Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"When you love God and his messengers, then join the jihad, because that is the way to paradise"

Europe continues to export jihadists. Imagine what it will be like when Eurabia is in full swing -- if that ever happens. And note also the strongly religious language -- the very language that State and DHS analysts are now forbidden to use in discussing this threat. Somehow these German jihadists didn't get the memo. "German Islamist Appears in Jihad Video," by Matthias Gebauer and Yassin Musharbash in Spiegel Online (thanks to all who sent this in):
Two short films have appeared on the Internet featuring the German Islamist Eric B. in which he calls his "brothers" to join the jihad. The authorities have been hunting him for weeks, fearful that he could be preparing a terrorist attack in Kabul. The video messages are fanning those fears.
The news spread like wildfire through the offices of Germany's intelligence agencies. Two new terrorist videos had turned up on the Turkish-language Web site "Time for Martyrdom," which has become an important mouthpiece for Islamist propaganda. And once again there were was a clear connection to Germany.
German terrorist investigators are alarmed at the new videos. After an initial assessment, it was clear that the two short films feature the German Islamist Eric B. from Neuenkirchen in Saarland. For the past few weeks, a publicity campaign in Kabul (more...) has focused on finding him and his presumed accomplice Houssain al-M.
The new images are militaristic. The 20-year-old German convert is seen in the first film standing in front of a mountain, with a machine gun thrown over his shoulder and wearing an ammunition belt. Abdul al-Gaffar, B.'s nom de guerre, addresses his audience in barely audible and unusually halting German. First of all he praises the suicide attack carried out by Cüneyt Ciftci (more...), the 28-year-old German-born Turk who blew himself up in the Afghan province of Khost at the beginning of March. B. describes this as a "good deed" which sent many infidels "to hell."
A masked man next to him asks him to send a message to his "brothers in Germany." B., who only converted to Islam in 2007, tells the camera: "When you love God and his messengers, then join the jihad, because that is the way to paradise." Those who aren't able to come and fight are asked to help with money or to support the jihadists at the front with prayers. No Muslim should stand by and watch while the "infidels shame our women in our countries and jail and torment our brothers," he says.
The video has spread worries that it's now just a matter of time before the two German Islamists mount an attack. Their pictures now hang at every EU entry point, and in all German airports. Officials are also taking steps to confiscate al-M.'s passport. But no one believes these measures will keep any of them from trying to carry out their plan.

Kostunica's Response to "Neutral" Solana

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica today rejected Javier Solana's claim that the SAA pact signed yesterday by Tadic's Yellows is "neutral regarding Kosovo status", reminding the EU chief it is rather unsavory to enter into comparisons with Serbian premier over who loves Serbia more.
"Based on a statement by Javier Solana, one could conclude that it is he who advocates preservation of Kosovo province within Serbia, while I am against it. And Solana's main argument is that Stabilization and Association Agreement is neutral regarding Kosovo status", Kostunica said.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tadic-Solana Pact to be Annulled by Serbia at the First Parliament Session

At the time the SAA [Stabilization and Association Agreement] was signed in Luxembourg, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said that Boris Tadic's signature on Solana's pact is obligatory for Tadic's own party only and that the new Serbian government and the Parliament will annul today signed pact right away.
"Boris Tadic will not embarrass Serbia with his signature on Solana's pact, but only himself", Kostunica said.
Premier Kostunica said that this signature is anti-constitutional and anti-state act, which means it is completely unlawful and illegitimate.
"We are informing NATO pact and all the EU member-states which have recognized the fake state of Kosovo that this illegal signature by Tadic cannot be interpreted as Serbia's signature on Kosovo independence," Kostunica told Tanjug.
"The new Serbian Government and the new Serbian Parliament will immediately annul Tadic's unlawful signature. We shall never allow anyone to sign the Kosovo independence in Serbia's name, and that is why today's signature by Tadic is absolutely worthless," Kostunica said.

Bernard Kouchner Involved in KLA Organ Harvesting Atrocity?

Article by Niksa Bulatovic, Kurir
Milijana Mitrovic, one of Carla del Ponte's sources for facts about death camps where Serbs were stripped of their organs, claims that Romanians, Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks and Arabs were also tortured.
Albania is not a "blue tomb" only for Serbs and Serbs abducted from Kosovo and Metohija were not the only ones whose organs were harvested. White slaves from Romania, Moldavia, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Montenegro, the Arab countries, etc. were also used for this purpose. The highest political leaders in Albanian state were involved in the affair, as well as Kosovo Liberation Army commanders and representatives of KFOR and UNMIK, Milijana Mitrovic testified in a statement for Kurir. She said she was one of Carla del Ponte's sources of information regarding death camps in Albania and Kosovo and Metohija province.
Ms. Mitrovic said that she saw these camps and has learned a lot about crimes thanks to her friendship with an influential Albanian businessman. However, when she told official Serbian authorities about this in 2002 [DOS which took over Serbian government in a CIA-funded coup], no one wanted to hear what she had to say. Moreover, some of them even threatened her and told her to remain quiet, and sent police representatives to question and harass her.
"The Albanians brought white slaves from various countries to entertain the members of UNMIK and KFOR as prostitutes. When they no longer needed them, they would take them to Albania to harvest their organs. There were camps in Kukesh, Elbasan, Flora and Drach; the 'yellow house' where their organs were removed was in Tirana (capital of Albania). The Americans, Germans and Englishmen participated in this," emphasized Mitrovic.

Monday, April 28, 2008


The E.U.’s Double Game in the Balkans

by Srdja Trifkovic
In theory the European Union is horrified at the prospect of the Serbian Radical Party (Srpska radikalna stranka, SRS) becoming not only the strongest party in the country’s parliament—which it already is—but also the majority partner in a new ruling coalition after the general election on May 11. In practice, the EU officials in Brussels and in Kosovo are acting as if this is the outcome they earnestly desire.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kosovo Albanian indicted on witness bribing

The indictment alleges that former culture minister Astrit Haraqija and one of his staff, Bajrush Morina, tried to persuade a witness not to testify against Ramush Haradinaj.

No anti-Semitic Exhibition at the Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg East Side Gallery

You can sign this petition here

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The "International Court" which is Neither International, Nor Court

Yesterday's announcement that The Hague prosecution has issued indictments against the former Kosovo Albanian provisional minister Astrit Harachi and his assistant Bajrush Morina, charged of intimidating witnesses against recently acquitted KLA war criminal Ramush Haradinaj, has raised more questions, rather than providing some urgently needed answers.
If these two indictments were meant to demonstrate Hague's "impartiality" and to cover up the fact that Kangaroo court has acquitted of all 37 charges the KLA butcher responsible for countless atrocities and ethnic cleansing of Serbs and Roma in Kosovo-Metohija province, they didn't need to bother, because the entirely symbolic gesture is completely off the mark and sorely inadequate compensation for the Hague's catastrophic handling of each and every case involving war crimes against Serbian population throughout former Yugoslavia.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Maj. General Raul Cunha: Kosovo Problem Created, Not Solved by the West

"The policy of the European Union and West toward Kosovo is completely hypocritical and incoherent, it is the policy that leads to instability", Major General Raul Cunha, UNMIK's Chief Military Liaison Officer told Italian Osservatorio sui Balcani.
General Cunha, the highest ranking military officer within the UN structures based in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, especially criticized the way illegal EU mission is being imposed in the province, stressing it is essential for UNMIK to remain in the regions populated by the Serbs.
"UNMIK (UN Mission in Kosovo) is the sole authority Serbs recognize [in Kosovo province], especially in the regions where minority ethnic communities have the executive power. I'm talking about the municipalities where there are Serbian mayors who do not recognize Albanian institutions", Portuguese officer said.
"If there was no UNMIK, those mayors would be presidents of the autonomous governments within Kosovo, which seems illogical," he added. He assessed that the UN will have to stay in Kosovo and Metohija province until the Serbs accept "some form of transition" which, according to Cunha, is "practically impossible", at least "until the European Union creates an El Dorado there."
"Only then the Serbian community might, perhaps, accept the EU presence... But it will take years and years before the El Dorado of the European Union becomes a reality — if ever", General Cunha said.

Tomislav Nikolic for Stable, Ideologically United Government

"I'm entirely prepared to openly offer Kostunica the choice between the position of a premier or the majority of the government ministers", Serbian Radical Party (SRS) deputy leader Tomislav Nikolic told Novosti, hoping that "after May 11, Serbia will finally get an ideologically united and the only possible government of Radicals and [Kostunca's] DSS [Democratic Party of Serbia]."
Q: Do you believe Kostunica would choose the premiership?
TN: I can't tell you now whether Nikolic or Kostunica will be the prime minister, but I'm certain that the negotiations will be sincere. From the aspect of the reasonable political relations, it would be natural that the member of the coalition party which received bigger support gets the premiership. On the other hand, if we were to insist on the things Kostunica might not accept, we would jeopardize the formation of the new government. This is why I want to exclude the blackmails. Partly due to the fact SRS would be the member of a new coalition, we would have the correct and clear coalition relations for the first time. This offer to DSS is, in fact, an offer to Serbia to finally get out of the crisis.
Q: In case Kostunica keeps the post of premier, which position would belong to you?
TN: I am completely unimportant. Kostunica is unimportant too, because no one asked him yet whether he sees himself in that role. Therefore, everything is the subject of the party agreement. After all, my authority within the [SRS] party is such that the functioning of SRS ministers will depend on me even if I'm not the prime minister.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is NATO Rebuilding Hitler's Greater Albania?

What is the real meaning of the six stars pasted on the US/EU-designed flag of the mafia state NATO carved up in Serbia? Are they a symbol of the equality of the ethnic communities in southern Serbian province, or the symbol of Greater Albania?
These are the questions Italian news agency ANSA tried to answer in the comprehensive report from Pristina and Decani, excerpts of which are available on two web pages.
"There are many explanations, including the one the international community wants to believe: the stars are signifying six ethnic communities in Kosovo, despite the fact that there are more than six different ethnic groups there. But the most probable explanation seems to be the one which the greatest majority of ethnic Albanians believe — the stars represent six 'Albanian lands'," ANSA reports.
Present-day Greater Albania project, map by the Albanian-American Civic League
The agency assessed that the "six lands" Albanians are laying claims on are Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, Albania, Greek region of Epirus, called Chameria by the Albanians, western FYR Macedonia, Serbia's Presevo Valley and the southeast Montenegro, the region around town of Ulcinj — the regions that were annexed to the Albania during WWII by Adolf Hitler.
"This is more than a flag — it is a political programme, a dream of Greater Albania," ANSA concluded.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two trucks from Serbian Red Cross...

...loaded with Russian humanitarian aid are seen at the Merdare border crossing between Kosovo and Serbia April 22, 2008. The aid is part of 140 tons of foodstuff and medicine sent by Russia to the Serbs living in Kosovo.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kostunica: Who Cares what Holland Says?!

Commenting Serbia's foreign-funded campaigners' belligerent efforts to focus the pre-elections discussion in Serbia on the signing of Solana's SAA deal, and after the latest bits of information that "Holland remains unmoved" in its alleged determination to prevent the Yellow Camp from signing the agreement (as if anyone gives a rats' ass), Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said it is entirely irrelevant what Holland says or thinks.
"The only important issue is Serbia's position regarding this agreement which could tomorrow be interpreted by the NATO pact as Serbia's signature and recognition of Kosovo as the first NATO state", Kostunica said to Tanjug.
He said that Holland has recognized the illegal declaration of independence by the Pristina separatists, an act which represents a brutal violation of the initialed Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU.
"Because of this, Holland has no right whatsoever to set any conditions for Serbia. To the contrary, it is more than natural and necessary for Serbia to seek clear guarantees from Holland and from all the EU-member states which have recognized the fake state of Kosovo, that Stabilization and Association Agreement pertains to the integral Serbia," Kostunica stressed.
He pointed once again that Serbia has to start a serious dialog with the EU in order to clarify all the contentious issues, because Serbia's citizens have the right and must know what exactly is being signed in their name.
"No-one has the right to place Serbia's signature on an agreement that could be interpreted as the Kosovo independence recognition", Kostunica concluded.

UN Human Rights Expert: Kosovo will Never be a State

Jiri Dienstbier, a former UN human rights rapporteur for former Yugoslavia and former Czech foreign minister, was speaking in an interview for the Frankfurt-based daily Vesti.
Dienstbier said that Serbia's southern province has been in a legal chaos since some countries recognized the Pristina separatists' unilaterally declared independence.
"This chaos has been created through the arbitrary political and interest-based interpretation of the norms of international law, which is unprecedented in the history of legal systems," Dienstbier said.

Kosovo Albanian Mafia Holds International Community Hostage

All the reports analyzing situation in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija confirm this region is run by the criminal clans and gangs, while the "international community" limits itself to the role of an impotent observer of the events, assessed German weekly Der Spiegel in its latest edition.
"The analysis of the situation in Kosovo have a common tread — they are all describing a clan-based society, where a handful of the crime lords is holding their own people hostage, which is being tolerated by the European and world bureaucrats, who are acting under the banner of enlightenment," Spiegel writes.
The author asserts that in the Serbian province "power is not in the hands of the people, but in the hands of the crime clans and gangs" and that, nine years after the end of the war, Kosovo is ruled by corruption and by the mafia.
According to the Spiegel report, the UN's organized crime special investigator can't hope to achieve anything, since the UN is "wielding a wooden sword against the heavily armed opponent".

Monday, April 21, 2008

Melbourne eatery hails leader of Nazi-allied Croatia

Melbourne's Katarina Zrinski restaurant held a celebration this past weekend to honor World War II Croatian leader Ante Pavelic, whose genocidal policies led to the deaths of 400,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.
The restaurant is attached to the local Croatian club.
The event honoring the head of the Croatian fascist Ustasha movement and the leader of Nazi-allied Croatia was an "outrageous affront" both to his victims and to any persons of morality and conscience who oppose racism and genocide, the Simon Wiesenthal Center's chief Nazi-hunter and Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff said on Wednesday.
According to local press reports, a large photograph of Pavelic was hung in the restaurant, T-shirts with his picture and that of two other commanders in the 1941-1945 Ustasha government were offered for sale at the bar, and the establishment of the "Independent State of Croatia" was celebrated.
Zuroff noted this was not the first time that Croatian émigrés in Australia had openly defended Croatian Nazi war criminals.
"It is high time that the authorities in Australia find a way to take the necessary measures to stop such celebrations, which clearly constitute racist, ethnic, and anti-Semitic incitement against Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies," he said.
About 30,000 Croatian Jews - or 80 percent of the country's Jewish population - died during the Holocaust.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

NED: National Endowment for Devouring Countries

One of the American foundations which featured prominently in every color-coded "revolution" and every enforced regime change throughout the world during the past three decades, the allegedly non-government National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is currently charged of supporting at least three present day projects for dismantling the state sovereignty in Myanmar, China's Tibet and the continued devouring of Serbian state, through the northern region of Vojvodina.
In the article titled Risky Geopolitical Game: Washington Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China, F. William Engdahl asserts that the the current on-again, off-again "Saffron Revolution" in Myanmar and Tibet “Crimson revolution” are another set of Washington-orchestrated campaigns aimed against China, fashioned after the cookie-cutter 'revolutions' imitating popular uprisings that swept through the Eastern Europe.
The kind of activities that previously belonged almost exclusively to the realm of covert CIA operations have, for the past couple of decades, been taken over by its extended arm, US Congress-funded NED.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Russian soccer team fined

Union of European Football Associations known as UEFA has fined Russian club Zenit from Saint Petersburg because their fans held a banner saying that Kosovo is Serbia.
The banner was spread across the stadium during a UEFA Cup game with Olympique Marseille.
Kosovo is a Serbian province whose separatist Albanian Muslims have seized power through violence then illegally declared independence while few European states have decided to recognize this illegal act.
During the game Zenit fans held a banner in Russian saying, "We won't give Kosovo" and another in French saying that "Kosovo is the heart of Serbia".
Recently, a Serbian swimmer was also punished by another EU-dominated sports institution for wearing a shirt saying that Kosovo is Serbia.
UEFA which is located in the EU is now punishing soccer clubs whose fans disagree with the illegality of Kosovo's independence declaration.

Stillborn Mission in a Stillborn State

Excerpt from the EU Kosovo mission up in the air report by the Brussels-based
...The EU Council insists that EU-Lex [EU mission in Kosovo province] is based on UNSCR 1244. But the only paragraph of the resolution from 1999 which gives grounding to such an understanding [i.e. the highly stretched interpretation] is one that states that the UN Secretary General is authorised to establish an international civil presence in Kosovo.
Diplomats said Western countries had expected Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to use this text to transfer authority from UNMIK to EU-Lex. However Ban Ki-Moon stated recently that UNMIK should continue to exert authority over Kosovo, pending further instructions from the Security Council.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Maria Lina Veca: Western Kosovo Story is a Lie

"Spending time with Kosovo Serbs who live in the ghettos, I realized the facts were inverted and that those who are considered to be the culprits are in fact the victims, while the designated victims are the culprits", said Italian reporter in the interview given to Glas Javnosti.
Maria Lina Veca is an Italian journalist, reporter and author who visited Kosovo province Serbs 27 times during the last eight years. She has written three books and made two documentaries about the life of Kosovo Serbs after US-led NATO seized the southern Serbian province in 1999. Veca is the President of the humanitarian organization RinascereOnlus which provides aid for the Serbian children walled off in the Kosovo-Metohija enclaves.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

European responses on NGO funding

NGO Monitor has contacted the embassies of EU member states, as well as Switzerland and Norway, requesting information on their policy towards the UN Durban Review Conference scheduled for 2009.

SAA is One Sentence Short

Vecernje Novosti reported Wednesday that ministers of Premier Kostunica's DSS (Democratic Party of Serbia) will officially request on one of the upcoming government sessions that the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) EU intends to offer to Serbia be amended with one sentence: Kosovo province is an integral part of Serbia.
According to the report, DSS-NS ministers will not issue a formal request for revoking the Vice Premier Bozidar Djelic's authorization to sign the SAA as is (without the key sentence), because he already has no right to sign the Agreement in the present form.
Premier Vojislav Kostunica reiterated on Wednesday he will support the signing of the agreement with the EU only if it is amended with the sentence which confirms that Kosovo-Metohija province is "the integral and inalienable part of Serbia".
"The good way to resolve relations between Serbia and the EU exists. It requires that only one sentence be added to the text of the Agreement, confirming that Kosovo is Serbia. This is the best solution and such agreement will receive the overwhelming support in Serbia," Kostunica told Novosti.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A German Memo Surfaces, and the Kosovo End Game is Illuminated

By Julia Gorin, Republican Riot
In a recent article titled “Is Kosovo the End of Europe” Ash Narain Roy of New Delhi’s Institute of Social Sciences warned that “Kosovo’s independence has dealt a blow to the nation-state. Many wonder if the nation-state in the 21st century is going out of fashion and whether a model of multi-cultural living, the hallmark of the nation-state, is on way to redundancy.”
Mr. Roy marveled, as all Balkan watchers do, at the collective shrug that met “such vital issue as the sovereignty of countries with minority populations and the challenges to a basic principle of international law…Kosovo has created a new precedent and twisted international law that separatists all over the world would use to further their interests…Spain’s Basque and Catalan separatists have also welcomed Kosovo’s independence with a banner like, ‘Today Kosovo. Tomorrow Catalonia’. Ethnic Albanians in Macedonia have also intensified their autonomy demands, an obvious road to independence…

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Russia Requests Investigation into KLA Atrocities

RIA Novosti reports that Russian delegation to Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) has gathered signatures of the leaders of five political groups in the Council, required for submitting the official request for investigation. The resolution draft backed by PACE's all five political groups, titled "The facts about inhumane treatment of people and illegal trafficking of human organs in Kosovo" was submitted to the Assembly Secretariat in Strasbourg Monday.
According to the head of the Russian PACE delegation and president of the Foreign Affairs Board in Russian Duma Konstantin Kosachov, submitted resolution is a request to investigate the allegations published in the book of the former Hague tribunal's chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte "The Hunt: Me and War Criminals". Council of Europe has already had experience with international cases, after it investigated allegations about the secret CIA prisons in Europe, where the detainees were tortured.
Del Ponte revealed that the terrorist KLA kidnapped hundreds of Kosovo Serbs at the end of the 1990s and even some Moldavians, Russians, Romanians and other Eastern Europeans that were brought to the Serbian province, Kosachov said.

Monday, April 14, 2008

'World Peace' Hitchhiker Murdered in Turkey

A sad, pathetic story of a moonbat Italian artist with a big idea that got her killed: ’World peace’ hitcher is murdered.
An Italian woman artist who was hitch-hiking to the Middle East dressed as a bride to promote world peace has been found murdered in Turkey.
The naked body of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo, 33, known as Pippa Bacca, was found in bushes near the northern city of Gebze on Friday.
She had said she wanted to show that she could put her trust in the kindness of local people.

Robert Spencer wonders why anyone should be upset about Geert Wilders's Qur'an film

Jihad Watch video: Fitna over Fitna

The latest Jihad Watch video from Hot Air

Serbia's Premier: Kosovo Province is Above All

In the Saturday interview to Press, Premier Vojislav Kostunica said that Kosovo-Metohija province is the crucial issue for Serbia's citizens at present and, as such, it represents the key according to which his Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS)/New Serbia (NS) coalition will choose its future partners on Serbia's political scene.
"Elections are an opportunity for the citizens to evaluate our policy and support us. It is well-known that I accepted the responsibility three times, once as a president of the state and twice as a premier. It is also known that I gave up my posts voluntarily twice. This means that, for me, the political principles are most important and I accept the responsibility only if I am able to implement the principles I believe in, which are in the interest of the state and nation," Kostunica said.

German security firms reportedly working in Iran

The unfolding German police scandal over elite commandos who allegedly trained Libyan security forces has revealed the possible presence of private German security firms in Iran. In an interview with the FAZ newspaper, Thomas Oppermann, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) chairman of the parliamentary panel that oversees intelligence and police agencies, said "there is cooperation on security with countries that cannot be considered 'perfect.'"
Oppermann cited Iran, Belarus, and Pakistan as examples of German security cooperation.
When questioned about Oppermann's statements in FAZ, an SPD spokesman told The Jerusalem Post that he "assumed that the connection is with private" German security companies who were conducting business with Iran.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tadic's Slimeball Parade

As it is becoming more and more obvious Tadic's Yellow camp is inching towards a resounding defeat in the Serbia's parliamentary elections scheduled for May 11, its slimy representatives slithering through the EU's political kitchens en masse these days are getting more prone to all sorts of blunders bound to make Yellows' imminent loss of the government posts a tad more painful.
First, it was Tadic's pathetic Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac lobbying for his party in Brussels, who chose to meet no other than the NATO chief Jaap De Hoop Scheffer, to beg for support in allowing the wretched Canak-Dinkic-Tadic coalition to sign Solana's treacherous agreement ahead of the elections, hoping this ruse will once again help them sway Serbia's voters their way.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Procedure Against Søren Jessen-Petersen

Serbia's Director of the National Council Office for Cooperation with the Hague tribunal Dusan Ignatovic said Friday that the Council has decided to request from the UN secretary general to launch an inquiry into the activities of UNMIK officials regarding the claims made by the former Hague chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte in her book "The Hunt".
"Former UNMIK chief Søren Jessen-Petersen was a special representative of the UN secretary general, which is why the investigation is important", Ignatovic told Tanjug.
"The Council decided Thursday to ask the Hague prosecution to start proceedings against Petersen and other UNMIK officials based on the allegations that they obstructed investigation and showed contempt of the court," he said.
"The Council has been long aware of Petersen's bizarre relationship with Ramush Haradinaj, who was indicted for the most horrible crimes," he said. Petersen, a Danish diplomat who held the highest posts in the European Union organization and in various UN offices, used to call Haradinaj "his friend" and was describing him as a "factor of peace and stability" in Kosovo-Metohija province, Ignatovic noted.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hague on Ice: Serbia Won't Let This One Slide

Serbian Premier Vojislav Kostunica reaffirmed his country's determination not to allow the outrageous Hague tribunal's decision to release war criminal Ramus Haradinaj stand, despite the deafening silence with which the EU treats the latest scandal, hoping it will go away.
"Apparently, the EU believes the proper response is to keep silent about the decision to release Ramus Haradinaj and that it would be best if it pretends nothing happened. But Serbia will not slide over the Hague tribunal's decision to declare war criminal Ramus Haradinaj innocent," Kostunica said.
He added that the Hague tribunal had erased the difference between the criminal and innocent to justify the horrific crimes Haradinaj committed.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

'German firm helps Iran monitor Israel'

The Munich-based energy and electrical giant Siemens has with "high likelihood" delivered sophisticated data surveillance systems to Iran, an Austrian investigative journalist disclosed in a public broadcast ORF report on Monday.
Speaking from Vienna, journalist Erich Moechel told The Jerusalem Post that he was "99 percent certain" that "Monitoring Centers," used to track mobile and land-line phone conversations, had been sent to Iran. These systems could enable the Iranian intelligence service to document conversations between Israel and Iran and "build a communication profile." More...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Russia Requests Informations About Atrocities Against Serbs from Hague Tribunal

Following the scandalous release of the Kosovo Albanian butcher and war criminal Ramus Haradinaj by the tribunal in the Hague, when Russian Foreign Ministry slammed the NATO court, accusing it of double standards and for covering up the Albanian atrocities committed against civilian population in Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province, Russia today officially requested the informations ICTY has about the crimes committed against the Serbs in former Yugoslavia.
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also requested that the tribunal provides documentation about the investigation Hague's former chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte exposed in her book "Hunt", regarding the grisly crimes of the terrorist KLA—coordinated by the current provisional premier in the southern Serbian province Hashim Thaci—where, according to Del Ponte, at least some 300 kidnapped Kosovo Serbs were taken to Albania and used for harvesting their vital organs for sale.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ADL Ads Condemn Swiss Energy Deal With Iran

In an effort to draw attention to Switzerland's $30 billion energy deal with the world's leading sponsor of terrorism - Iran- the Anti-Defamation League has taken out advertisements in major international newspapers and in leading Swiss dailies with a message to the Swiss government that, "When you finance a terrorist state, you finance terrorism".

Swiss Err on Iran, Israel

Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey's visit to Tehran was billed as an opportunity to deliver a stern message about the need for Iran to end its human rights violations and its threats to destroy Israel. This was according to the government's official announcement of her March 17 diplomatic visit.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Serbian Radicals in Gracanica and Kosovska Mitrovica

Some ten thousand Serbs gathered to greet Tomislav Nikolic, whose Radical Party started the election campaign in the southern Serbian province town of Gracanica on Satuday, April 5.
Serbian Radical Party Deputy President told Gracanica residents that Serbia will never give Kosovo and Metohija away, and invited all the remaining Serbs to stay in Kosovo province.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Serbian Premier: EU to Start Procedure of Evaluating ICTY's Legitimacy

Serbia's Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica requested that the European Union, after the acquittal of the war criminal, KLA leader Ramus Haradinaj, starts a procedure of evaluating the legitimacy of the ICTY in the Hague.
Kostunica told Tanjug that, since the EU "happens to have no special comment in regards to the rewarding of Ramus Haradinaj for the crimes he committed", the European organization should open a process of assessing ICTY's legitimacy.

Kosovo-Metohija Women: Decades of Ethnic Cleansing of Kosovo Serbs Continued Today

The Second Conference of Kosovo-Metohija Women held at Serbia's National Assembly in Belgrade assessed that the decades-long killing and ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the southern province continues at present.
The acquittal of the Albanian war criminal Ramus Haradinaj, terrorist KLA leader, is additional proof that the ICTY in the Hague exists solely in order to charge and try the Serbs, the Kosovo Women Association said.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

German Jews push for government firing

Germany's Jewish leaders asked the interior minister to intervene against a federal employee they accuse of anti-Semitic writings.A letter to Germany's interior minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, said that an employee of the Federal Agency for Civic Education has "crossed the boundary" of anti-Semitism with his statements on Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israeli-American businessman Haim Saban.

NATO's Final Solution: Blitzkrieg Against Kosovo Serbs

Interview with Scott Taylor, Regarding a Secret Plan by the Western Alliance for Kosovo-Metohija province, Glas Javnosti
During the next few weeks there will be an artificially provoked attack, bigger than March 17th, the borders around Kosovska Mitrovica will be closed, Serbian leaders arrested, the Serbs disarmed, the city handed over to the Albanians in the KPS, claims a well-known Canadian reporter, Scott Taylor, author of a number of books about the Balkans.
"NATO is preparing a blitzkrieg in Kosovo-Metohija which will enable them to tear down the Serbian resistance in the whole area, and as early as the next few weeks, it will artificially provoke another attack bigger than March 17th was. It will close the borders around Kosovska Mitrovica, arrest the Serbian leaders, disarm the Serbs and then hand over the city to the Albanians in the KPS.
"Since the border between Kosovo and Albania doesn't exist, after this plan the northern part of 'Greater Albania' will definitely be secured. American and Albanian leaders have come to a deal that NATO secures new borders, and everything that I have seen in my most recent visit to Kosovo, proves that such an agreement — about which we found out from secret UNMIK papers — really exists", said Scott Taylor during his interview with Glas.

Kostunica: EU to Speak Up

Serbian Premier Vojislav Kostunica called today the EU to make known its official stand on the acquittal of the Kosovo Albanian war criminal Ramus Haradinaj.
"Since the Hague tribunal made a sinister decision to officially certify Ramus Haradinaj's innocence and to issue a confirmation that he is not a war criminal, it is necessary for us to hear the official EU stand on this mockery of justice," Kostunica said in a statement for the press, reminding that the EU has been exalting the ICTY for years, treating it as the key parameter for continued cooperation with Serbia.
"If the EU still believes that, even after releasing Ramus Haradinaj, the Hague tribunal is an institution which has credibility and competence to condition the level of cooperation between Serbia and the EU, then it should clearly state so. In this way, the EU would claim the responsibility for the Hague tribunal's decision to declare Ramus Haradinaj innocent," Serbian prime minister said.
Kostunica stressed that every citizen of Serbia knows fully well that with this decision the Hague tribunal has rewarded crime and humiliated the innocent Serbian victims who suffered at the hands of Ramus Haradinaj.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Eurabia exports jihad: German jihadist "may be planning suicide attacks on German targets in Afghanistan"

Picture: Berlin, Germany
An update on this story. "German Islamist plans Afghan suicide mission - media," from Reuters:
BERLIN (Reuters) - A radical German Islamist may be planning suicide attacks on German targets in Afghanistan, Focus magazine reported on its Web site on Thursday, and police confirmed they had issued warnings.
The news weekly said the 20-year-old, identified only as Eric B., was suspected of having links to three men arrested in the Sauerland region last year whom authorities believed planned attacks against U.S. installations in Germany.
A spokesman for the Federal Crime Office (BKA) confirmed the main points of the Focus report but declined to give details.
"We have warned our national and international partners, and possibly endangered institutions, of terrorist activities by two people from the German Islamist spectrum," the spokesman said.
Focus reported that as well as the German national there was also an Egyptian national involved.
Focus said the BKA sent warnings and a picture of Eric B., who was believed to be currently in Pakistan, to the German embassy in Kabul. His photo had also been posted at German organisations in Afghanistan.
Authorities were particularly concerned because the man spoke fluent German and might easily win his compatriots' confidence. His apparent targets were soldiers or policemen, but civilian organisations were also at risk, Focus said.
Germany has some 3,500 troops in Afghanistan as part of NATO's 47,000-strong mission and politicians here have debated in past weeks whether Berlin should give in to allies' demands and send in more troops to help fight the Taliban.
Unlike Spain and Britain, Germany has so far escaped a major Islamist attack at home but the publication last month of a video apparently showing Germany's first Muslim suicide bomber in Afghanistan, highlighted the threat.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Albright's "Tribunal" Confirms its Status of a Kangaroo Court

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica assessed that today's sinister decision by the ICTY to release Albanian war criminal Ramus Haradinaj finally confirms that this is the court which does not exist to serve justice.
"It is obvious that this court, established so that those who have committed crimes, like Haradinaj, be given a formal confirmation of their innocence," Kostunica said.
"With this decision, on top of Haradinaj's crimes against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, a new major crime was committed and Serbia states this publicly and explicitly. This decision of the Hague Tribunal represents a mockery of justice and a mockery of the innocent victims who suffered at the hands of Haradinaj," said Kostunica.

The Glorious Human Factor: Serbian General Who Botched NATO Plans

Translation of the interview with General Jovan Milanovic, Vecernje Novosti
A decade has passed since General Jovan Milanovic, who worked with Serbian EU mission in Brussels collecting intelligence for the Yugoslav Army (Vojska Jugoslavije, VJ) under a diplomatic cover of a minister-adviser, followed NATO activities after learning "from dozens of people in 1998 about the preparations for destruction of our country".
Now retired, General Milanovic spoke for Vecernje Novosti about the ways in which he was able to put together the mosaic of the preparations of North Atlantic Alliance for the first military aggression in its history, and about a meeting with the French army officer Major Pierre-Henri Bunel, who was later charged for treason by the French court, after revealing the confidential NATO documents to Serbian general.
General Milanovic considers his last meeting with Bunel an event "of historical significance for the intelligence service and the security of our state".
"I told Bunel: 'I know everything, I only need the original NATO document where all this is written down.' He said: 'You'll get it'. Both of us were aware that this was extremely dangerous".

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kosovo Serbs' Golgotha

Kosovo Serbs Butchered for Organs
Russia Today
....General Momir Stoyanovich, who was head of the intelligence service of the Serbian army during the war, has no doubt that the claims in Del Ponte’s book will sooner or later be proven. The places she mentions as hidden operation rooms are in exactly the same location as the camps Albanians used for training soldiers.
“In these hospitals they decided amongst themselves what each commander of the KLA would have after victory. They decided who would make his money from drug dealing, who from weapons, and who from selling body parts. Hashim Thaci, the prime minister, was among them,” General Stoyanovich claims.
There are more than 2,000 names on the list of missing Serbs. Sima Spasich is the leader of an organisation trying to discover their fate. He showed the pictures of body parts he filmed in 2003.
“Right after the war, when we understood that too many people had disappeared, I went to the K-For commanders and asked them where were the people, and they just shrugged their shoulders. Only after they saw Serbian people demonstrating and were afraid of their anger, they took me to some place,” Spasich said.
“I cannot explain what I saw there. It was a small mountain of pieces of bodies and the first thing I saw was a baby who’d been taken from his mother’s stomach, lying there. It was impossible to look. It was a massive grave they’d dug before. Today I know in this massive grave were 26 Serb bodies - also there was my brother Milosh,” Spasich added.
Families who once had a small glimmer of hope of finding their loved ones are now planning to sue Del Ponte. They claim she withheld this information for years - and in that way helped the criminals with their crime.
Exposed: How Kosovo Serbs were butchered for organs (YouTube)

Petition in Defense of Geert Wilders

From PetitionOnline (thanks to Thanx A. Lott):
To: The Dutch Government
WHEREAS Geert Wilders has exercised his fundamental human right of freedom of expression and spoken out, with facts and evidence, of the threat posed by radical Islam;
WHEREAS certain elements within Islamic communities have threatened a boycott of Dutch goods if Geert Wilders is not punished by the Dutch government for exercising his freedom of expression; and
WHEREAS certain elements in Dutch industry and the Dutch government are suggesting that Geert Wilders be prosecuted civilly or criminally, in order to prevent such a boycott;
IT IS RESOLVED that, in the event that the Dutch government attempts, in any way, to punish or prosecute Geert Wilders, civilly or criminally, for exercising his freedom of expression, the undersigned will initiate a boycott of any and all Dutch goods.
Sincerely, The Undersigned
You can sign it at PetitionOnline.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hashim Thaci's Macabre Legacy: Throne on Mountain of Corpses

In its March 26 edition, Press Online published an excerpt from the testimony of one of Hague witnesses about Kosovo Serbs kidnapped by the KLA for organ harvesting. In her book "The Hunt", to be published in Italy in April, ICTY's former chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte revealed that Hague prosecution learned about a group of more than 300 Serbs kidnapped from the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija in the summer of 1999, who were taken to northern Albania in trucks, to have their vital organs extracted and sold in the West.