Friday, December 28, 2007

Serbia’s Prime Minister: Battle for Kosovo is Battle for Serbia’s Freedom

Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica’s address to the Parliament Assembly on December 26, on the occasion of proposing Kosovo-Metohija Resolution and State Negotiating Team Report to the MPs for adoption.
Honorable Parliament Members,
You have before you today the report of the state negotiating team so that you could get fully acquainted with all relevant facts on the negotiations thus far. Before you is also the proposal of the Resolution outlining directions for future work and committing state institutions to protect sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia.
In my view, the latest UN Security Council session in which the report of the mediating troika was reviewed deserves special attention. It is my duty to inform you that in this session held on December 19, the will of the US and a few European countries blocked Russian initiative to continue the negotiating process, thereby blocking the work of Security Council on finding a compromise solution for the future status of the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.
At the same time, Western countries led by the US have stated that, following the presidential elections in Serbia, they would recognize unilateral independence of the province, based on rejected Ahtisaari plan.

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