Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Stolen Kosovo" Documentary Censored in Czech Republic: Suffering of Kosovo Serbs Cannot be Shown on National TV

That there can be no freedom of expression under the dictatorial regimes was confirmed yet again by the state-owned Czech TV, supposedly a "public service" which took part in the financing of the Vaclav Dvorak's documentary "Stolen Kosovo" prior to Czech Government's recognition of the mafia state on Serbian territory, but now, after their FM announced recognition of the fake state, refused to air it.
According to the Czech daily Aktualne, the representatives of the state television justify their refusal to show the one-hour documentary about the suffering of the Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija province by claiming the documentary is "unbalanced" and marked with "pro-Serbian bias", so "the tone of the documentary could cause negative emotions". To which Dvorak responded that the same could be said for the "Holocaust documentaries, where the Nazi Germany 'side' and 'views' were also appropriately ignored".

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ibran Mustafic: Srebrenica was a "Planned Chaos"

Immediately before the April 1, 2008 discussion before the Appellation Board of the Hague tribunal in the case of Srebrenica warlord, commander of the Bosnian Muslim army stationed in Srebrenica Naser Oric, a written testimony which reveals some of the previously unknown details about the "lord of life and death in war-torn Srebrenica" was published.
Ibran Mustafic, the author of the book "Planned Chaos", for which most Bosnian Muslim leaders wish it was never written, was an MP of the Party of the Democratic Action (SDA, headed by the Bosnian Muslim war leader, Alija Izetbegovic) in the Bosnia-Herzegovina Parliament constituted after the 1990 elections and just before the start of the civil war, and President of the Executive Board of Srebrenica Municipal Assembly.
At the start of the Bosnian civil war he clashed with, as he calls it, "Naser Oric Junta", which resulted in the series of attempts of his assassination. In the third assassination attempt on May 11, 1995, Mustafic was heavily wounded and it was deemed a miracle that he survived. Assaults by Bosnian Muslims against Mustafic became more frequent after his book was published. The latest took place on April 25 this year, when he was attacked and severely beaten by a group of thugs in Srebrenica downtown, in broad daylight.
"They call me a traitor," Mustafic says, "claiming I invented Naser Oric's crimes, but that kind of stupidity doesn't bother me in the least. The purpose of my book was not to defend the Serbs, but I will by no means defend the members of my nation who committed atrocities! Criminals are criminals, regardless of their name and ethnicity. I categorically claim that Naser Oric is a war criminal without a par!"

Merkel's party in Germany: Only Christians from Iraq, please

The clear subtext here is that Christians will assimilate better into Germany than Muslims will. The addition of Mandaeans and Yazidis also suggests that there is a tacit recognition, among the CDU at least, that Muslim refugees bring with them a program of supremacism and a challenge to non-Muslim societal structures.
This statement, then, is a small hint that the stranglehold of the multiculturalist orthodoxy that threatens to destroy Europe may be loosening.
"Germany's CDU Interested in Accepting Refugees from Iraq," from
Spiegel, May 28 (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist):
Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats on Wednesday said they would like to see Germany take on thousands of refugees from Iraq. The hitch? They only want the Christians.
For months, ethnic violence has been on the ebb in war-torn Iraq. But that has done little to ease the pressure of over 2 million refugees seeking shelter in neighboring Syria and Jordan. Indeed, for many of them -- particularly those once part of Iraq's Christian minority -- going back may never be an option.
On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party said it would like to see Germany do its part to help out. At a press conference in Berlin, parliamentarian Erika Steinbach, the CDU's human rights spokeswoman, said her party wanted to see Germany accept thousands of Iraqi refugees. In particular, she said, the CDU wants to extend its welcoming hand to Iraqis who have suffered religious persecution in Iraq. In particular, that means the Christians.
"One would be doing a good thing were a long-term solution to be found," Steinbach said.
According to Steinbach, the CDU envisions bringing a large group (possibly as many as 10,000) of non-Muslim refugees to Germany with the understanding that they would not be treated as asylum seekers. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work in Germany, and Steinbach said that it is unrealistic to think that Christian refugees from Iraq would ever be able to return. For this reason, their ultimate integration in Germany should be supported.
Members of Yazidis and Mandaean religious minorities would also be among those allowed in, according to the party's proposal. The CDU argues that, in contrast to Muslim refugees from Iraq, religious persecution makes it unlikely that Christians, Yazidis and Mandaeans would ever by able to return....

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Montreal forum on Kosovo

"The KLA correctly anticipated that if they commenced a campaign of killing Serbian security forces the central government in Belgrade would overreact. Because, this is what governments do. And they were right," MacKenize said.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jiri Dienstibier: Kosovo "Independence" is Another Munich

The wave of Czech indignation over their government's sudden decision to recognize mafia state carved up on Serbian territory has not subsided days after the Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg announced the decision.
After Czech President Vaclav Klaus went public to state he was ashamed over the treacherous move by the government, Jiri Dienstibier, a renowned intellectual and Czech Republic's former Minister of Foreign Affairs, wrote a scathing condemnation of the government's announcement, denying Schwarzenberg's claims that they "had no other recourse" but to issue an illegal recognition of a fake state.

Honor killing in Germany: she wanted to live like other German girls

She wanted to live like a German, as did Hatin Sürücü. And so again, the same question that was asked when Hatin Sürücü was murdered: "How many more women have to die before this society wakes up?"
"Honor Killing Victim Wanted to Live Like other German Girls," from
Spiegel (thanks to all who sent this in):
At age 16, all Morsal Obeidi wanted was to live the way other girls in Germany do. She paid dearly: Obeidi's brother stabbed her 20 times. Her murder has sparked a renewed debate in Germany about the failure of many immigrant families to integrate into Western society.
Morsal met with Mohammed, her cousin, on the evening of May 15, a Thursday. They were sitting in a McDonald's restaurant. Morsal had only been back in the city for a few months, after a prolonged visit with relatives in Afghanistan. It was spring in Hamburg. As they ate, Mohammed thought about the plan that he was keeping a secret from Morsal. It seemed harmless enough. Mohammed said later that Ahmad, Morsal's brother, had asked him to bring his sister to the Berliner Tor train station. "He said to me: 'I want you to meet Morsal today. Then walk to the Berliner Tor with her. But don't tell her anything. I just want to talk to her."
It seemed harmless enough.
Morsal and Mohammed arrived at the suburban railway station shortly after 11 p.m. They walked around the corner to a small parking lot next to an apartment building, where they sat down to smoke a cigarette. At 11:20 p.m., Ahmad suddenly appeared out of the darkness. Morsal recognized him -- and froze. Ahmad approached his sister and then, without saying a word, began stabbing her. He stabbed her a few times. "I think he must've taken something first. Drugs. Or maybe he got drunk. I tried to stop him, but he pushed me away," says Mohammed.
Ahmad Obeidi, 23, is a strong, athletic young man. Morsal tried to run away, but she stumbled and fell. Ahmad stood over her and continued to stab her, five times, ten times, still silent as he swung his right arm up and down over his sister's body. He seemed intoxicated. The police counted 20 stab wounds, inflicted with such force that Ahmad would later wear a bandage on his right forearm.
Morsal screamed, waking up the residents of the apartment building. Passersby called the police. Ahmad fled to a nearby subway station, and Mohammed followed him. The two cousins boarded a train, where they sat silently across from each other, a killer and his accomplice.
Morsal died.
In the days following the crime, it was frequently referred to as an "honor killing." A murder for the sake of honor? Is this even possible? Doesn't a man who cold-bloodedly kills his own sister, a girl seven years his junior, little more than a child, in fact lose all honor?
A Criminal for Whom Germany Was Foreign
The family was certainly not without its problems. But there was a critical difference between Morsal, who wanted nothing more than to be free, and Ahmad, who was a criminal to whom Germany had always been a foreign place. He staggered through life, unstable, a failure in life. He killed his sister for having become too comfortable in the ways of the West. He resented her for her uncovered hair, her makeup and her short skirts.
Morsal, unlike her older sister, was obstinate. She was 14 when she began to resist her parents' authority. She was tired of being complacent, of living according to the old Afghan rules, which seemed irrelevant to her life in Hamburg. She argued with her parents about her appearance and her behavior, her uncovered hair, her makeup, her tight jeans and about smoking and drinking. They argued about her friends and acquaintances. For former fighter pilot Ghulam-Mohammed Obeidi, the family's reputation was at stake. It was the only thing he had left to lose.
A Father and Son Turned Violent
The police say that he became violent, and so did his son Ahmad. They were losing control over Morsal, and losing their self-control in the process. "You are bringing shame to the family," they said to her.
A number of attacks on Morsal are also noted in his police file. But most of the attacks were never reported -- or documented. According to police records, Ahmad beat up his sister on Nov. 1, 2006. The older sister, the report reads, scratched Morsal in the face as she was lying on the ground. There were more blows on Nov. 8, 2006. This time Ahmad threatened her with a knife, but without using it. He shouted at Morsal, accusing her of violating the family honor. Morsal filed a complaint against her brother, and she was returned to the KNJD. On Jan. 19, 2007, Ahmad allegedly beat her up again, this time in the office of the family's used car and bus dealership. His sister dressed like a slut, Ahmad told the police.
The Obeidis are not a noticeably conservative family. Nevertheless, it valued traditions, and one of them was to defend the family's property: zar (gold), zamin (property) and zan (women). In their traditional world, it was set in stone that these things are the property of the man....
Read it all.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Organ Extraction Atrocities: The Blood Trail Leads to Sarkozy's Foreign Minister

Is Dr. Kouchner Europe's present-day Dr. Mengele?

The spokesman of the Serbian War Crimes Tribunal Bruno Vekaric told Vecernje Novosti the War Crimes Prosecution is in possession of the informations according to which numerous criminal charges have been brought up against one UNMIK [United Nations Mission in Kosovo] official for trafficking internal organs of Serbs kidnapped in Kosovo-Metohija province, and also earlier, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Vekaric explained that the official charged for the most macabre crimes of extracting organs from the healthy young Serbs for sale was a forensic expert within the UNMIK, who has since fled to South America.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Two War Criminals, Hitler and Clinton, Share the Same Views on Serbs

It is well known that in Serbia, in protest of its government's decision to form a pact with Hitler's alliance, the massive demonstrations erupted which have overturned the government. At that time, Winston Churchill said: "Yugoslavia found its soul again." This was said on the one side, the side of the Allies; on the other side, on the very day the attack against Yugoslavia was launched, Hitler said that his military assault on Serbia was, quote, "directed against the very same criminal clique, the very same creatures who, through the assassination in Sarajevo, pushed the world into the unspeakable misery."
The claim incredibly reminiscent of the one a new fuhrer uttered 58 years later, ahead of the new round of bombardment of Serbia and Yugoslavia. Namely, Bill Clinton, then-President of the United States, while explaining to the American TV audience the decision to start, as he called it "the air campaign" against Yugoslavia, on the night of March 24 [1999], stressed: "No, the Serbs did not only cause the World War I, no -- without them, there would have been no holocaust either." So much for the knowledge and acknowledgment of history by these two criminals.

Tadic's Yellows Kidnapped Milosevic and Handed him Over to the Hague Executioners

May 25, 2008 interview with Uros Suvakovic, a prominent member of the Socialist Party of Serbia - SPS (Glas Javnosti)
"SPS is a patriotic party, while DS, G17 Plus and the other little parties gathered around them go by the old Latin saying, that the homeland is wherever's better."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Terror Parties in Turkey

In the showcase “moderate” Islamic state of Turkey, Islamist agents of Hamas and Hizballah organize events calling for the destruction of Israel and America: Pro-Hizbullah, Pro-Hamas Islamists Organize “Free al Quds, World Without Israel” Events.

Czech President: How Ashamed I was!

That Czech nation has managed not to lose its sense of honor and common decency in the era when everything contrary to those virtues is promoted as the right thing to do onto others, was once again confirmed today, by the Czech President Vaclav Klaus in person.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Germany's Big, Empty Words

Part 3 of late President Slobodan Milosevic's opening statement at the Hague, August 31, 2004 (Part 1, Part 2)
On September 12, 1990, in Moscow, at the time foreign minister of what was then a Democratic Republic of Germany, along with French, Great Britain, Soviet and United States' foreign ministers signed an agreement about the final state order of Germany, Genscher, among else, said: "We don't want anything else, except to live in freedom, democracy and peace with all the other nations. The state unity is for us the greatest responsibility, but it does not represent the aspirations for greater power".

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cartoonists In Crisis

By Stephen Brown
Anti-Islamist European caricaturists face arrest by authorities and death from terrorists.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Western Collusion with Terrorists, Secessionists and Criminals in Destruction of Yugoslavia and Serbia

Second part of late President Slobodan Milosevic's opening statement at the Hague, August 31, 2004 (first part available here)
On the basis of Smithson's Declaration from January 7, 1932, United States obligated itself not to recognize the states created through the violent changes. This principle first became the regional rule for the American states, and then entered the universal rules of the international law.
This time around [in destruction of Yugoslavia], the United States trampled their own law. Back in July 1991, before the war begun, [German] Minister of Foreign Affairs [Hans-Dietrich] Genscher advocated the immediate recognition of Slovenia and Croatia. The parallel action was led by the Vatican. According to the US Ambassador with the Holy See, Thomas Patrick Milady, already in the mid-1991 Vatican undertook an action which was unprecedented in the history, placing itself at the helm of the process of recognition of the secessionist republics.

Kosovo and the Holocaust: Falsifying History

By Carl Savich
History is in many ways a myth we create for ourselves. History is constantly falsified to justify wars and territorial claims. Albanian apologists have falsified the role Albania played in the Holocaust to justify an illegal US/NATO war against Serbia and to allow for the creation of a Greater Albania that would include the Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija. The Albanian role in the Holocaust was falsified and manipulated to advance the creation of an “independent” Kosova, an ethnically pure Albania statelet, a second Albanian state in eastern Europe.
The Jewish victims of the Holocaust in Albania are estimated at 591 from 1941 to 1944, when a Greater Albania was sponsored by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. There were 33 known families of Albanian Jews living in pre-war Albania. The largest Jewish community consisted of 15 Jewish families living in Vlora. According to the 1930 census, there were 204 Jews living in Albania. At the Wannsee Conference in 1942, when the Final Solution was organized, the total Jewish population of Albania was listed as 200 Jews.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Freed Albanian war criminal vows to "integrate Serbs"

Acquitted of rape, torture and other atrocities against the Serbs, freed Hardinaj vows to "integrate Serbs" citing "right to justice".

Poetic Justice

There is plenty of divine poetic justice in the fact that the late President Milosevic's Socialist Party of Serbia, after the latest parliamentary elections, has been suddenly and unexpectedly promoted both by the EU officials and Serbia's Yellow bloc as the most desirable, entirely ideal government "partner" precisely for those who have been openly destroying Milosevic's party during the past eight years, by mercilessly tearing Slobodan Milosevic down as the devil incarnate, guilty of everything since the Great Flood until this very day.

"German" jailed for stabbing rabbi he called a "Jewish pig"

The "German"'s name is Sajed Aziz. What do you think? A neo-Nazi? Or maybe...just possibly...influenced by Islamic antisemitism?
"German jailed for stabbing rabbi," from the
BBC, May 20 (thanks to all who sent this in):
A German court has jailed a Muslim of Afghan origin for three and a half years for stabbing an Orthodox Jewish rabbi in the stomach in the street.
The court in the south-western city of Frankfurt convicted Sajed Aziz, 23, of grievous bodily harm.
Witnesses said he had shouted anti-Semitic insults at the victim, Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch, 43.
The case sparked a discussion in Germany about whether there were no-go areas for Jews in some cities....
However, he noted that Aziz had clearly called Mr Gurevitch a "Jewish pig".
Aziz admitted in court that he had stabbed his victim on a Frankfurt street on 7 September 2007 but called it self-defence, saying Mr Gurevitch had grabbed him by the collar.
The rabbi said Aziz had first shouted anti-Semitic slurs at him, then plunged a nearly three-inch (7-cm) blade into his lower abdomen.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fulfilled Prophecy: Late President Milosevic Said it All Eight Years Ago

As the negotiations on forming the new Serbian Government are proceeding between the parties comprising a patriotic bloc in Serbia (Kostunica's Democrats, Radicals and Socialists), and at the time Serbian Socialist Party (SPS) is being hailed as a "progressive, modern, moderate left-center party" by the very same centers, media, groups and politicians who have, until few days ago, talked about late President Milosevic's party as the worst, most retrograde, fascist, cannibalistic bunch of ingrates outdone in the evilness only by the army of Vlad III the Impaler, it seems appropriate to recall some of what SPS' most popular leader, three times elected president of Yugoslavia and Serbia, late Slobodan Milosevic, thought and said about some of those fiercely competing for the coalition with his party nowadays.

State Dept. Report on Terrorism - Kosovo

By Julia Gorin Republican Riot
Country Reports on Terrorism 2007: Kosovo
The United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) continued to monitor suspected terrorist activity with the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government (PISG). Officials believed that a few of the more than 400 NGOs operating in Kosovo were involved in suspicious activities, and sought to prevent extremists from using NGOs to gain a foothold in Kosovo. Consequently, municipalities authorized NGO use of public facilities for religious gatherings only if the relevant religious community consented.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Taliban chief escapes: "Bridge builder" German forces not allowed to fire

Absurdity. "Top Taliban chief escapes," from The Sun, May 19 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):
A TOP Taliban commander in Afghanistan with links to the killers of several British Army soldiers has escaped from German special forces because they were not authorised to kill him.
The fiasco highlights the absurd role played by the German military, which is known to other combat nations as "the bridge builders", because Berlin will not let them fire shots in any situation other than self-defence.
German special forces had an important Taliban commander in their sights in Afghanistan. But he escaped because the Germans were not authorized to use lethal force....

Germany: Brother stabs sister in honor killing; had prior record of assaults against her, another sister

"The man was sentenced in March on an assault charge to one year and five months without possibility of probation ... The man had requested his March sentence be deferred, prosecutors said. He was notified in writing on Wednesday - a day before the stabbing - that the request had been rejected."
"Suspect in Hamburg 'honour killing' had assault record," from
The Local, May 19:
A 23-year-old Hamburg man suspected of stabbing his sister to death in an honour killing last week had already been prosecuted for assaulting her and others, prosecutors confirmed on Monday.
The man was sentenced in March on an assault charge to one year and five months without possibility of probation, the Hamburg prosecutor's office told German press agency DDP on Monday, confirming media reports.
The man had requested his March sentence be deferred, prosecutors said. He was notified in writing on Wednesday - a day before the stabbing - that the request had been rejected.
Police were also investigating earlier claims that he assaulted two of his sisters, including the girl stabbed last week.
Police arrested the man on Friday after the stabbing death of his 16-year-old sister early Friday morning in Hamburg's Sankt Georg district. Neighbours and a passing group of youths heard the girl screaming near the Berliner Tor metro stop and called police at 11:21 pm on Thursday. The girl died about an hour later at the scene of the stabbing.
The girl's oldest brother - like her a German citizen of Afghan origin - admitted to police he had killed her because she had turned away from her family, DDP reported. The family immigrated to Germany from Afghanistan 13 years ago, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported in its online edition.
The brother was charged in February with assaulting the 16-year-old girl and another of his sisters, DDP reported. Senior prosecutor Rüdiger Bagger denied reports that the man had already been sentenced in that case, saying that it was still pending.
The girl's cousin, Mujda O., told Der Spiegel's television unit that the 23-year-old had been getting into fights every two weeks.
"If you were to call this an honour killing, you would be correct. Very correct," the girl, who was not identified with her last name, told Der Spiegel.

Hague not to investigate sale of Serb organs

Hague will not investigate Albanians for trafficking in organs of Serbs because the amount of evidence that the prosecutors office has is insufficient to get a conviction.

Nazi-era Albanian group reactivated

Albanian Premier Sali Berisha hailed Prizren league, an Albanian Nazi-era organization

Sunday, May 18, 2008

JTF: Stefan Niggemeier Versus Politically Incorrect

The far left “journalist” Stefan Niggemeier has started a vicious smear campaign against Politically Incorrect (PI), a German blog which courageously exposes the truth about the mortal threat of Islamic terrorism. Niggemeier hysterically attacks PI for accepting an advertisement from the Jewish Task Force (JTF). Contrary to the deliberate lies in Niggemeier’s article, here are the facts on JTF.

Saturday, May 17, 2008



Spiegel Wakes Up, Sees Islamic Hate Speech, Rolls Over, Goes Back to Sleep

Talk about clueless. Spiegel Online has an article about the antisemitic hate speech that is overwhelmingly common in the Islamic world; apparently they just noticed it: ’Wipe Out the Jews’ : Anti-Semitic Hate Speech in the Name of Islam.
Though most Muslims reject Islamism and its propaganda, anti-Semitic messages from satellite channels like the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa are helping to bring a message of hate and intolerance to Europe.
Really? Most Muslims reject Islamism and its propaganda?
Then why is this stuff being broadcast on cable and satellite TV channels all over the world? To make it even more ludicrous, the article goes on to list example after example after example, and even delves into the Koranic sources of the hatred.
But you know ... most Muslims reject it, according to Der Spiegel. They’re only watching the omnipresent hate propaganda so they can reject it, really.

Kostunica: DSS-NS will Respect the Will of the People

Leader of DSS Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica stated that the DSS-NS coalition (Democratic Party of Serbia and New Serbia) will respect the will of the people expressed in parliamentary elections, which could only be represented by the Parliament majority of 126 seats. Anything else, he warned, would be altering the voters' will, usurping the rule of law and suspension of democracy.

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Government at Hand

Agreement in principle has been reached earlier today by the new coalition between the Serbian Radical Party (SRS), Premier Kostunica's Democratic coalition (DSS-NS) and the coalition gathered around Ivica Dacic's Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS-PUPS-JS). After the tripartite meeting which lasted more than two and half hours, held at DSS headquarters, representatives of Socialists and Radicals issued a statement, announcing that new coalition was agreed in principle regarding the formation of the new Government, RTS reports.

Western Officials Knew About Kidnapping of Kosovo Serbs for Organ Harvesting

English translation of the Russian articles mentioned here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
"The so-called international community knew from the very start about the kidnapping of Kosovo Serbs and butchering them for their organs, as described in Carla Del Ponte's book, but by admitting those facts the West would undermine their plans for mutilating Serbia, shifting the power balance in the Balkans and weakening the Russian influence", Russia's Permanent Representative to NATO Dimitry Rogozin said, Tanjug reports.
"These are the common-knowledge issues, of which everyone involved in Kosovo-Metohija problem is aware and the very serious evidence that has entirely discredited Thaci", Rogozin said, adding that even though Thaci was one of the criminal KLA commanders, he still remained a desirable associate for the West.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Tehran-Berlin Axis

Flipping last week through the online itinerary of the German Near and Middle East Association (honorary chairman: Gerhard Schröder), I found the following entry: "April 16, 2008, Meeting with the Iranian Vice Foreign Minister S.E. Mehdi Safari in Berlin." I couldn't find anything in the German press about this visit. I turned to Iranian media. It reported that Mr. Safari was in Berlin for three days at the invitation of the German government. He met with officials at the foreign, interior and economics ministries, as well as with lawmakers and businessmen.

Pro-Serbian Block

It has been confirmed yesterday by Vice President of SRS Tomislav Nikolic and spokesman for DSS Andreja Mladenovic that the pro-Serbian block might be one step closer to forming the new Serbian government. Signing of “proposed agreement about the character and program goals of new national Government of Serbia" between SRS Nikolic and DSS Kostunica is the first good sign and hope for the better times for Serbia and Serbian people. In the next few days the new coalition between SRS, DSS-NS and SPS-PUPS-JS, should be officially announced.
DSS Vojislav Kostunica would keep the position of the Prime Minister, while the position of a Vice Premier would go to Ivica Dacic from SPS-PUPS-JS coalition. New President of Serbian Parliament, in this case, would be SRS Tomislav Nikolic. One of the most important appointments in Serbia, Mayor of Belgrade, would also go to Radicals and SRS Aleksandar Vucic.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turkey: New law restricting sale of alcohol comes into effect

Sharia is creeping forward everywhere, but in modern, moderate, secular Turkey it is creeping even faster than it is elsewhere. "Turkey: Law Banning Alcohol, Sigarettes [sic] Comes Into Effect," from ANSAmed, May 13 (thanks to Insubria):
(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, MAY 13 - A new law to overhaul tobacco and alcoholic beverages usage drew fierce criticism from sector representatives, and is seen as another negative factor in Islamist-rooted AKP's record of conservative arrangements. Law No. 5752, which will take effect tomorrow, bans the sale of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes "by breaking its packaging or dividing them."
Sector representatives say if implemented, it would mean that the sale of alcoholic beverages by the glass at establishments like restaurants and bars would not be allowed. Sector representatives say the government should make new regulations detailing the implementation of this article of the law.
The government passed the law to ban smoking in public areas and the sale of single cigarettes in small markets, a practice commonly used. The representatives of sector organizations say this law makes it virtually impossible to consume alcohol anywhere but in the home. The marketing director of Doluca Wines told Hurriyet the confusion about alcoholic beverages arises because the law described the new arrangements together with those relating to tobacco usage. "The recent shape of the law would kill the sector. Clear definitions should be made," Sibel Kutman said. She added that 35% of annual wine sales are sold by the glass.
Turkish alcohol producers have already been under pressure since the AKP government took the helm. Winemakers had complained of a heavy tax burden and a government which they feel is unsympathetic to the wine industry due to its Islamist roots, however many Turks drink alcohol. Turkey's Islamist-rooted AKP, who faces a closure case on the charge of becoming the focal point of anti-secular activities, denies the charges but has so far not taken any steps to soothe concerns caused mostly by the implementations of local administrations.
Under the law no cocktails will be made by mixing different kinds of alcohol, and giving alcoholic beverages as a gift is also banned. The chairman of the Tourism, Restaurants, Clubs Investors and Operators said he does "not want to believe" such ban will take effect. "I don't think this will be a problem as long as you have a license to sell open bottle alcohol," Baris Tansever added. (ANSAmed).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Muslim (Albanian) 911 Operator Fired, Faces Felony Charges for Illegally Searching State Databases, including Terror Watch List

By Julia Gorin, Republican Riot
Just a few hours after I explained on Jihad Watch what was wrong with Michael Totten’s pro-Albanian-supremacist post on Commentary magazine’s website, the following item was posted on the site. It concerns an article that came out in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle last week on the one-year anniversary of the Ft. Dix arrests of four Albanians, the significance of which becomes clear if you notice that the woman’s name is Albanian.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Islamic nations launch "Islamophobia Observatory"

If İhsanoğlu really wants to rectify Islam's image, he should start by rectifying things like this. But instead, he and the OIC continue to pretend that any concerns non-Muslims may have over an Islamic cleric proclaiming that "we will rule the world, as has been said by the Prophet Muhammad" are simply manifestations of "Islamophobia." That in itself reveals a great deal about the real agenda of İhsanoğlu and the OIC.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Tomislav Nikolic About Radical Government

Serbian Radical Party: The Facts
By Tomislav Nikolic, acting leader of the Serbian Radical Party and one of the most experienced Serbian parliamentarians, Washington Times
Sunday, Serbian voters will go to the polls to elect a new parliament. It is expected the Serbian Radical Party, which for some years has been Serbia's most popular and has held the greatest number of parliamentary seats, will form a new government, either alone or in coalition with other parties.
In such case, I am confident we finally will have a government that, unlike in the recent past, will have a unified position on the key challenges facing our country.

German Court: Muslim girl can't skip swimming lessons

A setback for Sharia creep and the Stealth Jihad in Europe. "German Court Rules Muslim Girl Can't Skip Swimming Lessons," from FoxNews, May 8 (thanks to all who sent this in):
A German court on Wednesday ruled that a Muslim student cannot skip co-ed swimming lessons because her religion prohibits form-fitting clothes that do not cover her body, The Local reported.
The 12-year-old girl’s parents sued a school in the northern city of Remscheid after it refused to let the girl skip the lessons. The court sided with the school, saying that the state’s responsibility to educate the girl outweighed an infringement on her religious freedom....
The parents’ attorney said the family will appeal the decision.

Julia Gorin: This is a Kosovar Muslim?

In this Jihad Watch exclusive, Julia Gorin discusses yet another fruitless search for that ever-elusive unicorn, a genuine and broad-based moderate Islam

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why is Solana-Tadic Pact Unavailable to the Public?

Tanjug reported that, according to the Brussels' Office for Enlargement of the EU Commission, the Temporary Agreement signed by Tadic's party members in Luxembourg will be published by the EU only "in the next few months", and that there is a possibility of "technical corrections" in the translation of the document in contrast to the version signed on April 28.
"Certain technical corrections in translation of the signed text may occur", the EU bureaucrats told Tanjug "without clarifying what this actually means", the Tanjug reporter said.
The responsibility for the translation of the Temporary Agreement into Serbian lies on the Serbian side, but this version is being double-checked by the legal and linguistic experts of the European Commission and returned for corrections. The final version of the document in English will be published by the EU "in the next few months", the EU officials said.

"We are going to get rid of that pastor!": Armed men threaten church in Turkey

"The attempted attack marked the seventh incident in the past four months of threatened violence against Turkey’s tiny Protestant community, most of whom are former Muslims who converted to Christianity."
Islamic Tolerance Alert. "Turkey: Armed Men Threaten Church," from
Compass Direct, May 7:
ISTANBUL, May 7 (Compass Direct News) – Three men, one of them armed with a gun and wearing gloves, threatened a Protestant church and its pastor in the Turkish capital city of Ankara yesterday. The culprits fled in a car before police could be summoned.
The attempted attack marked the seventh incident in the past four months of threatened violence against Turkey’s tiny Protestant community, most of whom are former Muslims who converted to Christianity.
Shortly before 6 p.m. Tuesday (May 6), three men drove up in a blue car to the Kurtulus Church in Ankara’s Cebeci district. A heavy-set man about 45 years old went up to the locked church building and began to ring the doorbell repeatedly.
“Where is the pastor? We are searching for the pastor,” he said to a church member nearby who was cleaning his car.
The church member, who happened to be waiting outside the building for a friend, explained that the church was closed and the pastor was not around. He suggested that they return on Sunday, when the church would be open for worship services between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
“So are you involved here?” demanded the inquirer.
“Yes,” responded the church member. “Why are you looking for the pastor?”
Ignoring the question, the suspect again asked where the pastor could be found. When the church member again suggested they come back on Sunday, the man demanded, “Tell us! We are going to get rid of that pastor!”
Turning around, the suspect returned to his car and consulted with its two occupants. Then another middle-aged man got out of the car. Holding a pistol in his gloved right hand, the assailant began walking toward the church member, shouting and pointing the weapon at him.
“I ran toward a crowded area 20 meters away,” the church member said. “The suspect followed me for awhile. Then we both stopped. He stared at me for a few seconds and then went back to his friends at the car, and they drove off.”
The semi-official Anatolian News Agency claimed in its report yesterday that the attackers were drunk. But the church member who interacted with them said he had no indication that the men were under the influence of alcohol.
Although the Kurtulus Church had installed a security camera a year ago, shortly after the knifing murders of three Christians in Malatya, the recording had been accidentally disabled when the computer to which it was linked was switched off last Sunday after the church service. [...]
Echoing comments made by the chairman of the Alliance of Turkish Protestant Churches at the Istanbul memorial service for the Malatya martyrs on April 20, Ozbek said, “The Turkish people must decide. Are they going to keep killing us, or are they going to allow us to worship in peace?”

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thaci would Also Vote for Tadici

...If he didn't think he lives in a separate state, that is.
On the very same day the three members of a single political party in Serbia, Tadic's DS, signed the treacherous pact with Javier Solana in Luxembourg, Kosovo Albanian terrorist and war criminal Ramush Haradinaj congratulated Tadic on signing Kosovo-Metohija away.

Investigation urged on Albanian organ traffic of Serbs

Human Rights Watch says new evidence has emerged to warrant further investigation into claims that ethnic Albanian guerrillas in Kosovo killed Serbs and sold their organs.

Anti-Americanism Uber Alles

Picture: Berlin Goes Gaza

By Stephen Brown
German leftists oppose anti-terrorism accord with America depsite internal Islamist threat.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Brussels Confirms Tadic's DS Signed Kosovo Away

Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht told Tanjug today that, for "the official Brussels", the Stabilization and Association Agreement signed last week in Luxembourg does, indeed, apply to mutilated Serbia—without Kosovo and Metohija—as Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica says.
"It is my understanding that we have signed the agreement with Serbia alone, without Kosovo", Tadic's friend De Gucht said.
Belgium recognized the unilateral secession of Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province on February 24. Together with Holland, it was also against signing the SAA with Serbia until the last meeting of EU Council of Ministers, on April 29, when the two states suddenly decided to let Solana sign the pact with Tadic's political party members, in the midst of parliamentary elections.

Monday, May 05, 2008

European Commission President: Islam is part of Europe

"We can be a European citizen being a Christian, being Jewish or Muslim or having no religion." Yes, and because of you and people like you, Barroso, eventually only Muslims will be European citizens, with Jews and Christians reduced to dhimmi status.
"Barroso: Islam is part of Europe," from, May 5 (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist):
BRUSSELS , May 5: The President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, underlined here Monday that Islam is part and parcel of Europe and he also condemned the concept of clash of civilisations.
"Islam today is part of Europe. It is important to understand this.One should not see Islam as outside Europe. We already have an important presence of Islam and Muslims among our citizens," Barroso told a press conference this afternoon after an informal dialogue between EU leaders and around twenty high-level representatives of Christianity, Judaism and Islam in Europe.
"We can be a European citizen being a Christian, being Jewish or Muslim or having no religion," he noted.
On his part, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dr.Mustafa Ceric, said Islam is indeed part of Europe but unfortunately Turkey is not yet part of Europe.
"Following this logic Europe has to prove that Islam is part of Europe by not delaying the acceptance of Turkey to the EU," Ceric told the joint press conference....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The evolving Balkan theater

Greek soldier protects Serbian Church clergy from being killed by Albanian Muslims in Kosovo.
Kosovo’s independence could have been prevented enabling USA to become a factor of stability for the Balkans.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

State Coup or Merciful Angel 2*

Statement issued on April 30 by the patriotic youth organization Serbian Portal
There are too many questions with no answers. Serbian Sabor Portal, as a national organization of free men who are humiliated by the constant insults to our intelligence and national dignity, will not cease posing these questions in our public life. We are entirely convinced that the infectious Yellow disease of jaundice which has spread through our media will not last much longer and that we shall soon step out of the Euro-Uniate quarantine.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Turbulent Storm Serbia is In Requires Steady Navigation and Patience

Interview with Milos Petrovic, Doctoral Candidate of Political Philosophy at the Berkly University, Glas Javnosti
"Everyone who campaigns for Europe without Kosovo, or Kosovo without Europe is engaging in the plain demagogy. The dilemma 'Kosovo or Europe' is fake, Serbia has to demonstrate that it is precisely the European idea that is being defended in Kosovo. Only those who are not up to the challenge of leading the state are basing their reasoning on the principle "now or never", "all or nothing". Sacrificing one's own citizens merely buys time, turning us into all the while easier, perhaps even sweeter prey," Political Philosophy Doctoral Candidate at Berkly University Milos Petrovic told Belgrade daily Glas Javnosti.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

TRAITOR: Tadic, a Collaborator with the New Axis Powers

Kosovo Serbs burn Tadic's photo with Condoleezza Rice at a protest rally. The words on the poster read "AGREED! I traded Kosovo for the EU". May 1, 2008, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia.
Minister of Education Zoran Loncar publicly called Boris Tadic to say who is his special representative who is denouncing the Serbian prime minister to foreigners.
In a statement delivered to Tanjug yesterday, Loncar said that “Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen claims that Tadic sent a special representative to him, who informed him that Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica was blocking the cooperation with the Hague Tribunal.”
“We call on Tadic to say in public who is that special representative of his that is denouncing the prime minister to foreigners, and to say what exactly that person told Verhagen,” said Loncar.
“We remind Boris Tadic that Verhagen recognized Kosovo independence and that it would have been normal for Tadic to send a protest note to Verhagen, instead of denouncing the prime minister,” Loncar said.
Verhagen said in Luxembourg late Tuesday that "Serbia admitted it was not fully cooperating with the Hague Tribunal", and that he possessed information that Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica was "blocking that cooperation".

Berlin exhibit equates security fence with Berlin Wall

BERLIN, A highly controversial publicly funded photo exhibit equating Israel's security fence with the Berlin Wall has sparked political controversy in the German capital.
In late April, a majority of District representatives from the Green and the Left parties approved German photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer's "Wall on Wall" display, showing photos of the West Bank security fence at the East Side Gallery, a historical landmark containing sections of the Berlin Wall that commemorates a divided Berlin during the Cold War period.

Croat, Hungarian most wanted Nazis, killed 1000s Serbs, Jews

Croat Milivoj Asner and Hungarian Sandor Kepiro on Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of 10 most wanted Nazis