Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Official visit of three Hamas representatives in Switzerland

The International Alliance Against Terrorism expresses its dismay at the official visit of three Hamas representatives in Switzerland.
We are particularly shocked that the University of Geneva has agreed to host on January 18 a meeting in which Hamas spokesman Musheer Al Masri is due to speak.
Terrorism is a scourge for the world. Hamas is a terrorist organisation.
It is listed as such by EU and the USA, not forfor ideological or political reasons but because it has advocated, funded, perpetrated and claimed responsibility for attacks targeting civilians, those very crimes Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Médecins du Monde and recently Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, have described as crimes against humanity.
No cause can justify deliberate attacks of civilians.
We want those who perpetrate, advocate, organize terror attacks, give orders and recruit "suicide" terrorists to be judged and condemned, not greeted and made welcome !
Besides Hamas educational program, based on brainwashing, transmitting hatred to children, submitting them to paramilitary training and advocating "martyrdom" (meaning death) as the greatest individual achievement, cannot be tolerated in a University without tarnishing its image for ever.
Ismael Haniyeh ´s recent visit to Tunisia has occasioned heinous antisemitic incidents, proving that Hamas has not changed and that it stays guided by an atrocious charter which pursues a genocidal goal.
We believe encouraging Hamas destroys the hope of a peaceful solution in the Middle East.
We also fear it will only encourage the spreading of terrorism in a troubled world. Organizations so far fighting peacefully for their demands may well change their minds when they see that terror is rewarded and entitled to Swiss hospitality.
Hoping all democratic organizations to join into this protest, we urge the Swiss Federal Government and Parliament to take into account the human rights of Hamas victims and their families who deserve justice and consideration, like all terror victims.
We solemnly urge Geneva University to declare the representative of Hamas persona non grata at the meeting it is hosting.

With the support of Dr Judea Pearl, President of Daniel Pearl Foundation

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