Thursday, December 01, 2011

Iran 'planning attacks on US bases in Germany'

Tehran may be planning attacks on US bases in Germany in the event of an American military strike against targets in Iran, German investigators have reportedly said.
The Bild newspaper reported on Thursday that experts with the Federal Criminal Police Office believe in the event of a US military action against Iran, the Iranians would attack US military airfields in order to disrupt supply and logistics operations.Federal prosecutors have launched an espionage investigation against a German businessman possibly connected to the plot who they believe has maintained conspirational contact with the Iranian embassy in Berlin, Bild reported."We have an investigation on this issue," the head of the federal prosecutors' office, Harald Range, confirmed to reporters on Thursday.However, the head of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Jörg Ziercke, stressed: "We do not see any immediate danger right now."The report comes as tensions between Iran and the West have ratcheted up dramatically in recent days. A report on November 8 by the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency charged that Iran was likely trying to covertly develop its nuclear weapons program. And on Wednesday Berlin temporarily recalled its ambassador to Tehran following the storming of the British embassy there by hard-line protestors.Western diplomats have said that Iranian authorities could have prevented the overrunning of the embassy but failed to do so.A series of mysterious explosions has also recently bedevilled Iran’s weapons facilities, although they have all been attributed to accidents.

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