Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Corrupt is Kosovo? It’s sooooo Corrupt that even Media in the Bronx have Heard of It

By Julia Gorin, Republican Riot
The special arrangements of one of the internationals who’s been getting fat off of Kosovo has gained the attention of a local news outfit in the Bronx, called Inner City Press. You heard correctly: Even the Bronx has now noticed this little thought-of province in little thought-of Serbia in the little thought-of Former Yugoslavia, somewhere in the little thought-of Balkans:

Monday, September 29, 2008

May he have No Rest in Hell

“Our dear Javier Solana finally passed away on Septem ber 28, 2008, in the 66th year of his criminal life. A farewell-to-hell ceremony will be held at the junkyard of history. Bereaved: TV B92, Democratic party, G17 Plus, SPS, European Union, NATO, LDP and the rest of the Uniate family,” reads Javier Solana mock obituary by the FuckB92.com blog, which was put up overnight on the buildings around the Serbian parliament in central Belgrade, and throughout the city.
According to reports, Belgrade-based media outlets have received emails informing them that obituaries to the EU foreign policy chief and former NATO secretary general Javier Solana have been put up in a number of locations in Belgrade, within the promotion of the FuckB92.com web site and blog.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Terror attack planed in Bosnian Muslim town

Bosnian Muslim intelligence agency confirms that it is on a hunt for two Islamic terrorists that are planning an attack on Germany from a Bosnian Muslim town of Zenica.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Germany: Armed police storm passenger jet to arrest two jihadists who left suicide notes

Apparently they were ready to "kill and be killed" for Allah, as per Qur'an 9:111. "Armed police storm passenger jet to arrest two Somali terror suspects who had left suicide notes," from the Daily Mail, September 26 (thanks to R.B.):
German police have arrested two male terror suspects who left suicide notes on a plane that was just about to take off in Cologne.
The pair are suspected of wanting to take part in militant Islamic attacks. They were arrested this morning on a KLM airplane at Cologne airport that was heading for Amsterdam.
One of the men was a Somali and the other was a German born in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, a spokesman said. They were hauled out of the plane just before take off about 0455 GMT.
A KLM spokeswoman said on NOS news in the Netherlands that police boarded the plane when it was at its "point of departure" and grabbed the two suspects.
Everyone was then forced to leave the plane, and there was a "baggage parade" to see whose bags belonged to whom, she said.
Germany's top-selling Bild newspaper, citing police sources, said the two had been under observation for months and a suicide note was found in their apartment saying that they wanted to die for the "jihad" or "holy war."...

"I was wearing my kippah and readily identifiable as a Jew; however, they screamed at me 'Nazi Raus.'"

The incomparable Diana West explains who were really acting like fascists at the Cologne rally: "Cologne's Speech-Killing Politico's Reek of 'Fascism'":
Readers of my blog (dianawest.net) know that over this past week, as a maelstrom of buffeting economic crises has sucked the air out of the news atmosphere, I have been all-but-transfixed by events unfolding in the German city of Cologne. With the unabashed fascination of the rubbernecker, I have watched in horror, combing online foreign press reports and a few favorite blogs (Brussels Journal, Gates of Vienna, Atlas Shrugs), as local authorities yielded their charge of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly -- indeed, yielded civic space and civic peace -- to a lawless band of violent leftists, who, in their weekend stint of mob rule, successfully prevented a political rally against the Islamization of Europe from taking place.
What's more, these same authorities, including the mayor of this fourth-largest German city (about 1 million people), yielded to the mob happily and with much self-congratulation. Indeed, Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma called the episode "a victory for the city of Cologne and a victory by the democratic forces of the city."
Schramma may well count squelching peaceful political discourse with a violent mob as a victory for his city, but there is nothing "democratic" about it, or about the "forces" responsible. This twisting, weasel-use of language, however, is only one example of the campaign of disinformation waged against reality in Cologne this past weekend.
In brief, elected officials from several different countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy), politicians who campaign and win elections on the politically incorrect issue of resistance to the spread of Islamic law (Sharia), were invited to speak in Cologne.
Why Cologne? After a long and contentious battle, the city council last month narrowly approved the construction of a giant mosque complex funded by a group called the Turkish-Islamic Union to serve some portion of the city's 120,000 Muslims. While the American take on any house of worship going up is generally one of approval based on a straightforward belief in freedom of religion, in Europe, given the heavy influx of Islamic populations, there is a political and legal dimension to such mosque construction that we just don't recognize here. For example, Germany's Muslim population is largely Turkish; and it is Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is infamous for having said in 1998, "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers." Such a declaration of, well, religious war from someone who is now a head of state adds the threat of conquest to any serious mosque debate.
And that's not all. Earlier this year in Cologne, Erdogan declared before 20,000 cheering Turkish expatriates that "assimilation is a crime against humanity." On that same trip to Germany, the Turkish leader also proposed the German formation of Turkish-language schools. What's going on here? If Turkish assimilation is out, is Turkish colonization in? Isn't it the duty of politicians to debate these and other transformational questions within the political process? As a crossroads of Islam and Europe, as a frontline in the colonization of Europe, Cologne becomes the logical meeting-place for such a debate.
But it wasn't to be, not in "democratic" Cologne. As some 1,500 Europeans prepared to assemble to listen to the political opponents of Islamization make speeches last weekend, many more thousands of counter-demonstrators converged on the city specifically to deny rally supporters their right to assemble, and the politicians' right to speak. And yes, by whatever means necessary.
The thugs among the counter-demonstrators mounted a rock-and-bottle attack that shattered windows on a river boat plying the Rhine where the politicians attempted to hold a pre-rally meeting. They blocked urban trains in order to keep rally participants away. They ringed the city center with barricades (tolerated by German police), hurled paint bombs, lit fires and launched violent attacks on some of the participants who managed to draw near the rally location. One would-be rally participant, a Jewish man, sent in an account of his ordeal to Gates of Vienna, writing: "I was wearing my kippah and readily identifiable as a Jew; however, they (the leftist counter-demonstrators) screamed at me 'Nazi Raus.'" He reported they also shoved him, spit on him, and called him a fascist pig. "I was pummeled in the head several times and then shoved to the ground where I was beaten and kicked with steel toe boots in plain sight of police who did nothing." He later discovered he had a broken rib.
And yet, the consensus narrative, dutifully repeated in the mainstream European media, is that it is the silenced and hounded politicians and their supporters who are the "fascists"; while it is the silencers and hounders who are the "anti-fascists."
Such lies and distortions are probably what help convince our own media to ignore such events altogether as just so much marginal "extremism" going on somewhere in Europe. Anyway, how does it affect us? Nothing like that is happening here, right?
Yes and no. As in Europe, huge mosque complexes are opening across the States -- one very recently in Boston and another in Atlanta. Do they portend the extension and entrenchment of Islamic law in the United States? One difference between the United States and Europe is that we don't have street thugs enforcing a code of silence on the subject. That's because of the other difference: We don't have any political parties willing, or even able to discuss it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

U.S. Congress Behind Totalitarian NGOs in Serbia

“The awakened totalitarian onemindednes has assailed Serbian institutions, spirituality, intellectuals, the state border, nation” — this, according to Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti, is the gist of reactions of the Serbian public to the annual report of the Belgrade branch of Helsinki Committee for Human Rights for the year 2007.
A McCarthy-style report is authored by the organization headed in Serbia by a Croat from a prominent communist family and a former staunch communist herself, Sonja Biserko, apparently wants everything Serbian in Serbia destroyed: Serbian Orthodox Church, Serbian professors at the Faculty of Law, Philosophy, Sociology and others, Serbian Army, prominent Serbian writers, journalists, politicians, political analysts, academicians… even a number of books, textbooks, newspapers and tabloids which, according to this NGO, must be censored.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

KLA Atrocities: Yellow House at the End of the World

German weekly Der Spiegel in its September 21 story “from the end of the world” writes about a village near the Albanian town of Burrel and the basement of the Katuchi family house where, according to the testimony of the Hague’s former chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, kidnapped Kosovo-Metohija Serbs had their vital organs extracted for sale.
In her book “The Hunt, Me and War Criminals”, Del Ponte wrote that in the immediate aftermath of the 1998-1999 insurgency war in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, when NATO troops were already stationed in the province, Albanian KLA terrorists transported some 300 kidnapped men, mostly Serbs, to Kukes and Tropoja in neighboring Albania, from where the youngest and the strongest ones were taken to the village Ribe, near Burrel.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

EU Evil Occult Political Sect

“No other current crisis highlights the limits of European [Union] influence as plainly as Kosovo,” admits the occult one-world-government sect which calls itself the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), an EU mirror to American Rockefeller-founded and run Council on Foreign Relations.
The cult founded just a year ago by George Soros and Martti Ahtisaari among others, gathers a number of quasi-negotiators, trollish “envoys”, ranking Brussels hypocrites and rabid colonizers Serbs had misfortune to get thoroughly familiarized with, such as Ahtisaari’s right hand, Austrian Nazi Albert Rohan, German Foreign Minister at the time of NATO aggression Joschka Fischer (who showed particular enthusiasm for bombing the Serbs yet again), German third of “negotiating troika” that simulated the last round of fake “Kosovo negotiations” Wolfgang Ischinger, current EU Colonial Governor of Bosnia-Herzegovina Miroslaw Laj?ák, Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg who recently circumvented the Czech Parliament and decided, on his own, Czech Republic ought to grant independence to Pristina separatists and terrorists, and Timothy Garton Ash, a notorious moral leper and a poison pen used to slap together populist propaganda pamphlets British MSM publishes with the superstitious zeal, who believes ECFR “help[s] us to work out what we should say and how we can most effectively say it”.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Two Methodists arrested in Germany on terror charges -- no, wait...

Actually, they appear to be Muslims, oddly enough. But not to worry, Kölners: some of those who oppose jihad activity are neo-Nazis, and therefore the jihadists pose no threat. Another story on this: "Two arrested on Germany terror charges," from UPI, September 20:
BERLIN, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- A German citizen and a Turkish national have been arrested in Germany on terrorism charges, authorities said.
The German citizen is a 27-year-old man of Afghan descent who allegedly received terrorist training at a militant camp along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, while the Turkish man, also 27, had attempted to reach the same camp but was detained by Pakistani authorities, The Washington Post reported Saturday.
German prosecutors said the two men shared a bank account with three other men arrested last year in connection with an alleged plot by the Islamic Jihad Union to bomb U.S. targets in Germany. Authorities this month charged those suspects with hatching a plan to use homemade explosives to bomb U.S. military bases and a dance club in Giessen.
Both of the men arrested Thursday were charged with membership in a terrorist group, the Post said.

Cologne mayor on Anti-Islamization Conference: "We're here to show racism the red card"

The anti-Islamization conference in Cologne that I wrote about here has been effectively thwarted by German authorities. They banned the conference and sent out the police, and then came a huge counter-demonstration, at which the photo above was taken.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Senator Hagel’s Warnings No-One Heard in Time

In February 2008, prior to an orchestrated unilateral declaration of independence by the Albanian separatist minority in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, Senator Chuck Hagel wrote to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, copied to Defense Secretary Robert Gates and National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, warning that the pigheaded insistence of the U.S. State Department to dismember Serbia and amputate 15% of its territory is bound to have consequences stretching “well beyond the Balkans.”
Nebraska senator expressly warned of the consequences related to creating a precedent, due to arbitrary interpretation of national sovereignty under international law, pointing out that State Department’s insistence on resolving this conflict between Serbian state and one of its minorities unilaterally and at the expense of Serbian state sovereignty and territorial integrity will lead to very serious — and entirely unnecessary — clashes with Russia.
Senator Hagel’s letter is an important document which proves the U.S. Stated Department was one of the main architects, or executioners, of the project of amputation of Serbian Kosovo province and dismemberment of Serbian state.

Two "men" arrested for "terrorist" activity in Germany

Eurabia Alert. "Two Men Arrested for Alleged Terrorism Plot in Germany," by Craig Whitlock for the Washington Post, September 19:
BERLIN, Sept. 19 -- German police arrested two men near Frankfurt on terrorism charges Friday, alleging they were involved in a cell that had plotted to blow up U.S. targets in Germany a year ago.
Federal prosecutors said the two suspects -- a German citizen and a Turkish national -- had traveled separately to Pakistan last year in an attempt to receive training at camps operated by the Islamic Jihad Union, a terrorist group allied with al-Qaeda.
Authorities said the men had shared bank account information and a debit card with three men arrested in September 2007 on suspicion of planning mass bombing attacks on U.S. targets in Germany.
Prosecutors identified the German citizen as Omid S., a 27-year-old of Afghan descent, and said he had received training at a militant camp along the Afghan-Pakistan border during the spring and summer of 2007.
The Turkish man, identified as 27-year-old Hueseyin O., also traveled to the region last year, prosecutors said. Before he could reach the camp, however, he was detained by Pakistani security forces and forced to return to Germany, according to a statement released by the German federal prosecutor's office in Karlsruhe....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Armed Conflict in Central Serbia Planned After Djindjic Assassination

According to the Belgrade daily Kurir, Kosovo Albanian terrorist group which entered the region bordering Kosovo and Metohija province in Serbia two days after the assassination of Premier Zoran Djindjic, was successfully intercepted and terminated by the Serbian security forces.
“Armed conflict in central Serbia, planned to take place after the assassination of Djindjic, was avoided thanks to the vigilance and prompt reaction of the Serbian security forces”, the source close to intelligence circles said.
Organized terrorist group which should have been infiltrated from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija province with the backing of the so-called Kosovo government was intercepted and liquidated by the Serbian security forces at the very crossing of the administrative line.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Turkish Reestablishment in Kosovo

By Julia Gorin, Republican Riot
On Tuesday I blogged “Ottomans Deepen their Resuscitated Tentacles in Kosovo.” Here’s just a post script to that, underscoring what non-Albanians and non-Muslims have to look forward to in the new “Kosova,” since these days what’s new is what’s old. From Andrew Bostom in February

Friday, September 05, 2008

German jihadists planned "to attack U.S. citizens and U.S. facilities in Germany by placing bombs and taking as many lives as possible"

Why would homegrown German converts to Islam, who never suffered from "racism," want to join the jihad? This case overturns many politically correct assumptions. An update on this story. "'German Jihadists' Targeted Frankfurt, Munich, Prosecutor Says," by Karin Matussek for Bloomberg, September 5 (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist)

Families of the Missing Kosovo Serbs: UNMIK and KFOR are Doing Nothing to Help

On the International Day of the Missing, August 30, representatives of the Association of the Families of the kidnapped, killed and missing Kosovo-Metohija Serbs told UNMIK head Lamberto Zannier they are unhappy with the fact civilian and military mission (UN Mission in Kosovo and NATO troops named 'Kosovo Force', KFOR, in Serbian province) have done nothing to help throw some light at the fate of those people.

Tehran decries upcoming "anti-Islam" congress as "racist"

And demands the EU prevent it from taking place. More on this story. "Tehran demands EU halt anti-Islam congress planned in Germany," by Sahil Nagpal for Deutsche Presse Agentur, September 4

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tale of a German Sheikh

By Leslie S. Lebl, City Journal
Le village de l’Allemand: ou le journal des frères Schiller
By Boualem Sansal(Paris: Éditions Gallimard, 264 pp., 2008)
While Americans and their elected officials do everything they can to avoid even the appearance of criticizing Islam or using such words as “Islamist,” the French public seems to suffer from no such inhibitions, at least not in the area of fiction. For example, it has embraced Algerian novelist Boualem Sansal’s Le village de l’Allemand (The Village of the German), a plainspoken masterpiece that boldly uncovers the affinities between Nazism and Islamism. In March, the novel won the RTL-Lire 2008 prize, which is awarded by a jury of 100 readers chosen by 20 bookstores throughout France. One wonders how an American readership might receive such a book.

Kostunica: Duplicitous West Needs to Claim Responsibility for the Consequences of its Actions

President of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) Vojislav Kostunica, in a statement given to Belgrade media yesterday, assessed the latest events have proven southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija is indeed far from being "a special case", and the dangerous virus of the illegal, unilaterally declared independence by the Pristina separatists is bound to hurt a number of states in future.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Germany indicts German Muslim Misunderstanders of Islam for terror plot

German converts who somehow got the Peaceful Message of their new religion completely wrong. "Germany Indicts 'Home Grown' Islamists for Terrorist Bomb Plot," from Deutsche Welle, September 2 (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist):
German federal prosecutors have indicted three men, two of them Germans who had converted to Islam, for a plot to explode half a ton of explosives at places frequented by US nationals.
German federal prosecutors have indicted three men, two of them Germans who had converted to Islam, for a plot to explode half a ton of explosives at places frequented by US nationals.
Police, who had eavesdropped on the plotters' communications and intervened to surreptitiously confiscate the main ingredient in the explosives, arrested the men a year ago.
If the bombing had succeeded, it would have been Germany's bloodiest experience by far of Islamist terrorism.
Fritz Gelowicz, 29, Daniel Schneider, 22, both Germans, and Adem Yilmaz, 29, a Turkish national, are to be tried by a state superior court in the western city of Düsseldorf, a spokesman for the prosecutors in Karlsruhe said.
Police say home-grown terrorists a big threat
Many Germans are shocked that the men had ordinary German upbringings, unlike the radicals who were born in Arab countries and moved to Germany to plot the Sept. 11, 2001 suicide attacks on New York and Washington using hijacked airliners.
And they should be shocked, because the government and media in Germany and elsewhere have been telling them for years that this threat results from "racism" -- and yet here are two Germans who have never experienced racism nevertheless plotting jihad terror.
Police around Europe say home-grown terrorism has become as big a threat as that from radical immigrants.
Gelowicz, said to have led the plot, converted to Islam and allegedly resolved five years ago to join the "jihad" or holy war against the West.
The precise allegations against the men were not disclosed, but the indictment accuses them of membership in a terrorist organization on German soil and abroad, which are two separate charges....

Monday, September 01, 2008

You are All Invited to Help Prepare and Attend 10-Year Commemoration of NATO Aggression Against Serbia (Starting on March 23, 2009, in Belgrade)

Lest We Forget!
Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, an independent, non-party, and non-profit association of citizens, has initiated a program of activities to mark the 10th anniversary of the NATO aggression against Serbia (the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ) in 1999.