Monday, November 19, 2012

Vuk Jeremic schedules debate on Hague Tribunal at UN

Vuk Jeremic, the UN General Assembly President has scheduled public debate at that body on the role of international crime tribunals in bringing justice for April 10, 2013. The reason for this decision is no doubt the releasing verdict to Croatian generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac which, according to Jeremic, caused damage to the UN reputation. ‘The decision understandably caused severe reaction in many parts of the world. The fact that about a quarter of million of Serbs were expelled from their homes in just a couple of days is undisputable. The court that has been founded to investigate such crimes practically decided that in this case nobody was guilty or responsible. Consequently it might be concluded that there was no crime at all’, the announcement by the UN GA President reads. Jeremic further says that ‘the full understanding of the work of the Hague Tribunal and consequences of that work have to be available to wider international public so that history can make a final word on it’. ‘That is why I have decided to exercise my authority and as elected President of the UN GA schedule a public debate on the role of the international ad hoc crime tribunals’, Jeremic says. Not only countries, but academic community, reputable individuals and associations shall also be allowed to take part in that debate. According to information, Jeremic has consulted Serbia leadership about his decision. ‘The situation was under consideration the whole weekend and the conclusion is that the public debate is the best way to correct the injustice made’, our source says. Before announcing his decision officially, Jeremic informed the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Blic source from diplomatic circles in New York says that the initiative was not met with approval at the East River. The big powers and the UN Secretary General were of the opinion that this was perhaps too much since public debate means showing ‘garbage’ of one of a body founded by the UN. The debate lasts the whole day and there is practically a possibility that certain refugee associations present evidence or that representatives of our country present testimonies by victims. That shall again open issues such as how the tribunal was founded, how the judges were elected and similar’, our source says. It is interesting that the debate was scheduled for April 10, the day on which, after disintegration of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1941, the Fascist Independent State of Croatia was formed. It existed until 1943.

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