Friday, April 30, 2010

Corpus Delicti

One of the fundamental legal principles or concepts of jurisprudence is that before a person can be charged with a crime, evidence must be shown that a crime has occurred. This is known by the legal principle of “corpus delicti”, the body of a crime, meaning that there must be evidence that a crime has occurred before a defendant can be charged or prosecuted for the crime. The 6th edition of Black’s Law Dictionary (1990) gives the meaning of corpus delicti as “the fact of a crime having been actually committed”. In a murder or homicide case, evidence must be presented that meets the beyond a reasonable doubt standard. In murder cases, evidence must show that the specific injury has occurred, a human being has died, and that the injury can be ascribed to criminal agency on the part of an individual as the cause of the injury, that the victim died due to a criminal act.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Danish artists in Berlin wipe Israel off the map: Berlin mayor rejects ‘Ramallah’ exhibit

BERLIN – The Danish street art duo “Surrend” started to blanket selected Berlin neighborhoods on Wednesday with maps of the Middle East in which the State of Israel does not appear, with the term “Final Solution” at the top.According to critics, the artists, Jan Egesborg and Pia Bertelsen, are stoking genocidal anti-Semitism with their provocative “art in hot spots” tactics, by employing Nazi terminology.Klaus Wowereit, the Social Democratic Party mayor of Berlin, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that “there cannot be any doubt regarding Israel’s right to exist. This form of satire is not what I like.”Dr. Shimon Samuels, head of the international department of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Paris, told the Post that the “artists should be sued for genocidal incitement,” and that they are “talking like Ahmadinejad.”It is unclear if the Berlin public prosecutor will invoke Germany’s anti-hate law barring incitement to violence against minority groups. The exhibit’s call to abolish Israel also meets the European Union’s definition of anti-Semitism, outlining a rejection of Israel’s right to exist as a modern expression of Jew-hatred.The Austrian news outlet Vienna Online and the English-language Copenhagen Post reported that Egesborg identifies himself as a Jew, and regards Israel as a “historical mistake.”The artists renamed the Jewish state “Ramallah” on the maps.“As a Jew, I always thought it was problematic that Israel was built on stolen land. The way the Israeli state treats the Palestinians today is terrible. There is no other answer but for the Jews of Israel to find a new homeland, perhaps in the USA, Germany or Denmark,” Egesborg said.Lala Süsskind, the president of Berlin’s Jewish community, told the Jerusalem Post that the “artistic group Surrend is traditionally provocative. With this action the founder Jan Egesborg stresses for first time that he needs, as a Jew, to comment on the Israeli-Palestinian situation. He not only denies Israel’s right to exist on the poster but in interviews strips Israel’s of its right to exist. His statement can no longer be assessed as ‘artistic provocation’ but as a political statement. The statements of a Jewish artist have crossed the line into anti-Semitism, which we as a Jewish community cannot accept.”In an e-mail to the Jerusalem Post, Dr. Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, wrote, “This so-called art is outrageous on so many levels. Firstly, it seeks to obliterate the existence of a United Nations member-state and the nation-state of the Jewish people.“Secondly, by using the term “Final Solution,” this group is intentionally belittling the extermination of 6 million Jews and is exercising a form of Holocaust denial. This exhibit is according to all criteria deeply anti-Semitic. Examples like this only emphasis the need for broader legislation against such hateful anti-Semitic expressions.“This is another example of how the systematic delegitimization of the State of Israel is absolutely anti-Semitic, and no false cries of freedom of speech can justify it,” Kantor said.
Egesborg did not reply to a Jerusalem Post e-mail query.According to media reports, the Danes said that their maps will be plastered in the Berlin neighborhoods of Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte and Kreuzberg, a diverse area with a large German-Turkish population.Observers said the timing of the anti-Israeli action coincides with International Workers Day on May 1 and will resonate with both leftist and neo-Nazi groups that mount annual protests against the German government on the holiday. It is unclear if the Danish artists staged their action to garner support from leftist and extreme right-wing haters of Israel.

Germany arrests Kosovo Albanian political killer, rapist

On an arrest warrant issued by Serbia, Germany has arrested ethnic Albanian Anton Lekaj at the Munich Airport while en route to Tirana, Albania, where Lekaj and his family, that lives in Chicago, acquired sanctuary. Lekaj and his posse of killers was under command of the Albanian Ramush Haradinaj who used Lekaj’s services to spread terror in Kosovo. Haradinaj later became a “prime minister” of Kosovo and was found innocent at the Hague court for atrocities.In 2006, Belgrade court found Lekaj guilty of atrocities but those proceedings were stopped short because Lekaj escaped the jail.On June 14, 1999 Lekaj and his posse murdered another ethnic Albanian Bajram Krasniqi inside a hotel Pastrik in Djakovica. On orders from Ramush Haradinaj, Lekaj and the gang, the next day, executed Zvezdan Ljusaj, Rade Gagovic and Redja Shala near the slaughterhouse “Agim” in Djakovica. While waiting to execute Bajram Krasniqi, Lekaj and the posse rounded up local Gypsy women and girls and between June 12 and 14 proceeded to rape them. The two Gypsy males that stood in their way of raping were murdered.
M. Bozinovich

Rally against Iranian ambassador in Berlin

The Deutsch-Atlantische Gesellschaft invited Alireza Sheikh Attar, the ambassador of the Iranian Regime in Germany, for May 5th to discuss with Omid Nouripour of the Green Party and the journalist Werner Sonne.
Rally against the Iranian ambassador and the courting of the Iranian regime
Wednesday, May 5th 2010, 6:00 p.m.
ARD-Hauptstadtstudio, Wilhelmstraße 67a
Further Information:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Germans Welcome Hamas

by Benjamin Weinthal
A conference planned for June featuring a high-level Hamas minister and leading German politicians has prompted criticism from diverse organizations, who see Germany as courting a terrorist organization determined to murder Jews and obliterate Israel. An evangelical academic center in the southern German city of Bad Boll is slated to host Dr. Basem Naim, the Hamas health minister in Gaza, at an event titled “Partner for Peace: Talking with Hamas and Fatah.”

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Austrian-Iranian Axis

by Simone Dinah Hartmann
While the Western world is trying to rally international support for tougher sanctions against Tehran to stop its nuclear-weapons program, Austria seems to seek even closer ties with the mullahs. Instead of isolating the Islamic Republic, Vienna just welcomed Manouchehr Mottaki , Iran ‘s foreign minister, who in 2006 gave the opening speech at Tehran ‘s Holocaust denial conference.
Despite media reports of American, British and French opposition to the visit, the Austrian government proceeded Sunday with holding a reception for Mr. Mottaki. As he shook hands with Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger, the flag of the Islamic Republic flew on top of the building of the foreign ministry, together with those of Austria and the European Union. During the joint press conference, Mr. Spindelegger stated that “dialogue is a central element” and urged Iran to cooperate so that sanctions could be avoided. …

Appeasement, German Style

by Benjamin Weinthal
Revolutionary political Islam, whether animated by the mullahs in Iran or the Taliban in Afghanistan, is increasingly downplayed in Germany. That helps to explain the pooh-poohing of domestic and international threats from radical Islamic groups that takes place among German politicians and the public. It also accounts for the tolerance for intimidation that is routinely waged by those same elements.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Germany: Police investigating more Islamists

Germany is conducting more investigations against Islamic terror suspects than ever before, as the country's involvement in Afghanistan deepens, the Federal Crime Office (BKA) says."Across the country, we now have 350 investigations into people with Islamic backgrounds, the most ever," Joerg Ziercke, the head of the BKA, told the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung regional daily.Around one third of these probes concern attacks on German soldiers in Afghanistan, Ziercke added.Authorities are tracking approximately 1,100 people in Germany "with Islamic terrorist potential," he said, adding that trips to terrorist training camps had risen significantly since 2009."Since then, a German community has established itself on the Hindu Kush," he said, referring to the mountain range connecting the north and south of Afghanistan."This group, containing between 10 and 12 people, is trying to win over fellow Germans with Jihadist propaganda and unfortunately, they are succeeding."

Germany: Police warns of radical converts

Germans who convert to Islam are considered a growing security risk by the BKA (Federal Criminal Police), reports Focus magazine, citing a confidential BKA analysis. Thus, federal and state police consider 11 converts as 'dangerous' and 26 as 'relevant people', including three women. The Muslims are aged 20-42 years old and are suspected of planning terror attacks in Germany.Accoridng to the BKA paper, the radical converts use 'certain mosques' as venues, according to Focus the facilitates are in Ulm/Neu-Ulm as well as the al-Kuds mosque in Hamburg, where some of the 9/11 attackers met, including Mohamed Atta and Ziad Jarrah. Three of the converts classified as threatening live in Baden-Württemberg, five in Bremen, four in Hamburg and in North Rhine-Westphalia. It was there that the police arrested the convert "Sauerland-terrorists" Fritz Gelowicz and Daniel Schneider in 2007.In March 2010 they were sentenced to 12 years in prison. The terrorist threat in Germany is considered by the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Heinz Fromm, to be very high. On Saturday he said on SWR, that these were people who were determined to wage Jihad anywhere in the world, as well as in Germany.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vote small, think big says Pat Condell

Internet broadcasting star Pat Condell urges voters to shun the three old parties and vote UKIP in a clearly delivered plea on his web channel.

Germany: Sinister Minister

by sheikyermami
Germany’s first Turkish ‘minister’, a token Muslima from Turkey, has started her job with predictable resentment against Christian symbols in classrooms: crucifixes gotta go! Crucifixes have no place in schoolrooms, and since the school is “a neutral place” the little Turkish girls shouldn’t wear headscarves either. But lets not be so hard on them, shall we?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Presentation of the book“Verratene Freiheit – Der Aufstand im Iran und die Antwort des Westens”(in German)

With the editor Thomas von der Osten-Sacken (Wadi e.V.) and the author Wahied Wahdat-Hagh (European Foundation for Democracy)
Chair: Stefan Schaden (STOP THE BOMB)
Tuesday, April 27th, 2010, 8 p.m.Urania, Terrassensaal
Uraniastraße 1, 1010 Vienna
(U-Schwedenplatz, Tram 1)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Izetbegovic wanted 5,000 Muslims knifed, Muslim commander

Former Bosnian Muslim commander Hakija Meholjic says that he was in presence of the Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic when he told him to “sacrifice” Srebrenica for Sarajevo and demanded that 5,000 Bosnian Muslims be put to death with a knife just before Serb troops enter the city.
“I was in Srebrenica delegation in 1993 in Sarajevo when Alija Izetbegovic suggested to us to sacrifice Srebrenica for Vogosca. That has, unfortunately, happened in 1995,” said Meholjic to the Banja Luka daily Glas Srpske.
Meholjic then goes on about Izetbegovic’s knifing request:
“Alija Izetbegovic was then in 1993 demanding not to kill, but to slaughter [with a knife] 5,000 Bosniaks in Srebrenica. We were in Sarajevo hotel Holiday Inn when I stood up and asked him if he is crazy and who will kill all those people.”
Meholjic was a military commander in the Bosnian Muslim army during the civil war in the 1990s and today he leads the Social Democratic Party in Srebrenica.
Meholjic’s comments were made in an interview which can be read via very crude and unsophisticated but still readable Google translation of the original that was typed in Serbian cyrillic script.

Bosnian Muslims only ones who haven’t apologized for their atrocities

The apologies offered for one’s nations war atrocities are almost always offered by the nation’s leaders that have nothing to do with those atrocities, with an exception of the Emperor of Japan Hirohito.
So goes in the Balkans… Serbia’s President Tadic; Croatia’s Presidents Josipovic and Mesic; President of Serbia and Montenegro Union Svetozar Marovic; Montenegro’s Djukanovic… all these Balkan leaders have apologized for any atrocities their ethnic nationals may have made during the bloody civil war of Yugoslavia whose break up internationalized the conflict.
Noticeably absent from this bunch is any Bosnian Muslim, as though they are without sin, morally pristine and blameless.
Then again, the same Bosnian Muslims that have been committing those atrocities are still the leaders of today’s Bosnian Muslims so it follows that the bitterness in their hearts, at own impotence to wipe out the Serbs, crowds out all emotions of remorse that, as sane individuals, they ought to have.
Below is the beheading video of the Serbian soldier by the Bosnian Muslim troops.

M. Bozinovich

Protest Rally: Stop Ahmadinejad & Mottaki! Stop courting the Iranian regime!

Sunday, April 25th, from 10:00 AM
Minoritenplatz, 1010 Vienna
On Sunday, April 25th, Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger will welcome the foreign minister of the Iranian regime, Manouchehr Mottaki, in Vienna. The coalition STOP THE BOMB strongly condemns the courting of this prominent figure of Tehran’s anti-Semitic regime; a regime, which organizes Holocaust denial conferences as a part of its foreign policy; a regime that threatens Israel with annihilation and does everything to achieve the means to carry out its threats. Mottaki gave the opening speech at the Holocaust denial conference in Tehran, which was also attended by Austrian Holocaust deniers. The reception of Mottaki is also a slap in the face of the Iranian freedom movement, which again suffers a serious blow by the Austrian government. With Austrian exports to Iran on the rise last year, Austria again proves to be a most reliable friend of the Iranian regime. The reception of the Iranian foreign minister is a clear political upgrade for the largely isolated regime and thus knowingly undermines the international efforts to exert pressure on the Iranian regime.
We demand:
- No dialogue with anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers!
- Support the democratic and secular opposition instead of courting the regime!
- Immediate and harsh sanctions against the Iranian regime!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles
Jerusalem-The Simon Wiesenthal Center today issued a strong protest to the Austrian authorities against the impending visit this coming Sunday, April 25, of Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki to Vienna, where he will be hosted by his Austrian counterpart Michael Spindelegger. In a letter of protest sent by the Center's Israel director, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, to the Austrian ambassador to Israel Michael Rendi, the Center expressed its anger and dismay at the welcome to be accorded by the Austrian authorities to Mouttaki.
According to Zuroff:
"It is incomprehensible to me how Austria can warmly welcome one of the most senior officials of a regime which openly calls for Israel's destruction, organizes conferences on Holocaust denial, and consistently abuses human rights on a horrific scale"."The only reason that Teheran has been able to continue its nuclear program, its threats to destroy Israel, and total disregard for human rights is because of the failure of the world’s democracies to apply stringent sanctions against the fanatic Iranian regime. The fact that an anti-Semite like Mottaki will be a welcome guest in Vienna constitutes an abysmal moral failure with potentially-genocidal implications, which raises the painful question of what, if anything , Austria has learned from its Holocaust past".
"die jüdische"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I feel a fartwa coming on….lslam professor declares himself no longer a Moslem

Muhammad Sven Kalisch, a Muslim convert and Germany’s first professor of Islamic theology, calls it quits and declared himself no longer a Moslem. Two years ago he declared that Muhammad probably never lived and that the Koran is not the word of Allah.

'Revolutionary Guards - terrorists' : Top European intellectuals and politicians to call for blacklisting

BERLIN – A broad swath of prominent European intellectuals and politicians, crisscrossing Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, are slated to announce on Wednesday that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) should be put on the European Union terror list, The Jerusalem Post has learned. The European “Stop the Bomb” coalition, which advocates aggressive European-based sanctions against the Iranian government, organized the petition.The petition, signed by the likes of Elfriede Jelinek, the Austrian winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2004, reads: “As Iran’s most important trading partner, the EU is in a unique position to effect change. Therefore, the EU has the responsibility to impose severe sanctions to thwart Teheran’s drive towards nuclear weapons, and to firmly act towards the protection of human rights in Iran.”

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some counted as Srebrenica dead are alive

Prime Minister of the Serb Republic in Bosnia says that the numbers about the number of dead in Srebrenica are unreliable because the Srebrenica Commission was under pressure by the former Bosnian overlord Paddy Ashdown to inflate numbers.
“Our primary goal is to establish facts and reduce manipulation having in view the circumstances in which the [Srebrenica] report was made and the unbecoming and illegal pressures by Paddy Ashdown,” said Dodik.
Dodik says that the report has “many inaccuracies that lead to manipulation via various processes”.
Some people, listed in that Srebrenica report as murdered, are apparently alive.
Moreover, the Bosnian Muslim “institute” for missing has never established a registrar of the Srebrenica victims.
Bosnian Muslims keep arguing that the x-thousand dead in Srebrenica constitutes a “genocide” and keep demanding apologies for their defeat in this military operation while fully cognizant that they themselves are responsible for hundreds of thousands of slaughtered Christians during their stay in the Balkans: just in Romania, also called Wallachia, Bosnian Muslims took part in a brutal slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Romanians while raping Romanian women and little Romanian boys.
In fact, the success of this slaughter of Romanians is so deeply imprinted into the culture of Bosnian Muslims that in any niggardly reference about Serbs Bosnian Muslims also include “jebem ti Vlasku mater” meaning “I fucked your Wallachian mother”.
Romanian or Serb, to Bosnian Muslims they are all Christians that they once proudly slaughtered by the thousands.
M. Bozinovich

The Ragged Guard: World War II Novels on Draza Mihailovich and the Chetniks

By Carl Savich
In August, 1942, The Ragged Guard: A Tale of 1941, a novel on Draza Mihailovich by Hungarian-born British author and journalist Paul Tabori, was published in London. The novel was a fictionalized account of the guerrilla resistance movement led by Draza Mihailovich in German-occupied Yugoslavia during the crucial year of 1941.

Germany: State Appoints First Minister of Turkish Origin

Germany has its first government minister of Turkish origin -- the governor of the northern state of Lower Saxony on Monday appointed Aygül Özkan, the Hamburg-born daughter of Turkish immigrants, as minister of social affairs in a coup for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.The governor of the northern German state of Lower Saxony has appointed Germany's first ever Muslim minister of Turkish origin at the government level. In a reshuffle announced on Monday by Governor Christian Wulff, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, 38-year-old Aygül Özkan became the region's new minister for social affairs.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wiesenthal Centre Applauds Gerd Buurman - a Gentile Theatre Director - for Demanding the Close of Cologne "Wailing Wall" Antisemitic Exhibit

Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre applauded Gerd Buurman - a Gentile theatre director for demanding that the "Cologne Wailing Wall" antisemitic exhibit be closed. Despite critics on the City Council, including members of the Green and the Left Parties, who called the exhibit "repugnant and clearly antisemitic", the Cologne Public Prosecutor dismissed the complaint, claiming that it did "not meet the criteria of inciting hate".Though the exhibit displays a cartoon stereotyping to the medieval blood libel - a man emblazoned with a Star of David devouring a Palestinian child, with a knife marked 'Gaza' and a fork wrapped in a US flag. Next to the plate is a glass of the child's blood. "Cologne Wailing Wall" is on show in the bustling pedestrian zone facing the Cathedral. The Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, praised Buurman "for his intention to lead a civil legal action suit against the exhibit's designer, Walter Herrmann, reportedly notorious for his hatred of Israel".The current Mayor of Cologne, Jürgen Roters, has endorsed the Prosecutor by his silence and done nothing to condemn Hermann's hatemongering."Cologne's citizens should protest the resuscitation in their city of a cartoon adapted from the Nazi 'Der Stürmer' newspaper of the 1930s. Our Centre will closely monitor the situation." concluded Samuels.

What Pat Condell knows about Islam

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Switzerland: New arrangements for Muslim soldiers

The Swiss army recently approved an arrangement for non-Christian soldiers.The regulations cover both dietary customs and hours of prayer. Muslim soldiers can turn to Mecca, for example, only once a day.This document corresponds to a tradition in the Swiss army. The army has always made exceptions, Martin Bühler, spokesperson for the federal ministry of defense told ATS. He confirmed the information on NZZ am Sonntag.There are already regulation for Jewish soldiers and recruits. In another field, farmers are also entitled to exceptions, when they lack manpower, explains Bühler.Muslim recruits can now report to their commanding officer before starting training that they do not eat pork. In certain recruit academies, Muslims make up practically 10% of the manpower. They will now be offered an alternative menu. They can also arrange for their own food.In addition to the dietary requirements, the new document also regulates the issue of leave during religious festivals and prayer times. As a Muslim in the armed forces can hardly pray five times a day, he must compact it into a single prayer after the end of his duty shift. According to the army, the regulation was developed in collaboration with two Muslims who agreed to this solution.

Switzerland: Young converts could pose national security threat

Some young Swiss converts to Islam are a potential threat to the country's security, according to the head of the Migration Office.Alard du Bois-Reymond was speaking about the Central Islamic Council (IZRS), founded by young converts in the western town of Biel. The group strongly denies his assertion.Du Bols-Reymond told the German-language newspaper NZZ am Sonntag that such converts include people who want a "radically different society" and pointed to examples in Britain and Germany where such demands had provided "fertile ground for potential terrorists".The IZRS was also the subject of a recent highly critical article in the German-language magazine Weltwoche, which described its leader, Nicolas Blancho, as "the most dangerous Islamist in Switzerland".It described his preaching based on the strict form of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia and quoted examples of intolerance towards women and non-Muslims.

Israel Embassy slams German anti-Semitic cartoon

"The claim that one must distinguish between hatred of the Jewish people and hatred of the State of Israel leaves a bad taste.”
BERLIN – The Israeli Embassy in Germany on Friday rebuked the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne for allowing a public exhibit named “Wailing Wall” that features a cartoon it says encourages “hatred and violence” against Jews and the State of Israel.“If one shows a figure with an Israeli flag devouring a Palestinian child, this reminds us of the most scurrilous accusations of ritual murder in European anti-Semitism,” the embassy said in a statement. “Immediately after Israel’s national Holocaust Remembrance Day, a German prosecutor gave Israel-haters a shot in the arm.”The embassy added: “We don’t interfere in the decisions of German judicial authorities. But at the same time, we are convinced that the cartoon was of a clearly anti-Semitic nature and that it incites hatred and violence. The claim that one must distinguish between hatred of the Jewish people and hatred of the State of Israel is absolutely inappropriate and leaves a bad taste.”The public prosecutor last week dismissed a legal complaint by Gerd Buurmann, a non-Jewish theater director, that the cartoon violated Germany’s hate-crime law.After reports in The Jerusalem Post and the regional daily Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger in February, the Post has learned that Israeli diplomats traveled to Cologne to meet with Social Democratic Mayor Jürgen Roters to voice their frustration and disgust at the anti-Israeli exhibit located in the heart of the pedestrian zone of Germany’s fourth largest city. It appears that the discussions with Roters and city officials proved to be futile and the Israeli Embassy, departing from diplomatic protocol, blasted the Cologne prosecutor’s office.The embassy circulated its criticism on its electronic daily newsletter in Germany, which reaches journalists, policy-makers and government officials.Rainer Wolf, a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor in Cologne, could not immediately be reached for a comment on the embassy’s criticism. Wolf previously told the Post that the cartoon – depicting a Jew eating body parts and drinking the blood of a Palestinian child – is “not a tendency of hostility toward Jews, but an actual criticism of the situation in Gaza.”According to informed observers in Cologne, Walter Herrmann, the organizer of the exhibit, has used the city’s bustling Cathedral Square to spread anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli resentment with his Wailing Wall exhibit.“Hatred of Jews has led to catastrophe, and encouraging this hatred under the cover of ‘freedom of opinion’ and supposed ‘political criticism’ leads to the same sort of hatred and violence,” the Israeli Embassy said.“To our regret, the accusation of ritual murder has been given legal confirmation. Despite this decision by the prosecutor, we will continue the public and moral struggle against any form of Jew hatred in Germany.”
Buurmann, the theater director who has spearheaded a campaign to shut down Hermann’s festival of Israel-hate, said in a statement: “Only the left-wing parties and with them the mayor of Cologne keep silent and tolerate Herrmann’s diatribes against Israel. It is Walter Herrmann who brought back the cartoons and the ideology of the Nazis, and a German court is supporting him.”A spokewoman for the mayor's office, Inge Schürmann, said in response that the city of Cologne and the mayor “are against anti-Semitism.”But the simmering dispute about Cologne’s indifference toward the Wailing Wall exhibit has created tension over the city’s partnership with Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Benjamin Weinthal: Work on Europe

In sharp contrast to the Russians and Chinese, Europe is moderately awake and willing to inflict economic pain on the Iranians. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country remains Iran’s No. 1 European trading partner, announced this year her support for a “coalition of the willing” - independent of UN Security Council sanctions - to clamp down on Tehran. While Merkel’s administration and the German parliament previously rejected American-style unilateral sanctions legislation to restrict the flourishing German-Iranian economic relationship, Merkel’s initiative could well bring about a sea change.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Daimler drops plans to sell Teheran missile-launch trucks -- German auto giant also giving up stake in Iran engine firm

BERLIN – The flagship German automaker Daimler AG will cancel the delivery of three-axle commercial vehicles to Iran, which could be converted into missile-launch platforms, and will sell its 30 percent stake in Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Khodro Diesel, Daimler said on Wednesday.The company announced the moves at its annual stockholder meeting here. In what appears to be a clear reference to Teheran’s nuclear program, Dieter Zetsche, the chairman of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, said, “The policies of the current Iranian leadership have compelled us to put our business relationship with that country on a new footing.”Israeli diplomats had complained to German Chancellor Merkel’s administration that heavy trucks can be used to fuel Iranian fighter plans and fire rockets.The auto manufacturer seemed to time its criticism of Iran’s leadership with the anti-nuclear proliferation conference held in Washington this week. Ben Smith, from the news site Politico, reported on his blog that a senior Obama administration praised Daimler on Wednesday.“More and more countries and companies are recognizing the problems associated with doing business in Iran. Daimler is only the latest,” according to an e-mail from the unnamed Obama official.Jonathan Weckerle, a spokesman for the German chapter of the Stop the Bomb organization, bought Daimler shares and on Wednesday, he asked hard questions at the stockholder meeting about the firm’s role in Iran.He told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that Daimler’s decision to “end the aggressive lobby politics for the export of dual-use goods like trucks, which can be used as missile-launching platforms, and the separation from the Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing Company, are the first positive steps.”Weckerle added, however, that “in 2009, Daimler delivered 8,653 trucks to Dubai without special export controls. Daimler will continue to work with the Iranian state company Khodro and industrial Mercedes trucks are continued to be offered on an Iranian trade partner Web site (Iran Khodro Diesel). Without continued reductions and export controls, the Daimler move remains a public relation’s measure.”

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Four German soldiers killed in Afghanistan attack

Four Bundeswehr soldiers were killed and five injured during a Taliban attack in northern Afghanistan on Thursday, the German government said in a statement.
According to officials in Berlin, a patrol between Kunduz and Baghlan came under attack around 2:30 pm local time. Anti-tank missiles or rocket-propelled grenades reportedly struck an armoured Eagle IV vehicle near a bridge in the area, which is a known Taliban stronghold.Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was informed of the attack just after landing in Uzbekistan following a two-day Afghan visit. He said he was "deeply saddened" by the news and that he and military chief of staff Volker Wieker would return to the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif "to be with our soldiers."Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said he condemned the "treacherous attack" in the strongest terms."It strikes the fallen soldiers, it strikes us, it strikes all Germans," he said in a statement. "It also strikes the great majority of the Afghan people, who detest this terror as much as we do."The attack came just a few weeks after three other Bundeswehr troops died in an attack on Good Friday. The Bundeswehr paratroopers – aged 25, 28 and 35 – were shot during a fierce battle against insurgents in the Chahar Dara district southwest of the city of Kunduz. Eight other soldiers were injured in the fight, four of them seriously.The recent bloodshed in the country has renewed debate over military policy in Afghanistan and whether the Bundeswehr is being properly outfitted and trained for the NATO mission. It has also prompted Chancellor Angela Merkel's government to break a long-standing taboo and call the conflict a “war.”Germany has participated in the conflict in the Kunduz regions since 2002 as a member of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). There are currently more than 4,500 troops serving in the mission. The bloodshed this month has brought the number of German soldiers killed in Afghanistan to 43.During his tour of Afghanistan Guttenberg had announced a speedy upgrade to Bundeswehr weaponry in response to escalating violence in the region – saying Germany had fast-tracked an order for 60 new Swiss-made Eagle IV armoured vehicles – the same vehicle involved in Thursday’s deadly attack. Soldiers had reportedly claimed before the Good Friday ambush that they were short on armoured vehicles – and the latest attack is certain to add to the growing sense of urgency at the Defence Ministry for new hardware for Berlin's troops.

Fjordman essay: The European Union and "Beautiful" Minarets

The Council of Europe, in close cooperation with the EU, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Arab League and other Islamic organizations, is working to combat "Islamophobia" in Europe by all means necessary. In February 2010, a few months after the referendum that banned minarets in Switzerland, COJEP International and EMISCO (European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion) with the support of the Council of Europe and the OIC launched a contest to select the most beautiful existing minaret in Europe. According to them, mosques have become a "permanent addition" to our urban landscapes that Westerners should get used to

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boris’s Blunder

by Nebojsa Malic
Late in the evening on March 30, while the attention of most Serbians was on a major basketball game, the Serbian parliament passed a resolution condemning and apologizing for the "Srebrenica massacre." Nearly three months in the works, the resolution was officially supposed to contribute to truth and reconciliation in the Balkans, transform the Serbian society, and bring Serbia closer to the EU. Not surprisingly, it has accomplished none of those goals. Nor did it satisfy the Bosnian Muslims, who maintain that the events in that eastern Bosnian town in July 1995 amounted to genocide.
That claim, however, has been held up to harsh scrutiny by analysts and researchers in the past three months. For the first time in years, there was a debate in Serbia on what happened in Srebrenica that summer almost 15 years ago. Unfortunately for the government, all evidence and analysis indicate that the official story about a "genocide" against unarmed civilians was at best an exaggeration, and at worst a complete fabrication with malicious intent.
What was intended to be the final victory of Empire over Serbia – an admission of genocide and acceptance of collective responsibility, 11 years after the Kosovo War and four years since the ICJ ruled that Serbia had nothing to do with any atrocities in Bosnia – thus ended up becoming the greatest challenge to Empire’s quisling regime in almost a decade.

Somalian pirates extradited to Germany

The Somalian pirates who recently captured a Hamburg freight ship are being extradited to Germany for what is expected to be the first trial of such pirates from the collapsed African nation on German soil. The 10 men were put on a Dutch military plane on Wednesday in the African country of Djibouti and are bound for The Hague, where they will remain in custody until they are handed over to German justice officials, a spokesman for the Dutch Defence Ministry said.They were captured by Dutch naval commandos on Easter Monday following a shoot-out aboard container ship The Taipan, which they had seized in waters about 900 kilometres off the Somalian coast.One Dutch marine was injured in the shoot-out. The 15-member crew, who had barricaded themselves into a section of the ship, were unharmed.Wilhelm Möllers, a spokesman for Hamburg’s state prosecution office, confirmed that Germany was pursuing extradition for what would be the first case against Somalian pirates tried in Germany.A Hamburg court approved an arrest warrant for the pirates at the beginning of this week.The Taipan belongs to Hamburg-based shipping company Komrowski.The Dutch navy launched the operation as part of an EU naval mission called Operation Atalanta which protects shipping along the key route off Somalia.EU Navfor has said that in March it collared 18 pirate gangs, destroyed 22 skiffs and apprehended some 131 pirates for prosecution.But there are still eight vessels and 157 hostages in the hands of Somali pirates, an official said on March 31.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Against Antisemitism in Cologne

A tourist visiting Cologne will almost immediatly be confronted with pure antisemitism. In front of the cathedral a man called Walter Herrmann shows antisemitic cartoons and demonizes Israel and Jews. The Cologne Court now ruled that this antisemitism is covered by freedom of speech. Rainer Wolf, a spokesman for the public prosecutor in Cologne says: "The exhibit of Walter Herrmann in Cologne’s Cathedral Square in the heart of the bustling pedestrian zone does not meet the criteria of inciting hate".A lot of Cologne people are outraged by this decision. The majority of the Cologne politicans are outraged, too. The Conservatives, the Liberals and the Green Party strongly oppose the antisemitism in the heart of Cologne and the decision of the court. Only the left wing parties and with them the major of Cologne keep silent and tolerate Herrmann’s diatribes against Israel.It is Walter Herrmann who brought back the cartoons and the ideology of the Nazis and a german court supports him.In Germany especially the courts are showing a dangerous blindeness towards antisemitism. While the cartoons showed by Walter Herrmann are considered to be covered by freedom of speech by a german court, german courts also ruled in the last two years that the showing of the flag of Israel is not covered by freedom of speech.In the German city of Duisburg the police force broke into a private appartement to remove a flag of Israel in the window because a group of antisemites were "offended" by it.In the German city of Bochum a woman was fined € 300,-, because she showed the flag of Israel. If she had burned the flag she would have been covered by freedom of speech, (German version of freedom of speech I might add).The German city of Kassel made it illegal to publically show the flag of Israel on demonstrations, while the flag of the Iran for example is allowed to be shown on demonstrations.German courts made it very clear: In Germany antisemitism is covered by freedom of speech, Jewish pride is not!

Europe ignores Iran’s deadly mix of anti-Semitism and nukes

Useful Idiot Picture of the Week
The European reaction to the Shoah, however, is not evaporating, but instead turned into envy of the Holocaust. Europeans frequently view the Iranian regime’s genocidal threats against Israel not as a lesson to be extracted from the Holocaust to stop Iran’s lethal mix of anti-Semitism and atomic weaponry, but as a way to make use of the annihilation of European Jewry during World War II as a catharsis to alleviate their guilt-ridden history.That partially explains a demonstration in late March where Germans depicted today’s Muslims as the new persecuted Jews of post-Holocaust Germany at a rally against “Islamophobia” in front of the largest mosque in Germany, located in the gritty industrial city of Duisburg.An amalgam of 6,000 protesters from left-liberal political parties and organizations such as trade unions, churches and anti-fascist groups – some of whom donned striped pajamas with a Star of David – rallied against racist right-wing extremists groups.The protest – with its crude show of concentration camp imagery – took place against a backdrop in which the Left Party Duisburg city councilman Hermann Dierkes belittled the Holocaust and played down Israel’s right to exist as “trivial.” After The Jerusalem Post exposed Dierkes’s anti-Israeli tirade in March, the WDR television station aired a news report, citing the Post story, with statements from regional politicians.The WDR report showed a classic split along left-right lines. While conservative CDU councilman Frank Heidenreich called for Dierkes to resign, his Green Party colleague Ralf Krumpholz said he “could not evaluate” Dierkes’ statements because the Greens are preoccupied with working with the Social Democrats and the Left Party on the new “city budget.” According to WDR, the Social Democrats on the city council were not available for comment. The indifference of Krumpholz, the Green Party member, toward modern anti-Semitism raised eyebrows because the Greens purport to fight contemporary expressions of Israel hatred.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Srpska marks death camp anniversary

Republika Srpska marked the 65th anniversary of the uprising in Jasenovac concentration camp, one of the most brutal death camps of World War Two, in Donja Gradina, Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday.
Donja Gradina was the main burial site for the Jasenovac extermination camp located in the vicinity of a town by the same name. Jasenovac was established by the Nazi-allied Independent State of Croatia (NDH) during World War Two. The number of people slaughtered at Jasenovac, most of whom were Serbs, Jews, Roma and opponents of the Ustasha regime, totals in the hundreds of thousands.
About 1,000 prisoners rose up against their executioners on April 21-22, 1945, but only 118 escaped from the Jasenovac extermination facility operated by fanatical Croatian Ustasha allies of Adolf Hitler.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vienna: Mayor says Turkish schools 'possible'

Social Democratic (SPÖ) Vienna Mayor Michael Häupl revealed he could imagine Turkish schools in Austria.Speaking at a joint press conference with Kadri Ecvet Tezcan, Turkey's ambassador in Austria, Häupl said today (Fri) he thought it was "possible" that there would be Turkish schools in the Austrian capital one day.The mayor also stressed however how important it was that young Turks living in Vienna take mother language courses. Around 6,000 immigrant students from the country currently sit such classes.Tezcan said experts have pointed out that mastering one's mother tongue was essential to being able to learn a foreign language. He stressed this was a key condition for functioning integration.There are around 15,900 children of Turkish roots born in Turkey or Austria attending primary and secondary schools in the city. They make a 13.7 per cent share of children at primary schools, and a 17.8 per cent share at Hauptschulen (secondary modern schools).
Source: Austrian Times

Berlin: Protest at the Daimler annual meeting on April 14, 2010

STOP THE BOMB will protest against Daimler's Iran business, while members of STOP THE BOMB will ask the board crucial questions.
Venue: Special entrance to Messe Berlin, corner Masurenallee/Messedamm (Picture), 14055 Berlin. (U2 Kaiserdamm or S-Messe-Nord, Map)
Time: April 14, 2010, 9.00 am to 12 am.
More information about Daimler / Mercedes Benz in Iran will be published soon on this page.

Germany and Iran: A Fatal Friendship?

The German-Iranian policies in view of the Iranian nuclear threat, antisemitism and human rights violations of the Iranian regime
Time: April 14, 2010, 6.00 pm
Venue: New Synagogue Berlin, Oranienburgerstr. 28-30, Berlin-Mitte.
Introductory lecture: Matthias Küntzel, political scientist and publicist based in Hamburg and Author of „The Germans and Iran. The history and presence of a fatal friendship“ (2009).
Followed by a panel discussion with:
Matthias Küntzel
Oliver Thränert
, expert for policies of security with focus on WMD and non-proliferation policies at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin.
Moderator: Alex Feuerherdt, journalist from Bonn, co-founder of the weblog Free Iran Now! and co-editor of the anthology „Freedom Betrayed. The Uprising in Iran and the Western Response“ (2010).
Welcoming greetings: Lala Süsskind, head of the Jewish community in Berlin
Fathiyeh Naghibzadeh, co-founder of STOP THE BOMB

Saturday, April 10, 2010


By Matthias Küntzel
In Berlin, the Obama Administration’s new Iranian policy was greeted with relief. His readiness to talk with Tehran made it easier for Germany to “defend itself against the charge of appeasement and maintain its basic position of the non-exclusion of Iran,” Johannes Reissner of the leading German thinktank Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik observed. A burst of activity followed, beginning with a four-day visit to Iran by former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on February 19, 2009.
This visit had been organized in close coordination with the German Foreign Office. The economic actors who accompanied Schröder had reason to feel satisfied with the results of this visit. “Schröder was serving in Tehran as the emissary of exporters keen to invest,” reported the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “Particularly in the gas sector” his visit “opened a new chapter in German-Iranian relations,” added the Tehran Times.

Report: Germany will take three Gitmo prisoners

Despite opposition from conservative German politicians to accepting prisoners from the US-run Guantanamo Bay prison, a newspaper report published Saturday says three former detainees could likely start new lives in Hamburg.
Citing unnamed sources close to the matter, the newspaper Bild reported that German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière of the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has decided to allow three Guantanamo Bay prisoners to come to Germany and that the city-state of Hamburg is the probable place they would be accommodated. Several other federal states have categorically refused to accept any former detainees from the controversial prison on the island of Cuba. According to the paper, one of the men in question is a 34-year-old Palestinian and former Hamas activist who trained in an Afghan terrorist camp. Another is a Syrian man arrested in 2001 by US forces and the third is also a Palestinian, taken into custody in 2002 in Afghanistan. According to the news magazine Focus, US authorities have sent files on the three men to Berlin where they are now being evaluated. A final decision on them is expected at a meeting of interior ministers in May. Criticism by fellow politicians of de Maizière and his willingness to accept detainees continues to grow. The Interior Minister of Lower Saxony, Uwe Schünemann, criticized a "lack of coordination" between his office and its equivalent on the federal level and said that his office had no information on the men in question. His Bavarian counterpart said it was unacceptable that state officials were informed about "matters as sensitive as taking in Guantanamo prisoners" through newspaper articles. Both interior ministers have said they will not allow former detainees in their states.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Only 16.6 percent of Germans agreed that Muslim culture fits well into Germany

The pan-European study on attitudes to migrants and prejudice spearheaded by a team of university researchers based in the western German city of Bielefeld found that Germans, in particular, do not believe that the Turkish and German cultures complement each other."A lot of people, especially in Germany, agree to anti-Islam statements," Professor Andreas Zick, an expert on migration and prejudice at the University of Bielefeld and lead author of the study, told Deutsche Welle."Only 16.6 percent of Germans in 2008 agreed that Muslim culture fits well into Germany," Zick added.

Bosnian Muslims call Christians on Easter to convert to Islam

The returning Serbs displaced by Bosnian Muslim ethnic cleansing have received an “invitation” to convert to Islam.
Media cites a case of an ethnic Serb Dalibor Djekic, who just returned to his native city of Maglaj from where Muslims expelled him.
Upon arrival, local Muslims in Maglaj, issued an “invitation” to partake in a public conversion of Christians into Islam.
Apparently, these “invitations” are not singular events but a recurring one as described by Bishop Vasilije.
“Those invitations, issued just before the greatest of all Christian holidays of Easter are shocking and represent a culmination of evil and threats,” said Bosnian Serb Bishop Vasilije.
Bishop Vasilije says that ethnic Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church experiences constant intolerance and threats from Muslims.
Back in 2007, Osama bin Laden also sent a similar message to the Americans by saying “I invite you to embrace Islam” and those who refuse the “invitation” are punished by death. Of course, those who convert to Islam are speared the beheading, after they get kidnapped…
Below is the photo of the poster misnamed as “Invitation to Heaven” of this Bosnian public convert-to-slam forum that includes some guests from Germany and Greece.
Of course, Radio Free Europe scapegoats this even on Wahhabis instead of the receptive Bosnian Muslim hosts.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bosnia at crossroads of history

Picture: Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS soldiers educating themselves about "Islam and Jews"
By Marcus Papadopoulos
After 14 years of existence, the Bosnian state is potentially on the verge of collapse as Serbs oppose plans for centralization.
Bosnia, an ancient land situated in south-eastern Europe and historically considered as a crossroad between east and west, is not for the first time in its history at a political crossroad regarding its future.
What is known today as the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was a creation of the Dayton Peace Accord of 1995. This agreement put an end to Bosnia’s threeand-a-half year long civil-war and created two entities within the country: the Republika Srpska, or the Serb Republic, and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more commonly known as the Muslim-Croat Federation. Both entities have their own government and parliament.
After 14 years of existence, the Bosnian state is potentially on the verge of collapse as the three main ethnic groups — the Bosniaks (or Bosnian Muslims), the Bosnian Serbs and the Bosnian Croats — disagree on whether the two entities should be eventually abolished in favour of a federal state. While other countries in the Balkans are making steady progress towards joining the European Union, Bosnia is stagnating and, as a result, is categorised by Brussels as merely “a potential candidate country for EU accession”.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Germany: Ten-year-old pulls knife on police officers

A 10-year-old boy pulled a knife on federal police officers in the southern German town of Bad Bellingen on Wednesday after they tried to lecture him for making mischief near train tracks.
Two officers arrived at a section of train tracks in the area after an emergency call alerted local law enforcement that two young boys of Turkish-Arab origin were playing near the rails early in the morning. The railway was forced to halt trains scheduled in the heavily trafficked Baden-Württemberg town due to the boys’ shenanigans, police spokesperson Thomas Gerbert said in a statement. When they saw the police cruiser, they fled into nearby vineyard, where they were pursued by the two officers, who found them shortly thereafter.“One of the two boys reacted uncooperatively to the blue uniform of the federal police,” Gerbert said. “He ignored the lecture about the dangers of railway tracks, and instead pulled a knife.”Officers subdued the boy and confiscated his weapon - a folding knife that can be opened with one hand known as an Einhandmesser in German - then paid a visit to his parents’ home. Since April 1, 2008 it has been illegal to carry such knives with blades bigger than 12-centimetres in Germany and doing so can cause fines as high as €10,000.

Two men charged for Iran missile parts exports

German prosecutors said on Wednesday they have charged two men for exporting equipment to Iran intended for use in making long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
Iranian citizen Mohsen A., 52, and German-Iranian engineer Behzad S., 49, teamed up to buy a furnace used in making warheads and missile guidance systems from an unnamed German firm, federal prosecutors said.Both men, who were formally charged on March 24 with breaching an EU and US embargo on such materials, "knew that the equipment was meant to be used in the Iranian missile programme," prosecutors said in a statement.The United States and European Union suspect that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons, an accusation Tehran denies."Iran has been developing long-range missiles to carry weapons of mass destruction since the late 1990s," prosecutors said. "In order to get around the export restrictions, Iran gets hold of the technology needed for its missile programme via third party firms."Mohsen A., tapped by a "leading employee of Iran's missile programme," bought the furnace from the German firm in 2007 for €850,000, telling German customs that he was the final recipient.The furnace was then shipped to Iran and in March 2008 the German firm began to install it. They stopped work however after learning that Mohsen A. was suspected of working for the Iranian government.Mohsen A. was arrested in October following a series of raids at commercial and private premises around Germany, and remains in custody, prosecutors said. Behzad S. is currently a free man.Germany, the world's number two exporter after China, sold €3.7 billion in goods to Iran in 2009, official figures show, but German firms have cut ties amid unease over Tehran's nuclear programme and government pressure.Berlin has already reduced the special export guarantees crucial to companies trading with Iran.In addition, the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has spoken out strongly in favour of fresh sanctions, is applying pressure on business groups not to organise seminars on Iran or business trips to the country, according to media reports.Germany is one of six countries negotiating with Tehran over its nuclear programme, along with permanent UN Security Council members the United States, China, Russia, Britain and France.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Belgrade remembers victims of Nazi air raids

Serbia remembers 69th anniversary of German Nazi bombing of country attacked in 1941, among others, by Nazi Albanians who seek, now, an independent state in Kosovo.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Police fear third wave of German Jihadists

Anti-terrorism authorities are increasingly worried about a “third generation” of German Jihadists travelling – often as whole families – to the lawless tribal region on the Afghan-Pakistan border, according to a Monday media report.
This third wave follows predecessors the September 11 terrorists and the Sauerland group and are believed to be travelling to terror training camps in the Waziristan region, the report in news magazine Der Spiegel said.Nearly 100 names are on the list of suspects held by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). They are distinct from their forerunners in that they are generally younger and are moving as families, rather than fitting the more traditional profile of angry, single men.The report comes as Germany faces one of its most testing periods since it joined the war against the Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan nearly eight years ago. Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was forced to apologise and promise a full inquiry on Sunday after German soldiers killed six Afghan allies in a ''friendly fire'' incident.The accident followed the deaths earlier on Friday of three Bundeswehr soldiers in a fierce gun battle with Taliban insurgents.Spiegel cited several cases in which young husbands and wives had moved together to the Waziristan region, even with babies and small children in tow.Authorities are also concerned by the sheer speed with which this third generation are radicalised and their abrupt readiness to disappear and start a new life in a terror training camp, the Spiegel report said.One couple, named as Jan and Alexandra, were just 20 and 17 respectively when they disappeared. Alexandra was six months pregnant. They travelled from Berlin with another couple who authorities suspect were also headed for a new life as Jihadists.Jan’s mother noticed in May 2008 that he had stopped eating pork. Within six months he had tried to covert his father to Islam and, on September 27, 2009 – the date of Germany’s federal election – Jan and his new wife Alexandra were gone.“It’s shocking how quickly one of your own children can slip out of your control,” his mother said.She added that she was seeking other families who were experiencing the same thing. “Hardly anyone else can understand our situation,” she said.Investigators suspect Jan has appeared in a video for a new Jjihadist group, the German Taliban Mujahideen, which has caught the attention of anti-terror authorities for its vociferous threats to bring the war to German cities. Their videos have been illustrated with pictures of the Brandenburg Gate and Hamburg’s central train station.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Serbia issues arrest warrant for Nazi

Serbia has issued an international warrant for the arrest of a naturalized American citizen accused of serving in a Nazi unit that killed thousands of civilians during World War II, a court said Friday. Peter Egner, 88, (Picture) who was born in Yugoslavia, is suspected of war crimes against Jews in Belgrade during the German occupation of Serbia, the Higher Court said.
Serbia had said it would seek Egner’s extradition from the United States, where he has been living in a retirement community outside Seattle. Belgrade has worked closely with the U.S. authorities on the case.
Egner has been fighting U.S. federal government efforts to strip him of his American citizenship, which would pave the way for his extradition. U.S. officials say he did not disclose details from his past when sought citizenship in the 1960s.
Egner has denied the accusations, claiming he knows nothing about the Einsatzgruppe, a Nazi-run Serbian police unit that rounded up Jews, political prisoners and other enemies of the Third Reich in the wake of Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union in the early 1940s.
Allegations about Egner’s Nazi past first surfaced in the U.S. two years ago.
The U.S. Justice Department, citing Nazi documents, said that in the autumn of 1941, Egner’s unit executed 11,164 people, mostly Serbian Jewish men, suspected communists and Gypsies, and that in early 1942, it killed 6,280 Serbian Jewish women and children who were held as prisoners.
In two months, those women and children allegedly were taken from the camp and forced into a specially designed van, in which they were gassed with carbon monoxide.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Berlin Jews alarmed by spate of anti-Semitic attacks

Germany's Jewish community on Monday warned of an "alarming" rise in anti-Semitic violence by Arab and Turkish immigrants after Berlin police reported two unrelated attacks against Jews at the weekend.
"There's an urgent need to fight the roots of anti-Semitism, especially coming from young Turks and Arabs, and to effectively counter it," the Jewish Community in Berlin said in a statement.
"That the violence from the immigrant community is being increasingly aimed at Jews or people they assume are Jews is alarming," it added. A sensitive issue in Germany because of its Nazi past, even relatively minor reports of anti-Semitic violence make the news.
Police reported at the weekend that two women and a man were beaten, struck on the head with beer bottles and insulted by a gang of immigrants in an underground station.
Local media reports said the three were first asked if they were Jewish. The attack started after they said yes. Police said they were searching for the assailants.
In a separate incident, a 61-year-old German was detained after shouting anti-Semitic slogans at two 10-year-old girls at a train station. He threatened to beat a 28-year-old man who tried to protect them with a beer bottle.
He was detained and faces charges of inciting racial hatred and attempted bodily harm.

Whither Bosnia?

by Nebojsa Malic
To describe Bosnia as a country of contrasts and paradoxes is at the same time a cliché and a statement of the blindingly obvious. Almost fifteen years after the war that tore it apart before it could properly come into being as an independent country, Bosnia is no closer to reconciling the interests of its ethnic communities. Millions in foreign aid from the West and the Islamic world have vanished into thin air, giving portions of the country a facelift but doing nothing for the moribund economy. Rather than help the ethnic leaders negotiate a modus vivendi for the country, the presence of U.S. and EU nation-builders has actually impeded such a settlement.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Germany: Useful Idiot Picture of the Week

by sheikyermami
Just wondering: who paid for the pajamas?
“Islamophobia is just like the holocaust…. Islam is ‘peace’, Muslims are the new Jooozzzz, bad is good, up is down, right is wrong and the left is where the thumb is on the right……”
“Marxloher Bündnis gegen Rechts”-Demo am 28.3.10 in Duisburg

1944 and 2010 – a Nazi historian and his student…

By Christopher Hale and Clemens Heni
Recently we have been in Riga, protesting against the march of former Waffen-SS men and their Neo-Nazi friends who annually commemorate their comrades who fought in the ‘Latvian Legion’ recruited by Heinrich Himmler. What is the German reaction to such a political demonstration in favor of the fight of Latvians side by side with Hitler’s Wehrmacht and SS against the Red Army? Maybe Germany today is too busy with looking for shredded Stasi files, as the London Times reported recently…
This kind of obsession with Stasi files is interesting if we look at a genuine scandal in German academia. A Ph.D. supervisor is perhaps the most influential person in one’s academic career. You must choose carefully and confidence and integrity is essential in such a relationship. Dr. Wolfgang Benz (Picture) is the head of the Institute for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA), based at Berlin’s Technical University in the heart of West Berlin. This institute and its director are supposed to deal critically with the Nazi past. However, Benz wrote his Ph.D. in 1968 under the auspices of Prof. Karl Bosl in Munich. Benz contributed to a volume to honor Bosl on his 80th birthday in 1988. Two years later Benz became head of the one and only Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA) in Germany. In 1990 Bosl gave a long biographical interview to a journalist, claiming that he played no part promoting Nazi ideology in the Hitler period.
The truth is very different:
Karl Bosl (1908-1993) was himself a member of the Nazi party (NSDAP) and the Stormtroopers (SA) from 1933, the Nazi Teachers’ Association from 1934. In 1938, he was paid by the infamous “Ahnenerbe der SS” (“German Ancestral Heritage Society”), to work on a big “scholarly project”. The Ahnenerbe supported lethal experiments on humans in concentration camps (KZ), including Dachau and Natzweiler.
Bosl also took part in the so called “Aktion Ritterbusch”, a major project of “the humanities” in Nazi Germany (including history, art history, archeology, law, and other fields), named after Paul Ritterbusch, a Nazi party member from 1932, who declared that “Jews” do not belong to the “new German nation”. The Aktion Ritterbusch (“German Humanities at War”) included up to 700 leading academics, including famous Carl Schmitt, Theodor Schieder, and Hans-Georg Gadamer. Their aim was to prove German ‘racial’ superiority. The “Aktion Ritterbusch” contributed to the “Generalplan Ost”, which envisioned murdering some 25 million people to make agriculture more “German” (read: productive in a Nazi sense), to settle Germans or pro-German people on various territories.
Even after the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, Bosl continued to participate in pro-Nazi activities. For example, he edited volumes to honor Theodor Mayer in 1963. Mayer, a member of the NSDAP since 1937, was a very influential academic in the Nazi period and took part in the ‘Aktion Ritterbusch’. Bosl also honored Karl Alexander von Müller in 1964: von Müller was the Ph.D. supervisor of Bosl in 1938 and a very close friend of Hitler and a committed Nazi from the early 1920’s, and a member of the Nazi party in 1933. Von Müller gave an address on November 19, 1936, for the opening of the “Forschungsabteilung Judenfrage des Reichsinstituts für die Geschichte des neuen Deutschlands” (“Research Department ‘Jewish Question’ at the Reich’s Institute for the History of the New Germany”) at Munich University. This means that von Müller contributed to the Holocaust – which began with the legal exclusion of German Jews from the rest of German society – which provided the justification for any anti-Jewish action.
Bosl participated in a conference in Erlangen, on April 18 and 19, 1944 of the above mentioned “Aktion Ritterbusch”, which was co-headed by Theodor Mayer. Mayer was also awarded a honorary doctorate from the same university of Erlangen in 1942…Finally Bosl was part of the supposedly last conference of German historians (and the “Aktion Rittersbusch” as well), which took place on January 16 and 17, 1945. This conference honored the “Führer” at his birthplace in Braunau am Inn (Austria). The conference took place in the restaurant “Gann” at the “Adolf-Hitler-Platz”.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Islamic jihad in Russia

By Lee Jay Walker
Latest terrorist attack which killed at least 38 people is a stark reminder that terrorism, radical Islam, and ethnic nationalism, is still a potent force within the Russian Federation.

What Serbia concession on Srebrenica means

The Srebrenica Apology that Serbia just made to Muslims over killings in that city, where Bosnian Muslim fighters lost a stronghold after they murdered thousands of Serbs in it, is suppose to be the document which should disarm the Dutch which are holding the veto on Serbia’s entry into EU.
Presumably, after Serbia makes this law, the Dutch are to lift the veto and Serbia is to gain EU membership status, hence a narrow vote in Serbia’s Parliament, not for the events in Srebrenica but for the Dutch lifting of the veto.
Some intermediate media talk over this is suppose to take place, presumably, with the EU media outlets blessing this after bunch of debates, supposedly, pro and con.
Serbia’s President Tadic called the vote “patriotic”… a very questionable statement which he will be carped on later and for which he is gambling his presidency.
But, some are already questioning Serbia’s “sincerity” over the apology, given goals and the slim majority with which it passed, but diplomats in the EU need to look at the slim majority with which Serbia passed a law which concerns Belgrade none, took part in none and in no way constitutes a “genocide” that Muslims demand.
On the other hand, the Dutch will look at the vote and say that they should have demanded more out of Serbia because all those Muslims in Holland believe that the Dutch are guilty in Srebrenica because a Dutch is not in Bosnia to keep peace but to facilitate a Muslim victory over infidel Serbs.
In other words, Serbia’s Parliamentary decision to acknowledge Srebrenica as a massacre and not a “genocide” that Muslims wish, takes the Dutch off the hook, but it does not take the Dutch off the hook for failing to facilitate a Muslim victory in Srebrenica over the “infidel” Serbs.
Whether all these concession Serbia made mean more pressures or the end of them we need to look at the behavior of the Dutch.

Germany: UN Kosovo ruling to have consequences

German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor Guttenberg told the Albanian audience in Kosovo that the ruling by the International Court of Justice on Kosovo independence will matter, that it will have consequences for its future and that “the international armed forces in Kosovo are nearing the end of their mandate.”
Serbian news agency, Tanjug, reports that Guttenberg told Sejdiju that “As far as the ICJ decision on Kosovo’s status, we need to wait and see. It will influence some other things important for Kosovo’s future” and that military reduction depends on situation in the future.
“Germany’s position on Kosovo’s status is very clear; it has been articulated in the past and continues to stand,” said Guttenberg as reported by the Albanian separatist media in Kosovo.
Any European perspective for Kosovo depends on their ability to battle corruption and organized crime.
He said that he hopes that NATO member states will not make unilateral decisions to withdraw their troops from Kosovo.
Of course, Guttenberg did not specify what those consequences are but his hope and appeal about unilateral troop withdrawal may be one them.

Al-Jazeera takes over Bosnian Muslim TV

Bosnian Muslim TV station in Sarajevo, Studio 99, has been awarded to the Quatari Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera plans to make that TV station a regional Muslim propaganda center.
Osama bin Laden’s messages have been broadcasted via Al-Jazeera so, presumably, now he gets himself a medium through which he can directly commandeer the Balkan Muslims.
In January, Israel warned that Al-Qaeda is aiming to use Bosnian Muslims and Albanian Muslims in Kosovo for Jihad attacks.

German University Name Pays Homage to Inspiration for Nazis

by John Rosenthal
On March 17, the governing academic senate of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald formally rejected the proposal of a student initiative that had pleaded for the name of the university to be changed. The university thus chose to continue to bear the name of the 19th century German nationalist firebrand whom Léon Poliakov in his monumental History of Anti-Semitism describes as one of “the two great apostles of Germano-Christian racism” and of the two, the one who “the Nazis saw as their great ideological precursor.” (The other “apostle” is the German chauvinist gymnastics instructor Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, a.k.a. “Father Jahn.”)
Arndt is an emblematic figure of so-called “völkisch” German nationalism. The term derives from the German word Volk, which is commonly translated as either “nation” or “people.” But unlike these English words, it typically carries a strong ethnic or indeed “racial” connotation. As numerous passages attest, Arndt’s writings combine Germanomania and an obsession with racial purity in about equal measure. As Poliakov notes, Arndt regarded the “wild” and “powerful” Germans to have provided “the right stock into which the divine seed could be implanted to produce the most noble fruits” — as manifest, among other things, by the Germans ruling over the “surrounding peoples of alien kind.”