Saturday, June 30, 2007

American Support for Extreme Islamists in the Balkans

Kosovo conundrum by Michael Djordjevich, Washington Times
At the forthcoming summit, among other issues, Presidents Bush and Putin will face the problem of independence for the Serbian province Kosovo.
Kosovo is unfinished business, left over from the violent dissolution of Yugoslavia in the past decade and the legacy of fundamentally flawed American policies promulgated by the Clinton administration and then perpetuated by his successor. In terms and perspective of American long-term geostrategy and the ongoing struggle with radical Islam, it is indeed unfathomable how our foreign policy establishment has rationalized its strategy in the Balkans. Already, a body of impartial evidence strongly suggests an inexplicably steady policy of accommodation by the United States to Islamist demands. Essentially, at several key junctures on the road to peace and stability in the Balkans, America gave veto power to extreme Islamist leadership and its supporters worldwide.
The U.S. objective in Bosnia has been to establish a unitary state governed by Muslims, in effect abrogating the international treaty, the Dayton Accords. Together with the European Union, the United States has exerted consistent and relentless pressure to abolish or at least severely diminish the Serbian entity.
Currently in Kosovo, America is aggressively forcing the establishment of the second Muslim state in Europe. This is in contravention of international law and despite serious misgivings in Europe and resolute resistance by Russia.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Council of Europe: Kosovo Province is Integral Part of Serbia

On Tuesday, speaking about the status of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija during the summer session of the Council of Europe Parliament in Strasbourg, the institution’s Secretary General Terry Davis told journalists that the CoE supports territorial integrity of all its member states, including Serbia. He added that the issue of the status of Kosovo-Metohija was one for the UN Security Council, and that position of the Council of Europe can only be changed if the UN Security Council adopts a resolution which would impose changing of the borders of Republic of Serbia.
At the same time, Davis said, awaiting a decision from the UN, the Council of Europe will continue to treat Kosovo-Metohija province as an integral part of Serbia.
In case Pristina separatists would declare independence for the province unilaterally, and the United States decides to recognize Serbian province as a new state, the CoE will not change its position, “since the U.S. is not a member of the Council of Europe,” Davis concluded.

Kosovo: Past, Present, Future

By Ioannis Michaletos
Kosovo should be reintegrated into Serbia, otherwise more battles are in for the future.

Advice for Mr. Blair: Stop Patronizing the Palestinians

In taking the position of "international peace envoy" for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mr. Blair will need to change the basic political parameters in order to avoid another catastrophic failure.
die jüdische

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Polt’s Last Charade

The outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Michael Polt, King of Arrogance and Conceit, has managed to put a foot in his mouth once again, at his last public performance in Belgrade’s Fine Arts Center where the Soros-funded “Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia” (NUNS) organized his speech.
In his memorable mudslinging style, Mr Serbs-Can’t-Wait-To-See-His-Back expressed his “disappointment for not being able to give a lecture at the Belgrade Faculty of Political Science,” explaining that he was “not allowed to speak there because the school was wary of a negative reaction from the Serbian Government if the speech was attended by journalists.”
Since the Serbs are already familiar with Polt’s fertile imagination, it came as no surprise when the faculty issued a statement revealing that Polt’s claims are entirely false. The fact of the matter is that the Faculty of Political Science invited Polt to give a lecture for students of specialized U.S. studies on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. Polt accepted the invitation, but demanded to have media present during his lecture along with the students.
Taken aback by such request which shows that the university would be misused as the U.S. Ambassador’s personal soapbox for his political agenda, the faculty rejected Polt’s demand for media attending the event, stating that it was unusual to have media present at such seminars.
“The faculty did not in this or any other instance prevent the American Ambassador from saying what he thinks needs to be said. All we wanted to do was to make sure that no one politicized the lecture,” a statement from FPN said, adding that the faculty also told the American embassy that Polt would be able to address the media after the lecture.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Party’s Over

Despite tens and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on corrupt Western politicians and diplomats, rented U.S. senators, congressmen and presidential candidates and splurged on various Western lobbying groups, despite all the firm promises and overconfident reassurances during the past decade, it is becoming more and more obvious that West cannot deliver on its promise of gifting Albania No. 2 to Kosovo-Metohija separatists on the territory of Serbia — signed, sealed and wrapped in the shiny UN Security Council red ribbon.
As the painful reality is sinking in, the prolonged state of debilitating drunken exuberance is quickly turning into an extremely unpleasant hangover, resulting in an already lengthy Kosovo Albanian enemy-list growing by leaps and bounds each day. It now includes their own terrorists and war criminals who represented them within the Albanian secessionist “negotiating team” and their own provisional “government” in the Serbian province, beside the ever-present Serbs, and along the Russians and other “big powers,” United Nations, UNMIK and KFOR — everyone’s guilty for failing to fulfill their wishes. In a way, one can understand the resentment, given that their mobster-leaders, encouraged by the countless utterly reckless Western politicians, have gone as far into fostering a nation-wide delusion as opening a public contest for KosovA “national symbols,” hymn, flag and whatnot. They are now approaching a moment when they might have to tell their followers they can shove both the flag and the hymn up where the sun doesn’t shine.

Horror Under The Head Scarf

More variety: A poster of the German Free Democratic Party (FDP)

By Stephen Brown
"Honor" murders a prevalent crime in Germany.

Kosovo-Metohija Serbs Unanimously Adopt Declaration on Preserving Kosovo Within Serbia

According to Tanjug, a Declaration on the preservation of Kosovo-Metohija within Serbia was adopted unanimously in the provincial town of Kosovska Mitrovica on Friday, at a session of the Community of Serb municipalities and places in Kosovo and Metohija and the Serbian National Council (SNV) of Northern Kosovo and Metohija.
Declaration, which was drafted by the Serbian Kosovo-Metohija communities on the grounds of the Serbian Constitution, the United Nations Charter, and UN Security Council Resolution 1244, underscores that Kosovo and Metohija represents “a part of the unique and indivisible territory of the sovereign state of Serbia,” Community of Serb municipalities President Marko Jaksic explained.
“We, the citizens of the Republic of Serbia from Kosovo and Metohija, confirm with this Declaration that we will consider non-existent and legally invalid any possible acts or actions with which the independence of Kosovo and Metohija is proclaimed unilaterally, and that we will consider valid only the acts or actions by the government of the Republic of Serbia, other state organs of the Republic of Serbia, and the Constitutional and state-legal order of the Republic of Serbia,” the Declaration said.
SNV of Northern Kosovo President Milan Ivanovic said that there can be no severing of the southern Serbian province. “If United States would nevertheless unilaterally recognize the independence of Kosovo-Metohija, such act would annul the UN Security Council Resolution 1244. In that way, there would be no legal grounds whatsoever for the continuous United States’ presence in the province,” said Ivanovic.
The Declaration will be put up for signing by the Serbs and other non-Albanians throughout Kosovo and Metohija. Collecting of signatures will begin symbolically on Vidovdan (St Vitus day), June 28, at Gazimestan.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Inquiry sought in Ahtisaari bribery allegations

Speaker of the Parliament of Serbia, Oliver Dulic, is calling for a formal inquiry of allegations that the Finnish UN Envoy for Kosovo, Marti Ahtisaari, has received bribes in access of 2 million Euros from an Albanian organized crime figure.

Boris Tadic, President of Sorosia

The most important, scandalous news that Martti Ahtisaari, appointed by the United Nations to mediate between Serbs and Kosovo Albanian terrorists a settlement for Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province, has taken bribes to mislead the world with fake negotiations and to propose the independence for the province has been buried, while the non-news that Boris Tadic is a Soros’ puppet, serving the interests of everyone but the Serbs, has been drummed up as the main piece of information coming from the Balkans.
Boris Tadic may wish to be, but he is not the president of 75 percent of Serbs who voted for other Serbian political parties and leaders. He is certainly not my president, as I would not give him my vote in three consecutive lifetimes. Because he is inordinately dumb, brought to power by the Serbian enemies and supported by those who actively pursue severing Kosovo-Metohija from Serbia and by those who constantly search for the ways to humiliate the Serbian nation further. He may be a president of Sorosia within Serbia, but most of the Serbs are forced to put up with his nominal presidency, hoping to endure his treacherous idiocy with some measure of dignity.

Former Croatian Foreign Minister, Ambassador to US and UN attends Nazi concert

High level diplomat joins crowd of 60,000 in a massive Nazi salutes, songs glorifying extermination of Jews and Serbs.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fifty Million Dollars and Up for Dismembering a Medium-Size Sovereign State

Former Finnish president and one of the world’s most respected living Nazis Martti Ahtisaari (i.e. Adolfsen) is a very busy man these days. Turkey — correctly noting Ahtisaari’s strong pro-Muslim bias, undoubtedly a result of historically sound and productive fascist/Muslim alliances — wants Ahtisaari to help them break into the EU. In Northern Ireland, where Ahtisaari was meddling before, he was appointed an “international advisor” to a reconciliation group.
Let’s hope they can afford the 70-year-old whore with a steep price list.
According to the June 21 article by the Banja Luka daily Fokus, titled “Albanian Mafia Bought Ahtisaari,” German Federal Intelligence Service BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) has recently sent a report to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon revealing that Albanian separatists and terrorists in Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province have literally purchased Ahtisaari’s plan which suggests independence for the Serbian province and its severing from Serbia.
German Secret Service has found that 2 million Euros (2.68 million USD) have been transfered directly to Ahtisaari’s personal bank account, and that amounts of multi-million Euros were given to the UN envoy in cash on at least two occasions, totaling up to 40 million Euros (over 53 million U.S. dollars).
According to the Fokus’ source, the German BND Secret Service Brigadier Luke Neiman was directly appointed by the German government to designate part of the German Secret Service apparatus to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, after the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon requested such service. It was, therefore, the UN Secretary-General who received the detailed report about the corruption of his special envoy Martti Ahtisaari.
Reportedly, the BND agents have immediately discovered clear connection and regular contacts between the leading figures of Kosovo Albanian mafia, their subordinates and Martti Ahtisaari. The agents have also established that Ahtisaari has had frequent telephone communications with the Albanian billionaire, mafia boss living in Switzerland Bexhet Pacolli.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Imperial Poker - Moscow, Belgrade Call U.S. Bluff

By Nebojsa Malic
One of the more persistent misconceptions about the current Emperor is that he is from Texas. He may have lived there for many years, may have even been the governor of the state, but he was in fact born in Connecticut. A real Texan would know a thing or two about playing poker.
There is a great country song by Kenny Rogers, called “The Gambler.” Part of it goes, “You got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em/Know when to walk away and know when to run.” It doesn’t seem His Imperial Greatness has ever heard of it, though, because he is trying to raise the stakes even as others are calling his bluff.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fund Palestinian moderates, not Mahmoud Abbas

For Immediate Release
21 June 2007
Toronto, Ontario - Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Peter MacKay, is correct to call for a moderate Arab Palestinian leadership. But Mahmoud Abbas is no moderate. Promoting Abbas as a moderate will once again prevent the emergence of any genuinely moderate Palestinian Arab leadership.
"Have we not learned from the 1990s when Arafat and his PLO cronies, including Abbas, were imposed on the Arab Palestinians under the Oslo Accords?" asked Alastair Gordon, president of Canadian Coalition of Democracies (CCD). "Arafat the 'moderate' immediately broke the terms of the Accords by building a war machine - bringing in arms, indoctrinating hatred and setting up a corrupt, oppressive, tyrannical kleptocracy. But just as treating Arafat as a moderate ensured that no truly moderate leadership could develop, today we are repeating the mistake when we know too well what the outcome will be."
To this day, the Fatah governing charter denies a homeland to the Jewish people and calls for the elimination of Israel. Abbas has never begun to speak of a true peace to his people. Instead through his controlled media, he promotes anti-Jewish and anti-Western hate. Fatah received billions from the West and used the money, not for building a peaceful society, but to enrich its leaders and to create terror organizations. Hamas and the other terror gangs were a natural development of the tyranny funded by the West, and while Hamas has proven to be more efficient than Fatah, they are both hostile to Israel and the West. Today, as in the past, we are witnessing Fatah acting with the same barbarism as Hamas in Gaza. "So why," asked Mr. Gordon, "should Canada and the West pretend Fatah is any better than Hamas? We have already witnessed the type of society Fatah establishes in areas it controls."
Reversing years of failed policy is hard. But the need to recognize the results of the past decade and a half is clear. Michael Oren in The Wall Street Journal writes that "no progress toward Palestinian statehood can be made before Fatah has reformed itself financially, ideologically and structurally. This process is certain to take many years - longer if economic aid and political support are provided to the PA unconditionally." In an article today, Andrew C. McCarthy writes, "But we oughtn’t be fooled: Fatah is still avowedly dedicated to the destruction of its neighbor".
CCD calls on the Canadian government to maintain its embargo on funding the Palestinian Authority until the conditions of moderation are met. CCD believes Canada must encourage the moderate leadership we all hope for by demonstrating that we will never again betray Canadian values by bankrolling violent oppressors and teachers of hate. Canadians deserve a foreign policy based on truth.

For additional information, please contact:
Joseph Shier
Senior Vice President

If you would like to comment on this statement or other topics relating to foreign policy, please visit our public message forum and post your comments:
For an index of CCD in the Media, please visit:
Founded in 2003, the Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) is a non-partisan, multi-ethnic, multi-denominational organization of concerned Canadians dedicated to national security and the protection and promotion of democracy at home and abroad. CCD focuses on research, education and media publishing to build a greater understanding of the importance of national security and a pro-democracy foreign policy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Rotten Egg for Serbs

The US and European Union distributed Wednesday in the UN a new, third draft resolution on Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province, basically the same as the previous two U.S. State Department drafts, with the only difference of proposing to delay severing of the province for another four months.
The main purpose of such resolution and the reason it is being enforced with such stubborn persistence is to annul the currently binding UN Security Council Resolution 1244 which reaffirms Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over Kosovo-Metohija province. The second thing it aimed to accomplish was to officially end the UN mandate in Kosovo-Metohija, opening the door for the EU to take over, securing over 1,600 nice & clean administrative jobs for its otherwise entirely unemployable pen-pushers and parasites, while NATO forces would remain in the province.
The 120-days delay, during which Serbs would be expected to submit to another round of fake negotiations with Albanian terrorists, separatists, drug dealers, human traffickers and war criminals, is a smokescreen that was supposed to trick Russia and Serbia into stepping over the edge. Because the new draft also stipulates that, in case Belgrade and Pristina still disagree after four months, as expected, the original Ahtisaari plan of “supervised independence,” i.e. severing of the Serbia’s territory would kick in, as planned some ten or more years ago.

A Nazi-fest in the Croat capital Zagreb... thousands of new generation Nazi Ustase fill the stadium for a rock concert of a rock singer
By Julia Gorin

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lying, Conniving, Dishonest Thugs West Loves

“This is how Albanians are. They lie.”
That’s what an Albanian told Canadian reporter Nancy Durham in response to her complete shock for being royally duped by the Albanian KLA members during their terror-war for secession of Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province.
Working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Nancy was eager to cover Albanian supposedly valiant “freedom struggle” against the Serbs up-close and personal. In southern Serbian province, she met an 18-year-old Albanian girl who told the Canadian journalist she hates the Serbs who killed her 8-year-old, no 7, actually, 6-year-old little sister and ethnically cleansed her family, chasing them over the border into Albania and burning not only her family house, but her entire village. The way Nancy’s new friend Rajmonda ‘fought’ was to flirt with Serbian police officers at the lonely checkpoints and then give the signal to her KLA-buddies to swoop down and carve them up. As Nancy’s heart-wrenching story traveled the world, conveniently helping to paint the Serbs in more shades of black, rousing public wrath throughout, the Canadian reporter learned everything was a lie: 18-year-old Albanian “freedom fighter” joined KLA terrorists earlier than she told her initially and only because she hates Serbs with an irrational, inexplicable hatred since they have never done any harm to her or her family. Her 8-year-old sister was well and alive after the war and greeted Nancy at the doorsteps of Rajmonda’s family house in Kosovo-Metohija from which her parents never left and which was neither dynamited, nor burned or damaged.
“This is how Albanians are. They lie.”

Monday, June 18, 2007

Croat Parliamentarians and Minister of Education Plunge Into Zagreb Ustasha Fest

Marko Perkovic Thompson was helping resurrected Ustashi led by Franjo Tudjman and Stipe Mesic cleanse Croatia and Bosnia of Serbs once again during the 1990s. Ustasha Thompson is supported by the Croat Roman Catholic church which allowed him what they allegedly don’t — to divorce; Croat RC priest tried to organize his concert in Sarajevo in April of 2007.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center today expressed its sense of outrage and disgust in the wake of a massive show of fascist salutes, symbols and uniforms at a rock concert by popular ultra-nationalist Croatian singer “Thompson” attended by 60,000 people in Zagreb last night.
In a letter sent today to Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, the Center’s chief Nazi-hunter Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff noted the presence of Croatian dignities, including the Minister of Science, Education and Sports, at the event and called for the banning of concerts by singers like Thompson who glorify fascism and racism.
The letter states:
“According to the Croatian media, the concert turned into a massive fascist demonstration with tens of thousands of people shouting the infamous Ustasha salute of ‘Za dom spremni.’ In addition,… numerous participants came wearing Ustasha uniforms and symbols. To make matters worse, in attendance last night were officials and members of Parliament, as well as the Minister of Science, Education [!!] and Sports.”
“Under the current circumstances, I believe that the time has come to prohibit public concerts by those who write songs of nostalgia for Jasenovac and inspire the show of Ustasha symbols, which constitute open and blatant incitement against all the minorities in Croatia,” writes Wiesenthal Center Director.
“I believe that only if someone of your stature and outstanding anti-fascist credentials will lead the efforts to combat this ugly wave of revived fascism, can this extremely dangerous new trend be stopped before it engulfs Croatia.”

Bosnian Muslim court reduces prison time for Islamic terrorists

Prison times slashed to half the time for Islamic terrorists that were planning suicide attacks on European targets.

Kosovo Albanian Fort Dix terrorist draws kill-FBI graffiti

Kill-FBI and Kosovo Albanian terror group graffiti found in prison cell proof he is a risk say authorities.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Travesty: The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic and the Corruption of International Justice by John Laughland

Buy this book at
Book review by Tara McCormack, a doctoral student researching post-Cold War security theory at the University of Westminster. Earlier review by the Spectator’s Anthony Daniels available here.
The vast majority of what passes for analysis of the Yugoslav break-up and wars, and later events such as the establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), is marked by a blatant disregard for either evidence or accuracy. In stark contrast, John Laughland’s excellent book on the ICTY and the trial of Slobodan Milosevic is a powerful critique based upon a detailed analysis of both the procedures and rules governing the ICTY in general, and Milosevic’s trial in particular.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Serbia Rejects Another Round of Fake Negotiations With Predetermined Outcome

According to Tanjug, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, in talks with Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema on Friday rejected a proposal that Belgrade and Pristina resume negotiations that would result in the independence of Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province.
The Italian Foreign Minister during a surprise visit to southern Serbian province and Belgrade proposed that the negotiations on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija between Belgrade and Pristina continue with a limited time-frame, with the ultimate goal that Kosovo should become an independent state, the Serbian government Press Relations Office announced.
Prime Minister Kostunica rejected the proposal that the new negotiating process should in any way be conditioned with the acceptance of the independence of Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.

Nazi War Criminal Kurt Waldheim Dead

Photo below : “A great Austrian,” Waldheim (fourth from left) in Podgorica, Montenegro, in 1943 with Artur Phleps, the commander of the Nazi SS Division Prinz Eugen, formed in Serbian Vojvodina initially to fight Serbian Chetnik guerrillas.
Photo above: Waldeim (third from left, behind Lueters) reviewing the Nazi SS Division Prinz Eugen in Montenegro in 1943 with Artur Phleps.

Nazi War Criminal Dies After Rich Career At the Top of the World
“Waldheim - how his friends would prefer that they didn’t read these words this morning - was based at a town called Banja Luka, a market town where Serbs and Jews and communist Croatians were murdered en masse, hanged like thrushes from mass gallows or raped to death in the nearby Jasenovac extermination camp. Waldheim would have us believe that he knew nothing of all this, that he was a mere intelligence officer for Army Group E of the Wehrmacht, whose commander, Löhr, just happened to be tried for war crimes after the Second World War” — writes Robert Fisk in today’s Independent.
As Waldheim’s compatriots mourn the loss of “a great Austrian,” lowering the flags outside the presidential palace in Vienna to half-staff, among the Serbs, former Austrian president and UN Secretary-General “will be remembered primarily as a Nazi officer involved in atrocities against Serbs and Jews in western Bosnia,” writes Nebojsa Malic, reminding that Waldheim was a “war criminal who not only ‘escaped justice’ but eventually rose to the highest office of the UN, the very organization which later (overstepping its already generously broad mandate) established the illegal ‘tribunal’ for political persecution of Balkans leaders,” overwhelmingly of Serbian ethnicity.
Kurt Waldheim was an embodiment of Western injustice and duplicity, the representative of a self-styled Arian Race that seized the uncontested right to reign, destroy and hold judgment over the “lesser races” of Slavs and Jews, among others, treating them as savages in need of an Enlightened Master who’ll pillage their resources and wealth, while rooting them out one way or the other — nowadays in a more “civilized,” politically correct manner, by crushing their spirits, humiliating and starving them at the doorsteps of the Arian Empire.
U.S. Mainstream Far More Dangerous Than Totalitarian States’ Press
Commenting the CNN-AP obituaries to “a great Austrian,” Carl Savich said:
They did it again. Like with the “Albanian” vs. “Yugoslav” controversy over Fort Dix Six, the US mainstream media manipulates the facts to cover-up the actual context. In the obituary for Kurt Waldheim, they say that he was involved in the Kozara operation that killed “23,000 children”. They leave out that the 23,000 children killed were Serbian. They also leave out that the 68,000 people killed were almost all Serbian. Again, when convenient for propaganda purposes, the victims are “Yugoslav”.
Also left out is the fact that the Kozara operation was conducted with Croatian Ustasha forces, a genocidal ultra-nationalist regime and ally of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. After the war, the US helped the Croatian war criminals escape prosecution for genocide and war crimes in the Ratlines.
In 1991, a resurgent Croatia became a proxy and ally of the US. The new Croatia revived the Ustasha past.
This is just another example of how the US media is in many ways far more dangerous than the one in totalitarian states. The mainstream media is brainwashing us and manipulating us and we don’t even know it.
Historical photos provided by Carl Savich
Posted by Svetlana

Thursday, June 14, 2007

U.S. Can Only Grant Independence to its Own States

Angry reactions to Bush’s outrageous statements given in Albanian capital Tirana continue to pour, filling the Serbian press.
On Sunday Srdjan Djuric, an adviser to Serbia’s Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, reminded that “the future status of Kosovo-Methija province is not in the hands of the United States, but those of the United Nations Security Council.”
On Monday, Serbian Minister for Kosovo-Metohija Slobodan Samardzic stressed that “the US may only decide whether one of its own federal units or states will become independent, but it may not make any decisions regarding the territory of other countries, especially not sovereign and democratic ones.”
“The US fait accomplis policy, according to which a decision has already been reached that contrary to Resolution 1244 and by bypassing the UN Security Council 15 percent of territory be snatched away from Serbia, represents the most brutal violation of all current norms of international law,” the Presidency of the Democratic Party of Serbia underscored Wednesday.
“No one could have authorized the US president to make a decision in Tirana that Kosovo province should be independent,” Serbia’s Democrats said. “Only the people of Serbia get to decide on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, just like it is the US people that can decide on the American territory,” the DSS Presidency underlined, assessing that this represented the most basic principle of international order.
Earlier, Democratic Party of Serbia spokesman Andreja Mladenovic said that “if the United States gives a green light to Albanian separatists in Kosovo-Metohija to proclaim unilateral independence, contrary to Resolution 1244, this directly means that America bombed Serbia in 1999 so that 15 percent of our territory could be snatched away.”
“United States can decide the fate of Texas, California and other federal units that form USA, but it cannot seize territories from other states and give them to someone else,” said Mladenovic at the press conference.
He added that “while the U.S. is one of the most important members of the UN Security Council and one of the most significant factors in creating the international politics in the UN, at the end of the day, the U.S. also has only one vote, just like all the other UN SC member-states. Therefore, they get to grant independence only to those federal units US of A is comprised of.”

Russia To Grant Independence to California

According to some sources, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during a Wednesday press conference in Sweden, threatened the breakup of the United States by stating that an American unilateral recognition of Kosovo as an independent state could prompt Russia to do the same for California “should they request it.”
Sorcha Faal claims Foreign Minister Lavrov’s “stunning comments were said to be in response to President Bush’s declaration on Kosovo, and as we can read as reported by Pakistan’s Daily Times News Service in their article titled ‘US ready for showdown with Russia on Kosovo independence’.”

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bush Wrong on Kosovo Independence

Perhaps it was because he was greeted with a hero's welcome, or perhaps his sympathy for illegal immigrants is great all over the world, President Bush thinks that Kosovo should be an independent state. President Bush made this statement while in Albania, while being greeted with cheers instead of black masked thugs who compare him to Hitler.
During the Clinton administration we bombed Serbia for 78 days in order to support the ethnic Albanian majority of Kosovo. It sounds like we were, once again, standing up for the underdog. Here's the problem: Kosovo belongs to the Serbs, it always has. It is considered the heartland of Serbia. The Albanians who were fighting for Kosovo's independence belonged to the KLA, a group with ties to Usama Bin Laden, and a group recognized by our own state department as a terrorist group. That is until President Clinton found them a useful poster boy for a group of freedom fighters and had them removed from the terrorist list in 1999.
Bush Wrong on Kosovo Independence
The Conservative Voice

The SIOE - Video



These are the rallying cries that people all over Europe are shouting far and wide to Islamists both within Europe and in other countries who seek to impose Sharia law upon European citizens.It is not only to Muslims, who seek to expand Islam across the whole of Europe, that Europeans are saying "Enough" it is also to our politicians who connive with Islamists to establish Sharia law by stealth.From building regulations to burial rights, the majority of Europe's population is increasingly expected to adhere to Sharia law."Hate" laws now make it a crime to speak out against Islam even though it is just another totalitarian political system.Our free speech, which has been gained over many centuries by defeating tyrannical regimes through many bloody wars, is now being removed solely to protect Muslims from being offended. Nobody has the right to not be offended.SIOE is a Pan-European movement determined to not merely stopping the surreptitious Islamisation of Europe, but reversing it.The first step in this reversal is a march comprising people, from many European countries, all demanding that all non-Islamic European nations remain non-Islamic and a halt to encroachment of Sharia law.Anders Gravers (Founder of SIOE Denmark and leader of the political party SIAD) said: "We do not believe in the concept of 'moderate Muslims'. The evidence points to Islam being the opposite of moderate. The heart of Sunni Islam is Saudi Arabia and the centre of Shia Islam is Iran. No rational person can describe these two countries as 'moderate'; at least not when compared to European values. We now have children in Danish schools being forced to eat Halal meat so that Muslim pupils are not offended. What next? Are Danish women to be stoned to death for being raped as they are in Iran? Or are people to be beheaded for leaving Islam as they are in Saudi Arabia? No! We will not allow Europe to become a huge Saudi Arabia or Iran".
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte (Founder and president of the non-profit charity "Pax Europa") said: "We clearly feel the pressure of Islamisation in Germany. German police and courts are more tolerant to Muslims than to non-Muslims. One of the highest German courts (Bundesgerichtshof) has just downgraded the punishment for Islamists who publicly declare and ask for violent Jihad in Europe. Unacceptably, some judges have quoted the Quran and not German law in court cases. Polygamy, once illegal in Germany, is now permitted only for Muslim men, who may even claim state benefits for their wives.German life is changing to appease Muslims. For example, Christian crosses in our public institutions are being removed and there are separate swimming times for Muslims in supposedly public pools (which non-Muslims' taxes pay for).German Muslims demand a quota for "positive reports" from the German media, but they kick out the religious group Bahai from an inter-religious conference because they refuse to accept them within the "dialogue".All this was once described as hypocrisy, but is now actually promoted by our feeble politicians.Stephen Gash (Founder of SIOE England) said: "Appeasement of Islamists has become ridiculous. Non-Muslims are expected to be buried facing Mecca and to sit on toilets facing away from Mecca because cemeteries and new homes have to conform to Muslim sensitivities. Toy pigs are banned from offices and Christmas lights must now be called 'Winter Festival lights' so as not to offend Muslims. None of these oppressive measures were even contemplated when Jews were the only ones who could possibly be offended by pigs and 'Merry Christmas'.Absurdly, to criticise Islam results in accusations of 'racism'. Well, I've always considered racism as being the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia to be the height of common sense."Charlotte Westergaard (SIAD board member) said: "The biggest danger comes >from our own politicians who promote Islamic values at the expense of our own values. The way things are going all European non-Muslim citizens will be paying the Jizzya tax to Muslims as they did during the days of the Ottoman Empire.
Of course the politicians believe they will be exempt -
until the local Imam knocks on their door."
Anti-totalitarian stance of SIOE
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Albanians Steal Bush’s Wristwatch

President Bush gets his wristwatch stolen while shaking hands with Albanians .
First President to Get Robbed During a Foreign Visit
It’s official: President George W. Bush will go down in history not only as the first serving U.S. president who has visited Muslim Albania, but also as the first president in the world who had his wristwatch nabbed while shaking hands.
Overwhelmed with the crowd’s apparent exuberance, while in the village of Fushe Kruje, some 30 miles away from Albanian capital Tirana, President Bush plunged himself into the cheering Albanian mob only to have his watch stolen within the first 10 seconds of the most fervent grabbing, tapping and patting of a head of state seen in a very long time. Thus, while “freeing KosovA,” Bush gets freed of all the valuables that could’ve been loosened up on him in the shortest timespan. Video footage of the snatch was first shown on Albanian state TV: during the first seconds Bush’s watch is clearly visible on his left hand — 5 to 10 seconds later it’s gone.
Fiction-Based Reality
Perhaps now the unheard-of American decision to force the Albanian government to adopt a decree according to which the U.S. Marines were to be the only armed corps in Albania during George W. Bush’s visit will become more clear. The fact that entire Albanian “elite” Republican Guard has had to be not only dismissed from the duty of guarding this foreign dignitary, but also entirely disarmed for the duration of Bush’s visit to this “Muslim miracle-country” that supposedly adores the United States, speaks volumes of how much fiction has gone into creating the picture of “staunchly pro-U.S.” image of Albania for the media. That and couple of bombs going off in Tirana few days before Bush’s triumphant arrival promise this will be the kind of solid, trustworthy friendship most sane people (and states) steer clear of.
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Wiesenthal Center Welcomes Opening of Investigation by Austrian Authorities of the Display of Fascist Ustasha Symbols at Recent Bleiburg Gathering

Jerusalem -The Simon Wiesenthal Center today expressed satisfaction in the wake of confirmation received via the Austrian Embassy in Tel-Aviv that the Austrian authorities had launched an official criminal investigation into the widespread display of fascist Ustasha symbols at the May 12 gathering of Croatian nationalists in Bleiburg, Austria(Photo).
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Latest British Rage: From “Pop Idol” to “Screw the Jew”

By Julia Gorin
Republican Riot

U.S. Will Have to Find Another Way to Love Albanians — Giving Them Parts of Serbia is Not An Option

“United States has the right, according to its perceived interests, to support certain states and nations, but not by giving them what’s not theirs to give,” said Serbian Prime Minister Kostunica in a Monday statement.
“United States of America has to find another way to express its devotion and love for Albanians, other than rewarding them with Serbian territories,” said Kostunica in a government statement.
“Serbia is entirely justified in resenting U.S. policies regarding Kosovo-Metohija issue. U.S. bombardment of Serbia was a mistake big enough for both this and the previous century. The new mistake in the form of supporting the unilateral independence of Kosovo province would be another such mistake, the kind of injustice and thuggery Serbian nation would never forget,” the statement says.
“Therefore, Serbia expects United States to adhere to the UN Charter and not to engage in legislative violence. In case the U.S. decides to violate the international law, it should be aware that Serbia will void and annul every form of independence of its southern province.”
“There will never be an independent Kosovo for Serbia. On the contrary, Kosovo-Metohija will always be and remain the integral and inseparable part of Serbia,” said Premier Kostunica.
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Meeting With Satan Cinches the Deal

Bush calls for action over Kosovo,” “Bush says UN plan for Kosovo should go ahead,” “Bush says U.N. must act now on Kosovo,” “‘Time is up’ for resolving Kosovo issue: Bush”... the writing’s on the wall, so all one can do is ask: What happened in a day or two, between telling Russian President Putin the talks should continue and today’s headlines calling all the talks off?
What happened is that Mr Bush met Satan today and he sealed the deal to force dismemberment of Serbia while at the same time, as an exquisite little side dish, stabbing in the back another Eastern Orthodox country—Russia—once again. Vatican Plan, according to which Orthodox Christians will either bow to the Roman Pope or cease to exist, must be attained. That’s what happened.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dismembering Serbia

By Cliff Kincaid, excerpt from article Bush Sows Seeds of America’s Demise, Accuracy In Media
On Sunday, Bush appears in Albania, where a street has been named after him and he will be awarded the Order of the National Flag, the highest decoration granted to foreigners by Albania. The people will be cheering because Bush has signed on to a U.N. scheme to dismember a sovereign state, Serbia, and hand over its province of Kosovo to Albanian nationalists and Muslim separatists. Ethnic Albanians became a majority in Kosovo in the same way that Mexicans have assumed political power and influence in much of the American southwest.
What Bush is doing is laying the groundwork for more conflict and upheaval in the world. Stories have already been written about rebels and separatists in various parts of the world who will be looking to Kosovo as inspiration for their cause. Never before in history has the U.N. presided over the deliberate destruction of a sovereign state. Kosovo represents the religious heritage of Serbia’s Christians and many Christian churches have already been destroyed by Muslim extremists there. Taking Kosovo from Serbia is comparable to taking Jerusalem from Israel.
Yet the U.S. is supporting the U.N. scheme to make Kosovo an independent Muslim state in Europe.
Of course, it doesn’t make any sense on many levels. The U.S. fights Muslim extremists in one place, Iraq, but rewards them in another place, Kosovo. When the terrorists in Iraq are being openly assisted by outside hostile states like Iran and Syria, and the U.S. does virtually nothing to stop them, how much confidence can we have in the “new” Bush, as opposed to the one of a few years ago who was determined to win in this critical country? Is Bush’s Iraq “legacy” going to be to leave this problem (and defeat) for his successor? And is this why he has put so much political capital in the immigration bill and other U.N.-backed proposals? Is this what he views as his new “legacy?” One has to conclude that it is.

Swiss Prez Offered To Host Iran At A Holocaust Conference

How ironic that the President of Switzerland, the same state that served as the notorious banker of Nazi Germany, secretly offered his services to Iran: he is willing to host a Holocaust conference in Geneva. The topic? "Various Perceptions of the Holocaust."
"Switzerland offers 'Holocaust perception' meet with Iran," by Gil Yaron for
Switzerland secretly approached Iran offering to hold a conference regarding "various perceptions of the Holocaust" in Geneva, the Swiss magazine Weltwoche reported earlier this week.
The proposal was made via confidential memorandum from Switzerland's President, Micheline Calmy-Rey, to Iranian deputy foreign minister Saaid Jalili, during his visit in Switzerland last December.
The Swiss foreign ministry objected to the idea, annulling it. Calmy-Rey's proposal, which would have voiced anew the Iranian doubts over the very existence of the Holocaust, outraged many Jewish organizations, which demanded she apologize. Calmy-Rey was subject to her own party's criticism as well, as her accusers said that should her proposal be realized she would have compromised Switzerland's international diplomatic status.
Western diplomats described the proposal as a "clumsy, dangerous idea, intended to help Iran out of its seclusion." The Weltwoche magazine, which broke the story, called the idea "a stupid, naïve notion" saying the Iranians would have clearly used the conference for their own agenda.
The Swiss president, the magazine assumed, hoped the proposal would push the Swiss initiative for alternative negotiations between Tehran and the West over the Iranian nuclear plan.
Dhimmitude personified.
The Swiss president refused to comment on the report in the Weltwoche, but issued a statement saying "the existence of the Holocaust is a historical fact and must never be doubted."
Then why offer Iran a chance to deny the Holocaust on Swiss soil?
Crossposted from The American Israeli Patriot.
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Friday, June 08, 2007

G8 Agrees to Delay Vote on US Resolution in the UN

G8 Summit in Heiligendamm has once again confirmed that Russian President Putin is not interested in bargaining over the Serbian back, as constantly insinuated by the less-than-well-meaning Western mainstream media and a number of Western administrators. Instead, Vladimir Putin remained principled, patiently explaining to his Western colleagues numerous pitfalls their drive to amputate Kosovo-Metohija province from Serbia presents.
The good news is that the Western powers seem to have agreed to delay a vote at the United Nations on U.S. State Department resolution granting independence to the Serbian province of Kosovo. According to reports, an agreement has been reached that U.S. resolution will not be introduced at the UN Security Council, in order to seek a joint solution that will take into account Russian stance.
Forcing a vote that would invoke Russian veto would clearly lead to further divisions, while serving as a green light to Albanian Muslim separatists in Kosovo-Metohija to declare independence unilaterally. Such a move would trigger a chaotic chain reaction, with some states recognizing and most others refusing to recognize independent status to the province, for fear of encouraging such lawless, wild new ‘states’ mushrooming throughout and being similarly recognized by a handful of their allies and rejected by everybody else.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kosovo Albanian Nazi Past: The Untold Story

By Carl Savich, Serbianna
During World War II and the Holocaust, Kosovar Albanians killed 10,000 Kosovo Serbs and expelled 100,000. Kosovo-Metohija was made a part of a Greater Albania by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Hitler and Mussolini realized the Greater Albania ideology established by the 1878 League of Prizren. Albanian-settled areas of the Balkans — Kosovo-Metohija, western Macedonia, southern Montenegro — were incorporated in a Greater Albania.
The Greater Albania Kosovar Albanian nationalist movement murdered Kosovo Serb civilians and took over their lands and houses. Kosovo Serb women were raped. Kosovo Serb Orthodox priests were arrested, tortured, and murdered. Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were attacked and destroyed. Serbian monuments, cemeteries, and gravestones were desecrated and demolished.
The Greater Albania nationalist movement formed the Balli Kombetar, the Albanian Kosovo Committee, and the Skanderbeg Nazi SS Division, two-thirds of whose members were Kosovar Albanian Muslims. Kosovar Albanian Muslims played a major role in the Holocaust, the murder of European Jews. Kosovar Albanian Nazi SS troops participated in the roundup of Kosovo Jews who were later killed at Bergen-Belsen. What occurred in Kosovo during World War II was genocide. The mainstream accounts of World War II have censored and covered up the Kosovar Albanian role in the genocide against Kosovo Serbs and the role of Kosovar Albanians in the Holocaust. The Nazi past of Kosovo remains an untold story. More...

The Raging Bronx Bull of German Journalism

Published by Ben Weinthal in "Forward" magazine.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Resurrecting Yugoslavia

By Julia Gorin
A verbal fig-leaf to cover Muslim iniquity.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Allied Assassins?

By Julia Gorin
Explosives found in Albania’s capital ahead of Bush visit.

My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia

By Jesse Petrilla
A preview to the Eurabia of tomorrow.

American Decision to Push For Kosovo Independence Over the Brink Destructive and Dangerous

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica told Tanjug on Tuesday that the “American announcement that a resolution which enables Kosovo’s independence could be voted on by the end of the week was wrong and harmful.”
The reaction of Serbian Premier followed the statement by the US Ambassador to the United Nations Zalmai Khalilzad, when he expressed belief that the UN Security Council would vote on the Western resolution on Serbian Kosovo province by the end of the week.
“It is obvious that no agreement has been reached on the resolution, since Serbia is categorically against it, and so is Russia which is a permanent member of the Security Council. Therefore, it is clear in advance that the approach of voting on a resolution that will fail is not good or constructive,” Kostunica said.
Serbian Prime Minister qualified as “particularly irresponsible and destructive such a development of events in which the resolution would experience a disaster at the voting and serve as grounds for Albanian separatists to proclaim independence unilaterally, contrary to the UN SC.”
“Serbian government would immediately annul the decision on unilateral independence and proclaim it null and void, because Kosovo-Metohija is an integral and inseparable part of Serbia,” Kostunica pointed out.
“Instead of such destructive and completely wrong approach that would have unforeseeable long-lasting consequences regarding the stability in the region, it is essential to sit at the table once again and begin real talks. The meeting with President Putin will be an opportunity to discuss new ideas on ways of ensuring a compromise through the negotiation process,” Kostunica assessed.
Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday, June 9, in Sankt Petersburg, during the 11th International Economic Forum. This will be the fifth meeting of the two leaders, and the third since Kostunica was appointed Serbian Premier.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ratline: the US-Ustasha Connection

By Carl Savich
The Ratline Operation following World War II was a covered-up and censored joint venture or enterprise between the US government and accused Croatian Ustasha war criminals. Includes videos.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Are These Bureaucrats Idiots?

During few hundred “consultations,” various meetings, conferences, summits, formal and informal gatherings where different Western bureaucrats alleged they were trying to “narrow the gap” between the U.S. State Department’s fanatical drive to sever Serbian province from Serbia, declaring Kosovo-Metohija an independent state, and Russian firm insistence on the respect for the international law — the UN Charter, Helsinki Final Act and existing UN SC Kosovo Resolution 1244, we now know that all they were actually doing is trying to find a trick to make Russia give up, letting the Western officials have their way.
There were absolutely no attempts by the Western bureaucrats to make any concessions that would enable Russia to continue that dialogue and meet them half way: led by the U.S. State Department, the Western representatives have been nothing but dishonest, arrogant, belligerent and rotten all along, ignoring Serbia like a useless leprous slave they can shoot at will and treating Russia like an impossible child that needs to be tricked into obedience for long enough to sign on the dotted line.
Every time the issue of Kosovo-Metohija was discussed—and it was discussed formally or informally almost every single day for the past six months or so—Russians have repeated their principled position that dismemberment of a sovereign, democratic state against its will is not only illegal and impermissible, but also a dangerous precedent that is bound to create numerous problems elsewhere, while not solving even that one case it is allegedly trying to resolve. Therefore, said Russians, being that the Ahtisaari plan is fundamentally flawed, it needs to be rejected, the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina have to be continued and the current legally binding Resolution 1244 has to be fulfilled — if the international community indeed wants to solve the problem, rather than perpetuate it, making the bad situation worse.
At the same time, a number of highly respected Western analysts have been saying more or less the same, that the issue is not as simple as it may seem and it has to be approached responsibly, taking into account very real, serious concerns. So this is clearly not the case where Russia should be blamed, as most of the Western press seems to believe, this is State Department and UK bureaucracy cutting its nose to spite its face.
But does anyone in the Western power centers actually listen? No, of course not. Being spoiled, arrogant and semi-moronic, they just want what they want when they want it (exactly like Albanian Muslim separatists, by the way, no wonder they are allies — it’s a match made in heaven) and that’s about all the reason, logic and arguments they are guided by.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Once again Israel is the target of an unjust and unrelenting campaign to de-legitimize her and her citizens. This time Britain’s largest academic union, the University and College Union (UCU), representing teachers in universities and institutions of Higher Education throughout the United Kingdom, voted yesterday to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

The UCU stopped short of calling for an all-out boycott, but instead passed a motion to circulate Palestinian calls for an academic boycott of Israel to its branches “for information and discussion.”

However, during the debate, UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt asserted, "I do not believe a boycott is supported by the majority of UCU members, nor do I believe that members see it is a priority for the union."

Please join us in urging General Secretary Hunt to take whatever steps are necessary with her colleagues to rescind this unjust, one-sided and ultimately antisemitic initiative singling out Israeli academics and institutions.

The academic boycott is the latest of several shameful efforts among British unions to deligitimize Israel. Last month the National Union of Journalists passed a motion to boycott Israeli goods. And recently a group of British doctors and architects also called for boycotts within their fields of work.

We must raise our voices in effective protest. We will not remain silent!
Please act now.
Forward this message to your family, friends, and colleagues...
We need your support to continue our work.
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