Monday, October 31, 2011

Switzerland: 'Jewish-star' anti-Islamophobia protest

Several hundred Muslims gathered from across Switzerland Saturday for a protest against Islamophobia. The 'Day against Islamophobia and racism' was organized by the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS). The rally’s organizing group, ICCS, used yellow stars of David in the ad campaign, reminiscent of those used in Nazi Germany. The stars were used in web videos, as well.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Islam classes in German public schools are teaching hatred for Germans


The Kragujevac Massacre: 70th Anniversary

By Carl Savich
In the summer of 1941, Serbian guerrillas launched an uprising in central Serbia against the German occupation. The Serbian uprising spread and increased in intensity, threatening the German military occupation of Serbia and endangering the German southern flank in Europe. The Serbian uprising came at the time of the German invasion of the USSR, Operation Barbarossa. Adolf Hitler immediately perceived the danger that the Serbian insurrection posed to the stability of the Balkans region and for German control. Swift action was taken. Hitler ordered that brutal measures be implemented to suppress the Serbian revolt. Hitler ordered that the rebellion be quelled “by the most rigorous methods”. Pursuant to these instructions, Wilhelm Keitel ordered that for every German occupation soldier killed in Serbia, a hundred Serbian civilians would be executed, while fifty Serbian civilians would be killed for every wounded German soldier. This unprecedented order, that 100 Serbs would be shot for every German soldier killed, was given to quell the Serbian insurgency. This order would result in one of the most brutal massacres of civilians during World War II, the Kragujevac Massacre, when 2,794 Serbian civilians were executed.
Serbia was a hotbed of opposition and resistance to the Nazi New Order in Europe. The first organized resistance movement in Europe was launched in Serbia under the command of Serbian Colonel Draza Mihailovic at Ravna Gora. By the summer of 1941, the first major popular uprising to German occupation occurred in Serbia. Hitler was appalled at this unprecedented act of defiance to the New Order in Europe. To terrorize the Serbian population and resistance, Hitler ordered that Serbian civilians be rounded up and executed as reprisals for Serbian resistance. Thousands of Serbian civilians would be executed. One of the most brutal acts of reprisal occurred in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac, where to fulfill the hundred to one quota, thousands of civilians were killed, including hundreds of high school students along with their teachers. The Kragujevac Massacre became one of the most notorious and tragic events of World War II. Like the massacres at Lidice, Babi Yar, Oradour, and Nanking, Kragujevac symbolized the horrors of war and occupation and the cost of resistance to military occupation.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pat Condell: Halloween burka

Bosnia Muslim terrorist’s aunt says killer a “nice guy”

In the aftermath of any Islamic terror attack, relatives nearly always come out saying how surprised they are, that the killer was a nice guy and that he has been misled.
As though scripted by all relatives of Islamic terrorists, the same is the case of the latest Bosnia terrorist, Mevludin Jasarevic who attacked the US Embassy in Sarajevo. His aunt came out saying exactly the same thing as relatives of any Muslim terrorist.
“He was a nice guy but his behavior got worse once he moved from Novi Pazar to Bosnia,” said his aunt Senada Jasarevic.
Novi Pazar is a Muslim-dominated city in Serbia, but what’s in Bosnia that is so radical that a nice guy goes there and turns, more pious a Muslim, a terrorist.
“He married and has a son Kerim. His wife’s name is Mirela but I don’t know where they live,” aunt said.
But such nice things were also said of many other Bosnian terrorist involved in various attacks on the US interests across the world.
In yesterday’s attack on the US by this Muslim terrorist, Serbian authorities unequivocally stood on the side of the American interest, with the difference being that Washington almost always stands on the side of the interests of Balkan terrorists by either whitewashing their terror or hiding it.
In Kosovo, for example, Albanian Muslims are terrorizing Serbs almost daily but we do not see the American troops move not an ear when that happens. Instead, the American troops are ordered to go on the offensive and make sure that the vanquished Serbs there get attacked by the NATO troops whom US controls.
As Nebojsa Malic poignantly noted yesterday, given that this Muslim terrorist comes from a city in Serbia, it is expected that the Western media, dominated by State Department’s talking points, spins this case as a “Serbian national” who attacked the US Embassy.
“Because Jasarevic is from Novi Pazar, a town in Serbia, odds are the mainstream Western media will describe this as a ‘Serbian attack’, or at least identify him as ‘Serbian citizen.’ This would be horribly misleading, of course, but that hasn’t stopped them before,” notes Malic.
The policy of the State Department is to get as many Serbs killed as possible by Washington’s proxies in the Balkans. Washington’s tacit support for ethnic cleansing and wholesale slaughter of Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo attests to this policy.
People like Jasarevic, therefore, further State Department’s agenda in the Balkans so by minimizing their attack on the US and perhaps even scapegoats it onto Serbs, Washington signals to their Balkan proxies that, hey, as long as you are killing Serbs we are willing to look the other way when one of yours attacks us.
M Bozinovich

U.S. Embassy shooting: 17 persons were arrested in a police operation

BELGRADE. 17 persons were arrested in a police operation that started on Saturday morning at 18 locations in Novi Pazar, Sjenica and Tutin. The arrested persons, suspected of having close ties with Wahhabi Melvid Jašarević, who fired at the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo on Friday, were released after questioning, Tanjug has learned at the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP).
A total of 12 persons from Novi Pazar had been arrested, as well as two persons from both Tutin and Sjenica municipalities, and one Bosnia-Herzegovina citizen, the statement reads. The police found 18 computers and laptops, about 1,800 CDs, 30 audio cassettes and 50 SIM cards during the search. The police also seized a video camera with 17 casettes, five military uniforms, three large knives, one sabre, several baseball bats, as well as reading material describing and promoting the movement's radical ideology. “An operation against Islamic Wahhabi movement in the territory of Novi Pazar, Sjenica and Tutin started at 5:00 this morning” Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dačić stated earlier on Saturday. “This morning’s operation is finished and we will assess whether there will be necessary to detain more people,” Serbian Police Director Milorad Veljović said on Saturday. Two Bosnian police officers were injured before special police unit member managed to subdue the attacker. None of the injured men are in critical condition. Serbian Interior Ministry has stepped up security in front of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, the ministry has announced. Dačić confirmed on Friday evening that the attacker on the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo was Jašarević. Novi Pazar police searched Jašarević’s house on Friday night.

Is it Jihad Yet?

This is Mevlid Jasarevic, age 23, follower of the Salafi sect of Islam, who this afternoon opened fire on the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Jasarevic was subsequently shot and reportedly killed.Because Jasarevic is from Novi Pazar, a town in Serbia, odds are the mainstream Western media will describe this as a "Serbian attack", or at least identify him as "Serbian citizen." This would be horribly misleading, of course, but that hasn't stopped them before.Here are some things to keep in mind here, before the spin distorts them:

-Salafi missionaries came to Bosnia during the war, with tacit approval and even assistance of the U.S., to get the "wayward" Bosnian Muslims in line and wage jihad against the Serb and Croat "infidels."

-There are 150,000 or so Muslims in the Raska region of southwestern Serbia (which they call "Sanjak", a term going back to Ottoman days). Their religious leader, mufti Muamer Zukorlic, was appointed by the top Islamic cleric of Bosnia and has been stirring up trouble and preaching violence and hate for several years. In this, he enjoys the support of many foreign governments ("Friends of Sanjak"), including the U.S.

-Jasarevic may technically be a citizen of Serbia, but he is wanted there on charges of terrorism. He left Serbia last year, and settled in the Salafi commune of Gornja Maoca in northern Bosnia. Until it was ethnically cleansed during the Bosnian War, it used to be a Serb village called Karavlasi.

In addition to terrorizing any Christians (Serbs or Croats) they may come across, the Salafi frequently harass ordinary Bosnian Muslims, who by and large follow the Hanafi school of Islam. The Hanafi approach accepts local customs and is what made coexistence with Christians in the past possible in the first place. Salafists dismiss this as heresy and preach absolute intolerance of any who do not follow their ways.Anyway, just watch: Jasarevic will be described as a lone lunatic, his motives will be "unknown", and there will be no mention of jihad or Islamic terrorism. The notion that the Salafists in Bosnia may be nurturing terrorists who threaten American lives runs counter to the mainstream narrative of innocent Muslims being victims of evil Serbs, and is therefore thoughtcrime.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Protest against Iranian Vice-Minister in Berlin

After STOP THE BOMB heard of a non-public event with the Iranian Vice-Minister for Economic Affairs Mohammed Reza Farzin, we called for short-term protests on Oct. 26, 2011. Around 30 people came and made a lot of noise! After the announcement of our protest, Rainer Stinner, foreign policy spokesman of the FDP, canceled his meeting with the Iranian minister because of "scheduling difficulties". On this page you can find the greeting from Rabbi Abraham Cooper (Simon Wiesenthal Center), a press review, our press statement and more.
We'd like to thank all of the supporters of this protest!
An article in Die WELT (German) about the event fully confirmed our rejection of such futile and self-defeating "critical dialogues". We will thus continue to protest against any collaboration with Iranian regime members!

Greeting from Rabbi Abraham Cooper (Simon Wiesenthal Center)

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, on behalf of the 400.000 members of the Simon Wiesenthal Center:
"Inviting dialogue with a senior Iranian official about "problem solving in Afghanistan"is like asking a professional arsonist to advise authorities on how to stop a wave offorest fires. Further, the promise of possible German "energy cooperation" with theMullahocracy in Tehran at a time when the EU and the US struggle to thwart Iran'snuclear ambitions, is beyond irresponsible; it further empowers and emboldens theregime which promotes denial of the Nazi Holocaust, whose president threatens tofinish Hitler's job by threatening the annihilation of the Jewish State and whosepolicies daily undermine the stability of the entire Middle East and beyond.The fig leaf that this meeting is arranged by a foundation, fools no one. We urge theGerman authorities to bar the entry of the senior Iranian official and to urge thefoundation to instead convene a solidarity meeting for the countless Iranians incarcerated because of their pro-democracy views or religious beliefs..."

Multikulti breeds distrust in Germany

The German government's attempts to unite different religious groups seem to be turning sour. Introducing lessons on Islam in schools was meant to help integrate the country's three million Muslims. But the policy is having some undesired effects.
­The Germany authorities say Islam spreads a message of peace and have introduced lessons about the religion in schools.
“You will not find a phrase or sentence of Koran which tells pupils you have to persecute members of other religions,” says Ulrich Seiser from the Education ministry.
However, elsewhere, there have been allegations of teachers preaching a message of hate.
“Christians who go to discos, drink alcohol and have a boyfriend perform evil deeds. ‘Christians and Jews!’, says Allah, ‘Believe in the Koran before it destroys your faces,’” schoolchildren are told in one school.
And Muslims themselves admit that the classes have done little to soothe ethnic tensions.
“The relations between officials and Islamic communities are not so good,” said Burhan Kesici, head of the Council for the Islamic Republic of Germany.
Fears that Muslim youths are trying to spread Islamic sharia law across Europe, whipped up by anti-Muslim campaigners, have not helped relations.
Sharia is a code of conduct in Arab states whose punishments can include amputation and stoning.
“They teach them that they are a superior class of people, with more rights than the non-believers, and the non-believers can be treated like pigs. Young Muslims think German law cannot be higher than Allah’s law, therefore they must install the sharia everywhere,” said Dr Karl Schmidt from the Pax Europa Citizens’ Movement.
Barino was born to Christian parents, but he has converted to Islam. Every Muslim here must swap German laws for sharia, he says, and chop off hands, stone adulterers, flog homosexuals.
Germany's multicultural education policy appears to be going awry. Muslim students are being radicalized by their lessons in Islam. The move by the authorities is well-meaning, but may instead be creating a generation of extremists who detest the West.
In Frankfurt, almost half the residents are foreign. Anti-immigration parties are seeing a surge in popularity. The Free Voters group is getting elected with this message for Muslims: “Integrate, or leave our country.”
“More and more young men and women born in Germany go to the extremists,” said Wolfgang Huebner, chairman of Free Voters.
And though the government’s efforts were meant to help integrate Germany's three million Muslims, experts say the country is fragmenting into pro- and anti-Islam camps.

Bosnian Muslim terrorists attack US Embassy

Bosnian Muslim terrorist attacked the American Embassy in Sarajevo.
The unnamed local Bosnian Muslim, shoot at the US embassy in Sarajevo out of a Kalashnikov. He wounded 2 policemen. One ofthe wounded is a staff in the US Embassy.One terrorist was shot in the head while the other is shot in the hip. Both are in the hospital.
Sources say that one of the Muslim attackers is from the city of Novi Pazar, which is in Serbia’s Raska region where Muslims are often in conflict either among themselves or with the authorities.
Bosnian Muslim that was shot in the hip also had an explosive strap, like most al-Qaeda Muslims. Photo of the scene with an armed Muslim is seen above.
Bosnian Muslim waged jihad against Serbs in the 1990s but the US blamed Serbs for defending themselves using the blame to bomb Serbs.
US also looked the other way as Iranian spies armed Bosnian Muslim troops.
Media in Bosnia say that the name of the terrorist is Mevlid Jasarevic, a local Bosnian Muslim.
Jasarevic was already involved in suspicious activity with another local Muslim, Fatmir Muratovic in 2010. These 2 were questioned for suspicious activity during a visit of foreign ambassadors.
Sources say that another Bosnian Muslim attacker is involved but he escaped and is believed to be roaming the streets of Sarajevo.
M Bozinovich

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lecture about Iran's Revolutionary Guard in Vienna

Lecture & book presentation

The Pasdaran:
Inside Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

with Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi
(Senior Fellow with the Foundation for Defence of Democracies in Washington and long-term director of the Transatlantic Institute in Brussels)

Chair: Simone Dinah Hartmann (STOP THE BOMB)

Thursday, November 17th 2011, 7.30 PM

The venue will be published soon at

The event will be held in English.The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enqelab-e Eslami) is more commonly known as Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), or the Pasadran. Most recently, the IRGC draw international attention for its alleged involvement in the attack plans in Washington DC. Sworn by an oath of loyalty to Iran's Supreme Leader, the IRGC is the regime's Praetorian Guard, the custodian of its nuclear program, and now a juggernaut in Iran's economy. Since 1979, the Guards have played a key role in protecting the Revolution internally against domestic opposition while actively seeking to export it abroad. The IRGC has been at the forefront of repression every time ordinary Iranians have protested their lack of freedoms, including after the fraudulent presidential elections of June 2009. Iran's sponsorship of terrorism abroad is also executed through the IRGC's overseas operations' branch, the Qods Forces.In "The Pasdaran: Inside Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps", Emanuele Ottolenghi offers a detailed overview of how the IRGC came into being, how the Guards rose to a position of prominence in Iran's current power structure, how they have penetrated Iran's economy, how they are working to help Iran attain nuclear weapons.
Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi has taught at the Middle East Centre of St. Antony's College in Oxford. He has advised several foreign ministries in Europe, and testified before the Canadian and European parliaments. He has written for The Gurdian, Wall Street Journal Europe and Die Welt. Beside "The Pasdaran: Inside Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps" he is author of "Under a mushroom cloud. Europe, Iran and the Bomb", "Iran: The Looming Crisis. Can the West Live with Iran's Nuclear Threat?" and co-author of "Iran im Weltsystem. Bündnisse des Regimes und Perspektiven der Freiheitsbewegung".
Organized by STOP THE BOMB and Studienvertretung Doktorat Gewi/Hus

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Israel may lose German sub deal

Germany is "reconsidering" its decision to sell Israel a sixth Dolphin class submarine, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the move was prompted by the tensions between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Merkel's frustration over the new housing plans approved in east Jerusalem.

Top political sources said that Merkel was irked with Netanyahu, who "gave her the impression that he would be willing to suspend settlement expansion in order to push the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks."
Israel's recent approval of 1,100 housing units in the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem led Merkel to announce that Netanyahu "cannot be taken seriously and has no intention of complying with the basic terms needed to renew the negotiations with the Palestinian."
Merkel and Netanyahu shared strident words following the decisions, and relations between Jerusalem and Berlin have been strained since.

Protest against Iran trip of EU Parliament

Tarja Cronberg, head of European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran, announced that the delegation is planning a five-day visit to Tehran from Oktober 30 until November 4, 2011. The request for this trip was reportedly made by two German MEPs: Barbara Lochbihler (Green Party) and Kurt Lechner (CDU). Please protest against the courting of the Iranian regime:
(Head of cabinet of Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament)
(President's spokesperson)
(Chair of European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran)
(Vice-Chair of European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran)
(Former Chair of European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran)

Further information...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Protest against Iranian Vice Minister in Berlin

The partly state-sponsored German Foundation DGAP is holding an event called "Experts Talk" with Mohammad Reza Farzin, Vice Minister for Economic Affairs of Iran, and Rainer Stinner, foreign policy spokesman of the Free Democrats (FDP), the junior partner in Germany's ruling coalition this Wednesday, October 26th 2011. It has been announced that the talks will address a possible "energy cooperation" with Iran.

STOP THE BOMB asked the DGAP to cancel the invitation and will protest against the event on October 26th, 11:30 am, in front of the DGAP, Rauchstraße 17/18 in 10787 Berlin.

Please write to the DGAP and protest against the invitation of Farzin:

Further Information

Video: No Go Zones in Germany

Monday, October 24, 2011

Srebrenica: The urban legend

The alleged Srebrenica massacre of Bosnian Muslims in July 1995 is referred to regularly by the mainstream media as a moral touchstone, an example of “genocide” that can take place when the U.S. is not the moral arbiter or when the U.S. hesitates to intervene on behalf of an endangered part of humanity somewhere in the world. And many Americans, conditioned by sixteen years of media saturation, responded reflexively and have come to agree that a genocide occurred in Srebrenica even though there is still no proof sixteen years later.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The German intelligence service BND reportedly knew Qaddafi's hiding place

The German intelligence service knew where ousted Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi was hiding out weeks before he was tracked down by Libyan rebel forces, according to a Sunday news item. The BND denied the report. Qaddafi was killed Thursday after a rebel fighter discovered him hiding in a drainage pipe in his hometown of Sirte, Qaddafi's birthplace and one of the last bastions of loyalist support in Libya. The Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND, knew where Qaddafi was staying in Sirte, according to German magazine Der Spiegel, but sources said the agency did not release any data on his location that could have facilitated a targeted attack on the former Libyan leader.Germany's intelligence service has an extensive network of contacts and sources in the region. A spokesman for the BND said Saturday the agency did not know that Qaddafi was staying in Sirte on the day of his capture.The sequence of events in the run-up to Qaddafi's death suggest that Germany's NATO allies, however, were aware of his whereabouts. When the ousted leader's convoy tried to flee Sirte, it was fired upon by French fighter jets. Germany famously abstained from the United Nations resolution to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, a pact that laid the groundwork for NATO involvement in the country.Meanwhile, there are still conflicting reports over what happened in the hours before Qaddafi was killed. His widow, Safia, has called for an international investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband and son, Mutassim, who was also killed on Thursday. Libya's National Transitional Council said Muammar Qaddafi was shot in a firefight.
The Local/JWD

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mohammed—Déjà Vu

In the 1930’s Hitler and Nazism were rising in power in Germany. As the evil of their intentions became reality on the ground, nearly every leader in Europe completely denied the evil in front of their eyes. The drive to think only good thoughts about Hitler and appease him in every way saturated the speech and reports of political and religious leaders, the universities and the press. Not even the invasion of bordering states could disprove the “Hitler is a reasonable man” point of view held by the establishment. Appeasement would make him like them and be reasonable. Peace at all costs was the moral motto.
Since they would not strike while Hitler was weak, the Europeans had to deal with the Nazis when they came to full fighting strength, and it took massive costs of treasure and blood to deal with the problem. The establishment’s peace by appeasement brought great evil.
The parallels between the establishment’s denial about the Nazis then and their leadership about Islam today are frightening. We see that denial of facts in the face of fear is a human trait.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Insurer covered terrorist wanted internationally

German insurer Victoria ignored warnings from intelligence services and insured an internationally wanted terrorist for more than two years – with policies worth up to €2 million – according to internal papers seen by the Handelsblatt newspaper.
The paper said on Friday that although the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) warned Victoria about its terrorist customer, the firm, which is owned by the Düsseldorf-based Ergo group, maintained his insurance coverage.Yasser Abu Shaweesh, a stateless Palestinian, planned to defraud the company on his life insurance, with a staged traffic accident and fake death certificate, the paper said. He had planned to use the money to fund attacks with his terror group which the United Nations says was linked with al-Qaida.He signed up for several insurance policies with Victoria in September 2004, the paper said – a life insurance for himself worth €21,805, another for his wife worth €211,660, and third-party liability insurance worth up to €2 million.After the Verfassungsschutz warning, Abu Shaweesh’s own life insurance was cancelled, but that for his wife and the liability insurance continued to run until December 2006, the paper said. Even a plea from the insurance agent who had overseen the signing of the policies was ignored, according to the Handelsblatt which has a statement on oath from the agent. A UN Security Council report on Abu Shaweesh from 2009 said he had in fact taken out nine life insurance policies with a number of firms, reaching a total value of more than €1.2 million, and tried to increase this total to more than €4 million with 19 further life insurance policies. “Insurers cannot do business with terrorists,” said Chrsitian Lübke from the Association of the German Insurance Industry. “When there is evidence for a planned fraud, the insurer must of course act. It cannot be possible for a terrorist to get third party liability protection for building a bomb, and the insurer simply watches.”Spokesman for Ergo Alexander Becker said he could not make a statement for legal reasons. “Of course we keep to the legal standards on fighting money laundering and financing terrorism and we have relevant internal control mechanisms,” he said. But he added that without a specific lifting of its duty of confidentiality from the customer, no information could be released on particular cases. Abu Shaweesh was part of the network run by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Joradnian who organised dozens of bomb attacks between 1999 and 2006, when the Americans killed him in an air attack, the paper said. Ergo knew of Abu Shaweesh’s terrorist background at least as of November 2004, yet retained him as an active customer until December 2006, by which time he had been on the United Nations’ terrorist list for a year. He was convicted in 2007 for supporting a foreign terrorist organisation and several counts of fraud and attempted fraud, and was sentenced for five-and-a-half years in prison. Ergo gained international attention earlier this year after it emerged that a different subsidiary, Hamburg Mannheimer, had organised a sex party as an incentive for its top representatives in 2007.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saudi "Propaganda Center" Sets Up Shop in Vienna

Saudi Arabia is spearheading the establishment of a controversial new "interreligious and intercultural dialogue center" in the Austrian capital Vienna.
The King Abdullah Center for Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue (here, here and here) was inaugurated at the Albertina Museum in downtown Vienna on October 13. The foreign ministers of the three founding states -- Austria, Spain and Saudi Arabia -- were in attendance. The institution will be located at the Palais Sturany on the Schottenring in the heart of Vienna.
The Saudis say the purpose of the multi-million-dollar initiative is to "foster dialogue" between the world's major religions in order to "prevent conflict."
But critics say the center is an attempt by Saudi Arabia to establish a permanent "propaganda center" in central Europe from which to spread the conservative Wahhabi sect of Islam.
Austrian politicians on all sides of the political aisle have criticized the initiative.
The Green Party, which governs Vienna in a coalition, said the center glorified a country "where freedom of religion and opinion are foreign words."
"Austria should not allow itself to be misused in this way, to allow itself to be involved in whitewash by a repressive Saudi regime which is using this center as a fig leaf for its dishonorable human rights situation," the party said in a statement.
The only Muslim member of the Austrian Parliament, the Turkish-born Alev Korun, branded the project as "highly absurd." She said Spindelegger "must be either incredibly naïve or only interested in business relations with Saudi Arabia." She also accused the foreign minister of "closing both eyes" to breaches of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saudi King Abdullah's Interfaith Center in Vienna: Who leave Islam risk being executed for apostasy

The ratification of the agreement on the interreligious center has upset politicians, local media and moderate Muslims, who wonder if the Saudi government does not have some ulterior motive, the Austrian Independent reports.
Some critics also found the Saudi initiative ironic, as Saudi Arabia is ruled by Shariah law. The CIA World Factbook describes the country's population as "100 percent" Muslim. The U.S. State Department's 2010 International Religious Freedom Report found that "freedom of religion is neither recognized nor protected under the law and is severely restricted in practice." The 2010 Religious Freedom Report also noted that there were no public non-Muslim houses of worship, and that Christians gathered in secret to worship. Those who leave Islam risk being executed for apostasy.
When asked by reporters during Thursday's press conference about his country's lack of religious freedom, Prime Minister Saud al-Faisal reportedly insinuated that the religious center might influence Saudi Arabia to become more tolerant of other faiths within its own borders.
As for the interreligious governing body's ability to operate autonomously, Saud al-Faisal warned against "extremist minorities within every religious and cultural community ... seeking ... to propagate notions of intolerance, exclusion, racism and hatred," the Associated Press (AP) report.
He added, "These tiny minorities," he said, "are trying to hijack and disrupt the legitimate identities and aspirations of people of all cultures and faiths."
According to the AP, the religious center's "founding document cites principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human rights, 'in particular, the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.' It emphasizes 'human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.' "

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kosovo and U.S. sponsored terrorists unraveling: war crimes and Hague for Clinton?

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker, Modern Tokyo Times
U.S. and U.K. support of Albanian terrorism during the Kosovo conflict is unraveling but US and UK are very content that Kosovo is undergoing de-Christianization and that Albanian Muslims are murdering Serbs.
Destruction of Orthodox Christianity
In the heart of the cradle of Serbian Orthodox Christianity in Kosovo the U.S. and U.K. support of sponsored terrorism during the Kosovo conflict is unraveling. Orthodox Christian churches have been destroyed in many areas since Kosovo Albanian rule and minorities fled in fear. However, despite this the U.S. and U.K. was feeling content with the de-Christianization of Kosovo and ethnic persecution of minorities which include the Serbs and Gypsies. Therefore, this article will focus on the reality of what really happened and highlight a different side of the Clinton administration. Also, because of bias against the Serbian position all quotes will come from Western sources and this applies to major Western news agencies and the heart of government in America.

What Is Islamophobia? – Stakelbeck TV

Monday, October 17, 2011

Germans use ‘anti-Israel’ Jews to soothe Holocaust guilt

BERLIN – The Jerusalem Post exposé on the German Holocaust foundation Remembrance, Responsibility, Future (EVZ) in late September and October revealed that two of its Holocaust high school student programs were being fueled by hatred of the Jewish state.What social and psychological mechanisms are causing some German educators, students and EVZ foundation employees to marginalize the Holocaust and turn the State of Israel into a public whipping boy for Europe’s guilt about the crimes of the Shoah? In a series of interviews with leading Israeli and Dutch specialists last week and on Sunday, the Post examined the need of many Europeans to expunge feelings of culpability about the memory of their ancestors’ complicity in the Holocaust.The EVZ used 38,690 euros ($53,687) to finance studentexchange programs in 2010- 2011, in which Israel was equated with the former repressive Stalinist East German state, and students published crude cartoons of Jews in a brochure. German taxpayer monies funded the speaking engagement of a hardcore anti-Israel Holocaust survivor, Hajo Meyer, at the Anne Frank high school in Gütersloh.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

German program uses Shoah funds to play down Holocaust

BERLIN – The German Holocaust Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future (EVZ)” has used public monies to finance a second anti-Israel high school program that includes elements of Holocaust denial, according to a new report issued on Friday by the Jerusalem-based watchdog organization NGO Monitor.The new revelations add to the bombshell disclosure in late September that EVZ provided 21,590 euros to a dubious 2010-11 student exchange program between an east German high school (Gerhart Hauptmann) and an Israeli- Arab school in Nazareth (Masar Institute for Education) to produce brochures delegitimizing Israel’s existence. The brochure compared Israel to the former communist East German state and depicted Jewish pupils in distorted and biased terms.

Erhard after Erhard, Pinocchio after Pinocchio

Generalmajor des Heeres der Bundeswehr
Though it has been unmasked as infirm and impotent NATO Kosovo Force continues to maintain a nasty, repugnant facade. Just as their predecessors who developed the Nazi counter-insurgency doctrine of Bandenbekämpfung, KFOR continues to maintain it is being paired against criminal gangs. It continues to threaten to use force to achieve its goals albeit it is plain it is not capable of doing so. It claims it is reluctant to use force because of its concern for civilians, but is in fact reluctant because of its concerned for itself. Generalmajor Erhard Drews, who recently replaced generalissimo Erhard Bühler as the commander of the occupying forces, stated at a press conference yesterday the Jarinje incident of September 27th when American and German troops opened fire on unarmed protesters, wounding six of them, was the fault of "criminal groups from the north of Kosovo". Drews added Serb counter-blockade of KFOR control points does not count as peaceful protest and is unlawful.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Saudi-backed institute for "tolerance" and irony appreciation inaugurated in Vienna

The situation in Saudi Arabia itself proves that this outfit, the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (you can't make this stuff up), is nothing but an outpost for dawah, or Islamic proselytizing, and deception. If it is good for anything, it sets up a glaring study in contrasts between Sharia as advertised, in this "interfaith" scam in Vienna, and Sharia as observed, in Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


This is fresh off the wire. An Islam critic, J.Gehirn, attacked in Berlin, as in shot at. Details currently in German only. It involves a former Muslim who wrote a book about Mohammed. Will publish more details as soo as they come in.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Austria: Mohamed M. continues to incite hatred

A few weeks after his release from prison, the Austrian Islamist Mohamed M. is highly active. He regularly appears in mosques, rails against the West and glorifies terrorism.
The location of the event is bizarre: The Dar us-Salam mosque, a meeting place for Austrian Islamists on Vienna’s “Gürtel”-street , is sandwiched between a strip club and a catholic church. But that doesn’t discourage young radical Muslim from coming regularly to the religious location situated in the basement of a 19th century building in Viennas 8th district.
The reason for the stream of young Islamists are the lectures by Mohammed M. . Since the end of September, two weeks after his release from prison, the now 27-year old holds speeches about the “true Islam” – the last one Tuesday night:“Here come some people and say: Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam,” Mohamed whispers to the audience. “You’re a liar if you say that. Terrorism is an Ibada.”
Mohamed agitates against the West, against infidels and especially against moderate Muslims, who in his opinion, abandon the Islamic Ummah. As seen on a video released on youtube, in the midst of one of his lecture, the Islamist calls for carrying weapons. “This is the glory of Islam,” says M. and pulls a switchblade out of his pocket.

Protests against events with Alireza Sheikh Attar

For October 15,2011 the Foundation Schloss Neuhardenberg announced a debate between the Iranian ambassador and the German TV philosopher Rüdiger Safranski about Hafiz. After our protests, the Foundation canceled the event. But the the Foundation Schloss Neuhardenberg still has Matthias Platzeck (SPD), minister president of the Land Brandenburg, and Mostofa Dolatyar, deputy foreign minister a.i. of the Islamic Republic of Iran on its board of trustees. Further members of the board are Heinrich Haasis, president of the German Savings Banks Association (deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband), and Bernd Neumann, German federal commissioner for culture and media.This is an ongoing scandal, and STOP THE BOMB demands the immediate removal of the Iranian regime member from the board. Please find our press release with all information here.

Matthias Platzeck, Rüdiger Safranski and the Iranian Regime

The campaign STOP THE BOMB is calling for the cancellation of “Tribute to Hafiz”, a public event with the Iranian ambassador Ali Reza Sheikh Attar. Attar is announced to discuss with Rüdiger Safranski, a German publicist and moderator of the TV show “The Philosophical Quartet”, on October 15, 2011, in Neuhardenberg (Brandenburg). [1] The event is organized by the Foundation “Schloss Neuhardenberg” which has Matthias Platzeck (SPD), minister president of the Land Brandenburg, and Mostofa Dolatyar, deputy foreign minister a.i. of the Islamic Republic of Iran on its board of trustees. Further members of the board are Heinrich Haasis, president of the German Savings Banks Association (deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband), and Bernd Neumann, German federal commissioner for culture and media. [2]
Attar is not only the ambassador of a murderous regime. According to reports from members of the exile-Iranian opposition, Attar is personally responsible for crimes. He was governor of the provinces Kurdistan and West-Azerbaijan from 1980 until 1985 and personally controlled the terror against the opponents of the regime. [3] According to press reports, Sheikh Attar is responsible for procurement activities for the nuclear program and for the surveillance and intimidation of the exile-Iranian opposition. [4]
“An event with representatives of a regime that is the deadly enemy of art and of intellectuals is a slap in the face of the Iranian freedom movement”, says Javad Asadian, Iranian writer and Hafez expert living in Germany. “You could as well invite a Nazi for an expert talk about Thomas and Heinrich Mann. In fact, Hafez is in no way compatible with the Islamist ideology.”
It is not for the first time that Germany uses cultural policy to signal the Iranian regime that it wants normal relations with the Islamic Republic, despite international sanctions. In November 2009, German officials invited Attar to a conference for teachers at the Königin-Luise-Foundation school in Berlin. [5] Further events with Omid Nouripour, member of the Green Party in the German Bundestag [6] and the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation [7] were cancelled after protests by STOP THE BOMB.
STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Michael Spaney: “The invitation of a criminal like Attar is bad enough. But the fact that Matthias Platzeck, Minister President of Brandenburg, is on the board of the Foundation Schloss Neuhardenberg together with a high ranking Iranian official is a form of institutionalized collaboration with the Iranian terror regime. In the light of the recent wave of executions in Iran [8] and the uninterrupted continuation of the military nuclear program [9] this collaboration is even more cynical.”
The campaign STOP THE BOMB calls on the Foundation Schloss Neuhardenberg to “no longer collaborate with a murderous regime, to immediately quit the board membership of Mostafa Dolatyar and to cancel the event with the brutal regime henchman Attar”, says spokesperson Michael Spaney.

Germany among Iran’s top 3 energy buyers

According to an August report on Iran sanctions from the bipartisan Congressional Research Service, Germany is the world’s third largest importer of Iranian fuel, oil, natural gas, and other energy products. Germany pays $400 million a year to Iran for energy.
This provides further confirmation that the U.S.-backed sanctions regime against Iran is weak unless Europe, especially Germany, can be brought aboard with an Iranian energy boycott. Without German cooperation, Iran will be able to continue diverting oil profits toward its illicit nuclear program.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PA: Jews in "the Auschwitzes" had better conditions than Palestinian prisoners

A Palestinian Authority deputy minister has accused Israel of having worse prison conditions than "the Auschwitzes of the Nazis." Ziad Abu Ein belittled the Holocaust by using the term "the Auschwitzes" three times in two sentences during his PA TV interview.The PA as policy repeatedly compares Israel to the Nazis, and continuously reiterates the libel that Israel performs medical experiments and tortures Palestinian prisoners. Palestinian Media Watch reported in May that the PA accused Israel of doing Mengele-like experiments on imprisoned Palestinians. (See this and additional examples below.)The following is PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Ziad Abu Ein's statement that Israeli prisons were worse than "the Auschwitzes of the Nazis":

Monday, October 10, 2011

SWISS companies removing cross-shaped Swiss flag logo from their products sold in Muslim countries

Swatch and Tissot both replaced the Swiss flag with the words “Swiss Made”. When shown the Swiss cross on some of the company material, staff working for these companies in Saudi Arabia even refused to describe it as a cross, insisting that it was a “plus sign” instead.
Victorinox, which sells the famous Swiss army knives, replaced the cross symbol on its product with a letter ‘V’. In the past, Victorinox had problems selling its products in Saudi Arabia: deliveries were blocked; cargo was seized at customs. It decided to switch to the ‘V’ symbol for an easier life. This has provoked complaints from some customers that the knives on sale in Saudi Arabia are not authentic because they lack the original cross logo.
Swatch justified its action claiming that “Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country. It does not allow the cross to be shown in public. …We respect the laws of the countries we are active in.” Some members of the Saudi religious police were interviewed for a Swiss television programme, however, and said they weren’t bothered by the Swiss cross symbols at all and were mystified about why Swatch was doing this.

Serbian riot incendiary involved with US Occupy movement

Occupy Wall Street movement which is going national in the US has gotten support from a Serbian national Ivan Marovic who is the boss of the Serbian riot incendiary organization Otpor.
Marovic is in business to incite riots, sedition, violence and civil wars and has had successes in such places as Serbia, eastern European so-called rainbow revolutions and Middle East like Egypt and perhaps currently in Syria.
In the video below, we see Marovic saying stuff to his Occupy audience which, almost religiously, recites every word he says as though Marovic is a prophet.

Marovic is a darling of the Thompson Reuters news agency which, over the summer, hosted Marovic’s partner Srdja Popovic in New York so Popovic can spill his wisdom as to how he goes about overthrowing governments deemed undesirable by the West. Among other things, Popovic told the New York audience this summer that his Otpor group has a pipeline of countries that will be led into convulsion and civil strife. Popovic named no names.
Otpor is considered close to George Soros’s foundations which operates across the world with goals of subverting governments into his world vision. In Serbia, Soros’ foundation is said to have funneled money to the B92 radio station and sources say that folks at that radio station are very close to Otpor.
News agency Thompson Reuters is very close to George Soros who personally has access to the editorial staff at Reuters and Reuters is diligent to publicize Soros’ effluvia including summary of reports by Soros funded International Crisis Group that has been instrumental in shaping the policy in the Balkans which prolonged wars and killing while demonizing Serbs.
Because the governments that Marovic targets are the same ones that the US seeks to replace some are speculating that Marovic is a CIA asset who parades as a non-profit self declared social do-gooder.
More specifically, in the 1990s Marovic and Otpor is said to have come under the influence of William Montgomery who was coordinating CIA action in Serbia from Hungary. Montgomery later became an Ambassador to Serbia but after retiring, Montgomery is an active writer for the B92 web site where he publishes his effluvia.
There is a substantial concern among the right-wing circles in the US who consider Marovic’s presence in the Occupy Movement as ominous and part of a larger plot to subvert the American liberties.
Some in the less extreme libertarian circles connect the Occupy Movement with the recent killing of a US citizen in Yemen who happen to be a terrorist Muslim. This particular Muslim terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, was murdered by the CIA drone in Yemen after being placed on a kill-list by the Obama administration.
US presidential candidate Ron Paul recently noted that after al-Awlaki murder US reporters could placed on the government hit-list.
Soros is a supporter of Obama and Obama is said to have given a “whink” to the Occupy Movement.
M Bozinovich

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Croatian spies control Kosovo Albanian Thaci, source

Croatian spies are inside the inner circle of Kosovo Albanian separatist leader Hashim Thaci who is, according to the EU parliamentary inquiry, also a leader of Albanian organized criminal enterprise involved in organ extraction, heroin and other vice.
Tomislav Kresovic, security analyst from Serbia, says that Croatian spies are embedded inside the 2 contingent units they have sent to Kosovo as part of the NATO force.
“Croatian military units belong to KFOR, which is commanded by NATO and the US. However, in Kosmet, Croatia has embedded huge amount of intelligence agents who work in coordination with the German BND spies,” says Kresovic.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Europe's Underestimated Islamists

In early 1959, a small West German intelligence operation stumbled over a sensational find: U.S. collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the West German sources—two ex-Wehrmacht soldiers who were in Washington's pay but still felt loyalty to their old German bosses—Washington was supporting one of the Brotherhood's top men, the Geneva-based Said Ramadan, son-in-law of the movement's founder Hassan al-Banna, in the hope of using him in the global battle against communism. The U.S. double-agents wanted to know if the West Germans would also help support Ramadan.
Bonn's response was an unequivocal "no": not because of ethical qualms about doing business with the Brotherhood but because of practical considerations. "Ramadan doesn't possess the slightest influence in the Orient," read an evaluation by the head of the West German intelligence operation, Gerhard von Mende. "A connection with him would only yield negative consequences."[1] In an unassuming office complex in Herndon, Virginia, the Muslim Brotherhood's European leaders set up the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) as a beachhead for spreading Islamist thought in the West. IIIT's headquarters were raided by the FBI in 2002 for connections to terrorists, and the institute was cited in 2010 by the Justice Department as an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing case.Von Mende was neither the first nor the last to have underestimated the Brotherhood or its leaders. In its 83-year history, the movement has time and again been written off as out of date, broken, or otherwise a non-force. Most recently, Western analysts of the Middle East upheavals were quick to portray the Brotherhood as out of touch and, basically, inept. U.S. director of national intelligence James Clapper reduced it to a "largely secular" movement[2] while anthropologist Scott Atran argued that its "failure to support the initial uprising in Cairo on Jan. 25 [2011] has made it marginal to the spirit of revolt now spreading across the Arab world."[3] News pages had similar coverage with the Brotherhood's absence in some Cairo neighborhoods seen as indicative of its declining importance.[4]
Middle East Quarterly

Friday, October 07, 2011

„German Business ridicules Iran sanctions“

Despite international sanctions, there will be two events next week initiating German Iran-business. In Dresden the governor of the oil-rich Iranian province Khuzestan will promote investments and technology transfer for the energy sector, while representatives of the sanctioned EIH bank will “help in word and deed” at a business dinner in Hamburg. Considering the progressing Iranian nuclear weapons program [1], the massive Iranian support for the crackdown on the Syrian opposition and a wave of executions in Iran [2], the activities of the German-Iranian business lobby are cynical.
The Struppen (Saxony) based EIVENT (European Iranian Ventures) organizes a business congress at a disclosed venue in Dresden on October 10, 2011. Seyed Jafar Hejazi, governor of the Iranian province Khuzestan, together with a high-level Iranian business delegation will initiate German deals with Iran. Khuzestan is a center of the Iranian oil industry, vast new oilfields are being developed, and obviously, they count on technology made in Germany. The invitation to the congress promises “high credit-worthiness and big opportunities for cooperation and investments” in the fields of oil, gas, refinery and petro chemistry, despite the fact that the Iranian energy sector is sanctioned since autumn 2010. [3]
Four days later, on October 14, the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce [4] invites to a business dinner with three “honored guests” from the European-Iranian Tradebank (EIH), who will “help in word and deed”. The EIH, a bank in Hamburg in the hands of the Iranian regime, has been put on the EU sanctions list in May 2011 after massive international pressure and protests from the campaign STOP THE BOMB. In August 2011, the bank went to the European Court of Justice against this decision. [5]
Michael Spaney, spokesperson of the campaign STOP THE BOMB: „The activities of the business lobby are ridiculing international sanctions efforts against the Iranian regime. German Iran deals are openly initiated in cooperation with representatives of the regime. Especially German technology transfers and investments for the Iranian energy sector, which is the economic pillar of the regime, are obviously still not effectively restricted by the German government.”
Stop The Bomb

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Özil wants to sit out Turkey football clash

One of Germany’s high-profile ethnic Turkish footballers, Mesut Özil, has asked to sit out Friday’s match against Turkey to avoid angry Turkish fans – but has been told he has to play.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Swiss lower house of parliament passes motion to ban full face veils

The lower house of Switzerland’s parliament has taken a first step towards banning full-face veils, voting in favour of a measure brought by the political party that spearheaded the 2009 campaign against building new minarets. The motion "Down with the masks”, proposed by SVP representative Oskar Freysinger, comes at a time of rising anti-immigrant sentiment in Switzerland, which holds national polls on Oct. 23.
It was approved on Wednesday by 101 parliamentarians to 77 with nine abstentions on Wednesday and now has to pass Swiss parliament’s upper chamber. If both houses approve the proposal, full-face veils, including Muslim burqas, could eventually be banned from government buildings or public transport.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Now that there’s a Halal Cola, it’s time to get the Halal the Hell out of Coca Cola

Enjoy an ice-cold Haji in your hot sweaty Hijab. Ali Eghbal, the Hamburg businessman behind the new venture, believes the halal-certified cola will act as “a bridge between East and West.” (No it won’t. East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet)

NGOs demand German Shoah group pay victims

Foundation accused of misusing 20,000 euros to fund programs that delegitimize the Jewish state.
BERLIN – A German foundation called EVZ, set up to compensate slave workers during the Holocaust and fight contemporary anti- Semitism, is being taken to task by Israeli, US, and German NGOs for its failure to remedy its reported misuse of public funds to support anti- Israel activities.Prof. Gerald Steinberg, president of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that “It is very troubling that the Remembrance Responsibility Future (EVZ) Foundation has not provided specific steps to compensate victims of the Nazis and educate about the horrors of the regime.“Instead of fulfilling this goal and combating anti- Semitism – both part of the Foundation’s mandate – EVZ has funded German and Arab student programs that present distorted views of the Arab-Israeli conflict, compare Israeli policies to those of previous, repressive German governments, and developed student materials with anti-Semitic images and texts,” added Steinberg.NGO Monitor, a prominent watchdog organization, has exposed over the years European NGOs who misappropriated public funds to undercut Israel’s legitimacy as a state. According to NGO Monitor, the group closely monitors the work of European NGOs and their misallocation of funds “to promote the Palestinian narrative, and not for peace-building measures based on mutual understanding.”The EVZ was founded in 2000 with a contribution of 5 billion euros by the Federal German government and German industry to compensate former slave and forced laborers during the Nazi period. A segment of the EVZ funds are designed to finance educational projects.Steinberg told the Post that “The EVZ misused 20,000 euros to fund programs that actually contribute to the delegitimization of Israel. This information has been presented to EVZ, and yet the Foundation refuses to say how it will remedy the situation. The German government, which funds EVZ, should immediately cease funding and stop all operations until a complete evaluation of committee members, funding mechanisms and programming is complete.”The Post reported last week that EVZ used German-taxpayer funds to publish school booklets depicting Israel as a violent state that discriminates against Israeli- Arab pupils. The school brochures equate Israel with the former communist East German state and assert that Palestinians and Germans are both victims.The Nazi regime, historians say, frequently invoked the anti-Semitic argument that Germans were the victims of Jewish plots.Multiple Post e-mail queries to the chairman of the EVZ, Dr. Martin Salm, and the EVZ spokesman, Dietrich Wolf Fenner, were not returned in connection with whether the misused funds for anti-Israeli activities will be returned.The EVZ refused to answer additional Post queries about criticisms last week from the European Jewish Congress, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the American Jewish Committee. The EVZ told the Post last week that the foundation plans to review their programs.The Berlin-based office of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) urged the EVZ last week to “review its human-rights program guidelines and create targeted programming to combat anti-Semitism and contribute to a balanced understanding of modern Israel.”“A foundation that was initiated by the German government and industry to honor the lives of millions of Nazi slave and forced laborers should give priority to initiatives that promote good relations with Israel and fight modern forms of anti- Semitism,” said Deidre Berger, director of AJC Berlin Ramer Institute for German- Jewish Relations.Berger added that “Unfortunately, programs combating anti-Semitism constitute an extremely small part of the foundation’s annual program. And some programs, reflecting a skewed humanrights agenda, may do more harm than good.”Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC’s director of International Jewish Affairs, is a member of the EVZ Board of Trustees.“I fully expect that there will be a thorough discussion about this when the board meets in December. The reputation of the EVZ Stiftung hangs in the balance.” said Baker.“The German government must assert its role on the EVZ Board of Trustees,” said Anne Herzberg, an NGO Monitor legal adviser.She added that “The time for excuses is over. The German government has a responsibility to fix this problem now. The educational damage done to students can be reversed by teaching them about the true values of human rights, tolerance, and the realities of anti-Semitism. Most importantly, the government needs to direct funding to survivors, as it was initially intended.”Sacha Stawski, head of the German watchdog organization Honestly Concerned, which monitors anti-Semitism in the German media, told the Post on Sunday that “Sadly, though, Dr. Salm, someone who has been working for an institution, which sets its goal on ‘remembrance,’ ‘responsibility’ and ‘the future,’ for so many years, really has not understood a single thing about anti-Semitism when he then goes on to say that ‘he is absolutely sure that none of the caricatures are ‘anti-Semitically motivated.’”
Stawski, whose organization is slated to launch the largest pro-Israel European conference on October 23 in Frankfurt, added, “Wake up, Dr. Salm: It was your job to teach these youngsters not to be anti-Semites and yet, at the end of your project, they come out drawing hate-filled anti-Semitic caricatures. You failed. Your [publicly financed] project failed. And instead of admitting your mistake and admitting that there is a lot more work to be done, you tried to silence your critics.“You should have know better and it is you, yourself, who has most certainly disqualified himself from being an expert on the German Interior Ministry’s Panel of anti-Semitism experts, let alone an educator for an institution like the EVZ.”Salm, the head of the EVZ, is a member the German Federal government’s commission on anti-Semitism. The commission is expected to issue a report on efforts to combat anti-Semitism in early November. jpost

Monday, October 03, 2011

Austria: 45% think conflict potential with Muslims is very high

A new survey has revealed a significant potential for conflicts between Austrians and foreigners.A poll by the Centre for Future Studies of Salzburg’s FH higher education college shows that 53 per cent of Austrians considered the change that existing difficulties in the coexistence of themselves and immigrants could worsen as "very high".Around 45 per cent of interviewed Austrians said the same considering Christians and Muslims while 31 per cent were of the same opinion as far as the situation between rich and poor was regarded.

NASDAQ brings shame on itself by inviting Thaci

Lee Jay Walker, Modern Tokyo Times
It is inconceivable that a leader who is implicated in a major organ scandal would be invited by NASDAQ if the implications had been involved in killing homosexuals, killing Americans, killing Buddhists, killing women and so forth. However, when it comes to killing Serbian Orthodox Christians and sanctioning American foreign policy objectives, then this would appear to be fine by NASDAQ? Not only is this deeply troubling and makes a complete mockery of America’s involvement in war crimes – after all, at least alleged Serbian war criminals had to hide before being sent to the Hague. However, in America they are allowed to walk freely and pose for the media. The hypocrisy is stomach turning and really leaves a sour taste and for Serbian families and others who lost family members in the “brutal and barbaric organ scandal” they must be in shock. How do they feel when they see images of Hashim Thaci being applauded by NASDAQ? More to the point, what is NASDAQ doing in getting involved with this leader while further information is still being collected alongside past information. This applies to innocent people being killed for organs by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and these accusations are being made by people in the higher echelons of power.

NATO may soon have Albanians attack Serbs in Kosovo

A source on the ground says that NATO trained Kosovo Albanian terrorist units will strike Serbs in a very close immediacy in order to make Serbs submit to the Albanian Muslim domination by forcing them to accept the NATO desire to erect a border barrier at the administrative border with Kosovo.
Given that such information is out in the public, it may turn out the opposite… although the main Albanian terrorist, Hashim Thaci, was in the US last week and the authorities in the State Department took him to the NASDAQ to mark the stock trading – something Thaci is good at because his organ trade of Serbian body parts makes him experienced in such price negotiations.
In fact, Thaci is so very good for the State Department career promotion because now we see Nicholas Burns, the State Department point man on the Balkans, parading around on the TV talk circuit ejaculating his wisdom acquired through his dealing of the likes of Thaci.
Just like when he was the sly dog lying to the Serbian clergy besieged in Kosovo, Burns still sports a smirk whenever asked a question by the TV personality – an emotional fault he surely would love to shake off but, what a pity, seems incapable of correcting.
Hold your smirk when you lie, Nick! Don’t be a failure, try harder Nick! Killers need you to lie convincingly!
Let’s not digress, though… it may turn out so that the land swap deal may have been cut with the Tadic-government in Serbia (called Vichy by some) and the NATO-sponsored Albanian organ trader, a deal in which blood-letting must be had so that it could turn out that it is the “kosovar” Albanians who are the nice guys that gave away part of “their” territory in order to get the peace in the Balkans.
Let’s remember, the territory the Albanian terrorist have is the result of NATO bombing Serbia in 1999.
Some have told me that NATO is playing both sides in this instigated border conflict so that Serbs can feel victory by allowing the NATO stooge, Serbia’s President Tadic, to send in troops, and control portion of his own country – once the NATO-led terrorists hit. Serbs will be elated, this wisdom guy tells me, but he does not say how many Serbian heads Albanians will sever elsewhere across Kosovo as killing is the routine response of any Muslim once politically emancipated.
Then again, the State Department remained silent many a times on atrocities on Serbs, not just when Albanians were ethnically cleansing Serbs, so what is it that will move the State Department to do anything while several thousand Serbs get killed here and there. In fact the State Department will cheer that Serbs are getting killed because the Serbian disappearence makes the State Department’s foreign policy job way easier!
Let’s face it, for the American State Department, dead Serbs means a good thing.
Meanwhile, Tadic may be in a diplomatic trade in which he pawns off piece of his own land in order to make the thieves look like the good guys.
Good luck to him, because once he pawns off Kosovo, other ethnic minority parts will be up for the pawning… Vojvodina to Hungary, eastern Serbia to Romania, south (and Macedonia) to Bulgaria, Raska to Muslims…
M Bozinovich

Matthias Küntzel and Colin Meade debate with Gilbert Achcar

Gilbert Achcar has decided, at least for the time being, not to deal with our central arguments, writing that “I won’t here discuss the substance of the two authors’ comments.“ This is his prerogative and we have no objection to his exercising it.
We are, however, surprised to find him indulging in ad hominem attacks: “Küntzel is the author of an infamous Islamophobic book” and both of us are “pro-Zionist zealots”, who are “much more fanatical in their defence of Israel than the Israeli mainstream itself” and to whom “standard academic practices … seem to be totally alien.”
Our critique of his book is not about Zionism or Israel, but about antisemitism and Holocaust denial in the Arab world – topics of major importance and topicality. By resorting to insults, Achcar confirms what we say in our review: that he considers those who takes these matters seriously to be Zionist propagandists.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Germany: Four Muslims suspected of preparing to attack reunification festivities

Police say they have arrested four men suspected of illegally procuring weapons ahead of festivities marking the anniversary of German reunification.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Berlin pipe bomber of Afghan extraction arrested

A 44-year-old Muslim was arrested on Friday evening, suspected of building at least two pipe bombs and leaving them in Berlin parks – one of which seriously injured a gardener.
One bomb was left in shopping bag by a park bench in the Wedding district of the capital this August, exploding in the face of a landscape gardener when he opened it.Detective work on pieces from the bomb led investigators to identify the bits as having been bought from a particular hardware shops, according to Berlin newspaper the BZ. They then traced the man who had been customer at all the relevant shops. He was arrested on Thursday at a car-parts shop where he worked. Officers who searched his flat found nearly 1,000 other elements which could be used to make more bombs, some of which were already partly-built. They also found a small quantity of explosive, the BZ reported.“We reckon that he would have planted another bomb in the near future,” said Oliver Stepien from the intelligence services which were also involved in the investigation. They think he was not only responsible for the bomb in the shopping bag, but also another which blew up in June 2007, and a third which was discovered on the bank of a canal. The man, said to be German of Afghan extraction, has not spoken to detectives since his arrest.