 with military honors, it also arrested Iranian exiles who planned protests. In Weimar near where Buchenwald once stood, Khatami defended the conviction of ten Iranian Jews for spying after a show trial. “Justice is not the responsibility of the government,” he said.[19]

Germany builds Holocaust memorials and speaks of special responsibilities created by its Nazi past. And Germany would be a “good host” to today’s most notorious anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

What has Germany really learned from Hitler?

[To read "What Has Hitler Taught Germany? Part 1," click here.]

[1] See The speech contains signature remarks like “the Jews are a people of robbers.” Hitler became leader of the National Socialists in 1921, and in 1923 he attempted to overthrow the government of Bavaria as the first step in overthrowing the Weimar Republic. Hitler spent less than a year in comfortable imprisonment for the attempted coup. Later anti-Semitic tyrants received comparably small punishments after attempted coups. Fulgencio Batista released Fidel Castro in 1955 after his attempted coup in 1953, and President Rafael Caldera released Hugo Chavez in 1994 after his attempted coup in 1992. The conclusion of Castro’s trial speech in 1953 echoes Hitler’s at his 1924 trial, and Georgie Anne Geyer writes of Hitler’s influence on the adolescent Castro, “He walked soberly around the campus with a copy of Mein Kampf (La Lucha) under his arm; in his room, he had a map on his wall upon which he charted the movements and successes of the Axis armies across Europe; for hours, he would stand before a mirror holding a primitive, early recorder, and mimicking Mussolini’s speeches over and over again.” Geyer, Guerrilla Prince: The Untold Story of Fidel Castro (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1991), p. 42. Cuban Jews like Felix Reyler noted Castro’s Hitlerian character, writing in 1965, “When the uniformed and swaggering Castro speaks to the suffering masses of Cuba concentrated in the public square, he repeats exactly the actions of Mussolini in the Plaza of Rome and Hitler in the Plaza of Nuremberg.” Quoted in Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, Cuban-Jewish Journeys: Searching for Identity, Home, and History in Miami (Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 2000), p. 10. One of Chavez’s early advisors was Argentine Holocaust denier Norberto Ceresole. See Myles Kantor, “Hugo Chavez Gets His Jew Hating On,” January 1, 2006,
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germany.iran.02/. On the show trial, see

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