Friday, October 31, 2008

Do Christians and Muslims have equal rights?

If you go to the BBC link, you'll see two pictures: one of a mosque in Germany which is about to be drastically enlarged by the largely Turkish population; the other of a church in Turkey which is run as a museum, you know, like the Hagia Sophia. So:
"Do Christians and Muslims have equal rights?" from the BBC, October 31:
Catholic and Muslim leaders are meeting from 4th-6th November to launch a new Catholic-Muslim forum.
It is an unprecedented initiative by the Vatican to improve relations between the two faiths.
The BBC's Christopher Landau has been looking at the state of Catholic-Muslim relations.
In the first of two reports, he travelled to the German city of Cologne, where the largely Turkish Muslim community plans to build one of Europe's largest mosques.
Civic and Christian leaders have backed the right of Muslims to worship freely, but they are also calling for increased religious freedom for Christians in Turkey.
While they're at it, they can also start "calling for increased religious freedom for Christians" in the entire Muslim world. Throw in a couple of churches in Saudi Arabia as well.

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