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"There was not anti-Semitism in the past, but with the Saudi charities here now we are seeing a Wahhabi influence for the first time"... of the 50 remaining Jews in Kosovo
It bears repeating that all of the Wahhabists' material comes from the Qur'an, ahadith and Sira -- anti-Semitic material which may be ignored, but has not been repudiated on a large scale by Muslims and Islamic institutions.
"Kosovo Jews uncertain about future," by Dana Spritzer for the
Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
... There are some 50 Jews left in Kosovo. Belonging to three families, or clans, they all live in the city of Prizren, a rare gem of ancient architecture amid a landscape devastated by war, poverty and Communist-era concrete.
The United Nations took over the administration of Kosovo in 1999 after a brutal conflict between Kosovo Albanians seeking independence and Serbian troops controlled by strongman Slobodan Milosevic.
Ethnic Albanians account for 90 percent of Kosovo's population of 2.2 million. The Albanians are Muslim, but largely secular. [...]
Distressed by a war they watched from the sidelines and facing an uncertain future, the Jews of Prizren are gloomy. When the war started, the other Jews in Kosovo - the 50 living in the capital city of Pristina - fled to Serbia, where they spoke the language and felt a part of the culture. But those in Prizren, where Jews speak Albanian and Turkish - there is a large Turkish population there - stayed.
Now, with Kosovo having broken away from Serbia, those like Votim Demiri, Quono's father, who made a decent living under communism, find it hard to leave the homes they built, despite fears of growing tensions with their neighbors.
"There was not anti-Semitism in the past, but with the Saudi charities here now we are seeing a Wahabi influence for the first time," Demiri said, referring to the fundamentalist Islamic ideology Saudi Arabian clerics have tried to export, with little success, in the Balkans. "I think the newspapers these days are not portraying Jews in such a positive light."
"Little success" is debatable. Not that it wouldn't be great to see the Saudis' efforts fail miserably, but the extent to which they're failing or not relevant to Kosovo Muslims' hostilities toward Jews only underscores the fact that there is more to Islamic anti-Semitism than the current wave of Saudi influence.
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