Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tadic ready to open Kosovo recognition floodgate?

After talks with the British Foreign Minister William Haig in Belgrade Serbian President Boris Tadic said that Serbia is ready for a compromise regarding the draft resolution on Kosovo and by that Tadic meant that “the only excluded option is a compromise in view of recognizing it’s the independence”.
In other words, Tadic is hinting that Serbia will introduce a UN Resolution in which it recuses its sovereignty over Kosovo which will open floodgates for recognition by the countries that have not recognized Kosovo yet.
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Austria: FPÖ boss wants minarets referendum

Freedom Party (FPÖ) leader Heinz-Christian Strache has announced a referendum over minarets if he wins the upcoming Vienna election.The right-winger announced today (Tues) he will hold a referendum to let residents decide whether they want a law preventing the construction of minarets in the capital.He said: "I will immediately hold a referendum over the issue if I become mayor, and I will also change construction regulations."

Sarrazin will be hard to sack, judge warns

After Germany’s central bank stopped short of sacking board member Thilo Sarrazin over his incendiary remarks on race and immigration, a legal expert warned Tuesday it could be difficult to force him from his post at the Bundesbank. Joachim Vetter, chairman of the Federal Association of Labour Judges, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that however absurd Sarrazin’s remarks might be, they probably didn’t suffice legally to dismiss him.In a statement issued late Monday, the Bundesbank said it “distances itself categorically from discriminatory remarks” made by Sarrazin but remained vague on whether it would sack him.“The Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank will immediately conduct a discussion with Dr. Sarrazin, give him a hearing and take prompt further action,” it said.The statement followed widespread outrage that erupted after Sarrazin told a weekend newspaper that races were distinguished by a particular gene such as “a Jewish gene.” The remark followed a string of controversial remarks he has made about Muslims and integration in Germany.Sarrazin stood by his views on Monday when he launched his book Deutschland schafft sich ab - Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen, or “Abolishing Germany - How we’re putting our country in jeopardy.”Judge Vetter said breaches of the Bundesbank’s internal code of conduct were not grounds alone to dismiss Sarrazin.“A requirement for (sacking) would be be serious misconduct relating to official business,” he said.It was doubtful whether private opinions unrelated to the office constituted such a breach, he said.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sarrazin: Muslims not compatible with Germany

Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin reiterated his criticism of Muslim immigrants on Monday, saying the vast majority were not fit to integrate into German society. Meanwhile the Social Democrats prepared to kick him out of the party. Presenting his controversial new book Deutschland schafft sich ab - Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen, or “Abolishing Germany - How we’re putting our country in jeopardy,” in Berlin, Sarrazin rejected accusations he was stoking racism and xenophobia.“I invite everyone to find discrepancies in my theories,” he said at a press conference. “It’s an uncomfortable discussion. But to solve problems we have to recognise them first.”Sarrazin warns in his book that Germans could become “strangers in their own country” because of Muslim immigration. Excerpts published before the book’s release have sparked widespread outrage for being inflammatory and making unfounded generalisations.But Sarrazin calmly renewed his broadsides against Muslims at the book presentation. “This isn’t about race, it’s about coming from Islamic cultures,” he said, adding that most Muslim immigrants were “hardly compatible” with a western society like Germany.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Dirty Little Turkish Mole: Turkish Federation leader calls on German government to sack Sarrazin

by sheikyermami
Since when do Turkish infiltraitors decide who’s is employed and who gets sacked in Germany?
Kolat suggested to scrap the Turkish genocide on the Armenians from the education curriculum of the German Federal Republic, since “it puts students of Turkish origin under psychological pressure which in turn endangers the internal peace “. Kolat repeatedly stated that the topic of the Armenian genocide was treated insufficiently and on one sided.
In a newspaper interview Kolat rejected integration of young Turks in Germany. ”Integration of the minority means complete adjustment to the majority society and that means assimilation. Participation is the sharing of all possible areas of life. Both sides need to participate.” He demanded: “ The ethnic Germans population must adjust to the immigrants.”

Is Germany already a Turkish Caliphate ? Turks demand measures against Sarrazin

The chairman of the Turkish Community in Germany (TGD) has called on Chancellor Angela Merkel to send a clear signal condemning anti-Muslim comments by Bundesbank official Thilo Sarrazin, according to a Saturday report."I ask the German government to initiate proceedings to dismiss Thilo Sarrazin from the Bundesbank board," Turkish community leader Kenan Kolat told German daily Frankfurter Rundschau on Saturday.

Germany: Immigrants responsible for 70% of juvenile crimes

In her book "Das Ende der Geduld" (When Patience comes to an End), Berlin juvenile court judge Kirsen Heisig (48) describes the increase in youth violence. Most multiple offenders are young Turks and members of the Lebanese family clans, two groups which both Bremen and Heisig's investigations suffered from.Former juvenile court judge Hans-Gerd Fischer and social worker Friedhelm Stock met yesterday in Bremen for a discussion on the book.Judge Fischer: "71% of the youth crimes are committed by immigrants. Until now nobody wanted to say anything, so as not to look like a xenophobe. Thus we allowed a parallel society, which is readying huge problems for us."Social worker Stock: "Many immigrants experience violence very early. Among the families we serve, 25% of the foreign men beat their wives. Among our German clients, it's six percent." [Ed: According to a gov't study in 2004, 25% of German women and 50% of immigrants women suffered from domestic violence]Fischer says one solution would be fast sentencing. "In Bremen it takes many months until young criminals appear before a judge. They should be tried and punished immediately."Judge Heisig fought for this model. She committed suicide two month ago, but many want to continue her battle, hopefully also in Bremen.
Source: BILD (German)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Germany has to import Turkish police to patrol old City of Cologne!

No doubt all these little integration problems will magically disappear once the great new mosque opens and the believers have a place to pray……

Friday, August 27, 2010

A German Red Cross worker was shot dead by this group

The group carried out attacks on targets they considered to be "enemies of Islam", including a German Red Cross worker who was shot dead in Aceh. The house where two American teachers were living, and the Aceh office of UNICEF were also attacked."According to the group, NGOs or foreign aid agencies were agents of Christianisation in Aceh," one document said, adding the group planned to destroy churches in the staunchly Islamic region and stem what they saw as the spread of liberal thought.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Bosnian Muslims Reformed Nazi SS Division

By Carl Savich
The Bosnian Muslim Government and Army of Alija Izetbegovic reformed and revived the Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division from World War II. This startling fact was first revealed by British journalist and military analyst Robert Fox in the Daily Telegraph news report from December 29, 1993.
The report was entitled “Albanians and Afghans Fight for the Heirs to Bosnia’s SS Past” and was reported from Fojnica in central Bosnia. This was one of the most remarkable stories to emerge during the Bosnian civil war. The Bosnian Muslim Government and Army had reformed a Nazi SS Division right under the eyes of the U.S. and Western media. And only Robert Fox caught it. That is a remarkable example of media censorship and collusion to cover-up the facts. And this was accomplished the U.S. and Western media.
This story started when Robert Fox went to investigate the horrific murder of two Roman Catholic priests in Fojnica. Bosnian Muslim Army troops had executed two priests, Nikola Milicevic, 39, a parish priest, and Mato Migic, 56 , a vicar, were Franciscan priests who had been murdered by Bosnian Muslim soldiers at the Holy Spirit monastery, execution-style. While investigating this war crime, Fox soon discovered that the Bosnian Muslim Army had reformed a Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division from World War II, the 13th Waffen SS Division Handzar or Handschar, “dagger”, which is derived from the Arabic word khanjar, the term for a curved, double-sided Ottoman knife prevalent in Arabic and Muslim countries.

Tadic ready to recognize Kosovo?

Serbian President Tadic is ready to recognize Kosovo as an independent state, reports web-site e-novine.com, citing their sources close to the Serbian “diplomacy”.
The unidentified source is saying that Tadic would recognize Kosovo if three conditions are met: - Extra territoriality of Orthodox Monasteries in Kosovo
- Special status for ethnic Serbs south of Ibar
- Status-quo in the north
Of course, this may be a trial balloon by any of the sides involved, but it is interesting that it comes during Germany’s Foreign Minister’s visit to Belgrade. FM Westerwelle is headed for Pristina next.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Austria: Uproar over 'Turkish' milk

NÖM, an Austrian dairy headquartered in Baden (Lower Austria), is getting calls and protest mails and a boycott action is being organized against the company.Three weeks ago the company started marketing milk cartons with Turkish on the packaging, mainly to 300 Turkish shops. The carton says "Süt" (Turkish) instead of "Milch" (German). The company wanted to appeal to the Turkish community, which buys large quantities of dairy products. NÖM spokesperson Maria Kitzler says that they wanted to avoid foreign competition, so it's good for jobs. The niche product is not offered in Austrian supermarkets. Kitzler adds that the milk is labeled on two sides in Turkish, and two sides in German.NÖM chairman Alfred Berger says that the bilingual packaging is a service and that Turkish customers should also be able to read the detailed information. By offering Lower Austrian quality in Turkish supermarkets and fighting the foreign competition, they're marketing for Austria, not against it.The issue has been a topic of discussion for days in Turkish-language newspapers, but only on Monday and Tuesday grew into a storm of protest. Similarly to the minaret discussion, some fear a threatening advance of Islam.

Germany: Anger as ex-finance minister warns Muslims 'making Germany stupid'

A LEADING German Social Democrat has written a book with an apocalyptic vision of his country sliding into poverty, stupidity and Muslim domination.
Thilo Sarrazin, 65, a former Berlin finance minister and current Bundesbank board member, is already under investigation by a public prosecutor for allegedly inciting racial hatred by blaming immigrants for making Germany "dumber" and calling Muslim children "underclass citizens."Now his book, Germany is destroying itself: How we are gambling with our country, threatens the strained social fabric of the "multi-culti" Fatherland once more at a time of rising racial tensions and the radicalisation of Islamic youth."I don't want the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to become, in large part, Muslim, that over wide areas Turkish and Arabic are spoken, where the women wear headscarves and the daily rhythms of life are dictated by the call of the Muezzin," he writes."Demographically, the enormous fertility of the Muslim migrants poses a threat for the cultural and civilization equilibrium in aging Europe."Mr Sarrazin's book, published next week, began serialisation in the best-selling tabloid Bild yesterday and paints a "bleak portrayal of a country suffering the consequences of a low birth rate, immigration and poverty. Are we gambling with our well-being, social freedom and the stability of our society?"He claims national identity will be lost in a few short decades. In his book, he adds: "The social consequences of uncontrolled migration were always taboo, and one was not allowed to talk about the fact people are different - intellectually more or less talented, lazy or industrious, with more or less morality, and that education and equal chances have not changed that."If Turkish migrants, in the third generation, do not speak correct German then an air of hostility grows around them. "But why, one asks, do other migrant groups not have these difficulties?"He claims the basis for future prosperity is dying as Germany shrinks because of its dwindling birthrate - half what it was in the 1960s - and the educational abilities of new generations "seem to worsen continuously. "We accept as inevitable that Germany becomes smaller and stupider." Mr Sarrazin, who kept his Bundesbank post but who was stripped of certain responsibilities following his previous outbursts, has angered Turkish cultural and social organisations in Germany with his 464-page book. One Muslim mayor of a Berlin district has told his electorate not to readthe book, whcih he dismissed as "garbage". However, there are many who find Mr Sarrazin's claims strike a chord.

Germany to bring in Turkish police to combat crime in ethnic community

Turkish immigrants in Germany are often criticized for failing to fit into the society of the new home which has led to a high crime rate. Consequently, authorities plan to bring in Turkish police to combat the problem. In a new plan, Turkish police will help their German counterparts deal with troublesome neighborhoods – a scheme which has already faced criticism.
Local resident of old German city Cologne, Krystal Tank feels like a stranger in her own country. Every day she enjoys the summer parks and life in the Cologne suburb when off work, but she feels totally outnumbered.
“It all happened very silently,” she recalls. “The German population moved away, their children were taken out of the schools, and suddenly there were only Turks here,” Krystal Tank told RT.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Austria: Anger over mosques call

Freedom Party (FPÖ) officials have hit out at Anas Schakfeh, a hardcore islamist and anti-Semite and president of the Austrian Islamic Denomination (IGGiÖ), for calling for a mosque in all nine provinces.FPÖ General Secretary Harald Vilimsky today (Mon) suggested an "immigration stop" for people from "Islamic regions" in a first reaction to Schakfeh’s statements from the weekend.Schakfeh said he wanted "visible" mosques featuring minarets built in all nine provincial capitals of Austria. "This is the hope for the future," the IGGiÖ head revealed.He explained: "We can, of course, pray in mosques without minarets, too. But churches have a structure and an architecture. And a mosque has an architecture as well."Shakfeh further pointed out: "Protestants were not allowed to build church towers around 150 years ago. Now no one is offended. That’s why I’m optimistic."Vilimsky reacted by branding mosques as "hotbeds of radical Islam", while Social Democrat (SPÖ) Omar Al Rawi, a hardcore islamist and anti-Semite, too, said the FPÖ official’s statements marked a "new low point" in the debate."This is a slap in the face of the around 500,000 Muslims living in Austria, especially during the fasting month of Ramadan," Al Rawi said, adding that he expected an apology from the right-wing party.Al Rawi also said Ramadan was a good opportunity to break down prejudices.Reacting to the common FPÖ slogan branding Imams "hate preachers", SPÖ Vienna General Secretary Christian Deutsch announced: "If there are any ‘preachers of hate’ in Austria, they reside at FPÖ party headquarters."Deutsch added: "Such verbal outbursts harm the international reputation of Austria, the country’s image as a tourism destination and its domestic peace."There are around 200 of mosques but just three with minarets – in Vienna, Bad Vöslau in Lower Austria and Telfs, Vorarlberg – in Austria. The provinces of Carinthia and Vorarlberg have recently introduced laws which ensure no more minarets can be erected.The Vienna city election (10 October) campaign is meanwhile intensifying after the FPÖ presented a controversial poster series.Political rivals criticised the party for its new slogan "Mehr Mut für unser 'Wiener Blut' - Zu viel Fremdes tut niemandem gut" (More Courage for our ‘Viennese Blood’ – Too much of the other doesn’t do any good for anyone.). "Wiener Blut" is a famous operetta by Viennese "King of Waltz" Johann Strauss.Previous campaigns of the party headed by Heinz-Christian Strache featured slogans like "Daham statt Islam" (Homeland instead of Islam).Analysts said the FPÖ would improve from the 14.8 per cent it won in 2005, while the SPÖ could lose its absolute majority of seats (2005: 49.1 per cent).Discussion of Schakfeh’s statements and the FPÖ’s reaction to them comes just weeks after a poll by research agency IMAS revealed that 54 per cent of Austrians agreed with the statement that "Islam poses a threat to the West and our familiar lifestyle".IMAS, who interviewed 1,088 Austrians older than 16 for its representative survey, announced that only 19 per cent disagreed.The agency also found that 72 per cent of Austrians believed Muslims would "not stick to the rules" when it came to living in Austria. Only one in 10 of the interviewed Austrians said they disagreed with the claim that Muslims were "badly integrated" in the country.

"German man" faces charges in plot to attack U.S. targets in Europe

This seems to be the case that never goes away, as authorities continue to charge accomplices and Misunderstanders of Islam.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Austria: Muslim leader calls for more mosques with minarets

(Vienna Mosque, Wikipedia)
Via Washington Times:
A call for more mosques with minarets in Austria gave rise Sunday to heated criticism from right-wing politicians, some going as far as demanding a ban on all immigrants from Muslim countries.In an interview with the Austria Press Agency published Sunday, the head of the country's Islamic community, Anas Shakfeh , said he wished to see a mosque with a minaret in each of Austria's nine provincial capitals."That's my hope for the future," he said. "In the long term, one cannot prevent people from exercising their true religious freedom, which is protected by the constitution."Austria's two right-wing parties immediately reacted, with the main Freedom Party describing mosques as "hotbeds for radical Islam" and calling for an "immigration ban on people from Islamic countries."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Austria: Ministry gives 'disgraceful' €200,000 for Pakistan aid

Picture: sheikyermami.com
The Austrian agriculture ministry has come under fire for providing just 200,000 Euros of immediate aid for victims of flooding in Pakistan.Max Santner, head of the international aid department of the Austrian Red Cross (ÖRK), branded the ministry’s decision to provide 200,000 Euros as "disgraceful".He added: "I hope this amount is not everything to come from the government. What has been contributed so far is miserable."
austrian times

Saturday, August 21, 2010

German-Turkish politician calls for burqa ban

Liberal German-Turkish politician Serkan Toeren has called for a ban on the full-body veil worn by Muslim women. Toeren wants to follow in the model set by France and Belgium, which banned the burqa earlier this year.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Most Germans reluctant to donate to Pakistan

The majority of Germans don’t want to donate to aid efforts in Pakistan despite the increasingly dire floods endangering millions of people there, a poll revealed on Friday. Some 58 percent said they didn’t plan to send money to help the more than 20 million people displaced by the disaster in the country, according to the survey taken by Infratest dimap for broadcaster ARD. Just 12 percent of those questioned said they had already made a charitable contribution after getting word of the devastating floods that followed heavy monsoon rains. Another 24 percent said they planned to donate money soon. These numbers are low compared to a similar poll taken following the 2005 tsunami, when 62 percent said they had already donated and 22 percent said they planned to do so. When the current poll asked participants their reasons for not donating, 40 percent said it was because they didn’t have enough money themselves. Another 29 percent said they did not believe the money would make it to the right place. Eight percent said they never make charitable contributions, and seven percent said Pakistan was too culturally different to imagine making a donation there, ARD said. Three percent said they felt Germany’s problems were more important, and two percent said lawmakers were responsible for taking care of the situation. Another two percent said they did not trust Pakistan.The poll questioned 1,000 representative citizens between August 17 and 18.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Islamo-Fascist

by Mark D. Tooley
In the 2008 Tom Cruise movie “Valkyrie” about the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler, Major Otto Ernst Remer is portrayed as key to suppressing the anti-Hitler coup. When Remer was arresting Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, unknowingly at the behest of the anti-Hitler plotters who claimed Hitler was dead, Goebbels slyly handed a phone to Remer. ”Do you recognize my voice?” a dark presence over the phone inquired of Remer, who immediately recognized the Fuehrer. Hitler ordered an obedient Remer to capture alive all the conspirators against him, presumably so their eventual deaths could be suitably tortuous.
Their assassination attempt having failed to more than wound Hitler, the Valkyrie plotters quickly imploded. Major Remer, portrayed by German actor Thomas Kretschmann, led his Greater Germany Regiment, which was responsible for security in Berlin, to arrest the anti-Hitler conspirators. The movie portrayal is largely accurate. In the less than one year of war remaining for the Third Reich, the 32 year old Remer was rewarded with promotion to Major General.
Remer lived until 1997 and was devoted to Hitler and the Third Reich until the very end. His efforts to revive Nazism, and to deny the Holocaust, eventually forced him to leave Germany. Like other old Nazis, he found temporary refuge, and work, in Egypt and Syria during the 1950’s, before dying in Spain. A 1993 Egyptian newspaper interview outlined his views about Israel, Islam, the Palestinians, Iran’s Islamic Republic, and the United States. He was interviewed for Cairo-based “Al Shaab” by a Moroccan Islamist Ahmed Rami, who previously had been imprisoned in Sweden for “anti-Zionist” activity, i.e. Holocaust denials.
“General Remer is a true friend of the Arabs and Muslims,” the article enthused. “He follows the problems and worries of our Islamic nation closely, as an observer and a friend,” it noted, recalling Remer’s role as military advisor to Egyptian President Nasser in the early 1950s and his later residence in Syria. The Egyptian newspaper hailed Remer as one of the Third Reich’s most “brilliant generals,” when actually he had been promoted beyond his talent because of his role in suppressing Valkyrie. Unsuccessful in combat leadership, his accomplishment was confined mostly to destroying the few Germans who tried to save Germany from Hitler.

Mr. Westerwelle and Saudi Homophobia: Germany's openly gay foreign minister outs himself as an appeaser

Guido Westerwelle, Germany's openly gay foreign minister, just outed himself again, this time as an appeaser. Berlin's chief diplomat likes traveling with his life partner on official state business—except when it could actually make a difference as an act of solidarity. When visiting countries where homosexuality is illegal, such as on his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, the foreign minister prefers flying solo. "We want to encourage the idea of tolerance around the world," Mr. Westerwelle told German magazine Bunte last week, "but we don't want to achieve the opposite either by acting imprudently." What Mr. Westerwelle is really trying to achieve here is to sell the lack of moral principles as its opposite. The foreign minister himself pointed out in the interview that more than 75 countries still persecute homosexuals. In several Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan, homosexuality is even punishable by death.
It's hard to imagine that if Mr. Westerwelle had taken his partner to Saudi Arabia, it would have really made life for homosexuals there any more brutish than it already is. By submitting to the standards of his Saudi hosts, though, the foreign minister indirectly validated norms that call for the public execution of homosexuals. Prudence this is not. Mr. Westerwelle doesn't have a special responsibility to oppose the persecution of gays because he's homosexual. But when visiting countries that persecute homosexuals, his sexual orientation turns what would be a personal travel detail for a straight man into an eminently political decision.
It is "important that we live according to our own standards of tolerance and don't embrace the sometimes less tolerant standards of other people," Mr. Westerwelle added in the same interview. Without overstating the effect of political gestures, imagine the embarrassment for his Saudi hosts had Mr. Westerwelle really decided to live according to Western standards and brought along his partner. The problem is that Europe is slowly embracing the less tolerant standards of other people. Islamic states have been recently much more successful in spreading their values to the West than vice versa. European countries increasingly criminalize criticism of religions—particularly that of Islam—as hate speech, Among Europe's Muslim communities, Sharia courts have sprung up, including in Germany, adjudicating disputes according to Islamic principles instead of the secular Western legal tradition that guarantees equality before the law. Given this trend, European and German politicians need to defend Western norms and human rights much more robustly, particularly when traveling to Islamic countries. When deciding to fly to Riyadh without his partner, Mr. Westerwelle may have had more the (perceived) interests of his own country in mind than those of the Saudi gay community. Perhaps the foreign minister was worried that by demonstrating his homosexuality he could threaten lucrative business deals for German companies. These would be legitimate concerns—but let's not confuse them with "spreading tolerance." Given that Wahhabi Islam not only demands discrimination against homosexuals, women and religious minorities in Saudi Arabia but also fuels the radicalization of Muslims around the world, the question is whether such realpolitik is in Germany's best interest.

Are Europe and Obama Finally Cracking Down on Turkey?

By Benjamin Weinthal
Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his radical Islamic Justice and Development Party have remained remarkably immune from Western criticism, despite Erdogan’s alliance with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s genocidal regime and Turkey’s nautical terror activities against Israel during the Gaza flotilla incident.
But a series of escalating attacks — including a Financial Times report that Obama plans to turn the military-weapons-sales screws on Turkey, as well as last week’s call from German politicians for an international investigation of the Turkish military’s use of chemical weapons against Kurdish rebels — suggest blips of resistance. According to yesterday’s FT, “President Barack Obama has personally warned Turkey’s prime minister that unless Ankara shifts its position on Israel and Iran it stands little chance of obtaining the US weapons it wants to buy.”
Turkey appears to be intoxicated with its brand of political Islam, and has made nearly a clean break with the West. Herb Keinon, the diplomatic reporter for the Jerusalem Post, noted in early August “comments Defense Minister Ehud Barak made a few days earlier questioning whether sensitive security and intelligence shared in the past with Turkey had, because of the appointment of a new intelligence chief with ties to Iran, made it into enemy hands.”
Last week’s disclosure in the German media that Turkey used chemical weapons against Kurds adds another compelling reason to discipline Turkey’s anti-Western behavior. A forensic report from Hamburg University Hospital confirmed that eight Kurds had been murdered in September 2009 by “the use of chemical substances.” Turkish-Kurdish human-rights activists delivered photos in March to a delegation of German politicians, Turkey specialists, and journalists. The bodies in the photos were severely deformed and torn to pieces; the photos formed the basis for the forensic report.
A leading foreign-affairs politician and MP from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party — as well members of parliament from the Green Party and the Left Party — have called for an international investigation into the Turkish armed forces’ use of biological weapons, which is a violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention; Turkey is a signatory to the anti-chemical-weapons treaty.
In short, NATO, of which Turkey is a member, and the United States need to further show Turkey that if it continues along its radical Islamic path, its relations with the West will involve more sticks than carrots.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NGO blasts increase in German-Iran trade

BERLIN – The German chapter of Stop the Bomb on Monday slammed Germany’s government and industry for rewarding “the [Islamic] regime’s rampant terror against the Iranian freedom movement.” It alleged that economic statistics indicated Germany continued to increase its trade in recent months with Iran.Trade boomed in May, according to the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg. German exports (€295 million) to Iran increased by 26 percent as compared to the same month in 2009. Imports soared by 34%.German exports to Iran climbed by 11.5% in the first five months of 2010 (to €1.536 billion) compared to the same period last year, the Chamber of Commerce wrote on its Web site.“These figures, as well as reports on illegal German supplies to the Iranian arms industry, show that even in the face of new UN sanctions, German industry has not been discouraged with regard to business with Iran. The regime’s rampant terror against the Iranian freedom movement seems to act as an incentive. Apparently they are preparing for the long existence of the Islamic Republic and for good German-Iranian trade relations,” Stop the Bomb spokesman Andreas Benl told The Jerusalem Post.“Nor has the German federal government sent any strong signals as yet that they are going to use the new sanctions as a reason to change policy toward the Iranian regime. On the contrary, the scandalous trip by the foreign policy spokesperson of the FDP’s parliamentary group to Teheran, as well as reports spread by the Iranian press of boasting about the the German parliament’s anti-Israeli resolution, suggest the opposite,” Benl said.
A German TV program reported last week that German factories had made motors for Iranian UAV’s with attack capabilities also capable of reaching Israel.However, Tobias Pierlings, a spokesman for the German Economics Ministry, wrote to the Post on Monday that “the remaining trade with Iran does not endanger Israel’s security” because it only involves the export of civilian products that require permits. “Beyond the existing sanctions, the federal government actively advises against trade with Iran in the energy sector within the framework of the discouragement strategy,” he said.“The trade statistics on a monthly and quarterly basis are subject to heavy fluctuations. It is therefore not a suitable basis for statements on long-term tendencies. Looked at over the course of years, German exports to Iran have been declining overall,” he said.

Europe's Mosque Wars

by Soeren Kern
In Germany, a controversial new mega mosque in Cologne is scheduled for completion in late 2010. The futuristic mosque, which will hold up to 4,000 worshippers, will have a large dome and two 55-meter (180 feet) minarets that will be as tall as an 18-story office tower. The 4,500-square-meter (48,000-square-foot) mosque has a price tag of €20 million ($26 million). It is being financed by private donations from more than 800 groups in Germany, and is being built by the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), which is a branch of the Turkish government's religious affairs authority. Critics of the project say the mosque will spoil Cologne's skyline by taking attention away from the city's Gothic cathedral, a globally famous Christian landmark.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Germany: Why the 9/11 Mosque Was Closed

Over the past decade, police found again and again that Muslims in al-Quds mosque were being fed a steady diet of militant Islam. The mosque still hosted a steady parade of radical speakers and recruiters. But nothing was done, as the police preferred to keep the mosque open in order to observe the radicals.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Israelis, Germans unite to remember writer killed in Holocaust

By Eli Ashkenazi
Seventy years after Jewish writer Jonas Kreppel was murdered at Buchenwald, his memory has brought together his descendants in Israel and a German Christian family of the same name. Kreppel was widely published in German and wrote an 800-page tome on the history of the Jews. At an emotional gathering last month in Augsburg, Germany, about 50 people from generations of two Kreppel clans came together to try to unravel the connection between the two families. Members of the Israeli delegation, some of whom are relatives of Holocaust survivors, found themselves in the same room with Germans named Kreppel. Any feelings of discomfort dissolved quickly, displaced by keen curiosity.
Rivka Kreppel-Ilam of Haifa recalled the warm welcome she received at the three-day get-together. About half the participants were Germans born after World War II. Kreppel-Ilam recounted a sense that the German participants were seeking forgiveness and the opportunity to put a dark past behind them. The initial contact between the two Kreppel families was made about 25 years ago by a German theologian and historian, Klaus Kreppel, who sought out relatives of the writer Kreppel. He was joined in his efforts by Horstpeter Kreppel, a judge for the European Union. Rivka Kreppel-Ilam said Klaus Kreppel, who has done extensive research on the life of the writer, was the connection that ultimately drew her to the conference.
Jonas Kreppel was arrested in 1938 and accused of writing anti-Nazi material. After spending a number of months at Dachau, he was transferred to another concentration camp, Buchenwald, where he was murdered on July 21, 1940. His ashes are buried in the Jewish cemetery in Vienna. Klaus Kreppel was dismayed to see the sorry state of the writer's grave on a visit there two years ago, and Kreppel-Ilam said he and other Kreppel family members undertook to restore the gravestone. She said Klaus Kreppel's in-depth research fascinated the people at the conference. The conference agenda also included a visit by the Kreppels - both from Germany and Israel - to the Jewish museum next to the main synagogue in Augsburg. The synagogue was severely damaged on Kristallnacht in 1938 and restored in 1985.
The conference concluded with a visit to Dachau. During the visit, Kreppel-Ilam recalled, the participants stood at the camp "silent and teary-eyed, adding, "we, the Kreppels, stood together."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Machete emerging among world’s Muslims

So, like, uhmmm… what do Muslims in Uganda, Nigeria, Indonesia, Huston, Canada, Dudley, and let’s say Bosnia all have in common?
Like, huh, huh… like a machete!
…not a Butthead answer.
Just so that people do not think that there is some sort of a conspiracy but all these places are geographically disparate, spread across the globe yet still, among all these ethnically diverse Muslims a one unifying element is emerging: the machete as the new symbol of the Islamic religious devotion.
Clicking on any of the above links would explain the machete’s purpose.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

'Turks hit PKK with chemical weapons' -- Report: German newspaper says photos of dead Kurds confirm use

BERLIN – German politicians called on Thursday for an international investigation into the reported use of chemical weapons by the Turkish military. The weapons were used against members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), according to the online edition of the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel.“Turkey needs to urgently look into these accusations,” said Ruprecht Polenz, chairman of the Foreign Affairs committee in the Bundestag and a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party. Polenz recommended an international investigation to examine the deaths of eight Kurdish activists from the PKK. Claudia Roth, co-chair of the German Green party, echoed Polenz’s criticisms, seconding his call for an investigation.MP Andrej Hunko urged the German Foreign Ministry to file a complaint against Turkey with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague.A forensic report from Hamburg University Hospital confirmed that the eight Kurds had been murdered by “the use of chemical substances.”Turkish Kurdish human rights members delivered photos in March to a delegation of German politicians, Turkey specialists, and journalists. The bodies in the photos were severely deformed and torn to pieces; the photos formed the basis for the forensic report. Hans Baumann, a German expert on the authenticity of photos, confirmed that photos had not been doctored.The eight Kurdish PKK members were killed last September. The 31 photos, according to German media, are so disturbing that news organizations have been reluctant to publish them. The murdered PKK rebels – two women and six men – range in age from 19 to 33.The allegation of employing chemical weapons against the Kurdish minority group could further taint Turkey’s battered human rights record.Turkey’s nearly 12 million Kurds are seeking increased rights and autonomy. Turkey’s armed forces have, according to human rights groups, brutally suppressed the Kurdish ethnic minority’s attempts to secure more independence in the southeast. In July, a series of violent clashes between the Turkish military and Kurdish rebels broke out. The PKK had previously attacked a Turkish military post, killing eight Turkish soldiers, prompting a wave of military strikes resulting in the deaths of 12 Kurds. Turkey is a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention. The alleged use of chemical weapons would constitute a violation of the anti-chemical weapons treaty.The Turkish Foreign Ministry denied engaging in chemical and biological warfare, according to a report in the daily Tageszeitung. The paper noted that German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle had been informed of the chemical weapons allegations before his trip to Turkey in late July, but has declined to take diplomatic action.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Brodsky freed on bail: German judge rules alleged Israeli spy can travel freely

BERLIN — Prosecutors said an alleged Israeli spy wanted in connection with the slaying of a Hamas leader in Dubai earlier this year has been set free on bail by a German judge.Cologne prosecutors' spokesman Rainer Wolf said after a closed-door hearing Friday that the suspect known as Uri Brodsky is free to travel wherever he wants to go while judicial proceedings against him in Germany will continue.He said: "He can return to Israel today if he wants to."Prosecutors accuse Brodsky of illegally helping to procure a German passport used in connection with the Jan. 19 slaying of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, allegedly by a Mossad hit squad.Brodsky was arrested June 4 at Warsaw airport. He was extradited to Germany on Thursday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Austria: Axe-wielding Turk storms ex-lover's party

A Turk was arrested after storming a party held by his ex-lover last night (Weds).Police in Nonnenhöfen in Lower Austria’s Melk district said today the unnamed man, 45, entered the 33-year-old woman’s estate as she gathered friends for a garden party.The man threatened several people with killing them before dashing off after one of them called the police.The offender was put in custody after a special police unit found him hiding behind a pile of tyres at a nearby garage. No one was injured, according to officials.This incident comes just days after an 81-year-old pensioner from Gaubitsch, also in Lower Austria, hanged himself in a garden shed after killing his seriously ill wife with an axe.
Austrian Times

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No prison sentence for Brodsky: Germany will probably fine the alleged Mossad for passport forgery

BERLIN - Rainer Wolf, a spokesman for the public prosecutor's office in Cologne, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that the alleged Mossad agent Uri Brodsky will probably be slapped with a financial penalty instead of incarceration for his reported involvement in securing a false passport, which enabled a hit man to travel to Dubai in January and assassinate Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior Hamas official involved in Iranian arms smuggling.According to Wolf, the Polish authorities plan to extradite Brodsky to Germany on Friday, and a hearing is set for Friday morning. When asked if the prosecutor has sufficient evidence to convict Brodsky of illegally obtaining a passport, Wolf told the Jpost that “if it were to come to a trial” the prosecutor can prove Brodsky improperly obtained the German passport.Wolf said the hearing on Friday is slated to address whether Brodsky will be remanded to pre-trial confinement. The prosecutor said that “it is unnecessary” that Brodsky be incarcerated and the court allows for possibilities such as bail. Brodsky is represented by two German attorneys and a third attorney in Tel Aviv. The two German attorneys wished to not be identified at this time.German media reported that Brodsky used the name Alexander Verin when he assisted a second alleged Mossad agent at a Cologne passport agency, who represented himself as Michael Bodenheimer, the son of a German Jew named Hans Bodenheimer. Under German Law, German Jews, who were stripped of their citizenship or fled Nazi Germany, and their descendents, can exercise their right to German citizenship.
The German authorities initially charged Brodsky with espionage activity in the Federal Republic as well as forgery of a passport. A polish court determined in early August that Brodsky could be extradited to Germany based on the passport forgery charge but not because of secret service intelligence operations in the Federal Republic. In a statement to The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, the German federal prosecutor's office in Karlsruhe wrote that because the Polish court expunged the espionage allegation, the federal prosecutor no longer has jurisdiction over the Brodsky case.The actual identity of the Israeli is unclear. He has appeared to have used multiple names.Wolf, from the Cologne public prosecutor's office, said the process could last between thirty and sixty days. He said that the allegation of a forged passport involving a family member of a Holocaust survivor is the first case for public prosecutor's office. According to Wolf, if Brodsky is slapped with a financial penalty, his prison time in Poland could be factored in to minimize the monetary fine.

From siege of Mecca to pro-Islamic polices in Bosnia

By Lee Jay Walker
In 1979 the world would witness many major events in history and this notably applies to the Iranian Revolution and the war in Afghanistan. However, one major event which remains deep and troublesome for America, France, and Saudi Arabia, is the siege of Mecca which also took place in the very same year. This event and America’s foreign policy objectives in the Balkans can be linked alongside Afghanistan. Therefore, what really happened in this siege and what were the long-term consequences of supporting radical Sunni Islam in this period for America?
If we focus on events in 1979 it becomes clear that this year witnessed a major upheaval because the march of radical Islam would get a welcome boost from the bedfellows of America, the United Kingdom, France, and other democratic nations which had hidden agendas. This period would also enable America to flood Bosnia with radical Islamists at a later date in the 1990s after developing strong connections in this period of history.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Berlin’s No Go Zones

Thanks to sheikyermami

Dhimmi Germany: TV channel RTL2 offers Muslims fasting notices during Ramadan

German television channel RTL2 said Tuesday it was launching a special service for Muslim viewers during Ramadan, letting them know when to begin and end the daily fast.

Monday, August 09, 2010

German mosque used by Sept. 11 attackers shut down

BERLIN — German authorities say they have closed a Hamburg mosque used by the Sept. 11 attackers as a meeting place before they moved to the United States.
A statement by Hamburg officials says the Taiba mosque was shut down and its cultural association was banned on Monday.
The prayer house, formerly known as al-Quds mosque, used to be a meeting and recruiting point for some of the Sept. 11 attackers.
Weekly news magazine Focus cites a report by a local intelligence agency branch in saying the mosque has again become the city's "main center of attraction for the jihad scene." It says some members who belonged to the Taiba group and prayed at the mosque have moved on to a radical training camp in Uzbekistan.
Officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Nazi Ustasa liquor bottles sold in Croatia

Cavoglave, a Croatian village in Dalmatia, is quickly emerging as the place where Croatian patriots gather up every year to celebrate their military operation Storm which has achieved the Nazi Ustasa long-held dream to, if not kill them all then, expel all Serbs out of Croatia.
Patriotic Croats wearing Nazi Ustasa hats are spruced throughout the crowd wearing black t’shirts in memory of the Nazi Ustasa uniforms.
That Cavoglave is the birthplace of Croatia’s favorite rock’n'roll son Marko Perkovic Thompson is no small reason to show-off Croatian patriotism there.
M. Bozinovich Blog

Saturday, August 07, 2010

German doctor killed in Afghanistan

One British, one German and six American doctors, including three women, were among those found shot dead in Afghanistan's remote north, their charity's manager in Kabul told news agency AFP Saturday. The German government strongly condemned the murder of eight foreign medical aid workers, including a German woman, in northern Afghanistan."The federal government is indignant over the dreadful attack in northern Afghanistan, which according to the information available, included among its victims several foreign aid workers, including a German citizen," government spokeswoman Sabine Heimbach said in a statement.The German government calls for a full inquiry into the attack and "the punishment of those responsible for the crime," she said."Five men, all American, and three women, an American, German and Brit were killed," said Dirk Frans, the executive director for the Christian charity International Assistance Mission (IAM).The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the killing, claiming the aid workers were "Christian missionaries" carrying Bibles.IAM, whose annual report says its headquarters are in Kabul, says it provides the majority of eye care available to Afghans, running eye hospitals in Kabul, Herat, Mazar and Kandahar.The police chief said local villagers had warned the group not to enter the dangerous forested area, but they insisted they would be safe because they were doctors, according to Saifullah's statement.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Germany: Concerns about controversial Islamic school

Security agencies are watching with concern as a controversial Islamic school attempts to move to another location in Germany. They say the school threatens the German constitution and democracy.
The town council of Moenchengladbach has put a temporary stop to the renovation of a building intended as the new location of a controversial Islamic school. A spokesman for the city of Moenchengladbach said that the school, which is attempting to relocate from Braunschweig, did not request the necessary building permit.
The school is affiliated with Salafi Islam and has been the subject of intense scrutiny in recent weeks. Marin Brandenburger, the press officer of Lower Saxony's Office for the Protection of the Constitution - the state's internal security agency, says her organization has been monitoring the school for some time.
"This strain of Islam denies the equality of men and women and considers democracy to be harmful to the religion; it mandates that all un-Islamic elements must be kept out of the religion and out of society," says Brandenburger.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Germany Deports Criminal Syrian Clan

by sheikyermami
The left throws a collective fit. The inevitable wingeing and whining is heartwrenching.

All the usual suspects are up in arms: the “advisory commitee for integration” and the Lebanese ‘Zedernverein’ are talking about a scandal. Why Lebanese? The Syrians pretended to be Lebanese to get asylum. That’s why the Lebanese yuman rites machine gets all fired up. A Muslim brother is always obliged to help his Muslim brother in need, specially when it comes to squeezing the jizia out of the recalcitrant kafirs….

German teenager raped on Turkish beach

A 17-year-old girl German girl has allegedly been raped on a beach by six men while on holiday in Turkey. The girl, from the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein, was apparently sexually assaulted in the coastal city of Side, the German Foreign Ministry confirmed Thursday.Two men, named by daily Bild as Ali Recep, 33, and Murat Eraslan, 31, have been remanded in custody and four others have been released on bail pending trial. They face jail terms of up to 15 years.Bild reported that the attack took place at 3:30 am Wednesday morning and that the young woman had a blood alcohol level of 0.198 percent (or 1.98 promille).The Foreign Ministry spokesman declined to give further details, however, saying Germany wanted first to wait for the outcome of the investigation by Turkish authorities.The girl was on holiday with her mother at the historic coastal city of Side, about 80 kilometres from Antalya. She is now back in Germany.Her attackers were reportedly construction workers at a nearby mosque. The investigation reportedly hinges on surveillance videos. Turkish media have reported that the girl had been alone on a beach following a party. She was initially attacked by two men, who were later joined by the other four.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Germany spends $1 million to train Somali police officers, who then desert and join the jihad

Training the enemy -- a policy that could only have been formulated by people who have no conception of the jihad doctrine or any will to fight it.
"Hundreds of German-financed Somalia police officers go missing," from Deutsche Welle via Garowe Online, July 31 (thanks to Block Ness):
Almost 1,000 Somali police have gone missing after their training was financed by the German government. It is feared these officers will now join forces with the Islamist militants Al-Shabaab.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Germany: Criticism of First Turkish-German Minister Grows

Only days before taking up her job, Özkan said in an interview that "Christian symbols" -- specifically crucifixes, "do not belong in state-run schools." She added that Muslim headscarves don't, either -- positions that had even been backed by Germany's highest court. But pressure from within her party was tremendous and Wulff reprimanded his protégé, who in turn apologized.
Later, Özkan sparked controversy because of employee contracts she had signed as a manager at TNT, a postal services company. At the company, some workers received wages of only €7.50 ($9.80) per hour. Employment lawyers accused her of having created "working conditions that were at the legal limits." The politician responded by describing the criticism as "absurd" and "unfounded."And last week, she caused an outcry when she called on journalists to sign a so-called "media charter for Lower Saxony," in which they were supposed to agree to common standards for reporting about integration efforts in the state.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Berlin: Proposal to allow shroud burial

In the future, deceased in Berlin it might be possible to be buried in a shroud, without a coffin. The Senate would deal with the issue for the first time on Tuesday. The proposal is part of the new integration act and says that for religious reasons it would be possible to bury a body in a shroud, without a coffin.The undertaker's union criticized the planned abolition of the coffin requirement in Berlin. Spokesperson Fabian Lenzen said that there are practical problems with the customary Muslim burial in a shroud. In Turkey, a relative goes down into the grave to put the body down and orient it towards Mecca.In Germany, the grave is usually 1.8 meters and it's therefore more difficult to put the body down. The leakage of body fluids could also be a risk for the people involved in the funeral. Lenzen says that solutions should be found before the law is applied.

Germany: Concern about radicalizing youth

Intelligence officials are concerned that the young people, most in their 20s, will be used by the militants for propaganda purposes or trained to take up arms. They also worry that some will slip back into Germany to recruit others or to join sleeper cells and ultimately commit acts of terrorism.
“This is a very dangerous situation and German security services are very nervous about it,” said Guido Steinberg, terrorism expert of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin. “Al Qaeda and other organizations have put Germany on their target priority list as one of the top places.”

Islam in Germany

ARD today is showing a portrait of a parallel world: a school where Germans are a minority, where it is tough every day in the schoolyard, and teachers faced with stubborn prejudices resign.
by Regina Mönch
Everything used to be different, even in the schools. That reverberates in the notable film by Nicola Graf and Güner Y. Balci. Nobody says everything was better in Essen-Karnap then, almost three decades ago, when Brigitta Holford became a teacher at the local secondary school. Right at the start, she tells what was different: she liked teaching so much. Her German and Turkish students were a community; there were many friendships. At some point, the Germans began to draw away. At some point, they became the minority in the classroom, and since then things have been difficult in the schoolyard and in teaching.
Brigitte Holford still has these good-natured eyes. She always tries her hardest to give her students the best start in life, but it is immediately apparent that it is a losing battle. In intensive conversations over a long period of time, the two cinematic authors are able to show the difficult situation the students and faculty are in. It is the story of a manifested intolerance which defies all attempts by teachers to crack it.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

John R. Bolton: International Court decision could encourage separatists

Last week's International Court of Justice decision on Kosovo could have a significant global effect. While there is less there than meets the eye in legal terms, how the ruling is read politically may be quite different.
The ICJ decided that Kosovo's 2008 declaration of independence from Serbia "did not violate any applicable rule of international law." Although the world media first headlined that the court had approved Kosovo's actual independence, the real result was much more limited. The ICJ made it very clear it was merely providing an "advisory opinion" to answer the United Nations General Assembly's question whether Kosovo's declaration of independence was valid.