Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Iran Has No Right to Nuclear Technology

The international community has treated the recent disclosure of another secret uranium enrichment facility in Iran the way it has treated Tehran's previous violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty—with calls for yet more "dialogue." The continued pursuit of fruitless diplomacy at tomorrow's talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany is based on an incorrect understanding of international law, one that was spearheaded by the Europeans and is now unfortunately shared by the U.S. president.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ireland, Friday, Signs Away Its Freedom?

by Paul Belien
Hudson Institute
The Irish people are again being asked to sign away their sovereignty and freedom to the European Union authorities in Brussels this week. The last time the decision was put before them, in a referendum in 2008, the Irish voted “No.” Now they have been told to vote again on the same matter -- apparently until the answer comes out the way the EU leaders like. The EU leaders would like the Irish to vote “Yes.” The EU leaders are apparently intent on forcing the Irish to vote again and again until they do say “Yes.” Ireland is the only country of the 27 EU member states where the people are allowed a direct vote about their future. In the other 26 countries which, together with Ireland, make up the European Union, the governments - not the people - have already decided to transfer national sovereignty to Brussels. In the past weeks, politicians from all over Europe, including Ireland’s own government ministers, have been ...

Germany on Terrorism Watch

by Stephen Brown
Germany is on a country-wide terrorism watch after is citizens voted in a center-right government under conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel in Sunday’s federal election. In days leading up to the election, Islamists had increasingly threatened terrorist attacks inside Germany, if Germans did not vote for withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan.
To their credit, German voters would not be intimidated and elected Merkel who had stated German soldiers would probably stay in Afghanistan another ten years. But the terrorist threat to Germany was regarded as serious enough to warrant a travel warning from the United States government.
The most menacing, pre-election threat was made by a young al Qaeda spokesman dressed in western suit and tie with gel in his hair. Threatening Germans in a video from the wilds of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, he said failure to vote the way al Qaeda wanted would cause Germans to suffer a “rude awakening.” A terrorist attack, he promised, would occur inside Germany within two weeks after election day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Israel welcomes Merkel's win in vote

It is precisely this historical memory, however, that has some in Jerusalem concerned about Westerwelle, the head of the Free Democrats Party (FDP), who it seems is most likely to become the next foreign minister, replacing Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who lost the elections to Merkel.
...The 47-year-old Westerwelle was born after World War II, and government sources in Jerusalem said that as a member of a new generation of Germans, born after the Holocaust, he did not have the same reflexive sympathy for Israel that has characterized other German leaders from the across the political spectrum.
Israeli officials aren't the only ones concerned. Dr. Matthias Küntzel, a German political scientist, was distrustful of Westerwelle as foreign minister because he said "the Möllemann scandal is too fresh."
In 2002, a top FDP politician, Jürgen Möllemann, distributed flyers attacking former prime minister Ariel Sharon and Michel Friedmann, a prominent German Jew, who at the time was vice president of the Central Council of Jews.
Many Germans and German Jews considered Möllemann's election tactics to be anti-Semitic. Möllemann blamed Friedman's behavior for bringing about anti-Semitism, and he, according to his critics, stoked anti-Israeli sentiments among voters to reach the party's goal of 18% percent.
Westerwelle failed to immediately distance himself from Möllemann and only after rising public pressure did he express regret about Möllemann's strident anti-Israel attacks.
Moreover, Israeli officials said that the FDP has been problematic regarding Iran, expressing opposition to sanctions as a tool to get Teheran to ditch its nuclear program.
The FDP's connection to Iran has a history, with former FDP Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, who serves as a mentor figure for Westerwelle, being the first major European foreign minister to usher in trade and political relations with Iran in 1984.
Küntzel, a leading expert on German-Iranian economic relations, told The Jerusalem Post that the Free Democrats are, with respect to the Iran question, "only disappointing" and "burdened" with a bad foreign policy approach to Teheran.
"I hope that the tradition of Genscher and Klaus Kinkel will not be continued" regarding Iran, he said. Kinkel was foreign minister between 1992-1998.
Genscher ran the Foreign Ministry between 1974-1982 and after a short pause, returned to office between 1982-1992, when he advocated the notion of "critical dialogue" with the Iranian regime and reinvigorated Germany's strong commercial ties to Teheran after the 1979 Islamic revolution.
Germany is Iran's largest European trade partner and critics believe the pro-business FDP will favor commercial ties over the West's (and Israel's) security interests.
Küntzel, the author of the book, Germans and Iran: The Past and Present of a Fateful Relationship, set to hit the bookstores in early October, criticized the strategy of FDP foreign policy spokesman Wolfgang Gerhardt who has over the years rejected robust sanctions against Iran and urged enhanced negotiations.
The Post revealed that Elke Hoff, a Free Democratic Party MP, serves on the board of directors of the German Near and Middle East Association (NUMOV), an organization which energetically supports increased trade with the Iranian regime and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Beyond Iran, Israeli officials also pointed out that in 2006, Westerwelle opposed the participation of German intelligence-gathering ships and naval personnel in preventing a rearming of Hizbullah as part of UN Security Council resolution 1701 that put an end to the Second Lebanon War.

Kosovo Albanians threaten Serb monastery

A veteran of the Kosovo Albanian terrorist group, the KLA, has warned that his group will not be held responsible for vandalism that they may inflict on the thousands year old Dechani Monastery because, says the veteran Abdia Muskoljay, ...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Pakistan: Village of German jihadists, converts to Islam

The Telegraph refers to these converts as "white," as if their race were something noteworthy. In reality, as I have stated here several billion times, the jihad is not a racial issue, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media, CAIR, and libelblogger Charles Johnson to make it into one. Anyone, of any race, can become an adherent of the jihad doctrine and ideology. If the jihad were about race, and the jihad resistance were about race, then anti-jihadists would not oppose jihadists like John Walker Lindh, Adam Gadahn and David Hicks -- all white converts to Islam. But that, of course, is absurd. And equally absurd is the idea that the German jihadist village in Pakistan is noteworthy because the people there are "white." It is actually noteworthy because (among other reasons) the people there are deep believers in the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism, and because the fact that they are converts to Islam shows that active jihadist recruitment is a key element of Islamic dawah -- proselytizing -- in Europe.

Germany Swings to the Center-Right

by Soeren Kern
German Chancellor Angela Merkel cruised to victory in federal elections on Sunday with enough votes to form a new center-right government with her preferred partner, the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP). Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister party, the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), won nearly 34 percent of the votes, according to preliminary returns. At the same time, the classical liberal FDP won nearly 15 percent of the votes, the party’s best showing ever. With a combined total of around 49 percent, the CDU/CSU and the FDP won a stable majority in Germany’s multiparty system. This will give Merkel the green light to ditch the awkward four-year-old “grand coalition” between the CDU/CSU and her party’s main rival, the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), and replace it with a center-right CDU/CSU-FDP coalition. In fact, the SPD was by far the biggest loser on Sunday, winning only 23.5 percent of the votes, its worst performance since World War II. The result will cast the SPD into the opposition for the first time in 11 years. It will now work to rebuild itself and probably choose new leaders. During the campaign, Merkel repeatedly stressed that she wanted to govern with the business-friendly FDP, which has been out of power since 1998, in order to cut taxes in a bid to further revitalize a German economy that has been hit hard by the global recession.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Open letter to Peter Mezger, ARD (German Television) correspondent in Iran

Dear Mr. Mezger
We don’t know who felt worse on this years „Al-Quds-Day“ – the Iranian regime or you, as representative of the German media?
Everybody knows at the latest since the uprising after June 12 2009 that there is no free reporting from Iran. It was to be expected that you would only report about the protests on September 18 what the regime had allowed you. But this explains not everything. Because we really ask ourselves if you really were forced to announce the complete opposite of the truth. In the Tagesschau from September 18 (, ca. minute 9:20) you claim: “Also the Iranian opposition is for Palestine and against Israel”. This statement contradicts obviously the central slogan of the oppositional Iranians – “No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, my life is for Iran”, which is documented in many internet-videos (e.g. To the hate-slogans of the regime „death to America, death to Israel“, which came out of the loudspeakers, the people responded with “death to Russia” and “death to China” (e.g., thereby expressing their enmity against all who support Ahmadinejad and Khamenei. When banners with the face of the Lebanese leader of Islamists Nasrallah were shown, people shouted “down with the dictator” (e.g. Banners supporting the „struggle of Palestine“ were torn down by the crowd (e.g.
You will say that it is hard – especially under the conditions of the Islamic dictatorship – to get a full overview of the events on that day in Iran. But it was known before that the regime was quivering with that day and that the revolutionary guards threatened to crack down with full force on people who oppose the anti-Israeli slogans of the regime. The regime press already took up the above cited sentence “not Gaza…” and claims, it was spread by “Zionists”.

Jihadist propaganda blitz ahead of German elections says only a matter of time only a matter of time "before jihad destroys German walls"

Intimidation efforts kick into high gear. "Taliban threatens Germany ahead of vote: official," from Agence France-Presse, September 25:
German authorities have uncovered a new video threatening attacks against the country over its military engagement in Afghanistan ahead of this weekend's pivotal elections, an official said Friday.
The new Internet video threats are believed to come from the Taliban, an interior ministry spokesman said, and demand that Germany withdraw its troops from the war-torn country.[...]
In the new video, a man calling himself "Ajjub" and speaking in German said: "Because of your commitment here against Islam, attacking Germany has become an attractive idea for us, the mujahideen," according to the spokesman.
The militant said it was only a matter of time "before jihad destroys German walls."

Friday, September 25, 2009

German Race Tightens as Election Day Nears

by Soeren Kern
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has seen her lead in opinion polls dwindle just days before Germany’s national elections on Sunday. Although the decline is not very great, it is enough to mean that the makeup of the next government, which up until one week ago had seemed to be a foregone conclusion, is now impossible to predict. While almost everyone expects Merkel to lead the next government, the big question is: who will her coalition partner be? The answer to that question will determine how much power Merkel will actually have to lead Europe’s most important country at a time of economic and financial crisis and rising unemployment.

Turkish Vote May Decide German Elections

by Thomas Landen
It has become a pattern in several European countries: The Muslim electorate tips the balance towards the Left. In Germany, too, Turkish immigrants are likely to play the pivotal role in the general elections next Sunday. All the parties are hoping to attract their votes. The regional elections in a number of German states in late August did not go as expected for Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her Christian-Democrats had hoped for clear victories over their Socialist coalition partner. This would allow the Christian-Democrats to swap the Social-Democrat SPD of the uncharismatic Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, for the Liberal FDP after the elections. If the SPD can prevent Chancellor Merkel from ...

The Mufti of Berlin

One widespread myth about the Mideast conflict is that the Arabs are paying the price for Germany's sins. The notion that the Palestinians are the "second victims" of the Holocaust contains two falsehoods: It suggests that without Auschwitz, there would be no justification for Israel, ignoring 3,000 years of Jewish history in the land. It also suggests Arab innocence in German crimes, ignoring especially the fascist past of Palestinian leader Haj Amin al Husseini, who was not only Grand Mufti of Jerusalem but also Waffen SS recruiter and Nazi propagandist in Berlin. When a German journalist recently tried to shed some light on this history, he encountered the wrath of the Arab collaborators' German apologists.
Karl Rössel's exhibition "The Third World in the Second World War" was supposed to premier on Sept. 1 in the "Werkstatt der Kulturen," a publicly funded multicultural center in Berlin's heavily Turkish and Arab neighborhood of Neukölln. Outraged by the exhibition's small section on Arab complicity in Nazi crimes, Philippa Ebéné, who runs the center, cancelled the event. Among the facts Ms. Ebéné didn't want the visitors of her center to learn is that the Palestinian wartime leader "was one of the worst and fanatical fascists and anti-Semites," as Mr. Rössel put it to me.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Austria as willing audience for Ahmadinejad

While about 300 people protested yesterday at a rally organized by STOP THE BOMB in front of the Vienna Opera House against the UN speech of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Austria continues its policy of appeasement and cooperation with the Iranian regime at the UN General Assembly. Right before the rally, head of 1st district and former head of the Austrian People’s Party delegation in the European Parliament, Ursula Stenzel, expressed her hope that the Austrian delegates would follow numerous other delegations and leave the hall during Ahmadinejad’s speech. In his message to the participants of the rally, the spokesperson for foreign policy of the Green Party, Alexander Van der Bellen, called upon the Austrian delegation to deliver a clear message of protest during Ahmadinejad’s speech. All these hopes were spoiled, however.

Croatian church gives no apologies for WWII genocide

Croatian Cardinal Josip Bozanic gave no apologies during his visit Thursday to a Nazi-era extermination camp where the Croatian state killed hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Roma. Instead, the Cardinal demanded the ...»

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Al-Qaeda Takes Aim at Germany

By Ryan Mauro
On March 11, 2004, terrorists sharing Al-Qaeda’s ideology attacked Madrid, Spain, three days before their elections, helping to usher in a victory by the socialist candidate opposing the Iraq War, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. In the coming weeks, Al-Qaeda is intent on repeating that success in Germany.
The terrorist organization says it is planning an attack around the time of the September 27 elections, warning German voters that they will pay a price if a party that wants to keep German soldiers in Afghanistan is chosen. On September 18, Al-Qaeda released a videotape warning the German people of a forthcoming attack if the elections did not produce a victory for a party that will withdraw its 4,200 soldiers from Afghanistan, causing the authorities to raise their alert status. The London Times reports that this is the fourth Al-Qaeda video in a row that says an attack on Germany is near.


By Matt Gurney
It’s no secret that Jimmy Carter has devoted his post-presidential career to the cause of anti-Israel agitation. Yet, in his extreme animus against the Jewish state, the 39th president now has a rival in a onetime member of his own administration: his former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Ambitious though the task may seem, Brzezinski is determined to go even further than Carter in his condemnation of Israel. In 2006, when Israel launched a belated military offensive to combat Hezbollah terrorism, Brzezinski outrageously claimed that Israeli Defense Forces were guilty of the “killing of hostages” – this even as the Israeli military took maximal precautions to minimize civilian casualties. Now Brzezinski has taken his anti-Israel stance to a new extreme. In a little-noticed interview this past weekend, he suggested, in effect, that the United States should go to war with Israel in order to protect Iran. Specifically, Brzezinski opined that America should prevent an Israeli air strike against Iranian nuclear facilities by any means necessary – up to and including engaging Israeli warplanes as they cross Iraqi airspace to reach their Iranian targets.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rally: Stop Ahmadinejad! Stop supporting the Iranian regime!

Wednesday 23 September, 5 p.m.
Opera / Kärntner Straße, 1010 Vienna
Holocaust denier and President of the Iranian terror regime, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, announced his appearance at the UN General Assembly in New York set for 23 September, at a forum that has willingly offered a stage for anti-Semitic dictators in the past. On this occasion, we want to protest here in Vienna, one of the four UN seats, against the policy of appeasement vis-à-vis the Iranian regime and against economic support of the dictatorship of Mullahs and Revolutionary Guards. With our rally in Vienna, and simultaneous protests in New York, London and Paris, we want to send a clear message against courting the Iranian regime, which has become an open military dictatorship of religious apocalyptics.

Europeans Ambivalent About Obama’s Missile Defense U-Turn

by Soeren Kern
European politicians are also lining up to exploit Obama’s perceived naïveté. In Germany, for example, Guido Westerwelle, who could well be Germany’s next foreign minister after September’s national elections, reacted to Obama’s decision on missile defense by calling on the German government to capitalize on the moment to exert pressure on Obama to remove all U.S. nuclear weapons based in Germany by 2013.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A German Jihad Colony: Islamists in Pakistan Recruit Entire Families from Europe

The German government is trying to secure the release of a group of suspected German Islamists who were arrested by Pakistani authorities while making their way to a jihadist colony in the Waziristan region along the Afghan-Pakistani border. Entire families from Germany are moving to the region to join the jihad.

Iran's European Enablers -- How Tehran out-negotiated and out-organized EU diplomats

The failure of European journalists to dig for corruption in Iran and report on their own governments' feeble will to clamp down on Islamofascists was underscored when this newspaper, a U.S. publication, broke two of this year's biggest business scoops: German firm Knauf Gips's alert to employees, which has since been withdrawn, that they would be summarily dismissed for participating in protests against the Islamic state, and German-Finnish joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks' supply of surveillance equipment to Iran, which allowed the state to stifle Internet and telephone communications. This, while the U.S. tests a system to circumvent Web censorship, and urged the social networking service Twitter not to shut down for maintenance in June. These diametrically opposed approaches to reporting on Iran reveal a deep chasm between European and American promotion of human freedom.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Al-Qaeda Video Threatens Germans Before Elections

by John Rosenthal
With barely a week to go before the German general elections, a purported al-Qaeda video threatening Germany has prompted the German Ministry of Interior to increase security at airports and some railway stations. Although the security measures are being taken now, the video clearly threatens an attack or attacks for the period after the elections and depending on their outcome. The video features Bekkay Harrach, a German Islamist of Moroccan descent who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Talha Al-Almani or “Abu Talha the German.”

To the staff of editors of the magazine Pagina Abierta

On Page 6 you publish the article “Ante el horror en Gaza”. On the same page you compare two well known photos: on the left the tiny Jewish boy from the Warsaw ghetto (1943) holding his hands up to the SS men as a gesture of capitulation; on the right the photo of a Palestinian boy taken in custody by Israeli soldiers – crying in despair, his trousers wet from having urinated. To present these photos in the same size, just separated by a slim black line, is shameful enough. But it wasn’t enough for left Europeans like you: without a written explanation the message could have gotten lost, you had to make it really clear for your readers, and so you added a subtitle. We immediately understood it without the help of a dictionary: “Represión de los Nazis sobre los judios (izquierda) y repression de los sionistas sobre la población palestina.” On the left “los judios”, on the right “la población palestina” – some people here, a whole people there on their way to extinction. The little boy from Warsaw ended his life about a week after the photo had been taken by German executioners in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, as you would probably even accept. What about the little Palestinian? Did the Israelis lock him up in a concentration camp? Did they murder him there in a week’s time? Maybe not, you might dare to admit. Did they torture him? Brainwash him? Threaten to cut his penis off or anything of that nature? Perhaps you are not certain of his fate and you may say that one cannot be sure. Do you know the facts?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Berlin International Literature Festival promotes anti-Israel ideology

By Leslie Lebl, Connecticut, and Clemens Heni, Berlin
On September 9, the German International Literature Festival, one of most prestigious of such events, opened in Berlin. Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy gave a rousing inaugural speech. At least, it was intended to be rousing, containing as it did all the necessary elements to please an international group of literati. Although many of her examples came from India and were probably unfamiliar to her audience, Roy provided many points for sympathetic connection:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Serbian foreign minister Vuk Jeremic thanked Lieberman for Israeli refusing to recognise Kosovo as independent

At a meeting, Serbian foreign minister Vuk Jeremic thanked Lieberman for Israeli refusing to recognise Kosovo as independent. Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in February 2008, a move rejected as illegitimate by Belgrade and a number of its allies, notably Russia. The United States and most European Union countries have recognised Kosovo as independent. Jeremic told Lieberman: “We are very thankful to Israel for its position on Kosovo. Israel does not recognize the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo in spite of all the pressures Israel faces,” said Jeremic.

Renditions Program Poster Boy El-Masri Assaults German Mayor

by John Rosenthal
Last Friday, Khaled Al-Masri, aka. Khaled El-Masri, was arrested after assaulting the mayor of the Germany city of Neu-Ulm. A German citizen of Lebanese origin, Masri gained notoriety as the most visible “victim” of America’s program of “extraordinary renditions.” While on a trip to the Balkans in early 2004, he is alleged to have been illegally seized by the CIA and rendered to Afghanistan, before being released in Albania six months later.
According to German press reports, Masri attacked Mayor Gerold Noerenberg in the latter’s office, punching him and throwing a chair at him. The mayor is reported to have suffered cuts and bruises and a broken finger in the attack. Following one day of sick leave, he returned to work on Tuesday, his left hand fully bandaged except for the thumb and index finger.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Israel supporters charge German police with excessive force at rally

BERLIN - Gentile and Jewish activists slammed the Berlin police department for heavy-handed tactics used against their protest of the annual anti-Israel Al-Quds Day march in the German capital on Saturday.
Jörg Fischer-Aharon, a spokesman for the "No Al-Quds Day" coalition, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that the police had aggressively barricaded protesters into a side street, placing unusually strict restrictions on their movement. The officers also clamped down on the display of Hebrew- and English-language banners, including the Jerusalem city flag.
The Al-Quds march advocates the destruction of the Jewish state and has been held each year in Berlin since 1996. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini established Al-Quds Day in 1979 and it is now marked in the Islamic Republic and throughout the Arab world to protest Israel's presence in Jerusalem.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

China warns Germany against taking Uighur Muslims

China has warned the German government against accommodating Chinese Uighur Guantanamo Bay prisoners, saying they should face justice in their own country, according daily Berliner Zeitung on Tuesday.The prisoners, who belong to the predominantly Muslim ethnic Uighur group from Central Asia and the Xinjian province of Western China, cannot currently be repatriated to China due to American law, which dictates individuals may not be deported to a country where they are likely to face harm. With plans still on track to close the prison by January 2010, the American government has been looking for somewhere to send the Uighur inmates after their release.If returned to China, the men will likely be imprisoned and tried as active separatists. They have expressed fears that they could face torture or persecution, according to reports from the New York Center for Constitutional Rights.But the Chinese government has insisted the detainees face trial back in China.“These Uighurs are Chinese citizens and therefore fall under the responsibility of Chinese justice. They are members of the radical Islamist movement in East Turkestan, which the United Nations recognises as a terrorist organization,” Wu Hongbo, Chinese ambassador to Germany, told the Berliner Zeitung.“They were trained at a military terrorism camp, and captured during a military exercise. We have therefore encouraged the US administration to release them to China,” he continued.But Munich had been suggested as a possible destination for the displaced prisoners, due to the 500-strong Uighur community living in the city already – one of the group’s largest enclaves outside of Asia. The city’s municipal council was reported to have backed a motion earlier this year to host 17 Uighur prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay, but Federal Government ministers, including Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, have appeared hesitant to accept the prisoners, expressing fears that to do so would put a strain on German relations with China.“I am quite sure that the German Federal government has a clear view of the situation, and understands the significance of this question for our relationship,” Wu stated.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HRW analyst suspended over Nazi items

Marc Garlasco is being suspended by Human Rights Watch "pending an investigation," said Carroll Bogert, associate director of the New York-based organization. The suspension was first reported Monday by The New York Times. "We do know he collects German and American World War II memorabilia, but we have questions as to whether we've learned everything we need to know," Bogert said.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Holbrooke strikes again

By Vojin Joksimovich
Holbrooke supported Balkan Muslim sepratists in Bosnia and Kosovo and delivered victory to al-Qaeda in Europe. Then from Bosnia they turned on the US on 9/11. Holbrooke now heads Afghan policy for ...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Neo-Nazis Join Islamists at Al-Quds Day Demonstration in Berlin -- It is misleading to describe Germany's contemporary Nazi groups as “right-wing"

by John Rosenthal
Alongside the internationally better known National-Democratic Party of Germany or “NPD,” the German People’s Union (DVU) is one of the two main German political parties of the so-called “extreme Right.” As discussed in my earlier PJM report here, in German usage this expression is, in effect, just a euphemism for neo-Nazi currents and organizations. Both the NPD and the DVU are officially classified as “right-wing extremist” organizations by Germany’s domestic intelligence service, the so-called Office for the Protection of the Constitution or “Verfassungsschutz.” A statement published by the DVU on Wednesday, however, makes clear just how misleading it is to describe Germany’s contemporary Nazi groups as “right-wing.”

Brutal police violence at Berlin "Freedom not Fear" demonstration

"This video shows a peacefull protester being beaten by policeman at the 'Freedom not Fear' demonstration that was totally peaceful. The demonstration was attended by 25.000 people and called for by more then 160 groups that are concerned about privacy, censorship and freedom. I personally have been close to the beating and the police acted provocative in the time before hand - encircling one truck that took part at the demonstration and pulling out people harshly - there will likely more videos surface over the coming hours. "
I hope you help spread the word about this incident and help us find the brutal policeman.
freiheit statt angst / freedom not fear - demo 12.09.2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Was Hitler's Beetle actually designed by a Jew?

Until now, it has been widely acknowledged that the ever-popular Volkswagen Beetle has a tainted history, having been originally designed and commissioned by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. But could the history behind one of the most fashionable production cars ever be more complex? Paul Schilperoord, a Dutch journalist and historian, certainly thinks so.
Schilperoord alleges in his new book Het Ware Verhaal van de Kever ("The True Story of the Beetle"), to be released later this month, that Ferdinand Porsche's iconic Beetle, officially commissioned by Hitler, may well have been taken from a design by a Jewish engineer called Josef Ganz, who never received due credit.

Rally: Stop Ahmadinejad! Stop supporting the Iranian regime!

Wednesday 23 September, 5 p.m.
Opera / Kärntner Straße, 1010 Vienna
Holocaust denier and President of the Iranian terror regime, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, announced his appearance at the UN General Assembly in New York set for 23 September, at a forum that has willingly offered a stage for anti-Semitic dictators in the past. On this occasion, we want to protest here in Vienna, one of the four UN seats, against the policy of appeasement vis-à-vis the Iranian regime and against economic support of the dictatorship of Mullahs and Revolutionary Guards. With our rally in Vienna, and simultaneous protests in New York, London and Paris, we want to send a clear message against courting the Iranian regime, which has become an open military dictatorship of religious apocalyptics.

Friday, September 11, 2009

David Irving and the Banality of Revisionism

by John Rosenthal
As discussed in my PJM reports on President Obama’s June visit to Dresden (see here and here), in at least one European country such “Holocaust relativization” has become entirely commonplace: namely, in Germany. This is why Obama’s visit to Dresden was so symbolically loaded, since for the German public, the city of Dresden itself is the symbol of “innocent” German suffering at the hands of the Allies.
As it happens, David Irving’s first book was on precisely The Destruction of Dresden. The book was published in 1963, long before Irving had ever been accused of Holocaust denial.

"Could anyone imagine the German police going into a private home to remove a Hamas flag?"

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Of course the case might have been made that the German police made a tragic mistake in removing the Israel flags from private homes in the midst of the chaos of the death to the Jews marches back in January. But no. The Germans are consistent in their decadence and moral bankruptcy. "Could anyone imagine the German police going into a private home to remove a Hamas flag?"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

16 Years Since the Medak Pocket Massacre

September 9 marks 16 years since the massacre Croat forces committed in the villages and hamlets south and southeast from the town Gospić in Serbian Krajina, called Medak Pocket (Medački Džep) — a UN safe haven — mutilating, raping, setting on fire and killing 88 Serbs. Memorial services to the victims were held throughout Serbian lands, and in the Church of Saint Mark in Belgrade. Marking the event, Documentation Center Veritas reminded Croats left no wounded behind in the Serb-populated villages.
The only survivor, Ivanka Rajčević, gave a following testimony:
“My son and I were asleep in the house. It was around 6 a.m. when the first grenade hit one of the houses which immediately burst into flames. I called my son. He said: ‘Mam, we won’t leave the house because they are bombarding’.
“I heard one Ustasha circling around the house. He came to the window and saw me inside. He activated a hand grenade and threw it inside. When it exploded he stood back up to see if it killed me. I was only wounded, but I pretended to be dead. He went behind the house and fired an automatic rifle (…) The other ones came in front of the house afterwords, in a transporter and on the tank. They didn’t stay long, but four Ustasha stayed in front of the doors. They did not speak our language, I believe they spoke German [they probably spoke Dutch, another Germanic language, as it was established that 13 Dutchmen also took part in the massacre]. When two Ustasha joined them, they asked the interpreter to translate. He said: ‘This is a Serb village, slit all throats, even the cats! Kill everything, nothing must stay behind, including children.’

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Student fined for Israel flag in Germany

A local district court in the West German city of Bochum (Picture) fined a student 300 Euros on Wednesday for displaying an Israel flag at a demonstration organized by Muslim organizations against the IDF Operation Cast Lead in January. According to Der Westen, a regional paper in Bochum, the public prosecutor termed the Israeli flag as "provoking" within a special situation.
The 30-year-old student, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she fears for her safety due to "massive problems with Nazis", told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that the "Israeli flag is a provocation for the anti-Semites." She asked rhetorically, "What is provocative about an Israel flag?" The public prosecutor in Bochum was not available for an immediate comment on the case.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists threaten Germany with imminent attack

Empty bluster or extreme confidence? In any event, it is an attempt to influence the upcoming German elections, particularly with respect to the German presence in Afghanistan. "Al-Qaeda Targeting Germany for 'Next 9/11'

Monday, September 07, 2009

German president regrets Langer award

The Jerusalem Post on Monday obtained an exclusive letter from German President Horst Köhler criticizing the decision to award Germany's highest medal of honor - the Federal Cross of Merit - to anti-Zionist attorney Felicia Langer. Dr. Gert Haller, the highest ranking state secretary in Federal President Köhler's office, issued a letter dated September 4 to Arno S. Hamburger, the head of the Nuremberg Jewish community, describing the process to award Langer as "terribly unfortunate."

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Protest against the Al-Quds-Day 2009 in Berlin

STOP THE BOMB supports the protest against the Islamic and anti-Semitic Al-Quds-day in Berlin. The protest will take place on September 12, 2.00 p.m., on the crossing of Knesebeckstr./Kurfürstendamm (near U1 Uhlandstr.). More Informationen can be found here.
The Persian version of the call for protests can be found here.
Stop the Islamic Republics propaganda – No Al-Quds day!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

What’s in a name? German court approves “Djehad” name for toddler

Shouldn’t parents (though there is no mention of the mother) have freedom in selecting their children’s names? Maybe. But why “Djehad?” Will this young man be brought up with a mystical, peaceful, interior understanding of the concept for which he is named?

Friday, September 04, 2009

Bosnian Muslim arms man nabbed for Iran sales

U.S. officials have arrested a Belgian man, suspected for decades of being an international arms dealer, charging him with conspiracy to export F-5 fighter jet engines and parts to Iran, the Justice Department said Wednesday. Jacques ...

Germany’s Murky Role in the Shalit Negotiations -- Are the Germans putting pressure on Israel on behalf of Hamas?

by John Rosenthal
There has been much talk lately of Germany negotiating a deal for the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit. The Israeli soldier was kidnapped by Palestinian militants in June 2006 and is reportedly being held by Hamas. The negotiations are supposedly being conducted by Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the BND. The accent in the English-language reports has been placed on the “help” being provided by Germany to the Israelis. Little attention has been paid to the benefits that Hamas might expect to obtain from the German efforts.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Köhler ignores Langer award uproar

Arno S. Hamburger, the head of the Nuremberg Jewish community since 1972, returned his awards from the Federal government, including the Federal Cross of Merit, on Monday in protest over Germany's decision to issue that award to attorney and anti-Zionist activist Felicia Langer, Hamburger told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday.
Hamburger said that he is "very sad" about German president Horst Köhler's decision to ignore his July protest letter, criticizing the Federal Republic's praise of Langer, who relocated here from Israel in 1990 and compares the Jewish state with Nazi Germany.
Hamburger said he chose September 1 as the date for his letter to Köhler because the outbreak of World War II on September 1, 1939 recalls the "suffering of Jews" and Hamburger himself was on a ship on the way to British-controlled Palestine at that time.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Afghanistan Issue Erupts in German Electoral Campaign

by John Rosenthal
“German Party Calls for Plan for Removal of Troops From Afghanistan.”
Thus ran the headline in the August 20 edition of the New York Times. The article was published one day after a similar Reuters dispatch, which, given the almost identically translated German quotes, is presumably the source for the Times “scoop.” The party in question is the Free Democratic Party (FDP) — the most likely coalition partner for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in the event that the latter win the upcoming German elections in September.
As it so happens, Jürgen Koppelin, an FDP member of the German Bundestag, had indeed been quoted in the tabloid Bild saying that the next German government should formulate an “exact plan” for withdrawing German troops from Afghanistan in the coming years. But perhaps the Times and Reuters ought to have been somewhat more circumspect about taking Koppelin’s opinion for that of the party as such. The Bild report identified Koppelin as an FDP “defense expert.” But in fact he is just one of some twenty-one members of the FDP’s parliamentary working group on foreign affairs and security issues and the group’s official spokesperson on security matters is not Koppelin, but rather Birgit Homburger.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Clinton’s Big Lie: “Srebrenica Massacre"

When former Bosnian viceroy, a mouth-frothing Serbophobe Paddy Ashdown (who didn’t blink an eye while shamelessly lying under oath in the Hague, in an attempt to smear the Serbs with another nonexistent crime), ordered forming of the “Srebrenica Commission” under the banner of the Bosnian Serb Government in 2004, he probably never imagined his ploy to falsify “Serb confession” would eventually backfire. Satisfied with the boastful headlines his crafty little maneuver produced in the Western mainstream media, Ashdown went on his merry way into oblivion, leaving his Srebrenica Commission investigators to disclose their actual findings.