Saturday, November 26, 2011

Iranian Anti-Semite in German Banks Foundation

STOP THE BOMB calls for the expulsion of anti-Semitic board of trustee member of the German Banks Foundation "Schloss Neuhardenberg"

The campaign STOP THE BOMB is calling on the Foundation Schloss Neuhardenberg, a foundation of a German trustee saving's bank association, to split up with its board of trustees member Mostofa Dolatyar, deputy foreign minister a.i. of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The representative of the Iranian regime attracted attention for his anti-Semitic remarks. Board of Trustee members of the Foundation Schloss Neuhardenberg include among others Matthias Platzeck (SPD, photo), minister president of the Land Brandenburg, and Bernd Neumann, German federal commissioner for culture and media. [1]
In June 2010 Dolatyar told an Iranian news agency: "We hope that the prophecy of the Imam [Khomeini] regarding the downfall of this regime [Israel] will occur very soon and that we will be witnesses of it." [2]
STOP THE BOMB spokesperson Michael Spaney says: An anti-Semite, who welcomes the annihilation of Israel, is simply out of place as a board member in a democratic foundation. As a
representative of a regime that brutally oppresses the brave resistance of its people in their own country, Dolatyar should also be intolerable for a Foundation, which claims to work in an „ethical tradition“ of a „consistent, ethically justified resistance against dictatorial rogue regime.“ [3]
The Iranian regime suppresses dissidents, women, homosexuals, Baha'is and members of other religious groups, tortures and murders them. [4] It is official state policy to deny the Holocaust, to announce the destruction of Israel and to work on a nuclear weapons program. Moreover, the Iranian regime, whose defense minister himself is an internationally wanted terrorist [5], is the world's largest sponsor of terrorist groups.
In October, the Foundation Schloss Neuhardenberg had to cancel a planned meeting with Iranian Ambassador Alireza Sheikh Attar and the philosopher Rüdiger Safranski due to massive protests. [6] Sheikh Attar was, according to Iranian human rights groups personally involved in violent crime during his term as provincial governor and remains under suspicion of being the procurement activities for the Iranian nuclear program, as well as responsible for the surveillance and intimidation of dissident Iranian exiles. [7]The protests against Dolatyar take place in a time when the emergence of the Iran-question splits the EU. [8] While Britain and France continue to restrict their business with Iran, Iranian lobby groups in Germany increased their promotion for the expansion of economic relations between Germany and Iran. In October an „expert discussion“ took place in Berlin with the Vice Minister for Economic Affairs of Iran in the premises of the German Foundation DGAP [9]. Recently a German-Iranian economic conference in cooperation with the largest Association of Medium-Sized Companies in Germany (BVMW) took place in Berlin as well. [10]
Michael Spaney: "The protests against Dolaytar's position in the board of trustees refer once again to the fact that the question of dealing with an anti-Semitic dictatorship can not only be solved alone by the federal government, it is a matter of all democratic institutions. Especially German democratic institutions should be aware of their responsibility towards anti-Semitism and dictatorship. The Foundation Schloss Neuhardenberg stands with its board of trustees for the legitimization and subsidy of the anti-Semitic Islamist dictatorship in Iran."

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