Wednesday, February 28, 2007

International Court of Justice: Serbia Cleared of Genocide Charges

What was hailed as “a historical proceeding” where Serbian state was expected to be accused of committing a “genocide” by the U.N. International Court of Justice located also in the Hague, Netherlands, like the NATO Kangaroo Court for former Yugoslavia, has ended today in a ruling that cleared Serbia of Bosnian Muslim charges of genocide.
Indicative of the Western mainstream media’s assurance of a verdict that will finally nail Serbia to the eternal pillar of shame was the flurry of articles and “reports” by the likes of AP, BBC and Reuters’ Serbophobes who could barely contain their delight in announcing the proceeding as “one of the most momentous cases” which could leave “a permanent stain on Serbia in the eyes of history” and, indeed, hoping it would do so, since Bosnian Muslim lawsuit against Serbian state “is not a criminal case, and the standards of proof are looser than ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ required for a criminal conviction. To hold Serbia liable, it is enough that a majority of judges finds a ‘balance of probabilities’,” as one of the Reuters’ scribes drooled hours before the ruling was issued. (Right after the verdict clearing Serbia of all charges was read, the same British agency went into an apparent toxic shock, spewing a spiteful piece titled “We Know What Happened, Serbians!” — so much for the “sober”, “unbiased”, “unprejudiced” reporting.)
The atmosphere filled with precipitous and palpable gloating by the calcified Serb-bashing choir, as well as the fact that standards the ICJ applies to reach a verdict are significantly “looser,” which would make it far easier to rule against Serbia on all counts of the Bosnian Muslim charge, makes the exonerating ruling overall immeasurably more valuable.
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Calls on Belgium, Channel Islands and Book Distributors to Ban "Protocols of Zion" ...

...Novel Portraying 9/11, London and Madrid Bombings as Jewish Conspiracy
Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles Paris, 28 February 2007
In a letter to Belgian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Patrick Dewael, the Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, protested the distribution in Belgium of a novelized version of the Tsarist forgery, The Protocols of Zion, considered the warrant for genocide that inspired the Nazi Holocaust.Samuels noted that "the Protocols have been banned in most European Union member-states for incitement to hate and violence. This new edition by Patrick Henderickx and Patrice de Bruyne, in attributing responsibility for the New York, London and Madrid bombings to the Jews, is an act of group defamation in violation of Belgian anti-discrimination legislation."In a letter to the book and press sales network, Relay - Press Shop (Belgium), the Centre added that, "according to neo-Nazi Internet forums, Relay Belgium was apparently selected as a test to overcome the prohibition in neighbouring France and Germany."The letter urged the company, with a copy to its corporate headquarters, Relay - France (Hachette DS), "to immediately remove this antisemitic and racist manifesto from the shelves of your shops", suggesting that "to do otherwise would make Relay co-responsible for any violence fomented by purveying hatred." Samuels stressed to the Interior Minister that his French counterpart had "prohibited the publishing and distribution of the Protocols", calling on his Belgian Ministry "to do no less by taking this occasion for Belgium to lead an EU-wide ban on hate literature."
In a related letter to Jersey Chief Minister, Frank Harrison Walker, Samuels pointed out the book's publishing address: P&P c/o Agram Ltd, 496 Hill Street, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel-Islands.The Centre sadly suggested that "the brave resistance of the citizens of Jersey to the Nazi Occupation would be betrayed if the island is today abused for the dissemination of antisemitic conspiracies." The Centre requested "a full enquiry and the closure of this operation." "die jüdische"

Wiesenthal Centre to German Federal Justice Minister: "Firebombing of Berlin Jewish Kindergarten is Chilling and Requires New Police Measures"

Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles Paris, 28 February 2007
In a letter to German Federal Justice Minister, Brigitte Zypries, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, stated: "To hear that, in February 2007, a Jewish kindergarten in Berlin is firebombed and defaced with swastikas is chilling. This is not 1937, and we are aware of your Government's strong positions against resurgent antisemitism in Germany and, indeed, as its current President, throughout the European Union." The letter continued, "Our Centre is concerned that your Federal policy be effectively implemented at the State and municipal levels and that police measures are in place to ensure community security for Jews and other minorities."Samuels emphasized that "on this occasion, the kindergarten was providentially attacked out of school hours. We urge that this horrific incident provide an opportunity for law enforcement by example."The Centre recalled that "in similar circumstances, your French counterpart sent a delegation of Police Commissioners to our Museum of Tolerance training programme in Los Angeles - a sensitivity course that has graduated over 90,000 law enforcement and justice officers."The letter concluded with a proposal "to discuss the eventual participation of a similar delegation from Germany."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Albanian Role in the Holocaust

By Carl Savich
In the Associated Press story “Albanian family honored for helping Jews”, Marcus Franklin rehashed and regurgitated the Albanian propaganda claim that Albanians “rescued” Jews during the Holocaust and played no role in the Holocaust. This is a total falsification, distortion, and manipulation of the Albanian role in the Holocaust.
The Holocaust Chronicle, researched by prominent Holocaust historians and scholars, documents that 10 to 12 Jews from Albania proper were sent to the Nazi death camp at Bergen-Belsen. This research disproves the Albanian propaganda claim that 100% of Albanian Jews were “rescued” during the Holocaust. Moreover, Harvey Sarner reported that the Ardel family, an Albanian Jewish family, was killed by the Nazis in Albania proper, although he qualified this by saying they were killed because they were partisans, not because they were Jews.
Two factors explain why Albanian Jews were “rescued” in Albania proper. First, the Italian occupation authorities did not support the Final Solution in Albania and did not implement it. Albanian Jews were allowed to disperse within the population and to lose their Jewish identity. Second, there were only 33 known Jewish families in Albania proper before the war. The Wannsee Conference listed only 200 Jews in Albania. Italian non-enforcement of the Final Solution and the minuscule Jewish population, dispersed in the rural areas, explains why so few Jews were sent to the death camps.
But the Albanian government did make a major effort to exterminate all the Jews of Albania proper.
In a July, 1944 report by US intelligence, the OSS, on Albania entitled “Political and Internal Conditions”, it was reported that “Xhafer Deva, Rexhep Mitrovic[a] and Midhat Frasheri are with the Germans. … Anti-semitic measures are being adopted now. A captured SS document “revealed that Deva had been responsible for the deportation of ‘Jews, Communists and partisans’ to extermination camps as well as for punitive raids by the SS Skanderbeg Division. The small mountain territory had few Jews, so relatively few were captured and killed.” This proves that the Albanian government instituted anti-Semitic measures and did deport Albanian Jews to the death camps.
Christopher Simpson, in Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and its Effects on the Cold War, noted that relatively few Jews were captured and killed but “not for lack of trying by the Balli Kombetar organization and the Albanian SS” which had orchestrated “a series of anti-semitic purges that rounded up about 800 people, the majority of whom were deported and murdered.” There was no “lack of trying” by the Albanian government. Anna Kohen recites only selective instances when Albanian Jews escaped capture and deportation. The Albanian government, however, did try to round up and deport and to kill every single Albanian Jew.
The Albanian government and Albanian authorities took an active part in the extermination of Albanian Jews: “In June, 1943…the Albanian police chief suggested the jailing of certain Jews:
‘According to our investigation the Jews listed below are dangerous because they are propaganderizing [sic] against the Axis (Rome-Berlin) and they want to organize and hold meetings. We think these people should be taken away from here as soon as possible to one of the concentration fields, because their staying here could be dangerous to the regime.’”
Sarner conceded that the Albanian government and the Albanian people did play a major role in the Holocaust and Final Solution: “In April, 1944, the Germans shipped 400 Jews from the annexed territories to Bergen-Belsen; 100 survived the war.”
The way the Albanian propagandists get around this problem is by arguing that Kosovo-Metohija and Western Macedonia were not a part of a Greater Albania. This is absolute nonsense and rubbish. From 1941 to 1944, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini created a Greater Albania that was made up of Kosovo and Western Macedonia. Kosovo was regarded as the “New Albania” and “the annexed territories”, but Kosovo was part of Hitler’s Greater Albania nonetheless. This Albanian self-delusion is a rhetorical and nonsensical propaganda trick. Yes, Albanian Nazis did round up and murder hundreds of Kosovo Jews who were gassed at Bergen-Belsen. Yes, Kosovo was part of a Greater or Ethnic or Natural Albania. But, no, Albanians “rescued” 100% of the Jews in Albania. This is mindless and duplicitous. Many of the key political leaders who ran Albania proper were Kosovo Albanian Muslims. Both Kosovo and Albania proper were under the control and authority of the same people. This is a meaningless and specious argument. It is misleading and falsifies the actual history of Albania during the Holocaust.
The 21st Albanian Nazi SS Division Skanderbeg played a key role in the Holocaust. This Nazi SS Division was made up of Albanians from Albania proper and Kosovo. The first operation of Skanderbeg in Kosovo-Metohija was the raid on Kosovo Jews in Pristina on May 14,1944. The Albanian SS troops raided apartments and homes belonging to Kosovo Jews and looted their possessions, and rounded them up for deportation to the death camps. Kosovo Jews were then placed in makeshift jails. The 21st SS Division Skanderbeg apprehended 281 Kosovo Jews, which included men, women, and children. From May to June 1944, the Nazi SS Division Skanderbeg apprehended a total of 519 Kosovo Jews and Serbs.
During the initial German occupation of Pristina in 1941 before it was turned over to Italian administration, the property of Kosovo Jews was seized and they were conscripted for forced labor. In Kosovska Mitrovica, Jewish shops and stores were closed down and Kosovo Jews were ordered to wear a yellow band to identify themselves as Jews.
Albanians collaborated with the Nazis in exterminating the Jews. The seizure of Jewish property was organized and conducted by the Gestapo and members of the Albanian Committee. On May 20, 1941, Dzafer Deva, the leader of the Mitrovica district, ordered the seizure of Jewish property. Jewish businesses had been put under the supervision of members of the Albanian Committee.
The seizure of Jewish businesses and property was conducted by Albanians: Mamut Perijuc, Ramiz Mulic and Osman Ibrahimovic, who worked in conjuction with the German Gestapo. Ibrahimovic was the head of the commission overseeing Jewish property. This Albanian leader ordered the demolition of the Jewish synagogue and the destruction of papers and documents in the Jewish archive. In Pristina, the seizure of Jewish property and anti-Jewish measures were undertaken by the Kosovar Albanian regime placed in control and by members of the Albanian Kosovo Committee, Maljus Kosova, president of the Committee, Dzemal beg Ismail Kanli, head of the police, Rasid Memedali, and Rifat Sukri Ramadan. Albanians were collaborating with the Germans in expropriating the property of Jews.
Yugoslav Jewish survivors put the responsibility on the Kosovar Albanian Committee for inciting the first and second internments of Kosovo Jews. In the Jewish historical archives of Yugoslavia, the role of the 21st SS Division in the Holocaust and in the genocide of Kosovo Jews and Serbs is described as follows: ‘’From May 25 to July 2, 1944 the Division ‘Skanderbeg’ apprehended 510 Jews, Serbs… They were put in jails, while 249 were sent as forced laborers to the Reich.'’
The Albanian Nazi SS Skanderbeg Division played a hitherto unacknowledged role in the Holocaust. It was made up of ethnic Albanians from Albanian proper and from Kosovo, the New Albania. Why doesn’t Sarner and Anna Kohen mention the Skanderbeg SS Division? It they revealed its existence, their propaganda argument would collapse and their claims would be laughable. So what do they do? They meticulously cover up and censor any mention of the Albanian Nazi SS Division Skanderbeg. And for good reason as it turns out. In Kosovo: A Short History, even noted Albanian propagandist, shill, and apologist Noel Malcolm conceded that in the Djakovica region of Kosovo-Metohija, the Albanian Nazi SS Skanderbeg Division engaged in ‘’the round-up and deportation of 281 Jews'’ to the concentration-extermination camps in May 1944. According to Malcolm, ‘’they took part in the most shameful episode in Kosovo’s wartime history.'’ But these Nazis who murdered Jews were ethnic Albanians from Albania proper and from Kosovo.Albanians didn’t “rescue” 100% of the Jews in Albania. Albanians murdered 7% of the Jews in Albania proper and 40% of the Jews in New Albania, or Kosovo.
The Albanian role in the Holocaust does not end here. In fact, Albanians made up two Nazi SS Divisions, Skanderbeg and Handzar, the 13th Nazi SS Division formed in Bosnia and made up of Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Muslim Nazi SS troops.
The role of Albania and of Albanians in the Holocaust has been carefully falsified, manipulated, and covered-up.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Briefing on the Muslim communities in the Balkans

By Ioannis Michaletos
All Balkan states have Muslim minorities have often accused and used as a Trojan Horse from powers seeking to exercise influence in the area.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Founder of group for ex-Muslims in Germany threatened

Of course, this is not surprising, as the punishment for apostasy under Islamic law comes directly from the words of Muhammad himself: "If anyone changes his religion, kill him." (Bukhari 9.84.57, and others).
"Founder of ex-Muslim group threatened," from
COLOGNE, Germany, Feb. 23 (UPI) -- The founder of a group in Germany for former Muslims has sought police protection after receiving death threats.
Mina Ahadi, a native of Iran living in Cologne, said about three dozen people have joined the Central Council of Ex-Muslims.
"I happened to be born in a Muslim family, and I have decided not to be a Muslim," she told the magazine Focus.
Ahadi said she and other members of the group have been "terrorized" and have received death threats, most of them sent via e-mail.
In many Muslim countries, people who abandon the faith face the death sentence under Sharia law.
Ahadi said she hoped to represent the interests of former Muslims who do not practice the religion. She chose the name as a play on the Central Council of Muslims, which has about 800,000 members and is the largest Islamic group in Germany.
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Petition: No Independence For Kosovo

A Petiton to Urge

No Independence For Kosovo and Respect of Nation-State Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity

Target: Joseph Biden, Senator, US Senate

NY Police work nabs Albanian serial killer

More... NY detective investigating beating and dismemberment killing of a widow leads to arrest of an Albanian suspect in similar slayings in at least three European countries.

NYPD Tip Leads to Arrest of Albanian

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sulejman Talovic Was a Jihadi Terrorist

Photo: Talovic

Bosnian Muslim Mass Murderer Was Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Before Being Gunned Down. More... View video
Why No Mention That Salt Lake Shooter Was Muslim? asks Fox News

Petition: Stop Al Gore !

Please join fellow Patriots and sign this petition to Stop Albert Gore and Reject the UN's Global Warming Treaty (see text below). Gore is reenergizing the movement advocating Kyoto compliance. We urge you to sign this petition today, and rejectGore's advocacy for UN control of the U.S. economy.In order to encourage serious consideration of this issue by the Bush administration and Congress, we must collect over 100,000 signatures. Please sign and then forward this invitation to all of your family members, friends and associates.To sign this petition online, link to --http://PatriotPetitions.US/StopGore
If you don't have Web access, you can sign this petition by sending a blank e-mail to:
Petition Text:
To President George Bush, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Republican Leader John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:
We urge the United States Senate to reject the 1997 United Nations Kyoto Protocols Treaty purporting to address global warming by constraining economic growth in the United States while allowing unmitigated growth in 129 other nations, included two of the largest world economies in China and India.The Senate overwhelmingly rejected this Treaty (95-0) by way of the Byrd-Hagel Senate resolution in 1997, which objected to the lack of any "specific scheduled commitments" in regard to the CO2 output of "developing" countries."We reject the Orwellian solutions proposed by Albert Arnold Gore and others who claim that the Kyoto Protocols must be adopted to stop global warming. The science of climate change is very imprecise, and current trends in climate change may have little or nothing to do with production of so-called "greenhouse gasses"such as carbon dioxide.Albert Gore's solutions will only impede the advancement of scientific and technological innovation, and would impoverish hundreds of millions of people around the world.

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Muslims in Germany becoming "more religious," Islamic associations are "fostering the trend"

"Under the guise of religious tolerance, German society stood blithely by as some parts of its Muslim communities began turning into parallel societies." Note also that the fact that young Muslims are the ones who are becoming more fiercely Islamic belies the common assumption that exposure to Western culture will mitigate jihadist tendencies.
"A Parallel Muslim Universe," by Andrea Brandt and Cordula Meyer in
Spiegel Online, with thanks to Gabrielle Goldwater:
Germany's Muslim population is becoming more religious and more conservative. Islamic associations are fostering the trend, particularly through their work with the young -- accelerating the drift towards a parallel Muslim society.
Surveys in the country have charted a significant increase in fundamentalist attitudes, particularly among younger Muslims. The experiences of Ekin Deligöz, a member of the German parliament representing the Green Party, underscore the potential dangers. Having called on Muslim women to remove their headscarves, Deligöz faced death threats and now receives police protection.
Disturbing as this trend may be, it cannot be pinned exclusively on Muslim groups. Under the guise of religious tolerance, German society stood blithely by as some parts of its Muslim communities began turning into parallel societies. For years, the country's courts have been excusing Muslim girls from coed swimming lessons and class outings - citing the most absurd reasons for their rulings.
School is one of the few places where young Muslims come into contact with the non-Islamic environment. As a result, the teachers often see what is happening most clearly. Dietmar Pagel, principal of the Hector-Peterson High School in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, actively seeks dialog with his students. But with increasing frequency, he and his colleagues feel they are banging their heads against a brick wall. "Lots of our adolescents have a fundamentalist outlook on life," he says. Many more girls are wearing headscarves, and almost all the Muslim students fasted during the major Islamic holidays, with catastrophic consequences for their performance at school. "The further we get into Ramadan, the more distracted the pupils become."
He often feels let down by the politicians who discuss the problems of integration more passionately than ever, yet won't appoint the additional social workers and teachers he needs. But Pagel refuses to give up. After the caricatures of Mohammed were published, he attempted to debate the controversy with his pupils. But the discussion was hopelessly lopsided. The children contributed a few bits of factual information, the principal relates, but then "the room fell silent when it came to the moral dimension, so the teachers simply held forth on their own ideas."
He cannot get through to his pupils any more, Pagel complains. "If I say that headscarves are worn less in Turkey than here, they simply counter: 'That's why we came to Germany, so that we can openly practice our religion.'" And sometimes they simply remind him that - as a non-Muslim - he would be better off keeping such views to himself.
Read it all.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Turkish heroin truck seized on Macedonia border

SKOPJE, Macedonia-Authorities seized 33,5 kilograms (740 pounds) of heroin on Macedonia's border with Bulgaria and arrested two suspected smugglers, police said Friday.
The drugs, with an estimated street value of €400,000 (US$525,000), were found in a Turkish truck carrying electric equipment at the Deve Bair border crossing.
Police arrested the truck driver, a Turkish citizen, and an ethnic Albanian man suspected of organizing the shipment.
Macedonia is a conduit for drugs headed for the European market.
Police in January found 483 kilograms (1,000 pounds) of cocaine in a truck near the border with Kosovo, in a record haul worth €45 million (US$59 million).

Monday, February 19, 2007

Carnival Attracts 3 Million In Germany - Muslims Offended

Carnival parades accompanied by the shrieks of crowds and the thump of loud music drew crowds of an estimated 3 million people to three of Germany's western cities Monday, but there were also complaints at crude humour by float designers. A Muslim leader criticized a float in the city of Dusseldorf that satirically suggested Islam was not peaceful. The float carried two identical cartoon-style papier-mache figures, each wearing a suicide-bomber's belt and carrying a dagger and a pistol. The first was labelled "the cliche," the second was labelled "the reality." Both scowling figures were labelled "mullahs," a term used to describe both Shiite and Sunni clergy. The float was part of a carnival parade watched by more than half a million people in the western city of Dusseldorf. "This hasn't got anything to do with humour," said Aiman A Mazyek, general secretary of the National Council of Muslims in Germany. "The message it gives me is: 'We love our prejudices, we'll stand up for them, even if they are flagrantly untrue.'" However "as a born-and-bred Rhinelander, I wouldn't get too upset about it," said Mazyek. "I'm sure most of the revellers don't want to spread anti-Islam cynicism." Mockery and rule-breaking is a key element in carnival, which is celebrated mainly in Germany's heavily populated Rhineland where Catholics form a majority. The floats, built by clubs of amateurs for the Dusseldorf parade, often have crude messages. Another float showed Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler with his pants off and represented a far-right-wing German party as his bodily waste. In Mainz, a float depicted US President George W Bush being held down and spanked by the Statue of Liberty. The biggest parade of carnival floats, bands and clowns, in Cologne, was too long to fit on the 6.5-kilometre route. The head of the procession reached the dispersal zone before the tail of the parade had departed from the marshalling area. Sigrid Krebs, an organizer of the Cologne parade, said it comprised 99 floats, 124 bands, 440 horses and about 10,000 people who were occupied during the parade throwing gifts of flowers, chocolates and sweets to the crowds. The festivities climax on Monday, known in German as Rosenmontag. The event has its origins as a prelude to the Catholic fasting season of Lent, which begins in 2007 on Wednesday, but many area Protestants and Muslims attend the parades. Many of the revellers in the three cities dressed as pirates, reflecting the popularity in Germany of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.DPA


Albanian criminal enterprise and Islamic terror

COMMENT & Analysis
FBI raided Albanian smuggling ring of radioactive materials that was planning to "carry out terrorist attacks on Western Europe."

Petition: No Indepedence For Kosovo

A Petiton to Urge No Independence For Kosovo and Respect of Nation-State Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity
Target: Joseph Biden, Senator, US Senate
Sponsor: xenia lynn teresa williams,

No Independence For Kosovo

Todays Rhenish Carnival in Düsseldorf / Germany


Sunday, February 18, 2007

(More) Islamic Terror in Kosovo

From Christian Broadcasting Network:
An Albanian Muslim extremist from Kosovo was recently arrested after allegedly plotting to blow up the parliament building in Montenegro.
55-year-old Dodu L. was arrested by Austrian authorities last month while trying to board a flight in Vienna. 12 other ethnic Albanians were reportedly involved in the plot.
There is growing concern that Kosovo, a disputed region in the southern province of Serbia, is emerging as a bastion of radical Islam.
Growing concern, indeed, but not fast enough. At CBN Worldbeat, there is an excellent interview with James Jatras on the whole situation and NATO/UN connivance in letting Albanian Muslims force out the indigenous Kosovar Serbian community. Click HERE for the video.
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Friday, February 16, 2007

Danish teenager sentenced to 7 years in Bosnia-linked terror plot

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: A Danish court on Thursday convicted a 17-year-old man of terror charges and sentenced him to seven years in prison for involvement in a botched plot to blow up a target in Europe. Three other defendants in the case were cleared of offenses. The court found Abdul Basit Abu Lifa guilty of involvement in a terror plot uncovered in Bosnia in October 2005 with the arrest of two men allegedly preparing to carry out a terror attack. The pair, Swedish national Mirsad Bektasevic and Abdulkadir Cesur, a Turk living in Denmark, were convicted by a Bosnian court last month of planning an attack aimed at forcing foreign troops to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The exact target of the plot remains unclear. In the Danish case, police arrested Abu-Lifa and the three other defendants on Oct. 27, 2005, after a tip from the Bosnian police. Investigators used records of mobile phone calls and Internet chats to link the defendants in Denmark to the Bosnian plot. A jury in the Eastern High Court said Thursday there was enough evidence to prove that all four defendants were involved in the plot, but the three-judge panel disagreed and overturned the verdicts against all but Abu-Lifa. Under Danish law, judges have the right to overturn any decision made by the jury. "It is very, very rare that this happens," said Thorkild Hoeyer, the defense attorney for one of the freed defendants, Elias Ibn Hsain. Prosecutors had demanded at least eight years in prison for Abu-Lifa, a Danish citizen of Palestinian descent, but the judges handed him a seven-year sentence, citing his young age. Imad Ali Jaloud, who prosecutors said was the leader of the group, was kissed and hugged by family members and friends outside the court room. He refused to speak to media as he left. Another acquitted defendant, Adnan Avdic, cried quietly inside the packed courtroom after it became clear he would be released. Abu-Lifa's lawyer, Anders Boelskifte, said they had not yet decided whether to appeal against the ruling.

Salt Lake Jihad?

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles
Conviction is Slap in Face to Iranian Denial Campaign

The Simon Wiesenthal Center commends the Mannheim, Germany court that convicted Ernst Zuendel of incitement and sentenced him to five years in prison. “We applaud Germany for aggressively dealing with those who deny history’s most documented atrocity,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. “The sentencing today of Ernst Zundel also represents a slap in the face to Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s hateful campaign of Holocaust denial that unfortunately has generated too much support in the Arab and Muslim world.”
"die jüdische"

Petition: No Independence For Kosovo

A Petiton to Urge No Independence For Kosovo and Respect of Nation-State Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity
Target: Joseph Biden, Senator, US Senate
Sponsor: xenia lynn teresa williams,

No Independence For Kosovo

Utah killer's father was in Bosnian Muslim army

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina-The Bosnian teen who killed five shoppers at a Salt Lake City mall fled the war in his homeland at age 10, neighbors and friends said Wednesday.
Sulejman Talovic, an 18-year-old immigrant fatally shot by police after Monday's rampage, was only 4 when he and his mother fled their village of Talovici on foot after Serbian forces overran it in 1993, people close to the family told The Associated Press.
Talovic lived as a refugee in Bosnia from 1993 to 1998, when his family moved to the United States, they said.
During that period, he spent some time in Srebrenica. Before being captured vy Serb forces, Srebrenica was used by Bosnian Muslims to massacre all the Serbs in all of the nearby villages only for themselves to be captured in the fall of the town.
The teen gunman left Srebrenica two years before the massacre, but acquaintances suggested it may have left an indelible mark on the quiet little boy they knew.
"That's why I'm convinced the war did this in Utah," said Murat Avdic, a friend of the family. "There cannot be any other reason."
Avdic, 54, said that when the village of Talovici fell, the family split.
"Sulejman and his mother walked to Srebrenica, and from there were later evacuated by a U.N. convoy," he said.
"Suljo, the father, headed over the mountains and forests with his comrades as well. Many left the village, but only a few made it."
Avdic described the family as "very normal, very decent and quiet."
A 1995 peace agreement ended the war but left their native Talovici in the Serb-controlled half of the country to which the family did not dare return.
"We know they ended up in the United States. We never saw them again. It was a wonderful family," said Zijad Cerkic, 33, the family's next-door neighbor in government-controlled Tuzla.
Apart from eight elderly returnees, Talovici village has been a virtual ghost town since 1993. All but two houses are in ruins, including the home of Sulejman's family, said former neighbor Adem Huric, 38.
Many mujahedeen from Muslim states came in Bosnia to fight in 1992-95 war and committed monstruous atrocities againsy Serb civilians.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Salt Lake City: Bosnian teen wanted "to kill a large number of people"

The killer in Salt Lake City turns out to be a "Bosnian refugee." Sudden Jihad Syndrome? I don't know. But I do know that that is one possibility that will almost certainly remain unexplored by investigators.
"Police: Teen Shot Mall Victims at Random," by Jennifer Dobner for
AP, with thanks to all who sent this in:
SALT LAKE CITY Feb 13, 2007 (AP)— A trench coat-clad teenager who opened fire on shoppers at a mall had one thing in mind: "to kill a large number of people," and he likely would have killed more than five had an off-duty officer not confronted him, the police chief said Tuesday.
"There is no question that his quick action saved the lives of numerous other people," Police Chief Chris Burbank said of the officer.
Burbank identified the gunman as Sulejmen Talovic, an 18-year-old who lives with his mother in Salt Lake City, and said he had a backpack full of ammunition, the shotgun he was using and a .38-caliber pistol.
The teen killed five people and wounded four at the Trolley Square mall, including two people shot in the parking lot as he arrived around 7 p.m. Monday, another at the entrance and then five people inside a card store, the police chief said.
"It appears to be very random," Burbank said. "There was no sense to why he was doing what he was doing."
"The suspect in this particular circumstance had one thing on his mind, and that was to kill a large number of people," Burbank said.
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Anti-Israel Protest, Rangers vs Maccabi Haifa

Middle East protest disrupts game
A Middle East protester had to be removed from the pitch during Rangers' Uefa Cup game against Israeli side Maccabi Haifa in Glasgow.The man ran about 50 yards across the park wearing a Palestinian flag around his shoulders during the second half of the game at Ibrox.He then attempted to handcuff himself to a goalpost in what was thought to be a protest against the visiting side.Stewards and police officers caught the man and carried him off.The protest sparked angry shouts from home and away supporters as travelling fans waved Israeli flags.The game was held up for several minutes.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kosovo (and Europe) in the balance

Serge Trifkovic of Sword of the Prophet and Defeating Jihad fame has an excellent analysis in Chronicles Magazine of the continued international pressure on Serbia to hand over Kosovo to Albanian Muslims and the terrorist KLA:
On February 2, U.N. special envoy Martti Ahtisaari finally unveiled his much-anticipated plan for the final status of the Serbian province of Kosovo which has been under NATO-UN occupation since Bill Clinton’s war against the Serbs in 1999. While avoiding the contentious word “independence,” Ahtisaari presented the framework for a new Albanian state that would have all key attributes of sovereign statehood. [...]
The period of international supervision envisaged by the plan, as well as a host of “guarantees” and promises of “substantial” municipal autonomy for the few remaining Serbs and other non-Albanians in the province, are but a fig leaf meant to conceal the plan’s reality: that on the fundamental issue of Kosovo’s legal, constitutional and political status Ahtisaari gives everything to the Albanians and nothing to the Serbs. Even without using the “I” word, the plan proposes de facto separation of Kosovo from Serbia. Its primary focus is to finalize the detachment of Kosovo from the last formal vestiges of Serbia’s authority, with the definition of its future status a secondary consideration.
The promise of a “review” after two years is mendacious: if on their current church-burning, dope-smuggling form, the KLA terrorists and criminals who run Kosovo are deemed worthy of independence, it is preposterous to assume that someone—anyone—would dare suggest otherwise two years from now, once they are even more firmly entrenched in power. If 150 Serbian churches went up in flames, and a quarter-million Serbs and other non-Albanians were ethnically cleansed while tens of thousands of KFOR soldiers and UNMIK policemen were stationed in the Province, what would be the worth of Ahtisaari’s “guarantees” once they all leave and the KLA (under whatever current name) takes over?
Ahtissari’s plan is [...] deeply destabilizing because it helps create a base for jihad-terrorism in the heart of Europe and sets a dangerous precedent that will be emulated by each and every disenchanted minority around the world: from Transylvania, to southern Slovakia to the Basque Country to Northern Cyprus to the Crimea, not to mention Transdnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Nagorno-Karabakh. (To this there may come yet another assurance from the State Department that “no precedent would be set”; yet, while Foggy Bottom bureaucrats may impact reality, they certainly cannot control it.)
The 1999 NATO war against the Serbs was ostensibly waged for human rights, but—judged by any rational standard—the NATO-UN mission in Kosovo has been, and still is, an unmitigated disaster. The pretense that this is not so is nevertheless maintained by Ahtisaari and his mentors, amidst murders, unreversed ethnic cleansing, rampant crime, prostitution, drug-smuggling, and general dysfunctionality of a thoroughly failed, violent, and dysfunctional polity, a black hole utterly devoid of a single redeeming feature.
[Ahtisaari’s] goal is to create a new Muslim state in the heart of Europe that would be a veritable black hole of criminality, lawlessness, and jihad terrorism. He must not succeed: pandering to Islam’s geopolitical designs—in the Balkans, or anywhere else—is not only bad, it is counterproductive, and violating laws of God and man along the way is evil.
Sadly, the whole sorry process of wrenching Kosovo away from Serbia (analogous to handing New England over to a Quebec full of jihadists) has been driven by American and Western foreign policy that seems to think that throwing the Serbs to the jihadist wolves will sate their appetite. Not likely. For those who want to get up to speed on the whole Balkan situation, may I recommend Diane Johnston's Fool's Crusade, which blows out of the water the persistent myths of the Balkan wars of the past fifteen years.
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Monday, February 12, 2007

New political party: “Stop the Islamization of Denmark”

Vote anti-dhimmi in Denmark:
This initiative finds expression in various actions and press campaigns in which we point out, lay open, and show the dangers for Danish society caused by the increasing Islamization. Our aim is to awaken the Danish people. The politicians in power have long ago shown their deafness towards warnings about Islamization. The only way to awaken these people is to punish them on election day for their irresponsibility.
In Parliament
As a consequence of the lack of political leadership in Denmark in general, and within the Government in particular (not meeting the increasing Islamization of Denmark), the resistance group “Stop islamiseringen af Islam” (SIAD) has decided to stand for Parliament.
Gates of Vienna has the details.
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Petition: No Independence For Kosovo

A Petiton to Urge No Independence For Kosovo and Respect of Nation-State Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity
Target: Joseph Biden, Senator, US Senate
Sponsor: xenia lynn teresa williams,

No Independence For Kosovo

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Serbia's NO to Ahtisaari

By Boba Borojevic
No initiative was made when Arafat got ill but no such standard exist when Serbia is at stake and Ahtisaari’s behavior, despicable as it is, is hardly surprising.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


David Letterman: “Top Messages Left on Fidel Castro’s Answering Machine”: “Yo, it’s Raul. Where’s the key to the humidor?”; “Which fatigues do you want to be buried in, the olive green ones, or the slightly darker olive green ones?”; “It’s Kim Jong Il—when you’re gone, can I have your Playstation?”; “Mel Gibson here. I think we both know who’s responsible for this.”; “Does this mean you’re dropping out of ‘Dancing With The Stars’?”; “It’s Saddam Hussein—See you soon!”; “Wow, congratulations on having Cuba’s only answering machine!”

Jay Leno: Congress began hearings [last week] on the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. They’re just investigating Hurricane Katrina now? You know, that’s pretty sad when the government’s investigation to the government’s slow response to Katrina is slower than the government’s response to Katrina. ... Hillary Clinton is hard out on the campaign trail. Hillary is expected to attract the woman vote and, of course, Bill will attract “the other woman” vote. So between the two of them they should have the female vote locked up. ... Is anybody really that surprised that Hillary Clinton is running for president? I’m not surprised. I mean, if you were married to Bill Clinton, wouldn’t you want to be able to tap his phone, read his mail, and torture him? ... Sen. Joe Biden, on the day of announcing his candidacy for president of the United States, called Barack Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate, bright and clean.” I think we’ve seen the shortest presidential campaign in history. ... Biden is making the Democrats long for the comedy routines of John Kerry.

Kosovo Albanians implicated in Athens bomb attack

At least two independent sources confirm that the Chinese-built RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade that was fired at the US Embassy in Athens on January 12, 2007, was supplied to the leftist Greek terrorist organization, Revolutionary Struggle, by a Kosovo Muslim Albanian militant group that was officially renamed in 1999 by the NATO troops from a Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA/UCK) to the Kosovo Protection Corps.
The grenade narrowly missed the American seal, punching through the Embassy window a few feet above and landing in a bathroom on the embassy's third story, where the ambassador has his office.
"There are various indications of an Albanian connection," says Ioannis Michaletos from the World Security Network Foundation.
"It seems that the Albanian connection implies a wider one that I don't want to think about... Lets just say that it is a high profile inside operation," says Michaletos.
US-based Defense and Foreign Affairs Group says that there is a "growing linkages between anti-Western leftist terrorist groups and anti-Western Islamist jihadi groups" such as the cash-rich KLA who, under various acronyms, now controls the European narcotics trade, sex slavery, arms dealing and is using the Greek fanatical leftists to expand its geographic reach that is "compounded by the reality of the large number of Albanian nationals now resident in Greece".
"The revival of anti-US terrorist activities in Greece, and throughout the Balkans, therefore, should be expected to occur during 2007, particularly associated with the attempts by the KLA to ensure international recognition for an independent Kosovo," says Defense and Foreign Affairs analysis.
"Ironically," says Defense and Foreign Affairs, independence of Kosovo "is supported by the US State Dept., the very target of the Revolutionary Struggle rocket attack."
"This was a violent act aimed to provoke Greek public opinion and disturb relations with the United States," said Panayiotis Stathis, spokesman for the Greek Public Order Ministry.
"I doubt that the culprits will be arrested," says Michaletos.
serbianna (c)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Islamic Terror in Bosnia and Kosovo

By Boba Borojevic
Shaul Shay, an officer in the military intelligence of Israeli Defense Forces, shows how the war in Bosnia and Kosovo provided historical opportunity for radical Islam to penetrate Europe.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Our Friends, the Krauts: German Army Magazine Agitates Against US Army

The current issue of the German Bundeswehr magazine "Y." shows the cover photo of an US soldier in Iraq. The headline of the magazine: Battle for Oil (Kampf ums Erdöl)


By Andrew Cochran
In his new article,
“Will Turkey have an Islamist President?” Michael Rubin highlights some unanswered questions on the connection between terrorist financier Yasin al-Qadi to the Turkish Prime Minister. He writes:
Cuneyd Zapsu, Erdoðan’s chief advisor, has donated money to Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi businessman identified by both the U.S. Treasury Department and the United Nations as an al Qaeda financier. While Zapsu initially denied the charges--and even threatened to sue those repeating them--Council of Financial Crime Investigations files leaked to the press confirmed that Zapsu had donated $60,000 to a foundation run by al-Qadi in 1997. Two years later his mother transferred another $250,000
After the terrorist attacks of September 11, the government of Erdoðan’s predecessor froze al-Qadi’s assets. But with his business partner serving as advisor to the prime minister, al-Qadi appealed on technical grounds. Erdoðan endorsed the appeal, vouching for al-Qadi and even calling him a philanthropist in a Turkish television interview. The prime minister acknowledged knowing al-Qadi personally, which raises an important question: how Did Zapsu introduce his business partner to the prime minister, and if he really did so, why? Only subsequent court intervention forced Erdoðan to keep al-Qadi’s assets frozen. The questionable company chosen by Zapsu has become the rule rather than the exception: on March 27, 2006, Erdoðan traveled to Khartoum for a two-day Arab League Summit. While there, he skipped an official dinner to meet instead with Fatih al-Hassanein, a Sudanese financier with ties to al Qaeda and arms smuggling. Erdoðan has yet to explain the purpose of this meeting.
Al-Qadi was one of the first terrorist financiers designated by the U.S. Treasury after the 9-11 attacks, back on October 12, 2001. On September 19, 2005, the Treasury Department also designated his associate and fellow financier, Abdul Latif Saleh. CT Blog Contributing Experts, especially Victor Comras, have written often on al-Qadi's long history of financing terror and Turkey's protection, including the following:
Zachary Abuza,
"Top Al Qaeda Financier Dead, Denied Links to Osama to His Dying Day"Victor Comras, "It's time to Put Yasin Al Kadi Out of Business!" (with links to posts by Doug Farah and Evan Kohlmann) - also "Switzerland Files Criminal Charges Against Saudi Businessman For Financing Terrorism" - also "Turkey Prosecutor Absolves Yasin Al-Qadi, But Is He Right!"Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, "U.S.-Turkish Relations on the Brink?" which cites an article in which PM Erdogan is quoted as saying about al-Qadi, "I believe in him as I believe in myself."
And al-Qadi's freedom is more evidence of the lack of action taken by the Saudi government against its citizens who finance terrorism outside the Kingdom,
as I discussed here yesterday.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fury after police pictured posing with Dink murder suspect

Photo: Ogun Samast, Security Officials
Turkish cops give the "hero treatment" to murderer who shouted "I shot the infidel" after killing Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. Tiny Minority of Extremists and Let Them Into The EU Alerts from The Guardian, with thanks to all who sent this in:
Outrage at the murder of the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink deepened yesterday after the media showed images of the teenage murder suspect posing with the Turkish flag and security officials after his arrest.
The government launched an inquiry into the footage, which newspapers denounced as "hero treatment" of the 17-year-old suspect.
Ogun Samast confessed to the January 19 killing of Dink, a 52-year-old journalist who had angered Turkish nationalists with assertions that the mass killings of Armenians around the time of the first world war amounted to genocide.
The images showed Mr Samast holding a Turkish flag and posing with officers, some in uniform, shortly after his arrest on January 21. Behind him a poster carries the words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey: "The nation's land is sacred. It cannot be left to fate."
The Turkish media was outraged. "Shoulder to shoulder with the triggerman: suspected killer Samast was given the hero treatment," the Sabah daily reported on its front page.
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Mein Kampf, anti-Christian polemics big sellers at Cairo Book Fair


It's My Jihad in an Islamic context. "Massive Cairo book fair sets religious tone," by Alain Navarro for AFP, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:
CAIRO (AFP) - At the Cairo Book Fair, the largest and most important event of its kind in the Arab world, religious works dominate, while literature and scientific texts are often pushed to the margins.
Millions of Cairenes have been thronging to the fair giving it an air of carnival on the vast exhibition grounds covering 80,000 square meters (861,000 square feet) in northern Cairo and featuring some 1,400 stands of books and CDs.
By Sunday, when the 39th annual fair comes to a close, organisers estimate some two million people will have visited, dwarfing similar events in Beirut, Casablanca and Abu Dhabi -- though many complain that the crowds are just there to picnic and buy religious books....
Of the 700 Egyptian and Arab publishers at the fair, the vast majority stock religious books on their shelves. "Even we reserve about a quarter of our catalog for them," said publisher Ansari.
Korans of all styles, from the simple to the leather-bound, share shelf space with collections of religious sayings and fatwas as well as their more modern incarnations on cassettes and compact disks.
The collected works of late venerable preachers like Egypt's Sheikh Mohammed Shaarawi and Saudi Arabia's Abdel Aziz bin Baz were present as well, though there was stiff competition from the young "new look" television preachers like Amr Khaled.
"It's become a real business, but this fundamentalism comes from Saudi Arabia and stays with the cynical encouragement of the powers that be," said best-selling Egyptian author Aswani whose social satire the "Yacoubian Building" has achieved fame far beyond Egypt's borders....
The fair also has its darker sides, with anti-Christian polemics advocating conversion to Islam as the only solution to a flawed religion and of course plenty of editions of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" for sale.
"It makes up a big part of our success, especially among the 18 to 25 crowd," said Mahmud Abdallah of the Syrian-Egyptian Dar al-Kitab al-Arabi publishing house.
"Allowing the sale of books like 'Mein Kampf' is a total scandal," said Mohammed Arkoun, professor emeritus of Islamic history at the Sorbonne, for whom the Arab cultural production, at least as seen through the lens of the Cairo Book Fair, "reflects above all, a certain emptiness."
And worse than emptiness.
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

An outlook of organized crime in southern Balkans

By Ioannis Michaletos
The dominant criminal group that is "Mafia" is the Albanian organized crime located between the triangle Pristina (Kosovo) - Tetovo (FYROM) and Tirana (Albania).

Friday, February 02, 2007

The German Media Driven Hate Campaign Against the US

German Media's Anti-Americanism Sinks to New Lows
Not that it comes as a surprise. It's just a logical forward step in the German media driven hate campaign against the U.S.:
"Munich to US: Don't Send Your CIA Thugs out to Europe's Streets" is the headline of SPIEGEL ONLINE, taken from Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). Both media outlets have a long history of anti-American polemic "reporting".
The headline and the accompanying articles in SPON and SZ refer to 13 arrest warrants issued by Munich prosecutors against CIA agents in the case of the alleged abduction of Khaled Al-Masri. We have frequently quoted in our blog the investigation of John Rosenthal into the questionable activities and connections of Al-Masri. (Historians know: it's not the first time the U.S. secret intelligence service meddled into German affairs...)
Al-Masri reaches almost a saint status in the German media's reporting (with very few exceptions) - after all, he is considered a victim of the evil American empire and it's stromtroopers. Oops, mistyped: should of course read "thugs".
You may throw up now...
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