Thursday, December 21, 2006

We're Losing the War on Terrorism

source: The Bottom Line Blog
As some of you reading this know, I have been an outspoken critic of the Clinton Administration (gee, ya think?), but especially when it comes to us waging war in Kosovo. If you don't remember Kosovo, let me give you a brief accounting of what happened.In a war between Christians (Serbians) and Muslims (ethnic Albanians), we chose the Muslim side because of "ethnic cleansing." After about six months of bombings, killing many people including 2 members of our military due to inept leadership that allowed them to fly a helicopter without much sleep, and seeing Wesley Clark's insane side come out, we pulled out of Kosovo and claimed victory, all the while inadvertently helping al Qaeda by attacking the people trying to curtail their drug-dealing efforts being funneled through Kosovo.Flash forward to yesterday. In a discussion about whether the Clinton Administration went after al Qaeda, a chatroom denison said there was no connection between the war in Kosovo and al Qaeda because...the 9/11 Commission said so. The same 9/11 Commission that was mystified by Able Danger. The same 9/11 Commission who had 2 Clinton Administration apologists on the panel, including the former second in command at the Defense Department, who would certainly have a vested interest in whitewashing the failures of her boss on this front.Can you see where I'm going with this? If not, that's part of the problem. Our intelligence available at the time of the Kosovo debacle showed the al Qaeda link to Kosovo, and this wasn't top secret information, either. A simple search on the Internet and digging through the results lead me to my conclusion. And if I can do it, anybody who wants to can do it.The thing is few people want to do it. To them, Kosovo is far off in the mists of time, never to be pondered again. Yet, contrary to the chatter's and apparently the 9/11 Commission's opinion, it did and does play into the current war on terrorism in ways we don't know and most of us aren't willing to find out. Needless to say, this lack of understanding helps the terrorists because they can continue to operate in secrecy while we keep our eye on "important things," like TomKat's wedding or Britney Spears partying with Paris Hilton. And if we rely on the 9/11 Commission or any other government-created entity for that matter to keep us informed, we will be constantly disappointed once we find out the truth.
American Council for Kosovo

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