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Pat Condell: Ha Ha Islamophobia

Report on Antisemitic Discourse in the UK Slams the Guardian Newspaper

The CST, the official body advising the UK Jewish community on matters of security and antisemitism, just released a comprehensive report on antisemitic discourse in the UK for 2011 and singled out the Guardian for opprobrium. In fact, CST devotes an entire section of their 36 page report to the Guardian.
CST noted that “In 2011, the Guardian faced more accusations of antisemitism than any other mainstream UK newspaper.”
The full report.

Muslims Pressing for Blasphemy Laws in Europe

In Germany, blasphemy is covered by Chapter 11, Article 166 of the German Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch), which states: "Whoever publicly or by dissemination of writings defames, in a manner suitable to disturb the public peace, the substance of the religious or world view conviction of others, shall be fined or imprisoned for up to three years."
In February 2006, a German political activist named Manfred van H. received a one year suspended jail sentence and 300 hours of community service for breaching Article 166. He had had rolls of toilet paper with the words "Koran, the Holy Koran" printed on them and distributed to mosques and media outlets. This followed the London bombings in July 2005 and Manfred claimed his motives were "to find out who is on whose side in today's Germany."
In Austria, where the government of Saudi Arabia has officially opened the King Abdullah International Center for Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue (KAICIID) to "foster dialogue" between the world's major religions in order to "prevent conflict," critics say that KAICIID's work will parallel long-standing efforts by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a bloc of 57 Muslim countries, to pressure Western countries into making it an international crime to criticize Islam or Mohammed -- all in the name of "religious tolerance."

The Norwegian Labor Party’s Holocaust Fan

If you haven’t noticed, Norway has been undergoing a bit of bad publicity of late apropos of what has been described as its unparalleled levels of anti-Semitism. One of the country’s few highly placed truth-tellers, Hanne Nabintu Herland, a religious scholar at the University of Oslo, recently put it this way: “How could a country that was once a loyal friend of Israel be transformed into a nation with a government that refuses to distance itself from Hamas as a terrorist organization? Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West, because of the left-wing elite.” Alan Dershowitz said the same thing here at Front Page last year after a series of unpleasant personal experiences in the land of the fjords: “Norway is the most anti-Semitic and anti-Israel country in Europe today.” Nor did it do much to rehabilitate Norway’s image when the Royal Palace announced a couple of weeks ago the awarding of a medal to Trond Ali Linstad, a Muslim convert who is also an outspoken anti-Semite. (Fortunately, the public furor over this decision caused the king to change his mind.) The other day, when I noticed a headline indicating that the Norwegian police were apologizing to the country’s Jewish population, I experienced a fleeting sense of hope. Had at least one important national institution actually realized the error of its recent ways? Then it turned out – and, knowing the country as long as I have, I should have seen this coming – that the police were apologing for having helped the Nazis during the occupation with the job of rounding up Jews and shipping them off to be exterminated. A full news cycle was consumed with conspicuous self-flagellation about this horrible chapter of Norwegian history. The sole still-living Jew to have been handed over to the Germans was interviewed all over the place. I watched several TV news and debate programs that solemnly addressed the police department’s apology. But on none of them was there so much as a hint that the in 2012, the Jews are still the chief victims of prejudice in Norway. No, the message sent out by all the commentators I heard was the usual one: that the enduring lesson of the anti-Semitic crimes of yesteryear is that we should be especially alert nowadays to similar offenses against “other groups.” Everybody knows, of course, which “other group” is meant by this. And nobody needed to spell out the now-familiar formula: that the Jews are today’s Nazis, and the Muslims today’s Jews. This latest round of hand-wringing over the Holocaust was barely over when a new story made the headlines: the other day a young Yemeni-Norwegian named Khalid Haji Ahmed, who until recently was an official in the Workers’ Youth League (Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking, or AUF), the junior division of Norway’s Labor Party, and who is currently a member of the city council in the town of Hamar (pop. 29,000), was discovered to have taken part in a Facebook discussion of a status update that read as follows: “Fucking Jew whores, wish Hitler could come back and shower you a little more.” Ahmed was apparently one of several AUF members who took part in the discussion and who seemed to take an affirmative position toward their friend’s pro-Holocaust sentiment. Among the comments Ahmed posted was this, in reference to the original status update: “Best of luck eight times over.” (Facebook later deleted the discussion, in response to which the person who had posted the original status update wrote: “It’s probably Jews who run that, too.”)

Switzerland: Pot peddlers 'forced teens to become Muslim'

Police have arrested members of a gang of Eastern European immigrants who used violence, intimidation and the promotion of Islam to control marijuana trafficking operations in the Neuchâtel mountains, cantonal justice authorities said on Thursday. Three members were detained for questioning following the arrest of another ringleader in March, who remains in jail, the public prosecutor’s office said, while issuing an appeal to the public for more information to help permanently disband the group. The gang, which calls itself the Jamahat, forced other young people to become Muslims as part of its operations, said officials. The group peddled pot to adolescents from disadvantaged families in the cities of Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds, traditional watch-making centres,the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. The group is made up of young Muslim men originally from such places as Chechnya, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia who recently stepped up their criminal activities, authorities said. The group “is attempting to radicalize its activities by seeking to impose — by physical and psychological violence — a monopoly on the sale of marijuana in our region.” Using menacing threats, the group’s members forced other young people to sign up for cell phone contracts and then seizing smart phones and other electronic gadgets obtained in the process. These devices were then sold on the black market, largely in La Chaux-de-Fonds, authorities said. Meanwhile, a large number of young people have run up large debts from phone bills running into the thousands of francs, according to the government information. Some kids were forced to sign up for as many as seven different telecom contracts. On top of this, victims were made to convert to Islam, often without knowing anything about the religion and in “blind submission” to the wishes of the Jamahat group, authorities said. As part of the ongoing investigation, cantonal police are now seeking help from the public about the whereabouts of an underground parking lot, probably in La Chaux-de-Fonds, or the nearby region. The facility is served by an elevator providing access to a basement with heating and different rooms with easy access for vehicles. Anyone with information about such a structure is asked to call Neuchâtel police at 032 889 9000.

Son of Nazi hunters threatened over support of Israel

Arno Klarsfeld, 46, son of famed Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, publically expressed his support of Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense invoking wrath of French Islamists: 'They threatened to kill me'
  "I am not afraid of the threats. I might not be brave, but I'm certainly not a coward, especially after my parents' car was blown up and we received three mail bombs," Arno Klarsfeld told Yedioth Ahronot. Klarsfeld, a lawyer and head of the French Office for Immigrant Integration, has received numerous death threats from radical Islamists groups in France. The reason: a few days ago Klarsfeld, son of renowned Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, took part in a rally of solidarity with Israel in the wake of Operation Pillar of Defense. At the rally, which took place outside the Israeli embassy, Klarsfeld gave a speech arguing for Israel's right to self defense in the face of radical Islam, claiming Israel was at the forefront of the international battle against such forces. "We received phone calls and messages with curses and threats that acid will be thrown in my face and my car will be blown up. They threatened to kill me. The internet is full of abusive attacks personally aimed at me. Now, they are calling for me to be fired from my job just because I expressed support for Israel," he said.
"Arno is a true Zionist"
Arno is considered a very eligible bachelor in France and in the past dated Carla Bruni. In 2005 he was appointed to the role of then President Nicolas Sarkozy's right hand man. Sarkozy tasked Arno with the very difficult task of mitigating the damages caused by Muslim immigration to France. Ten years ago Arno made aliyah to Israel and served in the Border Guard for a year. He holds dual French and Israeli citizenship. His close friend, Daniel Cohen, said: "Arno is a true Zionist. He was posted to the Border Guard at a time when there were terror attacks and it was truly dangerous, putting his life at risk. He has also written a book defending Israel and actively defends Israel in every possible forum. In short, he fights for the country just like his parents." Besides the death threats, Islamist and radical leftists have begun calling for his dismissal from the role of head of the Office for Immigrant Integration (OFII) - the office charged with dealing with illegal immigrants in France, a group that is mostly comprised of Muslims. Those calling for his dismissal cite not only his public support of Operation Pillar of Defense, but also his service in the Border Guard. Klarsfeld is currently on a visit in New York, and according to current assessments he will receive a security detail on the moment of his return to France.
Not far from the tree
  Arno is the son of Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld who grew to fame through numerous struggles to track down and bring to justice Nazi war criminals. The couple succeeded in tracking down Kurt Lischka, Alois Brunner (Eichmann's helper), Klaus Barbie and Kurt Asche, to name a few. In 1986 they began a struggle which ended in the exposure of then Austrian President Kurt Waldheim's role in the Third Reich. In February 2012, Beate Klarsfeld was presented as Die Linke party's nominee for the German presidency.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

AP Under Attack for Removing Islamophobia, Homophobia from Stylebook

By Daniel Greenfield
First the Associated Press announced that it would continue using “Illegal Alien” instead of “Undocumented American”, “Accidental Border Crosser” or “Beautiful Dreamer” on the grounds that it was well… technically accurate.
Now the AP is throwing out Homophobia and Islamophobia on the grounds that they are inaccurate and conflate prejudice with mental illness. And that has led to outrage hysteria from the usual organs of the left who like sticking to their politicized words once they’ve made enough people aware of them.
“Ethnic cleansing is a euphemism for pretty violent activities, a phobia is a psychiatric or medical term for a severe mental disorder. Those terms have been used quite a bit in the past, and we don’t feel that’s quite accurate,” AP Deputy Standards Editor Dave Minthorn said.
Again, that is accurate, despite the progressive response that adding phobia as a suffix allows it to mean a completely different thing.
The Associated Press is not taking a conservative position here, but we have reached such a point of cultural decay that fact-based positions that derive their grounds from reason and proof are already innately conservative. Or as George Orwell put it, “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”
The left’s counterattack on behalf of homophobia is already irrational, even from the standpoint of their own interests, because it communicates mental problems when the goal is to communicate bigotry.
Slate argues that homophobia is just like arachnophobia. The argument is wrong on a number of levels. The most simple level where it’s wrong is that the subject under discussion is not even fear. It’s dislike. The Guardian and several other media outlets have churned out pieces arguing that dislike of homosexuality is primarily motivated by fear. But that’s an opinion and the very argument testifies to a news media that is hardly able to distinguish fact-based reporting from opinion-mongering.
Finally there is something Orwellian about describing political or religious views in terms usually employed for mental illness. It skips past discussing what people believe or do to claiming intimate knowledge of their motives and passing judgement on their sanity. It’s reasonable for the AP to opt out of such heavily politicized and inaccurate language that claims to report on the state of mental health, rather than the state of events.

A Monument to Evil

The recent decision by the Hague Inquisition to reverse the convictions of two Croatian generals wasn't just a favor to Empire's onetime "junkyard dogs"; its wider implication was that abuse, expulsion and murder could be practiced with impunity, as long as the perpetrators thereof are Imperial "allies," and the targets are Serbs.

This is the message the Albanians have been hearing for years. Remember, the military leader of the terrorist KLA - now the Kosovian "defense minister" - was a general in the Croatian Army, serving under one of the generals the Inquisition set free. Now, however, they had a chance to show their pride in such impunity, on the occasion of an Albanian national holiday.

On November 28, 1912, what became the Albanian national flag - black eagle on red field - made its first appearance. Each year, the Albanians celebrate this as "Flag Day", and even though "Kosovia" has its own, politically correct flag, its blue and gold are nowhere in evidence these days, amidst the sea of red and black.

The central, pan-Albanian celebration has already taken place - in Skopje, capital of the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia. Why not Tirana, the capital of Albania proper? Or Pristina, the capital of "independent Kosovo"? Simple. Skopje was the ancient capital of Serbia, and though modern Serbia doesn't claim the territory of Macedonia, the Albanians do.

But wait, there is more. In Presevo, a southern Serbian town claimed by Albanians as part of "Eastern Kosova", the local KLA first put up a monument to its "freedom fighters," then dared the Serbian police to come take it down. And yesterday, the following picture appeared in Serbian newspapers:
A model outside the Bujanovac Culture Hall (source)
An installation outside the Culture Hall in Bujanovac (a town near Presevo also claimed by the KLA), purports to represent the house in Valona where the Albanian flag first flew a century ago. However, the model is painted a shade of yellow entirely inappropriate for the original - invoking comparisons to the notorious "Yellow House."

This was the name given to a farmstead in Albania where, during and after the war to claim Kosovo (1999), the KLA killed and dismembered (in that order, if they were lucky) dozens of abducted Serb civilians, to sell their organs on the black market. When word of the "Yellow House" first emerged, the KLA, the Albanian authorities and the house's owners denied everything. The Hague Inquisitors claimed they had found nothing, and just accidentally happened to destroy all the evidence from the investigation. But as you can see, the KLA is now rubbing it in.

Pogroms based on blood libel. Desecrated churches and cemeteries. Pride in terrorism and butchery. All cheered on by the "international community" and the self-appointed defenders of "human rights." A month ago, Secretary of State Clinton declared that the cause of "independent Kosovia" was a personal matter - "for me, my family and my fellow Americans."

Clinton has a shopping center named after her. There are streets and boulevards named after her husband, and an Enver-style statue in downtown Pristina. I guess what's left to their "fellow Americans" is Kosovo itself - a monument to evil if ever there was one.

Proud yet?

Jewish woman brutally murdered in Iran over property dispute

A 57-year-old Jewish woman was brutally stabbed to death and her body mutilated on Monday by Muslim attackers in the Iranian city of Isfahan, in what her family says was a religiously motivated crime related to a property dispute, Menashe Amir, an expert on Iranian Jewry who spoke with the victim’s family, has told The Times of Israel.
Tuba N., whose family requested not to reveal her last name, was murdered by her Muslim neighbors, who had harassed her family for years in an attempt to drive them from their home and confiscate the property for the adjoining mosque.
“The religious radicals even expropriated part of the house and attached it to the mosque’s courtyard,” Amir said. “The Jewish family appealed to the courts with the help of a local attorney” to seek redress for the conflict, “despite the threats to their lives.”
On Monday, while her husband was in Tehran attending to business matters, “thugs broke into her home, tied up her two sisters who were living with her, and repeatedly stabbed her to death.” Afterward, her attackers allegedly butchered her body and cut off her hands, a sister who witnessed the event told her relatives in the US, who conveyed the information to Amir.
Iranian authorities were said to have not returned the woman’s dismembered body to her family and have tried to cover up the case.
The Times of Israel could not independently verify the report.
According to Amir, members of the dwindling community fear future bloodshed against Jews in the wake of Tuba’s murder.
Isfahan, Iran’s third-largest city, with a population of over 1.5 million, was home to 1,200 of Iran’s 25,000 Jews as of 2009. Since then, Jewish numbers in the Islamic Republic have declined. A government census published earlier this year indicated there were a mere 8,756 Jews left in Iran, and Amir told The Times of Israel that Isfahan was now home to fewer than 100 families.

British Police Arrest Teen Who Threw Ham at Mosque, Osama Bin Laden’s Right Hand Man Still Free in London

By Daniel Greenfield
Fighting terrorism is like triage. You focus on the really important stuff, like prosecuting teenagers for throwing hams at mosques, but let the small stuff, like Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man walking the streets of London slide.
Because, as we all know, terrorism is caused by Muslims feeling offended or deprived in some way. And the only way to stop terrorism is by making sure that no Muslim is ever offended or upset by anything like hammed up mosques. And once that’s accomplished, the petty task of actually putting away terrorism can be ignored.
A 16-year-old boy was arrested by police investigating a hate crime after pieces of ham were thrown at a mosque. The teenager was held on suspicion of a religiously aggravated public order offence by officers called to Broadfield Mosque in Crawley, West Sussex.
Or as they call it in Pakistan. Blasphemy.
That teen’s first mistake was throwing a ham at a mosque. If he had done something respectable like smashing the windows of a Jewish shop while chanting “Free Gaza” then the judge would have hailed him as an idealistic model to the nation’s youth. If he had only groomed young girls from broken homes for sex, the way so many mosque worshipers do, then the police would have looked the other way. But sadly he chose to commit a truly unpardonable act for which there can be no possible excuse. He hammed up a mosque. He offended Muslims.
Sussex Police said “real anguish and anxiety” was caused to worshippers who witnessed the incident as they left the mosque at around 4pm last Tuesday.
Naturally. The mosque worshipers were no doubt terrified of the prospect of more drive-by-mosque hamming attacks.
Eating pork and products made from it is strictly forbidden in Islam.
Which isn’t a problem unless the mosque-goers spent a lot of time licking mosque walls.
Disorder which broke out following the incident was also being investigated, police said.
Mr Collen said: “We are aware of a relatively minor altercation that we hope to resolve using our restorative justice programme.
Can any linguistic experts please translate this from Orwellian into English? I’ll assume that the anxious and anguished Muslims began attacking people. If it had been the other way around, the news story and the police would have specified clearly that there was an attack on Muslims and that it was worst thing to happen in the UK since the Norman Conquest.
Restorative justice programme is a euphemism for social reedcuation programs for low level offenders.
Meanwhile in completely unimportant news to be readily disregarded, Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man is living the life of Reilly in London.
Hate preacher Abu Qatada issued orders to kill British and American civilians after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to a secret MI5 report seen by The Mail on Sunday.
Qatada, who has been described as Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe, remains on bail in London after Home Secretary Theresa May lost the latest round in her battle to deport him to Jordan, where he is wanted for his alleged roles in two bomb plots against foreigners.
The court ruling – which means the extremist preacher is free to walk the streets of London for six hours a day – prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to say he was ‘completely fed up’ with the Qatada problem.
If only there were some way to get Abu Qatada to go beyond petty things like being Osama bin Laden’s right hand man and do something really serious like throw a ham at a mosque. Maybe Four Lions’ Barry can stop by to convince him of the virtue of hamming up your own mosque.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NATO Court Delivers Yet Another Miscarriage Of Justice: Serbs suffer another biased judgement

By Vojin Joksimovich, PhD
On November the 16th the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) outrageously reversed convictions, acquitted and ordered immediate release of the Croatian Colonel General Ante Gotovina, commander of a military offensive known as Operation Storm (Oluja in Serbian), and Colonel General Mladen Markac, Operation Commander of the Special Police in Croatia. Gotovina was on the run until 2005, when he was arrested in Spain and transferred to the ICTY. Needless to say the acquitted generals returned to Zagreb to a hero’s welcome with the 100,000 large crowd chanting “Victory, Victory.” In Belgrade there was a fury in denouncing the verdict as a scandalous injustice towards those Serbs ethnically cleansed. The Serbs have always viewed the ICTY as a political and not a legal body.
The Appeals Chamber ruled on 3:2 decision that the original chamber had “erred” in finding the existence of a Joint Criminal Enterprise (JCE) whose purpose was the permanent and forcible removal of Serbian civilians from the Krajina region in today’s Croatia, where the Serbs had lived for some 500 years. Last year Gotovina and Markac were sentenced to 24 and 18 years respectively. The Majority judges, without the benefit of hearing all the evidence as the Trial judges did, were: the American judge Theodor Meron, the Jamaican judge Patrick Robinson and the Turkish judge Mehmet Guney.

Norwegian youth leader seen encouraging anti-Semitic speech

Aspiring Norwegian politician Khalid Haji Ahmed said he was only joking when he wished “best of luck eight times over” to activists who wrote on Facebook that they wished Adolf Hitler could kill more Jews.
Screen shots made by Hamar Arbeiderblad, a local newspaper, show Ahmed responding on Facebook to a post that read “Damn Jew whores, wish Hitler could come back and shower you some more.”
The Facebook conversation took place last week between members of the Workers’ Youth League, Norway’s largest youth movement, which is affiliated with the country’s ruling Labor Party.
Ahmed, the youth movement’s regional secretary in southeast Norway, is quoted as telling the news site Nettavisen that his comment was “ironic.”

Israeli-Americans sue Clinton over PA aid money

Dual US-Israeli citizens filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the State Department claiming that the US administration provided the Palestinian Authority with billions of dollars in aid money which were used to fund terrorist groups such as Hamas instead of supporting humanitarian causes, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.
According to the lawsuit, the State Department ignored congressional safeguards and transparency requirements attached to US aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Germany Won't Support PA, Britain 'Still Open'

It won't be a unanimous vote for the Palestinian Authority bid for nonmember observer state status at the United Nations on Thursday. Not quite.
The United States, Canada and Israel will oppose the resolution, but few others have stated any intention of doing so.
Most have already said they will support the PA declaration of de facto statehood via the nonmember observer state status -- a unique status granted by the world body thus far only to the Vatican, which unlike the PA has a centralized single government and is an entity with defined borders. The Palestinian Authority does not meet those criteria.
Germany announced Wednesday that it would not vote in favor of the bid to upgrade PA status at the U.N.
"We want to vote as closely as possible with our European partners,” government spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters. “It is, however, also certain that Germany will not accept such a resolution.”
What was not certain was whether Germany would actively vote against the resolution, or whether Berlin would simply choose to abstain when it came time to cast the ballot.
Britain said it “remains open” to voting in favor of the resolution, right “up until the time of the vote itself,” depending on what the PA decides to do.
Foreign Secretary William Hague said Wednesday that Britain would support PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in the vote on Thursday, if he would agree to participate in direct final status negotiations with Israel -- as mandated in the internationally-recognized Oslo Accords signed by the PA and Israel in the early 1990s.
In order to buy the British vote, Hague said the PA would also have to drop its pursuit of the International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction over Judea and Samaria, and confirm publicly that the U.N. resolution would not apply retroactively.
"In the absence of these assurances,” Hague warned, “the United Kingdom would abstain on the vote.”

Iran May Be Close to a Plutonium Bomb, German Defense Experts Warn

By David P. Goldman
Iran might be “on the verge of producing weapon-quality plutonium,” Germany’s daily Die Welt reported on Nov. 26. Hans Rühle, a former top official in the German defense ministry, and foreign editor Clemens Wergin cite clues pointing to an Iranian crash program to build a plutonium bomb in the just-released International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran’s nuclear activity. Rühle headed German defense policy planning during the 1980s; Wergin is one of the most capable young journalists writing in any language. Their report should be read in dead earnest.
The IAEA reported that Iran removed fuel rods from the Bushehr light water reactor—supposedly a peaceful application of nuclear energy—on October 22. There might be a technical explanation for the premature extraction of fuel rods from a light water reactor, Rühle and Wergin observe. But “it may also mean the starting point for production of weapons-grade plutonium. That would mean a dramatic expansion and acceleration of Iran’s nuclear armaments program (my translation).”
Although light water reactors are not designed to produce weapons-grade plutonium, the design can produce large amounts of weapons-grade plutonium in a short period of time. In a matter of months, the authors report, the low-enriched uranium fuel in the Bushehr reactor could yield enough plutonium for dozens of atomic bombs:
In a light water reactor, which is operated with low enriched uranium (four percent), the fuel remains in the reactor up to 60 months when the reactor is run at maximum power generation,. But it takes only a few months to produce plutonium 239, that is, weapons-grade plutonium. … In the 1970s a British company had shut down a light water reactor prematurely. The result was around 450 kilograms of plutonium, or material for about 70 bombs.
It would take only three or four months to convert the plutonium from the Bushehr reactor’s spent fuel rods into weapons-grade plutonium, the authors report. Depending on how long the fuel rods were used before Iran removed them on Oct. 22, they would yield between 150 kg and 300 kg of plutonium, or enough fissile material for 25 to 50 bombs.
Western negotiators previously ignored the Bushehr reactor, on the grounds that it constituted peaceful use of energy. Oliver Thränert, head of the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich, told Die Welt, “If Iran does not give a convincing explanation for the early removal of fuel rods, a correction in this policy should be urgently considered.”
Last February, I cited Rühle’s analysis of the logistics of a possible Israel strike on Iran, in which the German expert argued that Israel had the capacity to set the program back by years.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Police probe anti-Semitic chants at match

English football faced another racism investigation by authorities on Monday after a Premier League match between Tottenham and West Ham was marred by anti-Semitic abuse from supporters. West Ham pledged to impose life bans after some of its fans on Sunday were heard making chants about Adolf Hitler and also praising Italian club Lazio after an apparent anti-Semitic stabbing of a Tottenham fan on Wednesday in Rome ahead of a Europa League match against the Italian club. The Metropolitan Police is looking into the chants heard during Sunday's globally-broadcast match at White Hart Lane after receiving a complaint from a member of the crowd. Police had already arrested two fans at White Hart Lane for making Nazi-style salutes, described as a "racially aggravated public order offense." The fans accepted police cautions, which are given to people who admit to minor offenses but doesn't count as a criminal conviction. West Ham has identified one of the fans as an Upton Park season ticket holder and sent him a letter banning him from their ground, while the club said "other individuals identified can expect a similar swift and robust response." The English Football Association is gathering video evidence from Tottenham and said it encourages clubs "to identify and ban for life any individuals involved in incidents of abusive chanting." "There is no place for anti-Semitism or any form of discrimination in football," the FA said after launching a formal investigation. Tottenham is known to have a large Jewish fan base, which has long been subjected to anti-Semitic abuse at matches. West Ham, whose chairman David Gold is Jewish, said it is assisting Tottenham with the investigation "into the conduct of a small number of supporters and alleged inappropriate chanting." "West Ham United will take the strongest possible action against any of their supporters, including enforcing life bans from the club, that are found guilty of behavior which is categorically not condoned by West Ham United," the east London club said in a statement.

Southeastern European organized crime & extremism review

By Ioannis Michaletos/ The folowing research is a review around the theme of Southeastern European organized crime, mainly in the period 1995-2007, highlighting the emergence of powerful regional “Mafias” with an actual global presence. The main focus is the Albanian criminal syndicates centered on Kosovo. The research is composed by previous material of the writer, some of which was presented in international workshops. Moreover the issue of radical Islam is being overviewed in a second part,for the same period, along with information regarding the state of affairs of the Muslim communities in the region.

Students banned from wearing drag

The Dutch-medium Brussels Institute of Higher Education University HUB has banned its students from wearing drag as part of student fraternity initiation rituals.
The ban comes after a male student was robbed and raped by a group of youths in Brussels last month.
As in the United States, student fraternities in Belgium have a long tradition of initiation rituals for new members, some of which include male students wearing drag.
Last month, a student that was on his way to an initiation evening dressed as a woman was set upon by a group of youths. They took him to a car park before robbing him of his mobile and gang raping him.
The Brussels regional news site reports that a second male rape incident in which the victim is a student is also currently being investigated. Two youths aged 15 and 17 have been detained in connection with the first incident and are currently being held at the youth detention centre at Saint Hubert in Luxembourg Province.
The HUB advises it students that “Certain groups perceive wearing drag as being provocative.” Consequently, the institute of higher education that groups most the capital’s Dutch-medium colleges of higher education advises its students against dressing as a member of the opposite sex.

“HUB sending out the wrong signal”'

The Brussels regional Secretary of state responsible for equal opportunities Bruno De Lille (Flemish Green, photo) says that he believes that the HUB is sending out the wrong signal by ordering its students to ditch drag.
"I feel that HUB is sending out completely the wrong signal. By reacting in this way they are at least implying that the rape was the victim’s fault. “He should have known that this is provocative to certain people”, What? And so this justifies someone being attacked of rape? What about transgender men and women then? Should they also “adapt””?
"As a society we should make it clear to the victims that they have our support and say to the perpetrators that their behaviour is unacceptable and that they will be severely punished."
“The HUB should immediately send out a statement saying that it has made a mistake”, Mr De Lille concludes.

Saudi 'Propaganda Center' Opens in Vienna

By Soeren Kern
The most important goal of dialogue is "to introduce Islam" and "to correct the erroneous slanders raised against Islam." — Saudi Press Agency
Saudi Arabia has officially opened the doors of a controversial new "interreligious and intercultural dialogue center" in the Austrian capital, Vienna.
The King Abdullah International Center for Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue was inaugurated during an elaborate ceremony at the Hofburg Palace in downtown Vienna on November 26. More than 650 high-profile guests from around the world attended the event, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the foreign ministers of the center's three founding states, Austria, Spain and Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis say the purpose of the multi-million-dollar institution -- which will be headquartered at the Palais Sturany in the heart of Vienna and will have the status of an international organization -- is to "foster dialogue" between the world's major religions in order to "prevent conflict."
Critics, however, say the center is an attempt by Saudi Arabia to establish a permanent "propaganda center" in central Europe from which to spread the conservative Wahhabi sect of Islam.
Critics also say the Saudis deliberately chose Vienna to serve as the headquarters for the new organization because of the city's historic role in preventing Islam from overrunning Christian Europe during the Siege of Vienna in 1529 and the Battle of Vienna in 1683. The Saudis, they say, are simply fighting a new phase of a very old conflict.
Austrian politicians on all sides of the political aisle have criticized the initiative, and the opening ceremony was accompanied by angry protesters who said that the Austrian government had "bowed the knee" to Saudi Arabia, and that the center was a "shame for Austria."
The Green Party, which governs Vienna in a coalition, said the center glorified a country "where freedom of religion and opinion are foreign words."
"Austria should not allow itself to be misused in this way, to allow itself to be involved in whitewash by a repressive Saudi regime which is using this center as a fig leaf for its dishonorable human rights situation," the party said in a statement.
The first Muslim member of the Austrian Parliament, the Turkish-born Alev Korun, branded the project as "highly absurd." She said Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger "must be either incredibly naïve or only interested in business relations with Saudi Arabia." She also accused the foreign minister of "closing both eyes" to breaches of human rights in Saudi Arabia.
The center-right newspaper Die Presse, in an editorial entitled, "Islamic Center in Vienna: Austria-Aid for Propagandists of Intolerance?," wrote: "The Austrian government needs to ask itself whether it knows what it is doing: Is it not known that as the state religion of Saudi Arabia Wahhabism is fiercely opposed to other religions and uses 'intercultural dialogue' as a means for aggressive proselytizing?
"To clarify: Wahhabism is the only officially recognized and allowed religion in Saudi Arabia. Other forms of Islam and other religions are banned and persecuted by the state. Saudi Arabia is the only Islamic state in which there is no church, no synagogue and no other place of worship of any other religion. Shiite Muslims have been systematically discriminated against for decades. Jews are even forbidden to enter the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia practices a form of Sharia law that is one of the most brutal systems in the world. Saudi Arabia has at all times rejected the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. Women may not drive a car and can be punished by flogging. Corporal punishment, including amputations and executions, are part of everyday life in the country. Just two weeks ago a Sudanese immigrant in Saudi Arabia was publicly beheaded for 'sorcery.' Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world in which the death penalty is enforced even on teenagers," the paper said.
The paper concludes: "Does the Austrian Foreign Ministry really want to give such a state the opportunity to build an international propaganda center in Austria?"
Foreign Minister Spindelegger responded to the criticism by saying that he was "proud" of the initiative which "proved the readiness to start a real dialogue." He also said "all kinds of discrimination and stereotyping based on religion or belief must be tackled."
The King Abdullah Center -- which will host seminars, conferences, dialogues and other events bringing together people of different backgrounds and faiths -- will have a governing body composed of 12 representatives from the world's five largest religions.
The governing board of directors is to be staffed by two Muslims (Sunni and Shiite), three Christians (Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox), a Buddhist, a Hindu and a Jew. The organization will also have a consulting body with 100 representatives from the five world religions plus other faiths as well as academics and members of civil society.
The Vatican said in a statement that it had accepted an invitation to participate in the center as a "founding observer" and it sent a high-level delegation to attend the inauguration ceremony.
Rabbi David Rosen, the Jewish member of the King Abdullah Center's board of directors, said in an interview that the project presents a unique opportunity. "This is the first multifaith initiative from a Muslim source, and not just any source, but from the very hardcore heartland of Islam," said Rosen, International Director of Interreligious Affairs of the American Jewish Committee (AJC). "It is an essential stage in King Abdullah's efforts to change Saudi Arabia itself."
Rosen was referring to the Saudi claim that interfaith dialogue in Vienna was aimed at bringing about religious reform in Saudi Arabia itself. Never mind that the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the leading religious authority in the country, recently declared that all churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed. And that less than one week before the center in Vienna was inaugurated, the Saudi government introduced a new electronic system that tracks all cross-border movements of women, alerting their male guardians when they leave the country.
The Secretary General of the King Abdullah Center, Faisal bin Abdulrahman bin Muaammar, a former Saudi education minister, said the project was about dialogue, not politics. "We are facing some criticism here, we are facing some criticism in Saudi Arabia, but dialogue is the answer for this" Muaammar said.
Although Riyadh will finance the center for the first three years at an annual budget of 10-15 million euros ($13-20 million), there will be "zero politics, zero influence in the center," Muaammar said.
The primary focus of the King Abdullah Center will be to promote a work program called "The Image of the Other," which will examine stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam in education, the media and the Internet.
Critics say this work will parallel long-standing efforts by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a bloc of 57 Muslim countries, to pressure Western countries into making it an international crime to criticize Islam or Mohammed, all in the name of "religious tolerance."
The Austrian Initiative of Liberal Muslims (ILMÖ) said "this dubious Wahhabist center in Vienna" will "only serve Saudi Arabia's political and religious interests abroad, under the guise of dialogue" and that its sole aim was to make Riyadh "respectable."
In case there was any doubt, the official Saudi Press Agency confirmed that dialogue is not a two-way street. The most important goal of dialogue, the agency says, is "to introduce Islam" and to "correct the erroneous slanders raised against Islam."

Monday, November 26, 2012

Muslims loving Hitler and Jewish genocide on Facebook

The page seems to have been taken down now, but I was able to get these screenshots before it was. (Thanks to Jason for the heads up.) Note the enthusiastic support from Muslims in the comments for the initial genocidal posting by "sunnah."
Counter-jihadists are frequently accused of being in league with neo-Nazis and with echoing their sentiments. This is one of the most cynical elements in the Islamic supremacists' propaganda arsenal, since in reality neo-Nazis generally support the jihad, and Hitler and his genocide are wildly popular in countries like Turkey and Egypt, where Mein Kampf is a perennial bestseller. The Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, lived in Berlin during the war, raised up a Muslim division for the Waffen SS, and made pro-Nazi broadcasts in Arabic. Their Jew-hatred unites them.

Anti-Israel Protesters 'Occupy' Roof of Scottish Parliament

Anti-Israel protesters, who sought to “occupy” the roof of the Scottish parliament to demonstrate against an official meeting with the Israeli ambassador to the UK, have been charged by police. Ten anti-Israel activists who said they belong to a group calling itself “We Are All Hana Shalabi”, named after an Arab hunger striker, climbed onto the roof of the Scottish parliament late last week during a meeting between Scottish first minister Alex Salmond and Israeli ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub. The protesters, who were carrying banners declaring "End Israeli War Crimes" and "Stand With the Oppressed or You're Standing With The Oppressor", were removed by police and arrested. They have been charged with a breach of peace, according to the BBC. During the meeting ambassador Taub and First Minister Salmond discussed "elements of extreme hostility to Israel in parts of Scottish society." The two officials also discussed possible cooperation between Israel and Scotland, particularly in business, technology, health and renewable energy. "We thought it was disgraceful that the first minister met with the Israeli ambassador at a time like this, and we would hope that the ambassador will not be invited back to Scotland,” said protester Jack McGinn, according to the BBC. In September, a group of Scottish anti-Israel protesters disrupted performances by the Tel-Aviv based Batsheva dance company, which had been performing at the Edinburgh International Festival in the United Kingdom. Approximately 100 people, associated with the “Don't Dance with Israeli Apartheid Campaign,” reportedly gathered outside of the theatre to sing, demonstrate and burn tickets. While the protesters did not state their direct affiliation with the “Occupy” movement, their actions bore great resemblance to the group, which was first hijacked by anti-Israel activists last year. Protesters began using the “Occupy” brand name to undermine and de-legitimize Israel and denounce the “Israeli occupation”, rather than to voice their opposition to the economic injustices of Wall Street, as was originally intended.


The very idea that the school succumbed to the demands of the mosque is outrageous. I can tell you one thing, when the planners of the mosque were getting their papers signed off on by the city council, this never once was broached, though they knew it would come up…some day.

Hamburg: A One-Sided Suicide Pact

Soeren Kern, writing for the Gatestone Institute in his November 16th article, "IslamNeeds a Fair Chance in Germany," reported a significant development in Germany that portends dire consequences for that benighted nation and for all of Europe: the city of Hamburg signed a "treaty" with organizations representing its Islamic population.
The "treaty" features a series of concessions, not by the Muslims to secular authority, but by the secular government of Hamburg to the Muslims. The "treaty," which requires ratification by the city's Parliament, grants Muslims "rights" and "privileges" enjoyed by no other religious group there.


Vienna protesters call for 'death to Jews'

Anti-Israel demonstrators gathered on Friday in the heart of Vienna, protesting Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense and chanting slogans calling for the murder of Jews and bashing the Jewish state. Israel’s eight-day military operation to stop Hamas rocket fire from entering the country prompted two fiercely anti-Israel protests in the Austrian capital. Samuel Laster, an Israeli journalist who lives in Vienna, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that he heard a contingent of 15 to 20 Austrian Islamists chanting in Arabic, “Death to the Jews.” Laster first reported on the call to eliminate Jews on his website die juedische (“the Jewish”). Speaking from Vienna by phone, he told the Post that a “mix of Austrian leftist radical extremists and Islamists” appeared at the protest. He estimated that at least 400 anti-Israel protesters, including Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood members and Palestinians, took part in the demonstration. The demonstrators marched to the federal chancellor’s office. The anti-Israel activists yelled “Freedom for Palestine” and “Down with Israel,” and a group of Austrian Muslims blasted repeatedly in Arabic “Death to the Jews.” Laster said the Austrian authorities, including the domestic intelligence agency (Verfassungschutz), must increase their efforts to combat “Islamic extremism.” He criticized the lax approach of Austrian police officials who waved off the anti-Jewish rhetoric as merely a protest against Israel. Dr. Shimon Samuels, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s director for international relations, wrote the Post by email on Sunday, “the Verfassungschutz, whether in Germany or Austria, has to make the analytical leap in treating the Trotskyite/jihadist movements as they did regarding Nazi and Communist espionage or terrorism. “These provide cover for a fifth column of sleepers and lone-wolf recruits that endanger the host societies as much as, if not more than, their Jewish citizens. Jews have somewhere to go. Germans and Austrians do not.” He added that when the ragtag political activists scream “death to the Jews” in Vienna or Berlin they mean it. “The Holocaust began with the word and brought the world to the abyss. The alarms in Israel under Hamas rockets should reverberate in Vienna and Berlin, for the indifferent and exposed Austrians and Germans who do not realize that they have no Iron Dome,” said Samuels. At an earlier demonstration during the war, Austrian Islamists and Leftists screamed slogans calling for the destruction of the Jewish state. According to a report on November 16 on the Vienna news website, protesters invoked slogans including “We are against the two-state solution” and “We are for a Palestine that is free from the West Bank and reaches to the Mediterranean and Israel will be wiped out.” reported that a large segment of the protesters were of Turkish and Arabic descent and yelled “Allahu akbar.” The Palestinian and Syrian communities in Vienna helped organize the rally during the IDF’s operation against Hamas in Gaza.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Merkel to German Jews: Respecting Circumcision is Fundamental

Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to ease the concerns of Germany's Jews over a disputed ruling against circumcision on Sunday, as she became the first chancellor to address the Jewish community's annual council meeting. "The respecting of religious ritual is a fundamental good," she told the annual gathering of the Central Council of Jews in Germany in the western city of Frankfurt, AFP reported. "I am delighted... that there is a lively Jewish community in Germany," added the chancellor. In a ruling published in June, a court in the western city of Cologne judged the rite to be tantamount to grievous bodily harm, prompting international outrage and calls for more legal clarity. The Cologne ruling united Jewish and Muslim groups in opposition and German diplomats admitted privately that it had proved "disastrous" for Germany's international image, particularly in light of its Nazi past. Merkel was reported to have cautioned that Germany risked becoming a "laughing stock" if circumcision were banned in the country. Last month, Merkel's cabinet passed a draft law to permit circumcision and clarify the legal situation. Merkel said she believed it to be a "balanced text", according to AFP. "I hope it can be agreed in the Bundestag before Christmas," she added, referring to the German lower house of parliament. The new bill stipulated certain provisos for a boy to be circumcised. Among these conditions, the draft law said the practice must be carried out "professionally" and "with the most effective pain relief". An exception must also be made in individual cases if there are health risks. The head of the central committee for Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, thanked Merkel for her assistance in what he described as "difficult times." "It is important that German politicians acted and came up with legislation that we can live with," Graumann said. "This visit has done us good in a time that is difficult for us," he added. Merkel also used the visit to reiterate Berlin's support of Israel following eight days of violence in and around Gaza. "Every country has the right to defend itself. This is not only the right but also the duty of every government," added Merkel. Germany played a role in the efforts to achieve a ceasefire during Operation Pillar of Defense. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle was in Israel last Tuesday, and told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, "I’m here to underline that Germany stands by our friends in Israel, and Israel has every right to defend itself and protect their own citizens against these missile attacks from Gaza into your country, Prime Minister. Of course we now have to consider and discuss how a cease-fire is possible. But there is one key condition for everything else, and that is the stop of the missile attacks against Israel.”

Pat Condell: Peace in the Middle East

EU ignores most of Hezbollah terror in ban decision

The 27-member European Union has largely circled the wagons around the investigation into Hezbollah’s role in the July suicide bombing of an Israeli tour bus in Burgas and against including longstanding evidence of Hezbollah’s terror activities against Israelis, Europeans, Argentinians and Americans. Spain’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gonzalo de Benito and France’s Ambassador to Israel Christophe Bigot told The Jerusalem Post this month that the outcome of the Bulgarian investigation into the murders of five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver is the sine qua non of listing the Lebanese Shi’ite group as a terror entity on the EU’s list of outlawed terrorist organizations. Critics see the limited inquiry as a grave mistake. Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of the Washington- based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Post on Saturday, “It is absurd that a European decision on whether or not to ban Hezbollah as a terrorist organization comes down to the results of a single terrorist attack investigation in Bulgaria. Hezbollah has much American and European blood on its hands after three decades of attacks against innocent civilians, diplomats and peacekeepers.” De Benito termed the Bulgarian inquiry “essential” and relegated Hezbollah’s bombing of 58 French paratroopers in 1983 to an inferior status. Bigot agreed that the main element in determining Hezbollah’s status is the outcome of the Bulgaria inquiry. While both diplomats are cognizant of Hezbollah’s nefarious activities in murdering Europeans and other victims, the EU ostensibly has narrowed its departure point to ban Hezbollah to Burgas — the seaside resort where, according to US and Israeli intelligence officials, a joint Iran-Hezbollah operation killed six people and injured 32 Israelis in July. Dubowitz said Hezbollah is an Iranian surrogate, and that the Islamic Republic uses it “as the long arm of Iranian influence worldwide. “The Iranian regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons makes it even more urgent that Europe respond by targeting all instruments of Iranian power, of which Hezbollah is one of the most uncompromising, ruthless and deadly.” The only EU country to have banned Hezbollah is the Netherlands. The United Kingdom has merely listed Hezbollah’s military wing as a terror entity.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

British Court Convicts Woman of Racism for Calling Woman from New Zealand “Australian”

By Daniel Greenfield
I’m not sure when exactly accusations of racism became completely meaningless. It’s like trying to figure out when exactly the Roman Empire fell. We can’t agree on an exact date, but it’s hard to miss all the rubble.
Our latest Adventure in Racism comes from the UK, which has been trying to beat the US in the Politically Correct Olympics where everyone competes by claiming to the victim and demanding government intervention on their behalf until society collapses and everyone reverts back to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
Czech-born Petra Mills, 31, was found guilty of racially aggravated public disorder after yelling at neighbour in Chelsea O’Reilly, a dual British-New Zealand citizen who lived next door in Macclesfield, south of Manchester.
According to Fairfax New Zealand, O’Reilly told the court:
“She called me a stupid fat Australian b****. Because of my accent there can be some confusion over my nationality. She knew I was from New Zealand. She was trying to be offensive. I was really insulted. She said she would kill my dog. Bizarrely she then blew raspberries at me like a child.”
A sane society might fine a woman for threatening to kill a dog. A pathologically insane society fines a woman because she misstated the geographical origin of her target. How well is a Czech woman supposed to tell an Aussie and Kiwi accent apart?
Silence! Racism! Czech privilege!
Two officers told Macclesfield magistrates’ court that they had heard Mills use the word “Australian” during a drunken rant.
Mills agreed she had shouted, but denied she was being racist:
“I did not use the word ‘Australian’. I used to live with an Australian person. She was very nice.”
However, chairman of the bench Brian Donohue fined Mills 110 pounds (about $175) for racially aggravated public disorder and 200 pounds ($318) for assaulting a police officer during her arrest.
Australian is now a racial slur in the UK. This bout of politically correct insanity has been brought to you by the left. The left, it’s to us, what smallpox was to the Mayans.

Justice in Gotovina & Markac case neither done nor seen to be done

The corrupt verdict that has absolved these two Croatian war criminals reduces to naught its obsequious findings of “guilt” in Srebrenica cases.
By Stephen Karganovic
Viewed from a political perspective – and there is no other applicable standard to assess the operations of the Hague Tribunal – the appellate level vindication of the role of Croatia and its Western sponsors in the deadly and destructive “Operation Storm” in 1995 could easily be anticipated. There is no need to quibble at this point whether the offensive against the breakaway Serbian region of Krajina meets the controversial and, after Srebrenica, thoroughly abused and devalued criterion for genocide. The bare facts – murder of 2,000 and expulsion of estimated 220,000 civilians – indicate that a war crime of major proportions took place on the watch of generals Gotovina and Markač, under the political auspices of the Franjo Tudjman Croatian government in Zagreb, and with ample material and logistical assistance of the main Western powers and their accessory agencies. Joint Criminal Enterprise would seem to be a made-to-order concept to describe exactly the consortium which conceived and implemented “Operation Storm”. One would naively think that the actors in this crime should be made to face the full extent of their individual and institutional responsibility for the mayhem and misery that they caused.

UK's Leading 'Palestine' Group Blasted for Anti-Semitism

The long list of accusations levelled by Exposing the Palestine Solidarity Campaign,
-- Support for Holocaust denial by various PSC members;
-- In contrast, the former chair of the PSC’s West Midlands chapter openly endorsing the Holocaust, and expressing the view that Nazi war criminals executed at the Nuremberg trials are "martyrs";
-- The strong influence of far-right and neo-Nazi groups within the P SC, including the PSC’s apparent use and endorsement of white-supremacist and neo-Nazi propaganda;
-- The PSC’s record of working with groups and individuals which openly support suicide bombings against Israeli
-- The PSC’s vocal support for infamous Islamist cleric Sheikh Ra’ed Saleh, the author of a vitriolic, anti-Semitic poem, who publically promoted the anti-Semitic ‘blood libel’ in front of a large crowd of supporters. (Saleh can also be seen in the video below gloating over his use of a swastika as a young boy, to antagonise his Jewish teacher.)
When asked about the accusations, a spokesperson for the PSC simply dismissed them as "basically made up" – a response that will be seen as far from satisfactory, given the scale of the allegations.

London university to host anti-gay extremist Islamic preacher

Brunel University in Uxbridge, west London, has been criticised for allowing a cleric who supports the killing of gay people to attend a student event.
Abu Usamah at-Thahabi is due to make a speech on campus at Brunel’s Islamic Society on Tuesday 27 November.
His extreme views have already been documented in a Channel 4 programme and by the Centre for Social Cohesion.
Thahabi previously urged that gay people should be punished with death.
Do you practice homosexuality with men? Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain,” Thahabi was recorded as saying in the Dispatches programme.
“If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered, that’s my freedom of speech, isn’t it?”
The controversial preacher was caught on camera addressing worshippers at Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham.
He also mocked Western attitudes towards women and attacked Christians and Jews.
Following the broadcast, Thahabi was interviewed by Channel 4 News, where he refused to reject the comments.
Earlier this year, the cleric was prevented from speaking at the University of Warwick’s Islamic Society, following a backlash by students.
Anti-extremist campaign group Student Rights has called on Brunel University to review its decision to allow Thahabi on its premises.
In a statement the university said:
The talk is going ahead as we have a legal duty to protect freedom of speech and we have asked for assurances from the Union of Brunel Students that this person will not breach the policies of the university, such as those on equality and diversity.
“However, if we are concerned that these policies will be breached, the event will not be allowed to take place.”

Erasing the Serbs

The following article appeared in New Serbian Political Thought on Nov. 4th, one of the Serb holy days for honoring the dead. This year on the same day, the Canadian minister of immigration, who worships the archbishop presiding over the genocide of Serbs in WWII, was being honored. As if the 750,000 Serbs erased under the archbishop’s watch never existed.

Jewish Israel-Haters Convert their Dead Grandmothers: A New Mormonism?

“Who is a Jew? A Jew is someone with Jewish grandchildren.” – Yosef Haim Brenner

  In February of this year, Elie Wiesel asked Mitt Romney to urge his Mormon co-religionists (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) to repudiate their practice of “proxy” baptism requests for Holocaust victims, including Wiesel’s own ancestors. Jews have long objected to the Mormon practice of “vicariously” converting their deceased ancestors, especially those who perished in the Holocaust, to the Mormon faith, a practice that has seemed to them more brazenly dogmatic than the worst excesses of the Inquisition. But now it seems that Jewish Israel-haters, people who define their “Jewishness” almost entirely by their repudiation of the Jewish state, have developed their own brand of Mormonism. It consists of converting deceased Zionist grandparents (especially of the female sort) to their own pseudo-religion, which starts from the premise that when a person can no longer be a Jew, he (or she) becomes an anti-Zionist. In the December 21, 2010 issue of the National Post (Canada) the astute journalist Barbara Kay expressed the hope that “after I have shuffled off this mortal coil, none of my granddaughters will turn into useful idiots for a rotten political movement riddled with antisemitism.” Kay was alluding to two unusually foul volleys of fire and vitriol shot in the direction of Israel and her Jewish supporters by Canadian Jewish women , Jennifer Peto and Judy Rebick. Peto, a 29-year old activist on behalf of lesbian and anti-Zionist causes (sometimes happily intermarried as “Queers against Israel”) has gained notoriety for a master’s thesis with the bombastic title (The Victimhood of the Powerful: White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education), submitted to and approved by the “sociology and equity“ cranny of a minor branch of the University of Toronto called Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE). In its regurgitation of hoary antisemitic tropes directed at “Jewish privilege,” “Jewish racism,” and the “apartheid” state of Israel, the thesis reminded many of the pseudo-scholarly materials studied (and brilliantly dissected) in Max Weinreich’s “Hitler’s Professors” (1946), a book that showed how German academics were the first to make antisemitism both academically respectable and complicit in murder. Peto’s malice towards, and ignorance about, Jews and Israel knows no bounds. Jews who wish to remember the Holocaust are “racists” (an epithet without which she would be rendered nearly speechless) who want to monopolize all that beautiful suffering which other peoples would very much like, ex post facto, to share. Israel, not only a country in which Arabs and Jews share the same buses, beaches, clinics, cafes, soccer pitches, and universities, but the only country in history to have brought thousands of black people to its shores to become citizens and not slaves, is for her the quintessentially “apartheid” state. Chief among the multifarious abominations that Peto imputes to the wily Jews is “Hegemonic Holocaust Education.” Professor Werner Cohn, the first to call attention to the scandal of Peto’s thesis (and the still greater scandal that her academic advisor, one Sheryl Nestel, routinely encourages and approves such theses), noted that Peto uses the word “hegemonic,” with hammering insistence, fifty-two times but defines it just once: “I am defining hegemonic Holocaust education as projects that are sponsored by the Israeli government, and/or mainstream Jewish organizations.” Since Peto thinks (mistakenly) that “hegemonic” is a pejorative term, she defines it as whatever Israel or Jews do.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nazis redux: What's old is new again

Above: Muslims serving in the Nazi German army
Yes, that's the ticket. Jihadists fire thousands of rockets at Jewish civilians and get rewarded with booty. Why stop? How much more will be pledged to these savages for firing rockets at Jews whose only objective (and crime) is to live?
German FM pledges 1.5m. euros to Gaza for medical aid JPOST.COM 11/22/2012 (thanks to Shy guy)
German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle pledged 1.5 million euros for humanitarian assistance in the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

Speaking in Berlin, Westerwelle welcomed the cease-fire agreed to by Israel and Hamas, calling it "a first move in the right direction," and discussed the need for emergency medical aid for the injured in Gaza.

"Life for people in the Gaza Strip is far from normal. Germany is therefore making available 1.5 million euros for emergency medical treatment there," Westerwelle stated.

"We consider this as yet another contribution towards giving people in the Gaza Strip the prospect of a real future, without which peaceful coexistence will not materialize,” he added.

Tottenham Fan Stabbed, Five Others Victim of Anti-Semitic Attack in Rome

Five fans of England’s Premier League soccer team Tottenham Hotspur were injured, one reportedly stabbed, in Rome Wednesday in an apparent anti-Semitic attack.
The fans were in the city for a clash between Tottenham and Rome’s Lazio club. Lazio fans are known for their ultra-nationalist views.
Witnesses said the Lazio fans yelled “Jews” at the Tottenham fans. The club has a large Jewish fan base, with many referring to themselves as the “Yid Army.”
Pictures of the crime scene published by the Daily Mail show a pool of blood on a cobblestone street near the bar and an abandoned switchblade.
The incident took place at The Drunken Ship Pub in Camp Dei Fiori, which has a history of attracting football hooligans. In 2006 three Middlesbrough supporters where stabbed there.
Landlord Marco Manzi told the UK’s Daily Mail of a chaotic scene: “The bar was full of about 30 English supporters at 1am. Most of them were aged between 40 and 50 and they were well behaved. Then arrived what I presume were Italian supporters wearing scooter helmets with their faces covered with scarves carrying stones and rocks. They arrived in the pub and they attacked the English supporters.
“Some of the English supporters tried to escape down via dei cappellari and it was in this street where one of them was hit by a knife. I think he was quite badly hurt but I don’t know anymore about him. The whole operation from start to finish was over in around 10 minutes. Most of the fans left and the police arrived.”
Bar co-owner Gabriele Cianella was not present when the chaos erupted but was soon made aware of the incident.
The Daily Mail reports he said: “They started throwing stones. They threw pieces of iron at the windows and they were wearing knuckle dusters. After a while they got inside and made all this mess.
“There were Tottenham supporters here to celebrate, they were drinking and singing but quietly, so the situation seemed to be under control, but then these people came aggressively and then after throwing this stuff they got inside and they were  looking for these English guys, trying to catch them and they started to throw the chairs and tables.”

Thursday, November 22, 2012

German FM pledges 1.5m. euros to Gaza for medical aid

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle pledged 1.5 million euros for humanitarian assistance in the Gaza Strip on Thursday. Speaking in Berlin, Westerwelle welcomed the cease-fire agreed to by Israel and Hamas, calling it "a first move in the right direction," and discussed the need for emergency medical aid for the injured in Gaza. "Life for people in the Gaza Strip is far from normal. Germany is therefore making available 1.5 million euros for emergency medical treatment there," Westerwelle stated. "We consider this as yet another contribution towards giving people in the Gaza Strip the prospect of a real future, without which peaceful coexistence will not materialize,” he added.

Germany: Minister seeks go-ahead for Turkey missiles

German Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière said on Wednesday that he would seek parliamentary approval for a military operation in Turkey by mid-December, after Ankara requested NATO help. He was addressing the lower Bundestag house of parliament shortly after NATO announced it had received a request from member Turkey for a deployment of Patriot missiles to protect its troubled border with Syria. Germany and The Netherlands are the two main European nations that possess the medium-range missiles made by US group Raytheon. The German government would "prepare a mandate as quickly as possible and present it to the Bundestag," de Maizière said, calling on lawmakers to discuss it December 10-14 at the latest. He stressed the defensive nature of Turkey's request and dismissed fears the Patriot missiles could serve as protection for a no-fly zone in Syria or as part of an offensive operation as "baseless". "We are determined to answer the request positively," de Maizière said. The operation would involve sending up to 200 German soldiers. Originally used as an anti-aircraft missile, Patriots today are used to defend airspace by detecting and destroying incoming missiles and were made famous during the 1991 Gulf War as a defence from Scuds fired on Israel and Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Turkey's border villages have been hit by artillery fire from Syria as forces loyal to Damascus battle rebels seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad's regime. The German minister was also critical of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who on Tuesday accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" in Gaza. De Maizière said that an alliance partner who was now receiving help could also be publicly condemned "and this is what I am doing." Earlier German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said that initial indications showed "the criteria which we have set are fulfilled" over Turkey's request to NATO for help. He said it would be a mistake to deny support to a NATO member under attack. According to a YouGov poll, 58 percent of Germans said they rejected any German deployment over the conflict in Syria, compared to 31 percent who said they supported it. The poll was among 1,048 people between 19 and 21 November.

The Vatican on Gaza: Israel is a Baby-Killer”

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Vatican Council for Culture, commenting on the war between Israel and Hamas, delivered a severe attack on the Jewish people: “I think of the ‘massacre of the innocents’. Children are dying in Gaza, their mothers’ shouts is a perennial cry, a universal cry”.
The Catholic Church high official equated Israel’s operation in Gaza against terror groups with the New Testament story of Herod’s slaughter of Jewish babies in his effort to kill Jesus.
Ravasi, who is one of the most popular Catholic cardinals and the director of the Church’s policy on culture, called Israelis baby-killers in a shameless form of anti-Semitism which subtly accuses the Jewish State of trying to murder the new Jesus, symbolized by the Palestinian people.
The Vatican official’s modern blood libel against Israel was delivered during the presentation of Pope Benedict’s new book about the life of Jesus. However, Ravasi's theme – the Jews as Herod, who killed all the innocent babies because his heart was set on killing Jesus – was much beloved by Medieval organizers of pogroms.
The vicar-general of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, William Shomali, said on Vatican Radio that “what is happening in Gaza now is a vicious circle of violence”. The auxiliary bishop then declared that “it’s difficult to know who started it”. How difficult?
A few weeks ago, in an interview with the Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana, Shomali claimed that “hatred of Christians” is the Talmud itself. "The Talmud, the holy book studied by the ultra-orthodox, more highly venerated than the Bible itself, invites religious hatred, speaks badly of Jesus, and even worse of Mary and, in general, of Christians,” the bishop said, adding that “in Israeli schools, love for the other is not taught, but rather the destruction of the other”.
Talking to the Vatican News Agency, Michel Sabbah, Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem, said that the Gaza Strip for many years “has been living under the weight of an absurd embargo, which makes the daily lives of a million and a half of people inumane”.
Sabbah signed the recent appeal by more than one hundred Christian leaders who have asked the international community to support the recognition of the Palestinian State as a full member of the United Nations. Among the signers is the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna, a self professed anti-Semite who blessed the suicide attacks against Israeli civilians.
As yet, no condemnation has come from the Pope of the barrages of rockets fired by terror groups on southern Israeli cities before Operation Pillar of Defense. The Church authorities, and Benedict XVI himself, raised their voices in condemnation of the violence that has broken out in the Gaza Strip only after Israel began bombing the installations of the terrorist movements in that territory. Not a word was heard before that.
During the Cast Lead operation in 2009, the Vatican officials called Gaza "a concentration camp". After the Nazi comparison did its work, the Jesus-killer motif has now returned to the Catholic Church.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

German Chancellor Merkel: Israel has the right and the duty to protect its citizens against terror

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Wednesday for solidarity with Israel in its conflict with Hamas and said the Jewish state had both the right and the obligation to protect its citizens against the rocket attacks from Gaza.
"I don't think we can imagine, if we're not there, what it means to be always in fear of being fired at with your family," Merkel told the Bundestag lower house of parliament. "That is why I say emphatically that there is the right to defend the population and the Israeli state has this right, and this duty," she said.

On Wednesday, Israeli air strikes shook Gaza and Palestinian rockets hit across the border as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued to pursue a truce. Merkel renewed her appeal for a rapid ceasefire and the resumption of political dialogue between the two sides.

Gotovina & Markac Acquittal Exposes ICTY’s Political Agenda

Why the UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia acquitted Gotovina and Markac in spite of the iron-clad evidence against them?
by Andy Wilcoxson
On November 16th the appeals chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague acquitted and ordered the immediate release of Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac. Markac was the Assistant Minister of the Interior and Operation Commander of the Special Police in Croatia. Gotovina was a Colonel General of the Croatian Army. In 1995, he was commander of a military offensive known as “Operation Storm”. The military operation, which took place during August of 1995, lasted 84 hours and was the largest European land offensive since World War II and resulted in the largest single movement of refugees in Europe since the USSR crushed the Hungarian uprising in 1956. According to the UNHCR, 200,000 Serbs were displaced from the Krajina region of Croatia and hundreds of civilians were killed during the operation. According to the press release issued by the Tribunal, the appeals chamber ruled that the original trial chamber had “erred in finding the existence of a joint criminal enterprise whose purpose was the permanent and forcible removal of Serb civilians from the Krajina region. Accordingly, the majority reversed all of Mr. Gotovina’s and Mr. Markac’s convictions” and “ordered the immediate release of Mr. Gotovina and Mr. Markac.”

Pali-Nazis: Germany too biased for diplomacy

Germany's alliance with Israel means it cannot help calm the escalating hostilities in and around the Gaza Strip, a leading Pali-Nazi said on Tuesday as diplomatic efforts were ramped up to stop the fighting. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who arrived in Jerusalem on Tuesday, carried "no weight" in the situation, said Abdallah Frangi, a personal advisor of "Palestinian" president Mahmoud Abbas. Israeli fighter jets destroyed the Gaza headquarters of the National Islamic Bank on Tuesday, and the death toll there rose to more than 100, while rockets hitting Israel have killed three. German engineering giant Siemens confirmed that around half of its 70 German employees had left Israel to go home. A spokesman told Tuesday's Berliner Morgenpost newspaper the firm did not think the situation was dangerous enough to send them home, but had given them the option to leave. About half had left their work servicing a gas power station at the small town of Rezer between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which is within the range of rockets being fired from Gaza. Diplomats across the globe have called for a cease-fire from both sides, terrified of the regional consequences of a potential Israeli ground invasion. French and Egyptian politicians have been heavily involved in trying to broker a cease-fire. But Westerwelle was wasting his time trying to get involved, Frangi told the Rheinische Post newspaper. He accused the German government and Chancellor Angela Merkel of ignoring the suffering of the people in Gaza and of following a one-sided policy. "Ms. Merkel sees the right of Israel to act, but obviously she doesn't see the pictures from the Gaza Strip," he said. Westerwelle said on his arrival in Jerusalem: "We stand by the side of our friends in Israel. Israel has the right to defend itself and its population." Ahead of meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abbas, Westerwelle called for further efforts to be made to quickly reach a cease-fire. He also said Egypt must use its influence in the region to try to stop the violence.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ed Koch: 42,600 Civilians Killed When British Bombed Hamburg, Why are They Now Calling for Israeli Restraint?

I was struck by an article which appeared in The New York Times on November 19th reporting on the position of the British government on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Almost everyone acknowledges that the Hamas government in Gaza started the war, except for their Muslim supporters of Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, etc. Hamas and almost every Muslim country, except for Egypt and Jordan which have peace treaties with Israel, are in a formal state of war with Israel.
Israel, in response to near daily rocket bombardment of towns, villages and cities in southern Israel this year, assassinated the Hamas terrorist Ahmad Jabari directing the rocket program and its launchings.
The Times article reporting on the British government position stated “As the conflict has intensified, so has diplomatic pressure on Israel to restrain its military campaign. William Hague, the British foreign minister, said in a television appearance on Sunday that he and Prime Minister David Cameron ‘stressed to our Israeli counterparts that a ground invasion of Gaza would lose Israel a lot of the international support and sympathy that they have in this situation,’ The Associated Press reported.”
The British government at the U.N. rarely, if ever, supports Israel when the Assembly votes on a resolution unfairly condemning Israel for doing what all other countries would do in like situations. At best, the British and many other members of the European Union will simply abstain, with some voting with the Muslim block out of fear.
If the Israelis bomb the residential areas of Gaza where the terrorists live and hide and there are deaths of civilians who are used by the terrorists to hide them, the Israeli government is denounced at the U.N. Recently, a terrorist was killed living and hiding in a building which the world’s reporters used for their residences while covering the war in Gaza – reporters in the building acknowledged the terrorist used them as cover. You can be sure there were nevertheless denunciations of Israel.
What is Israel to do under these circumstances? It can only do what every other country would do – exercise its right of self-defense and bring the war to the enemy. Those who denounce Israel point to the fact that some 100 Palestinians have been killed and only three Israelis, the latter by rockets intended to kill innocent civilians. The Palestinians were killed when Israel was trying to kill terrorists.
What did Britain do during World War II when the Nazis were blitzing London? They bombed Berlin and other German cities. The London Blitz killed more than 40,000 civilians. When the British bombed Hamburg, there were an estimated 42,600 civilians killed and 37,000 wounded. The London Blitz occurred over months. The Hamburg bombing took place in July of 1943. Did anyone cry “disproportionate?”
If the people of Gaza want to stop this war and the ensuing casualties, they should oust the Hamas government. They shouldn’t support that government and then ask to be protected from the effects of war while a million Israeli citizens are being subjected to rocket fire every day.
I thank President Obama for standing with the Israelis and stating they have a right to defend themselves. When will the leaders of other Western countries speak out in support of Israel? Western civilization is under attack by Muslim Jihadists intending to destroy our culture, which they envy and hate for its success. Western governments should not lose sight of what is at stake in this war.