Thursday, February 21, 2008

Albanian Democrats Unmask Western Lies and Hypocrisy

The Kosovo Democratic Initiative, the party of Serbia's Albanians and other citizens, on Wednesday condemned the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo-Metohija province.
Albanian Democratic party, whose seat is in the Serbian city of Nis, invited the international community and especially the European Union "not to push Albanians into another confrontation with Serbia, because this is their state."
"We support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia and request the annulment of the unilateral act on independence of Kosovo-Metohija," the statement said.
The Kosovo Democratic Initiative stressed that "since the arrival of KFOR and UNMIK in Kosovo-Metohija, more than 1,600 Albanians were killed by their extreme compatriots just for being loyal citizens of Serbia and for not supporting the separatist movement after the signing of the Kumanovo agreement."
"More than 30,000 Albanians who lived in Kosovo-Metohija had to leave their homes and find refuge in Serbia proper, running away from their extreme compatriots and Albanian terrorism," the statement said.

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