Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trick or Trick: Javier Solana

Solana Above the Law
Commenting Javier Solana’s recent claim that sending EU mission to the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija against Serbia’s will and without the UN Security Council approval would not represent the violation of international law, Kosovo-Metohija Minister Slobodan Samardzic said that such statement “can only mean that, for Solana, the international law does not exist.”
“The announcement that the Council of EU ministers could formally decide on January 28 to send EU mission would not only be a most severe violation of the international law and Resolution 1244, but it would also annul the initialed Stabilization and Association Agreement,” Samardzic told Tanjug.
He stressed that the agreement initialed between Serbia and EU explicitly obligates both sides to respect the UN Charter, Resolution 1244 and Helsinki Final Act.
“Each of these basic documents absolutely guarantees Serbia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in its current internationally recognized borders,” said Samardzic.
“The international law must be respected and that is why the EU cannot decide on January 28 to unlawfully send a mission to Kosovo and Metohija,” Samardzic said.
While Minister Samardzic deserves utmost regard as a rarely decent, honorable man, an esteemed educator and university professor, the issue is not whether Solana thinks the international law exists, but when did he ever act as if the international law does exist, or as if it applies to the self-styled Illuminated Elite he belongs to?
Belgrade had a good opportunity to teach the gnome that law indeed applies to him too, but it missed that chance, so it’s no use complaining now. Unless they plan to arrest him on his next “return to the scene of crime.”

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