Thursday, June 30, 2011

UN officials and the Muslim regime in Sarajevo orchestrated the Srebrenica massacre

Jihadists yet again play clueless and ignorant Westerners for fools. "Srebrenica was an Inside Job" by Andy Wilcoxson in the Balkan Report, June 15:
In the wake of the July 1995 fall of the Srebrenica enclave, thousands of Muslim soldiers and draft eligible men were killed or went missing. Some were captured and summarily executed by Bosnian-Serb forces, and others died in combat.
Western governments, news media, and the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague have assiduously
misled the public about the nature of the massacre; at the same time they have remained conspicuously silent about the role U.N. officials and the Muslim regime in Sarajevo played in orchestrating the massacre.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Osama is back: German animal park welcomes 'terror bird'

An animal park near Germany’s northern border with Denmark is hoping a freakish-looking hatchling related to ancient “terror birds” will become a new star attraction.
The four-day-old seriema bird (Photo) has been drawing attention from visitors for its odd, ruffled appearance.The animal is currently as big as a fist and has to be fed by hand, said Peter Brand, park manager at Westküstenpark St. Peter-Ording in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Austria: Muslim leader resigns for saying sport unhealthy for women

The vice president of Austria's Islamic community says he is resigning after local media quoted him as saying too much sport is unhealthy for women.Ahmet Hamidi says he has been misquoted, but is stepping down to deflect possible criticism of the Islamic community.Hamidi, a doctor of internal medicine, was quoted last week as telling a Vienna daily that "too much sport is not good for the female organism, this has been clearly proven."He said Friday that he said only that extreme sports can have negative results for women, and that he offered that opinion as a doctor and not as a functionary of the Islamic community.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Peeping Tom: Germany's Satirical Magazine for Muslims only

German Interior Minister says Muslims must fight "radicalization"; Muslim leaders blame "Islamophobia"

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich says Muslims must fight against "radicalization" in their own communities. In response, Muslim leaders in Germany pledged full, open, and honest cooperation with law enforcement -- naaah, just kidding! In reality, they whined about "Islamophobia," complained that the whole community was being victimized by the fight against jihadists, and demanded that the government work to make Muslims "feel at home" in Germany. Do they need to do anything to demonstrate their loyalty to the state and rejection of all areas of Sharia that contradict German law? Why, of course they don't, you greasy Islamophobe.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Germany Adds Insult to Injury?

Berlin—On Tuesday, federal prosecutors in New York brought charges against Arid Uka, a radical Islamist who killed two U.S. servicemen and wounded two more in Germany’s Frankfurt International Airport in March.
Uka, who was born in Kosovo, worked as a postal employee at the airport, is reported to have shouted “Allahu akbar!” (Arabic for “God is great”) as he shot U.S. airmen Zachary R. Cuddeback, 21, of Stanardsville, Virginia, and Nicholas J. Alden, 25, of Williamston, South Carolina, who were on their way to Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, a court in Frankfurt announced plans to release Red Army Faction terrorist Birgit Hogefeld, who served a mere 18 years in prison for the murder of U.S. soldier Edward Pimental and the bombing of a U.S. military base that killed two more U.S. servicemen.
In 1985, Hogefeld lured Pimental away from a disco to steal his identity card, and was convicted for her involvement in the killing of him. Later, the Red Army Faction used Pimental’s credentials to gain entry to the Rhein-Main Air Base, and used explosives to kill two more people.
If the Hogefeld case is any guide, the German justice system will probably not sentence Uka to life in prison. After a relatively lenient penalty, he’s likely to be released.
Perhaps predictably, the media has given little coverage to Uka’s case—Mark Steyn’s piece in early March being a notable exception—or his linkage with radical Islamist ideology.
Just as the U.S. military’s report glossed over the significance of Nidal Malik Hasan’s immersion in radical Islamism to his murder of 13 military personnel at Fort Hood, the German government still maintains that Uka was a lone wolf without connections to the German Islamist scene.
Yet Uka showed no hesitation in displaying his ties to a number of hardcore German Islamists on his Facebook page. He declared himself a radical Islamist on the Internet, even as he continued to work at the Frankfurt Airport.
In spite of the historical record, Washington appears not to be seeking Uka’s extradition to the United States.
If Uka is not tried in a U.S. court, Americans shouldn’t be surprised when a German one releases him.
Benjamin Weinthal is a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Muslims say fight against terror must not lead to general suspicion

The Central Council of Muslims has warned against putting all Muslim people under general suspicion of being radical or terrorists, ahead of Friday’s ‘Prevention Summit’ being held by the Interior Ministry.
Muslim groups and security authorities have been called together by Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich for the meeting to discuss strategies to prevent and fight Islamist violence. “Those who have become radicalised are a disappearing, small minority,” Aiman Mazyek, head of the Council told the Schwäbische Zeitung. “It would be fatal if the more than four million Muslims in Germany were to come under general suspicion.”He added that Mosque-based and Muslim religious communities presented no danger. “Recognising and identifying extremist tendencies is the duty of everyone in Germany, including Muslims,” he said.A conference of state interior ministers earlier this week decided to put more attention on groups of radical Salafist Muslims. Mazyek said this could be a mistake if taken too far. “We should not make the mistake of making them more important by giving the Salafists too much attention in this debate,” he said. “We need more funds for political education, for anti-extremism programmes, for the training of Muslim confidants and for exit programmes,” he said. The summit was to do something to combat fears that in particular young Muslims are in danger of being radicalised by preachers and violent images accessed over the internet. The attack at Frankfurt Airport in March, in which a radicalised young man killed two American soldiers, was a case in point – the first Islamist attack in Germany.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clemens Heni: Yale’s Antisemitism Problem

Historian Stephen H. Norwood’s The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower demonstrates that Yale and many other Ivy League universities were very much pro-German, and not at all anti-Nazi. Norwood writes:
Yale University and Vassar College German clubs invited Dr. Richard Sallet, attaché at the German embassy in Washington, to speak on campus about Hitler’s Germany. The Nazi-diplomat spoke informally on December 11 to Yale’s Germanic Club, which was composed of faculty members and graduate students, on “The New Foundation of the German Commonwealth.”
The PLO is — and Yasir Arafat was — influenced by Grand Mufti Mohammed Amin al-Husaini. Al-Husaini was a close ally of National Socialism, Hitler, and the Germans. He was actively involved in the Holocaust. Scholarship on antisemitism has dealt with al-Husaini in the last couple of years — one of the first brochures on the Grand Mufti, Italian fascists, and the Nazis was published as early as 1947 by Holocaust survivor Simon Wiesenthal.

German Left Party bars MPs from joining Gaza Flotilla

Critics say party failed to deal with anti-Semitism from within its ranks.
BERLIN – The German Left Party earlier this month issued a resolution prohibiting its Bundestag deputies from participating in the Gaza Flotilla slated for late June and intended to break Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
Billed as a resolution that would end the criticism that the Left Party is fundamentally anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, the resolution failed to impress the head of Germany’s Jewish community, Dr. Dieter Graumann, and media commentators who see an anti-Semitic agenda driving the Left Party’s domestic and foreign policy platforms.
Writing in Monday’s daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, Graumann, head of Germany’s 105,000-member Central Council of Jews, said, “The old East German anti-Zionist spirit still haunts the party. Paradoxically, today it’s representatives from the West who let out their rabid, almost pathological hatred of Israel. Unfortunately, it’s these ideologues who claim responsibility for the Left Party’s policies on Israel.”
The Left Party, successor to the Socialist Unity Party of the former East German communist state, has attracted a mix of East German socialists, West German leftists and trade unionists.
According to the Left Party’s resolution, the party’s parliamentary representatives and employees will not participate “in Middle East conflict initiatives that call for a one-state solution for Palestine and Israel and boycotts of Israeli products, as well this year’s Gaza Flotilla.”
Fourteen Left Party deputies walked out of the vote in protest against the resolution and five did not appear for the vote.
Last year, two Left Party parliamentarians, Inge Höger and Annette Groth, traveled aboard the Mavi Marmara vessel with a group of Turkish Islamists in an attempt to break the blockade of Gaza.
Höger and Groth, and the party’s former foreign policy spokesman, and former deputy Norman Paech, who was on the ship, received a hero’s welcome in Berlin last year from the leadership of the Left Party.
Alex Feuerherdt, an expert on left-wing anti-Semitism in the Federal Republic who writes for German newspapers, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that “it goes without saying” that participation in the Gaza Flotilla action is a “military attack on Israel.”
He continued that the Left Party resolution “denies that there is anti-Semitism in the party” and provides no action plan to “combat” anti-Semitism among Left Party members and deputies.
Writing a lead commentary for the mass circulation Bild newspaper on Tuesday, Ralf Schuler sharply criticized the Left Party’s anti-Israel activity, noting “that the borders between left- and right-wing extremists have become blurred.” He said the so-called “anti-fascism” of the Left Party is worthless against right-wing extremism because there is a “red-brown” commonality in the party’s own backyard. Red is the color associated with the Left Party, while brown designates Nazis. Schuler called for the Left Party to eject officials who advocate a boycott against Israel and delegitimize its right to exist.
A litany of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel votes and actions has catapulted the Left Party into controversy. In the election district of deputy Inge Höger, Left Party city councilwoman Erika Zemaitis voted against funds to build a new synagogue in the city of Herford.
German Nazis torched the original synagogue in 1938.
The party’s branches in Duisburg and Bremen have called for boycotts of the Jewish state.
Proponents included Hermann Dierkes, a Duisburg Left Party city councilman, who has termed Israel’s right to exist as “petty.”
Duisburg’s Left Party website this year posted a flyer equating Israel with Nazi Germany, which denigrated the Star of David as a Nazi swastika.
When the controversy appeared in the major media, Left Party politicians took down the flyer and denied involvement.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Germany: Muslim who murdered two USAF servicemen while shouting "Allahu akbar" charged with murder

Arid Uka is a Kosovar Albanian Muslim. For some odd and unexplained reason he was neither moderate nor brimming with gratitude towards Americans, as every learned analyst knows that every single Kosovar Albanian is.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Germany: Salafist threat growing, interior ministers say

German state interior ministers are warning of a rise in radical Salafist Islam that poses a risk of home-grown terrorism, with one politician calling for changes to residency laws so “hate preachers” can be more easily deported.
Hesse Interior Minister Boris Rhein of the conservative Christian Democratic Union told daily Die Welt that Salafism was a “centre and pivot for those who want to participate in so-called holy war.”“Salafism can in this way lay the path to Islamist terrorism,” he said, adding that the law needed to be changed so that “hate preachers” can be more easily thrown out of the country.“In future, this should be possible when someone spreads material that goes against the liberal democratic basic order or that fosters radicalisation or, as the case may be, terrorism recruitment.“We should also change the corresponding laws covering the right to assembly and paragraphs of the sedition law.”Interior ministers from Germany's 16 federal states plan to discuss the issue when they hold a regular meeting on Tuesday. The Financial Times Deutschland reported Tuesday that the Verfassungsschutz domestic intelligence agencies would be intensifying their monitoring of the Salafist scene.“Salafism is seen both in Germany and on the international level as the dynamic Islamist movement at the moment,” a Verfassungsschutz expert, who was not named, told the FTD.Salafism is a strict adherence to the Koran and the earliest principles of Islam from between the 8th and 10th centuries. They aim to reorder society, the state and the law according to Salafist values regarded as God-given.Rhein said that Salafists wanted “a return to a stone-age Islam and want to turn Germany into a theocracy.”“They demonise anything western. The preach hate, intolerance and exclusion. They call for the stoning of adulterers and death sentences for homosexuals. They reject the equality of men and women. This ideology is at odds with our fundamental values. It is in every way unconstitutional and dangerous.”Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann of the conservative Christian Social Union also warned of the growing danger.“I am warning against underestimating the danger arising from Salafism,” he told the FTD. “Almost all terrorism issues in the past have been somehow or other traced back to a tendency to radicalisation from Salafism. We have to be especially watchful here.”One of the most prominent representatives of Salafism in Germany is the former boxer Pierre Vogel, who now goes by the name Abu Hamza, whose sermons and internet videos are popular with young followers.The young Kosovar Arid Uka who underwent a rapid radicalisation and killed two US military servicemen at Frankfurt Airport at the start of March, followed Vogel as a Facebook friend.Rhein described Vogel as a “spiritual firebrand” who had the ability to radicalise young men but was careful not to break the law – for example by advocating violence.Vogel has expressly condemned violence in the name of Islam, though Rhein pointed out the former boxer had wanted to hold a memorial service in Frankfurt for Osama bin Laden after the late al-Qaida leader was killed by American forces. Rhein said authorities were examining whether Vogel’s group, “Invitation to Paradise” ought to be banned.Herrmann said: “We must not allow home-grown terrorists to breed and gain control under our noses. We have to come down on Salafism and its ideology decisively and with all legal means.”Close observation was difficult because there is no clear hierarchy and even clear numbers of Salafists are hard to gauge.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Arrested Austrian was planning 9/11-style attack on Reichstag

An Austrian terror suspect arrested this week was plotting to crash a plane into the Reichstag building in Berlin, which houses the German parliament, a report said Saturday. Officials said a German with links to the suspect was also detained.
The suspect, who has been named only as Thomas al-J. was arrested on Wednesday in his Vienna flat on suspicion of recruiting for terror training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan and of financing a terrorist organization - the German Taliban Mujahideen (DTM).Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reported on Saturday that the 25-year-old Austrian national who converted to Islam, had been plotting to crash a plane into the Reichstag, and had been training on a flight simulator.Austria's interior ministry also said on Saturday that a German terrorism suspect had been arrested in Austria on May 31 and had links with the alleged recruiter.The 26-year-old German, originally from Berlin, is in the process of being extradited to Germany, where he is suspected of being a member of a terrorist organization, ministry spokesman Rudolf Gollia said.Three other suspects who were arrested at Vienna airport on Wednesday apparently on their way to a terrorist training camp in Pakistan were released from custody that evening. Police said there were no grounds to detain them.Austria last year passed a law that prescribes up to five years in prison for any person attending a terror camp abroad.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Germany: Merkel Tells Germans to “Accept Migrant Violence”

by sheikyermami
Outrage: Merkel tells Germans they “have to accept violence from migrants”
Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel tenderly suggested we should discuss the problem of Migrant Violence. (Code for Muslim crime) This was broadcast today in a video message for the first time.
Update: Merkel also intends to visit a ‘box-camp’ for migrant Muslim youths, where they learn to beat up their German victims.
Juvenile delinquency and violence are a larger problem for migrants than for ethnic Germans.
Merkel: „We must accept that the number of criminal offences is particularly high with juvenile migrants “, said the CDU boss in her Internet video message.
The Germans are dumbfounded:
Why we must “accept”, Mrs. Bundeskanzlerin?!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Germany concerned that women's soccer tournament may provoke jihadist attacks

Priorities: women's soccer must die, to make the world safe for Sharia. "Report: Islamists may attack womens' world cup, German police warn," from Deutsche Presse-Agentur, June 17 Wiesbaden, Germany - The Womens World Cup of Football being held over June and July in Germany may provoke violence by Islamic fundamentalists, German police have warned according to a report in Der Spiegel.
Germany is hosting the June 26 to July 17 women's world cup.
The report said Islamist extremists regarded women playing football as epitomizing western decadence, and said there was an 'especial risk' that 'lone-wolf' militants might disrupt games.
Germany's Federal Crime Office in Wiesbaden declined to confirm to the German Press Agency

Austria: four arrested for involvement with terrorist "religious fundamentalist society"

What kind of "religious fundamentalist society"? Militant Methodists? Hardcore Jimmy Swaggart followers? AP doesn't get around to giving us a hint, as if we really needed one, until several paragraphs into the story, when we learn that they were involved with "the German Taliban Mujahideen."

Friday, June 17, 2011

UANI Renews Call on Liebherr to End Its Business in Iran As Part of Ongoing Cranes Campaign

New York, NY - United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) on Wednesday called on Swiss-German construction equipment manufacturer Liebherr to clarify its business dealings in Iran, and immediately end all of its business with Iran and Iranian entities.
As part of its "Cranes Campaign," UANI in April called on Liebherr to stop supplying cranes to Iran, and noted that the government of Germany had expressed concerns about the possibility of Liebherr cranes being used by blacklisted Iranian shell companies to support Tehran's missile program.

In a May 18 response to UANI, Liebherr condemned the Iranian regime's use of cranes for public executions, but did not state whether it would end its business activities in Iran.

UANI is now seeking further clarification from Liebherr about the current state of its business dealings in Iran. In a letter to Liebherr's Managing Directors, UANI President, Ambassador Mark Wallace, and STOP THE BOMB Campaign Director Michael Spaney wrote:
In light of UANI's and Liebherr's shared condemnation of the abhorrent activities carried out by the Iranian regime, UANI would appreciate a clarification regarding Liebherr's business activities in Iran. Is it the case that Liebherr no longer conducts any business in Iran or with Iranian entities?
It is troubling that on its very own website, Liebherr states that it sells equipment in Iran through the Tehran-based Boron Marz Co. Similarly, the Iranian company Shenavar Saze Pooyesh (SSP) states it is the exclusive agent of Liebherr Werk Nenzig, the Austrian-based subsidiary of Liebherr. It is possible other entities are doing so as well.
Ambassador Wallace and Director Spaney also noted the recent uptick in Iran's current execution binge, and the possibility that Liebherr's cranes are being used by the regime for brutal public executions:
Sadly, the situation on the ground in Iran has continued to deteriorate. Since UANI's initial correspondence to Liebherr on April 27, 2011, Iran has accelerated its pace of executions, including public executions. Iran Human Rights, a leading human rights organization on Iran, has reported that in the month of May alone at least 54 people have been executed, with 15 of those executions taking place publicly.
The UANI "Cranes Campaign" highlights the Iranian regime's abhorrent executions by hanging from construction cranes, and the disturbing reality that these cranes are coming from Western and Asian companies. UANI requested a reply from Liebherr by June 17, 2011.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vienna: No freedom of movement for Abbasi, Father of the Iranian Bomb! No forum for the Iranian Regime!

Monday, June 20, 2011
Austria Center Vienna, Bruno-Kreisky-Platz (U1-Kaisermühlen/VIC)
Rally 9:00 AM
Information Desk 8:00 - 10:00 AM
This February, Ahmadinejad simultaneously appointed Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani as head of the Iranian nuclear program and as one of his vice presidents. Abbasi-Davani plans to attend the IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety from June 20 until June 24 in Vienna. Due to his direct involvement in the Iranian nuclear weapons program, he has been subject to UN sanctions since 2007 and his name is mentioned in the EU sanctions resolution passed in 2010. Nevertheless, the UN-Commission lifted the travel restrictions for his visit to Austria. No other than Abbasi himself declared publicly earlier this month that Iran is going to triple its capacities of uranium enrichment in continued disregard of resolutions passed by the UN Security Council. Apart from condemnatory statements, this announcement provoked no reactions. Only a few days ago, Ahmadinejad renewed his threat of annihilation of the Jewish state and described Israel as a 'tumor' that needed to be 'surgically removed'. However, the Iranian bomb is not solely a threat to the Jewish state, it is a threat to the entire region, to the West, and to the Iranian population, which is being held hostage by the Iranian regime while it is pursuing its apocalyptic projects. Recently, a website run by the Revolutionary Guards speculated about "the day after the first successful nuclear bomb test" publicly for the very first time. The Iranian regime relies on people like Abbasi to acquire the technological means necessary for executing its fantasies of destruction. For the second time this month, Vienna is to give a forum to the Iranian regime, which persecutes homosexuals, women and minorities, organizes conferences on the denial of the Holocaust, finances worldwide jihadi terror and currently participates in the brutal suppression of the protests against its ally, the Assad regime in Syria. Representatives of the Iranian regime routinely take advantage of their appearances at international organizations for disseminating their murderous ideology. We demand: - No freedom of movement for the Iranian bomb-constructor-in-chief! - No forum for the representatives of an anti-semitic regime of Holocaust deniers! - Prompt and harsh sanctions in the energy sector to hinder the Iranian regime from continuing its projects!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vichy Serbia Sends Mladic To Death

By Vojin Joksimovich
The Serbian president Boris Tadic triumphantly announced that General Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb commander in the 1992-1995 civil and religious war in Bosnia, was arrested. The arrest took place on May 26 in the village of Lazarevo (to be renamed by residents to Ratkovo or Mladicevo in honor of General Mladic) near the northern Serbian city of Zrenjanin. The same day baroness Katherine Ashton, EU’s foreign policy commissar, was visiting Belgrade. Tadic has been viewed by many, in particular in the Serbian diaspora, as President of the Vichy Serbia. He pompously stated how the arrest of the 69 year-old Bosnian Serb war hero means: reconciliation in the region, end of a difficult era in the Serbian history, lifts stain from the face of Serbia and from Serbs, fulfillment of national and international obligations, and rule of law. Some 12,000 Bosnian Serbs protested in Banja Luka against the arrest. One of the protestors said that Mladic’s arrest was the “greatest disgrace the Serb people had seen in the past 20 years.” The president of Republika Srpska (RS) veterans said: “President Tadic cannot speak about the need to remove a stain from the Serb people, because the Serb people’s face is clean.” There were demonstrations in Belgrade as well organized by the Serbian Radical Party (SRS in Serbian). Dr.Vojislav Seselj, the party leader, sent a letter from detention in The Hague saying that the stain will be removed once president Tadic is arrested and accusing him of being a traitor.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Germany: Police Officer Identified as “Hate Preacher”

The Hessian Office for the Protection of the Constitution found that Roman R., a 40-year-old police officer from Frankfurt, appears on the Internet under the name “Abu Bilal” to preach the Quran, call for an Islamic state, and promote conversions to Islam. Following a report by the “NDR” (a broadcasting corporation from North Germany), Roman R. has close links to the Salafist network “Dawa FFM”; he uses their homepage to disseminate his views, especially those relating to (unveiled) female dress habits that allegedly do not align with Islamic beliefs. Salafists are known as especially extreme jihadis; they aim for an Islamic state and the introduction of Sharia law.
While Roman R. is not actively working for the police any more, he still receives a large share of his salary. So far, there is not criminal prosecution; however, the police investigate internally.

Monday, June 13, 2011

British Methodists: Palestine First, Germany Next?

by Malcolm Lowe
In 2010, the Methodist Church in Britain produced a report entitled "Justice for Palestine and Israel". The report was adopted as official Methodist policy. Consequently, British Methodists are now called upon to boycott certain Israeli products and support the pro-Palestinian initiatives of the World Council of Churches and Christian Aid.
We have looked at this report, which relies heavily upon a purported history of Palestine in the twentieth century, supported by a bibliography that makes no pretense to impartiality. Anyone who has any genuine acquaintance of that history will be amazed at the continual misrepresentations. In particular, the report repeatedly uses statistics that will mislead an unknowing reader. The report is not the first example of this genre of semi-fact, but perhaps it is the greatest masterpiece to date.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Muslim Albanians stone Serbs in Kosovo again

Photo: front of the bus Albanians stoned
Muslim Albanians attacked Christian Serbs in Djakovica, in Serbia’s Kosovo province.
Serbs were attacked by a stone throwing mob of Muslim Albanians who were protesting their presence in the city from which Albanians have ethnically cleansed them.
A bus brought the Serbs to the city for a Christian religious observance of the Souls.
Albanian authorities have arrested 2 ethnic Albanians and after brief conversation with them the 2 arrested Albanians were let go free.
“We visited the graves that was in the city, then after that we went to the monastery of Holy Mother and when we came out of it we were stoned,” said Djokica Stanojevic.
Some 120 other Serbs did not visit the planned religious observance at another cemetery because their lives were in danger.
Priest Milija Arsovic said that the Serbian cemetery in Kosovska Mitrovica has been completely destroyed by “unknown assailants”.
Media in the West claims that the Kosovo Albanians are an allegedly “moderate” Islamic sect.
M. Bozinovich

Srebrenica: Bosnian Muslim Jihad killings of 3,500 Christians

By Lee Jay Walker from Modern Tokyo Times
The image of Srebrenica tells us more about the reality of the majority of the media and of course the “Muslim victim card” is being used in order to cleanse the Bosniak Muslims. After all, from enslaving Orthodox Christians during their brotherly love with the Turkish slave masters of the Ottoman Empire to having Muslim SS units who supported Adolf Hitler; then “victimhood” is needed in order to justify their history and culture. Of course the wishy-washy brigade will tell us that the Ottoman period was enlightened and that the system of taking the eldest Christian boy (devshirme system) in the Balkans and converting them to Islam was noble. Yes, slavery in the modern era being justified and not mere slavery because the system meant that they would kill their own people in the name of Islam after being indoctrinated by Islamists in the Ottoman Empire.
However, the liberal agenda tells us that Europe owes so much to Islam. Strange because Islam took the sword to Europe and enslaved and colonized and this reality shames historians and commentators who manipulate history. After all, if people stated that the Atlantic slave trade was enlightening then people would be rightly condemned. However, when scholars and journalist speak about a tolerant Islamic Ottoman Empire or about their man made multi-religious Bosnia then the elites clap in admiration while leaders in Mecca dream about Islamization by stealth jihad.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Message from Stuttgart

Before Robert came to Germany, he asked me about security guards; I answered that there would be plenty of police and they were on our side. When we met at the airport and rode on the train to Stuttgart, I told him there were lots of places I’d never invite him to in Germany, such as Cologne in North-Rhine Westphalia, but that Stuttgart was pretty calm. I couldn’t have been mistaken more. The times they are a-changin’, and the Stuttgart 21 project, the big reconstruction of Stuttgart’s central railway station, attracts all kinds of radicals and rioters from all over Germany. Meanwhile, you can even hire “professional” protesters; you don’t even have to pay them, they join anything they deem a Just cause -- and “just” is simply anti-Western.
And these demonstrators apparently excel as brilliant minds. Here is an example: “I go to school in Neukölln (part of Berlin) and there are 20 Muslims in my class, we have no problems.” “In Neukölln the headscarf sluts beat up Polish girls.” Enraged: “How dare you call ‘em sluts!?” Not a word about the Polish girls, it escapes this brilliant mind that Poland was the first country that the Nazis invaded in World War II, and that accordingly the Germans have a certain responsibility for the protection of Poles on their soil. Or, “You’re racists!” “What race is Islam?” “You’re against everybody who looks like someone from an Islamic country, against black-haired people...” Pointing at Robert: “Is he blond?” “Uh, you know what I mean...” And so forth. On Thursday afternoon, June 2, the idyllic Schlossplatz in the centre of Stuttgart turned into a witches’ cauldron. So-called antifas (anti-fascists) and jihadis stormed our stage and occupied it. Everything turned topsy-turvy, our agenda went down the drain, and when eventually the stage was cleared and our orators were able to speak briefly, the unleashed mob threw metal ashtrays, bottles filled with ice, eggs and horse shit at them, as there were some mounted police on the ground. Our “friends” know how to use the materials they find; they’re ecologically sensitive. But the police were not very helpful. They kept a low profile and only de-escalated when absolutely necessary.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Record of Archbishop Stepinac

By Srdja Trifkovic
As a long-time upholder of friendship and alliance between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditionalists, I am disheartened by Pope Benedict XVI’s uncritical portrayal of Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac (1898-1960) as a saintly figure during his visit to Croatia earlier this week.
In a homily at the Zagreb Cathedral the Pontiff called Stepinac “a fearless pastor and an example of apostolic zeal and Christian fortitude, whose heroic life continues today to illuminate the faithful of the Dioceses of Croatia, sustaining the faith and life of the Church in this land”:

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Germany

by Soeren Kern
A highly-anticipated new report, "Anti-Semites as a Coalition Partner," which examines the increasing anti-Israel activism of politicians belonging to the German Left Party (Die Linke), has sparked a debate over the rise of anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism in post-modern Germany. The study has been welcomed for drawing attention to the re-emergence of anti-Semitism in public discourse in Germany, and has even triggered a debate about Israel bashing in the German parliament.
Excerpts of the study, subtitled "The Left Party: Between Anti-Zionist Anti-Semitism and the Wish to Govern," were published by the center-left Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper on May 19. The report says: "A power has established itself within the parliamentary spectrum of the Left Party, which tolerates anti-Semitic positions.... Our thesis is that anti-Zionist anti-Semitism has become the dominant consensus position within the German Left Party."
The authors conclude: "The 'Left' is moving ever closer to governing and – as a result of vote-getting potential above all in eastern Germany – the possibility exists that for the first time in the history of the German Federal Republic a political party – which since 2010 has clearly positioned itself as anti-Semitic could gain power."
In a separate essay, "The Left Party Has an Anti-Semitism Problem" and published by the center-right Die Welt newspaper on June 8, 2010, German sociologist Samuel Salzborn wrote: "The Left Party has an anti-Semitism problem which can no longer be ignored. For the number of incidents – which originate from an anti-Semitic worldview – has increased dramatically since the beginning of the year. The pattern is always the same: ostensibly it is couched as criticism of Israel, but the arguments reveal themselves as anti-Semitic to the core. This can be seen by the participation by two current and one former Left Party representatives from the Bundestag in the Gaza Flotilla and thus with open collaboration with violent Islamists. The fact that Left Party functionaries are cooperating with radical Islamists, who have never concealed their anti-Semitic motives, is the result of a widespread radicalization of the party."
The accusations prompted a heated debate in the German Bundestag [parliament] on May 25. The debate, "Recent social scientific research into the potential anti-Semitic and anti-Israel positions and practices in the Left Party," addressed what many experts consider to be the dominant form of modern anti- Semitism in Germany: the loathing of the Jewish state. Hans-Peter Uhl, from the Bavaria-based Christian Social Union, a sister party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, accused the Left Party of "fishing for votes in anti-Semitic voter groups."

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Clemens Heni: Yale kills YIISA

The Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism (YIISA), established in 2006 as the first institute of its kind that dealt particularly with research on antisemitism was shut down by Yale University a few days ago. YIISA made a routine application for a five-year renewal of its status, which Yale University then denied.
Since 2005, even before the official establishment of YIISA, prominent scholars and publicists who are critical about new antisemitism, and Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism, appeared at Yale. A core element of YIISA’s activities focused on the Iranian threat, including an event with YIISA founder Charles Small and Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens at 92Y in Manhattan in 2008.
YIISA had events on many other topics related to antisemitism, like the history of the Holocaust, Holocaust obfuscation and denial, among other forms of historical and contemporary antisemitism. Invited scholars included Paul Lawrence Rose, Deborah Lipstadt, Dina Porat, Michael Oren (meanwhile Israel’s ambassador to the US), Anne Bayefsky, Phyllis Chesler, Ruth Wisse, Richard Landes, Yossi Klein Halevi, Irvin Cotler, Gerald Steinberg, Jeffrey Herf, Hadassa Ben-Itto, Kenneth Marcus and Michael Walzer along with activists and public figures like ADL president Abe Foxman.
Even controversial scholars like German historian Wolfgang Benz, Yale’s Sheila Benhabib, or American philosopher Martha Nussbaum, none of whom are known as critics of Muslim antisemitism, were given a podium at YIISA. The program of YIISA was diverse.

German Police say foiled forced-marriage kidnap bid

German police said Tuesday they had foiled a bid by two Turks to kidnap a 17-year-old girl for a forced marriage in Turkey.The attempted abduction of the French teenager of Turkish origin, from Sarregumines, in eastern France, took place on Sunday, just across the German border, in Saarbruecken, police said.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Can Merkel Repair Fractured U.S.-German Relations?

By Benjamin Weinthal
Berlin — German chancellor Angela Merkel is slated to meet President Obama this evening and tomorrow in Washington for policy discussions, and for Obama to present Merkel with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the U.S.’s top civilian award. It is issued for “significant contributions to U.S. security or national interests, world peace, or other notable endeavors.”
But Merkel’s record on U.S. national interests has been decidedly mixed. At best, the foreign policy of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) administration — in coalition with the pro-business Free Democratic Party and the Bavarian-based Christian Social Union — shows a perplexing and unfortunate continuity with that of her Social Democratic predecessor, Gerhard Schröder.
Over the last eight years, Germany has hit American presidents with a one-two punch. First, Schröder refused to support Washington’s effort to remove Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Then his government and Merkel’s issued rules that have prevented German soldiers in Afghanistan from engaging in combat, making daily patrols and searches considerably more dangerous for U.S. and other international troops. Now, Merkel sits idly by as France, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. attempt to end Muammar Qaddafi’s blood-soaked rule in Libya.
Perhaps most offensively, Merkel’s government stood shoulder to shoulder with Russia and China at the U.N. Security Council, abstaining from the vote endorsing a no-fly zone over Libya in hopes of protecting civilians from Qaddafi’s attacks.
Merkel is Berlin’s first East German–born chancellor, and her experience and rejection of Communism have understandably electrified Americans. She famously said, “Freedom does not come about of itself. It must be struggled for, and then defended anew, every day of our lives.” And, to her credit, Merkel has at least kept Germany’s roughly 5,000-strong military contingent in Afghanistan. Merkel also celebrated the success of the U.S. Navy SEAL operation that killed Osama bin Laden. “I’m glad that killing Bin Laden was successful,” she said after the raid.
But she soon watered down her remarks in the face of a wave of domestic criticism, including the ironic comment of former Social Democratic chancellor and World War II–era Wehrmacht soldier Helmut Schmidt that bin Laden’s targeted killing was “clearly a violation of international law.”
The New York Post issued a stinging rejoinder: “As if any German has standing to lecture anybody about international morality before, say, May 8, 2045, the 100th anniversary of V-E Day.”
Merkel’s government has also succumbed to rising political pressure by declining to share valuable intelligence information that would enable American drones to wipe out terrorists in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. According to a Der Spiegel magazine article last month, Germany’s interior ministry and the Verfassungsschutz, its domestic intelligence agency, have stopped providing the U.S. government with data that could help locate radical German Islamists for drone strikes on the battlefields of South Asia. The German government furnishes telephone numbers to the Americans upon request, but not locations.
Merkel’s first instincts are usually right, and it is terribly disappointing when she backtracks. Will she be able to repair Berlin’s relations with Washington?
She could start with three gestures. First, Germany could realign itself with NATO and join military actions in support of the pro-democracy forces in Libya. Second, Germany could cut short its flourishing trade with Iran, which reached over €4 billion last year, and follow U.S. sanctions that aim to deny Iran’s leaders the technology and resources to advance their radical ambitions. Lastly, Germany could recommit to helping the United States find terrorists and bring them to justice, and contribute more in Afghanistan, where U.S. soldiers continue to confront a resurgent Taliban.
Those would truly be “significant contributions to U.S. security or national interests [and] world peace.”
Benjamin Weinthal is a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Monday, June 06, 2011

Bundeswehr slammed for children's 'Mitrovica' war games camp

The Bundeswehr has launched an investigation after reports that children were invited to play war games at a mock encampment named for a village in Serbia where the Nazis once committed war atrocities.
The incident took place two weekends ago at in Bad Reichenhall in Bavaria, during a day where German army barracks were open to the public, according to the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. Children were given dummy weapons and the fake village was made complete with bullet holes, blackened windows and smoke bombs, all designed to make the exercise more realistic, Bild reported. The real problem, however, was the mock village’s name: 'Little Mitrovica.' During World War II the German military controlled part of the real Mitrovica in Serbia, forcing 300 Roma into concentration-camp type work and eventually killing them. The town was also the the site of serious ethnic violence in 1999 as Albanians in the region attempted to break away from Serbia. During the war in Serbia, thousands of Roma were also expelled by Albanians. One possible explanation for the name choice could be that Bundeswehr troops were stationed in the Serb Province Kosovo as part of NATO's KFOR mission. Objections to the children's camp were first raised by the radical leftist group Rabatz, which called the incident a “scandal” in a statement.“This is a disgusting insult to the victims” in Mitrovica, said spokeswoman Anna Jade. She called for those responsible to resign and also questioned allowing children to play with fake weapons.A Bundeswehr spokesman told Bild that officials were investigating the matter. “We’ll let the process determine if there were violations at the open house day,” he said.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Spencer in Stuttgart


Ugliness and beauty in Germany

This morning I had the great honor of meeting with Susanne Zeller-Hirzel, one of the last surviving members of the White Rose, the nonviolent resistance movement that worked against Hitler's regime in Nazi Germany in 1942 and 1943. We discussed numerous parallels between the Nazi era in Germany and the advance of Islamic supremacism today -- as we saw in Stuttgart Thursday, Nazis and Islamic supremacists are remarkably similar in their taste for violent intimidation.
Susanne Zeller-Hirzel is the beauty mentioned in the headline of this post. The ugliness comes from an increasingly dangerous situation here in Germany. I have learned that the fascist Antifa and/or Islamic supremacist thugs have burned the truck belonging to the company that set up the stage for Pax Europa's Thursday rally. Then last night they found out the hotel that the courageous anti-jihad politician René Stadtkewitz was planning to stay in when he came to Stuttgart to announce the founding of the local branch of his new Freedom Party; they broke the hotel's windows and painted threatening messages on its walls. Also yesterday, I spoke to a Pax Europa meeting at a location in Stuttgart; Antifa thugs found out the location after the meeting had ended, and stormed and surrounded the place. Thirty-six were arrested.
Fascism is indeed coming back to Europe. But not because of the anti-jihadists.

Germany not vibrant enough

Buy a vibrator, Mr Wulff:
Germany: Islam necessary to develop vibrant society, says president Christian Wulff
I want to see this POS hang from the gallows.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Tadic welcomes “Greater Albania”

Serbian President Tadic told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that formation of Greater Albania is dangerous but that if done with dialogue with Serbia, he welcomes that outcome.
From his interview to FAZ translated via Google:
As a unilateral intention of this plan is very dangerous, but we can live with it if we have agreed solutions. An agreement where all sides get something and creates a viable solution, peace and stability can be extremely helpful for all parties. I am opposed to the avoidance of solutions, but for dialogue and negotiations. I’m not saying that Greater Albania is a great solution. I do not believe that Greater Serbia is a good solution. Just as I am against the partition of Bosnia. I am against creating a policy that larger states. But let us try to find practical solutions to problems.
M. Bozinovich

Friday, June 03, 2011

Confrontation in Germany

by Robert Spencer
Thursday afternoon I spoke in Stuttgart, Germany at the invitation of the human rights group Pax Europa. The event was well advertised, and so the thuggish Leftist/Islamic supremacist alliance mobilized and was out in full force.
About 1000 Antifa protesters showed up, banging drums, holding signs with the usual accusations of racism and "Islamophobia," blowing whistles, and menacing people who came out for the Pax Europa event. There were also about 500 German police on hand in riot gear. The Pax Europa organizers told me, "This is all for you" -- because they had publicized that I would be there. One young man came up to me as I was standing right in front of a line of German police and said, "You're lucky there are so many police here today."

General Mladic: The Facts

By Srdja Trifkovic
Mladic may have allowed himself to be discovered in return for a substantial financial reward for his family, sources from Belgrade say.
The circumstances surrounding arrest of the wartime commander of the Bosnian Serb Army, General Ratko Mladić, seem puzzling. On May 26 he was captured in the house of a close relative with the same surname in a village north of Belgrade. Prima facie this means either that Mladić was entirely left to his own devices and had to seek shelter with people certain to be under police surveillance, or else that the Serbian authorities had been conniving in his hiding. The former is unlikely in view of the effectiveness of Mladić’s concealment after he finally went underground in 2002. The latter is even less likely in view of President Boris Tadić’s constant desire to please his mentors in Brussels and Washington and get Serbia a step closer to the ever-elusive EU membership.
According to our reliable sources in Belgrade, Mladić would not have been discovered had he not decided to give himself up in return for a substantial financial reward for his family. He is a very sick man and unlikely to live much longer. In addition to a chronic kidney ailment and high blood pressure, he has suffered several minor strokes over the past decade. Two years ago he was treated—under an assumed name—for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at a clinic in Belgrade. Aware that his wife Bosiljka and son Darko had been living in penury since the authorities stopped paying his pension in 2005, Mladić decided to offer the government a deal. The final settlement is well below the $10m previously offered for Mladić’s capture, but sufficient to enable his wife and son to live in comfort for many years to come.
The price Mladić will have to pay is to endure, in the closing months of his life, a show trial at The Hague, where his guilt for genocide, crimes against humanity etc. is treated as a long-established fact. That he will not be granted even pro forma assumption of innocence was evident in the statement by the viceroy of Bosnia (“International High Representative”), Valentin Inzko of Austria, who described Mladić as a “war criminal” even though the trial is unlikely to start until some time next year.
Ratko Mladić is neither a monster nor a saint. He is a soldier, groomed in the Titoist tradition of the JNA (YPA) trans-national Yugoslavism, who rediscovered his Serb roots in late middle age. He was a skilled tactician but he was not a master strategist: he knew how to win battles, but ending the war was beyond him. His masterly conquest of the fortified Muslim positions on Mts. Igman and Bjelašnica in the summer of 1993 was a neat case of deep penetration by platoon-sized shock units in the center, immediately followed by panic-inducing flanking pincers.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Switzerland: Meeting Between Geert Wilders & Oskar Freysinger Cancelled

by sheikyermami
Won’t be long before the black flag of Islam flies over Switzerland. When Islam moves in, freedom goes out the door:
According to Swiss News SVP National Council Oskar Freysinger (photo) was forced to cancel Geert Wilders visit due to pressure by Muslim fundamentalists, who predicted ”violent reactions”. (pi reported). As usual in these cases, the ‘moderate Muslims’ cannot guarantee that ‘some radicals’ might riot in order to give the religion of peace a bad name. The public appearance of the Dutch parliamentarian in Switzerland was finally called off. The decision is in agreement with Wilders, according to SVP Valais from Tuesday evening. Further information you can find on the homepage of Oskar Freysinger, who used to believe that Switzerland “is a free country”.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Germany: Pressure grows on Left over anti-Semitism

BERLIN – Pressure is growing within Germany’s Left party to take decisive action against alleged anti-Semitic tendencies among the socialists.
“If the basic values of the party are neglected, there must be consequences, up to separation,” the party’s parliamentary whip in the Bundestag, Dagmar Enkelmann, told the Wednesday edition of Der Tagesspiegel newspaper.
The call comes as The Left faces continuing criticism that some members of the socialist party have anti-Semitic and anti-Israel leanings.
The Left has also been embarrassed by a series of questionable incidents involving Israel and the Jewish community.
In April, a flyer featuring a swastika and the Star of David was found on the website of the party’s regional chapter in Duisburg, prompting national outrage.
And in May, Hermann Dierkes, a party member in Duisburg, compared the Israeli government to Nazis.
More criticism has come after the Frankfurter Rundschau wrote about an academic report from University of Leipzig and University of Giessen professors labelling The Left party having an anti-Semitic problem.
“A power has established itself within the parliamentary spectrum of The Left party, which tolerates anti-Semitic positions,” the report said.
Enkelmann told Der Tagesspiegel that The Left had a responsibility to ensure there was no attempt to qualify the crimes of Holocaust and that there could be no questioning of Israel’s right to exist in peace next to an independent Palestinian state.
“I’m sick and tired that some things are continually questioned,” she said.
Jan Korte, an MP for The Left, said there must be an “unambiguous discussion” about the issue, but he said that did not mean that Israel could not be criticized.
Meanwhile Petra Pau, a Bundestag vice president for The Left said she had the feeling some party members were being provocative “with intent.” But others “think too little about how small symptoms can become full blown,” she said.