Sunday, October 27, 2013

8 Israelis, 1 Arab Hurt in Roadside Stoning

Nine people were wounded on Saturday night when stone-throwing Palestinian Arab youth attacked vehicles traveling south of the Judean town of Hebron. The assailants were targeting Jewish motorists, and managed to damage a bus carrying numerous Israelis. Eight of the bus passengers were treated for minor injuries. Also wounded was a young Palestinian Arab girl traveling in a private vehicle. Such roadside attacks have resulted in fatalities in the past, and Israeli soldiers conducted an intense search for the perpetrators. In related news, the Palestine Press reported on Saturday that the Hamas regime in Gaza had ordered its forces to "shoot to kill" anyone taking part in an anti-government demonstration scheduled for November 11. Hamas fears that with the recent fall of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, it could be the next victim of the "Arab Spring" pro-democracy movement.


Sudhakar Sane said...

it is really shameful for people of Islam. there is not nation that rests in peace with dirty of Islam and its people. Hope God above would soon judge these who have taken human lives around the world in His name. West and other countries have learned already and stepped away from helping Islamic nations anymore. Do not feel bad or help any of those nations and its people. they deserve what they are gong through, they sponsored all the Terrorist organisations to attack other nations. Now they are paying back for that.

Sudhakar Sane said...
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