Friday, December 28, 2007

Aleksandar Popovic: EU Could Become Serbia’s Enemy

“The way Serbia relates towards the EU will depend on the way the EU treats Serbia. Serbia is neither ill-tempered nor hostile so that now, for no reason whatsoever, it does not want to have the ideal relations with all countries. But it takes two for both love and friendship. In case there are countries willing to recognize possible unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo and Metohija, if there are states prepared to brutally violate all the principles the civilized world rests upon since 1945, then they have to be ready for Serbia to treat that as an enemy-gesture.
“The same goes for the EU if it intends to send its mission to the part of our territory bypassing the Security Council and against our will, in order to implement the rejected and failed Ahtisaari’s idea on Serbia’s dismemberment — how can anyone expect Serbia to smile and act as if nothing happened?!”, said DSS deputy president and Minister Aleksandar Popovic in an interview for Belgrade daily Glas javnosti.

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