Thursday, September 10, 2009

16 Years Since the Medak Pocket Massacre

September 9 marks 16 years since the massacre Croat forces committed in the villages and hamlets south and southeast from the town Gospić in Serbian Krajina, called Medak Pocket (Medački Džep) — a UN safe haven — mutilating, raping, setting on fire and killing 88 Serbs. Memorial services to the victims were held throughout Serbian lands, and in the Church of Saint Mark in Belgrade. Marking the event, Documentation Center Veritas reminded Croats left no wounded behind in the Serb-populated villages.
The only survivor, Ivanka Rajčević, gave a following testimony:
“My son and I were asleep in the house. It was around 6 a.m. when the first grenade hit one of the houses which immediately burst into flames. I called my son. He said: ‘Mam, we won’t leave the house because they are bombarding’.
“I heard one Ustasha circling around the house. He came to the window and saw me inside. He activated a hand grenade and threw it inside. When it exploded he stood back up to see if it killed me. I was only wounded, but I pretended to be dead. He went behind the house and fired an automatic rifle (…) The other ones came in front of the house afterwords, in a transporter and on the tank. They didn’t stay long, but four Ustasha stayed in front of the doors. They did not speak our language, I believe they spoke German [they probably spoke Dutch, another Germanic language, as it was established that 13 Dutchmen also took part in the massacre]. When two Ustasha joined them, they asked the interpreter to translate. He said: ‘This is a Serb village, slit all throats, even the cats! Kill everything, nothing must stay behind, including children.’

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