Sunday, December 25, 2011

Comic Book Heroes: The American Crusader Joins the Chetniks

by Carl Savich
Draza Mihailovich and the Chetnik guerrillas reaffirmed their status as comic book heroes in the U.S. during World War II with their appearance in Thrilling Comics, #35, in May, 1943. They were featured in the comic story “The American Crusader Joins the Chetniks”. The eight page script and the letters were by Richard E. Hughes, the pencils and inks by Max Plaisted, who also had created the American Crusader character. The cover, featuring the character Doc Strange, was by Jack Binder, who did the inks and pencils. Thrilling Comics were published by Standard Comics in eighty issues from February, 1940 to April, 1951 by publisher Ned L. Pines in New York. The Better and Nedor comics groups were also published by Pines.

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