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David Letterman: “Top Surprises In George W. Bush’s State of the Union Address”: Wore a “Hillary in 2008” T-shirt; Vowed to end America’s dependence on foreign films; When he said “Times are tough. That’s why when I need a little pick-me-up I reach for a Snickers!”; Concluded policy proposal with a rousing “Deal or No Deal?”; For viewers who have HDTV, he was 17 percent Bushier; Showed up late explaining he was watching “American Idol.”

Jay Leno: The Constitution does not specify how long the State of the Union address must be. You know who gave the longest State of the Union address ever? Bill Clinton. You know who gave the shortest? George Washington. It was just a couple of minutes. Well sure, when a politician cannot tell a lie, it limits how much they can say. Clinton could go on for hours. ... The political experts are asking what role Bill Clinton will play in Hillary’s campaign. I’m guessing the cheating husband? ... I guess you heard by now Sen. John Kerry announced he will not run for president, in 2008. He said the time is just not right. You know why it’s not right? It’s an election year. ... John Edwards, who is also running for president, is being criticized because the new house he just moved into is one of the biggest houses in North Carolina. It’s 28,000 square feet on 102 acres. See, Edwards became famous for talking about the two Americas. Now both of them can fit into his backyard. ... Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is now in Iraq. She made a surprise visit. Well, you thought Bush wanted to bomb the place before! ... She didn’t say how long she was staying in Iraq, and President Bush said he was against setting any timetables for Pelosi to return. He said to bring her back prematurely would send the wrong message.

The Islamic Mein Kampf

By FrontPage Magazine

Our powerful new flash video and pamphlet expose the genocidal threat of radical Islam. More>

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Antisemitism Rising in Germany

Holocaust memorials defiled by neo-Nazis.
The German authorities were preparing for criticism from the Jewish community after it was revealed that a Holocaust memorial in Berlin was being used as a public lavatory by tourists and by neo-Nazi sympathisers.
The disclosure, in a Berlin newspaper, will trigger a new debate about how the Holocaust should be remembered in Germany.
One argument against building the monument — that consists of 2,700 concrete slabs resembling Jewish gravestones — was that it would become a target of anti-Semitic vandals. The managers of the memorial, which attracts 3.5 million visitors a year, have tried to play down the scandal.
“This just belongs to the teething problems of any new monument,” Uwe Neumaerker, of the Memorial Foundation, said. The German Government has been aware of the problem since the monument was completed in May 2005 but has tried to maintain a silence for fear of encouraging more vandalism. The defacing of Jewish memorial areas in Germany by followers of the far Right has become a widespread problem that is acknowledged rarely.
On the eve of Holocaust Day at the weekend a group of youths set fire to a restored railway carriage — symbolising the deportation of the Jews — in Lower Saxony. In the eastern German port of Stralsund, concrete was poured over a memorial for a Jewish family, the Keibel-Cohns.

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Spain: the European Iran

Zapatero, Photo:AFP
By Ignacio Russell Cano
The first domino falls. More>

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Kosovo War Heroe Clinton

Skopje Municipal Mayor Proposes Renaming Streets after NATO’s Kosovo War Heroes
According to a report from A1 TV yesterday, Izet Mexhiti, the young Albanian mayor of Skopje’s Cair municipality, has proposed that 20 percent of the city’s streets should be renamed to honor the many heroes of the Albanian people.
Among these heroes, apparently, are Bill Clinton, Wesley Clark and Tony Blair- the prime architects of NATO’s bombing campaign in 1999 in neighboring Kosovo.
In that bombing, an incompetent NATO failed to damage the Yugoslav Army, but did eventually triumph after bombing bridges, hospitals, schools, TV stations and markets, not to mention the supremely reckless deliberate destruction of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.
In the wake of the air campaign, hundreds of thousands of non-Albanians were ethnically cleansed from Kosovo, and NATO’s own soldiers (especially Italians) came down with cancer, while Kosovar Albanians too began to suffer as a result of the dangers of the depleted uranium NATO expended over the Serbian province. Every now and again a small child, usually Albanian, is injured or killed from playing with a random piece of ordinance left undetected in a field. The cluster bombs are especially fun.
The street renaming proposal, like all others made by the Albanian parties in Macedonia since the war, comes by way of analogy to the Ohrid Agreement’s 20-percent-threshold of minority population for things such as language usage and flag-waving to kick in. Most things seem to apply to this analogy.
Said the mayor, “our request will be for at least 20 percent of the names of the boulevards and major streets of Skopje to have the names of persons or events from Albanian history.”
While there was a public debate in the municipality of Cair to give proposals for names, the debate was conducted only in the Albanian language, stated A1, though Macedonians, Turks and Roma also live in Cair. The report added that the procedure of changing the names would involve taking the suggestions to the council of Skopje municipalities, which will look at the list, before going before a government commission which would decide. It was not said how much time this could take, or how many working hours would be lost from activities that are perhaps of greater importance to improving residents’ standard of living.
Mayor Mexhiti won his office in March 2005 and has since pledged to stamp out crime. He was the candidate fielded by Ali Ahmeti’s DUI party, the political incarnation of the 2001 paramilitary NLA. When the DUI was not selected to join the ruling coalition following July 2006 elections, the party cried foul and ominously intimated that it could not be held responsible if further violence broke out, forcing Western ambassadors to embark on a tedious and time-wasting round of baby-sitting and hand-holding. DUI’s recent announcement that it would boycott parliament is bound to only intensify this trend, just at a time when other more important issues need to be dealt with.
While the DUI has protested its exclusion from government despite being called obstructionist and unhelpful by the international community, party leader Ahmeti did take time out of his busy schedule to deal with an important issue: the erection of a statue of perceived national hero Skanderbeg, also in Cair. The statue had been cast in Albania and carried to rapturous applause throughout western Macedonia on the way to its final resting place in Skopje.
Earlier last year, there was some controversy over whether the polarizing statue would be erected. Yet erected it was. On Nov. 28, 2006, Independence Day in the Republic of Albania, self-proclaimed spokesman for the Albanian people Ahmeti orated to great applause from a large crowd of Albanian Muslims in Cair. Skanderbeg (real name, Gjergji Kastrioti) battled the Ottoman Turks, and was honored by Pope Paul II as an Athleta Christi, a “champion of Christ” for his work in… killing Muslims.
Somewhat later, in 1944, Heinrich Himmler created a Nazi SS division of Kosovo Muslim Albanians named after Skanderbeg, to kill the Christian Serbs of Kosovo.
So what do Clinton, Clark and Blair think of their incorporation into the great family of Albanian heroes, side-by-side with Mother Teresa and John Belushi? We’ll probably never know.
The Cair mayor justified the initiative by pointing out that other Skopje streets have long been named after great Americans presidents such as Roosevelt and Kennedy. So what’s the harm in honoring one somewhat less great ex-president, one failed presidential candidate, and one presidential poodle from Britain? After all, Kosovo is already full of streets, structures and red-light bordellos named after such people.
Yet it might all seem a ribald enough gesture, certainly a less menacing one, were these adopted heroes to have some association with the Albanian history of Macedonia, rather than that of Kosovo. For those who fear a possible transition from FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) to FMRK (Future Macedonian Republic of Kosovo) a distinct possibility, naming Macedonian streets after the foreign “heroes” of an immoral and illegal war conducted in a third country, a war deeply opposed by the Macedonian majority, is a disconcerting idea.
More immediately, these grand initiatives of statues and streets have allowed ordinary Albanians in Macedonia to continue to be manipulated by political leaders offering a lot of symbolic triumphs in place of something more substantial. A sickly devotion to political correctness, however, means that few outsiders dare draw attention to this travesty.

Protestant church in Turkey vandalized

A Let Them Into the EU Alert from AP, with thanks to Sr. Soph:
Unknown assailants on Sunday stoned a two-story building housing a Protestant church in the Black Sea port city of Samsun, the pastor of the church said.
"The assailants broke at least 10 windows in an overnight attack," Mehmet Orhan Picaklar, the pastor of the Agape Church, told The Associated Press by telephone. "This is the seventh or eight such attack over the past three years. Separately, I am constantly receiving death threats by e-mail."
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German Bosnia chief 'fired' after just a year

The Guardian
The sense of destabilising crisis gathering over former Yugoslavia intensified last night when the German official in charge of running Bosnia abruptly announced he was resigning less than a year after he succeeded Paddy Ashdown in the post. Christian Schwarz-Schilling, a former German cabinet minister and multi-millionaire, succeeded Lord Ashdown last February and has been widely criticised in Bosnia for his alleged lack of energy and attentiveness in the post. "He was the shortest and the worst of the high representatives running Bosnia," said Senad Slatina, a Sarajevo analyst. Senior western officials in Sarajevo said Mr Schwarz-Schilling, who is the EU special representative as well as the international community's high representative, was fired. With next-door Serbia in disarray after an inconclusive election at the weekend and with an international plan to redraw Serbia's border and create a new state of Kosovo about to be unveiled, the events in Bosnia increased the sense of drift towards destabilisation in the region. The Bosnian Serb leader, Milorad Dodik, is threatening to call a referendum to break up Bosnia and join his half to Serbia in response to any international imposition of an independent Kosovo. Serbia, where nationalist extremists emerged as the strongest party in the weekend election, refuses to surrender Kosovo and the west is likely to impose a form of "supervised" independence within weeks. A meeting in Washington last week of officials from the US, Britain, Germany, France, and Italy decided to replace the German, western officials said.


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Hicks 'was al-Qaeda operative'

source: Herald Sun
US prosecutors say Australian terror suspect David Hicks was a fully-fledged member of al-Qaeda who took orders from Osama bin Laden, rather than a naive adventurer out of his depth.On the eve of the fifth anniversary of Hicks's imprisonment without charge at Guantanamo Bay Colonel Morris Davis, the chief prosecutor for the US Office of Military Commissions, rejected the portrait of Hicks as merely someone in over his head. The 31-year-old former Adelaide man has been held at the notorious US jail in Cuba since January 2002 after being captured a month earlier in Afghanistan.Col Davis said today the US believed it had a strong case against Hicks and he was not convinced of his innocence.Hicks returned to Afghanistan in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US with the expressed purpose of fighting with al-Qaeda, he said. "He (Hicks) had experience in Kosovo, he had experience in Kashmir, he's been to a number of combat and terrorism training courses put on by al-Qaeda and from my understanding when 9/11 happened he was out of the country."But once he saw the US had been attacked he made a conscious choice to try to get back to Afghanistan, report in to a senior al-Qaeda leader and, in essence, say: `I'm David Hicks and I'm reporting for duty'," Col Davis said on ABC radio.Hicks's US-appointed defence lawyer Michael Mori has said he is unaware of any evidence to support the colonel's claims and has also scoffed at the suggestion that his client had translated training manuals for the terror group.Col Davis said people should not believe without question much of what Maj Mori said."I hope the Australian people aren't so gullible as to step in everything that Maj Mori has been spreading and if they do step in it they need to wipe their feet before they go into the house, because we contend a lot of the evidence has been half truths," he said.Hicks was arrested by Northern Alliance forces in Kandahar in December 2001, reportedly guarding a Taliban tank in the aftermath of the group's toppling by a US bombing and ground campaign.He was taken to Guantanamo Bay on January 12, 2002, when the US set up its prison centre there for suspects captured during operations in its campaign against terrorist targets.Many other Guantanamo inmates have since been repatriated - including fellow Australian Mamdouh Habib - but Hicks was among the first prisoners to have charges laid against them.In August 2004 he pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, aiding the enemy and attempted murder.The US Supreme Court later ruled that the military commissions system that would have tried the suspects was unlawful. Hicks's charges were then dropped while the US established a new commission system.Col Davis said Hicks would be one of the first charged when the new rules were unveiled, probably next week. "I anticipate within two weeks of the rules coming out we will start charging some of the individuals and David Hicks, I believe, will be among the first that we charge," he told ABC radio.Col Davis expected Hicks would face trial within six months."We expect shortly after that we'd probably have a hearing on motions and we're hopeful by (mid-year) we can actually get the jury assembled and go to a trial on the merits and let the facts speak for themselves," he said.Col Davis said US officials were just as unhappy as Australians with the delays to the case."We really and truly want to get this case to trial as soon as possible."We're frustrated that it has taken this long and we're anxious to get into the courtroom at the earliest possible date, that the facts be accurately reported back and that the world can see we are going to provide fair trials for the folks that come before military commissions."Labor said yesterday that the new trial system would not allow Hicks a fair trial and he had been in legal limbo long enough.Labor's legal affairs spokesman Kelvin Thompson called for Hicks to be brought home and place under a control order.Hicks's father Terry has said his son is "near breaking point", after refusing to speak to him in a pre-arranged telephone call late last year and he had stopped meeting Australian consular officials.
American Council for Kosovo

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"Hurray! We're Capitulating!"

A 1938 alert from Der Spiegel:
This essay is an excerpt of Henryk M. Broder's book "Hurra, Wir Kapitulieren," ("Hurray! We're Capitulating") published by Wolf Jobst Siedler Verlag in 2006. The book spent a number of weeks atop the DER SPIEGEL bestseller list.
The controversy over the 12 Muhammad cartoons that were published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September 2005 and led to worldwide protests and unrest among Muslims was merely a taste of what is to come, a dress rehearsal for the kinds of disputes Europe can expect to face in the future if it does not rethink its current policy of appeasement. As was the case in the 1930s, when Czechoslovakia was sacrificed in the interest of peace under the Munich Agreement -- a move that ultimately did nothing to prevent World War II -- Europeans today also believe that an adversary, seemingly invincible due to a preference for death over life, can be mollified by good behavior, concessions and submission.
If you have been wondering why we call them 1938 alerts, now you know.
"The West should desist from engaging in all provocations that produce feelings of debasement and humiliation," says psychoanalyst Horst-Eberhard Richter. "We should show greater respect for the cultural identity of Muslim countries. ... For Muslims, it is important to be recognized and respected as equals." In Richter's view, what the Muslims need is "a partnership of equals."But Richter neglects to describe what this partnership might look like. Does achieving such equality mean that we should set up separate sections for women on buses, as is the custom in Saudi Arabia? Should the marrying age for girls be reduced to 12, as is the case in Iran? And should death by stoning be our punishment for adultery, as Shariah law demands? What else could the West do to show its respect for the cultural identity of Islamic countries? Would it be sufficient to allow Horst-Eberhard Richter to decide whether, for example, a wet T-shirt contest in a German city rises to a level of criminal provocation that could cause the Muslim faithful in Hyderabad to feel debased and humiliated?The discussion over which provocations WE should put an end to so that THEY do not feel upset inexorably leads to the realm of the absurd.Should devout Jews be entitled to demand that non-Jews give up pork? And should they have the power to impose sanctions if their demands are not met? Can a Hindu in India run amok because the Dutch do not view cows as sacred beings?
And more to the point, why don't they?
"Nowadays acts of terrorism are not committed for their own sake, but in the name of an ideology one could call Nazi-Islamism," Romanian-American author Norman Manea told the German daily Die Welt in March 2004. The only difference, in Manea's view, is "that this ideology invokes a religion, whereas the Nazis were mythical without being religious." Manea believes that what he calls a "World War III" has already begun. "The Europeans are putting off the recognition -- as they did in the 1930s -- of the tremendous tragedy that awaits them and that has, in fact, already arrived."
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Arrested Kosovo Albanian al-Qaeda mole - paper

source: Serbianna
Kosovo Albanian that was arrested last month by the Austrian authorities at a Vienna Schwechat International Airport is a sought out intermediary for terror organizations across Europe and is in service of al-Qaeda, says Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.Dodu L. is a 55 year old Kosovo Albanian with combat experience acquired during terror attacks on Kosovo Serbs DURING 1990S. In December of 2007, he was to detonate 2 bombs inside Montenegro parliament in a plot that involves 12 other ethnic Albanians, some of them US citizens.As the bombing plot folded, 12 ethnic Albanians in Montenegro have been arrested while Dodu L. managed to escape Montenegro and on a connecting flight in Vienna was arrested by the Austrian authorities. Kronen Zeitung says that the bomber, Dodu L. was on a trip to the USA." Outwardly Dodu L was calm... the more thorough examination caused the man to react suddenly nervous. To the policemen it became clear why: The 55-year old was on the terror list of the most wanted!" writes Kronen Zeitung."Around Dodu L. is a rope pulling him between USA and Montenegro. According to insiders this fighter is in demand intermediary for terror organizations - such as the deliverers of messages for entire Europe," writes Kronen.According to Kronen Zeitung, Dodu L. was an al-Qaeda member who was eventually recruited, with promises of money, to be a "mole" for the CIA inside al-Qaeda. Kronen Zeitung is not clear whether the Kosovo Albanian was a "mole" inside al-Qaeda operation in Kosovo or throughout Europe."This explains also why the US Government wants to absolutely prevent his extradition to Montenegro," concluded Kronen Zeitung.
American Council for Kosovo

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Militant Nationalist Makes Nationalistic Threats

Militant nationalist murderer Yasin Hayal, who murdered Armenian journalist Hrant Dink for reasons of nationalism, threatened today to nationalistically murder a Turkish intellectual: Suspect in journalist death makes threat.
Also for nationalistic reasons.
ISTANBUL, Turkey - A man who confessed to inciting the murder of a prominent journalist shouted what appeared to be a threat against another leading Turkish intellectual on Wednesday, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk.
“Orhan Pamuk, be smart! Be smart!” Yasin Hayal shouted as he was being brought to an Istanbul courtroom with his hands cuffed behind his back. Police quickly pressed Hayal’s head down to silence him and led him away.
Hayal, a militant nationalist who served time in prison for a 2004 bomb attack, confessed to inciting last week’s slaying of the influential ethnic Armenian journalist Hrant Dink and to providing a gun and money to the alleged killer, police said.
Hayal allegedly told the killer that Dink, who angered nationalists by calling the mass killing of Armenians in the early 20th century genocide, was “a traitor to his country who insults Turks.”


David Letterman: “Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Barack Obama”: As a child, was taunted with “Obama’s so fat jokes”; After finishing Harvard law, served as Doug Llewelyn’s understudy on “The People’s Court”; Follows Bush’s weekly radio address DJ-ing the “Barack and Roll Power Hour”; Real last name: Obamawitz; At Senate hearings, throws on his iPod whenever John Kerry has the floor; Makes immigration speeches as hilarious, uninformed foreigner “Borat Obama”; Presides over congressional committee to lower Al Gore’s body fat; Only running for President to tick off Hillary.

Jay Leno: Spanish newspapers are reporting that Fidel Castro is in very grave condition, very ill health. In fact, his priest told him yesterday that he will soon be in a better place. And Castro said, ‘I’m going to Miami?’ ... It was Castro’s wish to be buried at sea, but, unfortunately, all the rafts are currently in use in Cuba. ... Senator Hillary Clinton is on her way back from a fact-finding tour of Iraq. She said although there are many problems in Iraq, she said there are good things about the Iraqi people—like the fact they hang adulterers. ... In her first press conference after her trip overseas, Hillary Clinton said she thinks we need to send more men to Afghanistan. The men she wants to send? John Edwards and Barack Obama. ... It’s official, Hillary Clinton is running for president of the United States. She said, “I’m in it to win.” That’s what she announced, she’s in it to win. That may seem obvious, but Democrats running for president have lost so many times they have to keep reminding themselves why they are in the race. “Oh yeah, to win.” ... Hillary says that she has gotten hundreds of calls telling her to go on the road and campaign for the next two years. That’s just from her husband Bill. ... New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is running for president. Which is good because every day we have thousands of new Mexicans who enter the country. ... Kansas Senator Sam Brownback says he is running. He said he’s going to follow the yellow brick road to the White House. Just watch out for the Wicked Witch of New York! ... John Kerry says that he loves cookies so much that he thinks he is the illegitimate son of Cookie Monster. Really? Looks more like the illegitimate son of Herman Munster.

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Macedonia Warns On Kosovo Albanian Extremists, Criminals

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP)--Macedonia's president warned Tuesday that stability in neighboring Kosovo is still at risk as the U.N. prepares to unveil its plans for the future of the disputed province, with extremists still at large.
"The capacity of Kosovo institutions is weak. We must not underestimate the risks and our institutions will remain vigilant and will closely monitor the developments in the region," said President Branko Crvenkovski.
Many extremists and criminals were still at large in Kosovo, he said.
Crvenkovski was speaking after a National Security Council meeting, convened ahead of a report by U.N. envoy Martti Ahtisaari on the future of Kosovo. The province of 2 million people has been under U.N. administration since 1999.
The proposals, due to be unveiled early next week, are widely expected to propose conditional independence for Kosovo. Serbia wants to keep Kosovo as part of its territory and has offered broad autonomy to its citizens, 90% of whom are ethnic Albanian and want independence.
Macedonia wants to settle an ongoing border dispute before Kosovo's final status is determined. Kosovo claims more than 2,000 hectares (4,900 acres) of land in Macedonia.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Assassination of Hrant Dink: Another Deadly Incident Destined to Remain Unsolved?

By Mehmet Kalyoncu
The assassination of Hrant Dink, one of the most prominent Turkish Armenians and the editor-in-chief of bilingual Turkish-Armenian weekly newspaper Agos outside his newspaper’s office was a deplorable act by any definition. Yet it was not an unexpected one, given the selection of the target and its expected/actual impact on Turkish society and […]

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Italian police arrest 2 Bosnian Jihad veterans

ROME-Anti-terrorism police said Friday they have arrested two Algerians in an investigation into Islamic extremists who allegedly came to Italy after fighting in Bosnia during the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.
The two men, both in their 40s, were picked up Thursday evening in the northern Italian town of Parma after they were found carrying false Italian identity documents, said Claudio Galzerano, a top anti-terrorism police official in Rome.
Galzerano said the two had left Bosnia after the war along with other militants from the Muslim world who had flocked to the former Yugoslav republic to join the fight against Serb militias.
The two were being held only for dealing in false documents, Galzerano said. It was not know if they were planning any other specific crime, and their arrest grew out of Italy's "preventive strategy" against Islamic extremism, he said.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Murat Kurnatz & the Al Qaeda War Manual

The recently released Gitmo inmate Murat Kurnatz claims ‘torture’- by German Anti-Terror units.
*On 24 August 2006, the 24 year old Murat Kurnaz was released from the base. He claimed to have been exposed to water torture, sexual harassment and ‘desecration of Islam’ while staying on Guantanamo.
A German court is currently investigating his claims.
Needless to mention that the usual suspects from Amnesia Intentional, the Greens and the commies are backing him for whatever it takes. The SPIEGEL, a popular left wing German magazine (low on facts, high on innuendo) allows a highly suspect Turkish agent, Cem Özdemir, to present Kurnatz as ‘totally innocent’-, in typical Muhammedan fashion Ozdemir presents a heart wrenching, whiny perspective on Murat’s ordeal.
Ozdemir is a member of the European Parliament, heaven knows how he got there. Has anyone ever asked questions how and why Turkish Muhammedan agents get to hold positions in the EU parliament?)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Turkey:"I shot the non-Muslim"

But the murder is attributed here to "nationalist anger." "Turkish-Armenian editor shot dead in Istanbul," by Paul de Bendern and Thomas Grove for Reuters, with thanks to all who sent this in:
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A high-profile Turkish-Armenian editor, convicted of insulting Turkey's identity, was shot dead outside his newspaper office in Istanbul on Friday.
Hrant Dink, a frequent target of nationalist anger for his comments on the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War One, was shot as he left his weekly Agos around 1300 GMT in central Istanbul....
Muharrem Gozutok, a restaurant owner near the newspaper, said the assailant looked about 20, wore jeans and a cap and shouted "I shot the non-Muslim" as he left the scene.
Protesters outside the Agos office on one of Istanbul's busiest streets chanted "the murderer government will pay" and "shoulder-to-shoulder against fascism."...
"This bullet was fired against Turkey ... an image has been created about Turkey that its Armenian citizens have no safety," said CNN Turk editor Taha Akyol.
Last year Turkey's appeals court upheld a six-month suspended jail sentence against Dink for referring in an article to an Armenian nationalist idea of ethnic purity without Turkish blood.
The court said the comments went against article 301 of Turkey's revised penal code, which lets prosecutors pursue cases against writers and scholars for "insulting Turkish identity."
The ruling was sharply criticised by the EU.
Dink was one of dozens of writers who have been charged for insulting Turkishness, particularly over the alleged genocide of Armenians by Turks during World War One.
Turkey denies allegations that 1.5 million Armenians were killed in a systematic genocide. It says both Christian Armenians and Muslim Turks were killed in a partisan conflict that raged on Ottoman territory.
Sure. Some Nazis were killed during World War II also.
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jimmy Carter Interceded for Nazi Murderer

I received at least a dozen emails from readers about an article that appeared in Israel National News, claiming that former president Jimmy Carter had issued a plea for leniency for a Nazi SS guard proven to have taken part in numerous murders of Jews. I was a little skeptical and decided to wait for confirmation before posting.
Well, here’s that confirmation, as Daniel Freedman publishes the actual handwritten note from Carter:
Exclusive: Handwritten Note From Jimmy Carter Interceding for Nazi SS Guard.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When will world confront the undead of Croatia?

Baltimore Sun
By Julia Gorin LAS VEGAS

President Bush recently echoed Vice President Dick Cheney's support for Croatia to join the European Union, a bid that has been stalled because of the former Yugoslav republic's slowness to own up to and prosecute its 1990s war crimes and its failure to ensure protections and rights for minorities, including returning Serb refugees. Croatia also faces the possibility of being excluded from the 2008 European soccer championship because when an Italian team's fans taunted the Croatian team's fans at a match in August by waving Yugoslavia's old communist flag, the other side took great offense and showed the competition what it was really made of: They formed a giant human swastika and gave Nazi salutes. Old habits are hard to break. "In World War II, Hitler had no executioners more willing, no ally more passionate, than the fascists of Croatia," A. M. Rosenthal wrote in The New York Times in 1998. "They are returning, 50 years later, from what should have been their eternal grave, the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Western Allies who dug that grave with the bodies of their servicemen have the power to stop them, but do not." In 1995, The London Evening Standard's Edward Pearce wrote that "you can understand Croatia best by saying flatly that if there is one place in the world where a statue of Adolf Hitler would be revered, it would be Zagreb," Croatia's capital. And The Washington Times reported: "A German tank rolls through a small village, and the peasants rush out, lining the road with their right arms raised in a Nazi salute as they chant, 'Heil Hitler.' Mobs chase minorities from their homes, kicking them and pelting them with eggs as they flee into the woods. Europe in the 1940s? No. Croatia in the 1990s." Last month Croatian TV broadcast video of a speech made 10 years ago by Stjepan Mesic, now Croatia's president. Mr. Mesic is seen saying, "This thing they're asking Croats to do: go kneel in [Croatian concentration camp] Jasenovac ... we have no reason to kneel anywhere. We Croats have won twice in World War II, while all the others did it only once. We won on April 10, when the Axis powers recognized Croatia's independence, and we won after the war since we once again found ourselves with the victors." Such were the "allies" to whom retired American generals were dispatched in the 1990s to train against the Serbs and help restore Croatia to its Hitler-defined borders. (We later did the same for Kosovo, whose independence we continue to push for.) One has to wonder at the ubiquitous "Nazi" analogies hurled at the Serbs - the designated villains of the Balkans - considering that this analogy was started by a former Nazi state that in 1995 ethnically cleansed 350,000 Serbs and by its Muslim former apprentices who helped kill hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and other undesirables in 40 of Croatia's World War II concentration camps. One has to wonder also because Croatia (along with Bosnia and Kosovo) hired American PR firms to make the analogy stick. Sure enough, our policymakers and our media - on the same page when it comes to the Balkans - bought it and recycled the propaganda to us, and continue to do so today. This despite the fact that our ally, President Franjo Tudjman - the "Father of Croatia" - was about to be hit with a war crimes indictment that was finally, slowly and quietly being prepared by the United Nations, allowing him to die a free man. (As was the case with wartime Bosnian-Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic, a fundamentalist who asked to be buried "next to the martyrs.") To placate the European powers, Croatia has finally apprehended two of its most notorious criminals from the Balkan wars, Ante Gotovina and Branimir Glavas - despite the move being very unpopular because, as with Bosnian and Albanian Serb-killers, Croatian Serb killers are national heroes. While to the world, "Serb" is synonymous with "war criminal," Croatians, Albanians and Bosnians accused of war crimes get acquitted, or get convicted and released to a hero's welcome, or go unpunished and pursue political careers, as is the case with indicted war criminal and Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku (and Ramush Haradinaj before him). All the while, we refuse to admit our 1990s alliance in Croatia with Nazi sympathizers, and in Bosnia and Kosovo with forces supplied and trained by al-Qaida, Iran and others. A recent breakthrough occurred in October, when Zarko Puhovski, the Croatian president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, said on a radio program that war crimes in the Croatian town of Osijek are still unsolved because 1990s Croatia was a place where killing Serbs was normal. "In the first few years it was normal to kill Serbs, then it was normal to forget they had been killed, and now we finally talk about it," he said. The Serbs weren't angels, but they are the only Balkans players to have admitted as much and actively done something about it. The media, our policymakers and our filmmakers still refuse to take the messier but more accurate view of the Balkans. For it is the more daunting task, one that could force the realization that the Serbs weren't just fighting their enemies; they were fighting ours. Nazism is not "part of the ugly past." It was not a bout of madness that has been straightened out. The undead are among us.


Julia Gorin:
My reply to letter from Croatia's embassy (printed in the Baltimore Sun) in response to my Croatia article.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Citizenships revoked to Bosnian Jihadists

As Bosnia becomes a European base for Islamic terror, it is under pressure to revoke citizenship granted to Jihadists as a reward for their service in the Bosnian Muslim military where they perpetrated atrocities which Hague is not prosecuting.

German court upholds headscarf ban

But the case is likely to go to a higher court. From Associated Press, with thanks to H:
MUNICH, Germany — A court on Monday upheld a ban on Muslim teachers wearing head scarves in the schools of a German state under a law that says teachers' attire must be in line with “western Christian” values.
A Berlin-based Islamic association had complained about the law, which authorities in the conservative-run state of Bavaria have used to ban head scarves while allowing Roman Catholic nuns to continue to wear their head-covering habits in schools.
The Bavarian Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that the application of the law in the state neither violated religious freedom nor was discriminatory.
However, a lawyer for the Islamic Religious Community said some of its members were considering taking their case to the Federal Constitutional Court, Germany's highest court.
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Justice In Germany?

Photo: Motassadeq
By Stephen Brown
"I understand your sorrow.”
It’s a new level of cruelty. After helping to murder American Dominic Puopolo’s beloved mother, Sonia, on 9/11, Islamist conspirator Mounir el Motassadeq brazenly began to shed crocodile tears in a Hamburg courtroom last Monday at his sentencing hearing. His revolting words above were directed at the suffering son, who was present in the courtroom, immediately after the Muslim extremist had received a fifteen-year prison term for his part in the infamous terrorist plot that killed more than 3,000 people. And incredibly, as if to add insult to injury, the al Qaeda terrorist then told Puopolo the same suffering was being inflicted on him and his family. Hardly!

Terrified and, according to Dominic, after having been tortured, Sonia Puopolo perished on American Airlines Flight 11 that hit the World Trade Center on 9/11. Since then, her devoted son has dedicated himself to getting justice for his mother and the other victims of that barbarous act. Puopolo had even moved to Germany for a year, believing his presence would help obtain a conviction against Motassadeq. And it did last fall, more than five years after that day of outrage.

Vastly underreported by the North American media, Motassadeq, 32, a Moroccan, was convicted last November in a third trial of belonging to a terrorist organization and of being an accessory to murder in 246 cases (the number of people who died on the hijacked airliners). Convictions in two earlier trials had been reversed. The fanatical Moroccan jihadist had belonged to the ‘Hamburg cell’ of 9/11 suicide pilots Mohammed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah, a fact he always denied.

And while small consolation, Puopolo at least had the satisfaction of witnessing the al Qaeda cell member receive a fifteen–year sentence, the maximum allowed under German law. In his sentencing comments, the Hamburg judge, Carsten Beckmann said a powerful injustice had taken place, from which Motassadeq could not distance himself.

“Whoever helps to murder 246 human beings is already on the upper end of the surveyor’s rod,” said the judge.

However, despite the evidence against him, Motassadeq shamelessly maintained his innocence to the very end. But the German prosecution said while the Moroccan may not have known all the details about the 9/11 plot, he definitely knew it would involve a lot of deaths, adding the Islamist terrorist certainly was aware of the impending airliner hijackings. And the evidence that convicted the Muslim radical bears this out.

At one point during the 9/11 plot, when the suicide pilots were already in the United States, the Moroccan mass murderer apparently told a friend that the Hamburg cell members in America “…want to do something big. The Jews will burn and we will dance on their graves.” Lovely!

Moreover, the Moroccan jihadist was one of the signatories to Atta’s will, indicating how close he was to the 9/11 plot’s evil, operational leader. According to Puopulo, Motassadeq also used to introduce Atta to others as “our pilot” a year before 9/11.

Motassadeq and fellow Moroccan and Hamburg cell member, Abdelghani Mzoudi, were called “facilitators” for the suicide pilots both in Germany and when they were in the United States. The two Moroccans were involved in the logistical and financial side of the plot that included sending money to the death pilots when they were at flight schools in Florida. Asked why he had wired money to suicide pilot al Shehhi in America, Motassadeq replied: “I’m a nice person; that’s the way I am.” Again, hardly!

The Hamburg prosecutor, Walter Hemberger, said Motassadeq’s behavior on the witness stand was based on lying right from the start. Moreover, the former electrical engineering student, who attended a Hamburg university, had never shown any sympathy whatsoever for 9/11’s victims. Puopulo goes even further, having previously described Motassadeq as caring nothing for human life, both for Americans or Muslims who disagree with him.

But Puopolo also gets to the core of the whole matter when, in an essay written earlier, he calls Motassadeq and his fellow conspirators what they really are: murderers.

“[T]hey are not martyrs,” he wrote, “yet simple homicidal maniacs consumed with the lust of imposing their willpower over our democratic principles and ideas.” Shakespeare couldn’t have put it better.

Meanwhile, Motassadeq’s lawyers plan to appeal his sentence to the European court. Their client, however, still crying his crocodile tears at the hearing, maintained his future has now been “ruined.” To which Puopulo justly and accurately replied: “Your life is not over, but my mom’s is."
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Almost daily ethic cleansings in Kosovo aimed to drive Serbs away - Kosovo ruling bishop

Interfax - Russia
Belgrade, Interfax - Ethnic tension in Kosovo and Metochia persists and measures taken by the peacekeeping force to alleviate it are inadequate, believes Artemije of Raska and Prizren, the ruling bishop of the region. ‘Not a single day passes without any incident (clash between Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo - IF). The stable tension continues and its ultimate goal is to continue the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs remaining of Kosovo and Metochia till their complete banishment from the region’, Bishop Artemije said in an interview with the Belgrade-based Danas newspaper. For the last seven and a half years that the peacekeeping force has been present in the region, its official reports, according to the bishop, ‘have not been objective’ and ‘tend to present the situation better than it is’. A decrease in the number of murders and attacks against churches and believers in Kosovo is not a sign of a considerable change in the Kosovo Albanians’ attitude towards the Serbian people, he noted. The bishop also spoke with regret about a slowdown in the creation of protected zones around Orthodox churches and monasteries in Kosovo, adding that illegal construction has been carried out in many of them today. ‘We have nothing to expect or to hope for when the solution of the problem is in the hands of Albanian institutions. We cannot receive protection from them; there is no guarantee that any agreement would be observed’, the representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church said. According to the bishop, in total 39 protected zones are to be created in Kosovo and Methochija, though there are 1300 churches in that area, and it means that these zones will cover only 3% of them.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Muslim Albanians rob, desecrate church in Kosovo

A church in a Kosovo village of Gornja Brnjica near Pristina was robbed and looted by unidentified men who broke into the church on the eve of Christian Orthodox Christmas and stole church money, icons and then damaged the church.
"Two nights ago a side window was broken on the church through which criminals then entered. They stole the donations collected in the church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as taking a number of icons from the church," said village representative Dragi Djordjevic.
This is the second time the church has been broken into in the past two months. Last time the looters stole a part of the church bell.
"Since the end of the war this is the fourth time the church was been desecrated," said Djordjevic.
The church of the St Peter and Paul is built on an ancient foundation near the tombstones of legendary Serbian defenders of Christendom, brothers Jugovic, who were murdered by the Muslim army set to invade Europe in the 14th century through Kosovo.
Serbs in Gornja Brnjica, who are Christian, are surrounded by hostile Muslim Albanians that are openly harassing and threatening Kosovo Christians with violence and organized pogroms.
Coordinating Center for Kosovo vice-president Nenad Kostic said that the damage to the church is one in a series of many acts of vandalism that have befallen the Serbian people recently.
"We can only place our hope in god that better times await us, that after this incident similar ones will not reoccur," said Kojic.
Kosovo police spokesman Veton Elsani said that unknown persons broke a window on the church through which they entered the church and stole some money. According to Elsani, a police investigative unit and forensic experts went to the scene the same morning and have no suspects.
Kosovo Police Service which is dominated by Muslim Albanians sees no religious motives in the church break-in and insist that the reason for vandalism is theft of money.
Bishop Artemije of Raska and Prizren condemned the desecration of the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul saying that this most recent attack on the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo also occurred at the time of the greatest Christian feast of Christmas.
"The message appears to be that they are supporting criminals and terrorists in Kosovo and Metohija. If the international community is fighting against terrorism everywhere in the world, why is it tolerating it Kosovo and Metohija? What is happening here is the most brutal form of terror that can be imaged," said Bishop Artemije.
Since 1999, over 200,000 Christians have been expelled by the dominant Albanian Muslims who seek to create an ethnically and religiously pure state out of the Kosovo province currently administered by the UN.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bosnia: Four Islamists jailed for terrorist plot

Spero News
As they were handed down their sentences, all four shouted Allahu Ackbar in the courtroom. The plot also included people living in Britain and Denmark. The trial in Sarajevo, Bosnia, of four Muslims came to an end Wednesday, states AKI, with the four defendants all found guilty, and subjected to jail terms. The convicted men included two with foreign passports - a 20-year old Swede of Bosnian parentage named Mirsad Bektasevic (pictured), and Cesur Abdulkadir, a Turkish man who has a Daniish passport. The pair had arrived in Bosnia three weeks before their arrest on October 23, 2005. When the pair were arrested, they were living in Ilidza, a suburb of Sarajevo. Their arrest had come after a surveillance operation which had also involved 10 people when it began. The arrest had uncovered not only the videotape, but also suicide vests, about 30 kilograms, or 65 pounds, of high explosive, as well as exploding bullets and a machine pistol. Mirsad Bektasevic, the Swede, had relatives in Bosnia. He had grown up on the west coast of Sweden. His mother, Nafija Hamedovic, claimed that Mirsad had left school about a year and a half before his arrest, and had begun to attend a mosque in Gothenburg, not far from their home. It was at this mosque, she claimed in November 2005, that her son became influenced by three men - a Palestinian from Syria, a Kurd and a Somali. She said: "He was not religious before, but in the past two years he practiced more seriously." "Some people frightened him and talked to him about hell, and told him he would be tortured in hell if he does not pray and does not believe." Bektasevic and Abdulkadir have been in custody in Sarajevo since their arrest last October. On September 23, 2006, the trial resumed after a hiatus. On that date, a video was presented before the court, in which two masked men were shown threatening to carry out terror attacks in Europe. In addition, a collection of weapons, including hand grenades and what seemed to be explosives, were displayed in the footage. The individuals on the video stated that the arsenal was to be used against European countries which had soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that they were all ready to commit the attack. Monika Jagerman, from the Swedish Embassy in Bosnia-Hercegovina, has said that Bektasevic had admitted that he had made the video on a camera he had borrowed from his Bosnian aunt. The video was recovered from the apartment that he shared with Abdulkadir. According to local media in Bosnia, Mirza Jusufovic, the judge, said that Bektasevic, Abdulkadir and two others were planning terrorist acts in Bosnia and also in several other European countries. 19-year old Bektasevic was given a jail sentence of 15 years and four months, while Abdulkadir Cesur received a 13-year sentence. Additionally, two Bosnian nationals who had assisted them in their attempts to gather explosives and weaponry, were also sentenced. These were 30-uear old Bajro Ikanovic, who received a jail sentence of eight years, and Senad Hasanovic received a two and a half year sentence. As they were handed down their sentences, all four shouted "Allahu Ackbar" in the courtroom. The plot in which the men were involved also included people living in Britain and Denmark. Mirsad Bektasevic, in his codename of Maximus was linked with three men who were arrested in Britain. Waseem Mughal from Kent, Younis Tsouli from West London, and Tariq al-Daour, were charged on November 4 2005, with conspiracy and terror charges in the UK. The British terror suspects are assumed to have been hatching a plot to attack the White House in Washington DC, US. The British suspects were arrested on October 21 to 22. Mughal faces 8 charges. He is accused of having a recipe for making rocket propellants and also possessing a DVD of jihadist "martyrdom operations." Tsouli faces 8 charges. He is accused of having a video presentation on his computer showing how to make a car bomb, and also is said to have had a picture presentation of various locations in Washington DC. All three are accused of credit card fraud, and al-Daour is accused of receiving money and assets knowing that they may be used in terrorism. Following the Bosnian arrests of Bektasevic and Cesur Abdulkadir (now aged 19) others were arrested in Denmark. On October 24, four young suspects were arrested in Copenhagen, followed by the arrest of two more on October 28 and another shortly after. The youngest of the Danish suspects was 16 at the time of arrest. Six out of the seven Danish individuals attended the same mosque in Noebbro district, whose imam is the notorious Abu Laban. Laban, who would later provoke the cartoon crisis, said of the Danish suspects that the youths were introverted, because they had a "colossal hatred" toward society. The trial of four of the Danish Muslims began on December 6, 2006. Seven people had been arrested at the end of 2005. Four had been apprehended on October 28, with two more arrested on October 29, with another apprehended shortly after. The suspects have been named as Abdul Basit Abu-Lifa, Elias Ibn Hsain, Imad Ali Jaloud and Adnan Avdic. When arrested the Danes were suspected of plotting a major terror attack against a major European target. It was soon revealed that they had been in contact with a man in Bosnia named "Maximus", aka Mirsad Bektasevic. The four Danish suspects on trial have been linked to Mirsad Bektasevic ("Maximus") by mobile phone conversations and internet communications, said the prosecutor, Joergen Jensen. He said he would be presenting evidence of these at the trial. Mr Jensen told the 12-member jury: "They agreed with Maximus and Cesur that (the latter two) should travel to Bosnia to get hold of explosives." The Danish defendants are aged 17 to 21, and could face life imprisonment if found guilty. The trial is expected to continue until February 16. Abdul Basit Abu-Lifa, Elias Ibn Hsain, Imad Ali Jaloud and Adnan Avdic have all pleaded not guilty to charges of "attempting terrorism", relating to their allegedly planning an attack in Bosnia or another European country. Their please were entered for them by lawyers. They themselves said nothing at the start of the court hearing, which took place in the Eastern High Court, Copenhagen.

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Three jailed in Bosnia for planning suicide attack

SARAJEVO, (Reuters) - Bosnia's state court jailed a Swede, a Turk and a Bosnian for up to 15 years four months on Wednesday for planning a suicide attack in Europe. Swede Mirsad Bektasevic, 19, Denmark-based Turk Abdulkadir Cesur, 21, and Bosnian Bajro Ikanovic, 29, wanted to pressure Bosnia and European governments to withdraw forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, judge Mehmed Sator said. "Bektasevic and Cesur are sentenced because ... they travelled to Sarajevo to carry out a terrorist attack on the territory of Bosnia or another European country," Sator said. Bektasevic was sentenced to 15 years four months and Cesur to 13 years four months. Ikanovic was sentenced to eight years for supplying Bektasevic with explosives to be used in a suicide belt, Sator said. All three are Muslims. Bektasevic, who was born in Serbia, and Cesur came to Bosnia in autumn 2005 to plan the attack, Sator said. They and Ikanovic were arrested in October 2005 in Sarajevo and police confiscated explosives, weapons and a video which showed how to make a bomb. Senad Hasanovic was jailed for two years six months for illegal possession of weapons and explosives. Asim Bajric had pleaded guilty to the same charges and received the same sentence in July. Mobile phone records showed Bektasevic, codenamed "Maximus", was communicating with a man later arrested in Denmark on suspicion of terrorism activities, Sator said. Four Muslims in Denmark were arrested shortly after the Sarajevo arrests in a case that was said to be connected. They went on trial last month and pleaded not guilty to charges of planning an attack in Europe.

Put Ahmadinejad Where He Belongs

Neal M. Sher
On April 27, 1987, as director of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in the Justice Department, I notified the INS that Austrian President Kurt Waldheim was to be placed on the “Watchlist” of persons barred from entering the United States. Secretary of State George Shultz and Attorney General Edwin Meese had concluded, after an investigation and report by OSI, that Waldheim’s participation in the persecution of civilian populations while serving as an officer in the army of Nazi Germany left them no choice. It mattered not that he was the leader of a friendly country or that a firestorm of diplomatic protests would ensue; the law was the law. Thus, a loud and clear message was sent from Washington that the United States truly is a nation of laws, above which stands no man. The time is now for the Bush administration to reiterate that worthy principle and place another head of state – President Ahmadinejad of Iran – on the same Watchlist of criminals, Nazis and other unsavory characters. The grounds are clear, as our immigration law unambiguously excludes any person who has engaged in or incited terrorist activity, or who “has used his position of prominence to endorse or espouse terrorist activity in a way that undermines United States efforts to reduce or eliminate terrorist activities.” The evidence against Ahmadinejad is overwhelming and irrefutable, precluding any serious argument that he is not covered by these prohibitions. The public record is replete with his repeated threats for Israel to be “wiped off the map” and his calls for theinevitable “disappearance” of the American and British infidels. All this, as he rushes to develop nuclear weapons while providing extensive weaponry, training and funding to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah, each of which officially has been designated a terrorist organization by our government. Indeed, last March Secretary of State Rice effectively made the case for barring Ahmadinejad as she aptly described his Iran as a “central banker for terrorism in important regions like Lebanon through Hizbullah, in the Palestinian territories,” noting her “deep concerns about what Iran is doing in the south of Iraq.” A month later the secretary’s conclusions were reinforced in the Report of the State Department’s Office of Coordinator for Counterterrorism, which found that under Ahmadinejad “Iran remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism… and [was] directly involved in the planning and support of terrorist acts and continued to exhort a variety of groups, especially Palestinian groups… and Lebanese Hizbullah, to use terrorism in pursuit of their goals…. In addition, [Iran] was increasingly involved in supplying lethal assistance to Iraqi militant groups which destabilizes Iraq….” Last month, prominent human rights lawyers, scholars and activists convened in New York to present a powerful case that Ahmadinejad should be indicted under Article 3 of the Convention to Prevent and Punish the Crime of Genocide, which makes punishable the “direct and public incitement to commit genocide.” Noting recent examples of inaction and delayed responses in confronting genocide, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs released a manuscript that convincingly sets forth the bases for handing up such charges in the hope that “if the world wakes up and enforces its law, the future of genocide will read quite differently, and perhaps not at all.” In the 1930’s Hitler left no doubt about his genocidal intentions. The U.S. and the free world reacted with deafening silence while some embraced appeasement. In the end, entire Jewish communities and a staggering portion of European Jewry were, as the Iranian president would put it, “wiped off the map.” If history has taught us anything, it is that menacing threats of mass murder must be taken seriously. Silence, in the face of Ahmadinejad’s threats, accompanying terrorist crimes and a feverish push to obtain nuclear arms, is unacceptable. For starters, and at a very minimum, the administration should follow the Waldheim precedent by putting Ahmadinejad where he belongs: among the rogues’ gallery of criminals and undesirables who cannot set foot on our soil.
Neal Sher, a New York attorney, previously served as director of the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations and executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. He can be reached at
"die jüdische"

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David Letterman: “Top Things Heard Outside Saddam Hussein’s Execution”: Would it have killed him to wear a tie?; You know he left his entire estate to the Boys and Girls Club of New Jersey; $4 for a goat dog; I loved it when Chemical Ali sang “Wind Beneath My Wings”; Not what I had in mind; Let’s start the wave; Is it too soon to start hitting on his wives?; Uday and Qusay wanted to be here, but they were too busing rotting in Hell.

Jay Leno: Nancy Pelosi became the first female Speaker of the House... [She] said today ‘we’ve waited 200 years for this.’ 200 years? How many face lifts has this woman had? ... Just one week after they were back to work, Congress took the day off to watch the BCS [Championship game]. Remember the Democrats promised... a five-day work week. It didn’t even last a week. That’s why they want to raise the minimum wage—they get a wage and give us the minimum. ... There’s some talk in Democrat circles that with Barack Obama becoming so popular that Hillary is considering him for her vice presidential running mate. Give you an idea how popular Obama is, he’s considering Hillary as his vice presidential running mate. ... A new poll shows Hillary Clinton finishing fourth among Democratic hopefuls in Iowa. Which is not really that bad considering she came in eighth behind other women in her own home. ... [A]n Iraqi judge officially dropped all remaining charges against Saddam Hussein. Well, that’s nice. You don’t want to leave a guy hanging. ... U.S. officials have now approved the first anti-obesity drug for dogs. I’m no a veterinarian, but if your dog is over eating, try putting a little less food in the bowl. Do we really need to give him a pill? Is the dog taking your car keys and driving to McDonalds?

Austrian Social Democrats aiming for image change

By Samuel Laster
VIENNA (EJP)--- The new head of the Austrian Social-Democratic party is hoping to change the party's image and attract the support of the Jewish community. Alfred Gusenbauer, who worked his way up from proletarian background into Viennese Saloon bourgeoisie, was elected chancellor of the party and is expected to form the next Austrian coalition government with the conservative People's party. The former Austrian government, led by Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel, resigned earlier this month after the center-right coalition lost parliamentary elections. Social democrats won the most seats in the election. The 46-year-old Gusenbauer has said he did not consider it a “reasonable” option to forum a coalition with the extreme-right Freedom Party, which campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform.

Complicated past
The Social Democrat party has had a difficult relationship with Israel in the past, especially during the period of Bruno Kreisky's leadership between 1970 and 1983. Kreisky, together with Willy Brandt and Olof Palme, was quoted to have said the Jewish people were not a people. At one time Kreisky tried to negotiate between Israel and Arab countries and handled a disputed exchange of Israeli hostages against terrorist with Ahmed Jibril’s organisation. However Austria, which has twice had very negative relations with Israel – during and after the Waldheim presidential election in 1986 and during the formation of Austrian government which included Jorg Haider’s far right "Freedom Party " in February 2000- has been turning the page and building a more constructive relationship with the Jewish state. Gusenbauer, who kissed Russian soil in his wild youth, has visited Israel and the Palestinian Authority in recent years. He is advised by Jewish lawyer Gabriel Lansky, who is also known for representing the young Natasha Kampusch Austrian lady kidnapped for eight years and recently released, and for having hired Israeli Spin doctors. Lansky was promptly rebuffed by Schuessel's election manager Reinold Lopatka who said "we don't need US-Israeli advisers delivering dirt here". Social-Democratic finance Senator of vienna's municipality Sepp Rieder critisized Lopataka asking the conservative Secretary General for a formal apology for his remarks, seen by many as using antisemitic Haider-like codes understood by the target group. Sepp Rieder is a former chief of Austrian-israeli friendship society.

Jewish support
Gusenbauer is respected by a large part of the Austrian Jewish Community, of whom about half might have voted Social-democrats, if it had not been for the history of Bruno Kreisky's attitude to Israel. "We have all the colours of the rainbow" Gusenbauer once stated when asked about Israel. Looking to the possible government formed by Schussel, the Foreign Minister post would likely remain in conservative hands. Chief of the Austrian Jewish Community Ariel Muzicant has given Ursula Plassnik, the foreign minister in the outgoing coalition, credit for being quite "fair" as far as relations to Israel are concerned. Gusenbauer is expected to try to have good relations with Jewish Community and will likely step into Austrian continuity in Middle East and support a two-state solution. In a contribution in the Jewish online Internet magazine "Die Jüdische" Gusenbauer tried to express friendly attitude towards Israel and asked for credit for constructive ties with Jews in Austria. The "elder statesman" of the Social Democrats, Franz Vranitzky, who led the group of celebrities supporting Gusenbauer, would represent that kind of positive attitude towards the Jewish people and Israel. Vranitzky who led the party from 1986-1997, was the first to apologize in the Knesset for "responsibility" of his countrymen for crimes perpetuated during the holocaust and led Austria out of the paria-state of mind in the Waldheim-era.

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German FM: Kosovo Biggest Problem Right Now

Mr Steinmeier wants a "functioning community" in Kosovo

Deutsche Welle
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier warned Sunday that stability in the Balkans depended on how the future status of Kosovo is resolved and said the EU will work to ensure peace in the Serbian province. Steinmeier told Bild am Sonntag newspaper that Germany, which on Jan. 1 assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union, would contribute financing and personnel for a European civil mission when the time came. "We will have to deal with Kosovo right at the beginning of the year," Steinmeier said when asked about the biggest problem facing him in 2007. "The upcoming decision about its future status is closely linked to the issue of stability in the Balkans. The EU, which will take over responsibility from the UN, will do everything in its power to prevent any new conflicts with Serbia." Steinmeier said the EU wanted a "functioning community" in Kosovo "in which all citizens -- Albanians as well as Serbs -- can live in peace and security." He noted that the EU mission in Kosovo would include police officers as well as justice and administrative officials from across the bloc. "It will cost money and we will need people," he said. "But you only need to recall the horrors of the Balkans wars in the 1990s to know that stability in the Balkans is of great importance and deserves our complete engagement." Biggest European civil mission Kosovo has been run by the United Nations since 1999 when a NATO bombing campaign ended a crackdown by Belgrade on separatist ethnic Albanian rebels. UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari began difficult negotiations in February 2006 with Serbian and Kosovo authorities to define the future status of the province, described by the Serb constitution as an integral part of the country. He was due to make recommendations to the UN by the end of the year, but has now said that he will reveal his plans for the future of the majority ethnic-Albanian region after the general elections in Serbia on Jan. 21. The decision will trigger the deployment of the biggest European civil mission ever assembled.

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International Law Not Independence

By Vojin Joksimovich
Bush administration is the only one who can convince the Albanians that their aspirations for self-rule are met by reasonable Serbian government while upholding international treaties like Helsinki Act.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Turkish Women in Germany Lose an Advocate

What happens to those who work for positive change in Islamic communities? Look at Seyran Ates. Where is the Vast Majority of Moderates to stick up for her and allow her to continue her work?
By Donald Snyder for
FoxNews, with thanks to Fjordman:
BERLIN — Seyran Ates opened a loose-leaf notebook in her fourth floor apartment in the center of Berlin and flipped through the pages of hate mail. She read the letters in a monotone. The 43-year-old Turkish-born attorney had the face of a weary warrior.
o “You should receive the highest punishment possible for your nasty, dirty existence.”
o “You are a Nazi. You support the racists that hate Turks.”
o “How can you betray us, you whore.”
In June, an enraged husband attacked Ates in a courthouse as she accompanied his wife, a client who was about to start divorce proceedings. “You whore. What ideas have you been putting into my wife’s head?” the assailant shouted as he beat his wife and attempted to strike Ates.
For 20 years Ates has endured attacks and threats from Turkish men as she represented the wives who accused them of abuse and sought divorces. She has been shot and badly wounded, she has been beaten, and she receives daily death threats. Police guard her home.
Now she has decided to give up her Berlin law practice, because it is too dangerous to continue.
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Yusuf Islam awarded Eurabian prize

A message from the indomitable Fjordman:
Hello from Fjordman. More news from Eurabia:
Islamopop star Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam, gets awarded a prestigeous Eurabian prize:
Yusuf Islam is to be awarded the Mediterranean Prize for Peace today
January 4, 2007 in Naples, Italy. Yusuf is being awarded the prestigious award as a result of the work he has done to increase peace in the world. The Mediterranean Prize has sections for Peace, Culture, Art, Diplomacy, Institutions, Social Promotion, Information, Literature, Cinema, Creativity and Architecture. The prize is assigned each year to personalities of political, cultural, and artistic worlds that contributed with their actions to reduce tensions and begin an upgrading process of cultural differences and shared values in the area of the Greater Mediterranean.
In 1997 the Fondazione Mediterraneo funded the Mediterranean Prize (with its sections: Peace, Culture, Art, Diplomacy, Institutions, Social Promotion, Information, Literature, Cinema, Creativity, Architecture and Silver Dolphin). It is yearly assigned to personalities of political, cultural, and artistic world that contributed with their action to reduce the tensions and begin an upgrading process of cultural differences and shared values in the area of the Greater Mediterranean. In 2005 the Fondazione Mediterraneo in partnership with the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures decided to launch a special category of the 'Mediterranean Award' entitled The Euro Mediterranean Award for the Dialogue Between Cultures.
Cat Stevens Refuses to Denounce Hamas
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Cat Stevens Refuses to Denounce Hamas

Cat Stevens on German TV (The "Wetten dass ?" Show)
In this Sunday’s New York Times, Deborah Solomon interviews Islamopop star Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam, aka Yusuf—and the way he answers questions about his support for terrorists is incredibly revealing in its shifty evasiveness: Trying to Get Cat Stevens To Back or Bash Hamas. (Hat tip: NJDhockeyfan.)
But then she raises the obviously still touchy issue of attempts abroad to link him to funding various extremist groups, including Hamas. He had just said he still sells about 1.5 million albums a year netting him a small fortune. What does he think of Hamas?
“That’s an extremely loaded question,” he replies. Pressed further, he says, “I have never supported a terrorist group or any group that did other than charity and good to humankind.”
Solomon responds by saying, fine, but many Americans would like moderate Muslims, such as himself, to denounce the extremists. Wouldn’t he at least say he has “contempt” for Hamas?
“I wouldn’t put those words in my mouth,” he complains. “I wouldn’t say anything on that issue. I’m here to talk about peace. I’m a man who does want peace for this world,” says the man who wrote “Peace Train,” adding, “and I don’t think you will achieve that by putting people into corners and asking them very, very difficult questions about very contentious issues.”

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Hitler’s Legacy: Islamic Antisemitism in the Middle East

Mr Hitler (NSDAP) and Mr Schwarz-Schilling (CDU)

Bosnia anti-terror team flexes muscles

BBC News
We are driven up a winding track to a secret location south of the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. We stop at a clearing halfway up a hillside where a team of four armed policemen, dressed in black and wearing masks, emerge from the trees. They drop a smoke bomb and then break down the door to a derelict farm building. They drag a man outside and into a van. It drives off at speed, with the siren blaring. The exercise, completed in seconds, is a practical demonstration of the work of the Alpha unit. Trained by US SWAT (special weapons and tactics) teams, Alpha is a rapid reaction anti-terrorist unit. It was established a year ago and has so far arrested 32 people. The reason behind its foundation is the fear that the Bosnian state is too weak to deal with the threat posed by national and international terrorism. Vulnerable This has been highlighted during the first terrorism trial on Bosnian soil. A Swedish and Turkish national are accused of travelling to Sarajevo to blow up military targets in the country and possibly elsewhere in Europe in protest at events in Iraq and Afghanistan. The men are alleged to have acquired their weapons within days of arriving in the country. Some of them may have been stockpiled since the end of the Bosnian war over a decade ago. In fact many of Bosnia's vulnerabilities derive from that conflict. The country, which is divided along ethnic lines, has 16 different police forces with no single body to oversee them. To illustrate the problems this can cause, we were taken out on night patrol with Dragan Miokovic from the Sarajevo police. He showed us how a criminal can evade capture simply by crossing from the part of the city he polices to the side policed by the Serb forces of Republika Srpska. "It's very frustrating for all police officers," he said. The European Union, which still has 7,000 soldiers based in Bosnia, is pushing hard to reform policing and put the country on a firmer security footing. The head of the EU police mission, Brig Gen Vincenzo Coppolo, is confident about Bosnia's long-term stability, but on the terror threat he concedes: "We know that there is a problem". "It is difficult to assess how big this problem is in Bosnia, or if this problem is bigger in Bosnia than in other countries. The whole region is permeable to this kind of phenomenon." 'Witch-hunt' There is concern, too, about the presence in Bosnia of hundreds of Arabs who came to fight the Serbs during the war. Many stayed, settled and were granted citizenship. The US has put pressure on the Bosnian government to expel the men and there have been accusations that the communities could be a potential source of support for terrorism. We met Abu Hamza, a Syrian who fought in the war, who strongly denied the accusations. "When we came to Bosnia we came to help our brothers here, the Muslims here," he said. "And if anyone has any proof that we are a danger give me that proof that I am a danger." He believed he was the victim of an American-led witch-hunt. Back in the mountains, Alpha unit demonstrate a trap they laid recently to capture a suspect. A car is pulled over at a traffic checkpoint. The driver is asked to open the boot. Then armed officers burst out of the back of a white van, handcuff him, drag him into the van and speed off. It is an impressive demonstration of Bosnia's determination to meet the new security threats it faces. But its ability to deal with them will be partly defined by its past.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Serbia asks UN for sovereignty protection

BELGRADE (AP)--Serbia's prime minister sought support Wednesday from the United Nation's new secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, against granting independence to Kosovo, the separatist province whose future is being discussed in international talks.
Vojislav Kostunica sent a letter to Ban asking that "the United Nations ensure inviolability of Serbia's borders, its sovereignty and territorial integrity."
The southern province, populated mainly by independence-seeking ethnic Albanians, has been a U.N.- and NATO-run protectorate since 1999 when the alliance halted a Serb crackdown on the separatists.
Seven years after NATO air strikes forced Serb troops out of Kosovo, the province formally remains part of Serbia but a lasting settlement is being sought, through U.N. mediation, by Western powers and Russia.
Belgrade has proposed a broad autonomy for Kosovo, but the province's majority population demands complete secession.
"It is simply unacceptable and impossible that Serbia's borders be redrawn against its will," Kostunica said in his letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Associated Press.
He also said that if Kosovo - which accounts for 15% of Serbia's territory - becomes independent, it would effectively "create another Albanian state" in the Balkans, in addition to neighboring Albania.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Yellow Star for the Opponents of the New Berlin Heinersdorf Mosque ?

Photos: Posters of the Pro-Heinersdorf-Mosque-Group demanding to mark opponents of the mosque

The supporters of the New Berlin Heinersdorf Mosque demand to mark opponents of this building.
Heinersdorf-oeffne-dich (Name of the group,FAM)
We demand a public marking of all Ahmadiyya-Mosque opponents.Everybody, who is a opponent of the building of the Ahmadiyya-Mosque must be identifiable.Everybody who knows neighbors and friends who are against the building of the mosque can denounce these people here (the billboard,FAM).Don't be shy of doing this.
We want a mosque opponent free Heinersdorf.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Iran: Hitler was a Jew who conspired with USSR and Britain to establish Jewish state

Maybe Mohammad-Ali Ramin's job is to make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seem reasonable. "Iran: Hitler was a Jew," by Dudi Goldman for Ynet News, with thanks to Davida:
Just when you thought the Iranian leadership could stoop no further: A top advisor to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed in an interview with Iranian website Baztab that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's parents were both Jewish and that Hitler himself was one of the founders of the State of Israel.
In the interview, translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) Mohammad-Ali Ramin, a chief aide to Ahmadinejad, told Baztab that Hitler's paternal grandmother was a Jewish prostitute and his father even kept his Jewish name until finally changing it to Hitler when he was 40.
Ramin also claimed that the reason Hitler developed such an aversion to Judaism was because his Jewish mother was a promiscuous woman. Hitler therefore, says Ramin, tried to escape his religion.
Ramin cites a 1974 book by Hennecke Kardel titled 'Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel', which alleges that Hitler strived to create a Jewish state as a result of being influenced by his Jewish relatives and his cooperation with Britain – which also wanted to drive the Jews out of Europe.
Ramin claims in the interview that Hitler both identified with his Judaism and was disgusted by it. It is these ambivalent feelings, said Ramin, that formed the basis for his treatment of Jews.
According to Ramin on the one hand Hitler's relatives and the friends who brought him to power, as well as his mistresses and personal physician, were all Jewish.
On the other hand he welcomed the expulsion of ambitious and influential Jews from Europe to the British Mandate of Palestine.
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800,000 Turks Become EU Citizens

How will they change the character of the EU? How many of them sympathize with the jihadists? How many of them are working with the jihadists? I have no answers to those questions, but I do have the answer to another: how many EU officials were considering such questions as the decisions that allowed for this were made? Zero.
From Zaman via
AINA, with thanks to News4U:
As Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union today, nearly 800,000 Turks and one million Muslims will become EU citizens.
The number of Turks in Europe will rise to six million and Europe's Muslim population rises to 16 million.
The European press focused on the fact that Bulgaria's Muslim population comprises 12 percent of the population.
Discrimination against Muslims is on the rise in these countries, ever since the 9/11 attacks in the United States.
Turkish-origin Bulgarian citizens often emphasize that Islam is not 'a religion of terror.'
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1934: "Why Germany Endures Hitler"

The following is a five-part essay that appeared in the October 1934 edition of The American Mercury, a monthly magazine that featured writings on politics, foreign affairs, literature and events of the day. It is an in depth explanation of how Germans, an advanced and educated people, could support and condone Hitler and the Nazi movement.
The author, S. Miles Bouton, can only be described as prophetic in his evaluation of of Nazism and its implications for Germany and the world. His observations on German culture, behavior and character, though occasionally anecdotal, offer fascinating insight. They also offer a unique historic window on Germany and German society at a critical moment in history. For that reason, we have retyped the unabridged text for our readers' consideration. Links have been added to provide additional historic context:
How could Germany descend to the depths of brutality and ruthless crushing of all human rights that have marked the course of National Socialist rule from the beginning, culminating in the barbarous murders of June 30 last and the following days? The Germans are admittedly the best educated people in the world. Their contributions to the arts and sciences have been impressive, their contributions to letters respectable. On the purely material side of civilization Germany is a good half century in advance of the rest of Europe. There are probably more bathtubs in Berlin alone than in any entire country on the Continent. Why have not the Germans risen up against the crazed gangsters who have made the name of their fatherland a byword in the civilized world – who have placed a stain on it which a whole generation will not be able to wipe out? The history of most European countries and even of little Ireland is full of the names of voluntary martyrs, of men and women who deliberately courted death in opposing despotism. The revolution of November, 1918, in Germany produced only four genuine martyrs; two of these were Karl Liebknecht, the half-Jew, and Rosa Luxemburg, Polish Jewess; and Nazi Germany’s history contains no such names. The men and women clubbed to death, “shot while trying to escape,” “suicided” or slain by firing squads or murderous Black Shirts were done to death merely because of their opinions or their race. There are millions of Germans who hate Naziism and all its works. But even at the very beginning, when resolute opposition would have availed much, they kept silent, or permitted themselves to be “coordinated.” The reasons for all this are to be found in German history. They have nothing to do with race or blood. The “Aryan,” “Nordic Germanic” theories of Hitler and his followers are utter nonsense. The Germans are a conglomerate of many races–ancient Pruzzen, Wend, Sorb, Lithuanian, Celt, Alpine and other blood–yet the reactions and psychology of all these different races and mixtures are essentially the same in respect of the important phases of life and thought. They have been shaped in the same mold, chiefly a Prussian mold, by a common history and a common language. One notes the same process in America. Young immigrants settling in the East begin talking through their nose, chewing gum and reacting to their other surroundings precisely like native Americans within ten years. The German, smitten on the nose in Germany, calls for the police. Give him ten years in America, and he smites back. The end of the Thirty Years’ War found Germany’s intellectual and cultural life all but utterly destroyed. The century produced a few men prominent in physical science, but no literary light or other cultural leader to compare with dozens of names in France and England, which steadily increased their lead. French became the language of courtiers and the best society, and its influence grew as a result of the immigration of the Huguenots. King Frederick William I did not feel it necessary to have his children taught German. Frederick the Great wrote all his works in French, and spoke German–only to underlings who did not understand the more “elegant” French. Leibnitz wrote some of his principal works in French, and the same was true of other leaders of thought in his century. The only voice raised against this came from Moses Mendelssohn, the Jew, the great philosopher and great German patriot. It must be remembered also that Prussia and almost all other German states were under absolutist rule for more than six centuries after Magna Charta had been granted the English by a reluctant King, and for three-quarters of a century after the Constitution of the United States was adopted.
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