Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Iranian regime is being courted in Germany -- Cooperation with Iran in Afghanistan is doomed to fail

The NGO STOP THE BOMB condemns the invitation of the Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi to Germany. The second international conference on Afghanistan ended in Bonn on Monday evening. The Federal Government had invited Salehi to Bonn under the assumption that the Islamic Republic of Iran could help to "create conditions for a free, secure and successful Afghanistan". [1] The German government still relies on cooperation with Tehran in Afghanistan. STOP THE BOMB spokesman Michael Spaney says: "There are no common interests between the West and the Iranian Islamists, not even in Afghanistan. Neither the stabilization of the country nor the improvement of the human rights situation is possible as long as the Iranian regime has a considerable influence at the Hindu Kush. The strategy of co-operation with Iran in Afghanistan has failed."
Recent reports of ISAF's military intelligence services have demonstrated that the Iranian regime is cooperating with the Pakistani intelligence service ISI in arming and training the Taliban. The report states that the aim of the Iranian leadership is to control the fate of Afghanistan. To achieve this goal, Iranians are cooperating with Pakistan; both countries support the insurgents with training, weapons and money. [2]
While the German Federal government still relies on a double track policy of diplomacy and sanctions, Iran's leaders follow a policy of confrontation: The regime crushes any opposition. In foreign policy, it is working steadfastly on the atomic bomb and threatens Israel with annihilation. The incursion of the British embassy in Tehran and the plans to assassinate the Saudi ambassador on U.S. soil demonstrate how the regime systematically uses terrorist means in foreign policy.
Iranian foreign minister Salehi, a close confidant of Ahmadinejad, formerly was the head of Iran's nuclear program and Vice President of the Islamic Republic. In 2009 he was put on the sanction's list of the European Union. Michael Spaney comments: "The visit of Salehi to Germany is another slap in the face of the Iranian Freedom Movement. The federal government is once again betraying the opposition in courting Salehi. Now is the time for an immediate oil embargo and sanctions against Iran's central bank. A complete diplomatic boycott should follow. The German government should establish serious and close contacts with the Iranian opposition. The Iranian regime is destabilizing the entire region. Without a regime change in Iran there will be no stability in Afghanistan. "

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