Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dr. Karadzic: NATO Court Ought to Stop Pretending to be Something Else

In his second appearance before the kangaroo court in Hague, Republic of Srpska first president Radovan Karadzic challenged the kangaroo court's right to try him.
"This court is representing itself falsely as a court of the international community, whereas it is in fact a court of Nato, whose aim is to liquidate me," Radovan Karadzic said.
"I have stopped using a false name -- so should you," he added.

ADL slams Shell, Austrian energy giant for taking part in Iran conference

By Benjamin Weinthal, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service
Two oil conglomerates participating in an energy conference in Iran are guilty of "hindering efforts to isolate" the Islamic Republic, the Anti-Defamation League charged on Friday. Officials from Austrian energy giant OMV and the multinational Shell corporation are scheduled to attend a conference in Tehran sponsored by Iran's state-run energy firm. The meet is set to take place in early October.

Germany: Jihadist suspects in plots against American targets to be charged

An update on Fritz the Jihadist and friends. "2007 German terror suspects to be charged," from the Associated Press, August 30:
BERLIN (AP) - Germany's federal prosecutor is preparing to bring charges against three men suspected of plotting massive bombing attacks that were thwarted by authorities in 2007.
Frank Wallenta, a spokesman for federal prosecutors in Karlsruhe, said Saturday that charges would be pressed «in the coming days,» confirming reports in Der Spiegel and Focus weeklies.
The suspects, Fritz Martin Gelowicz - described as the leader of an Islamic Jihad Union terror cell in Germany - Daniel Martin Schneider and Adem Yilmaz, have been jailed since police arrested them Sept. 4, 2007 on suspicion of plotting to bomb targets that included places frequented by U.S. citizens.
Wallenta declined to comment on further details in the reports, which said the three will be charged with membership in both a foreign and a domestic terror organization. Gelowicz and Schneider are German citizens. Yilmaz is a Turkish citizen who lived in Germany. Authorities say they had all undergone training at camps in Pakistan run by the Islamic Jihad Union, and had formed a German cell of the al-Qaida-influenced group.
At the time of their arrest, the suspects had military-style detonators and enough material to make bombs more powerful than those that killed 191 people in Madrid in 2004 and 52 commuters in London in 2005, prosecutors said then.
They came to the attention of law enforcement officials when one or more of them carried out surveillance of U.S. military facilities in Hanau, near Frankfurt, in late 2006.
Over the next six months, authorities observed them gathering a dozen containers of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide solution, which officials say can easily be combined with other material to make explosives.
Police decided to move in when the suspects began moving some of the containers and acquiring other equipment used to make bombs.
The Islamic Jihad Union is a Sunni Muslim group based in Central Asia that was an offshoot of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, an extremist group with origins in that country.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

German Weekly in Propaganda Row over Ossetia Conflict

Europe’s largest news magazine has been accused of propaganda by one of its own staff, who says it refused to publish pictures showing the devastation left by the Georgian military in South Ossetia. The photographer believes that the liberal German weekly Spiegel made a political decision to ignore the images as part of a pro-American stance on the conflict.Pavel Kassin has been working for the weekly since 1990 and has never before had any problems getting his photographs published. Last week, he and his German colleague Uwe Klussman, employed by Spiegel’s Moscow bureau, were sent to South Ossetia to report on the aftermath of the war. On his return, Pavel sent 29 pictures to the magazine’s Hamburg HQ - but was shocked to find that none of them appeared in the latest issue released on Monday.Kassin was so angry he gave an interview to the Russian daily Izvestia. “Could it be that the most liberal, democratic and independent magazine has gone down the road of ideological one-sided propaganda?” he said. “In my view this is one of the rare cases when Spiegel has taken a pro-American stance.”In the last three issues Spiegel has given extensive coverage to the war in the Caucasus, but only a few articles have dealt with the situation in South Ossetia. The rest have shown Georgia as a ‘martyr’ suffering from ‘Russian aggression’. Most images featured ruined houses in the Georgian town of Gori and crushed military ships in the port of Poti.Meanwhile, the South Ossetian capital Tskhinval, which suffered 12 hours of bombing by the Georgian military, is shown like a city living an ordinary life. Most photographs were by correspondents of the world’s leading news agencies. The weekly has also used several pictures by Russian photographers from Reuters and AP.This year Spiegel has seen changes in its top management. Its long-time editor-in-chief Stefan Aust was replaced by two new chief editors.

Friday, August 29, 2008

"What is a Jew in Germany Permitted to Say against Israel?"

John Rosenthal
"What is a Jew in Germany Permitted to Say against Israel?" Thus ran the headline to a commentary that ran in the Arts and Letters section of Germany's influential Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) last week. And -- though perfectly reflecting the tenor of the article by Patrick Bahners, the editor of the section -- a very odd headline it is. For while the subject of the piece is a court case in which freedom of speech is indeed clearly at stake, as so happens the case involves not an attempt to silence a Jewish critic of Israel, but rather the attempt of a Jewish critic of Israel to silence one of her own critics.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biden's son calls Serbs "thugs"

Speech impaired Joe Biden, defective stutterer who could not finish a sentence, has his son who survived death of siblings, call Serbs 'thugs". Watch out you Serb: racists about to take over White House and the'll get ya, tells us analyst.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe Biden Caught Virulent Serbophobia from the Ustasha Clergy Back in the Early 1980s

When Obama's running mate Joe Biden stated that “all Serbs should be placed in Nazi-style concentration camps” during Senatorial deliberations in 1999 over NATO aggression on Serbia, most of the world was unaware of the source of such virulent Serb-hatred one would generally be ashamed of harboring, let alone advertising. But issuing a statement that amounts to approval of the genocide Serbian nation had already been subjected to during the WWII, by the Croat fascists -- Ustashe -- and that it should, indeed, have been entirely exterminated in the death camps of which Ustasha-run Jasenovac was the most macabre chain of slaughterhouses in Europe, could have been inspired only by the pathological Croat Ustasha ideology fueled and grown on pure, undiluted hatred of everything Serbian.

Main Goal to Provide Security for its Own Citizens in the Region, and the People of South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed decrees, formally recognizing the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. He says the military conflict in South Ossetia has killed every hope for the peaceful co-existence of Ossetians, Abkhazians and Georgians within one country, as reported by Russia Today. “Based on the current situation it was necessary to make a decision. We respect the free will of the South Ossetian and Abkhazian people. And basing our actions on the regulations of the UN and the agreement of 1970 regulating relations between the countries, the Helsinki act of 1975 and other international regulations and documents I’ve signed an order to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and the independence of Abkhazia by the Russian federation,” Medvedev said.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swiss foreign minister: We could negotiate with bin Laden

Credentials on neutrality: Your mileage may vary with jihadist organizations.
Of course, there are many other reasons besides the flag with a big cross on it that Al-Qaeda would not appreciate Switzerland's traditional status in the West as a neutral party. An infidel state is an infidel state, and the foreign minister should be aware that a willingness to talk would not protect the Swiss either from violent attacks or the creeping subversion of their laws and civil liberties. "Swiss foreign minister would 'talk to bin Laden'," from
Agence France-Presse, August 25:
GENEVA - Switzerland's foreign minister told top diplomats on Monday she favours direct talks with Osama bin Laden to tackle the threat of terrorism.
Micheline Calmy-Rey, who has raised both eyebrows and hackles with her controversial style, told Swiss ambassadors gathered in the capital Bern that they needed to talk to "heavyweight political figures" on the world stage even if they are considered persona non grata by other powers.
"This even goes as far as sitting down at the same table as Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden," she said.
Switzerland does not have any list of banned organisations to which it will not talk, unlike other countries.
Calmy-Rey said that groups as diverse as Hezbollah, the FARC guerrillas in Colombia, Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka and the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda are all "essential in the search for a resolution" of different conflicts worldwide.
She stressed however that any dialogue did not mean "accepting the unacceptable," and conceded that it could sometimes lead to tensions and "complex political blockages"....
Yes, Europe once had one of those. Around about 1938...

Monday, August 25, 2008

No Business with the Mullahs! Stop the Steiner Deal with Iran!

Protest rally:
Saturday, August 30, 2008
3pm – 5pm, Siegen (Germany)
Siegplatte, near the pedestrian zone of Bahnhofstraße

Panel discussion:
The Iranian regime, the threat to Israel and the German Iran deals
Saturday, August 30, 2008
7pm, Siegen, Siegbergstraße 1

More information on Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sarajevo streets painted Islamic green

Bosnian mayor says "greenery" is in deficit plus, she says, green is hit across Europe.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Indonesia warns about upcoming German conference, insisting that there must "be sensitivity because such an event will only worsen misunderstanding"

Not to mention lead to Muslim riots meant to demonstrate that Islam is a religion of peace. Update to this story. "Anti-Islam congress counterproductive to interfaith dialogs," from Antara News, August 22:
Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - Indonesia, the world`s largest Moslem country, considers the pro-Koln group`s plan to hold an anti-Islam congress in Cologne, Germany, on Sept 19-20 to be counterproductive to interfaith dialogs, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.
"Any plan to organize an anti-Islam congress would be counter-productive to interfaith dialogs which also involve European nations," Teuku Faizasyah said on Thursday.
The Indonesian government, along with other ASEAN members and other countries through bilateral relations had been active in holding interfaith and cultural dialogs to solve differences and avoid misunderstanding, he said.
Ahhh, the word that always creeps up whenever Islam is under discussion, as Islam is apparently the perpetually misunderstood religion -- especially by Muslims.
"We hope there will be sensitivity (on the part of the congress` organizing committee) because such an event will only worsen misunderstanding," he said.[...]
Last week, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) expressed deep concern about the plan to organize the anti-Islam congress.
In its written statement, the OIC said the aim of the congress is to raise anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe which will eventually threaten peace and harmony among the Europeans.
The OIC also expressed hope that all elements of the community in Germany and the rest of Europe would be strongly opposed to the planned congress and reject hatred and racism.

Obama chooses foreign policy in Biden

Pro-Muslim U.S. Senator Stokes Flames of the Anti-Serbian Campaign
Recently, a prime Serb-hater and Albanian Muslim lobbyist, Senator Joseph Biden of the obsessively anti-Serb Council on Foreign Relations, was given ample space by equally Serbophobic Financial Times to do some more pro-Muslim lobbying, while underlining his unwavering support for further destruction of Serbian state.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dutch Soldiers from Srebrenica Battalion Offer to Testify in Karadzic's Defense

Some 15 Dutch soldiers of the former Netherlands battalion stationed in Srebrenica during the Bosnian civil war came to Belgrade on Wednesday, offering to testify in the Hague tribunal on behalf of Dr. Karadzic, a member of Radovan Karadzic's defense team Milivoje Ivanisevic told Vecernje Novosti.
"We talked about their possible testimony. They stressed that the Serbs did not commit war crimes against the Muslim civilians when they were passing through several dozen of their villages [in Srebrenica municipality] the Dutch soldiers were securing. They came over at their own expense and said they will testify and invite more of their fellow soldiers to testify too. They left Belgrade on Thursday," Ivanisevic said.

Hundred Indictments Against Croat and Bosnian Muslim War Criminals

Regional Prosecution in Doboj (Republic of Srpska) has gathered documentation and other evidence for raising charges against some 100 persons of Croat and Bosnian Muslim nationality for the war crimes committed against Derventa (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Serbs during the year 1992.
According to the Republic of Srpska media, the first eight indictments could be issued at the beginning of the next month against Ivica Petkovic, Vinko Belic, Ivan Duspara, Ivan Culjak, Sulejman Alijalic and Ika Stanic.
"These individuals bear most responsibility for the establishment of five concentration camps in Derventa where more than 300 Serbian civilians were tortured and killed, including many women, children and elderly", president of the Association of the War Prisoners of Derventa municipality Drago Knezevic said.
He said that the greatest number of the camp prisoners of Serbian nationality was submitted to the most brutal methods of torture and abuse and that most of them have died of the consequences of torture in the plain sight of the other prisoners.
Members of the municipal association of the Serbian camp prisoners in Derventa expressed their satisfaction with the fact indictments against the Croat and Bosnian Muslim war criminals for the crimes committed against the Serbian population no one has yet faced responsibility for, will be issued soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Saakashvili's Western Advisers Preparing a Racak Setup for Moscow

Another evidence that hysterical Georgian leader is getting his cues from the same kitchen as Kosovo Albanian war criminals is the latest warning by the Russian military intelligence, revealing on Wednesday that Georgian authorities are preparing "a large-scale provocation in the next few days, possibly tomorrow".

More ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Serbs

Kosovo Serbs from the area of Gnjilane are being ethnically cleansed by the Albanian authorities in Kosovo and are signing out their children from schools and preparing to flee to safety. Ethnic cleansing of the area started last month when 50 local Serbs fled village of Pasjan in the Gnjilane municipality. In the village of Partes, 38 [...]

Bosnian Wahhabis recruiting al-Qaeda

Bosnian politician Dzevad Galijasevic says that the reason for the recent gathering of Bosnian Wahhabis in the village of Bosnian Krupa was to plan a recruitment strategy of Bosnian Muslims via its Active Islamic Youth organization and their media outlets such as SAFF and others. Galijasevic says that the gathering is also connected to a recent [...]

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

“This is a message of intolerance and a perfidious scene of ethnic cleansing that was preconceived as a way to drive away people of other ethnicities

Pavements painted green in Sarajevo, but I'm sure it's a moderate shade of green. Ethnic Cleansing Update: "Green pavements deemed 'provocation,'” from Tanjug, August 19 (thanks to John Doe):
SARAJEVO -- The Croatia Libertas NGO says that the decision to paint pavements in Sarajevo in green is pure provocation.
The non-governmental organization stated that the painted pavements were a clear message from Muslims to all the city’s other residents that Sarajevo was not the capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina, but an ethnically Bosniak capital.
“This is a message of intolerance and a perfidious scene of ethnic cleansing that was preconceived as a way to drive away people of other ethnicities and religions living in Sarajevo,” said NGO President Leo Pločkinić.
He said that nowhere in the world were streets and pavements painted green—the color traditionally linked with Islam—not even in Tehran.
“It is clear that Sarajevo wants to be a greater Tehran than the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran itself,” Pločkinić surmised.
Sarajevo Mayor Semiha Borovac said that painting the pavements and streets green would be good for the city, because the city lacked greenery.
Yeah, sure, that's it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Islam’s swipe at liberty again

M. Bozinovich
Islam’s latest global swipe on liberty, peculiarly enough, starts from Serbia where the western media has been telling us, despite the evidence, that Muslims do not exhibit militancy but tolerance.To the delusions in the Western media, particularly UKs, the ‘I told you so’ moment came yesterday when a Serbian book publisher Aleksandar Jasic pulled a [...]

Monday, August 18, 2008

Phillip Corwin: Serbophobia Prevents Reaching the Truth

Interview with Phillip Corwin by Cathrin Schütz, Junge Welt
American Phillip Corwin was the highest UN official in Bosnia from spring to summer of 1995, serving as Civil Affairs Coordinator and Delegate of the Special Representative for the UN Secretary General. Previously, from 1994 to the spring of 1995 he held the same office for the region of Eastern Slavonia in Croatia.

Kosovo independence nothing but trouble, Walesa

Former President of Poland Lech Walesa says that recognition of Kosovo has sawn divisions among Europe and is nothing but trouble.
"Recognizing Kosovo will bring nothing but trouble. No one can be denied the right to self-determination, but only within the bounds of common sense," Walesa says.
Polish People's Party European MP Janusz Wojciechowski noted that Kosovo is a double standard that will not pass in the international community.
"Russia is using it now," said Wojciechowski.
Poland was one of the first ones to recognize Kosovo as independent and support decapitation of its fellow Slavic country Serbia. Poland was a victim of territorial division by those more powerful then they during WWII.
Walesa also accused the Kosovo Islamic separatists of irresponsible behavior as two thirds of Serbs have been driven out and those remaining are forced into ghettos while hundreds of churches have been razed.
Kosovo was "with its irresponsible behavior, causing new divisions in Europe and globally and undermining international relations," Walesa said.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Croat Nazi plaque re-hoisted

A plaque glorifying Croatian Nazi Jure Francetic once again was erected in the Croatian town of Slunj, a town where the Nazi war criminal was slain.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Czech president: Kosovo freed Russia's hands

PRAGUE, Czech Republic-Czech President Vaclav Klaus says the world's recognition of Kosovo's independence freed Russia's hands in the conflict with Georgia.
Klaus says when many Western powers decided to recognize Kosovo's break from Serbia in February, it "gave Russia a strong justification for its actions (in Georgia)" after fighting broke out last week over the separatist region of South Ossetia.
Klaus also said Friday he was worried that the precedent of Kosovo will have long-term consequences in other parts of the world with separatist-minded regions.
He also rejected the idea that the Georgia-Russia conflict is a strong argument for the installation of a U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic as part of a missile defense system.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Territorial Integrity of Georgia Impossible without Territorial Integrity of Serbia

"Preserving the territorial integrity of Georgia will not be possible without preserving the territorial integrity of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija province", Russian Ambassador to NATO Dimitry Rogozin said in Brussels.
"It is unacceptable to recognize the unilateral independence of Kosovo province from Serbia and, at the same time, keep repeating the territorial integrity of Georgia must be respected when it comes to South Ossetia and Abkhazia", Rogozin said at the press conference.

How 'special' a relationship?

By Benjamin Weinthal
BERLIN - Israel's public rebuke of Germany's pro-Iranian behavior constitutes a dramatic break in diplomatic protocol between the two countries, which usually settle their differences quietly and behind the scenes. The revelation that the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) had given the green light to a 100 million-plus-euro deal that would have the German engineering firm Steiner Prematechnik Gastec build Iran three plants for converting natural gas to liquid fuel, prompted Israel's Foreign Ministry to issue an unprecedented, scathing indictment of Chancellor Angela Merkel's administration.

'Kosher anti-Semitism' in Germany

The bell has rung for the first round of a legal fight between renowned German-Jewish columnist Henryk M. Broder and Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, a hardcore anti-Zionist critic of Israel who happens to be a German Jew herself. At issue is whether Broder may write that statements made by Hecht-Galinski are anti-Semitic.
In an open letter to Monika Piel, director of Westdeutsche Rundfunk (Western German Broadcasting), Broder referred to Hecht-Galinski and wrote that "anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist statements are her specialty."
The Westdeutsche Rundfunk radio program Hallo Ü-Wagen had invited Hecht-Galinski to talk about Israel's 60th anniversary, and Broder questioned the soundness of Hecht-Galinski's credentials as an Israel expert who in the past has equated the Israeli government with Nazi Germany.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anniversary of massacre of Kosovo Serb teens marked

Fifth anniversary since teens were massacred by machine gun spray of bullets. No one has been arrested for murders.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kosovo appoints former KLA member as Defense Minister

No surprise here. The Prime Minister is KLA also. Moderate Kosovo Update: "Kosovo appoints first defense minister," from Xinhua, August 6 (thanks to all who sent this in):
Senior official of the ruling Kosovo Democratic Party Fehmi Mujota confirmed on Tuesday that he has been appointed as Kosovo's first defense minister.
"I have the confirmation from Prime Minister (Hashim Thaci), I was appointed as a defense minister," Mujota said.
Mujota, 45, is currently serving as a deputy in the Kosovo parliament. He was formerly a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and later served as mayor of Shtime, a small municipality in the south-east Kosovo. Mujota holds a double citizenship of Kosovo and Sweden....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fighting Dirty: Pictures to Provoke Hatred and More Suffering

Remember the image of an emaciated Bosnian Muslim allegedly caged behind "Serb barbed wire", in a "Serb concentration camp" Trnopolje? The fake photo filmed by a British news team became a worldwide symbol of the war in Bosnia. Even after it was proven that the "prisoner" wasn't a prisoner to begin with, and was filmed outside the gate, part of which had barbed wire, this picture had still continued to be proudly exhibited all over the world to this day as the "evidence" that Serbs ran the "concentration camps" in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even the Hague tribunal's web site carries this fake image on its home page, offering another demonstration of its patent bias and voluntary blindness, a willful disregard for the facts and truth in all forms.
Deception through imagery is as old as man's ability to produce images. But photo-manipulation and staging the atrocities against one's own people to have them immediately filmed, disseminated throughout the world and used to provoke violent reaction -- retaliation -- against the designated culprit, was never used with so much success in propaganda war as during the 1990s, against the Serbs in all stages of Yugoslav civil wars.

Monday, August 11, 2008

How Would You Call This, if Not Genocide?!

"How many civilians must die for us to describe this as genocide?!", Russian Ambassador in the UN Security Council Vitaly Churkin asked American UN Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad.
"When 2,000 civilians died, is that a genocide or not? How many civilians must die for us to describe it as a genocide? You have done the same thing in a number of situations and in many examples. In case of Kosovo, you didn't mark the limits of what is Kosovo, but went ahead randomly and started bombing Belgrade and bridges on Danube which are many kilometers away from the conflict," Churkin said.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Islamophobia Observatory" denounces forthcoming German conference as being motivated by "racial hatred and xenophobia"

Code words for being anti-jihad, anti-dhimmitude, and anti-sharia. "OIC slams anti-Islam congress in Germany," from Arab News, August 10:
JEDDAH: The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has expressed serious concerns about reports that an far right group is holding an anti-Islam conference in the German city of Cologne in September.
A spokesman for the OIC’s Islamophobia Observatory in Jeddah said in a statement issued yesterday that the proposed conference was aimed at arousing anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe and that it would pose a threat to inter-communal peace and harmony in society.
The right-wing extremist group Pro Koln is organizing the event on Sept. 19-20, with the aim of issuing a declaration against the purported “Islami-fication” of Europe.
The meeting is expected to be attended by some of the most inflammatory names in European race politics, including Jean-Marie Le Pen of France, Austria’s Heinz-Christian Strache, and Belgium’s Filip Dewinter.
The organizers of the conference are motivated by racial hatred and xenophobia, said the OIC spokesman.
“The OIC hopes that all segments of society in Germany and other parts of Europe will come out strongly against the holding of such a conference, and reject the proponents of hatred and racism,” he said in the statement.

Rogozin: Saakashvili is a War Criminal

"Saakashvilli is a war criminal, there is no question about that", Russia's Permanent Representative to NATO said yesterday, as Georgian troops launched a massive offensive against Russian-populated province of South Ossetia, according to the blitzkrieg recipe and green light given to Franjo Tudjman to ethnically cleanse Serbian Krajina in Croatia. Asked whether raising the issue of war crimes responsibility according to the international law should be expected, Rogozin said that lawyers and diplomats "can talk afterwards, but this now is the issue for the army".
Rogozin said that everything Saakashvili has been doing is "exactly the same, the carbon copy of the indictments against former Yugoslav and Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and the other Serbian functionaries." "Except that Saakashvili had organized an actual ethnic cleansing, and made a decision to destroy thousands of people", Rogozin said.
"The most important thing right now is to get Saakashvili's teeth broken, because he started this insidious war", Rogozin said, adding that this is an "aggression against Russia's sovereignty, Russian citizens and peacekeepers."

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Georgian "Storm"

South Ossetia: The War Began!, by Andrei Areshev, Strategic Culture Foundation
The night of August 7, Georgian forces launched an attack on Tskhinvali, which Tbilisi cynically described as an effort to restore the constitutional order. Just hours earlier, Saakashvili declared a ceasefire in the conflict zone, but the move was only a propaganda maneuver disguising the plan for a large-scale offensive. The timing is carefully chosen — the attention worldwide is focused on the opening of the Olympic Games, Russian Prime Minister V. Putin is in Beijing, and Russian President D. Medvedev is on a short vacation.
Georgian forces are acting with extreme ferocity. A total devastation of the Tskhinvali downtown which came under Grad missile, artillery, mortar, and machine gun fire has been reported. Dozens of blasts shatter the city every minute. Tens of armored vehicles and thousands of soldiers moved into the conflict zone. Russian Peacekeeping Force Deputy Commander V. Ivanov said that the positions of the peacekeepers were not directly targeted or hit and that they continue to watch the situation in the region. However, the Ossetian side and Russian journalists say that the peacekeepers' headquarters came under fire.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Karadzic wants Albright and Holbrooke to testify in his trial

U.S. officials and a former prosecutor to support his claim that he was offered an immunity deal.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

NATO Aggressors Indicted

Justice will be served when Clinton, Albright, Clark, Solana, Shay, Blair, Schroeder, Kinkel, Thaci, Ceku, Haradinaj and their subordinates are placed in the dock, where Goering, Hess, Ribbentrop, Keitel, Kaltenbrunner, Rosenberg, Frank, Frick and the other German Nazi leaders sat before them.
Few days ago the Ecological Movement from the Serbian town of Novi Sad had sent an official request to the state prosecutor of United States Ministry of Justice, to open investigation which would lead to bringing up charges against the persons most responsible for NATO's criminal aggression against Serbia and Montenegro (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) in 1999.
The indictment should be issued to then-U.S. President Bill Clinton, American State Secretary Madeleine Albright, NATO Commander Wesley Clark, NATO spokesman Jamie Shay, NATO Secretary General Javier Solana and the KLA commander, terrorist Hashim Thaci.
According to the President of the Novi Sad Ecological Movement Nikola Aleksic, the initiative is based on the often reiterated position of the leaders of the Western states, especially U.S. and NATO representatives, that "every crime must be punished". Aleksic said that prepared set of indictments is written upon the 1945 Nuremberg indictment of the German Nazi war criminals, which was put together in accordance with the United States laws.

Germany: A hotbed of Hizbullah activity

Photo: Rally in Berlin
Khaled Kashkush is not the first Hizbullah spy to be recruited and trained in Germany.
In 1997 the Lebanese Shi'ite movement recruited Stefan Smyrek, a German who converted to Islam, to carry out a suicide attack in Tel Aviv or Haifa. Smyrek, whose father was a British soldier stationed in Germany, was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport and released as part of a prisoner swap in 2004.
Alexander Ritzmann, a Hizbullah expert and senior fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that mosques and Iranian cultural centers in such cities as Hamburg, Berlin and Münster were hotbeds of Hizbullah activity.
The terrorist organization has not been outlawed in Germany, and its approximately 900 supporters are permitted to raise funds and call for the destruction of Israel. The number of Hizbullah members in Germany has grown from 800 in 2006 to 900 in 2007, according to German intelligence reports.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Solzhenitsyn: NATO Aggression Against Serbia Destroyed Russian Faith in Western Democracy

Memorial Service for Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the Donskoy Monastery on August 05, 2008 in Moscow
Former Serbian premier had sent condolences to the family of the Nobel Prize winner, Russian literary giant and a famous dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn who passed away on August 3 2008, at the age of 89, as well as to the Russian leadership and Russian people. Kostunica noted that Solzhenitsyn "was the first to draw attention to the suffering of Serbs towards the end of WWII and was on the side of Serbian nation at the time almost no one was."
"His words of support during the most difficult times will never be forgotten, just like his assessment that Russia lost its faith in the Western democracy after NATO bombardment of Serbia", Kostunica said, ending his message with "eternal memory [vechnaya pamyat] and eternal gratitude to Solzhenitsyn".

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

MSM and Bosnian Muslim Dirty Secrets

Roasting on spit, apart from decapitation, was a Bosnian Muslim specialty reserved for Bosnian Serbs during the civil war. Velo Majstorovic, above, was a Serb from Srebrenica municipality who was tortured, castrated and roasted alive by Srebrenica Muslims. Atrocities against Srebrenica Serbs available as a photo story and videos on [extremely graphic].
Slaughter of Serbs near SrebrenicaApril 1992 to April 1993
The horror that Bosnian Serbs suffered at the hands of Muslims in the vicinity of Srebrenica is no secret. The Yugoslav State Commission for War Crimes submitted a 132 page study presenting this Serbian suffering as early as May 24, 1993 to the United Nations Security Council. Representatives of Republika Srpska (the Bosnian Serb Republic) were not allowed to submit similar documents because Republika Srpska was not recognized by the United Nations. Yugoslavia, as a UN member state (since 1945) and one of its founding nations, was allowed to submit this document.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The "Storm" Wasteland

Ethnic cleansing of over 250,000 Krajina Serbs in August 1995 was the single biggest act of ethnic cleansing during the civil wars in former Yugoslavia. Columns of expelled Krajina Serbs fleeing towards Republika Srpska and Serbia.
Serbs today commemorate 13 years since the massive ethnic cleansing of more than 250,000 Serbs from Krajina in Croatia. Memorial service for the victims of Croat military operation, a pogrom meticulously planned and organized at the very top of Croat state and military leadership, will be held at the Church of St. Mark in Belgrade.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bosnia's Problem: Itself

by Nebojsa Malic
A fascinating media phenomenon could be observed last week, following the arrest of Radovan Karadzic, wartime leader of the Bosnian Serbs. Anyone who was even tangentially involved in the 1990s events in Bosnia rushed forth to offer their thoughts; ex-diplomats and politicians, journalists and commentators used Karadzic's capture as an opportunity to remind the world not so much of the tragedy of Bosnia, but of their role in it. For all of their talk about the "Bosnian victims" and humanitarian compassion and "bombs for peace," the braying choir of self-righteous phonies made it obvious it was all about them. Everyone who had, in Chris Deliso's immortal phrase, invested heavily in the Bank of Collective Serbian Guilt, showed up to claim a dividend.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Jerusalem concerned over Germany-Iran deal

The Foreign Ministry will express its concerns and seek clarification from the highest levels of the German government about a decision by Germany's Export Control Office (BAFA) to approve a €100 million deal for building plants to liquefy natural gas in Iran, the ministry said Thursday in a statement. The story was first reported exclusively in Wednesday's Jerusalem Post.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Agreement Richard Holbrooke Offered and Signed with RS President Karadzic on Behalf of U.S. Government

1. RK agrees to submit his resignation to all the state and [political] party functions. Decision comes to force within 90 days, as needed to settle the necessary issues with the rest of leadership. Resignation has to be irretrievable. Influence the leading party officials in a direction of smoothing down the resignation issues and the change in the hierarchy.
2. Until submitting his resignation, RK will not be reaching political or state decision, nor will he influence the others to reach decisions pertaining to any of the following:
2-1 Combat operations on the territory of BiH [Bosnia-Herzegovina]
2-2 Moving of the civilian populations
2-3 The international agreements: military, economic, security, regional integrations
2-4 Appointing the state, party, regional, cultural administrations, functionaries
2-5 Moving the financial means
(in force from 5.11.03:30)
3. RK will withdraw from the public life. This includes refusing to give interviews, statements (in person or through the intermediaries), non-publishing [illegible] of political and current problems.

Germany’s Intifada

Photo: Polsumerstrasse in Gelsenkirchen, a No-Go-Area for non-Muslims
By Stephen Brown

First it was France, and now Germany.
German authorities are reporting that, within their cities, areas now exist where police fear to tread. In many German urban areas drug dealing, theft, brawls, and assaults on police officers are the order of the day. The problem is becoming so severe police scarcely dare enter some quarters except in strength, while in others they concentrate on their own safety first.

Fiercest Serb Hater, Dutch Judge Orie, Assigned to Try President Karadzic

Hague tribunal's decision to assign no other but the biggest Serb hater, Dutch judge Alphons Orie, to preside over the trial against former Republic of Srpska President Radovan Karadzic is the latest evidence of the kangaroo court's pathological Serbophobia. Judge Orie has gained notoriety as a man who had released Kosovo Albanian butcher Ramush Haradinaj, while issuing maximal convictions to all Serb indictees who had a misfortune to stand before him.