Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pacifists with Bloody Hands

One of the absurds of the aggression against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the spring and summer of 1999 is the fact bombardment was ordered and carried out by the governments of predominantly left, social-democratic orientation, which had a long tradition of opposing the war as their dominant policy.
This must be part of the reason German media characterized Senftenberg Theater as “courageous” in staging a play with “unpleasant and provocative” subject, which premiered on the 10th anniversary of the aggression against Serbia.
Senftenberg or “Zły Komorow” — “evil (unbearable) mosquitoes” — as it is called by the Luzhica Serbs, Slavic minority populating this part of eastern Germany, on 24 March 2009 became a stage of dramatic reenactment of the first post-WWII engagement of the German army in the aggressive war, conducted in contravention of the international law and norms, and in violation of the German Constitution itself.

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