Wednesday, September 23, 2009


By Matt Gurney
It’s no secret that Jimmy Carter has devoted his post-presidential career to the cause of anti-Israel agitation. Yet, in his extreme animus against the Jewish state, the 39th president now has a rival in a onetime member of his own administration: his former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Ambitious though the task may seem, Brzezinski is determined to go even further than Carter in his condemnation of Israel. In 2006, when Israel launched a belated military offensive to combat Hezbollah terrorism, Brzezinski outrageously claimed that Israeli Defense Forces were guilty of the “killing of hostages” – this even as the Israeli military took maximal precautions to minimize civilian casualties. Now Brzezinski has taken his anti-Israel stance to a new extreme. In a little-noticed interview this past weekend, he suggested, in effect, that the United States should go to war with Israel in order to protect Iran. Specifically, Brzezinski opined that America should prevent an Israeli air strike against Iranian nuclear facilities by any means necessary – up to and including engaging Israeli warplanes as they cross Iraqi airspace to reach their Iranian targets.

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