Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Iran sparks row by delaying Merkel flight

The government of Iran temporarily denied Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plane the right to fly over its territory on her way to India, creating a minor diplomatic incident and angering the German leader.
“This is something I have never experienced,” Merkel told reporters upon landing. “The pilots haven’t either.”The chancellor's plane Konrad Adenauer, had to circle over the Turkish-Iranian border region for more than two hours early Tuesday morning as the situation was sorted out. The plane was finally allowed to continue on its way at the last minute, shortly before it would have had to land in Turkey due to a fuel shortage.The reasons for the incident were unclear, although Merkel has been highly critical of Iran's human rights' record and its alleged plans to develop nuclear weapons. Iran had given the green light for the overflight on Monday evening, according to the German government.Another German government plane flew through the country without problems.German officials later summoned Iran's ambassador to Berlin to lodge a formal diplomatic protest."Hindering the German chancellor's passage over Iran is absolutely unacceptable. It shows a lack of respect towards Germany that we will not accept," German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said in a statement."That is why I have summoned the Iranian ambassador. We shall make it very plain that such a breach of international conventions will in no way be tolerated by Germany," he added.Merkel, who is seeking improved trade between Europe's biggest economy and booming South Asia, was to meet Tuesday with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pratibha Patil during a one-day stop in the Indian capital as part of an Asian tour that will also take her to Singapore.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Honor Killing in Switzerland: No choice for Gjyle

by sheikyermami
Gjyle (24) is dead. Shot by her father because she wanted to the freedom to chose her future husband by herself. She was an excellent student and wanted to be a teacher.
Her father, a good Muslim from Macedonia, disagreed and shot her dead. Honor restored. (Original article in German from Jihad Watch Deutschland)

Germany: University cancels conference on Ottoman persecution of Christians

Greek and Assyrian organizations intended to hold a memorial and conference yesterday at Stuttgart University on the persecution and expulsion of Christians in the Ottoman Empire 1912-1922. The university approved their request for conference rooms more than a month ago, but at the last moment decided to reject the request, due to 'Turkish protests from Berlin', and because the university wanted to remain neutral.

Get it over!

by Benjamin Weinthal
The Hamburg-based bank Europäisch- Iranische Handelsbank (EIH) defiantly announced on its website that it will not have to “discontinue its operations.” According to a report in the German-language edition of the Financial Times on Thursday, EIH will mount a legal challenge to the European Union decision to sanction its operations because of its involvement in Iran’s nuclear-proliferation program.
The reader’s letter: “Why should us Germans lose money for a people that live on war and hatred.What happened during the Holocaust was disgusting and tragic event, but we will not continue to feel guilty for something that some of our ancestors did. I say this because it is bound to get brought up like it alawys does. We Germans got over it, so should you.”

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Julia Gorin: Roasting Mladic

…[In Srebrenica] beheadings of Serbian civilians were commonplace, and in some villages the mujahedeen would dynamite homes with the inhabitants trapped inside.
No attempt was made to hide such atrocities. In fact, Gen. Oric would often address the media at the site of the massacres. On one such occasion, while standing in front of mujahedeen displaying decapitated human heads as trophies, Gen. Oric pointed to a smouldering building in ruins and proudly announced to reporters, “We blew those Serbs to the moon.”
Alija Izetbegovic was also proud to display the fighting prowess of his mujahedeen volunteers. Following a successful attack against Serbian positions around Vozuce on Sept. 10, 1995, the Bosnian president held a televised medal presentation. Mujahedeen warriors had served as the vanguard of the assault force, and were awarded 11 decorations for valour, including the Golden Crescent, Bosnia’s highest honour.…According to Miroslav Lazanski, author of the new book, Osama bin Laden Against America, al-Qaeda members still maintain two bases in Bosnia, one of them reserved for top fighters.
Following the Sept. 11 attacks, FBI and CIA agents uncovered evidence that two of the suicide hijackers had originated from this Bosnian camp…The U.S. military has taken a keen interest in mujahedeen activities in the Balkans since Sept. 11. Late last month, U.S. Air Force Gen. Richard Myers visited NATO troops in Bosnia to warn them against a possible al-Qaeda retaliation attack. And on Dec. 4, the White House added two Albanian terrorist groups operating in Macedonia and Kosovo to its list of outlawed organizations…

Turkish woman sets fire to man in mosque in southern Germany

REUTLINGEN – A Turkish woman set fire to a man in a mosque in southern Germany on Saturday. She says she acted out of revenge after the man raped her.
The 36-year-old poured petrol over the 38-year-old man in a mosque in the city of Reutlingen, in Baden-Württemberg, before setting him alight. The woman was taken into custody on Sunday, on charges of attempted murder, according to the state prosecutors office and the police.
The victim was admitted into hospital after the attack suffering from severe burns, however his life is not in danger.
According to the police, the victim and the suspect have known each other for some time. The woman claimed she had been sexually abused and molested by the man. He, on the other hand, says that there was a consensual relationship.
On Saturday afternoon, according to the police, the woman’s husband and the later victim got into a fight in a room in the mosque. People attending the mosque tried to separate the two men, but were unsuccessful.
The woman then poured petrol from a canister she had brought with her and set him on fire. The man was able to run outside and, with the help of a witness, managed to take off the burning clothes.
The accused and her husband were arrested at the scene. The woman admitted that she had carried out the attack, saying that her motive was the alleged rape. Her husband was subsequently released.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Afghan police chief and German soldiers killed

The police chief of northern Afghanistan and two German soldiers were among seven people killed in a suicide bombing at the Takhar governor's office Saturday.
The German commander of NATO forces for northern Afghanistan, Gen. Markus Kneip, was injured but survived the attack, German Defence Minister Thomasde Maizière said. Early reports had said three Germans had died in the bombing."I ask the German public, especially now, to support our mission in Afghanistan," de Maizière said in Berlin. "Our soldiers belong to us all."The bomber struck after a meeting about security held at the office in the provincial capital Taloqan, in the latest instance of high-profile target selection by the Taliban, who claimed responsibility for the attack.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ratko Mladic: What really happened in Srebrenica?

Lee Jay Walker from Modern Tokyo Times
The government of Serbia have arrested Ratko Mladic who was the former Chief of Staff of the Bosnian Serb Army and some people are claiming that this will end the chapter of this brutal civil war. However, Srebrenica is complex because events did not happen because of one factor but were based on the cold reality of a complex civil war where innocents were killed on all sides. However, which Srebrenica is “real” and which is “unreal?”

Left-wing anti-Semitism triggers German gov't debate

Discussion addressed what many consider to be the dominant form of modern anti-Semitism in the federal republic: the loathing of Israel.
BERLIN – The academic study titled “Anti-Semites as a Coalition Partner,” which sharply criticizes entrenched left-wing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitudes within the German Left Party, sparked a heated debate in the Bundestag on Wednesday.The debate addressed what many experts consider to be the dominant form of modern anti- Semitism in the federal republic: the loathing of the Jewish state. Hans-Peter Uhl, from the Bavarian- based Christian Social Union, a sister party of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, accused the Left Party on Wednesday of “fishing for votes in anti-Semitic voter groups.”A telling example was the Left Party deputy Inge Höger, who appeared in May at a pro- Hamas conference in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, wearing a keffiyeh showing a map labeled “Palestine” on the entire territory of the State of Israel. She spoke about the “misuse of the Holocaust” in silencing criticism of Israel’s “occupation policies.”The study was written before the Left Party’s new wave of aggressive anti-Israel actions, including calls to boycott the Jewish state in March and April and Höger’s appearance in Wuppertal.“A power has established itself within the parliamentary spectrum of the Left Party, which tolerates anti-Semitic positions,” political scientists Samuel Salzborn from the University of Giessen and Sebastian Voigt from the University of Leipzig wrote in their study about rising hatred of Israel among Left Party politicians.The Frankfurter Rundschau first published the conclusions of the Voigt and Salzborn study last week, prompting a minor media sensation and angry responses from Left Party leaders. The Frankfurt-based daily’s website provides a link to the report.According to the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung newspaper, Gregor Gysi, a top Left Party deputy, termed as “nonsense” the study’s main conclusion – that anti-Semitism is spreading among the party’s politicians and members.“We do not need any instructions from outside,” Left Party co-chairman Klaus Ernst said in the daily Westfälische Rundschau.However, Bodo Ramelow, the Left’s leader in the Thuringian state parliament and one of the party’s dissenting voices, told the Tageszeitung daily, “When a Catholic cardinal revokes a gay religion teacher’s permission to teach, the indignation in the Left Party is, rightly, great. But when gays in the Gaza Strip fear for their lives, I don’t hear anything from the same indignant people. That’s a problem.”In the Bundestag on Wednesday, Left Party deputy Lukrezia Jochimsen said “calls to boycott” Israel are not acceptable.However, Left Party politicians in Duisburg and Bremen, as well as Bundestag deputies, have either called to boycott the Jewish state or participated in activities with groups that energetically campaign to delegitimize and boycott Israel.The Left Party’s foreign policy spokesman, deputy Wolfgang Gehrcke, has attended pro- Hamas and pro-Hezbollah rallies in Germany, and compared Israel’s policies with those of the Third Reich.
Leading members of the Left Party have over the years waged an anti-Israel campaign. Deputy Christine Buchhloz was a member of the party’s “Shift to the Left” faction, which supports the “legitimate resistance” of Hamas and Hezbollah in their terrorist attacks against Israel. She has played down the Iranian threat against Israel.She and Left Party Vice President Sahra Wagenknecht criticized President Shimon Peres in January 2010, for spreading the “untruth” about Iran’s drive to build nuclear weapons.Wagenknecht and Buchholz’s refusal to participate in the standing ovation for Peres during his Holocaust remembrance speech in the Bundestag was praised by Germany’s NPD neo- Nazi party.

Germany Snubs America's Intelligence Agencies over Targeted Killings?

Berlin—Since President Obama ordered the special forces strike that killed mass murderer Osama Bin Laden earlier this month, the German government has grown increasingly reluctant to help Washington find terrorists who are fighting U.S. and allied troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
According to a lengthy article in last week’s Der Spiegel magazine, Germany’s interior ministry and the Verfassungsschutz, its domestic intelligence agency, have stopped providing the U.S. government with data that could help locate radical German Islamists for drone strikes on the battlefields of South Asia.
Der Spiegel noted that the German government furnishes telephone numbers to the Americans upon request, but not locations. One internal document specifies that the German government will not allow Washington to use German intelligence in planned drone attacks to pursue terrorists.
Chancellor Angela Merkel and her ministers are uncomfortable about the prospect of U.S. forces killing German nationals. Yet, it was the infamous Hamburg mosque that served as the organizational hub for al Qaeda’s devastating 9/11 attacks on the United States.
In addition, there has been a steady movement of German Muslims—as well as Germans who have converted to radical Islam – to the conflict zones of Afghanistan and Pakistan that has created a genuine crisis for the Americans. Since the early 1990s, German security agencies estimate that roughly 200 Islamists, including 65 who converted to Islam, have departed Germany for terror training camps in the region. And German courts are currently examining an increasing numbers of criminal complaints against the Central Intelligence Agency, which could dramatically affect German-American relations.
One example is Bünyamin E, a 20-year-old German-Turkish jihadist who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in October 2010. Bünyamin arrived in Pakistan in the summer of 2010 and was a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. (Traditionally, German media do not release the last names of suspects.)
Germany’s litigation against the United States, and its growing political opposition to counterterrorism work, does not bode well for America’s war on terror.
In June, President Obama will present Chancellor Merkel with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. One imagines they’ll have much to talk about after the ceremony.
Benjamin Weinthal is a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swiss politicians to travel with Gaza flotilla

BERN - Swiss MPs and journalists are set to travel aboard a Swiss ship taking part in an aid convoy bound for the Gaza Strip at the end of June, it was reported on Tuesday. The ten-ship flotilla was organized by human rights activists.
“The Swiss ship will set off in the last week of June,” Anouar Gharbi, president of the Geneva-based human rights organization Right For All, told the SDA news agency. Gharbi refused make public which port the ship will depart from.
Around 220 Swiss non-governmental organizations support the project, and three members of the Swiss National Council, the lower house of the Swiss parliament, have said they would be aboard.
They are Joseph Zisyadis, of the far-left Party of Labour (PdA), and Carlo Sommaruga and Jean-Charles Rielle, both of the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SP).
Gharbi, who coordinates Save Gaza, the international campaign to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza, added that there would also be a ten-person delegation from Germany.
The flotilla was originally intended to set off last year, but was delayed in order to collect more donations. Gharbi said that most of the cost of the Swiss ship, which is expected to carry 4,000 tons of aid supplies, is now covered.
Last May, Free Gaza attempted to break through the Israeli sea blockade with six aid ships. Nine Turkish activists were killed when the Israeli military intervened.

Germany: Police arrest 11 in people-smuggling ring

Police in Germany said Thursday they had smashed a people-smuggling ring that brought an estimated 2,000 people into the European Union illegally in the last three years.
Authorities rounded up a total of 11 Turkish and German with Turkish origin suspects in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg and in North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany, the German federal police bureau in Stuttgart said.Turkish authorities detained another 33 suspects in the Istanbul region in February as part of the same operation, codenamed "Akku" (battery), the bureau said in a statement.The ring, based in Turkey, operated primarily from Istanbul using trucks with hollowed-out storage spaces in which up to 113 people could hide, police said in a statement."Those being smuggled faced significant risks to their health and lives depending on high temperatures and the materials used to cover them in the hold," the statement said.The trucks travelled from Istanbul via Athens by ferry to Italy, from where the illegal immigrants fanned out to other EU member states. The groups also used two yachts and chartered ships to spirit people into Italy."This case makes clear that organised crime is also very active in this area and has increasingly specialised in breaching the borders of the Schengen (passport-free) zone," the bureau said."The close cooperation of the (German) federal and state police with Turkish authorities as well as other European police bureaus was the key to the investigation's success."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why did Germany capitulate? EU sanctions Iranian ‘nuke-bank’ EIH in Hamburg

BERLIN – The European Union on Tuesday issued an updated list of sanctioned Iranian companies involved in Tehran’s nuclear program, including the Hamburg-based Europäisch- Iranische Handelsbank (EIH).
Since at least 2008, the Merkel administration had vehemently opposed the closure of EIH.
What prompted the German government to shutter a main financial conduit for German businesses and Iran’s economy?
According to the EU statement, “EIH has played a key role in assisting a number of Iranian banks with alternative options for completing transactions disrupted by EU sanctions targeting Iran.”
EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton signed the 19-page order, which was reviewed on Tuesday by The Jerusalem Post.
"In 2009, EIH was used by [the Deutsche] Postbank in a sanctions evasion scheme which involved handling transactions on behalf of UN-designated Bank Sepah. EU-designated Bank Mellat is one of EIH’s parent banks," according to the EU sanctions list. (Both Bank Sepah and Bank Mellat are based in Tehran.) The Merkel administration had consistently ignored warnings from the French, American and British governments about EIH’s nuclear and military activities. Last year, the US Treasury Department sanctioned EIH because it had served to advance Iran’s nuclear and rocket programs.
The International Herald Tribune reported last summer that Chancellor Angela Merkel snubbed President Barack Obama’s request to close EIH.
According to a WikiLeaks cable from 2008, Will Gelling, the head of the British Foreign Office’s Iran Coordination Group, said the UK “is pushing Germany on this bank with a view to an EU listing,” but “Germans are pushing back.”
A second 2008 British WikiLeaks dispatch conveys the frustration of trying to rope Berlin into a robust sanctions strategy against Iran: German agreement on anything meaningful will be “pulling teeth,” reads the cable.
The French tried to place the EIH on the sanctions list in February, but the Germans squashed the proposal.
The UK’s efforts to twist Germany’s arms to shut down the EIH’s operation have hardly been reported. The Anglo- American analysis, and the French efforts against the dangers of the so-called terror bank EIH, were well ahead of the security curve. It appears that the Merkel administration prioritized short-term profits for German firms (total trade with Iran exceeded 4 billion euros in 2010) over long-term global security.
Nonetheless, the new decision to ban EIH, largely because of its strategic importance for Iran’s drive to go nuclear, might very well be the crowning achievement of this EU sanctions round.
The converging American, French and British pressure, particularly from the US Treasury’s terror financing unit, prevailed over Berlin’s desire to protect mid-size German firms – the main EIH customers – at the expense of international security.
Stuart Levey, the US Treasury’s former assistant secretary for terrorist financing, and his successor David S. Cohen, as well as the staff of the department working to counter terror financing, put a laser-like focus on pulling the plug on the EIH operation in Europe. All of this helps to explain why the Americans wore down Berlin, which was beginning to panic about the damage to Germany’s post- World War II reputation, as well as the possible loss of access to American markets and financial institutions.
In June, Obama will present Merkel with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian award. One wonders if the chancellor also wanted to avoid more lousy press reports about her government protecting the so-called Iran terror bank.

German Bundestag debate on anti-Semitism in the party DieLinke today

BERLIN – The German Bundestag will be discussed today the anti-Semitism accusations against the German Party “DieLinke”.
The fractions of the Christian Democrats CDU and the Free Democrats FDP have proposed a topical debate to the subject.
Background is a study of the social scientists Samuel Salzborn and Sebastian Voigt which says, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic tendencies in the Left Party would “always more dominant”.
In the past weeks, the party “Die Linke” was several times with calls to boycott Israeli products, anti-Semitic incitement of individual members and an anti-Semitic flyer on the Party’s website in the Headlines.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vienna: No stage for the Iranian regime! Rally against the Iranian chairmanship at the OPEC meeting

Wednesday, June 8th 2011, 9:30 AM
Börseplatz (Wipplingerstraße/at the corner of Helferstorferstrasse, 1010 Vienna)
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of the Iranian Regime, was initially expected to participate personally in the OPEC summit on the 8th of June in Vienna, which will be chaired by Iran. Due to the internal power struggle in Iran, the antisemite and Holocaust-denier will send a minister instead. Representatives of the Iranian regime use their appearances at international events constantly to spread their murderous ideology. The initially planned participation of Ahmadinejad at the OPEC summit reveals the Achilles' heel of the Iranian regime: The survival of the Iranian dictatorship of Ayatollahs and Revolutionary Guards strongly depends on Oil and Gas exports. In any case, a high ranking official of the Iranian regime will be present at the summit in order to coordinate its business with oil ministers of Arab despotic regimes and of populist left supporters of the Iranian regime such as Venezuela.Those doing business with the Iranian Regime support a policy ranging from the persecution of homosexuals, women, and minorities, holocaust denial, annihilation threats against Israel, the nuclear program, to the financing of global jihadist terror. So does Austria: Despite sanctions, Austria's imports to Iran grew by nearly 400 percent during the last year.We demand:- No stage for the murderers of the Iranian opposition!- No stage for representatives of an antisemitic, holocaust-denying regime!- Crippling sanctions in the energy sector in order to prevent the Iranian regime from continuing its projects!
If you want to support our rally, please send an email to info@stopthebomb.net.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swiss canton voters could ban the burqa

TICINO - A petition in Canton Ticino could force a referendum on prohibiting women from wearing burqas in public, a first for the country.
A local committee in Ticino, Switzerland’s Italian-speaking region, said it has collected 11,316 signatures, over a thousand more the required number to launch a referendum. Canton authorities will check the signatures over the next few days, reports say and could then call for a referendum.
According to local newspaper Corriere del Ticino, as well as banning burqas, niqabs and other Islamic headresses, the initiative also aims to ban the use of balaclavas and other headgear that disguise people’s faces. These are sometimes worn by people attending football matches in Switzerland.
If the referendum goes ahead, it will be the first time in Switzerland that citizens have been asked to express an opinion on burqas. A similar ban came into effect in France recently, causing a hot debate on personal and religious freedom in the country and beyond.
In 2009, the Swiss voted to ban the construction of minarets in a country, a decision that has sparked controversy in the Muslim world and in other European countries.

Friday, May 20, 2011

German NGO Medico International funded Breaking the Silence book presentation in Ramallah where Israeli audiences cannot attend

BERLIN – Controversy is swirling around the German NGO Medico International for its financial support of the Israel-based NGO Breaking the Silence, including its support for a planned – but subsequently canceled – book presentation on Tuesday in Ramallah.Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the president of the Jerusalem-based human rights watchdog organization, NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post before the cancellation that, “This specific event in Ramallah – funded by a German NGO – highlights Breaking the Silence’s facade. The organization presents itself as a grassroots NGO, directed towards Israeli audiences, but many of its events take place outside of Israel, using funding from European governments and the New Israel Fund.

Germany now rivals UK for Israel-bashing

By Benjamin Weinthal
Britain has been the main European hub for groups advocating a boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) strategy against the Jewish state. Germany, however, has enacted policies which now make it a stark rival for the UK's hardcore anti-Israel movement.
Consider the reports last week that the German government asked Deutsche Bahn (DB) to pull the plug on its long-planned Israeli rapid-rail project from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem because the line will traverse a small section of disputed West Bank territory.
German Transport Minister and Christian Social Union MP Peter Ramsauer offered the following reason for terminating the project: "Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riyad Al-Malki, members of the German Parliament and media have criticised a project in which DB International is acting as adviser to Israel's state-run railway."
One of the German MPs who wrote to him was the Left Party's Inge Höger. Last month, she propagated a wild conspiracy theory that the Israeli government murdered two pro-Palestinian activists because their deaths could deal a "serious blow" to the - slated - second flotilla to Gaza.
In May, the mayor of Wuppertal, Christian Democratic Union member Peter Jung, agreed to rent a city-funded and owned centre to Hamas-related terror groups. The co-operating sponsors of the conference - who embrace BDS tactics - included the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), a group with strong ties to Hamas, according to Berlin's domestic intelligence agency. The intelligence office listed PRC under the rubric "regional violent Islamic practitioners" in its report.
In April, the German Left Party branch in Duisburg posted a flyer on its website with a swastika morphing into a Star of David, and called for a boycott of Israeli products. "Confront the moral blackmail of the so-called Holocaust," states the flyer, calling Israel a "rogue state" and "warmonger". Since 2009, a Left Party councillor in the city, Hermann Dierkes, has spearheaded a boycott campaign of Israel, and termed Israel's right to exist "petty".
In March, a group called the "Bremer Peace Forum" in the northern Germany city of Bremen - with support of the local Left Party website - staged protests in front of supermarkets urging Germans to boycott Israeli products. The Forum protesters showed pictures of bloody oranges on their placards.
What is perhaps most unsettling about rising BDS actions in Germany is the obvious irony that the birthplace of state-sanctioned boycotts targeting Jews was fascist Germany.
Benjamin Weinthal is a fellow at theFoundation for Defence of Democracies

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Muslims Terrorizing Christian Girls in Iraq

Frank Kitman edited and translated a most heartbreaking testimony by Sister Hatune of the Syrian-Orthodox monastery in Warburg, Germany. She makes an amazing effort to help and protect the ruthlessly persecuted Christians in Iraq.
In recent years, a horrifying number of kidnappings, rapes and mutilations of Iraqi Christian girls has been perpetrated by Muslim gangs. Some 700,000 Christians are fleeing this terror, but often find themselves exposed to similar dangers when they arrive in neighboring Muslim countries. With no rights and no help from authorities, they are surely in the most desperate of situations.
Please take the time to contemplate why this is not being reported more often.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Deutsche Bank funded firm selling cluster bombs to Libya

Deutsche Bank reportedly helped financed the firm supplying Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi with cluster bombs of the sort his military recently dropped over the rebel-held town of Misrata.
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said in a statement on 20 April 2011 that the Libyan government forces may have committed war crimes by using heavy weapons and cluster munitions against civilians there. The German bank granted Spanish company Instalaza a more than €3.1 million loan according to information from non-governmental organisation Urgewald, as reported in the weekly Die Zeit on Wednesday. Cluster bombs are a controversial munition due to the fact they present a huge danger to civilians. Designed to kill enemy personnel and disable equipment, they are a collection of small bomblets scattered over a wide area. But these often remain unexploded until someone steps on them or picks one up. According to the Cluster Munition Coalition, a pressure group pushing for a global ban, 60 percent of cluster bomb casualties are injured while undertaking their normal activities. A third of all recorded cluster bomb casualties are children, the group says. More than 100 countries signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions at the end of 2008 – it became binding international law for those who signed at the start of August 2010. The convention bans not only the use but also the support of manufacture of cluster bombs.A spokesman for Deutsche Bank told Die Zeit he could not comment on specific customer relationships, but denied the bank financed the sale of controversial munitions."Deutsche Bank does no business directly connected to certain types of weapons like personnel landmines, cluster bombs or ABC weapons," he said.The paper said the Deutsche Bank loan was made in 2007 and reported that other German companies have continued to invest in cluster bomb manufacturers since then. More than a dozen insurers offer Germans taking part in the so-called Riester pension scheme can put their money in funds which have invested in cluster bomb makers. These include Deutscher Ring, Basler, Condor, Stuttgarter, Volkswohlbund and WWK. The paper noted that because the Riester contracts are co-funded by the German government, it should be assumed that public money is also finding its way into the coffers of cluster bomb manufacturers.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Germany: Jewish leader wants more tolerance towards Muslim, action against Islamic antisemitism

Dieter Graumann, chairman of the Central Council of Jews, called for more religious tolerance towards Muslims in Germany. In an interview to magazine Christ & Welt Graumann said that Muslims have a right to build mosques and to practice their beliefs, just like every other citizen. He said that Germans should let go of the idea that there should be a church in the center of the village, that there can be a mosque there or anywhere else.Graumann also blamed the Muslim organizations of not doing enough against the increasing antisemitism in the Muslim community. Friendly smiles on TV are simply not enough, he said.Hatred and prejudices against Jews are increasing, in particular among young Muslim men, and this trend can be seen in football fields and playgrounds. Graumann demanded the Muslim organizations take concrete initiatives.

Interview with Radovan Karadzic: The other side to the Bosnian story

By Marcus Papadopoulos
In a rare and exclusive inter view, the former Bosnian Serb leader Dr Radovan Karadzic spoke to Marcus Papadopoulos from Politics First about the twentieth anniversary of Yugoslavia’s implosion offering his version of events leading up to and during the war in Bosnia.’

Twenty years ago, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia imploded heralding the start of a succession of civil wars between the patchworks of peoples that made-up the country. The Bosnian conflict, the bloodiest and most brutal of all the Yugoslav civil wars, lasting from 1992-1995, was blamed by Western governments and Western media on the Serbs, who were accused of trying to carve out a “greater Serbia” from the territory of Yugoslavia. Indeed, throughout the duration of the war the Bosnian Serb leadership and the Bosnian Serb people, who constituted a third of the region’s population at the beginning of 1992, having first settled on these lands in the seventh century, were completely derided by Western commentators and, as a result, the Serb version of events was ignored.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Palestine's German friends: German politicians make Israel a whipping boy for all Mideast problems

By Benjamin Weinthal
The major media outlets reported this week that the German government and its fully-owned Deutsche Bahn railway company terminated participation in a long-planned Israeli rapid rail project from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem because the train line will traverse a small section of disputed West Bank territory. Succumbing to pressure from pro-Palestinian ministers of parliament, German transport minister Peter Ramsauer noted that “in recent weeks, Palestinian foreign affairs Minister Malki, members of the German Parliament and media have criticized a project in which DB International is acting as advisor to Israel’s state-run Israel Railway.”
“This Israeli railway project which runs through occupied territory is problematic from a foreign policy standpoint and is potentially against international law,” Ramsauer added.
Ramsauer fails to understand that the territory in the West Bank falls under the rubric of disputed and is part-and-parcel of a bargaining peace process between Israel's government and the Palestinian Authority. Former US Ambassador to the UN Madeleine Albright neatly captured the disputed territory situation in March 1994: "We simply do not support the description of the territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 War as occupied Palestinian territory."
A letter from transportation ministry state secretary Enak Ferlemann, a member of the Christian Democratic Union party, showed how little daylight exists between Ramsauer, who also heads the Christian Social Union party, and Left Party MP Inge Höger, known for her extreme disapproval of Israel.
Both Höger and Ramsauer claim that the rail project “potentially” violates international law in disputed West Bank territory. Last month, Höger blamed the Israeli government for the deaths of two pro-Palestinian activists because their murders could deal a “serious blow” to the slated June Gaza Flotilla.
While Hamas authorities arrested radical Salafists for the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni in the Gaza Strip on April 15, the killers of Palestinian Israeli filmmaker Juliano Mer-Khamis, who was murdered in Jenin on April 4, have not been apprehended. Höger's vile anti-Jewish and anti-Israel conspiracy theory prompted hardly any criticism from her fellow members of parliament. She was also aboard the Mavi Marmara when it violated the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.
On that occasion, too, the Christian Democratic and Christian Social Union parties found common cause with Höger’s unfailingly anti-Israel Left Party, excoriating the Jewish state in a Bundestag resolution for intercepting a ship sponsored by the known terrorist group IHH. Phillip Missfelder, an MP from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own Christian Democratic Union party, declared his solidarity with Left Party MP Wolfgang Gehrcke, who has attended Hezbollah and Hamas rallies.
“Even if the impression often arises in outside portrayals that the Left Party has a fundamentally different opinion, I do believe, Mr. Gehrcke, that the statements you have made at various times leave no doubt that you find yourself on similar, common ground as us,” said Missfelder about the cross-party resolution criticizing Israel’s “violation of the principle of proportionality.”
In the wake of the decision by the Germany transportation agency and Deutsche Bahn, the boycott efforts just keep coming. In April, the German Left Party branch in the city of Duisburg posted a flyer on its website with a swastika morphing into a Star of David, and called for a boycott of Israeli products. “Confront the moral blackmail of the so-called Holocaust,” states the flyer, calling Israel a “rogue state” and “warmonger.”
In March, a group called the “Bremer Peace Forum” in the northern Germany city of Bremen - with support of the local Left Party website - staged protests in front of supermarkets urging Germans to boycott Israeli products.
In May, the mayor of Wuppertal, Christian Democratic Union member Peter Jung, agreed to rent a city-funded and owned center to Hamas-related terror groups. The cooperating sponsors of the conference included the Palestinian Return Centre - London, a group with strong ties to Hamas, according to Berlin's domestic intelligence agency (Office for the Protection of the Constitution), which lists the group under the rubric “regional violent Islamic practitioners – Hamas.” Jung and the local city council ended up hosting an anti-Semitic hate festival, which attracted thousands of pro-Hamas activists. The head of the local Wuppertal Jewish community, Leonid Goldberg, termed Jung's conduct “shameful.”
The German government's decision to recoil from the high-speed rail project is nothing short of a shot in the arm for the haters of Israel. What is most unsettling is that German efforts to make Israel a whipping boy for all the problems of the Middle East span the country’s entire political spectrum.

German Jews outraged over mayor’s support for ’Hamas’ event

By Benjamin Weinthal
A German mayor’s defense of a radical pro-Palestinian conference in his city supported by Hamas advocates prompted a fresh wave of criticism on Tuesday.
Israel’s Embassy in Berlin blasted Saturday’s ninth “Palestinians in Europe”conference, titled “The Generation of Return Knows Its Way.” The conference, held in Wuppertal, has ties to “terrorist organizations,” the embassy said.
Mayor Peter Jung’s conduct is “shameful,” said Leonid Goldberg, the chairman of Wuppertal’s Jewish community, in a telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.
That the mayor did not comment on the anti-Israel conference suggests he finds “everything to be fine,” Goldberg said.
When asked about Jung, a member of the conservative Christian Democratic Union, and his decision to rent out a city-funded convention space to Hamas-related groups, Yinam Cohen, a spokesman for the Israeli Embassy, told the Post, “We regret very much that Palestinian extremists, some of whom clearly identify with terrorist organizations such as Hamas, chose to abuse freedom of speech in Germany and to spread extremist and anti-Israeli messages in Germany.”
Jung’s decision to provide space for the conference has strained relations between the local Wuppertal Jewish community and the mayor.
The embassy also took notice of the unusual decision of a city government to go to great lengths to support a pro-Hamas event.
Goldberg told the Post that conference activities were “anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic” in nature. When “someone calls for the return” of millions of Arabs to Israel, that means the plan is to decimate Israel’s existence, he said.
Goldberg said there were maps of Israel on display at the conference showing only Palestine without Israel and slogans accusing Israel of “murdering children.” Goldberg complained bitterly that Jung and the city council did not reach out to the Jewish community prior to the conference. Goldberg said the city could have denied space to conference organizers but chose not to.
In an e-mail to the Post on Tuesday, Dr. Dieter Graumann, the head of Germany’s 105,000 member Central Council of Jews, wrote that the conference in Wuppertal is “reprehensible and loathsome.” He added that “members of the Left Party [who] once again participated shows anew how strong the pathological hatred of Israel is in the Party.”
Left Party MPs participated in the Gaza Flotilla last year and local Left Party politicians have called for a boycott campaign against Israel.
In an initial telephone interview with the Post,Martina Eckermann, a spokeswoman for the mayor, cast doubt on Goldberg’s criticism of Jung and Wuppertal in the German press. She denied seeing any anti- Semitic literature or photos at the conference. Eckermann did not return multiple phone calls made on Tuesday regarding Goldberg’s comments blasting Jung.
Meanwhile, in a separate development, Graumann told the Post he declined to meet with PA President Mahmoud Abbas last week in Germany because of Abbas’ decision to unify his Fatah party with Hamas. Abbas met last week with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, and requested a meeting with Graumann.
In a Deutschland Radio interview last week, Graumann termed Hamas a “murderous, high criminal, brutal and bloody terror group.” Grauman added that he does not view Hamas as a peace partner because of the group’s determination to destroy Israel. He said he did not want to legitimize Hamas by accepting Abbas’s invitation.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hamburg-based Iranian bank to be blacklisted

The EU is set to blacklist a German-based Iranian-owned bank which it believes is involved in the Islamic republic's secret nuclear weapons' programme, a German government official said Friday.
The decision to include the European-Iranian Trade Bank (EIH) on the European Union's blacklist "for its role in (Iranian) illegal activities" is expected to be taken by the community's foreign ministers at a meeting on May23, the official told AFP on condition of anonymity."Evidence pointing to the EIH's involvement in (nuclear) proliferation has multiplied and become tangible," the official said, adding that "from the German government's point of view, conditions have been met" for a ban "andthis is also the consensus at the European level."International sanctions have been slapped on Iran in an attempt to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. Tehran denies it wants nuclear weapons.Citing unnamed Western officials, the Wall Street Journal last year said the EIH bank had done more than a billion dollars of business on behalf of firms subject to US, UN and EU sanctions.The UN Security Council slapped a fourth set of sanctions against Iran in June for refusing to halt its uranium enrichment work, the most sensitive part of Tehran's atomic drive.These authorise states to conduct high-seas inspections of vessels suspected of ferrying banned items to Iran and added 40 entities to a list of people and groups subject to travel restrictions and financial sanctions.The Journal said that EIH's business partners include units of Iran's Defense Industries Organization, the Aerospace Industries Organization and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.In 2009, EIH appears to have been involved in a broad sanctions-evasion scheme, conducting transactions on behalf of Iran's Bank Sepah that has beensanctioned for facilitating Iran's weapons trade and proliferation activities, the US paper said.EIH was founded by a group of Iranian merchants in Hamburg in 1971. It operates openly under the supervision of German bank regulators, but the US Department of Treasury had earlier blacklisted it for alleged illicit business with Iran.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chancellor Angela Merkel Charged

While the civilized world is relieved at the demise of Osama bin Laden, a judge in Hamburg has lodged a legal complaint against German Chancellor Angela Merkel for expressing joy over his death.
At a press conference after the US Navy SEALS successful mission, Merkel said she was “happy” it had succeeded in killing bin Laden. This relatively harmless statement, which probably represents the view of many Germans, caused the judge to file a two-page complaint against the German chancellor. In it, he claims Merkel violated paragraph 140 of the German penal code that condemns the “rewarding and sanctioning” of a criminal act and could result in the German chancellor’s having to appear in court.
Not unexpectedly, the death of Osama bin Laden did not cause an outpouring of relief among Germany’s political left but rather a feeling of anger. Like the judge, the German left has also rushed to take advantage of Merkel’s allegedly inappropriate remarks and has “massively” criticised the leader of Germany’s ruling conservative Christian Democratic Union Party for “celebrating” an illegal “execution.”
But the German left’s supposed concern about the appropriateness of Merkel’s words and violation of legalities surrounding bin Laden’s death is anything but humanitarian. Its frothing-at-the-mouth “moral outrage” is simply a smokescreen for the hatred it harbours deep in its soul for the United States that manifests itself in rabid anti-Americanism. What is really going on here is that German and other European leftists simply cannot stand the idea that America has scored a success. And the attack on Merkel and the dispute over the legalities of bin Laden’s death are serving as outlets for this dissatisfaction and unhappiness concerning America’s stunning achievement.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vienna: Islamization in Turkey and the influence of the Iranian regime

Lecture with Prof. Bassam Tibi and Florian Markl (in German)

Chair: Stefan Schaden (STOP THE BOMB)

Thursday, Mai 12th, 2011, 7:30 p.m.

Aula am Campus der Universität Wien, Hof 1, Raum 1.11

Alserstraße/Spitalgasse, 1090 Vienna


Monday, May 09, 2011

More Swiss train in Islamic militant camps

BERN – Defence Minister Ueli Maurer says there has been an increase in the recruitment of Muslims for militant training camps.
In an interview with the SonntagsZeitung newspaper, Maurer said the government was aware of Swiss who went to these training camps, and others who visited Koran schools.
He said the federal intelligence service had a good overview of Switzerland’s “Jihad fighters”, but refused to give any figures. According to the intelligence service, a militant Islamic network was set up last year in Switzerland in order to find recruits who are sent to countries like Somalia and Yemen. Maurer told the newspaper that under current Swiss laws it is difficult to prevent Islamists from raising funds. “The intelligence service can only observe and provide analyses,” he said. “We have at our disposal very little means [to fight Islamic militant activities] since parliament has up to now rejected them.”(swissinfo.ch and agencies).

Draza Mihailovich: Private Lives, 1942

by Carl Savich
Draza Mihailovich appeared in three installments of the syndicated Sunday comic series Private Lives by Edwin Cox in 1942. Draza Mihailovich and the Chetnik guerrillas would appear in at least eight American comic books during World War II. He was on the cover of Real Heroes Comics and Real Life Comics. In 1942, he began appearing in the Sunday comics section of American newspapers as well.
The panel cartoon “Private Lives” was syndicated from 1938 to 1948. It typically appeared in the Sunday comics section of American newspapers. The series consisted of a single, large panel with accompanying smaller boxes that featured people in the news, celebrities, military and political figures of World War II, and famous people throughout history such as Henry Ford, Rita Hayworth, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, and Benito Mussolini. The comics were in color. It was written by Edwin Cox from November, 1938 to May, 1943. Cox was replaced by Paul Ford who was the writer up to the time the strip ended in December, 1948. It was distributed by Publishers Syndicate.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

German Islamist preacher ditches prayer for bin Laden

FRANKFURT/MAIN – The radical Islamist preacher Pierre Vogel stepped back from plans to pray for Osama bin Laden at a rally in Frankfurt on Saturday evening.
While planning the meeting, Vogel had said he would pray for bin Laden’s soul with a prayer for the dead on the Roßmarkt in the centre of the city, attracting immense criticism and arousing serious concern for security.
Authorities granted him permission for the rally only after he promised not to speak about bin Laden, and moved it from the city centre to the Rebstockgelände out of town.
The 32-year-old German convert to Islam from the Rhineland region had initially said he would pray for bin Laden regardless, but on the day he did not mention him.
Around 450 people showed up to hear him speak – along with many police. But shortly before Vogel arrived in Frankfurt, an entry on his homepage apologised for what he called his, “clumsy actions,” and distanced himself from the idea of praying for bin Laden.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dhimmitude in Germany: Judge files complaint against Merkel for being glad that OBL is dead

Hamburg judge Heinz Uthmann wants Angela Merkel to shut up and play the dhimmi, as he does. "Judge Files Complaint against Merkel over Bin Laden Comments," from Spiegel...
A Hamburg judge has filed a criminal complaint against Chancellor Angela Merkel for "endorsing a crime" after she stated she was "glad" that Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces. Meanwhile a new poll reveals that a majority of Germans do not see the terrorist's death as a reason to celebrate.
Schadenfreude, the enjoyment of others' suffering, may be a famously German concept, but it is apparently not a feeling that many Germans aspire to. The political and public fallout following Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement on Monday that she was "glad" Osama bin Laden had been killed was among the most hotly debated topics in the German media this week.
Politicians, including those within her own center-right coalition, said that no death was cause for celebration, and reproved the remark as un-Christian and vengeful.
But Hamburg judge Heinz Uthmann went even further. He alleges that the chancellor's statement was nothing short of illegal, and filed a criminal complaint against Merkel midweek, the daily Hamburger Morgenpost reported Friday.
"I am a law-abiding citizen and as a judge, sworn to justice and law," the 54-year-old told the paper, adding that Merkel's words were "tacky and undignified."
In his two-page document, Uthmann, a judge for 21 years, cites section 140 of the German Criminal Code, which forbids the "rewarding and approving" of crimes. In this case, Merkel endorsed a "homicide," Uthmann claimed. The violation is punishable by up to three years' imprisonment or a fine....

If any German court takes this seriously, Germany can be pronounced dead.

Friday, May 06, 2011

German on Trial for Admitted Terror Ties

BERLIN - (eip) A German man of Syrian origin has admitted to belonging to a terrorist cell, and training in an al-Qaida paramilitary camp in Pakistan.
In his trial Thursday in Frankfurt Germany, Rami Makanesi agreed to plead guilty to the charges in exchange for a prison sentence of no more than five years. Makanesi also agreed to give details about his crimes in court.
The 25-year-old left Germany for Pakistan in 2009 to undergo training in a camp in the Waziristan border region. Prosecutors say he planned to return to Germany to take part in terrorist operations.
Pakistani security forces arrested Makanesi last June and later extradited him to Germany.
German officials say Makanesi and another German who was arrested in Afghanistan provided information that led to increased security measures in Germany last November.(BreakingNews).

Mow these fucking nazi-krauts down, cap! Germans say bin Laden's death no cause for joy

Most Germans see no reason to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden and think the US government should have put the terrorist leader on trial rather than killed him, according to a poll published Friday.
According to the poll for public broadcaster ARD, 64 percent felt killing the head of the terror group al-Qaida was no cause for joy while only 28 percent did. Moreover, just 42 percent of Germans believe the United States had the right to kill bin Laden and 52 percent believe soldiers should have tried to apprehend him to bring in front of an international tribunal.A slight majority – 51 percent – also believe bin Laden’s killing has damaged security, at least in the short term. They believe the risk of terrorist attack has increased while 45 percent believes it has stayed the same. Only 2 percent believe the threat has dropped and nearly 80 percent believe Germany will eventually face a terrorist attack.The poll comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel has faced stark criticism from German politicians after she expressed joy immediately after the killing of bin Laden. The survey of 1,001 Germans by Infratest dimap has a margin of error of between 1.4 and 3.1 percent and was conducted on Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Living History: Anti-Semitic Islamism

A respectable half-shelf in my library consists of books which explore the resonance Nazi anti-Semitism enjoys in the Islamic world. They usually concern the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, a close collaborator of Hitler. The latest addition is Ian Johnson’s A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West (Houghton Mifflin, £17.99). Johnson begins with Hitler’s Eastern Legions. They were the predominantly Caucasian and Central Asian peoples among whom Nazi intellectuals sought “splittist” collaborators as they pondered how to divide the Soviet Union along ethnic and religious fault-lines. Many of these Turkic or Tatar peoples had suffered under Stalin’s version of atheism and Russian chauvinism. Maybe a quarter of a million such Muslim (and Tatar Buddhist) men enlisted in the German armed forces, although many of them were logistical auxiliaries rather than combat troops. Shamefully, after D-Day we handed many of the Cossacks captured in Normandy back to Stalin to be killed, along with the Russian “Fascists” in General Andrei Vlasov’s Liberation Army.
The Germans who dealt with these men were mainly from academic backgrounds, because they had the languages and cultural sensitivity. More than two decades ago I published a book, Germany Turns Eastwards, on Germany’s eastern experts, the “Ostforscher” who eagerly put their knowledge of “the East” at the disposal of the Nazi regime, before adroitly realigning themselves with “the West” after 1945. Although many of my books are translated into German, this one has not been, since it went a little too close to raw nerves.
One key figure was Theodor Oberländer, the post-war minister responsible for ethnic German eastern expellees. Oberländer was far-sighted. He thought that West Germany should cultivate the former Eastern Legion veterans, so that one day, when the Soviet Union collapsed, these future leaders would encourage independent states to lobby for German unification. But even though Munich became the epicentre for such veterans, who felt unsafe in Berlin, it was not the German government which called the shots any more. Munich’s Oberwiesenfeld Airport was home to Radio Liberty, the CIA broadcasting arm aimed at the Soviet Union.
Wary of the Nazi past of most of their German interlocutors, the CIA sought to incorporate these Muslim exiles into its own anti-Soviet propaganda machinery, while alighting upon Islam as a powerful weapon in its anti-communist tool kit. The CIA turned to a younger generation of Muslims, notably Said Ramadan, who played a leading role in the construction of the Munich Islamic Centre, which opened in 1958. The son-in-law of the murdered Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al Banna, and father of Oxford’s Tariq Ramadan, Said was an intriguing combination of modern man and inflexible views. The Munich mosque became the hub from which the Brotherhood set up shop in several other European countries, Markfield Conference Centre in Leicestershire being its local incarnation in Britain. While the Brotherhood seems modern enough in its modus operandi, the effect of its presence is to heighten religious separatism everywhere. They may or may not be Fascists, as one of Eisenhower’s officials perceptively observed way back in 1953, but they are certainly supremacists with a special loathing for Jews. Ken Livingstone’s hero, Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi, is a very visible version of the type.

Germany: Public funeral prayer for Bin Laden

BERLIN – The news of the inglorious end of Osama Bin Laden divides Germany.
One half, including politicians of all parties insulted the U.S. for Osama’s death as a murderer, medieval avenger, trigger-happy cowboys and all kind of clichés that provides the arsenal of anti-Americanism.
The other half, including apparently all reader of the main press forges the most grotesque conspiracy theories and comes to doing this in such kind, as it can only done by fools.
Therefor it is fitting, that in this sick country the former prizefighter and Islam convert Pierre Vogel, will hold a public Islamic funeral prayer for the terrorist mass murderer in Frankfurt/Main.
The daily newspaper Die Welt reports:
“Extremist Muslims in Germany want to hold a solidarity rally for the Al-Qaeda leader. The nationally known Salafist preacher Pierre Vogel announced on his website, that on Saturday at 6 pm he will speak at an offical event in Frankfurt an Islamic prayer for Osama bin Laden.”
Whether Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Thierse also will come to the funeral prayer, is not known:
“About the death of the terrorists he was indeed relieved, but he feel no sense of triumph about it how many Americans do, said Thierse. “We Germans have hopefully lost any celebration of military victories.”
The german daily Süddeutsche is worried about Osama virgins in paradise.
Thats not a Joke – The editor Karin Gothe asks in the Süddeutsche with all seriousness, whether Osama bin Laden, because of the burial at sea, at all still come to Paradise to the 72 virgins or if the Yanks have the blew it!
She asks herself whether the terrorist in the face of death, had time enough and was able to speak the words “La ilaha illa Allah” (There is no God but God)? Then she notes that sea burials are only permitted in an situation of emergency.
“A burial at sea is not the traditions and the burial culture of Islam. Comes Osama bin Laden still in paradise, because he has died as a martyr? This remains denied to the terrorist Osama bin Laden – the burial of his body by the infidel enemy meets not the Islamic practices.”
Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt said in a television show, the killing of bin Laden is “clearly a violation of applicable international law”. Reminder: It is the same Helmut Schmidt, who gave the Order to kill the hijackers of a Lufthansa-jet in October 1977 in Mogadishu, by the german anti-terrorist force GSG 9!
The chief editor of the German state television station WDR says in a comment: In these celebration, the Americans itself recognize once again as an archaic, vengeful warrior. What is this for a country, that cheered an execution in such way?
And he is not the only one, the list can be continued as long as desired.
Here they are again, the German wiseacres who all can do better! The emotionally disturbed Germans become Grand Muftis now, who can explain exactly why a burial at sea is un-Islamic; Great-ethics who proving that the death of the victim is not to be rejoicing, and of course Great lawyers who knows everything always better.
Indeed – for me, Germany is a sick country!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Merkel slammed for joy over bin Laden killing

Several German politicians on Wednesday criticized Chancellor Angela Merkel for expressing joy over the death of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, saying it sent the wrong message.
Katrin Göring-Eckardt, Green party MP, Bundestag vice president and leading member of the Evangelical Church of Germany, told the Berliner Zeitung she was glad bin Laden was no longer leading a terrorist group. “But you can’t be happy about his death,” she said.On Monday, Merkel told reporters that bin Laden’s death at the hands of US forces was “good news.” “I’m glad that killing bin Laden was successful,” she said.The criticism of Merkel's comments is coming not only from political opposition, but from her own party, echoing discomfort expressed by some observers at the emotional, celebratory reaction of many Americans and foreign politicians around the world after bin Laden’s killing.Siegfried Kauder, a member of Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), slammed her remarks, calling them reminiscent of something a person would say in the “middle ages.”“I would not have formulated them like this,” he said to the Passauer Neuen Presse, expressing doubts that killing bin Laden was even legal under international law.Other politicians said they would have preferred to see bin Laden arrested.Martin Lohmann, in charge of the CDU’s Working Group of Engaged Catholics, said killing anyone, even a terrorist, “can never be cause for joy for a Christian.”“It would have been better if Osama bin Laden had been arrested and brought to justice,” he added.Despite the criticism, most German political figures said they were relieved bin Laden would no longer be stirring up trouble.Meanwhile, German’s BND intelligence chief Ernst Uhrlau said bin Laden’s death didn’t necessarily mean an improvement in the nation's security.“The security forces must remain very vigilant,” he told the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper, though he described the US operation as a success. Uhrlau emphasized that bin Laden no longer had a day-to-day role in planning terrorist operations, but he acknowledged the man’s power as a “role model” and said terrorists would not easily be able to fill the gap bin Laden’s death leaves.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Austria: Frosty reception for Turkish president

A party founded by late right-winger Jörg Haider has caused a diplomatic rift by announcing that the Turkish president "is not welcome" in Austria.The Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) was established by Haider in 2005. The party said yesterday (Mon) – when Abdullah Gül started a three-day visit to Austria – that the federal Turkish president was unwelcome. Both the BZÖ and the Freedom Party (FPÖ) – its main rightist rival – announced it planned to boycott the state banquet held to mark the occasion of Gül’s visit.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Germany on high alert after bin Laden death

The United States embassy as well as American military bases in Germany are on high alert to the risk of terrorists reprisals after President Barack Obama announced late Sunday that al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden had been killed.
The US State Department warned of the "enhanced potential for anti-American violence," following bin Laden's death and placed its embassies and military installations around the world on high alert.Germany has more than 20 American bases spread across the south of the country.Bin Laden was killed in an operation led by US Navy SEALs early Sunday in Pakistan. Announced by Obama late Sunday evening, his demise follows the arrest of three alleged al-Qaida members late last week in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Prosecutors say they were experimenting with building a shrapnel bomb designed to hurt as many people as possible in an attack.Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed the death of the al-Qaida leader and mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington as “a decisive blow” against terrorism.“On his direct orders and in his name, terrorism was carried out in many countries, directed against men, women and children, Christians and Muslims,” she said in a statement.Merkel had conveyed her relief to President Obama, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said.The killing bin Laden was a "victory for the forces of peace," but his death did not mean extremism has been defeated, Merkel said."Last night the forces of peace achieved a victory. But this does not mean that international terrorism has been defeated yet. We must all remain vigilant."Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said: "Osama bin Laden was one of the world's most brutal terrorists. He has the lives of thousands of innocent people on his conscience. It is good news for all the people of the world who love peace and think freely that the bloody work of this terrorist has been stopped."Bavaria’s Interior Minister, Joachim Herrmann, said the security of US facilities would be reviewed in the southern state.“The danger of acts of revenge by Islamist attackers is growing,” he said.The protection of American facilities in Bavaria would therefore be strengthened, in consultation with the US.Federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said the threat of terrorist attacks in Germany persisted despite bin Laden’s death. It was premature to think “that terrorism therefore has ended,” he said, ahead of a trip to Washington.“Peace requires that we remain vigilant,” Friedrich said.He stressed there was no evidence of “an elevated danger” for American facilities in Germany. That said, it was self-evident that security measures would be raised.The GdP police union called for the “highest vigilance” after the announcement. “It cannot be ruled out that the various terror networks want to avenge the death of bin Laden,” GdP chairman Bernhard Witthaut said in Berlin. “For this reason the German security services need every political and legal support to be able to carry out their work for the security of the people.“The death of bin Laden will not defuse the danger of terrorism for Germany. The background of the latest arrests by the Federal Criminal Police show that.“The terror network originally founded by bin Laden has long functioned in a decentralized way. There are groups operation in many countries as the latest bomb attack in Marrakesh and the arrests in Düsseldorf and Bochum indicate.”German prosecutors said at the weekend that one of the three men arrested in North Rhine-Westphalia – named only as Abdeladim K. – had received the order to plan an attack in Germany from an important member of al-Qaida last year.The 29-year-old from Morocco is said to have been in regular contact with the al-Qaida man, who is in the Afghan-Pakistan border region.The other two men arrested were identified as 31-year-old Jamil S., a German-Moroccan, and 19-year-old Amid C., a German-Iranian.
The Local

Deutsche Bahn withdraws from project of new railway line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

BERLIN – The German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) will no longer participate in building a new rail line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Because the route will pass through occupied Palestinian territory.
With this decision, the German railway bends under the pressure of a Group of German peace activists and a Palestinian initiative who had criticized the commitment of the DB since months.
According to a report of the german daily Der Spiegel, Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) had informed the DB CEO Ruediger Grube on the political delicacy of the project. Referring to the Deutsche Bahn the magazine reported, that the DB regarded the route under the “terms of international law” for “problematic”.
The client was clarified that the Deutsche Bahn want to withdraw from the “sensitive” project, like a DB spokesman said. The German company had advised the Israel Railways in electrification and studies of creation of vertical profiles.
The DB but would continue their other work in the country. The controversial route will connect the two largest Israeli cities Jerusalem and Tel Aviv until to 2017. The travel time will be reduced to 28 minutes.
It is remarkable that a public German company on Reasons of alleged “political sensitivity” is acting once again to the detriment of Israel.
In contrast to this, no German politician and no German company has any problem in business with the rogue state Iran until today. Here, German politicians and companies have never shown their “political sensitivity “.
Bernd Kleinschmitt, EJPost reporter in Berlin, Germany

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The SIG calls on Switzerland to dissociate itself unequivocally from Jean Ziegler

ZURICH - The SIG calls on Switzerland to dissociate itself unequivocally from Jean Ziegler.
The SIG has voiced this request in a letter to councellor Micheline Calmy-Rey.
The SIG has appealed to the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs several times concerning Ziegler’s engagements in the human rights council and has pointed out Ziegler’s questionable attitude vis a vis regimes that ignore human rights. Furthermore the SIG has pointed out Ziegler’s role in Libya-friendly organisations like “Nord – Sud” and the establishment of the “Gaddafi- human rights award.
The SIG firmly believes that Switzerland cannot support Jean Ziegler carrying a mandate in international committees without rendering its own credibility questionable.