Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Albanian war against dead Serbs

The political battle America, Germany, Russia and Albania with the expansion of the Albanian “Lebensraum” in Serbia has turned into a wave of violence against the Serbian cemeteries and now threatens to be a new spark to armed conflicts in the Balkans.
By Marko Lopušina
Last week, Serbian police removed an illegal monument from the center of the city of Presevo. The monument marked the Albanian war dead that belong to an armed Albanian group which Belgrade considers a terrorist organization. The monument itself was not destroyed, but was moved to the outskirts of the town of Presevo. Kosovo Albanians, however, reacted with a wave of violence against Serbian cemeteries, destroying 25 of them, and demolishing a monument in Vitina that commemorates anti-Nazi resistance. An enraged Albanian Muslim mob also destroyed the monument of the Serbian children murdered in Gorazdevac by armed Albanian gunmen. Five tombstones were demolished at the old Orthodox cemetery located in the courtyard of the church of St. Nicholas. In the village of Belo Polje near Pec a house, owned by a Serb, was burned down but luckily for the Serb, Miodrag Petrovic, he was not in the house when the fire broke out. In the mixed village Drajkovce in Štrpce, Albanians burned burned down stack of hay. The Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Jean-Claude Schlumberger, condemned the desecration of Orthodox cemeteries and religious monuments in Kosovo, as “unacceptable and not only violates religious and ethnic rights of those to whom they belong, but of society as a whole.” Although representatives of international structures in Kosovo – UNMIK, EULEX and KFOR strongly condemned the rampage by Albanian extremists and urged them to exercise restraint, Albanian extremists in Vitina responded by flattening to the ground dozen gravestones at the Orthodox cemetery.

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