Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ahtisaari Bribery Allegations: UN Ethics Office Now Officially Informed

Letter sent by American Council for Kosovo Director James Jatras on July 31, 2007, to Mr. Robert F. Benson, Esq., Director of Ethics Office at United Nations Headquarters, First Avenue at 46th Street, New York, NY 10017
Attached references:
(1) J.G. Jatras/Ban Ki-moon letter, July 24, 2007;
(2) Global Information System/Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis “Evidence That UN Special Envoy for Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari Received Albanian Mafia Bribes for Kosovo Independence,” July 10, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson:
I am writing to you with regard to my letter to the Secretary General of July 24, 2007, with the referenced GIS/D&FA Special Analysis, concerning a matter directly within the area of responsibility of the Ethics Office. The contents of the referenced letter and the attached analysis are self-explanatory.
Given the Secretary General’s emphasis on anti-corruption and ethical standards at the United Nations, and your own extensive experience in this field, I am confident you and your office are giving this matter the serious attention it deserves. Especially in light of the severity of the allegations against Mr. Ahtisaari, it is clear that even information from an anonymous whistleblower would trigger a transparent and in-depth inquiry, and these allegations certainly are based on more than that. If you wish, I can put you in direct contact with the head of the GIS/D&FA organization which issued the special analysis.
I respectfully request that you confirm, as a matter of public record, the actions that are being taken by the Ethics Office to look into this affair. I look forward to your earliest reply and can be reached directly at my office at 202.626.6248 or by e-mail at jjatras@ssd.com; I will plan to check with your office by telephone in the very near future.
James George Jatras
Director, American Council for Kosovo

Bush Policies Promote Global Jihad

Cliff Kincaid tells the sobering truth at AIM:
Conservative thinker and strategist Paul Weyrich sees a Republican political disaster in 2008 because of Iraq. "I believe that the Democrats, most likely with Senator Hillary R. Clinton (D-NY) as the nominee, will win," he says. "The Republicans, regardless of who they nominate, will lose because of the war in Iraq. Voters want to punish the Republicans for Iraq." It's easy to see how this might develop. But the backlash could get even worse when members of the conservative Republican base begin to grasp how the Bush policy has led to the virtual destruction of the Christian community in Iraq. It is nothing less than an outrage for this to be occurring under the auspices of a conservative Republican President who claims to be a born-again Christian.
But Iraq isn't the only problem like this. Bush is now working with the U.N. to create a Muslim state in Kosovo.
Continue reading "Bush Policies Promote Global Jihad"
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Petition Demanding UN Investigation Into Ahtisaari Bribery

Created by: MV Pejakovich & Concerned Citizens for UN & US Integrity
Sign the Petition to Demand an Investigation of former UN Special Envoy for Kosovo, Marti Ahtisaari, that he was paid by the Albanian mafia to produce his recommendations for the future status of Kosovo
To: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, US Pres George W. Bush, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
We the undersigned demand of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Bush Administration, a full, speedy and transparent, investigation regarding the allegations made against former UN Special Envoy for Kosovo, Marti Ahtisaari, that he was paid by the Albanian mafia to produce his recommendations for the future status of Kosovo as an independent entity, with the results of this investigation to made public. Further, we demand to know whether or not the specific German BND report mentioned below does exist and, if so, who else is implicated in this corruption scandal and what the evidence it against them. Finally, we want to know what action has been and will be taken by the UN, should any and all of these allegation prove true.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Global Backlash Grows in Scope and Strength as 32 Nobel Laureates, 53 University and Foundation Presidents Declare in Statement: "WeWill Regard Ourselves as Israeli Academics and Decline to Participate in any Activity from which Israeli Academics are Excluded"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Protests Against the René Marcic Prize

Translated and edited by Herbert Kuhner from Zwischenwelt, no. 4, June 2007, Vienna, p 38
die jüdische

Corrupt Finn Must be Held Responsible

The Useless Whore
“One rule pimps go by is that no whore, no matter how ugly, should ever be let loose unless she is so useless that business suffers.
“The business of settling the status of Kosovo has forever died at the UN and the person responsible for rendering the status talks so useless and dead has been Martti Ahtisaari,” wrote M. Bozinovich in the recent “Pimp Acumen for Martti,” at the time when the noise coming from the Finn’s office suggested ol’ Martti would like to stay in the game, even though no one wants him.
No one except, perhaps, his Kosovo Albanian customers who have invested a substantial portion of their heroin earnings in Martti’s services.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saudis finance terror in Kosovo

Confidential reports by the CIA have found that a prominent Saudi banking family, Al Rajhi, is a major financier of jihadist activities in Kosovo.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Putin: Seizure of Serbian Province Impermissible

“While Serbia defends its territorial integrity, Russia stresses that the peace in Europe should rest on norms of international law,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a ceremony of receiving credentials from ambassadors of several states on Friday.
“Today, the people of Serbia are defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country. Our stance is well known — the peace in Europe cannot be built without consideration for basic norms of international law, including the principles of the Helsinki Final Act,” Putin said.

Carl Savich on Forgotten Kosovo: Murders, Rapes, and Ethnic Cleansing — Creating an Ethnically Pure “Kosova”, 1981-1989

By Carl Savich
Creating an Ethnically Pure “Kosova”
To understand the Kosovo separatist conflict of 1998-1999, the background must be analyzed and examined. Did the Kosovo conflict emerge sui generis? What was the context and background of the conflict? To understand that, the decade before must be analyzed, the 1980s. Kosovo in the 1980s is where the conflict arose.
From 1981 to 1989, 20,000 Kosovo Serbs are estimated to have fled from Kosovo. There was a massive campaign to drive out the Kosovo Serb population through ethnic murders, rapes, attacks, beatings, desecrations of churches, cemeteries. From 1982 to 1984, 10 rapes were committed, while 11 attempted rapes were committed against Serbian women by Albanian men. In this period, 286 crimes were committed against Kosovo Serbs, while 1,249 misdemeanors were committed against Kosovo Serbs.
A Kosovo Albanian Muslim leader, Fadil Hoxha, incited Kosovo Albanians to rape Kosovo Serb women. Kosovo Albanian Muslims engaged in a systematic and planned policy or campaign to expel Kosovo Serb Christians from Kosovo. This ethnically and religious motivated campaign of genocide against Kosovo Serbs has been largely suppressed and censored in the US and the West. Through the infowar technique of “emphasis”, these human rights abuses have been de-emphasized and buried and spin doctored away. A systematic and planned campaign of ethnic and religious terror whose goal was genocide has been erased and deleted from the historical record. How was this done? What really happened in Kosovo during the 1980s that set the stage for the Kosovo conflict of 1998-1999?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nora Beloff on Forgotten Kosovo, the Not-So-Distant Past

Following is an excerpt (pp210-214) from Nora Beloff’s book “Tito’s Flawed Legacy: Yugoslavia & the West Since 1939,” published by the Westview Press in Boulder CO, 1985, about the Kosovo province’s not-so-distant past, during the rule and after the death of Yugoslavia’s communist leader Marshall Tito, an ethnic Croat.
Tito died May 4, 1980. Beloff first visited Kosovo in 1979.

Accused jihadist faces trial in Germany

An update on this story. "Accused terrorist faces trial in Germany," from the Associated Press:
BERLIN --A man accused of raising money for al-Qaida in Iraq and helping to supply foreign fighters for the insurgency there went on trial Wednesday in the northern city of Schleswig.
The 37-year-old man -- identified only as Redouane E.H. in court documents-- holds German and Moroccan citizenship and lived in the northern city of Kiel. He was arrested in Hamburg in July 2006.
Prosecutors said he made four money transfers worth a total of $6,800 to Egypt and Syria between August 2005 and July 2006. The funds, they said, were destined to supply equipment for "holy warriors," cover the cost of explosives training, and pay off a people smuggler.
Between May and July 2006, prosecutors said, Redouane E.H. was suspected of helping al-Qaida in Iraq by "arranging jihad fighters from Morocco and Egypt" -- supplying money and logistical support for people smuggling.
He is also accused of founding a terrorist organization in Sudan, along with four other people who were not identified.
Prosecutors said they also believe Redouane E.H. swore an oath of loyalty in August 2005 to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, "who was authorized by Osama bin Laden to receive declarations of enlistment."
When arrested, prosecutors said, Redouane E.H. was suspected of being in contact with Said Bahaji, who had close ties to three of the Sept. 11 pilots who lived in Hamburg, including ringleader Mohamed Atta.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unrelenting PSYWAR

After we have been subjected to almost two full decades of Western mainstream media lies, distortions, half-truths, wishful thinking, brainwashing and subliminal mind-bending messages within the brutal PSYWAR aimed at destroying the Serbian nation, chipping Serbian resolve and embedding the resistance-is-futile meme in the minds of their public world-around, the same old suspects have now found a new venue to keep at it some more.

Pimp acumen for Martti

M. Bozinovich
One rule pimps go by is that no whore, no matter how ugly, should ever be let loose unless she is so useless that business suffers.
The business of settling the status of Kosovo has forever died at the UN and the person responsible for rendering the status talks so useless and dead has been Martti Ahtisaari.
Judging by the statements Ahtisaari’s office is making, however, pimps and whores have a sharper acumen then that failed “statesman” from Finland.
“Martti Ahtisaari, UN special envoy for Kosovo, is willing to continue playing a role in determining the future status of the breakaway Serbian province of Kosovo, Ahtisaari’s spokesman told the Austrian Press Agency Tuesday,” reports Deutsche Presse-Agentur.
All are very sure that there are so many spectacularly wonderful retirement places in Finland…

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Serbian Parliament to Adopt National Resolution for Preservation of Kosovo Province

A special session of the Serbian Parliament was opened at 4 pm on Tuesday, where the deputies debate on Serbian draft resolution on Kosovo-Metohija and the report issued by the state negotiating team regarding the negotiations on Kosovo province.
The session is attended by Serbian President Boris Tadic and Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, as well as by most of the members of the Serbian government.
The Serbian government adopted on Monday the draft resolution and the report of the negotiating team, and submitted the documents to the parliament for consideration. The draft resolution points to the fact that Kosovo and Metohija is an “inseparable part of the state of Serbia, all on the basis of the valid and obliging constitutional and international legal documents.”
The document also points to Serbia’s willingness to begin a new stage of negotiations so that the most favourable solution be found for Kosovo-Metohija, bearing in mind the country’s basic state interest and the legitimate interests of the ethnic Albanian minority in the province.
The report on the negotiations that were held in Vinenna till March this year and the draft resolution will be presented to the MPs by Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Slobodan Samardzic.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Letters from the (Kosovo) Front, Pt. 2

By Julia Gorin
“Between a bullet and a target…”

Kosovo: Back to Square One

By Srdja Trifkovic, Chronicles Magazine
The United States government and its West European partners have given up on calling a U.N. Security Council vote on their joint resolution supporting Kosovo’s independence. They will initiate direct talks between Belgrade and Pristina instead, as Serbia and Russia have demanded all along. U.S. Ambassador at the UN Zalmay Khalilzad said there would be four months of negotiations between the parties under the auspices of the Contact Group. “We hope that during the course of those negotiations, the parties will come to an agreement,” Khalilzad said; but no one is saying what would happen if no agreement is reached after those 120 days.
In other words, we are back at Square One on Kosovo—exactly where we had been at the end of 2005, before Marti Ahtisaari started his ill-fated mission to gerrymander an independent “Kosova.”
Kosovo: Back to Square One

James Jatras: Washington Has No Support for Unilateral Moves

Speaking for the Ottawa based Serbian radio program “Monday’s Encounter” Director of the American Council for Kosovo James Jatras explains why is the withdrawal of Washington-sponsored new resolution draft from the UN Security Council good news for the Serbs.
“If they were determined to try to impose the solution outside the Security Council,” Jatras said, “they would have gone forward with the vote knowing that the Russians would have vetoed it. They would use that as a pretext to say: ‘Now you see we don’t have any other choice but to try some other way.’”
“The fact that they did not even do that but rather they pulled back is to me an indication that they don’t have enough strength and the Washington government cannot count on the support of the European countries for a solution outside the Security Council. It means they are taking a step back. They may even go back to blabbing for a while in the Contact Group to figure out what their next step is,” said Jatras.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Minister Samardzic Elaborates on the Major Achievement: Kosovo Change of Course

“The withdrawal of the new draft resolution which was designed to push Ahtisaari plan through the back door and which would have resulted in the independence of Kosovo province, as well as the UN Security Council decision to assign the Contact Group with the task of organizing new negotiations represent a major success of Serbian politics and diplomacy, thanks to the overwhelming and decisive support by the Russian state policy,” said Serbian Kosovo-Metohija Minister Slobodan Samardzic.
Samardzic reminded that the diplomatic battle within the Security Council against the imposition of such document lasted month and a half, before the decision was reached to withdraw the latest, sixth version of the resolution draft, “with its sponsors resolving to stop pursuing that same course.”
“Taking this type of draft off the agenda has finally eliminated Ahtisaari’s proposal, and the entire endeavor has been foiled,” stressed Kosovo-Metohija Minister at the press conference in Serbian Government.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

European MP: I Thank Russia!

“We are talking today about the territorial integrity of Serbia and future of its region, Kosovo, where each day fundamental human rights are breached, Serbian community is facing a humanitarian catastrophe and common Christian heritage of Europe is systematically destroyed by Islamic terrorists,” Sylwester Chruszcz, Polish Member of the European Parliament announced at the debate on the future of Kosovo in Strasbourg on July 11.
“I am surprised that events and the current situation in Kosovo are very often reported to the international public in a one-sided way. Unprecedented plan to grant independence to Kosovo means breaching territorial integrity of Serbia and further escalation of the conflict. A decision about separating Kosovo from Serbia threatens stability of the whole European continent and sets up the future ‘domino effect’ in many disputed ethnic areas in Europe,” the European MP said.
Chruszcz also expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that the EU authorities want to take over administration and regulation of this part of the Balkans “without any right or mandate to do so.” According to Chruszcz, “it is obvious that it is up to sovereign states and nations to decide about a future of Europe and the world in the framework of such international institutions like the United Nations. Therefore, I thank Russia and other countries that are preventing shifting borders in Europe at the UN Security Council level.”

Kosovo / Metohija - 1998 Albanian War Crimes

Serbs thrown off cliffs alive, slain Serbs buried
The Video

Friday, July 20, 2007

Triumph of Law Over Thuggery

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said that the joint principled policy adopted by Serbia and Russia today achieved major success in the UN Security Council in defending universal principles of the international law and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia.
“The withdrawal of the new draft resolution which should have paved the way to independence for Kosovo-Metohija has extraordinary importance for Serbia and is a triumph of law over the attempt to seize Serbia’s territory,” said Kostunica.
“Serbia is ready for new negotiations and the Serbian government strongly insists that new negotiations be conducted under the mandate of the Security Council, since only the Security Council, in accordance with the Resolution 1244, has the mandate to deal with resolving the issue of the regulation of the southern Serbian province,” reads the statement by the Serbian Prime Minister.
Ahtisaari Plan Officially Dead
Russia’s UN Ambassador called the failed Ahtisaari’s plan a “closed chapter” as the draft resolution on Kosovo’s future was withdrawn from UN Security Council debate Friday.
“I said that we were not going to let it pass, which is clear enough I think. Our attitude to the Ahtisaari plan is known. This chapter is closed at the present juncture,” Ambassador Churkin commented the decision.
Churkin said Moscow was pleased with the outcome of the consultations, which suggested that the Western-backed plan to grant “supervised independence” to Serbia’s southern province would not translate into a binding UN Security Council resolution.
“We have ensured that the negotiations continue; we have ensured that a resolution unacceptable to Russia and Belgrade was not approved,” Churkin said, adding that Russia is not delaying anything, but “preventing a solution which would have been detrimental to international law and to the stability of the Balkans.”

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kosovo Monks: Serbian Flag Stays

Belgrade daily Blic reports that brotherhood of Zociste Monastery in Kosovo-Metohija province has refused to remove the Serbian flag from their belltower after being asked to do so by the Austrian contingent of international forces deployed in the province. The request to remove the flag was made after Albanian threats that if the monks do not comply, the monastery would be attacked again.
Bishop Artemije of Raska and Prizren said that “if someone is bothered by the flag, then they should intervene” but that the monks would not remove the flag. Members of Austrian KFOR which is supposed to protect the monastery advised the monks early yesterday morning that the Albanians are threatening to attack just rebuilt monastery again, stating that it is KFOR’s task “to protect those who are threatened and to calm those who are creating disturbance” in Serbian province. They then requested that the flag be removed.

Hiding Genocide in Kosovo — A Crime against God and Humanity

Exclusive New Book Available from The American Council for Kosovo, by Iseult Henry
Our so-called adversary press, like the U.S. Government, has ignored the plight of Christians in Kosovo. Incredibly, the U.S. and the U.N. are destroying the sovereignty of Serbia in order to create a Muslim state in Europe. This book tells the story suppressed by our media that all Americans need to know.
CLIFF KINCAID, editor, Accuracy in Media
Finally, the truth is coming out about the Kosovo jihad and how it has been aided and abetted by NATO, the UN, and the EU. Thanks to Iseult Henry, maybe the shameful and ultimately suicidal support of the Kosovo jihadists by Western powers will finally be ended.
ROBERT SPENCER, director, Jihad Watch;Author of the New York Times Bestsellers “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)” and “The Truth About Muhammad”

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The ‘Successful War’ we lost in Kosovo

America has itself to blame for giving terrorism a toehold in Europe
By Julia Gorin, American Legion Magazine
Until an Albanian plot to massacre American soldiers at Fort Dix was foiled in May, most eyes would glaze over at the mention of the obscure, forgotten war zone of Kosovo, currently a UN protectorate whose 90%-plus Albanian-Muslim majority is about to be handed independence from Serbia by the international community. Few Americans understand that, between Kosovo gaining independence and not, America’s soul hangs in the balance.
Nor is it widely known that the explosives used in the Madrid and London bombings, as well as those used in the recent attack on the U.S. embassy in Greece, came from Kosovo, a state-in-progress led by the violent, jihadist, narco-terrorist mafiosos of the Kosovo Liberation Army. The KLA was supposed to have disbanded and disarmed after the 1999 conflict. Instead, it has continued arming itself in the event that the province isn’t granted independence this year. It is a bin Laden-trained army of local clansmen, Marxists, university students and jihadists with whom the United States allied itself in 1999 against Serbia, an ally both in World War I and World War II.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kosovo independence dead?

After talks with German Chancellor, Serbian Prime Minister optimistic that Kosovo will not become independent. Last UN resolution rejected.

General Must Not Lie

Lt.-General claims witness to genocide while another general says Kosovo is hoax.

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Negotiations Based on Existing Resolution 1244

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica is in Portugal today on a one-day visit, during which he is expected to meet with top Portuguese officials. Portugal has taken over the EU Presidency since the end of June.
According to Tanjug, after meeting his Portuguese counterpart Jose Socrates, Serbian Premier said that the new draft resolution on Kosovo-Metohija province submitted to the UN Security Council is unacceptable to Serbia and that new negotiations should be held on the basis of the existing UN SC Resolution 1244.
The negotiations must not be conditional and their outcome cannot be predetermined, therefore the negotiations should be initiated on the basis of Resolution 1244, which has an important advantage of conforming to the UN Charter and to the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity, Kostunica said.
If the new draft resolution, based on Martti Ahtisaari’s plan which has not been approved either by the UN Security Council or by the Contact Group and which involves a predetermined solution, is taken as a starting point, there will be no progress in reaching a reasonable, stable and sustainable settlement, he added.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

U.S. State Department Unable to Deny Reports on Ahtisaari Corruption

Excerpt From July 13 Press Briefing
Mr. Lambros.
QUESTION: On Kosovo. Mr. Casey, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested today Martti Ahtisaari unfitness* to mediate further talks based on a bunch of reports that Albanian mafia bribed the UN Kosovo mediator, something which has been most* confirmed by Washington-based Global Information System, GIS, and Gregory Copely of Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute. Given the U.S. Government concern about corruption at the UN, should the U.S. Government be calling for an investigation into this matter? How do these allegations impact U.S. confidence in Ahtisaari’s fitness to mediate further talks in Kosovo?
MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, I think that the reports you’re referring to probably fall into the category of spurious [German Intelligence and GIS reports are “spurious”?!]. But look, Mr. Ahtisaari is a distinguished former head of government of Finland, a person with a tremendous amount of experience and a track record in working on these issues. He has the full confidence of the Secretary General who appointed him UN and certainly the plan that Mr. Ahtisaari put forward has the full endorsement of the United States as the basis for moving forward.
We’ve put forward a Security Council resolution with others that calls presently for a period of additional discussions among the parties prior to implementation of those recommendations. But again, I don’t see any reason why there should be any question about the work that he did. We very much appreciate and respect the efforts that he made. We believe that he came up with a good plan and one that’s in the best interests of the Kosovars, of the Serbian people and of the region as a whole.
QUESTION: One more on the same issue. According to reports, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon already started an investigation about these payments, confirmed the existence by a report prepared for him by the German intelligence agency BND unit assigned to the UN mission in Kosovo. Any comment on it?
MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, you’re free to go ask the UN what investigations it has or hasn’t started. [...] If you’d like to pursue shadows, feel free to talk to the UN about it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad

Book by John R. Schindler, professor of strategy at the Naval War College and a former National Security Agency intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer. Zenith Press, 368pp, ISBN 0760330034. Buy this book at Amazon
Editorial Reviews: Bosnia — a Battleground for Mujahidin Supported by the Clinton Administration
This book provides the missing piece in the puzzle of al-Qa’ida’s transformation from an isolated fighting force into a lethal global threat: the Bosnian war of 1992 to 1995. John R. Schindler reveals the unexamined role that radical Islam played in that terrible conflict--and the ill-considered contributions of American policy to al-Qa’ida’s growth. His book explores a truth long hidden from view: that, like Afghanistan in the 1980s, Bosnia in the 1990s became a training ground for the mujahidin. Unholy Terror at last exposes the shocking story of how bin Laden successfully exploited the Bosnian conflict for his own ends--and of how the U.S. Government gave substantial support to his unholy warriors, leading to blowback of epic proportions.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fears that jury may be killed in Kosovo Albanian terror plot on Fort Dix

Prosecutors want anonymous jury. Defense says accused are not violent men.

Cosmetic Changes Can’t Conceal the Intention to Sever Kosovo From Serbia

Russia has rejected the latest US/UK draft resolution on Serbian Kosovo province, stressing that the fundamental problems have not been addressed and that the latest draft is nothing more than “cosmetically edited” version of earlier US/UK drafts.
“Russia will support only a resolution that is acceptable to both sides,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday, emphasizing that the negotiations on southern Serbian province should resume without the predetermined outcome.
“The problem of predetermined decisions on Kosovo status has not been eliminated,” Lavrov was quoted as saying by the Itar-TASS news agency, adding that “at this moment, there are no signs of agreement.”
“The ornate maze of diplomatic rhetoric barely conceals the conclusion that after 120 days the Ahtisaari plan should take effect in practical terms, regardless of whether or not the sides come to terms,” Lavrov said.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why Haven’t You Heard of Bratunac?

Have you ever heard of Bratunac? How about any of the non-Serbs you know? Ask them. I’ll bet you nobody has. Now ask those same people if they have heard of Srebrenica.
And there you have it: the accomplishment of 20 years of unrelenting media cleansing and the most brutal propaganda assault since the end of the cold war, designed to emblazon the mind of every single Westerner with the firm belief that Serbs are subhuman villains, deviant monsters who have committed The Holocaust over the European Muslims 50 years after the WWII.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


David Letterman: “Top Things Overheard In Line To Buy The iPhone”: “Finally, I can talk on the phone while watching ‘Laverne & Shirley’ ”; “Can I call Mars with this thing?”; “Sorry folks, Apple just announced it’s obsolete”; “I’ll be right back, I have to go take an iLeak”; “This is why the terrorists hate us”; “It’s $499 for the 4GB model, or $599 for the deluxe which makes waffles.”

Jay Leno: Happy birthday to President Bush, who turned 61 on Friday. But since he’s the president, he had his age commuted down to 59. ... President Bush told British reporters last week he wishes he was a better speaker—at least that’s what they think he said. They’re not quite sure. ... As I’m sure you know, President Bush’s immigration bill failed to pass. It was voted down by the Senate. I wondered why the help at Wal-Mart seemed a little testy. ... In fact, some illegal aliens are so angry, they’re threatening to leave the country. ... Did you see all those doctors last week involved in that terrorist attack at the Glasgow airport? How scary was that? You thought the docs at your HMO were bad. ... Who watched that Live Earth thing? I guess they had a huge tree on stage—I thought it was a huge tree. Turns out it was just Al Gore giving a speech. ... Al Gore’s son, Al Gore III, arrested in Laguna Niguel, California. Police found marijuana in his car. Police searched the car after pulling him over for going 100mph in his Prius. When his dad found out he said, “Whew, thank God it was a Prius. That could’ve been so embarrassing.”

Serbia Resolutely Rejects New US Draft Resolution: No Need for New Resolution Before the Negotiations

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica stressed in his written statement today that Serbia resolutely rejects a new U.S. draft resolution on Kosovo-Metohija at the UN Security Council, assessing that this draft also represents a preparation for the province’s independence.
“Kosovo-Metohija will not be independent and U.S. officials cannot change that fact with their everyday statements in support of the independence of the province,” the Prime Minister said in a statement sent to Tanjug.
“It is very important for the sake of future relations between Serbia and the US that Washington understands Belgrade will never accept to have a large portion of Serbia’s territory seized. If Serbia clearly points out that its essential state and national interest is to preserve territorial integrity, which is in line with the UN Charter, then it is an elementary thing that all countries wishing to maintain normal relations with Serbia respect this request.”
“Any country supporting the attempts to take Kosovo-Metohija from Serbia must count on deterioration of bilateral relations. The explanation that the attempt to seize Kosovo-Metohija was actually governed by a genuine friendship towards Serbia is completely unacceptable.”
“Such explanation is an insult to common sense. Kosovo-Metohija will remain an integral and unalienable part of Serbia, as it is written in the UN Charter and Serbian Constitution,” Kostunica said.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Evidence That UN Special Envoy for Kosovo Marti Ahtisaari Received Albanian Mafia Bribes for Kosovo Independence


Global Information System: Ahtisaari Was Bribed

According to Tanjug, the German BND’s information that Kosovo Albanians representing an “interim government” in Pristina and Albanian mafia bribed the UN special envoy Martti Ahtisaari to recommend independence for the southern Serbian province is true, the Global Information System (GIS), an intelligence data service meant exclusively for governments, has said.
The data collected by the GIS for South-Eastern Europe was published in the GIS Defense and Foreign Affairs section in the form of analysis which President of the American Council for Kosovo-Metohija Jim Jatras on Tuesday presented at a news conference in Belgrade.
A special analysis of the head of GIS South-Eastern Europe cited article by the the Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia) magazine Fokus, which was the first to publish excerpts of the BND report to the UN Secretary General on June 21.
German Intelligence Agency had found that two million euros had been transferred to Ahtisaari’s private bank account and that several tens of million euro cash payments, believed to go up to 40 million euros (over 50 million USD), had been made to Ahtisaari personally on at least two occasions.
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Monday, July 09, 2007

The US/UK Kosovo Scheme Has Blown Up in Their Face

Excerpt from the New York Times article by Nicholas Wood
A senior United States diplomat, speaking at a conference in Croatia over the weekend, cast doubt on a quick resolution of Kosovo’s future, suggesting that an agreement that would enable it to claim independence might not come until next year.
The assessment by Daniel Fried, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, is likely to be seen as a setback for Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian leadership. This spring, Western officials had held out hope that the future of the province, which technically remains part of Serbia, would be resolved within weeks. Mr. Fried told delegates at a conference on NATO’s enlargement in this seaside Croatian resort that he hoped Kosovo’s future could be resolved in the months leading up to the alliance’s summit meeting in Romania next April.
“I can’t give a precise date, but I suspect it will be a number of months before the Bucharest summit,” he said.
[...] “Britain and the U.S. thought the Russians would go along with this,” said a senior European politician with extensive knowledge of the Balkans, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of damaging the negotiations. “Now the entire strategy has blown up in their face.” But with the United States at odds with Russia over missile defense and other matters, Western officials also are conceding that the search for a resolution of the Kosovo issues may now be drawn out over many months.
“If you think that this is a passing phase in Russia, then you are dramatically wrong,” said Kai Eide, Norway’s senior diplomat and the author of a United Nations [Kosovo province] report in 2004.
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Serbian Government: Talks, Minus Ahtisaari and his Draft

Serbia has rejected Ahtisaari’s plan for Kosovo, which is why that proposal is entirely useless for the new negotiations, Srdjan Djuric, the Serbian Premier’s adviser, told Tanjug late on Sunday reacting to the statement by the US Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Daniel Fried in Podgorica, that Ahtisaari’s plan was “good basis” for the resumption of the talks.
“Without Ahtisaari and his proposal the idea of the new talks is more than useful. It is realistic to expect that a belief will prevail within the international community that new talks should be organized in autumn and that they should not be burdened with Ahtisaari’s unsuccessful plan,” said Djuric.
He added that the negotiations would “make sense and could be described as negotiations only if their outcome is not determined in advance.”
Fried said In Podgorica that the United States support continuation of the talks on Serbian Kosovo province for another six months, and that this should be followed by an implementation of Ahtisaari’s plan if another agreement is not reached through negotiations.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Serbia's FM warns Montenegro, other neighbors against recognizing Kosovo

"I call upon all regional states to show restraint on the Kosovo" recognition, Jeremic said during the first visit to Montenegro by a Serbian foreign minister since the small republic split from Serbia last year. "Let's not make any steps that would later be hard to reverse."

Anyone Heard a Flop?

By David Binder, former New York Times Editor, Politika
Remember how things were with the Kosovo issue this winter and during spring? Barely a day went by without a statement or prediction that the solution will be reached in few days, few weeks, one month. The independence was imminent, right around the corner. Condoleezza Rice, Nicholas Burns, Daniel Fried, Frank Wisner and that wretched Michael Polt would step in front of the microphones and cameras with apparent assurance of biblical prophets, pledging independence in the name of the Bush administration. Their words were repeated like an echo by the Kosovo independence advocates (some of which are paid by the Albanians) like Richard Holbrooke, Morton Abramowitz, Congressmen Tom Lantos and Janusz Bugajski. And those were the only Americans that could be heard.
Then, on April 3, Martti Ahtisaari submitted his version of the solution to the UN Security Council — the resolution. Has anyone heard a “flop” right at that very moment, like something was thrown over into the Hudson behind the UN building?
Ever since the silence has been growing thicker.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Call for Promoting Julia Gorin’s Article Through Blogosphere

By the 1389 Mobile Blog
This article by Julia Gorin is a must read for everyone:
Ending the Balkan Quagmire at American Thinker
This article is all about how US and EU counterterrorism foreign policy went so horribly wrong. It explains how jihadist terrorism has succeeded in overrunning Europe and in attacking the US. It's particularly important for Americans to read this article, because it cites news stories from reputable sources that have had some exposure in Europe, but haven't made it into the US media.
So why am I asking for a blog swarm?
Exactly because this information isn't getting around in the US, and I want this story to get some exposure!
Why is this story being kept off the radar screen in the US?
Simple: It's a catalogue of errors and misdeeds that makes the US media conglomerates look bad, and the US government (i.e., nearly everyone on both sides of the aisle) look even worse. It reveals an ongoing foreign policy fiasco that makes the Bay of Pigs Invasion look like a victory by comparison. And it isn't just a fiasco for the government, it's a fiasco for the American and European public, because it has greatly increased everyone's vulnerability to jihadist terrorism.
What to do?
Link to the original story on your blog.
Ask everyone else you know to do the same.
Publicize the story in any other legitimate way that you can think of.
If you wish, post a comment here indicating where else this article is being publicized.
This story has been submitted to Digg as How US and EU counterterrorism foreign policy went so horribly wrong. We'll see how long it stays there before Digg's censors and bury brigade get to it, as recently happened with Foehammer's Anvil.
This request was also posted at Counterterrorist Blog Swarm Wanted.
Posted by Svetlana

Kosovo Albanians seek Balkan border redrawing conference

Muslim regime in Kosovo to demand a European conference to redraw borders in the Balkans

Friday, July 06, 2007

No trial delay for Bosnian Muslim war criminal

Top Muslim general accused of murder, rape, torture...

Ending Malicious Rumors, Serbia Rules Out Partition of Its Kosovo Province

According to the report by the German news agency DPA, Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic Thursday ruled out a partition of Kosovo and said a unilateral declaration of independence by the breakaway province would be very dangerous.
“We don’t think that any partition is going to stabilize the region,” Jeremic told a press conference after talks with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin.
Belgrade wants to grant only broad autonomy to the predominantly Albanian-populated province, which has been under UN supervision since the end of the Balkans war in 1999.
The Serb government opposes a US and EU-backed plan by UN mediator Martti Ahtisaari that would give internationally supervised independence to Kosovo, arguing that granting statehood would be tantamount to stealing 15 per cent of Serb territory.
“We’re not going to give up sovereignty,” said Jeremic, whose country is supported by Russia, which has threatened to use its veto to block a resolution on the issue in the UN Security Council.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Must Read

Ending the Balkan Quagmire at American Thinker
Julia Gorin

Russia: EU’s Colonial Governor in Bosnia Violated Dayton Agreement

By imposing the law on the Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Center, the EU’s outgoing High Representative violated the peace accord for Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The decision of the outgoing High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling (Photo) to impose the law on the Srebrenica – Potocari Memorial Center, which takes the center out of the jurisdiction of Republika Srpska and places it under the jurisdiction of the [Muslim dominated] state, is a serious violation of the peace treaty for Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Russian Foreign Ministry representative Mikhail Kaminin.
“The decision of the High Representative is a serious violation of the peace accord for Bosnia-Herzegovina because it involves taking a part of the Republika Srpska territory without its consent and with the use of the special Bonn powers,” stressed Kaminin.
Christian Schwarz-Schilling’s move was met with fierce protest of Republika Srpska officials and residents, causing the breakup of communications with the dictatorial EU High Representative and leading to more tensions in the complicated situation in Bosnia.
“We expect the new High Representative Miroslav Lajcak, who assumed the office on July 2, to correct his predecessor’s move based on the decision of the UN Security Council, to be consistent in looking for compromise between the Bosnia and Herzegovina sides, to follow the passing on of the responsibility for the situation in the country and to avoid using the Bonn powers, especially in instances that are not directly related to the implementation of the peace accord for Bosnia,” warns Russian Foreign Ministry’s official representative Mikhail Kaminin in his response, provided by the public relations office of the Russian Federation Embassy in Bosnia.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Le Monde Diplomatique: Avoid Repeating the Same Mistakes

The West must not repeat its past mistakes in the territory of former Yugoslavia and run hastily and recklessly towards the independence of Serbian Kosovo province, the French monthly Le Monde Diplomatique pointed out in its July issue.
Criticizing President Bush’s hasty declarations about severing Kosovo province from Serbia while on a brief visit to Albania, author Ignacio Ramonet questions the reasons behind the rush to create a new state on Serbian territory:
“One might well ask why 50 years has not sufficed to establish an independent state in Palestine, with the tragic consequences we see before us, and why the question of Kosovo suddenly has to be settled without delay,” asks Ramonet.

Of Bribes and Allegations

Allegations are that the Albanian Muslim who allegedly paid off Ahtisaari has been allegedly involved in biological weapons trade with a firm allegedly owned by Bin Laden.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Serbia owed justice in Kosovo

The Japan Times article by Gregory Clark, a former Australian government official and currently vice president of Akita International University.
No commentator likes to sound like a conspiracy nut. But if that is the fate of anyone who tries to challenge the distortions involved in painting Serbia as criminally guilty over Kosovo and the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, then so be it.
Let’s go back to the beginning. When Nazi Germany tried to occupy Yugoslavia during World War II, the Croat and Muslim minorities there backed the Nazis in their campaign against the mainly Serbian resistance. Even the Nazis are said to have been impressed by the brutality with which the Croatian forces — the dreaded Ustashi — set out to massacre and cleanse whole villages and even towns of their Serbian populations. Some 1 million Serbs died as a result, many of them in the Croatian death camp at Jasenovac, said to rival some Nazi Holocaust operations in scale and atrocity.

Who is partitioning Kosovo? Turkey, the EU and Islam

International Herald Tribune

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Something is Rotten in the State of Finland

Recent article by Banja Luka’s daily Fokus citing parts of report by the German Intelligence Service (BND) according to which former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari has taken more than 50 million dollars bribe from Albanian mafia, mostly in cash, to propose severing of the Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province, has been almost entirely ignored by the Western mainstream media and officials.
President of the Serbian Parliament Oliver Dulic has called for inquiry into the allegations. While Ahtisaari’s office has offered no evidence to disprove the claims, his Vienna-based employee Remi Dourlot appeared to have suffered a small nervous breakdown when merely asked about the charges. The deafening silence on the one hand and the uncontrolled emotional outbursts on the other are rather puzzling, since the BND report — parts of which Fokus revealed — offers a lot of very concrete, detailed information that could easily be dismantled if false, as Ahtisaari’s Vienna spokesman angrily claims.
Part of the report says that portion of $50-plus M., amounting to 2 million Euros, was transfered to the Finn’s personal bank account directly from one of the accounts controlled by a well known Albanian mafia boss based in Switzerland Behgjet Pacolli, who has declared his intention to become the “independent Kosovo’s president” and is using the immense wealth accumulated through money laundering and suspicious business contracts to bribe officials from Washington to Brussels and beyond, in order to secure Albanian seizure of the southern Serbian province.

A time to make friends

German Neo-Nazi Pro-Ahmadinejad T-Shirt. Text: A time to make friends. Two Nations - One Enemy