Monday, March 31, 2008

Further disintegration of Serbia bad

Former German official Willy Wimmer warns that internal disintegration of Serbia worst outcome and EU membership depends on EU posture

Pat Condell on FITNA

Austro-Hungarian Empire Manufactures History for the First Albania

At the end of 19th century the Austro-Hungarian Empire decided to create an autonomous Albania under the Hapsburg control and protectorate, later to be given a full statehood.
Just like the present day Empire's adventure in creating the second Albanian state on the territory of Serbia, the Austro-Hungarian efforts had nothing to do with either 'self-determination' or human rights. To the contrary, just like today, the once mighty Hapsburg empire ventured into drawing new borders purely for the sake of its political goals, to fragment, destabilize and ensure better control of the lands of South Slavs, by using predominantly Muslim Arbanases (Albanians) as a constant threat and a weapon against the Serbs.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is Kosovo the End of Europe?

by Ash Narain Roy, Mainstream
Rene Magritte, the celebrated Belgian surrealist painter, once painted an apple and wrote on it, “This is not an apple.” He did the same on a pipe. Today, he could as well paint his country, Belgium, and certainly Kosovo, the youngest nation in the world, and write, “This is not a country.” Belgium is collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions, with its majority Dutch-speaking, many French-speaking and few German-speaking citizens unable to decide what and for whom the state stands for. Kosovo is a self-inflicted pain and the world will not be able to withstand it given the can of worms its creation has opened. Mitrovica, witnessing intense violence, may emerge as a flashpoint of new conflict. Serbia is thinking of inviting Russian troops into Serb-dominated northern Kosovo as peacekeepers that may undermine the authority of the NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping mission, creating the potential for conflict leading to the partition of Kosovo.

Germany’s Grand Strategy

The fact is, there is a grand strategy that certain influential German minds are working at in order to consolidate their present dominance in Europe as a platform for global hegemony.
Back in 1945, when Germany lay in the ashes of abject defeat, few believed Herbert W. Armstrong’s prediction that the surviving Nazis would simply go underground to develop their plans for a third attempt at world rule. As defeat loomed for Nazi Germany, many Nazis were whisked away through the Vatican ratlines to Spain, the Middle East, to the Americas and other New World countries together with much Nazi loot with which to bankroll their underground strategy.
After the allies turned over the de-Nazification program to Germany, many hundreds of other Nazis and their sympathizers turned up within the bureaucracy, the education system and even the government of West Germany. This was particularly the case during the time of the Adenauer administration.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The EU Bureaucracy Grows Selfish Evil Idiots on Trees

In an interview with AP Pieter Feith said 16,000 KFOR troops should make way for his staff—the illegal EU mission—in the enclaves where the remaining Kosovo Serbs live.
“The [EU] mission will depend on NATO forces who should secure the territory,” the EU bully said.
In other words, Feith counts on NATO to push illegal secession down the Serbs' throats and force them to accept the mafia state they do not recognize, the illegal presence of EU bureaucrats they neither want or need on their land, in their backyards, and the fat fartface Feith who terribly needs this job, as their new Colonial Governor and master, despite the fact they don't know him, haven't invited him, don't want him and don't trust him as far as they can throw him.

Friday, March 28, 2008

German Muslims Angry

Muslims are seething in Germany over a planned stage production of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses—the dreaded unreadable novel of blasphemy.
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German Muslim group said on Friday protests were likely against the first ever staging of a dramatized version of Salman Rushdie’s controversial book “The Satanic Verses” in Potsdam near Berlin on Sunday.
Nurhan Soykan, spokeswoman for the central council of Muslims in Germany, told Reuters Muslims believed in a free press and freedom of opinion.
“BUT even this has its boundaries,” she said. “We’re worried that provocations and insults against us have increased recently. I wouldn’t want to ban (the play) BUT you can bet on protests from Muslim people. They can’t be expected to put up with everything.”

Fitna - Asylum in Russia

By Their Deeds Ye Shall Know Them

Speaking at a round table in Belgrade dedicated to southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija on Thursday, Ministry for Kosovo-Metohija State Secretary Dusan Prorokovic said it is fairly easy to evaluate the intentions and benevolence of the US and Russian leadership towards Serbia, by looking at their actions in regards to the crisis surrounding Serbian province.
"While the official Moscow is sending humanitarian aid to help solve some of the social, humanitarian and economic problems in the province, the official Washington ships arms," Prorokovic said.
His statement follows the announcement that President Putin has approved the shipment of the most urgently needed humanitarian aid to isolated Serbian enclaves in the province. The announcement came after UNMIK confiscated another shipment of medical supplies destined for healthcare institutions in the Kosovo Serb enclaves for the second time this month.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

M. Bozinovich: Blaming Jews for organ smuggling

Photo: Antisemitic turkish mob
In a roomful of US “dignitaries” such as “Madeleine Albright, Francis Fukuyama, Sandy Berger of the Hillary Clinton team, Susan Rice of the Barack Obama” attending Qatar for undisclosed reasons, a Turk Cengiz Çandar declared that Muslims “welcome the birth of the new baby in Europe [Kosovo] and baby brother of Turkey in Europe!”
Although back in 2005 Professor Jevtic did analyze the conclusions that Çandar declared just recently, it is noteworthy, to roll up the tape to today when another Turk, Mehmet Celebi, was kicked off the Clinton campaign because of his ties to a film depicting a Jewish doctor as an organ smuggler of butchered Iraqi Muslims by Americans.
… An amazing coincidence befitting of any pious Muslim Turk to blame Jews for a fictitious organ smuggling just in time when the Turkish offspring in Kosovo, the extremist Albanians, are marred in the organ smuggling ring for which, of course, Jews are blamed.
According to the former UN chief prosecutor for Yugoslavia, Carla Del Ponte, “some 300 Serbs were killed for organ trafficking” by the Muslim Albanians that rule Kosovo today.
So lets get this full loop straight: Clinton bombs Serbs in 1999 so that extremist Muslim Albanians can butcher Serbs for organs only to find another Muslim on Clinton fundraising team financing a film that scapegoats Islamic organ trafficking on Jews.
Clinton campaign says that it has no plans to return the money to Celebi.
M. Bozinovich

Del Ponte Knew About Serbian Mass Graves Since 2001

Picture: Carla del Freisler
According to Tanjug, former head of the Coordinating Center for Kosovo and Metohija Nebojsa Covic has said that seven years ago Serbian authorities presented to the ICTY Prosecution a list of locations of potential mass graves and secret prison camps in Kosovo-Metohija and northern Albania, where kidnapped Kosovo Serbs were killed and buried.
In an interview with the Serbian Radio Television, Covic said that they had never received a reply from former ICTY chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte regarding the material Serbian security services handed over.

Geert Wilders - Fitna

McCain Supports Radical Muslims In Kosovo

Cindy McCain, left, wife of the US Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain, meets with the new ally US carved out from Serbia.
By Cliff Kincaid
If the media are on the lookout for gaffes by the presidential campaigns, they missed a big one on Wednesday, when Cindy McCain met with Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in Kosovo's capital Pristina, while her husband was giving a major foreign policy speech calling for "new foundations for a stable and enduring peace." Kosovo's declaration of independence, which McCain accepts and was implicitly recognized by Cindy McCain's visit to Pristina, is a major threat to global peace and security. It could spark a U.S. war with Russia.
It may be asking too much, however, for the media to cover a gaffe like this. The Kosovo policy is a bipartisan blunder. For the liberal media, Iraq, where McCain differs with Hillary and Obama about the length of stay of the U.S. military, seems to be the only foreign policy issue worth talking about. But the U.S. faces other major problems.
More... serbianna

United Nations: Kosovo—A Narco-Terrorist "State"

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has warned in its latest report that the axis between South American drug cartels and the Albanian mafia have acquired alarming proportions, and reports by several intelligence agencies show that Kosovo is a distribution center on the crossroads of global routes and pathways of drug trafficking.
This presents reason for concern, primarily because of the new pathways of drug trafficking and the including of cocaine in the range of products offered by the groups that are active along the Balkan drug route, the UNODC annual report for 2007 said. The Albanian mafia has recently begun taking over the control of ports in Romania, in addition to the already solid network existing in Albania and Montenegro, the report said.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Belgrade Prosecutor to Investigate Albanian Butchering Camps

On March 21, Belgrade war crimes prosecutor announced opening a case regarding the massacre of Kosovo Serbs kidnapped by the Albanian terrorist KLA for the sale of their vital organs during and after the 1999 NATO aggression.
“We are verifying statements obtained through operative work that, in 1999, two trucks carrying imprisoned Kosovo Serbs were transfered to Albania,” said War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic, adding that the information had been obtained from Hague Tribunal investigators, according to which there are unregistered mass graves with bodies of mutilated and murdered Kosovo Serbs in Albania.
Since Belgrade daily Glas Javnosti published the initial bits of information about the monstrous organ harvesting in Mengele- prison camps Thaci's and Ceku's KLA operated in northern Albania, apparently with the knowledge and approval of the highest officials in Albanian government, a lot of additional information with grisly details available in Del Ponte's book has been published in the Serbian media.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

End Diplomatic Relations with Serbian Mass Grave, Albania

Kosovo Serb children helped by waving flags of the countries that refuse to recognize mafia state on Serbian territory, shown here with Spanish, Russian and Greek alongside Serbian flag. Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia, March 25, 2008

Gathered at a massive rally in Kosovska Mitrovica on Tueseday, thousands of Kosovo Serbs demanded that official Belgrade ends diplomatic relations with Albania and called for the boycott of Croat and Slovenian products.
At a rally "Stop the Terror, No to NATO state—the independent Kosovo", president of the Serbian National Council Milan Ivanovic said that Serbs demand ending of diplomatic relations with the state of Albania "where the mass graves of the kidnapped Kosovo-Metohija Serbs are."
"That is where our people were massacred to have their organs sold to Albanian Western friends. We demand boycotting of the Croat and Slovenian products. We want the return of our army and police, according to the UN Security Council Resolution 1244," Ivanovic summed up the Kosovo Serbs' requests.

Robert Spencer takes on the thuggish Organization of The Islamic Conference’s war on free speech

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nine Years Since US-Led NATO Aggression on Yugoslavia:Supreme War Crime—Crime Against Peace

March 24, 2008, marks nine years since the beginning of US-led NATO aggression on Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which killed over 3,500 people in order to enable severing of southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, after imposing an "international protectorate" in this part of Serbia. Being that the number of both Serbs and Albanians killed during the 1998-1999 counter-terrorism war in southern Serbian province, according to the ICTY figures totaled 2,788 victims, NATO has only helped double the final death score, while exponentially compounding the suffering of all nationalities and ethnic and religious groups in Serbia during the three months of carnage.

Soros and the Democratic Party

By Sandhya Jain
In Serbia, until the 1999 NATO bombings to subdue Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, the Soros Fund operated a Civil Centre in Pristina, Kosovo, to fight for the national independence of the Albanian Muslim majority. In Belgrade, it operated ‘Radio B-92,’ which played a major role in the anti-Milosevic student riots in 1996-7.
The recent spate of articles in American media savaging Senator Barack Obama, all by White Americans (naturally), and keeping Hillary Clinton’s candidature alive in the face of obvious public yearning for change, suggests heavy duty behind-the-scenes manoeuvres by corporate America.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Running for Freedom

Bosnian Serb Zeljko Blagojevic, an ultra-marathon runner, arrived to Kosovska Mitrovica on Saturday, March 22, after running more than 900 km (550 miles) from Banja Luka, a capital of Serb republic in Bosnia.
The marathon, run in protest against Pristina separatists' declaration and to show support for Kosovo Serbs stranded in a fake state—a NATO satellite on the territory of Serbia—has injected the new optimism in Mitrovica, the city which came under heavy attack of NATO troops on the four years anniversary of March 17 pogrom.
Greeted with applauses, banners and flags by the grateful compatriots who joined him on a run through the city, Zeljko said he carries a message of support from Republika Srpska.
"I wanted to show the world how close Republika Srpska and Kosovo-Metohija really are," Blagojevic said, stressing that "it takes no more than plain steps to come and bow to the Serbian sanctity."

European Swimming Champion: It's an Honor to Represent Serbia

European champion Milorad Cavic, expelled on Friday from the swimming competition in Eindhoven, a small town in the northern part of Fourth Reich, because of a t-shirt which says Kosovo is Serbia, talked to Belgrade daily Politika ahead of returning to Serbia.
"I always love coming to Belgrade. I'll get some rest from the swimming, but I will start dry trainings very soon in the gym, to prepare for the Olympic Games. Olympic medal is my dream and I'll do everything to achieve it," one of Serbia's top athletes said.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Belgian Police: Albanian Mafia Dominates Western Europe

In its latest March 19 issue, Brussels weekly TeleMoustique offers an exclusive dossier about the mafia in Belgium where, according to the Belgian police department specialized for Albanian organized crime, Albanian mafia clans dominate, leading in the illegal trade, including human trafficking and the sale of cocaine and heroin.
The Albanian gangs are spread throughout the Europe, the report says, adding that Albanian brutality and networks of prostitution rings have made them notorious and dominant in the human trafficking in the West.
Belgium is regarded as the most important country in the Albanian human trafficking, being the last port before the entry to Great Britain, considered the "El Dorado of the illegal immigration".
It is estimated that up to 100,000 illegal immigrants have been transfered to Belgium by the Albanians, while some observers warn that this number represents the illegal immigrants in Brussels alone, the city with some 1M residents, the report claims.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Nazi Dutch Serbophobes Learned their Serbian Cyrillic Well

Serbian swimming champion Milorad Cavic, who just won a gold medal for the 50 meter butterfly also breaking a European record, has been suspended from the European Championships in Eindhoven for wearing a t-shirt which says "Kosovo is Serbia".
Quite a statement for the freedom of speech in the Fourth Reich, where Holland plays a shameful role, showing themselves to be about as open minded, fair and free as the Hitlerjugend ever was.
A 23-year-old Serb was hailed as the most likely winner of the upcoming 100 meters freestyle and the 100 meters butterfly: when the Dutch boys can't win a spit—which has been a sad reality for Netherlands for about... well, forever—some of that famed Dutch bitchy fascism bubbles forth, resulting in a ban for the Serb who can win it all, by cutting his tongue off and nailing him to a pillar of shame.
Though the whiplashes have been waived in this case and the Serb champion won't be stripped of his gold medal, Serbian Swimming Organization has been fined EUR 7000 and given a tight-ass Nazi lecture by a "disciplinary panel", saying that wearing a t-shirt with Serbian Cyrillic inscription "constitutes a clear political action in violation of the LEN guidelines for safety and security at LEN events."
Despite the poisonous Dutch envy that can hardly spoil Cavic's success, or change the fact that Kosovo is Serbia, one has to congratulate the Fourth Reich Serbophobes for learning Serbian Cyrillic so well to be able to immediately understand what Serbian champion's t-shirt said.
Question: If we wear t-shirts saying Kosovo is Serbia in Mandarin, do we still get banned by the Reich from competitions? If we don't compete, but wear t-shirts saying Kosovo is Serbia, do we get arrested? Beaten up? Shot on the spot? Charged with disturbing Fourth Reich's dirty conscience and thrown in the dungeons?
Some of us would like to know, before visiting Holland (if we ever want to see how the fascism actually developed and thrived in 21st century), to be prepared. Besides, "Kosovo is Serbia" t-shirts have just become ten times more popular, thanks to our Dutch promoters, so perhaps it should be handed out with a certain warning, like: to be worn only outside the Fourth Reich.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

UNMIK Pretends it Doesn't Know International Law is Violated in Kosovo Province

Former KFOR Commander, Lieutenant General Fabio Mini has said that it is very dangerous to look for legal framework for Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia outside the UN Security Council Resolution 1244, stressing that the resolution was grossly violated by the Pristina separatists' declaration of independence.
"International law has been violated in Kosovo, because the international law is what Resolution 1244 says and no other interpretations are possible. The view that Resolution 1244 refers to just one part of Kosovo — the one where the Serbs live — is neither possible nor acceptable. Resolution 1244 refers to all of Kosovo," General Mini said in an interview to the Rome daily Il Manifesto.
He assessed that, unfortunately, the resolution had not been observed and that UNMIK, as the representative and guarantor of Resolution 1244, pretends not to see that Kosovo province's provisional parliament had violated the UN Security Council document by unilaterally declaring independence.
"I think that a major contradiction in the legal area has been created. It is really difficult, but also extremely dangerous to try to find a legal framework other than Resolution 1244. To do that, we should really go back to the beginning," the former KFOR commander said.

More Kosovo follies

When linking arms with the Arab and Muslim world, official Washington is keen to point out Kosovo would be a Muslim state. But of course, if anyone points out an independent Muslim Kosovo might be a bad idea, he is whipping up "Islamophobia."
Says the U.S. envoy to Kosovo, Ambassador Frank G. Wisner: "To be able to secure a Muslim-majority state inside the European whole is a terrific signal that the Muslim world and the non-Muslim word can live side by side in peace and cooperation, one with the other."
That is, unless Kosovo becomes a jihad base in Europe, and proves just the opposite. And to that end,
President Bush has just authorized arming our newest Islamic protégé.
From the Washington Times's
Embassy Row (thanks to James Jatras):
The U.S. envoy to Kosovo is urging Arab governments to invest in Europe's newest Muslim-majority nation.
Ambassador Frank G. Wisner called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to build on its statement of support issued after Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on Feb. 17.
"I think Kosovars are ready for that and want it," Mr. Wisner told, a U.S. State Department Web site.
Mr. Wisner, a former ambassador to India, the Philippines and Zambia, as well as to the OIC, argued that Kosovo is a good place for foreign investment.
"It's a good investment in the future," he said. "It's a profitable investment in terms of the eventual economic evolution of southeastern Europe, and I hope a strong economic signal will accompany a political signal."
He argued that the creation of the Kosovo republic has implications beyond Europe.
"To be able to secure a Muslim-majority state inside the European whole is a terrific signal that the Muslim world and the non-Muslim word can live side by side in peace and cooperation, one with the other," he said.
"I believe that for most of the Muslim world, it's very important that one looks at [Kosovo] as a matter of justice."
So far, however, Kosovo's declaration of independence has sparked rioting from Serbs, who consider the ancient province part of Serbia's historical heritage. Russia, Serbia's main ally, has criticized the United States and other nations for recognizing Kosovo.
Kosovar militants rebelled against Serbian domination in 1999 but were crushed by a fierce Serbian counteroffensive that led to charges of "ethnic cleansing" against Kosovars and the intervention of NATO forces. Since 2004, Kosovo was administered by the United Nations.

Depends on Who's Breaching...

Commenting the Western accusations that Kosovo Serb judicial workers have "breached the Resolution 1244" when they occupied the court building in Kosovska Mitrovica requesting to be returned to work, Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin reminded of an earlier, much more serious breach of the same resolution no-one even criticized.
"I don't remember that someone had broken into the parliament in Pristina during the declaration of Kosovo's independence, despite the fact that the declaration was a serious breach of Resolution 1244," Churkin said.
Russian officials evaluated that the raid, carried out by KFOR and UNMIK, raises a "series of questions about the reason to launch the operation by international forces and police in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica". "It was possible to continue the talks without a use of violence," Vitaly Churkin stressed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

El Mundo: Spain to Withdraw from Kosovo Province

Spain should terminate its participation in the KFOR mission, said on Wednesday the influential Spanish El Mundo daily, which also said that the majority of Spaniards were urging their country's withdrawal.
Judging by a survey made public in the daily, 85 percent of Spaniards are in favor of the withdrawal of Spanish troops from southern Serbian province of Kosovo.
KFOR—From Peacekeepers to Occupiers
"Since the authorities in Kosovo unilaterally declared independence, KFOR's task has completely changed," El Mundo said.
"The mission at this moment has no legal basis. It was initially envisaged that KFOR would be a peacekeeping mission in the region, and there was no plan for it to become an occupation force that should subjugate the Serbian minority to the ethnic Albanian majority and to a policy of fait accompli," the daily said.
Spain has over 100 troops in Kosovo-Metohia province as part of NATO's contingent. The Pristina separatists announced independence unilaterally, which has been recognized by some European countries, but not by others, among which Spain remains firm in refusing to legitimize Washington-imposed dismemberment of sovereign UN member state.
Recommended: NATO's big blunder: Action in Kosovo one of the great outrages of our time, by Peter Worthington (Toronto Sun); After Kosovo, the Deluge, by Ian Bancroft (Guardian, CiF); Kosovo is Munich, by Julia Gorin (Republican Riot); NATO Used Disproportionate Force Against Serbian Civilians in Kosovska Mitrovica, World News Australia (; Kosovo and Washington’s Strategic Agenda for Europe and Eurasia, by F. William Engdahl (; Tell Them The Truth, by David Truskoff (; Kosovo’s Dark Meaning, by George F. Will (NewsWeek)

NATO Changes Its Story From One Minute to Another

State Secretary at the Serbian Ministry for Kosovo-Metohija Dusan Prorokovic said late on Tuesday that authorities in Belgrade have requested an international investigation to determine what really happened during the unrest in Kosovska Mitrovica on Monday, who overstepped their authority and who stands behind the entire action.
Prorokovic resolutely denied the allegations of ranking NATO and UNMIK representatives that authorities in Belgrade had anything to do with the unrest, and the latest allegation, that Serbian "policemen" were in the court building, alongside judicial workers requesting to be allowed to return to work.
The unrest occurred when UNMIK special police seized the court building where Serbs peacefully protested, demanding their jobs back. Revolted by the brutal attack, Kosovo Serbs rallied around the court building in an intention to prevent the arrested Serbs from being taken to Pristina prison and handed over to Albanians. More than 100 police officers and civilians, over 70 of them Serbs, were injured in the unrest that followed the arrest of 53 court staff.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tomislav Nikolic: Brutal, Savage Action by UNMIK, NATO

Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Deputy President Tomislav Nikolic most strongly condemned yesterday's attack on judicial workers and other Serbs by UNMIK and KFOR (NATO) in northern Kosovska Mitrovica, stressing that they carried out a brutal and savage action against Serbs.
In a statement for reporters, the leader of the strongest political party in Serbia said this reminded him of the actions that Hitler's occupation regime conducted against the Serbian citizens in Kragujevac, Kraljevo, and other places during the Second World War.
"The women and men in Kosovska Mitrovica are guilty only of being Serbs and for wanting to return to their places of work," Nikolic said.
UNMIK has decided to withdraw its civilian staff from northern part of Kosovo province, "which means that they remain a pure force of occupation in Kosovo and Metohija," Nikolic pointed out.

Kosovo is Munich

Republican Riot

Our World: Germany's pro-Israel power play

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's speech in German before the Knesset this afternoon will be the culmination of what the Israeli media has referred to as an "historic" three-day state visit to Israel. The day before Merkel launched her "historic" visit, Der Spiegel reported on the "historic" visit of another German to Afghanistan.
That visit ended on March 3 when the visitor in question, known as Cüneyt C. from Bavaria and also known as Saad Ebu Furkan blew himself up in front of a US guard post in Khost, an hour's drive from the border with Pakistan where the German-Turk underwent terror training. Two US soldiers were killed and dozens were wounded after being trapped beneath the rubble, making C. Germany's first successful suicide bomber.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Switzerland to sign huge Iran gas deal

Swiss energy giant EGL is set to sign a 25-year deal in Teheran on Monday to buy 5.5 billion cubic meters of Iranian natural gas per year, starting in 2011, for a reported €18 billion.
The contract will be the second largest European gas deal, although EGL spokesman Bogdan Preda told The Jerusalem Post, "We are not releasing the value of the deal."
In April, the Austrian energy company OMV signed letters of intent with Iran valued at €22 billion to supply Europe with gas, but that contract has yet to be finalized. US officials are closely scrutinizing the legality of the OMV deal.
Swiss journalist Alexander Hasgall told the Post that Switzerland had "neglected the political meaning of the gas contract and invoked the economic argument" to justify the transaction.

NATO/UNMIK "Protection": 70 Serbs Injured, 15 Seriously

Around 70 Serbs were injured in Kosovska Mitrovica on Monday morning, of whom 15 seriously injured patients were hospitalized, while two persons who had received life-threatening injuries were transported to Kragujevac and Belgrade, head of the Mitrovica hospital Vladimir Adzic told Tanjug.
"The patients we admitted sustained injuries from bombs, tear gas and explosive devices. We removed a metal bullet from the temple area of one patient, while another patient had bomb fragments all over his body," Dr. Adzic said, adding that "some 15 seriously injured citizens have injuries all over their body which were inflicted with shrapnel and fire arms."
The two persons who are in critical condition, Nebojsa Vukomanovic (36) from Lesak and Ilija Cuci (33), were transported to Kragujevac and Belgrade. Nebojsa Vukomanovic who was shot in the head by UNMIK police, underwent surgery in a Kragujevac hospital but remains in coma and was placed on life support, intensive care surgeon Djordje Ugrinovic told Tanjug.

Four Years Since Kosovo Kristallnacht

Today marks four years since the March pogrom of Serbs in Kosovo-Metohia, in which 19 people were killed, hundreds were wounded and thousands forced out of their homes.
Raska-Prizren Bishop Artemije will lead the Memorial Prayer Service for all the Kosovo-Metohia victims.
In the violent outbursts of Kosovo Albanian hordes between March 17-19 2004, dozens of international troops were also hurt. Even though some 20,000 NATO (KFOR) troops and UNMIK police, guaranteeing security and peace in the province, were present in Kosovo and Metohia, in three days more than 4,000 Serbs were forced to flee Kosovo province, close to thousand Serbian houses were torched and 35 Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were destroyed, 18 of which were listed as cultural and religious treasure.
The Albanian terror was nominally condemned by both the UN Security Council and the EU officials, but no concrete measures were taken to punish the instigators and perpetrators of such a massive, barbaric display of brutality, dubbed Kosovo Kristallnacht by one UN official.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kosovo – prelude to the destiny of Europe?

By Harry Vinter
Kosovo seen through the eyes of a Dane.

The situation in Denmark
The Danes are descendents of people who entered the landscape, which is now Denmark, when the ice withdraw after the ice age 12,000 years ago. Neither the Roman Empire nor the large emigrations reached Denmark. For this reason the Danes have little experience with the kind of ethnical conflicts, which the Serbs have endured through centuries.
It was therefore easy for different NGOs and irresponsible politicians to make the Danes accept an influx of immigrants from the beginning of the 1970ies. The immigration was presented as a “cultural enrichment”, which would bring about a “colourful society”.
Today, 30 years after, these positive words are never heard any more. Now the key word is “problems”: Problems with integration, problems with criminality, problems with ghettos, problems with forced marriages, “honour” killings and terrorism.

Eurabia exporting jihad

Welcome to the magnificent New Multicultural Europe.
"Germany's First Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan?," by Matthias Gebauer, Yassin Musharbash and Holger Stark for
Spiegel (thanks to all who sent this in):
A young German-born Turk could possibly have carried out an attack in Afghanistan that killed two US soldiers. The Islamic Jihad Union claims 28-year-old Cüneyt C. (Photo) from Bavaria was responsible for the March 3 attack, now the German authorities are desperately trying to find out the bomber's identity.
Since March 6, German investigators have also been looking into the incident. Ever since experts at the Berlin-based Joint Counter-Terrorism Center (GTAZ) discovered an Internet message that included the photograph of a grinning bearded man they have been pulling out all the stops to investigate the case. There are indications that the Khost bomber was no Afghan or Pakistani radical. In fact it is likely that the perpetrator was a Turkish citizen from Bavaria, born in Freising and regarded as a dangerous Islamist. If it was him, it would be nightmare for the investigators -- the first suicide bomber from Germany.
'Exchanging a Life of Luxury for Paradise'
The investigators first regarded the Internet message as pure propaganda. The terrorist group Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) wrote in Turkish that they had attacked "the military camp of the occupying force of the unbelievers," with 4.5 tons of explosives, "fully destroying" the US camp. The site gladly quotes the Taliban, who helped prepare the operation, and its reports of helicopters that took away the bodies. Instead of the two dead US soldiers, the IJU speaks of 60 victims.
The text then gets more flowery but also very concrete when it comes to details. Cüneyt C., also known as Saad Ebu Furkan, had "successfully carried out" the attack -- "a brave Turk, who came from Germany and exchanged his life of luxury for paradise." According to the text, "our brother" always prayed "to cause great damage to the unbelievers." With this attack Allah had now heard Cüneyt C.'s prayer. The message is signed "the Press Office of the Islamic Jihad Union."...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Happened to Kosovo Serbs Kidnapped by KLA?

Over 1,300 Kosovo Serbs, in addition to those for whom we know they have been killed and whose remains were handed over to their families by the UNMIK during the past 8 years, are still listed as missing. In some cases the entire families were kidnapped by the KLA/UCK at some point during the 1998-1999 war and after UN/NATO took over the administration and security of the southern Serbian province. These people were taken away in an unknown direction and, for all we know, disappeared from the face of the earth.
Over the years, we have learned that a number of kidnapped Kosovo Serb girls and women have been used as sex slaves, kept under the lock and key in the dark, moldy cellars of Albanian bar and brothel owners, underfed, repeatedly raped and beaten, until they are deemed no longer useful and killed like dogs.
There were also reports in the Serbian media about Kosovo Serb boys and men being forced to work in unsecured, illegal private mines, but with uncooperative UNMIK and indifferent KFOR (NATO) no investigation was ever initiated, and Serbian families of the Kosovo-Metohia missing are still without answers.

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Democrats" and "Hooligans" — Who's Who

On February 21, a group of young Serbs split from the Belgrade rally which gathered at least half a million people protesting against unilateral declaration of independence by Pristina separatists, and attacked the US embassy, managing to torch one of the offices before riot police dispersed them. The incident received a wide coverage in the West, aimed at overshadowing the incomparably bigger and much more significant peaceful gathering in front of the Parliament building and, later, at the prayer service held in St. Sava Church.
While the official West was "outraged", "stunned", "shocked" and "appalled", one Russian TV commentator was reminded of equally violent demonstrations eight years earlier, orchestrated by CIA and led by Zoran Djindjic, which were directed against FR Yugoslavia's President Slobodan Milosevic. But unlike the latest outbreak of violence, the Djindjic-led torching and looting of Serbian Parliament was praised and welcomed with enthusiasm among Western leaders and in the mainstream media, as an expression of a "democratic will of people":

Wiesenthal Centre to Paris Book Fair Featuring Israel as its Guest of Honour:...

..."Answer Arab World's Boycott by a Ban on Arab Publishers of Hate Literature"
In a letter to the co-organizers of the Paris Book Fair - the Syndicat National de l'Edition's President, Serge Eyrolles, and Reed Expositions France's President, Louis Algoud - the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, congratulated their choice of Israel as the 2008 Fair's Guest of Honour, but regretted that "sadly, this important cultural event has been boycotted by the Arab world."

Serbia seeks to prevent recognition increase

Serbia will actively seek in the upcoming months to put a stop to any further increase in number of countries that will recognize Kosovo's illegal declaration of independence says Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic.
However, an undisclosed source from the government of Croatia told the Croatian daily, Jutarnji List, that the country's parliament will in all likelihood recognize Kosovo during its regular legislative session on March 20.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Political Comédie Noire

Tadic Gets Bitch Slapped by the EU... Again and Again(i.e. Nobody Respects Traitors)
During the campaign for presidential elections, when it became clear Tomislav Nikolic is not only breathing down Tadic's neck, but getting a mere inch from securing a victory, Serbia's Yellows made sure to promise the impossible: both preserving Kosovo-Metohia province within Serbian borders and the victorious march into the European Utopia, doors of which are wide open if only Serbs "vote right" and reelect spineless, servile Boris Tadic as their president.
In January and at the start of February, Serbs were told that Washington and Brussels, which simply adore Tadic and his coterie of ass-kissers, will not allow Pristina separatists to declare independence if their boy wins, and might even consider another round of negotiations, to ensure that "democratic Serbia" does not get punished for the alleged "Milosevic's sins" ("from a dark era of isolation, poverty and wars", of course). At the same time, Serbia voters were repeatedly assured that, if they dare vote for the wrong candidate, Tomislav Nikolic, Kosovo province gets severed right away and Serbia doesn't get to hug with those who are trying to wipe it off the world map.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

General Ivashov: Armed Conflict Over Serbian Province Probable

The illegal declaration by Pristina separatists may trigger armed fighting of Kosovo Serbs against the "current masters" of the Serbian province and NATO forces, assessed on Tuesday former chief of international military cooperation at the Russian Defense Ministry, and now president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems General Leonid Ivashov.
At the same time, the general did not rule out the arrival of volunteers from Russia and other CIS states to southern Serbian province.
"This situation will be conducive to an underground armed fighting on behalf of Serbs in Kosovo province and the rest of Serbia, as well as Montenegro and the Bosnian Serb Republic," against "the current masters of Kosovo and NATO forces deployed there, Americans in the first place," Ivashov was quoted as saying by Itar-Tass.
"There are many people in all countries ready to fight for justice, including armed fighting, and I think we in Russia have them too," the Russian general said.

Kosovo Province Causes Rift Among OIC Experts

Experts met in session ahead of a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Council of foreign ministers, but strong disagreements broke out after Turkey attempted to secure that the closing document of the 11th OIC summit should include an article expressing the recognition of the independence of Kosovo, Russian media reported from the Senegalese capital of Dakar on Tuesday.
Quoting reports in Turkish papers and statements by diplomats of Azerbaijan, from which the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh has seceded, the media said that Turkey wanted to contribute an article on the recognition of the independence of Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia, but that other countries, primarily Azerbaijan, Egypt, Sudan, and Indonesia, were against such an initiative.
In the end, it was decided that the document should include only an article expressing “solidarity with the people” of mafia statelet on the territory of Serbia, while US-servant Turkey announced it will continue defending its position at meetings of ministers and presidents of OIC countries.
The Muslim countries that have so far recognized the illegal secession of southern Serbian province are the main US puppets—Albania, Turkey, Malaysia, Afghanistan, and Senegal. According to Russian media, such a move is being planned by the other two major US clients, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Recommended: Kosovo and the question of Palestine, by Ali Abunimah (The Electronic Intifada)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pat Condell: Appeasing Islam

A Long Planned Destruction of Serbia

Few days ago, we cited a brief excerpt from the exceptional book "Media Lies and the Conquest of Kosovo" by the French investigative reporter Michel Collon, which shows that United States had a thoroughly worked out military plan and chosen targets for air attacks on FR Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) long before US-led NATO claimed it was forced to react to the alleged impeding "humanitarian catastrophe" in Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia.
In addition, Lars Johansson posted an important part of the transcript from the Kangaroo trial of late President Slobodan Milosevic, a testimony which confirms that “the National Security Council of the United States, back in 1997, adopted a decision to carry out a military operation against Yugoslavia.”
The same Hague witness also testified on November 22, 2004, that “the plan of that operation was aimed at conducting a very powerful psychological war against Yugoslavia aimed at disrupting the negotiations and informing the international community about what was going on in Kosovo as well as to prepare the international public for the impeding military operation.”
The enlightening interview with the Serbian Academy historian Slavenko Terzic (translated here), revealed that the Western power centers' orchestrated destruction of Serbia, witnessed during the past two decades, is a clear-cut attempt to revise the results of both World Wars and the First Balkan war. Professor Terzic's assertion, backed by astounding historical parallels, was further supported by the testimony of a Bundestag parliamentarian Willy Wimmer in the beginning of 2000.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ahtisaari urges illegal Kosovo recognitions

HELSINKI. Finland-Former U.N. Balkans envoy Martti Ahtisaari urged all European Union members Friday to recognize Kosovo's independence, saying the issue was important for stability in Europe.
"I hope that those countries that have not yet recognized Kosovo, particularly within the EU, will do so," Ahtisaari said at an international seminar on the future of Kosovo. "I firmly believe that Kosovo is primarily a European issue and the EU cannot afford for Kosovo to become just another frozen issue."

Saturday, March 08, 2008

JOIN the Community Solidarity Rally for Victims of Jerusalem Terror Attack

Kosovo Serbs Support Radicals' Resolution

Community of Serbian municipalities and towns of Kosovo and Metohia and Serbian National Council (SNV) of northern Kosovo-Metohia representatives called Serbian MPs Friday to vote for the draft resolution on the protection of the integrity and sovereignty of Serbia proposed by the Serbian Radical Party (SRS).
According to Serbian news agency Tanjug, Community of Serbian municipalities and towns of Kosovo and Metohija president Marko Jaksic said that the body he was heading absolutely supports the SRS resolution on the protection of the integrity and sovereignty of Serbia in relations with international organizations, most notably with the European Union.
Jaksic, who was speaking at a press conference, assessed that the draft resolution proposed by the Radicals sends a clear signal that Serbia does not intend to enter the EU mutilated.
"We hope that, with the help of patriotic forces in the Serbian Assembly, parliament will adopt the SRS resolution and preserve the integrity of the Republic and that the Serbian Assembly will send a message that our country does not want into the EU without its Kosovo and Metohia," he said.

Friday, March 07, 2008

‘Male’ Honor Murders

By Stephen Brown
Two men killed in Germany for involvement with Muslim women.

What do These Lights Mean?

In June 1997, an official high-level representative of the French government paid a courtesy visit to a US aircraft carrier in the Adriatic Sea. The American admiral took him to the war room. There was an immense map of Yugoslavia there, with a myriad of blinking lights, most of them in Serbia.
“What do these lights mean?”, asked the French representative.
“These are the future targets of our air attacks,” replied the admiral.
Thus, a military plan was already in place almost two years before NATO asserted that it was “reacting to an intolerable humanitarian situation.”
Excerpt (pg. 27) from one of the best and most important books about NATO aggression on Serbia and media lies that led to destruction and dismemberment of Serbian state: Media Lies and the Conquest of Kosovo by Michel Collon [available at - buy it now and follow Collon's outstanding dissection of the myriad of Western deceptions]

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bishop Artemije's Order

No Contacts with Serbian Executioners
See also: March 5, 2008 Confirmation of Bishop Artemije Decision and Order
To All Monastics in Charge of Monasteries and to All Deans of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren and Kosovo and Metohija
Considering the most recent developments in Kosovo and Metohija, namely:
1. Unilateral proclamation of independence of Kosovo by the temporary institutions of Kosovo and Metohija,
2. Decision of the European Union to send its Mission to Kosovo and Metohija without the decision of, or consultation with, the UN Security Council,
3. Individual instances of the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by some countries,
We find it imperative to give you instructions regarding your behavior.
In view of the fact that documents cited above are in contravention with Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council, as well as the Constitution of Serbia, they are illegitimate and illegal and, consequently, non-existent in the eyes of the law, we find so and order:

Sarkozy supports Dutch PM in row over Wilders' Qur'an film

From mensch to dhimmi. "Sarkozy voices 'support' for Dutch PM in anti-Islam film row," from AFP (thanks to Dave):
PARIS, March 6, 2008 - French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday voiced his solidarity with Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, who fears a Muslim backlash over a film criticising Islam made by a far-right Dutch MP.
Sarkozy assured Balkenende of his "support" over lunch at the Elysee Palace, saying he was "highly aware of the question of Islam's place in European societies, and French society in particular," a presidential spokesman said.
But he appears relatively unaware of the place of freedom of speech in European societies, and of the need to avoid forming a protected class that is sheltered from all criticism.
Balkenende stressed once again that he was in "total disagreement" with the film's author Geert Wilders, warning it could spark protests similar to those unleashed by the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in Denmark.
"Obviously, we need to be careful of what is happening in other countries," he said.

Fitzgerald: Turkey can't fool all the Infidels all the time

"Turkey has also voiced concern about the film and Iran called it a "provocative and Satanic" act." -- from this article
I won't bother with Iran, the place where girls are stoned to death (with the whole village joining in), and where leaders of the Baha'i and Jewish communities were promptly executed as soon as Khomeini (and therefore hanging judge Khalkhali) came to power), the Islamic Republic of Iran.
No, I'll note only the "concern" of Turkey, a country where Mein Kampf was recently published and became a best-seller, without any Turkish attempt to suppress it -- though we have evidence that "Mein Kampf" historically was a tad more dangerous than a 15-minute movie, consisting largely, I gather, of excerpts from the Qur'an and then visuals of Muslim behavior today that one can reasonably conclude were prompted by those Qur'anic passages.
Continue reading "Fitzgerald: Turkey can't fool all the Infidels all the time"

German MP wants anti-Israel employee fired

A German parliamentarian called for the firing of a German public employee for his anti-Israel writings.
Member of parliament Gerd Weisskirchen called for the firing of Ludwig Watzal, an associate at Germany's Federal Agency for Civic Education who has warned of the “Israelization of the world.”
Weisskirchen, who is the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s representative for combating anti-Semitism, called Watzal's writings anti-Semitic.
In 2005, Watzal resisted a similar call for his dismissal by agreeing to abstain from any Middle East-related issues in his official capacity. Watzal also agreed to a ban on his traveling to Israel for the Federal Agency for Civic Education.
What has Watzal in hot water now is a recent anti-Israel article reprinted in the Lebanon Wire that mentions his affiliation with the agency. The article, a book review, is called “Israel's Dilemma in Palestine: A Land with People, for a People with a Plan."
In another recent book review, Watzal commended the author for describing the goal of Zionism as the elimination of the Palestinian nation. “If this insight could contribute to broadening the horizon of the public, then this book will have fulfilled its purpose,” Watzal wrote.
As a private individual, Watzal has a right to say what he wants, said Federal Agency for Civic Education spokesman Daniel Kraft. But he cannot relate such statements to his affiliation with the agency.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Western Commentators About Kosovo Province

The Kosovo Catastrophe
By Martin Sieff, Editor of the United Press International (
It is hardly a conservative policy to support the establishment of an Islamist state on the European continent, turn a blind eye to the well-documented persecution of an ancient Christian community, engage in a Woodrow Wilson-style passion for nation building and follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton. Yet that is what the United States has done by recognizing the independence of Kosovo.
Kosovo is the ancient heartland of the Serbian people going back to the dawn of their history. It certainly had a Muslim ethnic Albanian majority before Clinton and his Secretary of State Madeline Albright bombed Belgrade back in 1999 in order to force the Serbs to cede its autonomy. Since then the Albanian Muslim majority has become overwhelming and had has run rampant over the ancient Christian Serb community [...]

France, Germany to create Eurabia: Mediterranean Union

Here it is. "Merkel and Sarkozy Find 'Club Med' Compromise," from Spiegel Online (thanks to all who sent this in):
A cold snap in Franco-German relations may be thawing -- at least on one serious issue that has been dividing Berlin and Paris. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced jointly on Monday that they had reached a compromise regarding Sarkozy's proposed Mediterranean Union.
Merkel had repeatedly criticized (more...) the project in recent weeks. But on Monday, the leaders appeared to have forged a deal. "You will see that we have found a compromise on this Mediterranean Union which will not exclude anyone," Sarkozy said. "We agree on both the principle and the detail."
At a press conference held jointly with Sarkozy at the annual CeBIT computer trade fair, where France is the official guest country, German Chancellor Angela Merkel added that the ensuing outcome should be called the "Mediterranean Union" and that it "should be a project of all 27 (European Union) member countries." Merkel was referring to her position that any deal to create a union with the Mediterranean states that border the European Union should be negotiated and drafted in conjunction with all EU member states -- not just those that border the sea, as Sarkozy had initially proposed. [...]
Merkel had previously accused Sarkozy of seeking to side-step existing EU policies in an effort to increase France's diplomatic clout abroad and of proposing to spend funds from the 27-nation bloc to help establish his new union. Sarkozy is hoping to use what critics have disparagingly called his "Club Med" concept -- after the French holiday resort chain -- to strengthen ties with North African and Middle Eastern nations as well as Turkey. But German diplomats see it as an attempt to establish a French-dominated, second-tier EU. And some accuse him of using it to bypass possible membership for Turkey in the EU.
The respected Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote Tuesday that Merkel had initially rejected Sarkozy's plan not because of German, but rather European interests. The problems France sees and wants to resolve with its neighboring states are also perceived by Merkel as general problems for the EU: illegal immigration, climate and environmental protection, trade and the Mideast peace process....
Those will only get worse with a Mediterranean Union.

Serbia's Athletes Join Student Protests in Kosovo Province

Kosovo is the oldest Serbian address: Novak Djokovic's father Srdjan (L), with football legend Dusan Savic wearing a t-shirt "Kosovo is Serbia". March 3, 2008, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia

Athlete Association Red Star yesterday celebrated its 63rd birthday in Kosovska Mitrovica, joining the Kosovo Serb students who are protesting each day, since February 17, starting at 12:44—a symbolical daily reminder to the international community of its violations of the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 which reaffirmed Kosovo-Metohia province as an integral part of Serbia.
Red Star delegation consisted of the representatives of its nine sport clubs, players of the volleyball, handball, men and women basketball clubs, football, kick-box, judo, and boxers.
According to Vecernje Novosti daily, Serbian athletes were welcomed as national heroes, while the legendary football player Dusan Savic was greeted with ovations. Srdjan Djokovic, Kosovo Serb himself and a father of Serbia's most popular young athlete, tennis star Novak Djokovic, was also a member of the Red Star delegation.
“It is my great pleasure to welcome our dear friends on this piece of holy Serbian land. We thank the Red Star for being with us and for taking part in the struggle of Serbian people in Kosovo-Metohia. All the Kosovo-Methia athletes will always represent Serbia and defend its colors, because we have no other country,” Stevan Vulovic said, welcoming the athletes in the name of Kosovo Serbs.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Badinter Commission: Borders of the Former Yugoslav Republics Cannot be Changed

The International Law Professor, Dr. Milan Paunovic, explained for Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti that leaders of Albanian separatists in Kosovo-Metohia province—Hasim Thaci, Agim Ceku and Fatmir Sejdiu—have violated every single act of the international law with their unilateral declaration of independence in Pristina, on February 17 this year.
Beside numerous charters, conventions and decisions, they have also violated the legally-binding decisions of the Badinter Arbitration Commission which, 18 years ago, clearly determined borders of the former Yugoslav republics and put an end to every future discussion about those borders.
When, at the beginning of the 1990s, Slovenian parliament adopted act on declaration of independence, and the Croat assembly started a process of secession from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the international community, wanting the dissolution of Yugoslavia, had to find a way to enable all the former Yugoslav republics to gain international recognition. This led to a Hague Peace Conference on former Yugoslavia.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The War Of The Roses

Carving-Up the World Anew and Rewriting History

In the interview given to Belgrade daily Glas Javnosti on February 29, Dr. Slavenko Terzic, historian of the highly regarded Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SANU), assessed that the latest political reordering of the Balkans is very similar to the carve-up conducted in the 19th century and later by the Axis powers. Serbia is faced with revisions of the results of the two World Wars and the Balkan war, with revision of the European history and twisting of the facts about Balkans' nations.
Some elements of the contemporary projects of historical revanchism taking place in relation to the "independent Kosovo and Metohia" represent a continuity of the Third Reich ideas. For Dr. Terzic, the present-day "willful disregard of the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo-Metohia between 1878-1912 and after 1945 is the revanchist stance on behalf of the political forces defeated in both World Wars."

German rappers "steeped in anti-Semitism, jihad"

It's not only Britain that has a jihadist rap scene to contend with.
Eurabia Alert. "German Rappers Steeped in Anti-Semitism, Jihad," by Lizas Welt, translated by John Rosenthal, from
Pajamas Media:
When an unknown assailant fired four bullets at German rap star Massiv in Berlin in mid-January — one of them grazing the rapper’s right arm — the initial outrage soon gave way to questions. Was the episode really an attempted murder, perhaps the opening salvo in an emerging turf war among rival rappers, or had Massiv staged the attack himself as a publicity stunt? Threats of violence are, in any case, commonplace among rivals in the German rap scene. Among Massiv’s most adamant foes, for instance, is the Stuttgart-based rapper Bözemann [roughly, “Badman”], who likes to appear in the persona of an armed Albanian guerrilla fighter and who makes a point of his Muslim faith, as does Massiv.
Last summer, Bözemann came out with a “diss” track titled “The Challenge,” the video for which has already been played some 340,000 times on YouTube. The challenge in question is addressed to none other than Massiv. In the song, Bözemann announces, among other things, his intention to chop his enemy’s head into four pieces with an axe. In the video, moreover, one sees him digging a grave for Massiv and setting up a wooden cross next to it. The cross does not only bear the name of Bözemann’s hated rival, but also — as the ultimate put down — a Star of David. The implication is clear and on his MySpace page, moreover, Bözemann has made it even clearer. Thus, last July, the German “Bad Blog” found the following message for Massiv on Bözemann’s page: “HEY MASSIV!! … I JUST WANT TO BOMB YOU AWAY I SH*T ON YOUR FAME AND YOUR LABEL ON YOUR TATTOOS YOUR MOUNTAINS OF FAT YOUR GAY SONGS YOUR GAY VOICE AND YOUR MUSLIM POSING BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY YOU ARE A MUSLIM YOU ARE DEFINITELY A JEW AND YOU’RE DRAGGING THE QURAN THROUGH THE MUD!!!!”
The pride expressed by Bözemann in the alleged exploits of his grandfather — namely, while fighting with Nazi Germany as a member of the Albanian SS division “Skanderbeg” — was likewise of no interest for Spiegel-TV. “MY GRANDPA WAS ALSO THERE!!” Bözemann has been cited as having written on a “pro”-Skanderbeg division MySpace page, “LONG LIVE THE 21. SS SKB [Skanderbeg] DIVISION!”
But as observer of the German rap scene Robert Peschke has explained in an interview with the website Hagalil, Bözeman’s anti-Semitism is hardly an exception in German rap anymore:
… since in recent years the word “Jew” has again become a general purpose insult, precisely among young people. Some German rappers also use the term “Intifada Rap” to describe their music and they see themselves as belonging to a “Generation Jihad.” They do everything they can to adopt the look and tone of Jew-haters. In videos that are accessible to anyone on YouTube, rap fans celebrate Hamas activists and other Islamist terror groups and challenge the right of Israel to exist. In these circles, Osama bin Laden has long since replaced Che Guevara as a symbol of emancipation.
The Violence Prevention Network is an association dedicated to counteracting extremism and xenophobia in German youth culture. In a recent lecture on anti-Semitic tendencies in German rap, Jan Buschbom of the Violence Prevention Network comes to the same conclusion as Peschke:
In the so-called “Underground Rap” milieu — which, despite the name, includes genuine hit parade stars like Sido and Bushido and which dominates German-speaking hip-hop — anti-Semitic remarks have become part of the consensus, or, at any rate, they are not perceived as scandalous. In light of the violent imagery, misogyny, sexism, and homophobia that are commonplace in recent German-speaking rap, it seems that hardly any of the young musicians and fans are bothered by the expressions of anti-Semitism. … In German-speaking hip-hop, the Islamist terrorist has become a metaphor for masculinity, toughness, and soldierly virtues. Thus in his rap “September 11,” the Berlin-based rapper Bushido describes himself as a “Taliban”: “I am the terrorist, whom the youth believe in,” he sings.
Massiv too, who always performs in a keffiyeh and proudly refers to his Palestinian heritage, has similar material in his repertoire. Thus, for example, his tune “Blood Against Blood” contains the following lines:
My lines are explosives, my hand is on the button! I put a dropkick on your head, your blood doesn’t stop! You all make pop sh*t, the bullet’s coming for you! Let’s stay real now, give me the money and don’t laugh! The climate is too hot, Palestinian heritage! I’m registered as unemployed, but I still buy a Beemer! I don’t stop, as if I were Al-Qaida!
In “Festival of Sacrifice,” a track in which Massiv “disses” the rap group Shokmusik, he says: “I’m planning a nasty terrorist attack with the Lebanese guy/I’ll be coming at you with a 100-day beard!/The Shokkers get bombed like the World Trade Attack!” And in “Homeland,” which he recorded with the rapper Basstard, he sings the praises of the suicide bomber: the “Shahid, who is born again in Heaven.”
Read it all.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Outcry over 'anti-Semite' at German gov't agency

A German politician is leading calls on Germany's Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpB), which provides educational material to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hatred, to sack an employee for a series of alleged fiercely anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements.
The controversy has raised an outcry in Germany because the employee, Dr. Ludwig Watzal, is more than a simple civil servant; he writes for the Das Parlament, a paper funded by the Federal government that covers domestic and international affairs, and serves as co-editor of Apuz, an academic supplement to the parliamentary paper. He has written widely on issues related to Israel and presents himself as an expert on Middle Eastern affairs.

Mourning the Loved Ones and Their Desecrated Graves

On Saturday, March 1, the Church marks the winter Zadusnice, Eastern Orthodox equivalent of All Souls' Day, commemorating the loved ones who have passed. RTS reports that Kosovo Serbs have yet again been forced to visit the graves of their family members and friends under the police guard. The Orthodox Christian faithful from Kosovska Mitrovica have on Saturday morning found their graveyard in the southern, Albanian-dominated part of the town, in a horrific condition, desecrated and vandalized, with broken and destroyed memorial stones.
Broken parts of the demolished gravestones have been thrown away and scattered throughout, so some of the faithful who came to light candles and commemorate their family members couldn't find their final resting places for hours. At the time of commemoration, the graveyard in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica was guarded by the UNMIK police.
Some twenty Serbs have visited the Orthodox Christian graveyard in Pristina. A small group of people, mainly from Pristina and the surrounding Serbian villages, were hurriedly lighting candles and cleaning the weed-covered graves.
There too they have found the freshly vandalized gravestones, so more and more families are deciding to move the remains of their loved ones because, due to the poor security, they can't visit their graves regularly.

Does the UN Secretary General Know Who is This Man?

Serbian Premier's legal adviser Branislav Ristivojevic reminded that the so-called "special EU envoy" Peter Feith is in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia illegally and on his own, and that his presence in the province represents an open mockery of the UN authority.
“We don't know whom does he represent, who authorized him to arrive to Kosovo, what is the legal basis for his presence in the province, nor in which capacity is he addressing Belgrade,” Ristivojevic told Tanjug. Ristivojevic was referring to Feith's statement issued from Pristina, in which he accused Serbia's leadership of an "attempt to cut ties between the Albanian majority and Serb minority" in the Kosovo-Metohia province.
Government's legal expert considers the main issue “the question of whether the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon knows who is Mr. Feith and what is he doing in Kosovo and Metohia province, which is under the United Nations' administration in accordance with the Resolution 1244.”
“The willful and illegal Feith's presence in the province is the worst kind of manifestation of the policy of force and an open mockery of the UN authority,” stressed Ristivojevic.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Serbia Overwhelmingly Against EU Integration and Mission

Serbian news agency Tanjug today published the findings of the independent Politkum Agency which conducted a poll in early February, revealing that, prior to the unilateral declaration by Pristina separatists, 74 percent of Serbs voted against EU integration if the province of Kosovo-Metohia is the price.
At the start of February, 74 percent of Serbia's citizens said that the country should not accept its integration in the European Union if it is conditioned with recognition of Kosovo-Metohia's independence, the Politikum Agency stated based on its opinion poll.
According to the results of the poll titled "Kosovo and strategic foreign policy integrations," 48 percent of Serbian citizens believe that the EU mission in Kosovo-Metohia province should not be accepted under any conditions, while 42 percent said it could be accepted with the approval of the UN Security Council.
In the view of political analysts, the number of people in Serbia opposing the EU integrations and the illegal EU mission to the Serbian province could have only grown after the unilateral declaration by the extremist wing of Albanian secessionists in Pristina on February 17, subsequently approved by most of the Western EU member-states and Washington.