Saturday, December 22, 2007

Resolution 1244 Crystal Clear, but Western Powers are Eager to Violate it

UN Security Council Resolution 1244 clearly defines that negotiations on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija be conducted within essential autonomy for the Serbian province, said on Thursday Serbian international law professor Milan Paunovic.
The resolution is clear, but in this situation the United States and several other powers on the decline in Europe do not want to accept it but to violate it, Paunovic said, commenting on the Wednesday session of the Security Council of Kosovo and Metohija.
“What the United States has imagined is not going to go down easy,” Paunovic assessed in a statement to Tanjug, and cautioned that a crisis was once again looming over the international law, thanks to the “arrogant and unreasonable behavior” of the largest world power and several other states in Western Europe.
Through a behavior pernicious for modern international law, the United States is seeking to destroy the international order, created after WWII by the UN Charter, “because it no longer serves its interests,” assessed Paunovic, who is a professor at Belgrade University Faculty of Law.
According to him, the United States is infringing upon the basic principles of the UN Charter, including the principle of territorial integrity of member states, in what it is followed by “the so-called powers in Europe,” who think they might “gain something in the new world order created under their domination.”

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