Friday, August 31, 2007

Kostunica: We’ll Be Ready

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica told the press today Serbian government is weighing various options in case Albanian separatists were to resort to illegal declaration of independence of Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province.
“If someone inflicts damage upon you, then you, according to the circumstances and the situation, must respond in kind, inflicting back some damage as well,” said Kostunica.
“This is the only way to preserve the state’s integrity and something that can be described as the dignity of the state and each citizen,” Beta news agency quoted Serbian Premier.
Speaking in a news conference at the seat of the government in Belgrade Thursday Kostunica did not elaborate on the kind of damage he had in mind. He also declined to specify what such a reaction to a Kosovo status settlement process that would be unfavorable to Serbia might entail, saying only it would be “within what constitutes for usual reaction in such situations.”

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Serbo-Judeo-Phobia Club

Muslims have officially designated Jews and Serbs as enemies of Islam in 2002 and have the same extermination policy for both.

The Forgotten Genocide, Rediscovered

By Andrew G. Bostom
Congress must recognize the Turkish slaughter of Armenians.

Malignant Slovenia Seeks Serbia’s Dismemberment

Adviser to the Serbian Premier, Aleksandar Simic, assessed that Slovenia’s backing of severing of the Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija reflects negatively not only on the EU, which is attempting to assert itself as an impartial mediator, but also calls for reevaluation of Serbia’s relations with this former Yugoslav republic.
“Slovenia should not forget it was Slovenian separatism that ignited the chain of violent separatist movements within former Yugoslavia,” said Simic to Tanjug, reacting to the statement by the Kosovo Albanian war criminal Agim Ceku, who claimed he has received “firm guarantees” from Premier Janez Jansa that Slovenia will lobby for the amputation of Kosovo province within the EU.
Simic pointed out that, “regardless of Slovenia’s current status as an EU-member state, its historical responsibility for triggering the wave of separatism in this region remains, and the future will give the final assessment” of the malignant role Slovenia played.
Mr Simic stressed the fact none of Slovenian officials attempted to deny Ceku’s claims is “rather alarming.”
He reminded that the illegal plan by the corrupt Finn failed because there was a strong coalition of states led by Russian Federation, determined not to allow the violation of the UN Charter and the annihilation of the international law and order.
“If someone scheduled to preside over the EU wishes to destroy the international order and keeps promising to destroy it by promoting such a view, then that someone is not only destabilizing the Balkans, but Europe itself,” said Simic.
He expressed hope that “such moves by Slovenia’s officials, if proven true, will be carefully examined by the EU bodies and member states, and treated accordingly.”

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fireworks store filled with Pyromaniacs

Kosovo's Grim Future
By David Binder, The Washington Times
Forget about status negotiations for a moment. The near-term outlook for Kosovo is unalterably grim: An economy stuck in misery; a bursting population of young people with “criminality as the sole career choice;” an insupportably high birthrate; a society imbued with corruption and a state dominated by organized crime figures.
These are the conclusions of “Operationalizing of the Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans,” a 124-page investigation by the Institute for European Policy commissioned by the German Bundeswehr and issued in January. This month the text turned up on a Web log. It is labeled “solely for internal use.“ Provided one can plow through the appallingly dense Amtsdeutsch — “German officialese” — that is already evident in the ponderous title, a reader is rewarded with sharp insights about Kosovo.

A challenge to Germany's labor unions

by Ben Weinthal
die jüdische

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

German orchestra plays in Iran; female musicians perform in hijab

"The women are not used to playing in hijab. I am very glad that the women tried it and it was fine. What is most important is the music." Is it really?
"German orchestra in Iran on landmark visit," from
AFP (thanks to Morgaan Sinclair):
A German orchestra arrived in Tehran on Monday, defying increasing political tensions to give the first performances in Iran by a full Western classical ensemble since the Islamic revolution in 1979.
The Osnabrueck Symphony Orchestra from northwestern Germany will play works by Beethoven, Brahms and Elgar in Tehran this week following a successful visit by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra to their town last year.
The German orchestra, whose female players will have to wear Islamic headscarves to obey Iran's dress code, will be boosted by six Iranian musicians for the concerts.
The orchestra's directors were at pains to emphasise their visit would not stray into politics and was purely aimed at increasing cultural understanding between Iran and the West.
"My wish is to show the peoples of both our countries that there is no need to fear one another and it is a great pleasure to get to know one another," said the director of Osnabrueck's summer festival, Michael Dreyer.
"I hope that it will be increasingly normal to have cultural exchanges between Iran and Germany and the Western world," he told reporters after arriving in Tehran.
Dreyer said he had rejected a request by three German MPs to join the tour in order to keep the trip focused on music and not politics. The trip has been fully coordinated with Iran's ministry of culture and Islamic guidance....
The German orchestra brushed off the constraint of giving the concerts with their female players wearing Islamic headscarves, saying they had worn the garments during rehearsals in Germany in preparation.
"The women are not used to playing in hijab. I am very glad that the women tried it and it was fine. What is most important is the music," said conductor Hermann Baeumer.
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Clinton: I Wouldn’t Have Signed That Either!

Defense witness at another Hague mock-trial to Serbian diplomat Nikola Sainovic, Obrad Kesic, told the Kangaroo Court that in April 1999, during the US-led NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia, American President Bill Clinton said he would not have accepted the Rambouillet Accord either, just like the former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. The Rambouillet setup (February 6 — March 19, 1999), headed by then-U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and the former American ambassador in the UN Richard Holbrook, where Serbian delegation and Albanian separatists were held in separate rooms until Albanians—advised by the shadow dictator and political gangster, ICG’s Morton Abramowitz—signed, was used as a pretext for brutal three-month aggression on Serbia and Montenegro (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at the time).
Among other things, the Rambouillet ultimatum requested that Yugoslavia allows Albanian minority in Serbian Kosovo-Metohija to hold a referendum for secession of the Serbian province in three years and to submit to military occupation of Yugoslavia’s entire territory: Serbia (with Kosovo province) and Montenegro — or be bombed back into the stone age. Dan Goure, deputy director of political and military studies at the conservative Center for Strategic and International Studies said in an IPA release: “The [Clinton] administration went to Rambouillet basically to arrange a trap for Milosevic. It was a no-win situation for him and frankly, Albright was basically trying to find a pretext for bombing. They told the Kosovo Albanians that if they signed and Milosevic didn’t, they’d bomb Serbia. Rambouillet was not a negotiation, it was a setup, a lynch party.”
American analyst and businessman Kesic testified that he led a delegation of American Serbs which was received by Bill Clinton in the White House on April 14, 1999, during NATO aggression. According to his testimony, Clinton told the delegation he often tries to put himself in the shoes of others, so he could better understand them.
“He said that, putting himself in Milosevic’s position, he realized that the referendum [for Kosovo province secession] clause in Rambouillet Agreement went too far. He told us that he would not have signed such a document either, if he was in Milosevic’s place,” said Kesic.
It Doesn’t Matter Why We’re Bombing You, It’s About Me Now
Former President Clinton told the representatives of American Serbs that bombardment of FR Yugoslavia begun out of “humanitarian concerns,” but that the reasons that have led to the aggression became irrelevant as soon as it started, since what’s “at stake now is the NATO, U.S. and his personal credibility” and that is why the bombardment could last for the unlimited time.
Kesic stressed that, at the delegates’ request to stop the carnage, even if just temporarily, during the Orthodox Easter celebrations, Clinton responded that was not possible, because it would be difficult to ensure a consensus among NATO-member states to continue with the aggression afterwards.
According to Kesic, who followed American civil rights activist and Baptist minister Jesse Jackson during his mission in Belgrade and afterwards at the Clinton reception, American president gave the same response when Mr Jackson requested the cessation of bombardment after FRY President Slobodan Milosevic handed over three American soldiers captured in Serbian Kosovo province.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Serbian Major in British Army: Gallant Officer Treated Disgracefully

Army officer sues for £1m over spy claim by Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent, Sunday Telegraph
A former Paratrooper whose career was destroyed after he was falsely accused of spying is to sue the Government for record damages.
Milos Stankovic, who was decorated by the Queen for bravery, will claim in the High Court that he was forced to leave the Army by a “malicious investigation” by Ministry of Defence (MoD) police acting on false information.
Mr Stankovic, 44, who at the time of his arrest held the rank of major in The Parachute Regiment, is seeking more than £1 million compensation for the loss of his career, salary and pension, and unpaid legal fees, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.
Mr Stankovic was arrested under the Official Secrets Act on suspicion that, while serving as a Serbo-Croat interpreter for senior British Army officers in Sarajevo, he passed secret information to the Bosnian Serbs. The major was taken into custody while attending the Joint Services Staff College in Bracknell, Berkshire and subjected to two criminal investigations, one by the Ministry of Defence police, the other by the Royal Military Police.
Neither investigation, which had a combined cost of more than £250,000, found any evidence of espionage, which had been claimed to have taken place in 1994.
More than 100 witnesses were interviewed in Britain and the investigating team traveled to United Nations headquarters in New York in its search for evidence against Mr Stankovic.
His legal team intends to call high-profile former Army officers who will testify to Mr Stankovic’s good character and reject the suggestion that the former Army major was a Bosnian spy. Witnesses due to attend the three-week hearing in October include Gen Sir Mike Jackson, the former chief of the General Staff; Gen Sir Michael Rose, whom Mr Stankovic served as an interpreter during the Bosnian War, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, a former SAS commander and now private secretary to Princes William and Harry, and Martin Bell, the former MP and BBC war reporter.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

U.S. Insistence on Ahtisaari Plan Obstructs Upcoming Negotiations

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said on Saturday that United States’ continuous insistence on the Ahtisaari plan is detrimental to the new negotiations, adding that one of the worst aspects of this plan is the fact it grants NATO an above-the-law status that no military organization has ever had in the democratic world.
In a statement for Tanjug, Kostunica said that “Serbia is ready to take its share of responsibility and give the appropriate contribution to the finding of a compromise solution, which can be reached only if the United States gives up the Ahtisaari plan, i.e. if everybody abides by the UN Charter and fundamental principles of international law.”
EU: Albanian Separatists to Curb Their Appetites
Beta news agency reports that an Albanian-language Pristina daily says Wolfgang Ischinger has told Albanian separatist leaders that Serbian province’s status will not be settled this year.
Express daily reports in its Saturday edition that the EU envoy to the Contact Group mediating Troika told Albanian separatist representatives in Pristina Friday not to expect the status issue to be solved by the end of 2007.
According to the daily, this is the first time a high-ranking international diplomat directly suggested to the Albanians they should lower their expectations and that the status settlement will not be finalized this year.
During his two-day stay in southern Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija, German diplomat met with the main figures of Albanian separatist movement in the province: Fatmir Sejdiu, war criminal Agim Ceku, Kol Berisha, Veton Surroi and the other war criminal, Hashim Snake Thaci.

There Will Be No Real Investigation by the Corrupt UNMIK

When seven Saudi/Albanian terrorists were unleashed from the Albanian-run Dubrava prison in Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija on Saturday, UNMIK spokesman immediately went to reporters to say that the UN Mission in Kosovo administrators will launch “a probe” into the jail-break, since it was determined that at least five prison guards and a gang armed with rocket launchers was involved in a scheme to let the murderous criminals out.
However, an international who is also stationed in the southern Serbian province claims this is nothing but a good old PR pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, being that UNMIK itself is corrupt to the very core and probably deeply involved in the jail-break scheme from the get-go:

Independent Kosovo seen as threat to Israel

Israeli academics, generals gung-ho, warn of future terror threat, support integrity of Serbia now.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Filtering the ICG Rubbish Out

The proposal of the International Crisis Group (ICG) that the European Union should “take advantage” of the period of new negotiations on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija to set up a so-called coalition of willing states that would, at the end of the year, be ready to recognize a unilateral proclamation of the independence of Kosovo is contrary to the intentions and stands of the EU, a European official said in a statement for Tanjug in Brussels on Friday.
The source said the EU sincerely wanted a solution and would do everything for the negotiations to succeed, and not to condemn them to failure from the very beginning, as the ICG advocates.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yet More Swinishness from UN/NATO Sinkhole

Church, Graveyard in Serbian Kosovo Village Burned to Ashes
In the fires which broke out in the Serbian returnees’ village of Novake, municipality of Prizren in Kosovo-Metohija province, a total of 16 acres of Serbian-owned forests and meadows, as well as the local Serbian church and graveyard have burnt to ashes, villager Branko Gligorijevic confirmed for Tanjug on Wednesday.
According to him, flames were first seen late on Monday coming from the direction of the village of Musutiste, inhabited by Muslims and ethnic Albanians, and the fire has destroyed the entire 16 acres of forest which belongs to the local Serbs.
“The fire was so strong that it burned the graveyard and church and almost caught the village itself. In order to prevent it from spreading further, we organized ourselves and dug the trenches around the village with tractors to save our houses,” Gligorijevic said.
KFOR Comes to Rescue
He said that it took the fire brigades way too long to arrive to the scene, but that KFOR had sent three helicopters which helped extinguish the fire and without whose assistance the village would have burnt down completely.
The same Serbian village was engulfed in yet another fire on Tuesday evening, that came from the direction of Albanian villages where the fire was started for the second time.
The fire brigades were late once again, but KFOR was there and promised it would keep an eye on the village.
“It is clear to both ourselves and KFOR that it is the human factor that is in question here, and the Kosovo Albanian police is entirely aware of it, but does nothing. These are acts clearly aimed at spreading fear among the returnees and a message that we are not welcomed here, but we are here and we are resolved to stay in our village,” Gligorijevic said.
Serbian Novake village has 65 houses, but after the Albanian pogrom in March 2004, only 25 households have remained.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lawless, Crime-Ridden, Mafia-Run Province With War Criminal as its Prime Minister

Reuters reports today that the United Nations wants an independent inquiry into Kosovo-Metohija’s supposedly “top-security” Dubrava prison after seven inmates, including convicted murderers and terrorists, escaped with the help of their guards.
According to Reuters, five prison guards have been charged with aiding Saturday’s break-out, and four other people have been arrested on suspicion of providing covering fire for the escape outside the prison walls with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades.
The U.N. mission in charge of security in the southern Serbian province since the 1999 NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia said on Wednesday it wanted to hold “an independent evaluation of conditions at the [ethnic-Albanian run] Dubrava prison.” The probe would try to “ascertain all the facts and ensure there are safeguards in the future to avoid anything else like this happening again,” said spokesman Alexander Ivanko.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Young Serbian Couple Assaulted and Robbed in Gracanica

Tanjug reports that unknown assailants have kidnapped and beaten up Srdjan Djurovic and his girlfriend Irena Keselj around 10pm on Monday in Gracanica, Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province.
A group of armed thugs driving an Opel Vectra has cut off young Serbian couple, pulled them out of their car and took their car keys, jewelry and cellphones. They beat Srdjan over the head with pistol butts until he lost consciousness, shoved him into the trunk and then raped his girlfriend at the backseat. Afterwards, they dumped them near the bar Oda in the suburbs of Pristina.
“From there, we managed to reach Serbian Simonida hospital in Gracanica, where we were given the medical help,” said Djurovic. Director of the Clinical Center Simonida Stojan Sekulic informed the police about the assault, confirming for the press that two severely traumatized young Serbs came to seek medical help around 2 am and were hospitalized.
Thanks to the Efficient UNMIK Police...
This is second such assault in Gracanica in five months. Previously, another young Serbian couple was kidnapped and assaulted in the exact same way, but since neither the UNMIK nor Albanian police, or any of those 16,000 NATO tourists stationed in Kosovo-Metohija seems to be interested or capable of finding and arresting the criminals, Gracanica Serbs should probably brace up for more of the similar swinishness.
Or stay locked in and walled off until Serbian police takes over and does the job properly.

Russia: No Independence for Kosovo-Metohija

Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma, has ruled out the possibility of setting up an independent state in Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija.
“I believe even less in the possibility of setting up a NATO state in the territory of Kosovo-Metohija,” Kosachev, who is also Chairman of the Russian Parliamentary Delegation to the Council of Europe, said in an exclusive interview for the Tuesday issue of the Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.
Commenting the recent statements of a number of Serbian ministers that the United States, for one, should give up the creation of a NATO state on the territory of the southern Serbian province, Kosachev said that Russia would not allow that, since such a project is in direct contravention of the score of international laws.
Kosachev, credited by the Novosti as one of the main creators of Russia’s policy towards Serbian province, said that official Moscow expected direct talks between Belgrade and Pristina—the most efficient form of negotiations—would take place at the end of negotiation process.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Serbian Security Forces Could Return to Kosovo Province Today

State Secretary for Kosovo-Metohija Dusan Prorokovic said Sunday that Serbian forces could immediately return to Kosovo province to secure Christian religious sites and clear minefields, adding that the request to allow the return of Serbian security personnel to parts of southern province is fully in line with the UN Resolution 1244.
According to him, if KFOR/NATO is unable to fulfill its mandate — protect non-Albanian residents in the province and stop the ethnic cleansing and violence, as statements by the KFOR commander Roland Kather suggest, Serbia’s own security forces should be entrusted with the task.
Partition Idea Planted by Desperate Separatists
Minister Prorokovic stressed that the talk about the possibility of partitioning Serbian province is an attempt to plant an idea that was not Belgrade’s and added that it “represents an exit strategy for some of Kosovo Albanian separatist-representatives who realized their insistence on severing Kosovo province from Serbia produced no results.”
Serbian representatives, on the other hand, are against partition, since it “introduces an option which disrupts international legal order and involves alteration of a sovereign state’s borders.”
“Both partition of the province and any sort of independence would additionally weaken the region and push the Balkans into long-term instability, which would suit no one,” said Prorokovic.

Negotiating for Peace in Kosovo

More: Negotiating for Peace in Kosovo
By Congressman Dan Burton, Washington Times
In coming weeks, an international confrontation is likely to occur among the United States, the European Union, and Russia over an issue most Americans have long since forgotten: Kosovo, where a few hundred Americans remain deployed as part of a NATO force protecting a shaky interim peace that ended the 1999 U.S.-led intervention.
For most Americans this obscure Serbian province, with its mainly Albanian Muslim population and its hundreds of Serbian Christian churches and monasteries, may be a little-remembered footnote to the breakup of Yugoslavia. However, now is the time for clear thinking about next steps if Kosovo is to avoid revisiting its history as a hotbed of regional instability and violence.

Pat Condell...

...on Islam in Europe and Freddy Thielemans

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Overriding the UN Security Council, U.S./NATO Refuses to Allow Return of Serbian Forces to Kosovo

“Serbian forces will not be allowed to return,” said province’s NATO representative Michael Knopp in rejection of Belgrade request to redeploy a limited number of Serbian military and police members to protect the remaining Serbs and non-Albanians in the province.
Knopp added that NATO forces are “responsible for the security in the Kosovo and there is absolutely no intention to allow the return of the Serbian forces to the province,” according to the Associated Press, as quoted by Tanjug.
It was Kosovo Serbs who have requested that Belgrade should demand the return of up to 1,000 Serbian troops to be deployed in their enclaves after NATO general Roland Kather, who commands the KFOR troops in the southern Serbian province, announced new waves of violence against the helpless non-Albanian population remaining in the province.
The UN Security Council Resolution 1244, as well as the armistice agreement signed by NATO and Serbia in 1999, both provide for redeployment of Serbian forces in the province.
U.S. officials have also instantly rejected Serbian proposal to finally fulfill this provision of mutual agreements, saying that such requests are merely “heating the passions” ahead of negotiations on the status of Serbian province.
“The chances of something like that happening are zilch. The Resolution 1244 stipulates that the KFOR commander should decide about the eventual return of hundreds of Serbian troops to Kosovo. Earlier, two of such requests by Belgrade were rejected,” said a U.S. State Department official to the Tanjug news agency.
After Slobodan Milosevic was replaced at the helm of Serbia in October 2000, Serbian government has twice requested the return of its security forces back to the province, in line with the UN SC Resolution 1244 provisions, but NATO commanders have turned down Belgrade’s requests on both occasions, claiming the “conditions are not quite right yet” for such a development.
In February 2003, the last time such request was issued by the Serbian Government, it was Premier Zoran Djindjic, assassinated only a month later, who proposed to then-NATO commander admiral Gregory Johnson, to allow the return of a limited number of Serbian forces to Kosovo-Metohija province, in order to fill in the gaps created after a number of NATO troops were recalled from Serbian province to be deployed in Iraq.

Brussels: Anti-American demonstration OK, anti-Sharia demonstration banned

The Brussels Journal (thanks to The One Who Must Not Be Named) has the details:
This Demo Is NOT Being Banned
Organizers of Brussels Anti-Sharia Demo Appeal against Ban
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Cologne Mosque Faces Opposition from Ex-Muslims

Turkish born author Arzu Toker, co-Chair of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims of Germany, talks about an Islamic group’s plan to build an imposing mosque within sight of the historic Cologne Cathedral; translated by World Politics Review: Islam in Europe: An Interview With Arzu Toker on the Cologne Mosque.
Konkret: Why do some people say that Cologne has to have a mosque?
Toker: There is not a single verse in the Quran that sets out the requirement of a mosque. Muslims could just as well pray in a park, for example. The building is not necessary. Mosques first came into being when Muslims conquered Christian and Jewish territories where there were already churches or synagogues and they converted them into mosques. What is going on in Cologne is a demonstration of power. The Islamic associations are on the rise. They already have a seat at the negotiating table with the government and now they think they are powerful enough to have a mosque in the middle of town.
Konkret: And why are you against the mosque?
Toker: It is not about the building. It’s about politics. I am not against it because I don’t like the architecture, but because of what is taught in mosques. Five times a day, one is called to prayer with the words “There is only one Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” The call to prayer is thus necessarily tied to the negation of Christianity. How can that be acceptable? The Muslims could say “No, we don’t deny Christianity”, but they are completely incapable of critical self-reflection. Besides, nothing positive has ever come out of the mosques: calls for social integration, for instance. On the contrary, what comes out of the mosques is always alienated from the surrounding society. Apart from that, mosques are the domain of men: the men sit up front and the women in the back, banned behind a curtain.
Konkret: What is being said about the mosque project among so-called “German Muslims”?
Toker: The worst part is that this discussion is only taking place among at most some 30,000 people. The rest of the 3.2 million Muslims who live in this country have nothing to do with it. There are thousands of modern Turkish women in Germany who pretend to be Spaniards or Italians and are ashamed to say they are Turkish, because they find the whole discussion embarrassing and do not want to have anything to do with Islam. Many Turkish women try to stay inconspicuous, because the image of the “German Muslim” - thanks in part to [German Interior Minister Wolfgang] Schäuble - is completely and utterly determined by the 30,000 organized Muslims in the Islamic associations. It’s absurd: the radical minority dominates the liberal majority.

'They Were Shouting 'Sieg Heil' and Making Nazi Salutes'

Hapoel fans light firecrackers in the stadium during the UEFA Cup soccer match in Siroki Brijeg.Photo: AP
By Jerusalem Post

Only the U.S. Can Make Albanians Negotiate

Serbian Prime Minister advisor, Aleksandar Simic, said on Friday that “only the United States can make Kosovo Albanians truly negotiate on the future status of Kosovo-Metohija,” so that a compromise solution, essential for the Balkan and European stability, could be found.
“The identical statements by the leaders of ethnic Albanian separatists from Kosovo after the recent meetings with the negotiating troika unequivocally prove they do not want any talks whatsoever and that they will use the following months, that is the period until December 10, just for wasting time,” Simic assessed in a statement for Tanjug.
He added that “this is still another proof that the United States is the only power that can force Kosovo Albanians to negotiate.”
Creation of a Monstrous State in the Heart of Serbia and Europe Cannot be Allowed
“If the United States gave up setting a NATO state in the Balkans, true negotiations would be possible and one could rightly expect a compromise, which is so very essential for the Balkans, as well as for the overall European stability,” Simic underlined.
He added that this would first imply a full respect of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which guaranteed Serbia’s sovereignty and which obliged the UN and NATO to allow that a certain number of Serbian soldiers and policemen returned to the province.
“Only a full respect of the decisions of most influential UN bodies, such as the Security Council, can guarantee the observance of the UN Charter, of international law, and only this can prevent the setting up of dangerous, monstrous, quasi-states in the very heart of Serbia and the Balkans,” Simic underscored.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

NATO Tourists Fear For Their Safety in Kosovo

On Tuesday, NATO (KFOR) commander, German General Roland Kather stationed in Serbian Kosovo province told the AP news agency that “the further deterioration of the situation” is possible if the Kosovo Albanian separatists and Serbia representatives fail to reach agreement on the future of the province within the next 120 days.
This is not the first time NATO and UNMIK officials have been threatening with escalation of the violence in attempt to exert additional pressure on Serbs and the international community ahead of negotiations to quicken the process and secure the hasty severing of Kosovo province.
Serbian Labor and Social Policy Minister Rasim Ljajic reacted on Wednesday, describing constant warnings that violence could break out in Kosovo and Metohija if agreement on the status of the province is not reached within 120 days as an entirely wrong and counterproductive approach to the problem.
“This is a completely wrong approach and a very bad model for the resolution of a certain political problem, since it implies that only violence and extremism can bring about the realization of certain political goals,” Ljajic set out.
He stated that the 120-day period should not be a set timetable, because the problem of Kosovo-Metohija province is too complex to be prearranged in such a manner.
“This does not mean that Belgrade would obstruct the talks and that they should last forever. However, it is necessary to strive towards a sincere political compromise that will not be possible if violence and the threat of violence are used to reach a certain political outcome,” Ljajic stated.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

U.S.-led NATO To Give Up Creation of Satellite State on Serbian Soil

“There are always two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason,” J. P. Morgan, multimillionaire Robber Baron.
Serbian Minister for Kosovo-Metohija Slobodan Samardzic today called upon the U.S. to give up the project of creating a NATO state in the form of an independent Kosovo-Metohija, as new negotiations on the future status of the province are expected to begin.
In a statement to the news agency Beta, Samardzic said that now when new negotiations are to begin it is of key importance that NATO and the US abandon the project of creating a satellite state in Kosovo-Metohija.
The Minister stressed that this project has nothing to do with the economic recovery of Kosovo-Metohija and reconciliation of Serbs and ethnic Albanians, and least of all with the European future of this part of Europe.
According to Samardzic, such a state would serve only the geopolitical and strategic military goals of the US, as well as the purposes of the local mafia groups in Kosovo-Metohija, and would make it impossible for people in the province to have a peaceful and prosperous future.
Due to these reasons, Serbia rejected the plan presented by Martti Ahtisaari, which in its Annex XI proposes establishing permanent NATO presence in Kosovo-Metohija, stressed Samardzic.
He recalled that during the previous eight years the international community had the opportunity to verify the real goal of NATO military action against Serbia, which is the creation of a NATO state through amputation of Kosovo-Metohija province.

Ready-Made Traps: Albanian War Criminal and UNMIK Bureaucrat Choose Who Will Represent Kosovo Serbs

According to Tanjug, Serbian National Council President Milan Ivanovic on Monday criticized the way meeting of representatives of Kosovo Serbs with the mediating troika of the Contact Group was organized within the new negotiations on the status of this province.
In a statement to Tanjug, Ivanovic stressed Sunday meeting in Pristina was not attended by any relevant and credible representatives of the Serbian people of this province, “with the exception of the presidents of the Serbian municipalities.”
“There were no representatives of the [ruling Democratic Party of Serbia] DSS, which won the largest support of the voters at the latest elections in the province, there were also no representatives of the [Radical Party] SRS, the [Socialist party] SPS, or even representatives of the [liberal] G17 Plus, or representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church,” he said.
This will have consequences for the Serbian negotiating position, Ivanovic said. The Serbian diplomacy and the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija must ensure such things are not repeated and that legitimate representatives of Kosovo Serbs should confer with the mediating troika in the future, he said.
The stage-managers of Sunday meeting, according to Ivanovic, were UNMIK deputy chief Steven Schook (former NATO general), provisional “prime minister” of the Serbian province, Albanian war criminal Agim Ceku, and “certain persons from the EU Pristina Office.”
Representatives of the EU, the United States and Russia, Wolfgang Ischinger, Frank Wiesner and Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, conferred in Pristina on Sunday with Ceku-Schook handpicked “representatives” Oliver Ivanovic of the “Serb List”, Goran Bogdanovic, Vesna Jovanovic, and Randjel Nojkic.
The meeting was also attended by the only Serbian minister in the provincial interim government, Branislav Grbic, the heads of the municipalities of Zvecan and Zubin Potok, Dragisa Milovic and Slavisa Ristic, and the president of the Advisory Body for Kosovska Mitrovica, Srboljub Milenkovic.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

German Court upholds headscarf ban for Muslim teachers

Anti-dhimmitude in North Rhine-Westphalia. This is still a long way from saying what must be said, which is that immigrants should adopt the societal norms of the host society, but it is one positive step. "Court upholds headscarf ban for Muslim teachers," from Deutsche Presse-Agentur (thanks to Ana):
Dusseldorf (dpa) - A court in Germany's most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia upheld a ban Tuesday on Muslim female teachers wearing headscarves in schools.
Wearing a headscarf violated a state regulation against religious symbols in public schools, the administrative court in the western city of Dusseldorf ruled.
The case was brought by a 52-year-old secondary school teacher, who said she would appeal Tuesday's ruling.
Authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia imposed a ban on headscarves in June 2006.
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Four Years Later: Massacre of Serbian Children Unpunished

Monday August 13 marks the four year anniversary since the brutal massacre of two Serbian children and wounding of four more in the Bistrica River, in the village of Gorazdevac, close to Pec in Kosovo province. The memorial service held each year for the slain boys was held today in the Church of the Most Holy Mother of God in Gorazdevac. Out of six Serbian boys who went to swim on a hot summer day in their village river, Pantelija Dakic and Ivan Jovovic were slain on the spot, sprayed with bullets from the automatic weapons, while four of their friends — Djordje Ugrenovic, Bogdan Bukumiric, Marko Bogicevic and Dragan Srbljak — were severely wounded. The perpetrators of the heinous crime remain unidentified and are still at large.
Then UNMIK police commissioner Stefan Feller said that he would turn every stone to track down the animals who have slain the children. However, not even the award of one million euros UNMIK had offered for the information about the murderers has helped find the perpetrators in four painful years.
Gorazdevac is the biggest Serb settlement in Metohija which, after the arrival of UNMIK and KFOR in the province, has dwindled to no more than 1,000 Serb inhabitants. They live in a virtual ghetto guarded by NATO troops, but even that wasn’t sufficient to prevent such bestial crime.

Monday, August 13, 2007

No partition, no exchange of Kosovo for EU

Serbia rejects any plan to partition Kosovo and will not give up province for no membership.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Albanian gangs forming drug alliance with South American mafia

UN 2007 World Drug Report issues alarm over Albanian mafia's new drug routs, port control.

Friday, August 10, 2007


To: Brussels Major
The Brussels mayor, the Socialist Freddy Thielemans, has, on 9th of August 2007 sent out a press release in which he has banned a demonstration with a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of 9/11 on the 11th sept in Brussels. The reason for the prohibition is that he says he cannot guarantee public safety and that he won’t disturb the Islamic section of the population in Brussels. By invoking the lack of public safety, he is precisely highlighting SIOE’s demonstration title: Stop the Islamisation of Europe. SIOE’s message through the 4 slogans is exactly to warn against conditions such as these, where people no longer can use their freedom of expression and feel secure, but the shocking facts are that these conditions already reign at the heart of the EU. SIOE’s demonstration will of course happen, as a peaceful utterance of opinion, an utterance of opinion for which Moslems have countless times received permission to demonstrate in Brussels. Therefore it is, of course, completely absurd to ban a peaceful demonstration because they are afraid of violent muslim counter-demonstrators! We kindly ask the major of Brussels to alter his decision and let the free people of Europe demonstrate for their civil rights. We want our right to have a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of 9/11 !
The Undersigned

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Spoils of War: NATO Occupied Kosovo Through Military Aggression and Refuses to Give it Back

Advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Simic assessed that United States and NATO are pushing for severing of southern Serbian province in order to set up a state in which NATO would have unlimited power, and this is the key to their unreserved support for the failed Ahtisaari plan on the future status of Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province.
“It is hard to believe that the intention of NATO to procure this kind of limitless power for itself in the ‘independent’ Kosovo stems from the sheer selflessness and admiration for Kosovo Albanians, or that it reflects their idealistic faith in a democratic and civilizational potential of moribund Kosovo. More probably, this is an experiment of sorts in establishing a NATO State,” said Simic in a text for the late issue of Belgrade weekly NIN.
While analyzing the contents of the UN Security Council-rejected Ahtisaari plan, Simic remarked that this plan, among other things, asserts that the commander of international military forces in independent Kosovo, to be appointed by NATO, would be in charge of no less than decision making regarding the use of military force.

Anti-Sharia Rally banned in Brussels

Dhimmitude in the EU capital. "The EU staggers! What of our citizens rights?," from the Stop the Islamisation of Europe site:
The Brussels mayor, the Socialist Freddy Thielemans, has, a short time ago, sent out a press release in which he has banned the demonstration on the 11th sept.
The reason for the prohibition is that he says he cannot guarantee public safety and that he won’t disturb the Islamic section of the population in Brussels.
By invoking the lack of public safety, he is precisely highlighting SIOE’s demonstration title:
Stop the Islamisation of Europe.
SIOE’s message through the 4 slogans is exactly to warn against conditions such as these, where people no longer can use their freedom of expression and feel secure, but the shocking facts are that these conditions already reign at the heart of the EU.
SIOE’s demonstration will of course happen, as a peaceful utterance of opinion, an utterance of opinion for which Moslems have countless times received permission to demonstrate in Brussels.
Therefore it is, of course, completely absurd to ban a peaceful demonstration because they are afraid of violent muslim counter-demonstrators!
The mayor in Brussels is not fully aware of his responsibility, for as a mayor at EU’s capital you cannot simply forbid ordinary European citizens to express their constitutional freedoms....
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Ban Koran like Mein Kampf, says Dutch MP

Instead of calling Wilders names and ridiculing this idea, its opponents should note that there is a precedent for such an initiative: the Calcutta Qur'an Petition. And more importantly, they should deal honestly with the fact that -- as many Muslims plainly believe today -- the Qur'an does call on Muslims to convert, kill, or subjugate unbelievers, and the fact that this is a religious belief should not place it out of bounds for rational discussion. Without such discussion, one thing is certain: many Muslims will continue to believe that the Qur'an commands them to convert, kill, or subjugate unbelievers, and to act on that belief.
By Bruno Waterfield in the
Telegraph (thanks to all who sent this in):
The Koran should be banned as a “fascist book” alongside Mein Kampf because it urges Muslims to kill non-believers, says Dutch populist MP Geert Wilders.
The leader of the far-right Freedom Party, which holds nine of the Dutch parliament's 150 seats has called for the ban after an alleged Islam inspired attack on a Labour councillor who had renounced the Muslim faith.
Mr Wilders claims that the Koran “calls on Muslims to oppress, persecute or kill Christians, Jews, dissidents and non-believers, to beat and rape women and to establish an Islamic state by force”.
"Ban this wretched book like Mein Kampf is banned!,” he wrote in yesterday's De Volkskrant newspaper....
Els Lucas, a Dutch lawyer, has filed a compliant to the country's prosecutor demanding action against Mr Wilders for “insulting a section of the community”.
"I think he has gone too far and it is unseemly that a member of parliament expresses himself like this,” she said.
The offence is punishable with a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a fine of up to £11,300.
But Ayhan Tonca, chairman of the Dutch Muslim Contact Group argues that Mr Wilders should be ignored.
”This is a ridiculous idea. There is not much news at the moment so he is trying to create some,” he said.
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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nazi-Kraut Ruecker Legalizes Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo Province

Ruling by Decrees: German Serbophobe Joachim Ruecker, head of UNMIK in Kosovo province, previously worked in Bosnia.
The Most Scandalous Move by UNMIK in the Past Seven Years

“UNMIK Chief Joachim Ruecker’s decision to temporarily disable the return of immovable property in Kosovo-Metohija is the most scandalous move by UNMIK administrators in the past seven years. Halting the return of property to the rightful owners violates the private property laws and rights unalienable throughout the world,” said Serbia’s State Secretary for Kosovo-Metohija Dusan Prorokovic on August 3, a day after the German head of UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosovo), Joachim Ruecker, announced his decision by a decree.
The decree halting the return of property was adopted on August 2. It suspends the decree of October 2006 which ordered the return of property to its rightful owners.
In a statement to the Tanjug news agency, Prorokovic stressed that this decision rewards all usurpers of other people’s property in Kosovo-Metohija, from whom not even through court process could property they illegally appropriated be taken away and returned to the rightful owners.
According to Prorokovic, thanks to UNMIK Chief’s decision, Serbs who lost their property will not be able to return to their lands and homes, which means that the ethnic cleansing campaign, carried by Kosovo Albanian terrorists since 1999, has now been given a legal framework.
“We must react to this, both politically and diplomatically, and we must also consider the possibility of pressing charges against Joachim Ruecker for harsh breach of international principles and norms,” said Prorokovic.

Robert Spencer Will Not Be Silenced

An Urgent Message
From the Desk of David Horowitz
I need your help. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) - whose very founders have been arrested in connection with terrorist activities - has decided to silence once and for all its harshest and bravest critic: the Freedom Center's Robert Spencer.
CAIR is using legal threats to extort groups who ask Robert to speak at their gatherings and tell the truth about Islamic Jihad.
You may recall, not long ago I asked Robert, a fearless patriot, to come join the Freedom Center team. Spencer's powerful internet site, Jihad Watch, was taking on radical Islam in ways no one in on the planet was doing - daily, sometimes hourly, exposing their financial underpinnings and digging deep to reveal the roots of Islamofascism's evil and terror.
Robert is so good at what he does terrorists issued a fatwa - a legal decree in sharia law requiring any Muslim to kill Spencer if they had the chance. The fatwa's closing line is nothing less than bloodcurdling:
"May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brains in two, and then put them both back, and then do it over and over."
However, rather than striking fear into Robert's heart, the death decree has made him more forcused and dedicated to exposing the "religion of peace" for it truly is.
Recently Robert was invited to speak at a conference hosted by the Young America's Foundation in Washington, D.C. YAF the leading conservative organization for high school and college-aged Americans.
A day before Robert was to deliver a talk titled "The Truth About the Council on American-Islamic Relations," YAF officials found an ominous letter on their FAX machine.
A powerful Washington, D.C. law firm told YAF that Robert was, in essence, a hate-filled liar and that CAIR had ordered the law firm "to purse every available and appropriate legal remedy to redress any false and defamatory statements that made" at the conference.
In other words: silence Robert Spencer or be sued. It doesn't get much more threatening than this and still remain within the bounds of the law.
To help Robert, we are creating a special Jihad Watch Defense Fund to counter these threats. Your contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200, $500 or more right now will help us raise the $250,000 we need to ensure two things:
Send the message that you and other Americans are not intimidated by the politically correct radical left and that Jihad Watch and Robert Spencer are financially ready to combat what can only be described as legal extortion.
Keep Robert and Jihad Watch doing what they do best: exposing groups like CAIR who mask themselves as friends of our country, when Robert consistently reveals their lies and connections to groups and individuals who support Islamofascism.
You know well how the radical left works. Anyone who dares speak out against them becomes a target for lies, vilification, and threats.
Robert takes these threats in stride. But legal challenges, no matter how scurrilous, are costly. We must be willing to do what needs to be done to meet this challenge.
And one more thing you and I must consider. Recently you may have read that the editor of the Oakland Post was murdered for doing his job - revealing the violent nature of a local Black Muslim group.
The murder of this journalist demonstrates clearly the evil threat that hangs over our friend Robert Spencer each day. You and I can take great pride in working to help him and Jihad Watch.
So please, take a moment right to use one of the blue highlighted links in this letter and make a contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200, $500 or more if possible right now. It's courageous work he's doing and courageous support you'll be giving.
As always, I truly appreciate your support. I know I speak on behalf of our small but dedicated Center team when I say, thank you.
David Horowitz President & Founder

P.S. Linked to our Jihad Defense Fund contribution page is a copy of the thinly veiled threat CAIR's attorney sent the Young America's Foundation. I think you'll see they mean to scare YAF and anyone else interested in hearing the truth about radical jihad from Robert Spencer.
When you make a contribution of $50 or more today I will rush you a copy of Robert's bestseller, "The Truth About Mohammed." This book is typical of Robert's excellent research and dedication to getting the facts to you and me. Thanks again!

Julia Gorin and Fellenzer’s Agitprop

A Personal Confession
Elated is an understatement in trying to describe how I felt when I first read one of Julia Gorin’s articles about Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province. It was a piece published in the Jewish World Review two years ago, titled “The Brooklyn Connection,” that follows a Dutch documentary about Kosovo Albanian weapons smuggler living in Brooklyn, who has helped arm the terrorist KLA and continued to procure favors for Albanian terrorists seeking to dismember Serbia by helping finance presidential campaigns of top U.S. politicians—senators, congressmen, and even retired generals responsible for war crimes U.S.-led NATO committed during an aggression on Yugoslavia, like Wesley Clark.

Letter from Berlin: The anti-anti-Zionists

Photo: Hermann L Gremliza
By Benjamin Weinthal
The square in the former East Berlin named for Rosa Luxemburg, the Polish Jewish social revolutionary who was murdered by right-wing extremists in 1919, served as my introduction to the pro-Israel left in Germany. After moving to Berlin in 2002, I attended a May 1 demonstration at Rosa Luxemburg Square. There among maybe a thousand union members and other left-wing activists, I found myself pleasantly ambushed by a group of a dozen or more young people waving massive Israeli flags and buzzing around the demonstrators. This bizarre scene was a cause of cognitive dissonance: Was it possible for there to be left-wing, non-Jewish Germans who were also militant supporters of Israel? The answer, apparently, is yes, as an astonishing thing has happened in the leftist political and intellectual culture of Germany. Though the left here, as in the rest of Western Europe, continues to be overwhelmingly anti-Israel, one can now point to a slice of the German left that identifies itself as pro-Israel and is creating a flourishing anti-anti-Zionist leftist culture.
die jüdische

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

“Al-Qaeda shaped in Bosnia”

B92, August 07, 2007
WASHINGTON -- John Schindler believes that Al-Qaeda was shaped as a modern terrorist organization during the war in Bosnia. Schindler, author of a book on terrorism, told CNN Al-Qaeda members were invited to Bosnia by that country’s leadership, where they set up training camps operational from 1992 until 1995. He claims Osama Bin Laden exploited the war in Bosnia for his own interests, and says there was “a worrying level of support” for the Mujahedin on the part of the U.S. administration of that time. RFE reported that the book looks into the way in which the Clinton administration cooperated with Iran to arm the Mujahedin fighting in Bosnia, including Al-Qaeda, with weapons and equipment worth millions of dollars.

Netherlands: Head of ex-Muslims group attacked and beaten

"It just isn't acceptable that you are beaten up for having an opinion."
"Extra security for Ehsan Jami," from
Expatica (thanks to all who sent this in):
VOORBURG - Ehsan Jami, the chairman of the committee for ex-Muslims, will be given extra security. The national anti-terrorism coordinator's office, the public prosecution department and the police decided during a meeting on Monday that "additional measures" are necessary for the protection of the 22-year-old Labour PvdA council member in Leidschendam-Voorburg. A spokesperson for the office of the national anti-terrorism coordinator (NCTb) reported this on Monday when asked. The extra measures are being implemented because Jami was attacked and beaten in Voorburg last weekend. No further details about the extra security measures are being released.
Jami did not want to say much about the attack earlier in the day on Monday. "I'm too emotional for that," the politician said. His advisor and publicist, academic Afshin Ellian, says that three men of ethnic background were waiting to attack Jami after he left a supermarket.
He was struck twice and sworn at. Ellian says it is the third time that Jami has been ambushed like this recently. The attack has been reported to police.
Jami said in an interview previously that Mohammed was "a terrible man." He hopes his committee can help Muslims who turn away from Islam and put taboos in the Muslim world like domestic violence and human rights violations on the agenda.Harry Oldersma, faction chairman of the PvdA in Leidschendam-Voorburg, was "shocked and angry" at the abuse suffered by his fellow party member. "It just isn't acceptable that you are beaten up for having an opinion. That crosses all boundaries."
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The Farce of our Kosovo Mission

By Julia Gorin
A response to critics.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Canadian Officers: Croat Atrocities Covered Up

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently reported about Canadian officers being frustrated by inaction over a “1995 ethnic cleansing operation by Croatians against Serbs” — the Operation Storm. The reason why Croat atrocities are being covered up, the Canadian soldiers say, is that the Americans have helped them plan and execute the biggest ethnic cleansing operation of the entire Yugoslav conflict.
Four years ago, CBC Radio ran a special trying to bring the issue of Croat war crimes to the public attention:
“Canadian soldiers had been protecting Serbs in Krajina for three years when Operation Storm rolled in. Croatian troops ethnically cleansed the area of Serbs. After the 4 day ‘Operation Storm’, the army went through and systematically burned houses, shot civilians, and killed their farm animals. The Canadian troops tried to stop them, but their rifles were no match to aerial bombardment. Since then the Canadians have been trying to testify about war crimes [...]”

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Biggest Ethnic Cleansing of the Entire Yugoslav Conflict

“On Aug. 5, 1995 the army of the newly independent European state of Croatia attacked its own citizens, expelling its undefended Orthodox Christian population in what it called ‘Operation Storm’.
“These Orthodox Christian Serbs had earlier survived the slaughter of three quarters of a million Serbs, Jews and Roma (Gypsies) in the Holocaust conducted by Nazi-allied fascist Croatia in World War II. Only some Serbs, who were forcibly converted to Catholicism at gunpoint, were spared.
“Modern-day Croatia completed the crime it started in World War II. On Aug. 5, 1995, in front of CNN cameras and an inexplicably silent international community, Croatia completed the biggest ethnic cleansing of the entire Yugoslav conflict, expelling over half a million Orthodox in four years,” reads the announcement of the STOP Coalition’s protest against the “Operation Storm” on the anniversary of Croat mass ethnic cleansing of Serbs twelve years ago, held today in front of the Croatian embassy in Washington.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Muslim fury as 'Jihad The Musical' comes to the UK

Here we go again. Where is the "Muslim fury" against not "Jihad The Musical," but "Jihad The Bloody Reality"?
From the
Daily Mail (thanks to Morgaan Sinclair):
International terrorism and the threat to Britain from Al-Qaeda would probably be deemed by most as unlikely subject matter for a musical.
After all, suicide bombing, mass bloodshed and fundamental Islam do not exactly lend themselves to singing and dancing.
But Jihad the Musical by the Silk Circle Production company has forged on regardless and is already being performed on stage at the Edinburgh Festival.
The controversial satire about Islamic terrorism includes such classic tunes as "Building a bomb today, what does the manual say" and "I wanna be like Osama".
Perhaps its creators were inspired by the success of The Producers - a runaway broadway hit which attracted criticism for its camp rendition of Nazi Germany.
Like that production, the terrorism musical - billed as a "madcap gallop through the wacky world of international terrorism" - has already sparked protests.
A petition calling for the Prime Minister to condemn the musical has been launched on his Downing Street website.
It says: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to condemn the tasteless portrayal of terrorism and its victims in Jihad the Musical."
But producer James Lawler has downplayed the protest, saying: "We have no intention of causing offence or insult with this show, It is simply a musical comedy."
The musical tells the story of a young Afghan peasant Sayid who dreams of making it as a flower farmer selling poppies in the West.
His plans are thwarted by a jihadi cell seeking to blow up Western targets, in particular one in Britain known as the "Unidentified, Very Prestigious Landmark".
Sayid sings to his burkha clad mentor: "I can only see your eyes" and theatre-goers are also treated to a song called "We're going to rock the righteous, to the Jihad jive".
The story comes to a head on the night of the attack when Sayid must decide whose side he is on....
A lot of people are going to have to decide that eventually.
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Friday, August 03, 2007

Bosnian Muslim paper accuses Serbs, Jews of conspiracy against Islam

Bosnian Muslim paper says Jews and Serb are conspiratorial killers with Muslim blood up to their elbows.

Serbia Insists That Talks Primarily Focus on Kosovo Province Status

Tanjug reports that Serbian government has proposed that the Belgrade — Pristina talks primarily focus on the status of Kosovo and Metohija province, that they are conducted directly, without a strict timetable, that Martti Ahtisaari’s proposal is not the basis for the talks, that the entire process should be under the mandate of the United Nations and that relevant decisions are made by the UN Security Council.
These six elements of the Serbian government’s proposed rules for the talks on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija were on Friday sent to the ambassadors of the Contact Group countries in Belgrade and to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.
The proposal, seen by Tanjug, said that the talks should focus on the status of Kosovo and Metohija and that numerous practical and technical issues, such as the position of communities, decentralization, protection of the cultural heritage, economic issues etc, can be negotiated, but only within the primary status issue.

Ban Ki-moon for Mutually Acceptable Agreement on Kosovo Province

According to Tanjug, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today expressed hope that upcoming negotiations on Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province will lead to mutually acceptable agreement.
“The international community must find a solution that is timely, addresses the key concerns of all communities living in Kosovo and provides clarity for Kosovo’s status,” Ban Ki-moon said.
Secretary General also welcomed the initiative of the Contact Group to conduct the new negotiations on southern Serbian province.
“The United Nations will continue to play a constructive role in the new period of engagement and continue its major role on the ground in Kosovo,” Ki-moon said, adding that the Contact Group will report back to him on the new negotiations by December 10.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

State of the Albanian Organized Crime

Behind the Islamic hybrid of drugs and politics, sex slavery and drive for independence.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Autonomy Negotiations Based on Resolution 1244

In a statement to Beta news agency Tuesday, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said that Serbian government is ready to begin real and meaningful negotiations on autonomy for the ethnic Albanian minority in Kosovo-Metohija province on the basis of the UN SC Resolution 1244.
“We can reach a solution if we put things in their proper context in the new negotiations, and that means if we open the question of the status of ethnic Albanian minority and find the best form and degree of autonomy for the province,” said Kostunica.

All Finnish journalists are either stupid, lazy or racist