Monday, September 30, 2013

Anti-Semitism in Copenhagen

By Bruce Bawer

Another day, another newspaper story about anti-Semitism in Europe. The good news, I suppose, is that there are at least some newspapers in Europe that are willing to acknowledge the phenomenon. The bad news is that there’s more than enough material to keep the stories coming.
The latest report, in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, is about seventeen-year-old Moran Jacob, a Jewish boy who until recently lived in Nørrebro, a heavily Muslim neighborhood of Copenhagen. Back in January, Jacob agreed to testify at a hearing about anti-Semitism at Copenhagen’s City Hall, where he told about the harassment he’s been subjected to since childhood. At the time, several newspapers provided accounts of his testimony. (Representatives of Islamic organizations were invited to attend the hearing, but chose not to.)
The son of a Muslim father and an Israeli Jewish mother, Jacob began his education at a private Muslim school, where he was bullied because of his Jewish background and had to keep his distance from the other kids during recess. When he was transferred to a regular school, the abuse grew even worse; it wasn’t even safe for him to walk home alone. In eighth grade, his teacher told him to say that he was Palestinian and that his mother was Russian. “I had to lie about who I was,” he recalls. But it didn’t work. They knew. Eventually, a group of his classmates ganged up on him and stabbed him in the leg. “You can’t go here anymore,” his teacher said. “I have scars,” he told the hearing. “Not on my body, but on my soul.”
Jacob, of course, isn’t alone. He was the youngest of seven Jews who told their stories at the January hearing. There was obviously a reluctance to go public. Many gave only their first names. When TV cameras swung around to show the members of the audience, a number of them covered their faces.
“Jews have learned to keep a low profile,” Max Mayer, president of the Danish Zionist Federation, told the hearing. “To not exist in the city.” When they come out of the synagogue, they remove their yarmulkes. And they teach their sons to do the same: wear the skullcap at school, but take it off when you leave. This, Mayer said, has become standard practice for Danish Jews: “Don’t see us, don’t notice us.”
It certainly wasn’t easy for Jacob, a shy kid, to testify. But he decided to do so after reading a comment made by Lise Egholm, a school principal in Nørrebro. Apparently, Egholm had privately warned Jewish parents not to send their kids to school in Nørrebro. When the news of her advice made headlines, she was irritated, insisting that the problem really wasn’t all that big a deal. The particular expression she used to make this point was one I’ve never heard before: she said that the issue of anti-Semitism in Danish schools was “en fis i en hornlygte.
It’s a rather goofy-sounding term: literally, it translates (roughly) into “a candle in a lamp made of an animal’s horn,” fis being a now outdated term for candle. In contemporary usage, however, fis is one of many words in Danish (and Norwegian) for fart, so it sounds as if it means “a fart in a lamp.” In any event, it’s an expression used to describe (according to Wikipedia) “something that isn’t really anything” or (according to a website about the Danish language) “something that looks like much, but isn’t really anything special.” It was when he read Egholm’s blithe use of this term to dismiss the challenges faced by him and other Jewish schoolkids in Denmark, Jacob told Politiken, that he decided to take the risky step of going public about his experiences.
(By the way, Egholm isn’t the only educator in Copenhagen who, while clearly recognizing the dire reality of anti-Semitic harassment in the city’s schools, is possessed of a curious disinclination to draw attention to it: Linda Herzberg, who works at a school in another part of town, acknowledged in an interview with Politiken that she, too, had witnessed assaults on Jewish kids, but shared Egholm’s concern that the problem not be “blown up too much.”)
Anyhow, Jacob’s testimony was featured in the media – and, as Jyllands-Posten now reports, the hubbub just made his life even tougher. Some time after the hearing, two Middle Eastern men passed him in the street. “That’s him,” one of them said. “Jew pig!” shouted the other. On Facebook, strangers called him a “Jew pig” and “Nazi pig” and “Jew dog.” (Plainly, the imagination of these people is severely limited.)
In the wake of his moment in the media spotlight, Jacob’s mother was advised by several school officials to transfer him to a school outside of Nørrebro. She was stunned by the suggestion: Jacob had lived in the neighborhood almost his entire life; neither of them wanted to flee. But in August, he finally gave up, packed up, and moved out. He now resides in what he considers a safer part of town. Not that it’s made his life a bed of roses: a couple of weeks ago, he was on Strøget, the main pedestrian street in Copenhagen – Tourist Central, basically – when a couple of “Arabic kids” grabbed hold of him and made a serious effort to drag him away with them. Who knows what they had in mind. Fortunately, two companions of Jacob’s managed to come to his aid. (As someone familiar with Strøget, which is almost always quite a busy, bustling thoroughfare, I can’t help but notice that no passersby appear to have tried to help.)
Now, Jacob says, he’s considering leaving Denmark altogether. He’s quick to add that he’s determined not to allow the continual harassment to scare him into silence, and insists that Denmark has to remain a country where people have the right to express themselves and to be who they are. Still, he admits that he’s not sure the Copenhagen of the future will be such a city. “If I have children, I hope they can walk around Nørrebro without hiding the fact that they have a Jewish father and without being spat upon and assaulted. But I am beginning to doubt it.”

Obama Wants a Shutdown, So He’ll Get a Shutdown

By Bryan Preston

President Obama delivered more remarks on the shutdown/spending/crisis governance war today. His remarks were, as usual, full of hyperbole and spin. Just to cherry pick a couple of passages:
All of this is entirely preventable if the House chooses to do what the Senate has already done, and that’s the simple act of funding our government without making extraneous and controversial demands in the process, the same way other Congresses have for more than 200 years.
The Senate could also pass the House version and Obama could find a pen and sign it. He could agree to delay the parts of his law that haven’t already been delayed. But that’s not gonna happen.
Other congresses have also fought over spending and attached conditions to debt ceiling hikes, going all the way back to the time of Eisenhower. Democrat congresses shut the government down under Reagan, about a dozen times. You’re not supposed to know any of that, though. Obama caters exclusively to low-information voters (and dishonest hacks in the media) with such remarks.
Unfortunately, right now House Republicans continue to tie funding of the government to ideological demands like limiting a woman’s access to contraception or delaying the Affordable Care Act, all to save face after making some impossible promises to the extreme right wing of their party.
No one anywhere is talking about “limiting a woman’s access to contraception” via the spending fight or even tearing down Obamacare. No one. Anywhere. Whether Obamacare stays or gets scrapped, contraception will be available at Walgreens and wherever else it was available before 2010. Obama’s law forces millions of Americans to fund things that violate their religious consciences, for the sake of making already cheap contraception “free” so that young female voters will think they’re getting goodies from Daddy O and young male voters will be able to care even less about the possible consequences of casual sex. Some people have a problem with the government’s new role in all this. Some people also have a problem with Obamacare funding about 115,000 abortions per year.
Some of the people who have a problem with all this include these nuns in Little Sisters of the Poor. Because the Obamacare mandate forces them to pay for contraception and abortion, they’re now enemies of the state. They’re having to waste time and money to go to court just to preserve the rights they enjoyed unfettered before the community organizer decided to make the federal government an instrument of shakedown and oppression.
Obama is perfectly aware of the nuances of all this. He knows all the angles. He is perfectly aware of the offenses he is fostering and the challenge he is presenting to the freedom of religion. He chooses to lie about it and make people on the other side angry. That’s his schtick.
What can you do with such a dishonest man occupying the Oval Office?
Not much. He will not negotiate at all, much less in good faith. He wants a shutdown. He’ll probably get a shutdown, unless the Republicans cave. If he gets the shutdown he’ll dance around blaming Republicans while the media trot out Shutdown Sob Stories as long as the shutdown lasts. If the Republicans cave, it’s game, set and match on Obamacare.
Republicans never threatened a shutdown during this entire debate. They made a point to fund the rest of the government while defunding or now delaying Obamacare. It has been Obama and the Democrats who have threatened a shutdown. The media, like Obama, will not only depend on the ignorance of the average American, they will actively foster that ignorance with deception and misdirection. That’s their schtick.
What can you do with such a dishonest man occupying the Oval Office?

Don't be fooled again! Why Cameron's desperate appeal falls on deaf ears

UKIP leader Nigel Farage hit back at the Prime Minister's television appeal to UKIP supporters, saying voters would be foolish to believe Cameron would deliver a referendum on EU membership. He said: "We've had cast iron guarantees from David Cameron before, why on earth would anyone let themselves be fooled a second time? "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?" "Polling of Tory Councillors show how out of touch they think the Conservative government are so why would UKIP supporters who have made that leap to us go back? "What we need in 2015 is UKIP MPs in Westminster. But first, what will make the real different is a UKIP victory in the European Elections in 2014."

'Adopt our values or lose UK cash'

International development aid money should be withdrawn from any country that does not “replicate” British values such as religious tolerance and free market democracy, a former Tory minister said today. Liam Fox, Defence Secretary until 2011, said the UK needed to be more discerning about which countries deserved cash from the Department for International Development. He said countries like Pakistan received millions of pounds from the British taxpayer every year but Christian communities in the country were facing increasing hostility. He said if foreign governments fail to uphold British values the UK should not continue to give them hand-outs. Speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, he said: "We should use our leverage to ensure that those ethics of generous British citizens who provide the money through their donations and through their taxes, are reflected in those countries whom we assist. "We should make clear that religious tolerance and equal rights are an essential part of our culture which we insist in being replicated in the recipient nations and if they are not, then our aid policy should be re-evaluated. "We are who and what we are, not just because of economic strength but because of what we believe. “Our commitment to political freedom and expression, the economic freedom within a free market framework and our religiously tolerant society have shaped not only this country but many around the globe." Dr Fox is a firm believer in the power of foreign aid to promote Britain's place in the world. His intervention on the subject today may be an indicator of where his ambitions lie in any forthcoming cabinet reshuffle. In 2010, a year bfeore he lost his defence brief, he was one of three senior cabinet ministers along with Andrew Mitchell and William Hague to coin the term "aid superpower" in relation to Britain's aid operations. Responding to a follow-up question at today's event, he added: "I look at countries like Pakistan, where a huge amount of our aid goes to and I view a country where religious tolerance is becoming less and less. "I see Christian minorities being persecuted and I wonder why we are not using the leverage of our aid to say 'we actually expect you to show greater religious tolerance to many of these groups'. "I just think that if you look at countries which do tolerate religious minorities they tend to be open and creative societies and repressive nations tend to go in ever-decreasing circles and become less prosperous and their societies less stable. "I think we owe it to the ordinary citizens there to try to get their government to change.... There will always be those who say 'why should you impose your views on somebody else?' Well, I think politics is pretty binary - you either try and shape the world around you or you be shaped by it. "If you look at a country like India, which having inherited so much our legal tradition for example, has enabled itself to become not only increasingly affluent but a stable democracy. "I think we should be proud of our values. I think we do far too much apologising for our history. I think it is time for us to tell the liberal apologetic revisionist historians to get lost."

MIT scientist says new climate report is 'hilarious incoherence'

By Rick Moran

Famous climate change skeptic Dr. Richard Lindzen, atmospheric physicist and Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT is not impressed with the new IPCC report that says there is a "95% certainty" that global warming is caused by man.

Daily Caller:

"I think that the latest IPCC report has truly sunk to level of hilarious incoherence," Dr. Richard Lindzen told Climate Depot, a global warming skeptic news site. "They are proclaiming increased confidence in their models as the discrepancies between their models and observations increase."

This is undeniable, as climate scientists note the discrepancies between reality and their predictive models in the IPCC report itself.

"Germany called for the reference to the slowdown to be deleted, saying a time span of 10-15 years was misleading in the context of climate change, which is measured over decades and centuries," the AP report said. "The U.S. also urged the authors to include the 'leading hypothesis' that the reduction in warming is linked to more heat being transferred to the deep ocean."
Global warming skeptics have exploited such data to show that the science behind manmade global warming is faulty and politically driven.
"[I]n attributing warming to man, they fail to point out that the warming has been small, and totally consistent with there being nothing to be alarmed about," Lindzen said. "It is quite amazing to see the contortions the IPCC has to go through in order to keep the international climate agenda going."
However, believers in catastrophic global warming have said the UN report should serve as a wake-up call to those who would deny the issue's urgency.
"Those who deny the science or choose excuses over action are playing with fire," said Secretary of State John Kerry. "Once again, the science grows clearer, the case grows more compelling and the costs of inaction grow beyond anything that anyone with conscience or common sense should be willing to even contemplate."

Lindzen is "willing to take bets that global average temperatures in 20 years will in fact be lower than they are now." So far, no takers. This isn't surprising given the fear of politicians who wanted the pause in warming deleted from the report lest they be exposed.

Like most responsible skeptics, Lindzen is not a total denier. But in a 2012 interview, he told the NY Times:

"You have politicians who are being told if they question this, they are anti-science. We are trying to tell them, no, questioning is never anti-science."
Excellent words to live by.

Police Investigate “Troubling” Note Urging Prayers for Victims of Kenya Mall Massacre

By Daniel Greenfield

Islamophobia. It really is the thought crime of a totalitarian future.
Welcome to California in the year 2284. All freedom has been outlawed. The people worship a man on television they call Big Broth… oh wait.
It’s only 2013.  But that’s okay. We’re just getting there a little bit faster with some help from a few our Muslim friends.
A troubling note was found taped on the front door of the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley in Murrieta.
“Pray for the victims of al-Shabaab…We Are Watching…Pray for the Christians in Pakistan. He is listening”
It was discovered on Sunday during evening prayer. The note makes mention of the recent mall attack in Kenya and the suicide bombing at a church in Pakistan.
The note did not contain any specific threats, but police are investigating. The Islamic Center is offering a reward for information on who may have left the note.
If the note didn’t contain any threats, why are the police investigating? If I got a note like this on my door, would the police investigate?
But don’t worry. The perp has been found and let off with a warning.
A man has come forward to police identifying himself as the person who left an anonymous handwritten note taped to the door of the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley in Murrieta, authorities said.
Lt. Tony Conrad said Thursday that the note wasn’t meant to alarm and that the who left it was apologetic. Police have determined the act was not criminal, he said.
They couldn’t determine that from the note?
Lt. Ron Driscoll, of the Murrieta Police Department, said the note contained no explicit threats but was suspicious. Based on what police know now, he said the note does not reach the threshold of a criminal act. But he said officers plan to investigate further.
“We want to make sure that we’re not missing something,” he said.
Like dignity. Or the Constitution.
Flavin said officers responded when the note was discovered, took a report and turned it over to the department’s detective bureau.
Due to an article that ran in The Press-Enterprise, Flavin said the person who wrote it had since come forward.
“As a result of the story, the subject that left the note made contact, detectives interviewed him and…they were going to facilitate a meeting between the center and him,” Flavin told Patch.
Maybe he’ll learn to love Big Imam.

Austrian Conservatives Keep Euro-Skeptic Pact in Play

Austrian conservatives kept the option to form a government with euro-skeptic parties and abandon an alliance with the socialists after voters dealt that coalition an historical blow in yesterday’s national elections.
The conservative People’s Party, led by Vice Chancellor Michael Spindelegger, failed to overtake Chancellor Werner Faymann’s Social Democrats as both groups achieved the worst result since 1945. Spindelegger, who would need support by two groups that demand an end to euro-area rescue measures to reach an alternative majority, wouldn’t pledge his support for a new Socialist-led government, saying it’s up to Faymann to make the first move.
“This has got to be a wake-up call,” Spindelegger said on Austrian state radio Oe1 today. “We can’t just go on with the coalition the way it was before as if nothing happened.”
The Alpine nation of 8.4 million people has been ruled by a so-called grand coalition of socialists and conservatives in 42 of the last 68 years. Its political stability and strong economic fundamentals have made Austria a haven for bond investors, to whom it pays a yield close to Germany’s.
Austrian 10-year bonds rose along with German debt as Italian securities declined today. The spread over German 10-year bonds narrowed by 1 basis point to 41 basis points, or 0.41 percentage point, at 1:47 p.m. London time. Faymann’s center-left Social Democrats won 27.1 percent of the vote, according to the result excluding absentee ballots published by the Interior Ministry. Spindelegger’s People’s Party finished second with 23.8 percent. Remaining ballots will be counted by Oct. 3.
“This will probably be the last election in which the Socialists and People’s Party can form a coalition,” said Austrian political scientist Anton Pelinka today in an interview. “It is the beginning of the end of an era.”
The Freedom Party, which wants fewer immigrants and a euro-area exit, won 21.4 percent, the most votes since 1999 when they were led by the late Joerg Haider. That resulted in their inclusion in a government with the People’s Party in 2000. A euro-skeptic protest party formed by Austrian-Canadian billionaire Frank Stronach took 5.8 percent in its first national run.
The pro-euro environmentalist Greens got a record 11.5 percent after the party ran on its anti-corruption credentials following a spate of scandals. Another new entrant is Neos, a pro-euro liberal group supported by former Strabag SE (STR) boss Hans-Peter Haselsteiner, which took 4.8 percent.

Frustration as Netanyahu pleads with Obama over Iran

By Ryan Jones  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to meet with US President Barack Obama on Monday in what many Israelis saw as the “moment of truth” in the ongoing Iran nuclear saga.
The Obama Administration, like much of the West, has been largely taken in by new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s recent charm offensive, and that has Israel worried.
While US officials have struck cautious tone, US Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t succeed in hiding his excitement over the prospect of a “quick deal” to resolve the nuclear crisis.
“If it is a peaceful program, and we can all see that - the whole world sees that - the relationship with Iran can change dramatically for the better and it can change fast,” Kerry said in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday.
Kerry was previously excited over the prospect of a “quick deal” leading to the need of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His approach to that issue has, after six months, yielded no positive results.
What has Israel concerned is Iran’s ability to fool the West into believing its nuclear program is peaceful. Or, rather, that the West has so little stomach for a fight that it wants to believe Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, even if it isn’t so. As Netanyahu has been pointing out, that is precisely how North Korea managed to defy all international sanctions and threats and test its nuclear weapon.
Many Israelis feel Netanyahu is wasting his time sucking up to Obama and trying to convince him of a threat that Washington has proved it either can’t or won’t deal with.
According to Likud MK Moshe Feiglin, Israel itself should be providing a viable threat of military force should Iran fail to back down. That Netanyahu is not taking this path “is more grave than the collapse of the preconception that led to the Yom Kippur War. The idea of turning this problem into an international problem contradicts the entire Zionist concept,” Feiglin told Israel’s nana10 News.
Nor is Israel the only one worried by the situation.
While Arab leaders have kept tight-lipped in recent weeks, Arab media has been abuzz regarding the possibility of US-Iranian rapprochement, which many Arab news outlets labeled as “worrying” and a cause for “panic.”

Israel: German Islamists helped in Kenya attack

German Islamists are suspected of being involved in the Kenya shopping centre siege, according to Israeli intelligence service Mossad. Intelligence services in Germany are not, Focus news magazine reported, ruling out claims from Mossad that German convert Andreas 'Ahmed Khaled' Müller, among others, were involved in planning the Nairobi mall attack in which 72 people died. Mossad believes that Müller had connections with the Somalian Al-Shabaab militant group behind the Westgate siege. President of the federal office for defence Hans-Georg Maaßen told Focus that while Germany was not currently at direct risk, there was sentiment building against the west in Somalia and neighbouring countries. He added that the BKA was concerned that German charities based over in west Africa could find themselves “the focus of Al-Shabaab.” As for German-based Islamists, the BKA was “keeping a close eye on the extremist Somali scene,” said Maaßen. Suspected supporters or followers of Al-Shabaab were, he added, “under observation by the intelligence services.”

Now EU ‘crackpots’ demand gypsy MPs

Meddling Euro politicians have put forward “crackpot” plans to force Britain to give gypsy women seats in the House of Commons.A report outlining a quota scheme is set to go before MEPs and may soon be adopted by the European Parliament. If it becomes law, all the political parties in the UK will have to impose female gypsy candidates on the electorate and get them into ­Parliament. The scheme is also aimed at using quotas to force ­gypsy civil servants and councillors on the British public. The revelations about the contents of European Parliament’s Empowerment Of Romani Women report provoked outrage yesterday. Ukip Euro MP Gerard Batten said: “This is the start of yet another piece of ideologically motivated crackpot legislation from the EU. “It is a treasure trove of politically correct nonsense, but it is also highly ­dan­gerous. “It will not have any impact on countries where the Roma live, such as Romania and Hungary, because they will simply ignore it. But if adopted, it’ll put yet more legal obligations on countries such as Britain with generous benefits systems. “It will attract to Britain yet more immigrants, including Roma, from the poorest European countries. “I can guarantee that when this goes before the European Parliament it will be voted for by a majority of MEPs. “Ukip MEPs will of course vote against, but if we want to protect ourselves against the EU then we simply have to leave.” Tory backbencher Nick de Bois said: “The European Parliament’s sense of priorities is clearly misguided and flawed. “I am deeply suspicious of quotas of any kind but this one especially. “The creation of this report and the use of Parliamentary time to even consider it is a shocking waste of time, effort and resources which are being paid for by the British taxpayers. No wonder the public have welcomed the commitment to a referendum on our membership of the European Union.” The plans are being pushed through by Hungarian MEP Livia Jaroka. And they were dreamt up ­despite the report’s authors admitting they had found no similar scheme to draw any information from. In Britain the Department for Communities and Local Government is in charge of the country’s “gypsy-inclusion strategy”. A spokesman said yesterday: “We have absolutely no intention of introducing top-down quotas. “The European Union would be better to focus on the problems caused by the abuse of freedom of movement rules.”

Al-Shabaab and Obama’s Family Push For Islamic Kenya

Both the al-Shabaab terrorists and the Obama family want the nation of Kenya to be under Sharia code.
Al-Arab wrote that Obama’s cousin, Musa Obama, “studied Sharia in Medina” and has called
“upon the Arab and Islamic states to put more effort toward aiding the Kenyan Muslim brethren, especially since there is much support coming from Western nations and Western churches.”
Musa has also confirmed that his organization, the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, “gives scholarships to study Sharia in Medina [Saudi Arabia].”
He stated, furthermore,
“that despite the fact that Barack Obama hasn’t visited his tribe in Kenya since his election in the United States, there is a continual communication between him and several members of his family and his tribe in Kenya, of which the Kenyan prime minister is also a member.”
Thus, we know for a fact that Musa Obama studied Sharia in Medina, that his organization gives scholarships for Muslim youths to study Sharia in Saudi Arabia, for the purpose of de-Christinizing and extinguishing Christianity in Kenya, where the majority of people are Christians. Musa Obama, Sarah Obama (Obama’s grandmother) and Sayed Obama (Obama’s uncle) are lending scholarships for youths to enter the three major Sharia schools in Saudi Arabia: Umm al-Qura, the Islamic University in Medina, and the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.
Now we have al-Shabaab terrorists executing a slaughter of people in a Nairobi mall, and when we look into what this group is, what we find is that they are a result of youths being sent to these very same universities in Saudi Arabia, including the one where Musa Obama studied.
In the sixties and seventies, the major conduit of Wahhabism into Somalia, was the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood bringing in Islamic schools into Somalia. Somalian youths were then given scholarships for three major Islamic universities, Umm al-qura University, the University of Medina, and Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, all three of these institutions are the same schools to where the Mama Obama Sara Fund is sending Kenyan youths to learn Sharia.
The Gulf Issues Centre For Strategic Studies describes these institutions as “the spring of Wahhabism,” and further writes:
“[Wahhabists] grew up in the Wahhabi and Salafi schools which imbibed radical ideas in the Islamic University in Medina, Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, and the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.”
A 2010 African Policy Briefing for the International Crisis Group, in writing on the history of Wahhabism and the al-Shabaab group in Somalia, places its significant growth with Somalian youths being recruited into Umm al-Qura University and the University of Medina, the same schools to which the Mama Sarah Obama Fund brings Kenyan youths to study Islamic Sharia:
Saudi Arabia – flush with petro-dollars after the oil shocks of the 1970s – was particularly instrumental in promoting Wahhabism. and Islamic charities sprang up in all the major urban centres and even in the remote countryside. Well-funded madrasas (religious schools) Thousands of Somali youngsters were brought to Saudi universities – principally Medina and Umm al-Qura – to study Wahhabi jurisprudence (fiqh) and missionary work (da’wa).
The two named universities are the ones which the Obamas are heavily associated with. Moreover, Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, is the executive secretary for the Islamic Dawah Organization of Sudan, which is working to make Africa Islamic, the same goal of the two named universities’ dawah programs.
The Foreign Policy Council attributed the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Somalia substantially to these same three universities:
After Somalia’s independence in 1960, Egyptians opened secondary schools in many of the country’s towns. In the 1960s and 1970s, Saudi religious and educational institutions—especially the Islamic University of Medina, the Umm al-Qura University in Mecca, and the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh—joined al-Azhar in offering scholarships to the graduates of these institutions. This development has parallels with the entrenchment of radical Islam in nearby Sudan via the establishment of the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood, the precursor to the currently-ruling National Congress Party (formerly the National Islamic Front).
It was from this very Islamism that al-Shabaab arose, and, furthermore, the report parallels this rise to the founding of the National Congress Party in North Sudan, which is ran by Omar al-Bashir, the same Muslim Brotherhood member who Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, is working with to make Africa fully Islamic and free of all Christianity.
This goal to replace Christianity with Islam in Kenya by the Obamas, was expressed by al-Arab in their interview with Musa Obama in the World University Ruff in Nairobi:
“Muslims [in Kenya] suffer from the monumental Christianization aided by Zionist expansionism that infiltrates the nation.”
Al-Shabaab, as well, wants to purge Kenya of all Christianity. When they were slaughtering people in the Nairobi mall, they lined civilians up, and executed them after deeming them non-Muslims because they could not “name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother or recite passages from the Koran.” There was one man who was Muslim who was spared after he recited some verses of the Koran.
Lets not forget that Kenya is 83% Christian, so we know that this massacre was done specifically to kill Christians. In 2011 it was reported that al-Shabaab decapitated a Christian in Somalia named Juma Nuradin Kamil.
There is a very significant figure in the Nairobi mall shooting, Hassan Mahad Omar, also known as Hassaan Hussein Adam “Abu Salman.” Hassan is the unofficial mufti and ideologue for al-Shabaab, and their terrorist attacks are linked, directly and indirectly, to his fatwas.
Hassan teaches Islamic doctrine and has a degree from an Islamic university in Saudi Arabia, which means that he is interlinked with the three major Islamic universities to where the Obamas are sending Islamic youths to study Islam and Sharia.
Al-Shabaab, the group who slaughtered the people in the Christian majority nation of Kenya, and the Obamas, are associated with the universities which gave rise to the ideology of al-Shabaab, and both are striving for the same goal: an Islamic Kenya where Christianity would be outlawed.
Is it any wonder, now, that Obama prevented the revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood dictator of North Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, and that he is giving weapons to the jihadists in Syria?

Journalist: Nazi Scientists Helped Arabs Produce WMDs

Nazi scientists helped Arab countries produce chemical weapons, according to a prominent Egyptian journalist.
The journalist, Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, made the comments in an interview which aired on September 19, 2013. The comments were translated and posted to the internet by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“In the 1950s and 1960s, attempts to end the nuclear arms race began. Countries that already had nuclear arms decided to make do with what they had, and all the other countries, which found it too difficult to join the nuclear arms race, believed that the production of chemical and biological weapons was the poor man's way to deter the nuclear countries. This was especially true with regard to the Arab world. Not a single Arab country refrained from producing chemical and biological weapons,” claimed Heikal in the interview.
“The production of chemical and biological weapons was easy,” he added.
“It was all based on German scientists who fled Germany [following World War II]. Some of them had knowledge of nuclear energy, like Dr. [Wolfgang] Pilz, who came to us for a while, and then started working on missiles and moved to China.”
“Since obtaining nuclear energy was so difficult and expensive, and since we all more or less know that Israel has nuclear weapons, all the countries, down to the very last one... All the countries produced it, and they all realized after a while that they could not benefit from keeping large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. Qaddafi had them. Everybody did. Syria has them,” claimed Heikal.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saudi Woman in Hijab Robs 5 American Banks

By Daniel Greenfield

The great thing about Hijabs and Burkas and Niqabs  and Abayas and Chadors and Jilbabs and the rest of the whole Dr. Seuss meets Islamic Misogyny forms of mobile purdah is that they double as disguises.
Which is handy when you’re robbing banks.
Ranya al-Huthaili, who was arrested earlier this month on charges of robbing the five banks, is now set to remain in custody out of fear she will flee to Saudi Arabia, U.S. newspaper Star Tribune reported on Friday.
“She has been charged with bank robbery [and] telling the teller that she had a gun. She took $2,300,” said Nadia Bilbassy-Charters, an Al Arabiya correspondent in Washington.
According to the newspaper, the FBI believes Huthaili robbed the Klein Bank in Minnesota on Aug. 15, the First State Bank of Wyoming in Minnesota on Aug. 23, the TCF Bank in the Cub Foods on Broadway Avenue W. in Forest Lake on Sept. 1 and the First State Bank and Trust in Wisconsin on Sept. 5.
Huthaili stole $2,300 from the Wisconsin bank. However, the money’s identification markings led police to a shopping mall in Minneapolis where she bought a computer, the correspondent confirmed.
Huthaili, a dual Saudi-U.S. citizen, is now deemed a flight risk as court documents state Saudi Arabia has no extradition pact with the United States.
Rau wrote that the defendant has acknowledged robbing four of the banks, while surveillance images from the robberies showed her wearing big black sunglasses.
Oddly, or not so oddly, he failed to mention the Hijab.

Obama Creates $200 Mil Fund to Combat Extremism with Muslim Gov that Supports Hamas Terrorists

By Daniel Greenfield

The fox was put in charge of the henhouse. The patients were put in charge of the asylum. An Islamic country run by a vicious thug who supports Hamas and Syrian Islamic terrorists and whose backers have ties to Al Qaeda, will get a giant amount of cash to lavish on the groups he supports.
Only in Obamerica.
The United States and Turkey on Friday will announce the creation of a $200 million fund to combat violent extremism by undercutting the ideological and recruiting appeal of jihadists in places like Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan, State Department officials said Thursday.
The new fund, formally called the Global Fund for Community Engagement and Resilience, will for the first time combine financing from both government and nongovernment entities to identify credible local organizations; develop, monitor and evaluate programs; and channel funds to local projects that target groups and individuals vulnerable to appeals from terrorist groups.
Here are some problems with that.
Problem 1. Turkey supports terrorists.
Problem 2. See problem 1.
Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has accused Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of “providing training to terrorists in Syria.”
But sure that’s just the opposition leader talking. It’s not like Erdogan spends a lot of time meeting and greeting with terrorists.
 Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday welcomed Hamas leaders Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh for meetings in the Turkish capital.
But that’s okay… because…
Hamas is not a terror organization, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with U.S. television late Wednesday,
So the guy who doesn’t think Hamas qualifies as a terrorist group will be helping pick aid to non-terrorists. But at least he doesn’t have a history of spreading hate.
Erdogan was convicted of “inciting hatred based on religious differences.”
And how did he do that? By reading a sweet innocent poem.
“The minarets are our bayonets; the domes are our helmets. Mosques are our barracks, the believers are soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty, Our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom.”
And that came out of…
What exactly was the Welfare Party? It was an Islamist party under Prime Minister Erbakan, Erdogan’s Islamist predecessor. Erbakan gave some of his thoughts to the press a few years ago in which he explained that the Jews run the world, organized the Crusades, control all the money and created the Protestant Church.
So a perfect choice to help fight extremism.
Erdogan has his own Al Qaeda connections. Yasin Al-Qadi, who funneled millions to Al Qaeda is a close friend and though his assets have been frozen worldwide, he enjoys a safe haven in Turkey. The co-founder of the AKP party, Erdogan’s senior and advisor and right hand man, Cuneyt Zapsu gave Al Qaeda a mere 300,000 dollars.
Mohammed Fatih al-Hassanein, the head of an Al Qaeda front charity who helped shelter Bin Laden, met privately with Erdogan and the local Al Qaeda franchise has an office in Turkey where it puts out its propaganda magazine.
200 million you say? Should pay for a lot of copies of Al-Qaeda Monthly. Or maybe the Hamas Tribune.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif Equates Israel-Palestinian Relations With Holocaust

Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif drew a parallel between Israel’s relations with the Palestinians and the Holocaust, in an interview with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.
Questioned about his country’s longtime promotion of Holocaust denial and minimization, Zarif referred to the Holocaust by name, saying “the Holocaust is not a myth,” and claimed, “Nobody is talking about the myth.”
“The point is,” he followed up, “we condemn the killing of innocent people, whether it happened in Nazi Germany or whether it’s happening in Palestine. One crime, however heinous — and holocaust was a heinous crime, it was a genocide, it must never be allowed to be repeated.”
“But that crime cannot be, and should not be, a justification to trample the rights of the Palestinian people for 60 years,” Zarif added.
Confronted by Stephanopoulos about a statement on the website of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei referring to “the myth of the massacre of the Jews known as the Holocaust,” Zarif blamed mistaken translation.
“If it said it, it’s a bad translation,” he claimed. “And it is translated out of context that they have, they are using it. He was talking about the reaction to somebody talking about the historical incident and requiring research about that historical incident and said, what is it that people are so upset that somebody is simply asking that we should do some studies of that.”
The interview with Zarif follows a widely reported incident Wednesday in which Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani was reported to have acknowledged the Holocaust in an interview with CNN. The network was later accused of “fabricating” parts of the interview and adding the word “Holocaust,” among other conciliatory phrases, to its translation.
According to the European Union’s working definition of Antisemitism, “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis,” is considered to be anti-Semitic.

Charles Moore: David Cameron May Lose Elections Over Ever Rising Green Energy Costs

The cost of living and energy prices will be the key renewables of British politics. They will be the central battleground of the next election

Most of us remember when Lehman Brothers fell on September 15 2008. It was the moment when the hubris of the global banking system, of central banks and of governments was exposed. Five years on, we are still struggling with that inheritance.
We probably do not remember another date from that year, June 8. On that day, the House of Commons passed the Second Reading of the Climate Change Bill. We are still struggling with that inheritance, too. It is part of a comparable hubris.
Both were boom-time follies. In each case, powerful people in the Western world formed an arrogant consensus that they were right, and that there was therefore no need to pay attention to the queries of the sceptic or the needs of the citizen. Costs, prices, risk did not matter, because truth was on their side. Banking and environmentalism both became priesthoods, the first often subsidising the second, both persecuting heretics. The first collapsed five years ago. The second is crumbling only now.
The banking crisis and the Climate Change Act happened at the time of a Labour government, but they both make life extremely difficult for a Conservative-led government today. This week in Brighton, Ed Miliband, who served in that Labour administration (and was actually the energy and climate change secretary who completed the parliamentary progress of the Climate Change Act) nevertheless felt free to attack the Tories as the pal of rich bankers and prisoners of the energy companies. How could he, who was one of those who got everything wrong, dare to mount such an attack? Partly, no doubt, because he does not recognise his own role in the double catastrophe, but also because he knows how deeply implicated the Tories are.
On June 8 2008, only five Members of Parliament – Christopher Chope, Philip Davies, Peter Lilley, Andrew Tyrie and Ann Widdecombe (all Conservatives) – voted against the Climate Change Bill. They are worth naming, I think, because “the Five Members” who defied executive fiat in the 1640s have an honoured place in our history. The modern Five Members, four of whom are still MPs, should be honoured too. But all the other Tories – nearly 200 of them – voted for the Bill, led by an enthusiastically green David Cameron.
The key error of the Climate Change Act was not, of course, to worry about the pollution of the world and to seek to encourage sources of energy other than fossil fuels. Any sensible government would consider such things. It was to enforce alarmist timetables and to load the consequent cost on consumers. Mr Miliband is right that energy prices are shockingly high. One of the biggest reasons for this is that, thanks in good part to him, the price of renewables, instead of being a tax, is stuck on each bill. The wholesale price of the cheapest form of power (from coal-fired power stations) is a third of the “strike price” for offshore wind. The consumer pays the difference, by law.
What this means is that energy prices will go on rising for at least a generation. What that means is that the most unavoidable element in any household’s cost of living will make that household poorer each year for the foreseeable future. And what that means is that any incumbent government will find it extremely hard to get re-elected.
So, although Mr Miliband’s new promise that a Labour government would forcibly hold energy prices down is insane, it is – as insane ideas go – more immediately pleasing to the voter than the current, also insane, alternative, which is that government forcibly puts them up.
This weekend, then, Mr Cameron finds it hard to know how to respond. Obviously, he should not steal the mad Miliband policy. Obviously, he should spell out why it is mad. But he cannot easily do so, since he is complicit in the madness which has brought it about. They are all in it together. Even as he tries to work out his party conference speech for next Wednesday, his Government is pushing hard in the House of Lords for its own Energy Bill which, among other things, establishes a “merit order” for power-users. This insists on the use of renewables first, thus putting cheaper sources of power into compulsory second-place and discouraging new investment in them.
If Mr Cameron wants support for a change of policy, though, he can find it in yesterday’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). You would not know it from the way it has been covered – the BBC’s Today programme was of a green bias so comical that I wondered whether parodists had taken over the studio – but it has actually altered its dire expectations, and quietly made them rather un-dire. Climate-change theory is all “rock solid”, says the government chief scientist, Sir Mark Walport, but in fact the rock has been fracked, and is trembling a little.

French Comedian: ‘One Can be Jewish and Not be Completely Disgusting’ (VIDEO)

French Jews reacted with concern after anti-Semitic comments were made by humorist Sebastian Thoen on the prime-time Le Grand Journal show, on the country’s CANAL+ television station earlier this month.
The offensive remarks came as Thoen was introducing popular Jewish Comedian Elie Semoun, who appeared on the show to promote his newly published book.
“You never embarked into communitarianism [...] You could have also appeared in the streets selling jeans and diamonds from the back of a car saying ‘Israel is always right, f*** Palestine woualala….’ But you did not … One can be Jewish and not be completely disgusting. No offense to some!” Thoen said according to a translation provided to The Algemeiner.
Roger Cukierman, president of CRIF, the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions responded to the incident by calling to the attention of Mr. Bertrand Méheut, the chairman of the CANAL + group, the severity of the comments which he said amounted to the “trivialization of anti-Semitism,” according to a statement published on CRIF’s website.
New York based French Jewish artist, activist and Algemeiner blogger Ron Agam said that “These incendiary remarks are the culmination of an attitude often found in French media where Jews are often demonized for their support of Israel.”
“These two minutes set off a huge storm within the Jewish community in France, including outrage and demands of resignation addressed to CANAL+,” Agam said. “The indignity is mounting daily; the realization that such words of extreme gravity can be pronounced on TV is creating a feeling that it is OK to lash out with anti-Semitic remarks.”
A video in French of the incident on CANAL+ can be viewed here.


Western Female Furies for Jihad

By Giulio Meotti

July 7, 2005. Germaine Lindsay, a British citizen, a Christian who converted to Islam, blows himself up in the subway at Russell Street, in the center of London, causing the death of twenty-six citizens.
His widow, Samantha Lewthwaite, who also converted to Islam, says in an interview released to The Sun:  "My husband was a simple and generous man. They poisoned his brain.  The last night he entered in the room of Abdullah (the son of 17 months) to kiss him. Then I received a message on the mobile: 'We always will live together'".
Samantha and Germaine met at a pacifist sit-in against the war in Iraq at Hyde Park.  "Jamal wanted to become a lawyer for human rights, he was a man of peace, I was a member of Amnesty International, we wanted to change the world, I really thought I had found the best husband", Samantha confessed to the press.
Lewthwait is the perfect symbol of British multiculturalism: white, woman, liberal, with an university education, the wife of a Muslim.
This week, after a long time in hiding, Samantha Lewthwaite reappeared, with the nickname of the "White Widow". The sweetie was involved in the massacre of sixty-seven people in the shopping center of Nairobi, Kenya. She taught Somalian women to become kamikazes for al Qaeda in the horn of Africa.
In September 2012, Samantha's group threw grenades against a hotel of Mombasa, taking the life of three people who were just watching the European soccer tournament.
She posted a poem about her martyrdom, titled "Perhaps the Paradise, tomorrow", on the internet. . She writes: "How beautiful is the Jihad, it is alive in Kenya, it is alive in me".
Nothing is left today of the pale daughter of an English soldier, the fan of David Beckham who collected gossip newspapers.
The story of Lewthwait is that of many white and Western women who choose to die for Allah. These women are the product of Western femminism.
Take  Nicole Mansfield, an American mother from Flint, Michigan, the single mother of a girl named Triana. Nicole died as "martyr" in Syria fighting against Assad.
The sheik Yusuf al Qaradawi, one of the greatest authorities of Sunni Islam, justified this wave of female fighters:  "The participation of women in the operations of martyrdom is one of the most laudable actions of devotion".
It all began with the Palestinian Arab kamikaze Wafa Idris. To her mother, Wafa had said:  "See you later. I am go going the work".  But Wafa reached Jaffa Street in Jerusalem to detonate herself.
Chechnyan women are terrorizing the Russians by participating in suicidal missions. They call them "black widows". In the terrorist attack against the Theater Dubrovka in Moscow, half of the terrorists were women.
In the Netherlands the "sisters of Allah", such as Soumaya, planned to kill the Dutch-Somali dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
Malika El Aroud, "the chief propagandist of the holy war in Europe", is the widow of the Tunisian Abdessater Dahmane, one of the bombers who killed the Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Massud on the eve of the 9/11 attacks. Malika lives in a small town in Belgium and every month receives seven hundred euro of unemployment benefits from the generous Belgian welfare department.
There is also the Turkish journalist Defne Bayrak, the wife of Human Khalil Abu Milal Balawi, the Jordanian doctor who killed seven agents of the CIA in Afghanistan.  Defne wrote books like "Bin Laden:  That Guevara of the East".  "I am proud of my husband, martyrdom is a priority of my family", this woman said.
There is Aafia Siddiqi, the Pakistani scientist graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,condemned for having tried to kill American officers at the moment of her capture in 2008 in Afghanistan.
Aafia is like Colleen Roses and Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, nicknamed by the American media "Jihad Jane" and "Jihad Jamie", two American women, bleached blondes, who participated in a plot to kill Kurt Westergaard, the Danish author of the well-known cartoon of Mohammed.
In the Belgian town of Monceau-sur-Sambre, at number 33 Avenue De l' Europes, lived the first European woman who killed herself for Allah. Muriel Degauque also killed many Iraqi soldiers near Baquba, sixty kilometers north of Baghdad.
These women are like Fusako Shigenobu, "the queen" from Japan, who never regretted having killed dozens with her "red samurais". In May 1972, her commandos killed 26 Jews at Israel's Lod airport.
In September 1977, the famous poet Jean Genet published an article titled "Violence and Brutality" in Le Monde newspaper , in which he distinguished between the negative "brutality" of the Federal Republic of Germany and the positive "violence" of the terrorist Communist band Baader-Meinhof.
Then, the talk was of "the red witch with the kefiah", Ulrike Meinhof. Now it is the the turn of "the white witch of jihad", Samantha Lewthwait.
We are still fighting the mad ideology of these deat- lovers who divide the world, as Ulrike Meinhof said, between "the pigs" and "the human beings".  The Islamists now say "sons of pigs and monkeys".
Samantha is like Erna Petri, married to a senior SS officer, who was returning home after a shopping trip in town when she saw six naked boys huddled in terror by the side of the road. She had heard about some Jews who had escaped from a train taking them to an extermination camp. Erna took the youngsters home, calmed them down and gave them food. Then she led six of them into the woods, lined them up on the edge of a pit and shot them one by one in the back of the neck.
The last photograph of Samantha in western clothes is from the time she attended the Grange Secondary School. That girl poses for the camera in a white blouse and black tie. Then she vanishes into her burqa and declares war on the world of her father, a soldier who fought terrorism in Northern  Ireland.
These converts to Islam executed people in Kenya  if they didn't know the name of Mohammed's mother, just like Erna Petri did in the woods with the six Jewish children.
Oh, my sick sick Europe.

Fears that Obama’s Past May be Revealed, as HS Buddy Faces Rape Charges

By Daniel Greenfield

It ought to be good for a book or two at any rate.
President Obama’s high school best friend, who at one time was ‘like a brother’ to him, has been accused of brutally raping and beating a woman, it emerged today.
Keith Kiyoshi Kakugawa, 54, from Eureka, California, was arrested at his home last Sunday and booked into Humboldt County Jail on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual penetration by force, oral copulation by force and battery.
The arrest is the latest in a long list of convictions for Kakugawa, who was close friends with the President when they both attended Panahou High School.
Since then, their lives have gone down completely different paths and Kakugawa is said to be so bitter over it, he even threatened to reveal stories from their school days after Obama became president.
Kakugawa is being held on $400,000 bond and if convicted, faces a lengthy prison sentence.
A source close to the former Wall Street trader told the Enquirer this may lead him to reveal his stories about the President.
‘Keith knows a lot of secrets that could prove to be embarrassing for the commander-in-chief if they get out,’ he said.
‘They are mostly youthful indiscretions, but he would know more about Obama’s teenage drug-taking than anyone. And now that he’s really desperate and facing a lengthy prison stretch, he could spill the beans.’
Obama wrote about his former best friend in his autobiography Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, but referred to him as ‘Ray’ to protect his identity.
‘Despite the difference in age, we’d fallen into an easy friendship, due in no small part to the fact that together we made up almost half of Punahou’s black high school population,’ the President wrote.
‘I enjoyed his company. He had a warmth and brash humor.’
Obama does seem to seek out the company of future felons. Like Tony Rezko. Or Bobby Timcomb. But while Obama doesn’t seem to have dropped Bobby, he did drop Kakugawa.
Maybe Kakugawa just couldn’t golf.

Golden Dusk?

By Andrew Stuttaford

One of the more unsettling examples of the threat that the ruin brought by the euro has posed to Europe’s political stability has been the way that economic collapse has helped fuel the rise of Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, a party that won 7 percent of the votes in the last election. Golden Dawn is a deeply unpleasant organization with a stink of the paramilitary about it, and it appeared to have the Greek government running more than a little scared. The killing of an anti-fascist rapper by a self-professed member of Golden Dawn may have changed that. The Guardian’s Helena Smith takes up the story:
Overnight, Fyssas [the rapper] had become a martyr – with the far-rightists deemed to have crossed a red line, despite Golden Dawn’s vehement protestations that it had no connection with the crime. Thousands took to the streets. After months of tolerating a group that had brutalised society – spawning a climate of fear among immigrants, attacking gays, holding “Greek only” food handouts and coarsening political exchange with rants about “subhuman foreigners” in the Athens parliament – Antonis Samaras’s fragile coalition finally took action….
And, when it did, it acted with an alacrity and determination that few might have envisaged. In the space of 10 days, Golden Dawn branches across the nation were raided and searched, members were arrested, weapons confiscated and sympathetic police officers removed from posts. In the early hours of Saturday came the next step: the arrest of five of the organisation’s senior members, including its rabble-rousing leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, and 14 prominent cadres. All 19 were due to appear late on Saturday before a public magistrate on charges of forming a criminal gang.
Not since the return of democracy after the collapse of military rule in 1974 has a party been so publicly hounded. The arrests will undoubtedly unleash new tensions on to a political scene already poisoned by profound disillusionment with an establishment widely blamed for the financial mess that has lead to the nation’s economic and social meltdown.
Adding to the crippling sense of uncertainty hanging over Greeks, Michaloliakos himself pledged that the campaign against his party would “open the gates of hell” before his arrest at his home early on Saturday. As Golden Dawn supporters gathered outside the gargantuan central police headquarters in Athens – blue and white Greek flags in hand underscoring their ultranationalist views – it remained unclear how the extremist organisation would react….
The government, which had come under increasing pressure to clamp down on an organisation now viewed as the continent’s most violent political force, has won plaudits for the decisiveness with which it has ultimately cracked down on the group. Polls have shown a sudden drop in support for Golden Dawn, with conservatives who had migrated to the far right in disgust with Samaras’s own centre-right New Democracy party returning to the fold. But the far-rightists have also managed to retain their core support with successive polls this week showing that the party still remained Greece’s third biggest political force. If need be, Michaloliakos and his cadres have vowed to fight their corner from inside prison cells.
Many have voiced concerns that the crackdown could backfire. The government is wading into uncharted waters, constitutionally, with experts emphasising the impossibility of outlawing a party catapulted into parliament by democratic means…
“It may have been more correct constitutionally to have sought parliament’s approval to lift their political immunity first,” said the constitutional law professor Kostas Chrysogonos.
Dangerous territory.
Meanwhile Der Spiegel is running an interview with the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, a eurofundamentalist, but one who has not entirely lost sight of economic reality. The whole piece is well worth reading, not least for the mention of Tim Geithner’s role in the decision to keep Greece within the euro, but this, in particular, caught my eye:
Nevertheless, have there been situations in his last three years as finance minister when Schäuble feared that he was barking up the wrong tree? “It would certainly be strange,” he says, “if you hadn’t wondered at some point during the euro crisis: My God, are we on the right path?” Of course, says Schäuble, there were times when he and others wondered whether the European Union would survive or the grand project would indeed fail. “What would have happened if a revolution had erupted in one of the countries?” Schäuble says.
Oh no, there was nothing irresponsible about the way that the euro was set up, nothing at all.

Christians slaughtered in Pakistan, Kenya

The following by contributor Raymond Ibrahim is again telling of how the world has an obsession with picking out every perceived flaw with Israel, while ignoring the very real persecution of Christians and other minorities around the world.
Muslim slaughter of non-Muslim “infidels,” while a habitual thing, saw an especially dramatic weekend in the nations of Pakistan and Kenya. Even so, these are simply the latest in a long list of jihadi attacks on the Christians of both nations.
Last Sunday, September 22, in Peshawar, Pakistan, Islamic suicide bombers entered the All Saints Church compound right after Sunday mass and blew themselves up in the midst of some 550 congregants, killing, according to the latest count, nearly 90 worshippers, including many Sunday school children, women, and choir members, and injuring at least another 120. The now destroyed Protestant church was built in Peshawar some 130 years ago. The Taliban claimed the attacks.
According to Margrette, a parishioner who survived (though her sister’s status was unknown), “I heard two explosions. People started to run. Human remains were strewn all over the church.”
Armed attacks on churches are hardly uncommon in Pakistan, even though Christians are less than 2% of the population, while Muslims are 97%. In 2001 Islamic gunmen stormed St. Dominic’s Protestant Church, opening fire on the congregants and killing at least 16 worshippers, most women and children. Last Christmas, “when Christian worshipers were coming out of different Churches after performing Christmas prayers, more than one hundred Muslim extremists equipped with automatic rifles, pistols and sticks attacked the Christian women, children and men.” The attack came in response to fatwas condemning Christmas celebrations.
As for Muslim mob violence (as opposed to preplanned terrorist strikes) this is a common fixture that regularly flares up against Pakistan’s Christians and other minorities, most often in the context of “blasphemy,” that is, offending Islam or its prophet. A few months ago, in March, because one Christian was accused of blasphemy, some 3,000 Muslims attacked the Christian Joseph Colony of Lahore, burning two churches and 160 Christian homes.
According to one Christian eyewitness, “The police was doing what it does best—nothing! Their bias towards Christians is quite evident, because when the Muslims were raiding our church and property, they just watched, but when we confronted them, they started hitting us with batons and used live ammunition to deter us.”
In 2009 in Gojra, eight Christians were burned alive, 100 houses looted and 50 homes set ablaze after another blasphemy accusation.
Thousands of miles away in Kenya (83% Christian and 11% Muslim), on Saturday, September 21, Islamic terrorists linked to neighboring Somalia’s Al Shabaab (“the youth”) raided the Westgate shopping mall, slaughtering at least 62 people and injuring at least 150.
Among the Islamic terrorists are several Americans.
Yet, to anyone following events in Kenya closely, this jihadi raid simply follows a long line of attacks targeting, as in Pakistan, Christians, often in their churches. For example, in just the four months between April-August 2012, at least 14 Kenyan churches were attacked by Al Shabaab-linked Islamic terrorists, with many Christians killed. Since then, even more have been attacked, often by hand-grenades, leaving many dead, again, often including women and Sunday school children.
In the mall attack, the jihadis further made it a point to try to differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims, to slaughter only the latter. According to Elijah Kamau, “The gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave. They were safe, and non-Muslims would be targeted.” Another Christian eyewitness who managed to escape said, “an Indian man came forward and they said, ‘What is the name of Muhammad’s mother?’ When he couldn’t answer they just shot him.”
Al Shabaab boasted of its care to distinguish between “infidels” and Muslims a barrage of Twitter messages: “Only Kuffar [“infidels”] were singled out for this attack. All Muslims inside #Westgate were escorted out by the Mujahideen (Islamic Holy Warriors) before beginning the attack.”
This is an old jihadi tactic often used when attacking places other than churches, which do not require this extra care (presumably, according to jihadi thinking, everyone inside a church deserves death, whereas a Muslim may be in an open mall). For example, in Nigeria in October 2012, Islamic militants stormed the Federal Polytechnic College, “separated the Christian students from the Muslim students, addressed each victim by name, questioned them, and then proceeded to shoot them or slit their throat,” killing up to 30 Christians.
And in September 2011, Muslim militants “went to shops owned by Christians at a market at about 8 p.m., ordering them to recite verses from the Quran. If the Christian traders were unable to recite the verses [and thus proving they are not Muslim], the gunmen shot and killed them.”
While it is good that the world has been exposed to these two latest attacks on non-Muslim “infidels,” let there be no mistake: these are no “aberrations,” but rather the natural culmination of jihadi hatred for non-Muslims, chief among them Christians, which has been manifesting itself with increased frequency in both Pakistan and Kenya for years.

Separating the Kafirs from the Muslims

By Bill Warner

When the al Shabaab jihadi group from Somalia attacked the mall in Kenya, they gathered the crowd together and asked who were Muslims and let them go.  According to the media, they then started killing the non-Muslims who were left.  But "non-Muslims" is not the word what the terrorists would have used.  No, they would have called them Kafirs.  (Actually, they would have called them the Arabic plural of kafir, kuffar.  "Kafirs" is the standard English plural form.)

Why did members of al Shabaab do this?  Why did they ask the Muslims to leave and keep the Kafirs and start killing them?  Let's start with the word "terrorists."  Members of al Shabaab are not terrorists; they are jihadists, or mujahedeen.  That is what they call themselves.

So what difference does it make which words we use?  It makes all the difference in the world.  You cannot think precisely with imprecise words, and a Kafir is much more than non-Muslim.

The word "non-Muslim" does not imply anything, except not being a believer in Islam.

Kafir, on the other hand, has enormous implications.  Kafir is the actual word that the Koran uses for a non-Muslim.  Indeed, one of the many remarkable things about the Koran is that over half of its text is devoted to the Kafir.  Think about that: most of the Koran is not about how to be a Muslim, but about the Kafir.  Every single verse about the Kafir is not just bad, but terrible.  Allah hates Kafirs and plots and schemes against them.  The cruelest punishments await the Kafir in hell, but who cares about that?  The real problem is what is promised to the Kafir in this life -- torture, hatred, death, ridicule, rape, enslavement, political domination, and deception.

It is the same with "mujahedeen" or "jihadist" as opposed to "militant" or "terrorist."  The words "militant" and "terrorist" do not tell anything about the motivation of the militant or terrorist -- only that he uses violence.

Notice that the words "non-Muslim" and "terrorist" are not related to each other; they stand alone.  There is no implication of one by the other.  But that is not true about "Kafir" and "jihad."  Jihad is carried out only against Kafirs.  Jihad implies Kafir, and vice versa.

Jihad and Kafir are part of a system of Islamic politics.  Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for 13 years and garnered 150 followers.  When he turned to politics and jihad, he died ruler of all of Arabia, and every Arab was a Muslim.  The religion of Islam was a failure, and Islam triumphed by the use of politics and jihad -- war against the Kafir.

Islamic doctrine is found in the Koran, Sunna (Mohammed), and sharia law and divides all of humanity into Muslim and Kafir.  There is no middle ground.  Unfortunately, both Christian and Jewish leaders have bought into the fiction that they are all People of the Book and are brothers in religion.  When you read the fine print (as none of them have done, being professionally ignorant), they are brothers in Abraham who must be politically and religiously subjugated, but that is a small detail.

If jihad, mujahedeen, and Kafir are pure Islamic doctrine, we can now understand why the media refuses to the correct words that Muslims use -- it is all too horrible to contemplate.  We are not just having independent terrorist events, such as the West Gate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya or the Boston Marathon bombing; we are in the middle of a civilizational war with a historic enemy -- an enemy who is winning because we are in total denial.

Nigerian-German learns granddad was 'Schindler's List' killer

A steel-eyed Nazi killer picks off Jewish prisoners with a rifle from a balcony in a concentration camp in 1944.More than six decades later, a Nigerian-German woman who has studied in Israel thumbs through a book about the sniper and is shocked to learn the man is her own grandfather. In a memoir published this month with the chilling title "Amon: My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me", Jennifer Teege recounts her dark family secret and the extraordinary story of how her own life became enmeshed with one of history's grimmest chapters. Teege is the child of a Nigerian student and the German daughter of Amon Goeth, the commandant of the Plaszow concentration camp outside Krakow in today's Poland who featured in Steven Spielberg's 1993 Holocaust drama "Schindler's List". The 43-year-old Teege learned only by chance five years ago that her grandfather was the sadist known as the "Butcher of Plaszow", who was hanged in 1946 for the torture and murder of thousands of victims. Teege's parents had only a brief affair and gave her away to a children's home weeks after her birth. She was placed with a foster family and eventually adopted by a well-off couple in a Munich suburb when she was seven, seeing her biological mother only sporadically. Half a lifetime later, looking through the stacks of her local library in the northern city of Hamburg, she stumbled upon a title that resonated with her own fractured personal history: "Ich muss doch meinen Vater lieben, oder?" (I Have to Love My Father, Right?). The middle-aged woman pictured on the book's sleeve looked faintly familiar and a quick scan of the biographical details revealed a perfect match with those of her birth mother. "It was like the carpet was ripped out beneath my feet," Teege told AFP.

Obama’s Muslim Advisers Blame Coptic Christians for Muslim Attacks Against Them

By Daniel Greenfield

If you want to know why Obama and his cronies have turned a blind eye to Muslim Brotherhood violence against Coptic Christians while focusing obsessively on clashes between Rohingya Muslim migrants in Burma and the native Buddhist population, look no further than the Muslim advisers of Obama Inc.
Dalia Moghaed [sic], credited with helping President Obama draft his June 2009 Cairo speech about American relations with the Islamic world, recently downplayed attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Christians on a Facebook page.

Mogahed isn’t the only American Islamist tied to the Obama administration to slam the Copts on social media.
In a Sept. 15 Twitter post, Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, accused American Coptic activists of fanning hatred of Islam.
“For >decade since 9/11 attack extremist American #Coptic activists have nurtured anti #Islam & anti #Muslim sentiments among AM RT wing,” Elibiary wrote.
In earlier tweets, Elibiary attacked American Copts for protesting against how their relatives in Egypt have been treated by the Islamists.
“Good read by @mwhanna1 on need to reform #Coptic activism in #US including stop promoting #Islamophobia,” Elibiary wrote Sept. 14.
Attacking Coptic Christian activists was one of the topics of CAIR’s recent Islamophobia report. What their Islamist pals are doing with bombs and bullets in Egypt to Coptic Christians, the Islamists in the US are doing with words.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ecoscammers Claim Global Warming Will Unleash Plague of Mutant Animals

By Daniel Greenfield

The science is settled. And by that I mean they’re just making stuff up.
These Hybrid Animals Will Be Created Because Of Climate Change
Thanks to melting Arctic ice caps, polar and grizzly bears are being forced to cohabitate — and mate — outside their indigenous zones. The results are half-brown, half-white bears that have been spotted in the Arctic.
As mutated animals, they are most likely sterile. And, if this trend continues, it could eventually lead their origin species towards extinction.
Grizzly bears and polar bears are actually not sterile. But how frequent is this cats-and-dogs mating with each other trend?
Many Arctic hybrids have already been seen in the wild.
In 2006, a white bear with brown splotches, believed to be a hybrid of a polar bear and a grizzly, was shot by Arctic hunters. Then in 2009, a possible hybrid of a right whale and a bowhead was photographed in the Bering Sea.
That’s two. Maybe one.
I’m not a scientist myself. But one mix of a polar bear and grizzly bear… and one even more dubiously possible whale mix is not MANY.
It’s also not the beginning of a plague of sterile mutants that will lead to the extinction of all bears on earth.
The increased hybridization of animals is a strong indication that our climate is changing.
An increase of two?
As Arctic sea ice continues to melt at drastic rates, different species of seals, whales, and bears previously blocked by huge slabs of ice will begin mingling in the same regions and possibly mating.
And just wait until the whalebears mate with the bearseals producing whalebearseal. Just let Al Gore tell you about it. It’s superserial.
Hybrid animals are generally infertile. But the trend is worrisome because it could drive certain species to extinction since those animals are no longer mating with their own kind.
What exactly is the high probability of any type of bear being wiped out due to mating with other bears? So far we’ve got one polar-grizzly shot in 2006. It’s not exactly an epidemic.
Also there’s one big problem with this hybrid extinction threat. Polar bears and grizzly bears produce fertile offspring.
Stirling said polar bears and grizzlies have been successfully paired in zoos and that their offspring are fertile, but there had been no documented case in the wild.
Sorry, cancel the apocalypse. The science is settled.
Also there were polar- grizzly matings in the wild back in the 19th century. Must have been global warming caused by all those coal plants.
But don’t worry. The science is settled. And there’s always a new Ecoscammer Global Warming threat.