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Chicago Imam Urges Jihad for Gaza

In successive Friday sermons, a Chicago imam has urged followers to support the Palestinian jihad by joining the fight or by donation "weapons and money."
In excerpts compiled by the Middle East Media Research Project (MEMRI) taken from sermons posted on YouTube, the Chicago Islamic Center's Mohamed Elimam speaks to "those of you who want to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah, Palestine is calling you and Gaza is crying out for your help" during his July 18 sermon. "However, if you are collaborators with those who give you weapons and money, then keep indulging yourselves with this money of yours."
He criticizes "deadbeat regimes" in Arab states, urging people to "Return to the battle of Jihad in Palestine. Jerusalem is calling you. The children of Gaza are crying for your help. I say to all the honorable mujahideen, to any believer who has ever waged Jihad for the sake of Allah, and to every child who was killed for the sake of Islam... Let the whole world know that the Zionist enemy is not fighting a well-armed army. Rather, it is fighting a defenseless people. It is killing children, and destroying homes. This is how they behaved towards the prophets of Allah as well."
In last Friday's sermon, he called Zionism "unadulterated evil besetting all people" and described Israel as "a thorn in the side of the Arab and Islamic nations. May Allah pull this thorn out, and stick it down their [Western] throats. May they be sent back to their countries in shame and disgrace, Allah willing."
The clips do not indicate that Elimam directly solicited for Hamas or other terrorist organizations. His rhetoric, however, is similar to other imams who wound up being removed from the country for supporting terrorists.
See the full MEMRI report here.


Here’s how Hamas terrorists protect buildings from evil Jew-bombs

PHOTO:  Hamas ensures that IDF does not strike a building (EoW)

Spanish Journalist on Why Hamas Never Photographed in Action: ‘If Ever We Dared Point Our Camera on Them They Would Simply Shoot at Us and Kill Us’

By Joshua Levitt
 Mushir Al Masri, a Hamas MP and media spokesman, being interviewed by media in front of backdrop showing a destroyed house, and being filmed inside the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza. The photo was posted on Twitter by WSJ correspondent Nick Casey, and has since been removed. Photo: Screenshot.
 Mushir Al Masri, a Hamas MP and media spokesman, being interviewed by media in front of backdrop showing a destroyed house, and being filmed inside the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza. The photo was posted on Twitter by WSJ correspondent Nick Casey, and has since been removed. Photo: Screenshot.

A Spanish journalist told Israeli filmmaker Michael Grynszpan that the reason television news does not broadcast images of Hamas fighters in action is because of fear of immediate execution.
Grynszpan, who directed the film ‘Forgotten Refugees‘, about the 800,000 to 1 million Jews expelled from their homes in the Arab world in the 1950s, posted his interview with the unnamed Spanish journalist on Facebook on Wednesday.
“I met today with a Spanish journalist who just came back from Gaza. We talked about the situation there. He was very friendly. I asked him how come we never see on television channels reporting from Gaza any Hamas people, no gunmen, no rocket launcher, no policemen. We only see civilians on these reports, mostly women and children.”
“He answered me frankly: ‘It’s very simple, we did see Hamas people there launching rockets, they were close to our hotel, but if ever we dared pointing our camera on them they would simply shoot at us and kill us.’”
“Wooh, impressive. Then I asked him ‘Would you mind saying that on camera? I can film you explaining this…’”
“For some reason I cannot really understand, he refused and almost ran away. I guess my camera is as dangerous as Hamas threats…”
“So just for you to know, the truth will never appear on the images you see on television.”
Grynszpan‘s interview was flagged on Thursday by blogger Elder of Zion who compared the many reports of the dangerous intimidation endured by journalists from Hamas in Gaza to what was reported in 2006, at the hands of Hezbollah, in Lebanon.
“CNN’s Nic Robertson dutifully accompanied Hezbollah on a planned tour of a bombed out building, repeating Hezbollah’s talking points about not seeing any military targets there and not telling viewers that it was staged entirely by Hezbollah. Only when he was safely back in the U.S., and challenged on TV about his report, did he admit the truth,” the blogger said.
Robertson, as reported by Newsbusters, said on air: “Hezbollah has ‘very, very sophisticated and slick media operations,’ that the terrorist group ‘had control of the situation. They designated the places that we went to, and we certainly didn’t have time to go into the houses or lift up the rubble to see what was underneath,’ and he even contradicted Hezbollah’s self-serving spin: ‘There’s no doubt that the [Israeli] bombs there are hitting Hezbollah facilities.’”
But Elder of Ziyon also quoted the reporting of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who he credited as being “the only one of scores of journalists who exposed the facade of impartiality while he was in Lebanon.”
“As the video showed a group reporters and photographers interviewing a single woman on a blanket, Cooper explained, ‘Civilian casualties are clearly what Hezbollah wants foreign reporters to focus on. It keeps the attention off them — and questions about why Hezbollah should still be allowed to have weapons when all the other militias in Lebanon have already disarmed.’”
“After letting us take pictures of a few damaged buildings, they take us to another location, where there are ambulances waiting.”
This is a heavily orchestrated Hezbollah media event. When we got here, all the ambulances were lined up. We were allowed a few minutes to talk to the ambulance drivers. Then one by one, they’ve been told to turn on their sirens and zoom off so that all the photographers here can get shots of ambulances rushing off to treat civilians. That’s the story that Hezbollah wants people to know about.”
“These ambulances aren’t responding to any new bombings. The sirens are strictly for effect.”

Hey, Liberals Who Oppose Israel: You’re All Right-Wingers Now - Don’t call yourselves progressives if you put up with religiously zealous, violent maniacs like Hamas

By Liel Leibovitz
As those of us who’ve had the dubious pleasure of being in combat know, the fog of war is a very real thing. It’s hard sometimes to tell which direction’s which when there’s shooting, and the blast of artillery is loud enough to drown out most rational thoughts. The same is true not only for people who fight in wars but also for people who observe them: Emotions run high. Resentments creep in. Confusion is rampant and hard to dispel. But it’s precisely in times of war that cooler heads must prevail, which is why I propose the following thought experiment.
Imagine a politician ascending to the governorship of a small southern state. Having campaigned on a platform of extreme patriotic fervor and religious zeal—in his stump speech, he thundered that by the grace of God, America will last as long as there exist Heaven and Earth—the governor wasted no time translating his beliefs into law. Because the governor believed that homosexuals were “a minority of perverts and the mentally and morally sick,” he outlawed them, instructing his police officers to seek, capture, beat up, and imprison every gay individual in the state. Similarly, women were deemed better off tending to their families than wasting their time with such corrupting pursuits as jobs. A special educational program was devised and approved to teach young girls the fundamentals. These future wives and mothers, read the governor’s statement, “must be fully capable of being aware and of grasping the ways to manage their households. Economy and avoiding waste in household expenditures are prerequisites to our ability to pursue our cause in the difficult circumstances surrounding us.” The men of the state reveled in this new way of life, asserting themselves as lords of their manors; before too long, nearly half of them took to regularly battering their wives.
How many of those who define themselves as liberals would support the governor? Very few, if any. More likely, our hypothetical politician would have galvanized the left into action: The cleverly worded emails from progressive organizations, the fiery segments on The Daily Show, the pledges from celebrities to stop the menace—all would have been upon us before too long. And yet when the same politician appears halfway across the world, sporting a beard and proceeding far beyond the relatively tame scenario described above—sacrificing his own nation’s children and eager to murder innocent civilians across the border—all clarity seems to dissipate. All the homicidal zealot has to do is mumble something about justice and disproportionality and self-determination, and he’s transformed into a respectable, not to say sympathetic, figure.
Which boggles the mind. Never mind that Hamas’ charter specifically states that its goal is the utter destruction of Israel—“Israel,” it reads, “by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims”—and never mind that fundamentalist Islamic organizations like it have sprouted from different terrains and under different historical and political circumstances: For Hamas’ liberal apologists, it’s all still about the Israeli occupation. Israel withdrew nearly a decade ago? Please, that’s too confusing—as long as any conflict involving Israel anywhere is unresolved, any and all violence against Israelis, liberals now seem to believe, is justified.
Enthusiasts of nuance may argue that criticizing Israel isn’t the same as supporting Hamas. That is nominally true. It’s also largely irrelevant. Let’s indulge in one more thought exercise and assume for one moment that Israel accepted all the liberal critiques of its behaviors and acted accordingly. The force it was using was disproportionate? It withdrew most of its soldiers, curbed its artillery, and pulled back the deeply unfair advantage of the Iron Dome missile defense system. Gaza is an open-air prison, the responsibility for which lies solely with Israel and not with Gaza’s other neighbor, Egypt? Israel removed its naval and aerial blockade and opened wide its borders. You don’t have to be a three-star General to realize the outcome of such moves. Which leads us back to a terrible observation: wars are so ghastly in part because they crush so much of the ambiguity and nuance that permeates everyday life in times of peace. They’re so awful because often they force us to make stark choices that are scary and absolute, and annihilate so much of the space that exists in between polar opposites. War requires us to choose.
To my former friends on the left who see themselves as champions of progressive values while criticizing Israel’s attempts at self-defense I have this to say: You have already chosen. You’re all right-wingers now. You would probably want to cancel that monthly contribution to Planned Parenthood; the Gazan maniacs you tolerate don’t really go for that kind of stuff. And go ahead and give the membership department of the National Rifle Association a call, as you are now putting up with an organization whose passion for bearing arms at all costs far exceeds even that of the most fervent American survivalist. So please: Stop whining about the Koch brothers or the Tea Party or the Hobby Lobby ruling. In making excuses for Hamas, you’re endorsing a force of religious intolerance and a purveyor of oppression far, far more demonic than those benign forces at home you characterize as the destroyers of civil liberties and human rights.
If this terrifies you, it’s not too late to repent. All you have to do is look at your friends on what was formerly known as the right. They’re busy defending the right of a democratic nation to protect its civilians against mayhem. Like all democratic nations, the one they support is imperfect. The ongoing conflict led some Israelis to make unacceptably hateful statements; but then nearly 10,000 others joined in on a Facebook group called “Racists Who Oppress Me,” publicly shaming the bigots and calling for a civilized discourse even as the fighting continues. And despite substantial efforts to minimize civilian casualties, Palestinian non-combatants were killed; but then Israel set up a military hospital near the border crossing to make sure anyone who needed it received immediate and excellent treatment.
These, dear liberals, are the values you claim to espouse. Before you say one more thing about this conflict, ask yourself which side is fighting for a society most like the one in which you’re likely to want to live, and then support that side passionately and vigorously. And understand, please, that we’re at war, and that philosophical inquiries, existential ponderings, and musings about identity are all welcomed and valued in free societies, but that to entertain such soulful pursuits said free societies must first survive the attacks of their enemies. Unless you’re willing to embrace everything you claim to despise, we’d love to see you joining us in this war; Lord knows we could use all the help we can get.

Anti-Jewish slogans return to the streets in Germany as Mideast protests sweep Europe

Before the start of a pro-Palestinian rally — one of the scores being staged almost daily here since Israel launched its offensive in Gaza — an organizer on a bullhorn yelled out the do’s and don’ts as ordered last week by the Berlin police. No burning the Israeli flag. No shouts of “Death to Israel.” And absolutely no repeating the slogan “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone” — a rhyming chant in German that had become increasingly common at pro-Palestinian rallies here before being nipped in the bud by German authorities. Some demonstrators may have said such things, conceded Leila El Abtah, a 29-year-old protester who is the daughter of a Palestinian father and a German mother. But, she insisted, even thoughtful criticism against Israel is being misinterpreted here as hate speech. “There are more of us speaking out about Israel now,” she said. “Because of what happened during Hitler’s day, it is making Germans nervous.” The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is echoing on the streets of Europe, sparking a rash of protests — both peaceful and violent — and ratcheting up tensions across the continent. Saturday in London, 45,000 protesters gathered outside Israel’s embassy, chanting “Free Palestine.” In France, a nation already facing an uptick in anti-Semitic violence before the Israeli strikes on Gaza, pro-Palestinian youths last week looted and set fire to Jewish businesses in a suburb of Paris. French authorities have banned anti-Israel protests, but thousands of young demonstrators have defied the edict, engaging police with rocks and bottles.Yet perhaps nowhere are the deeds of protesters sparking more discomfort than here in Germany, where the most radical protest chants are rattling through the streets of Berlin like disturbing ghosts of the past.Pro-Israel demonstrations have occurred, too, but few have been as large or as vehement as their pro-Palestinian counterparts. For politicians, the news media and broader German society, the outburst of rage aimed at Israel and, many argue, Jews in general is testing both the limits of freedom of speech and the weight of history in Western Europe’s most populous nation. “We’re aware that the world is watching us, how we’re handling the situation,” said Berlin police spokesman Stefan Redlich, adding that one person has already been charged with incitement for allegedly shouting “Heil Hitler!” during a protest. “It’s clearly part of the right of freedom of expression to criticize states that are waging wars. [But] it’s one thing to criticize the way Israel leads a war and another to call for people from Israel to get hurt. That’s the red line.” The face of rage here now bears little resemblance to the 1930s and 1940s. Some ethnic Germans have joined the protests, but the majority of those taking to the streets are part of a vast pool of Muslim immigrants and their German-born children. The protests are rattling Germany’s fast-growing Jewish population, which in Berlin alone has tripled to nearly 30,000 since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. One imam at Berlin’s al-Nur Mosque is under investigation for recently calling on God to smite all “Zionist Jews.” Last week, a group of about 30 Muslims gathered outside an empty Berlin synagogue and hurled anti-Semitic abuse from the street.Germany as Mideast protests sweep Europe 1312 More People hold a banner during a protest in central Berlin denouncing Israeli military actions in Gaza. The banner reads “Stop the Israeli War in Gaza!” (Thomas Peter/Reuters) By Anthony Faiola July 30 at 10:56 PM BERLIN — Before the start of a pro-Palestinian rally — one of the scores being staged almost daily here since Israel launched its offensive in Gaza — an organizer on a bullhorn yelled out the do’s and don’ts as ordered last week by the Berlin police. No burning the Israeli flag. No shouts of “Death to Israel.” And absolutely no repeating the slogan “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone” — a rhyming chant in German that had become increasingly common at pro-Palestinian rallies here before being nipped in the bud by German authorities. Some demonstrators may have said such things, conceded Leila El Abtah, a 29-year-old protester who is the daughter of a Palestinian father and a German mother. But, she insisted, even thoughtful criticism against Israel is being misinterpreted here as hate speech. “There are more of us speaking out about Israel now,” she said. “Because of what happened during Hitler’s day, it is making Germans nervous.” The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is echoing on the streets of Europe, sparking a rash of protests — both peaceful and violent — and ratcheting up tensions across the continent. Saturday in London, 45,000 protesters gathered outside Israel’s embassy, chanting “Free Palestine.” In France, a nation already facing an uptick in anti-Semitic violence before the Israeli strikes on Gaza, pro-Palestinian youths last week looted and set fire to Jewish businesses in a suburb of Paris. French authorities have banned anti-Israel protests, but thousands of young demonstrators have defied the edict, engaging police with rocks and bottles. Yet perhaps nowhere are the deeds of protesters sparking more discomfort than here in Germany, where the most radical protest chants are rattling through the streets of Berlin like disturbing ghosts of the past. 1 of 42 July 30, 2014 Wednesday July 29, 2014 Tuesday The strikes continued even after condemnation for the Israeli shelling of a U.N.-run school sheltering evacuees from the Gaza conflict that killed at least 16 people and wounded dozens of others as they slept, according to Palestinian health officials and the U.N. agency in charge of the school. July 31, 2014 Residents survey the wreckage of a home hit by an Israeli air strike in the Tul al-Huwa neighborhood of Gaza City in the Gaza Strip. Max Becherer/Polaris Images For The Washington Post ‘The world is watching us’ Pro-Israel demonstrations have occurred, too, but few have been as large or as vehement as their pro-Palestinian counterparts. For politicians, the news media and broader German society, the outburst of rage aimed at Israel and, many argue, Jews in general is testing both the limits of freedom of speech and the weight of history in Western Europe’s most populous nation. “We’re aware that the world is watching us, how we’re handling the situation,” said Berlin police spokesman Stefan Redlich, adding that one person has already been charged with incitement for allegedly shouting “Heil Hitler!” during a protest. “It’s clearly part of the right of freedom of expression to criticize states that are waging wars. [But] it’s one thing to criticize the way Israel leads a war and another to call for people from Israel to get hurt. That’s the red line.” The face of rage here now bears little resemblance to the 1930s and 1940s. Some ethnic Germans have joined the protests, but the majority of those taking to the streets are part of a vast pool of Muslim immigrants and their German-born children. The protests are rattling Germany’s fast-growing Jewish population, which in Berlin alone has tripled to nearly 30,000 since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. One imam at Berlin’s al-Nur Mosque is under investigation for recently calling on God to smite all “Zionist Jews.” Last week, a group of about 30 Muslims gathered outside an empty Berlin synagogue and hurled anti-Semitic abuse from the street. “They pursue the Jews in the streets of Berlin . . . as if we were in 1938,” Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, the Israeli ambassador to Germany, recently wrote in the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. Levi Salomon, spokesman for a group that campaigns against anti-Semitism in Germany, said the Jewish community was shocked by photographs taken at a Berlin demonstration last week where the clothes of children were brushed with red paint. To some, such images allude to the death of Palestinian children in the Israeli strikes on Gaza. But Jewish leaders here have condemned them as a revival of anti-Semitic myths that paint Jews as child killers who used their victims’ blood in religious rituals.“I’ve monitored anti-Semitism in Germany for 20 years, but this is the worst image I’ve seen,” Salomon said.Even Jewish leaders here say the situation in Germany is not as bad as in neighboring France, where a fierce strain of anti-Semitic violence has the Jewish community feeling under siege. But there are some signs that things here may also be taking a turn for the worse. On Tuesday night in the German city of Wuppertal, a molotov cocktail was thrown at a synagogue (it landed in the street, causing no damage). Last Thursday night, Israel Daos, a shy, 18-year-old Orthodox Jew, was punched in the face on his way to a synagogue in central Berlin. Daos described his assailant as “Arab or Turkish.” “I heard what the protesters had been saying, because they march not far from here, and I have heard them shout, ‘Death to Jews!’ ” said Daos. “But I did not think things would get this bad.”The outbreak of protests has set off an alarm within German society, with leading politicians and the news media decrying a new rash of anti-Semitism that must be immediately stamped out. Kai Diekmann — chief editor of Germany’s influential Bild tabloid, whose parent company sponsors work-stays for reporters in Israel to foster understanding of Jewish culture — issued a personal appeal to all Germans to raise their voices against anti-Semitism. In one piece responding to the rage on German streets, Bild featured descriptions of the groups taking part under the headline: “Who are the new Jew haters.” The government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has lashed out against the protests in unusually blunt terms: “These outbursts and statements are an attack on freedom and tolerance and an attempt to destabilize our free democratic order. We cannot and will not accept this. . . . The security authorities are taking every attack onto a Jewish institution very seriously. Anti-Semitic acts are being prosecuted consequently and by all legal means.” Organizers of pro-Palestinian rallies say that some protesters, in the heat of the moment, have indeed gone too far. They say organizers are trying to follow new guidelines issued by police that forbid the use of anti-Semitic and violent slogans, and they argue that their rage is directed at Israeli bombs, not Jews. The Holocaust engineered by Nazi Germany, they claim, has robbed Germany of its ability to be objective on Israel. Some European politicians — including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of Britain — have openly criticized Tel Aviv for the disproportionate use of force. But Merkel, pro-Palestinian critics here note, has been unwavering in her support of Israel.“Merkel shows only solidarity with Israel,” said Ibrahim Ibrahim, 59, a member of the pro-Palestinian protests’ organizing committee. “Because of Germany’s past, she cannot be open-minded.”

Norway: NRK reports that "US media is controlled by Israel lobby"

Via Norway, Israel and the Jews:

Gro Holm is a senior news anchor for NRK, Norway's public broadcaster and is currently their correspondent in Washington.  She is married to Kai Eide, a former UN special envoy to Afghanistan and Kosovo.

In a recent article, Holm explained to the Norwegian public why the US supports Israel: the media is controlled by the Israeli lobby.  Despite that, some of them tried to show the Palestinian side.

Pay attention closely: the article claims the "Israeli lobby" controls the media, but then smoothly explains that Jews are over-represented in the US media market.  Holm does highlight the few who don't 'fall in line' with Israeli propaganda.

Because, obviously, there can be no other reason.  It must be Jewish mind-control.

That's right. Norwegian media resorts to antisemitic conspiracy theories to explain why Israel's ally supports Israel.

Holm is not an anti-Zionist, she is an antisemite.

After Preston, Now Controversial Mayor Of Tower Hamlets Flies Palestinian Flag Over Town Hall

By Andre Walker 

The Mayor of the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, has flown the Palestinian flag over his town hall in an act of solidarity with Gaza. Rahman proudly posted a photo of the flag on his twitter account along with the message "Palestinian flag flying at Town Hall in solidarity with #Gaza and in support of a #ceasefire & peace." The flag has now been taken down, with a council spokesman suggesting the removal of the flag was a "perceived act of vandalism". It had already been condemned this morning by campaign group YadbYadUK, who said it was "incitement and danger to the Jewish community".
Despite the outrage of Jews and Christians in the area, the move is likely to improve Rahman's chances of election. Since he was first elected in 2010, the Mayor has been accused of putting funding in Muslim groups and Mosques at the expense of other organisations that are aligned to other faiths or are secular.
Rahman was originally a member of the Labour Party but was expelled after his links to the extremist group Islamic Forum of Europe. Since then, he founded his own political grouping which is largely comprised of Muslim men, and has been accused of discriminating against women and non-believers.
He was re-elected earlier this year in what was widely considered to be one of the worst-run polls in living memory. At the time, Breitbart London was on the ground and shot footage of widespread breaches of electoral law; including the harassment of voters on the way into the polling stations. The election itself took 24 hours to count and outside the venue for the announcement there were fears of a riot when it looked like Rahman might lose.
The community in Tower Hamlets is 30 percent Muslim, and that figure is rising despite it being home to the financial district of Canary Wharf. Many Conservatives openly backed the Labour candidate, John Biggs, in the Mayoral race because he is seen as a moderate who would end the practices that have led to a legal challenge to the result.
As previously reported on Breitbart London the Palestinian flag has already been flown over the town hall in Preston, Lancashire. The council claimed that this was a neutral act to show solidarity with those civilians who have been caught in the cross fire between Hamas and the IDF, but the council have not yet flown the Israeli flag despite requests from local residents.
Tower Hamlets Council sold their historic Town Hall in Bethnal Green a number of years ago, and now rent a site at Mulberry Place. It has been fully adapted to fit in with the needs of a Muslim administration, featuring separate Islamic prayer rooms for men and women. The toilets have been adapted so that staff and councillors can wash their feet before prayers, and has special water jogs for those who choose not to use toilet paper.
In a statement Mr Rahman said: "We are flying the Palestinian flag over the town hall as a humanitarian gesture of our solidarity with the people of Gaza.
"In addition to the current military onslaught, the blockade of Gaza is causing a humanitarian catastrophe. Over 1,000 people have been killed, most of them women and children. An urgent aid corridor needs to be opened to allow those injured to receive treatment and medical care.
"We mourn the loss of life in this tragic conflict. We call on our Prime Minister to help create a lasting peace that breaks the cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians and prevents any further loss of innocent lives."
Rahman is next up for election in 2018, although the High Court does have the power to force a rerun of the previous election. It has requested additional evidence from the four residents that are taking legal action and will consider the case more fully in September.

Anti-Israel Protesters Target Israeli Cosmetics Store in UK w/Death Threats, Anti-Semitism

By Daniel Greenfield 

 Kedem is a cosmetics store in Manchester in the UK. Its factory is near Tel Aviv. Its ingredients don’t come from any of the so-called occupied territories of ’67 Israel. But according to the Marxist-Muslim Red-Green Alliance, all of Israel is illegitimate and they chose to target Kedem.
In response to recent protests by supporters of Palestine outside King Street store Kedem, supporters of Israel and members of Manchester’s Jewish community have taken to standing guard outside the business over the past two days.
One Palestinian sympathiser told Confidential at the protest on Wednesday 23 July: “We believe that any money sent to the Israel is a penny against peace in Palestine. That’s why we’re here today.”
Supporters of Israel and Kedem then broke out into God Save The Queen
Outside the protests, things are getting much uglier.
Police are investigating racist death and fire-bomb threats by pro-Palestinian boycotters against a shop which sells Israeli cosmetics.
Kedem, in Manchester, reported phone calls, at one point every five minutes, from callers threatening to burn down the shop, beat up or kill staff.
In recordings of phone calls obtained by the JC, a man told a Kedem employee: “You would be wiped out right now… if [your owner] puts more videos on Facebook I will f*** him up… I will kill you with it.”
Another man calls to say “I will burn your shop down” and in a separate post to the shop’s Facebook page, a pro-Palestinian campaigner wrote of the store’s owners “I hope he burns in hell like the rest of the Jews.”
Yup. It’s just anti-Zionism. Good old-fashioned anti-Zionism.

Neo-Nazis Travelling to Fight in Ukraine

By M.E. Synon 

Neo-Nazis from Sweden are in Ukraine fighting for the cause of the pro-European Union, US-backed Kiev government. They are fighting with the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian squad which flies a flag with Nazi symbols and which one Swedish soldier says fights for "a white Ukraine." The Azov Battalion is one of Ukraine's many paramilitary groups formed in response to the government’s struggle against pro-Russian separatists in the country’s east.
Many of the battalion members are, by their own description, ultra-right Ukrainian nationalists, according to an Al Jazeera report: "The battalion has adopted symbols and slogans that come close to those used by neo-Nazis, drawing alarm from many moderate Ukrainians and fuelling the fire of Russian media accusations that the current Kiev government is a 'fascist junta.'"
Now four Swedish neo-Nazis have joined the group. Mikael Skillt is one of them: “My goal is a white Ukraine," he told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet on July 23 in a telephone interview made while he was “with the Azov Battalion somewhere outside Donetsk.”
Skillt said: “I am a nationalist and I want there to still be white Europeans in Europe.”
“We're finding and grabbing people who collaborated with the separatists.”
Asked how he communicated with the locals, he replied: “I often have an interpreter. I understand some Russian, but I do not speak the language itself. I can only say commands like ‘stay,’ ‘down on your knees,’ ‘hands behind your head.’”
Skillt also thinks that Ukraine's large Jewish minority should leave the country because he does not count it as white.
According to Svenska Dagbladet, the commander of the Azov Battalion, which is governed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior, is Andrij Belitskij, who also leads an organisation called Social National Assembly (SNA). The organisation's goal is to ensure “the white race should be released from international capital” and that “sexual perversions and contacts between the races” be punished.
According to the Ukrainian political scientist Anton Shekhovtsov, research into the extreme right-wing movements in Europe show the SNA is behind a string of attacks against homosexuals and ethnic minorities conducted in Kiev in recent weeks.
Shekhovtsov argues that it has been a huge mistake to let them control their own battalion: “They do not fight for a democratic Ukraine. Their vision of Ukraine is a fascist dictatorship,” he says.
Far right volunteers have joined the pro-Kiev forces from Hungary and Bulgaria as well as Sweden.

UK: HSBC Throws Out Notorious Mosque As Customer

By Andre Walker 

HSBC Bank has thrown out the notorious Finsbury Park Mosque as a customer, according to the Daily Mail. Although some have accused it of Islamophobia, the bank is in the process of getting rid of customers it considers to be too risky after it was fined by US authorities for facilitating money laundering. The mosque was one of a number of Muslim groups that the bank wrote to advising them that they were no-longer welcome as customers. They were all told that their business "now falls outside of our risk appetite" and that the process was "absolutely not based on race or religion".
Whilst the decision may not be based on religion, the decision to stop dealing with Finsbury Park Mosque is likely to be greeted with delight in some quarters. Over the years, the Mosque has been linked with a number of terrorist plots and even employed the radical hate preacher Abu Hamza as its Imam.
Recently, it has made some efforts to clean up its act, but it still remains a facility that many British people fear.
In a statement HSBC said: "We do not discuss relationships we may or may not have with a customer, nor confirm whether an individual or business is, or has been a customer.
"Discrimination against customers on grounds of race or religion is immoral, unacceptable and illegal, and HSBC has comprehensive rules and policies in place to ensure race or religion are never factors in banking decisions."
HSBC has been in trouble before for removing longstanding customers. In August last year it sent the London diplomatic world into disarray when it threw out a large number of foreign embassies as customers.
Whilst some of these embassies were from countries with questionable governments, most of them were the embassies of smaller countries that do not make huge amounts of money for the bank. At one stage it looked like many of them would not be able to open bank accounts elsewhere until Metro Bank agreed to take them on.
The bank is said to be worried about US regulators taking away their license to operate in America. They have already paid a massive fine of £1.9bn and doubled the number of internal regulatory officers in the Middle East.

Uproar as French Supermarket Chain Sells 'Jihad Manual'

By M.E. Synon 

A book denounced as jihadist propaganda and as inciting violence has caused uproar after it was revealed that it was on sale in 1,000 supermarkets in France. The leading centre-right newspaper Le Figaro says that "incitement to jihad or the punishment of 'heretics' are in a hypermarket, two steps from holiday notebooks," in a book from Lebanese publisher Albouraq called La Voie du Musulman (The Way of the Muslim).
The book is in the shops as part of the Albouraq's "Operation Ramadan," meant to show that "Islamic books can be sold everywhere." According to Mansour Mansour, director of the publishing house, it has been "a great success." A cardboard "gondola" of his books on the Koran, the prophet and "controversial" books sit among French cookbooks and school supplies.
Le Figaro points out that in La Voie du Musulman one reads that the author, an Algerian called Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Jazairi, writes: "Muslims should set up all sorts of arms factories to make all types of weapons used in the world...even if it is to the detriment of the well-being of the nation."
He also writes that heresy "is punishable by death."
Le Figaro says that the work, which is also available on Amazon, has been reported on several occasions to the anti-jihad hotline set up by the Ministry of Interior.
The newspaper also points out another book sold as part of "Operation Ramadan" is The Garden of Saints, by the Sunni Imam Al-Nawawi, in which it says that believers "are fighting for the Cause of God by killing and by being killed."
However, the publisher Mansour told France TV that it was a "depressing" controversy and shows the problem "of how Islam is treated."
He said the author of the Garden of Saints died in the 13th century and that the 500 pages of The Way of the Muslim was published in the 1960s and translated for the first time in 1985: "only two or three pages are contested."
"It is distressing that this book is being called the perfect jihadist manual."
Some 18,000 people have signed online petitions calling for supermarket chains like Carrefour to pull the books off their shelves, yet to date the books remain on sale in many shops, according to The Local.
The continued availability of the book has drawn harsh words from critics like Raymonde Schmitt, who signed one of the petitions: "Carrefour [a supermarket chain] is selling propaganda that encourages killing, it’s a crime of complicity," he wrote.
France is particularly sensitive to jihadist propaganda, because the greatest number of the 1,000 to 1,500 Europeans fighting in Syria come from France.
Mehdi Nemmouche, now facing trial in Belgium for the terrorist shootings at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May, is a Frenchman from an Algerian background. As Breitbart London reported, he fought with jihadist forces in Syria before returning to France and Belgium via Germany.

Netherlands: Man shows in clip how he'll kill Zionists "like Zombies"

Said C., the owner of a controversial driving school from the Hague, threatened to kill Zionists "like Zombies".  In a clip he posted to his business' Facebook page, Said said that Zionists are like Zombies.  "You know what you do with Zombies? You must kill them." He then fired his gun, emptying it.  Picking up his other gun he added, "But that's not enough, you have to make sure they're dead." After which he fired more bullets.

More: De Telegraaf (clip included) / antisemitism-europe

UK: Cameron Secretly Planning to Turn Private Landlords into a Border Police Force

By Alexandra Swann 

David Cameron wants to put Britain first.  Not by giving the British people a long awaited referendum on their future in Europe, nor by cutting taxes and protecting civil liberties, but by promising for perhaps the sixth time over the past year to break European law by limiting benefits for EU migrants in the UK after three months. Not all benefits, mind, such as in-work benefits and child benefit, the ones that cost the UK taxpayer £5 billion pounds each year, but only the relatively cheap unemployment benefits that are only accessed by an estimated 60,100 EU migrants per year. 
Regardless of its inefficacy, Cameron’s latest “crackdown” on EU migration is illegal under Article 9 of the Treaty on the European Union and Articles 18, 20, 45 and 48 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, with Article 48 clearly stating that it is illegal for member states to treat EU citizens differently, including “the payment of benefits to persons resident in the territories of Member States”.
This is so far from viable under EU law that the European Commission has already announced an investigation. Cameron is not stupid, only dishonest; he knows this cannot be implemented. But, in a desperate attempt to beat UKIP at their own game, he is apparently willing to say and do whatever it takes, including posing for staged photos with immigration officers as he lies through his teeth to the public.
But what is worse, this grand promise by Cameron is not only illegal but illiberal.
If implemented, his immigration proposals will affect ordinary British citizens, particularly healthcare professionals and landlords. One little reported consequence of the Immigration Act is that from November there will be a transfer of responsibility for preventing illegal immigration, and enforcing this hair-brained scheme, from government to landlords, private ones included.
I’ve written often about the excessive regulations, charges and general chip-on-shoulder negativity levelled at private landlords. Cameron’s proposals will take this one step further; under Section 22 it will become illegal for a landlord to give tenancy to a person without the correct immigration status, subject to a £3,000 per tenant, not per property, if they fail to carry out “adequate” checks. 
This will include any person living in the property not just those listed on the tenancy agreement, a potential minefield for landlords whose tenants are sub-letting under their noses, or even spouses. It is also an affront to current legislation banning spot checks and a roster of anti-discrimination legislation that supplements the mountain of EU law that renders this, yet again, entirely illegal. What is more, if a landlord applies different screening criteria to “foreign” appearing tenants they could be charged for discrimination.
It is sheer, unadulterated, bureaucratic madness and yet another headache for private landlords, around 75 percent of whom own just three properties or fewer and are engaged full-time in other forms of employment. The negative impacts on an already stagnating lettings market are potentially huge but of course Cameron would never let reality get in the way of a headline; a skill, along with rampant dishonesty, he may well have acquired through so much time spent with Nick Clegg.
In essence, these proposals turn unsuspecting landlords into a quasi-border police expected to operate within the already grey area of immigration law, at risk of fines if they fall short.
And fall short they will. Britain simply lacks the facilities to perform adequate entry and exit checks for EU nationals. The law also states that if migrants’ three months of benefits are up they may be allowed to stay if they have “very clear job prospects”, a term so vague it is rendered meaningless.
As a landlord, I would never think to question a prospective tenant as to how long, precisely, they have been in the country, their benefits status or indeed their future plans past paying me my next rent cheque. It simply should not be the job of private landlords to regulate immigration, legal or otherwise; we are not – or at least should not be - a tentacle of the state.
This week, unelected president of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy, stated his dream for all the Balkan states to join The EU; aware of public dismay, he admitted the EU institutions will “do it anyway”.
Keeping in mind that the EU is currently considering applications from Serbia, Montenegro and Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia, and desperately wishes to do the same with Ukraine it will indeed expand and with it free movement of peoples, all the while public spirit turns further against unlimited EU migration and David Cameron is caught in the middle, forced to make promises he legally cannot keep. 
It appears that in order to partake in neo-European “liberalism”, by embracing the open border policy implicit in EU membership, we will be forced to become deeply illiberal at home. These proposals are expensive, bureaucratic nonsense designed to pass the buck of responsibility from the state to the individual, all as part of a desperate attempt by David Cameron to lull the public into gifting him a second term.
Cameron is attempting to convince voters, many of whom are turning to UKIP, that he will create a system where you cannot expect to come to Britain and get something for nothing. The thing is, Dave, you can. As one of a handful of pro-immigration UKIP sympathisers, even I can see through this pathetic attempt at confusing UK voters, the votes of whom Cameron & co believe are theirs by right.
The suggested laws will endanger our traditions of freedom and liberty as the authorities force private citizens to become part of the forces of the state. By threatening private landlords into fighting at the front line of the government’s failed immigration policy, we see just how false liberalism, in the guise of an open door migration policy, results in real authoritarianism in the conscription of individual citizens into a sort of quasi-border force.
Shouldn’t they just be honest about it and give us all uniforms?

Belgian Doctor Refuses to Treat Elderly Jewish Woman: 'Send her to Gaza for a few hours, and she will not feel the pain anymore,' the doctor said

A Flemish doctor who manned a medical hotline Wednesday night refused to provide help to a 90-year-old Jewish woman, Bertha Klein, who had suffered a fractured rib. "I'm not coming!” he said. “Send her to Gaza for a few hours, and she will not feel the pain anymore," was the reply.
The doctor confirmed the exchange, and said that he had spoken the way he did out of "emotional frenzy.” The Health Ministry is investigating the matter, according to Joods Actueel (Jewish News).
Klein's son had been the one to call the hotline. His mother was in agonizing pain after she had suffered a fractured rib. The doctor reportedly knew very quickly that the patient was Jewish: her name, her son's accent and her address in Antwerp, Belgium's second-largest Jewish commmunity, betrayed all that.
Shocked by the doctor's response, the family phoned a friend, Samuel Markowitz, who is an alderman of the Antwerp district council and a volunteer paramedic. Markowitz called the hotline himself and confronted the doctor over his statements.
The doctor admitted the facts and blamed "emotional frenzy.” Meanwhile, the grandson of the 90-year-old woman, Hershy Taffel, filed a complaint with the police for racism and xenophobia.
Taffel says  his grandmother burst into tears. "This reminds me of what we underwent in Europe 70 years ago, I never thought that day would ever be repeated," she said.
Michael Freilich, editor of Joods Actueel, is concerned that the Middle East conflict is being imported into Belgium.
"This is yet another incident in a row of similar events tha took place in a short period of time,” he elabotared. A shop in Antwerp refused to serve a woman because she was Jewish, a cafe in Liege has a sign hung with the message 'dogs welcome, Jews are not', in Brussels slogans like 'Death to the Jews' were chanted during a demonstration and on Facebook, we see calls of hatred against the Jewish people every day.”
Freilich went on to tell his readers: “Let me repeat for the umpteenth time: Belgian Jews are NOT Israelis! They merely have an emotional bond with that country but have no influence on the conflict. They do not vote in Israel, do not go to the army and pay no taxes there.
He added: “Any form of racism and anti-Semitism must be condemned by politicians vigorously. It's long overdue, I think.”

Iran and Germany: A 100-Year Old Love Affair

By Amir Taheri
According to Küntzel, German leaders have at least two other reasons for helping Iran defy the United States. The first is German resentment of defeat in the Second World War followed by foreign occupation, led by the US. The second reason is that Iran is one of the few, if not the only country, where Germans have never been looked at as "war criminals" because of Hitler.
Die Deutschen und der Iran. Geschichte und Gegenwart einer verhängnisvollen Freundschaft
(The Germans and Iran: The History and Present of a Fateful Friendship
By Matthias Küntzel
WJS Verlag. 352 pages, Hardcover.
As the 5+1 group ends another round of negotiations with Iran, commentators assume that the four Western powers involved -- the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany -- are united in their determination to curtail Iranian nuclear ambitions. However, in this fascinating book, German scholar Matthias Küntzel argues that Germany's position on this issue may be closer to that of Russia rather than the United States -- with Germany acting as "a shield for Iran against America," as Germany's former Foreign Minister Joshcka Fischer described his country.

Matthias Küntzel and his book, The Germans and Iran: The History and Present of a Fateful Friendship.
The reason, according to Küntzel, is the "special relationship" that Iran and Germany have built since 1871, when Germany emerged as a nation-state. Two years after Germany was put on the map as a new country, Nassereddin Shah of Iran arrived in Berlin for a state visit of unprecedented pomp.
It is not hard to see why the two sides warmed up to each other. For over a century Iran had looked for a European power capable of counter-balancing the Russian and British empires that had nibbled at the edges of Iranian territory in pursuit of their colonial ambitions. In 1871, Germany looked like a good ally. As for Germans, they saw Iran as their sole potential ally in a Middle East dominated by Britain and Russia. The friendship was put to the test in the First World War, when Iran refused to join the anti-German axis and suffered as a consequence. With the advent of the Nazi regime, Küntzel shows, a new dimension was added to the Irano-German relationship: the myth of shared Aryan ancestry. In World War II Iran again declared its neutrality, but was invaded by Britain and Russia after refusing to sever relations with Germany.
Iranians had always regarded themselves as heirs to an Aryan identity, asserted in bas reliefs dating back to more than 2500 years ago. The Achaemenid King of Kings, Darius, describes himself as "Aryan son of an Aryan". The very name of the country, Iran, means "the land of Aryans." The idea of Germans as Aryans, however, dates back to the 19th century and the rise of nationalism in Europe. Then, writers such as Herder and Schlegel claimed that Germans were descendants of original Aryan tribes somewhere in Asia, splitting into several groups moving into India, Iran and Europe. (Much later, the Irish also claimed they were Aryans and named their newly-created republic Eire, which means land of Aryans.)
In the 1930s, Alfred Rosenberg, one of Hitler's philosophers, published "The Myth of the Twentieth Century", a book in which he claimed that the torch of Aryanism had passed from Iranians to Germans. The reason was that Iranians had been "corrupted" by Islam and mixed with "inferior races" such as Arabs, Turks, and Mongols. Thus, in 1936, when the Third Reich wanted to publish its official list of "superior" and "inferior" races, there was some debate regarding the place to be assigned to Iranians. In the end raison d'etat prevailed and Iran was declared an "Aryan nation".
However, that was not the end of story. The Iranian government demanded that the Reich recognize all citizens of Iran, including Jews, as "Aryans". That demand provoked anger among Nazi officials charged with the "elimination" of Jews.
Küntzel shows that Adolf Eichmann insisted that Iran's Jews, numbering over 60,000 at the time, be listed and rounded up by the Iranian authorities. Tehran rejected that demand and even went further by issuing visas to hundreds of German Jews who wished to leave the Reich. (The Iranian embassy in Paris did the same for hundreds of French Jews).
The "Aryan" myth was a source of major misunderstanding between Tehran and Berlin.
To Iranians, the term "Aryan" was cultural not racial; anybody who partook of Iranian culture could claim to be Aryan. One of ancient Iran's most famous queens, Esther, was Jewish. The maternal grandfather of Rustam, the mythical hero of Iran's national epic "Shahnameh" (The Book of Kings), was the Arab Zahhak. The late Ayatollah Khomeini boasted of his partially Arab ancestry by claiming to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
To Germans, however, Aryanism was a racial concept linked to blood and biology. The Nazis published supposedly scientific texts about the shape of the heads of "superior" and "inferior" races, the color of hair and eyes and the various shades of skin tan.
The misunderstanding continues even today.
In 1986, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the mullah who served as President of the Islamic Republic, wrote a letter to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl emphasizing "our common Aryan roots." Kohl's Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel liked to speak of "our joint heritage and a 100-year alliance".
In 2009 in a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed that the Irano-German "alliance, broken by the Allies in 1941" should be revived. Remarkably, German leaders did not bother to disown Hitler and distance themselves from the murderous myths spun by Nazis.
In the past 50 years or so, the "special relationship" between Iran and Germany has been highlighted in numerous ways. The first German industrial fair held in a foreign country after the Second World War was hosted by Tehran in 1960 with Economy Minister Ludwig Erhard leading a delegation of over 100 German businessmen. After that, all German Chancellors, starting with Konrad Adenauer, made a point of visiting Iran until the fall of the Shah. Even after the mullahs seized power, Germans pursued the special relationship through high-level visits, including that of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. The only time the German Federal parliament approved a law unanimously was when it enacted legislation to guarantee investments in Iran.
Some critics claim that the Germans are attached to Iran for purely economic reasons.
Küntzel shows this not to be the case. As the world's number-one exporter, Germany has little need of Iran, which represented less than half of one per cent of all German exports in 2013. Nor is Germany a major importer of oil or anything else from Iran.
According to Küntzel, German leaders have at least two other reasons for helping Iran defy the United States.
The first is German resentment of defeat in the Second World War followed by foreign occupation, led by the US. That resentment cannot be publicly expressed, if only because Germany is a member of NATO and needed US protection against Russia, an even more dangerous enemy, during the Cold War. If Iran thumbs its nose at the US, so much the better.
The second reason is that Iran is one of the few countries, if not the only one, where Germans have never been looked at as "war criminals" because of Hitler. For over 100 years, Germany has been the favorite European power of most Iranians. Germans reciprocate the sentiment by having a good opinion of Iran. Küntzel cites a number of opinion polls that show a majority of Germans regard the US and Israel, rather than Iran, as the biggest threat to world peace.
Küntzel also asserts that Germans are fed up with being constantly reminded of Hitler's crimes and beaten on the head with what Martin Walser, one of Germany's most famous writers, calls "the Holocaust cudgel." Walser says: "The motives of those holding up our disgrace stem not from a desire to keep alive the idea of the impermissibility of forgetting but rather to exploit our disgrace for their present purposes."
That the Holocaust never attracted popular attention in Iran is a relief to many Germans. "Supreme Guide" Ali Khamenei and former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have repeatedly asserted that Holocaust never happened. Former President Hashemi Rafsanjani has disputed the figure of six million Jews killed by Hitler, putting the number at "around 20,000". Former President Muhammad Khatami claims that "the facts of the situation have not been independently verified and established."
Finally, the Iranian nuclear dossier provides Germany with an opportunity to play in the diplomatic big leagues. In economic terms, Germany is a bigger power than Britain, France, Russia and China. And, yet, it has no place in the Security Council. The 5+1 formula creates a parallel Security Council in which Germany has a decisive say. The exercise could become a precedent for other international initiatives in which Germany is treated as a member of the "big powers club."
Küntzel cites another possible reason for Germany's attempts at helping Iran maintain its nuclear program with a minimum of modifications. In the 1990s, Germany tried to develop a clandestine nuclear program, very much like what Iran had been doing, by developing two sites closed to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). At the time, President Bill Clinton forced the Germans to shut the program by threatening them with sanctions, a similar tactic used against Iran so far without success.
With the United States in global retreat under President Barack Obama, Germany is beginning to assert its independent personality: It is in neither Western nor Eastern camps, Küntzel shows. It is at the center of a new "political pole" in Europe.
Küntzel's book is of special interest for the glimpse it offers into what many German politicians and scholars feel and think in silence.
A recent official German report states: "The Federal Republic has no evidence showing that Iran's nuclear program has a military aspect." That may explain, at least in part, Berlin's ambiguous position during the 5+1 negotiations with the Islamic Republic.
Originally written in German, Küntzel's book is also available in an excellent Persian version and is due for publication in English as well.

Boko Haram Tries to Use 10-Year-Old Girl as Suicide Bomber

By Nick Hallett 

Police in northern Nigeria have arrested a 10-year-old girl with explosives strapped to her chest, after a woman blew herself up at a university, killing six people. The Times reports that the girl was arrested on Tuesday when police stopped a car they suspected of carrying insurgents. A government spokesman said she was with two 18-year-olds, who attempted to run away. He did not give her name, or say whether she was expected to carry out an attack.
Boko Haram, whose name means 'Western education is forbidden' are trying to create an Islamic state in northern Nigeria. The Al Qaeda-linked group have carried out numerous atrocities in the country, claiming to have killed up to 10,000 people.
The achieved international notoriety earlier this year when they kidnapped a whole class of schoolgirls, leading to celebrities and activists to post pictures on Twitter holding up signs saying "#BringBackOurGirls".
Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has faced increasing criticism for his failure to rescue the girls after he pledged to never negotiate with the terrorists.
The 10-year-old girl is the latest in a series of girls to carry out attacks for Boko Haram. The woman who blew herself up the at a university did so as students gathered to check details of their summer assignments.
Officials say she stood next to a notice board, exploding her vest from within a large crowd of students.
Police in a nearby city had already banned people from driving cars during the Muslim festival of Eid, after fears they could be used to mount attacks.

Holland: Two Arrested for Chanting 'Death to the Jews'

Dutch police have arrested two people for allegedly chanting "Death to the Jews" at a pro-Palestinian demonstration, the public prosecutor's office said on Thursday.
"They are suspected of inciting violence against people of a specific belief or race," the prosecutor's office said in a statement after the men, both 32, were arrested early Thursday.
The Hague mayor Jozias van Aartsen has been hit by a wave of criticism for failing to act against alleged anti-Semitism at two pro-Gaza demonstrations earlier this month amid Israel's operation on the Hamas-run enclave to stop deadly rocket fire and destroy tunnels for infiltration attacks inside Israel.
The arrests came in connection with the second demonstration on July 24, during which some protesters carried black flags associated with Islamist terrorists, including the Islamic State (formerly "ISIS") that has proclaimed a "caliphate" encompassing parts of Syria and Iraq.
An Arabic-speaking policeman reportedly said at the time that "no lines were crossed", while video footage emerged of people chanting "Death to the Jews" in Arabic.
"The prosecutor's office and two interpreters watched images from the demonstration... the two interpreters independently translated words that would be punishable," the prosecutor's statement said.
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre wrote to Van Aartsen earlier this week saying he may have contravened Dutch anti-terrorism legislation by allowing demonstrators to carry the jihadist flags.
The letter expressed "shock at your authorization, on two occasions, of demonstrations in the Hague... calling for 'the death of Jews'."
Also on Thursday, extremists hurled a firebomb at Jewish woman's house after she flew an Israeli flag outside her home.
According to the Het Parool daily the firebomb landed on the balcony of an apartment next to that of Mexican-born Leah Rabinovitch, who has received death threats after hanging the flag in a neighborhood of the city with a large Moroccan Muslim population. One death threat she received read "Heil Hitler, Hitler is coming back, Jews must die." Assailants also threw a rock through the window of her home.
Anti-Semitism in Europe has soared in recent weeks as anti-Israel extremists have increasingly targeted Jews throughout the continent.

Expel Immigrants Who Won't Integrate, Says Rightwing Austrian Leader

By M.E. Synon 

 The leader of the eurosceptic right-wing Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) has said that immigrants who do not want to integrate should be expelled. Heinz-Christian Strache also repeated his call for separate school classes for foreign children to learn the German language, and for a limit to be set on the number of foreigners in a class. He said it was necessary to have preparation classes to learn the German language otherwise it would not be possible to follow regular lessons. There were no problems to overcome language barriers for people from the same cultural area, whereas problems still remain with immigrants from Turkey, Strache said according to a report in The Local.
Strache’s Austrian Freedom Party made a strong showing in the elections for the European Parliament in May, winning 20 per cent of the vote and taking four of Austria’s 18 seats. The conservative Austrian People's Party (ÖVP), which is in coalition government with the left-wing Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ), came first with 27 per cent of the vote and five seats.
However, according to an Associated Press report just before the European Parliament elections, opinion polls showed that if the national elections were held at that time, "the Freedom Party would actually win them, a stunning upset of the two establishment parties that have traditionally governed Austria."
The popularity of the Freedom Party comes despite Austria’s low unemployment (4.9 per cent) and prosperity: "Ironically, that is part of the problem," according to the AP report. "Many view their country as an island of prosperity threatened by hostile outsiders — Muslim refugees, cheap foreign labour, or Brussels-based ‘Eurocrats’ looking to strip them from their national identity, while misappropriating their hard-earned money to bail out other EU countries."
At a rally before the election, Strache, who is known to his supporters as H-C, called for "an end to further immigration into our labour market," and claimed that some school classes have such a high share of Muslims that "you need a magnifying glass to find the Austrian children."
Faced with European Union attempts to "homogenize" Europe, he said his party is alone in "fighting to keep our sovereignty, our culture and our identity," according to the AP report. Asked what makes his party so popular, he replied: "Our honesty, our down-to-earthness, our heart and our character."

First Muslim mayor to face fraud trial: Tower Hamlets borough boss accused of promising houses for votes

Britain’s first elected Muslim mayor is to face trial over claims he committed widespread voting fraud. Lutfur Rahman, 48, is accused of using illegal tactics to win the mayoral election in Tower Hamlets, East London, in May. People were allegedly promised council houses if they backed him and Islamic voters were told they should be ‘good Muslims’ and support him. His supporters are accused of doctoring ballot papers, manipulating postal voting and sabotaging the chances of his main rival, Labour candidate John Briggs, by branding him racist and anti-Islamic. Four voters have submitted a damaging dossier of evidence to the High Court in an attempt to overturn Mr Rahman’s election victory. Yesterday Mr Justice Supperstone and Mr Justice Spence granted them the right to have their allegations heard at a full trial, which is expected to be heard in Tower Hamlets later this year. Mr Rahman was a member of the Tower Hamlets Labour Party and was its candidate to be the first directly elected mayor of the borough in 2010. But he was expelled from the Labour party after allegations surfaced about his close links with an Islamic extremist group called the Islamic Forum of Europe. Mr Rahman then won the 2010 mayoral contest as an independent candidate. The mayor, who earns around £65,000 a year, was re-elected in May, even though his council was under two separate investigations at the time – one by the Government for alleged misuse of funds and one by the police for fraud. The petition against Mr Rahman was submitted by residents Andrew Erlam, Debbie Simone, Azmal Hussain and Angela Moffat. They claim that supporters of the mayor descended on 41 polling stations at night, ‘making it difficult or impossible for voters to get into the stations’. Bengali voters, especially women, were intercepted by Mr Rahman’s supporters outside polling stations and ‘directed how to vote’, the dossier claims. Labour votes were allegedly ‘crossed out’ on ballot papers and replaced with votes for Mr Rahman’s party, using a different coloured pen. The dossier also alleges that council officers were bullied into ‘securing a certain number of votes’ and were threatened with the sack if they refused. Votes were cast in the names of people who were not ‘entitled to be on the electoral register’ and numerous postal ballots were filled in by the same person, the High Court heard. Signatures on some postal ballots did not match the signatures on application forms previously submitted and a voluntary organisation was given grants in exchange for votes, it was said. Ahmed Hussain, a losing Conservative Party candidate, told the Mail: ‘Mr Rahman and his supporters carried out fraud on a massive scale. ‘Voters turned up at the polling station to be told they had already sent in a postal vote and therefore could not vote again. But they hadn’t – Rahman supporters had stolen their votes and now it was too late. ‘His men would target the vulnerable - the elderly, women and single parents - and offer to “help” them with their vote. This would mean filling out a postal vote in front of the party voters who would then check they had voted for Rahman. ‘They would offer to post votes, but check them first. If they had not voted for Rahman then they would simply scrub it out and tick the Rahman party box. ‘They offered to pay for the votes of relatives who were out of the country - £10 or £15 each. And they made people add members of their household so they too could vote.’ The 46-year-old, who works for the NHS, said Mr Rahman also used more subtle ways to intimidate voters into supporting him. Mr Hussain, who is originally from Bangladesh, says the alleged fraud has nothing to do with ‘cultural traditions or practices’ of the many Asian voters in Tower Hamlets. He added: ‘It’s nothing religious. It’s nothing cultural. This is illegal full stop. This would be illegal in Bangladesh as it is in the UK.’ Last night Mr Rahman strenuously denied allegations of electoral fraud. He said: ‘There is simply no evidence to substantiate that the recent elections results were due to fraud and intimidation. ‘It is clear that these complaints are being generated by disgruntled candidates who lost. I am completely confident that at the end of this process such claims will be exposed for the smears that they are.’ Rahman and supporters of his Tower Hamlets First (THF) party were also accused of bribing voters. In an application to the High Court petitioner Andrew Erlam said: ‘A THF council candidate telling [told] voters that if they vote for THF they will all get [local authority] houses. ‘A THF candidate handing [handed] out lollipops to children whose parents came to vote.’ Mr Erlam, a Labour Party supporter, added that Rahman supporters intercepted Bengali voters, especially women, outside polling stations, ‘accompanied’ them to polling booths and ‘directed them how to vote’. He claimed in one ward votes for Labour were ‘crossed out’ and ‘Tower Hamlets First votes entered with a different colour pen’. He added in another ward Labour votes ‘appeared to have been erases’ on a ‘substantial number’ of postal ballot papers. And that counting agents ‘reported that many postal ballots to have been completed in the same hand writing’.

Turkish 'Humanitarian Aid' to Gaza: Ball-Bearings, Cement Mixers

 Ball-bearings are commonly used by terrorists as shrapnel in Qassam rockets
Ball-bearings are commonly used by terrorists as shrapnel in Qassam rockets

Customs officials at southern Israel's Ashdod port discovered hundreds of ball-bearings and cement mixers in a Turkish shipment of "humanitarian aid" to Gaza on Wednesday, raising fears the cargo could have been used by Hamas to support its ongoing war against Israel, according to Channel Two.
While both items have civilian uses, both have played a central role building Hamas's rocket arsenal and its vast network of "terror tunnels" into Israel.
Terrorists in Gaza regularly use ball-bearings to maximize the lethality of locally-made, short-range Qassam rockets. Unlike other, more powerful long-range rockets and military-grade mortar shells smuggled into Gaza from state-sponsors such as Iran, Qassam rockets have a relatively small warhead. But while the explosion itself may be relatively "small", the rockets are also packed with shrapnel - including nails, razors and, most commonly, ball-bearings - which are scattered throughout a relatively wide radius upon impact, maiming or killing anyone in the vicinity.
The co-opting of hundreds of tons of concrete supplies by Hamas to build its underground tunnel network, used to store and transport weapons as well as carry out attacks inside Israel, has also been well-documented.
The timing of those specific items of "humanitarian aid" is particularly suspicious; Gaza's civilian population are hardly appealing for fresh supplies of ball-bearings, and rebuilding targets struck by the Israeli Air Force while it is still operating over Gaza's skies seems a rather unfruitful endeavor.
The suspicious cargo had been handed over to security services for inspection. Authorities are currently withholding the problematic cargo, fearing it could be easily used by Hamas authorities to help replenish dwindling rocket supplies and rebuild the network of "terror tunnels" which has largely been destroyed by Israeli forces.
For their part, the owners of the seized container claim that the mixers were not specifically meant for making cement, but for other, unspecified, uses. They added that the ball-bearings were meant for use in the mixers.
Turkey's Islamist leadership is one of Hamas's main backers, along with Qatar, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has modeled himself as a champion of the "Palestinian cause", upping his already hostile rhetoric towards Israel since the start of Operation Protective Edge, comparing the Jewish state to Nazi Germany.
Erdogan's government has form when it comes to funding armed Islamist groups apart from Hamas. Kurdish fighters in northern Syria have long accused the Turkish government of backing Islamist rebels - including Al Qaeda-linked factions - to fight against them.
Last December the Turkish foreign ministry admitted its government had given 47 tons of arms to Islamist rebels in Syria, even as it attempted to pass them off as "non-lethal" cargo.
Amusingly, the weaponry in question had been filed as "guns without military uses" - despite being shipped into a country gripped by a bloody civil war.

UK: Paul Flynn Could Learn a Lot from a Trip to Israel... I'll Pay

By Raheem Kassam 

Labour Member of Parliament Paul Flynn has criticised Conservative MPs for taking a trip to Israel and visiting military facilities. According to the Guardian, Flynn claims:
"It is insensitive when people are being slaughtered in such numbers and going out there is giving tacit support to one side. It does seem to be unwise to put it mildly to be there at the moment because the only possible way out is an agreement between the two sides and I don't think you should go there without going to both sides".
Yes, Mr. Flynn. You're absolutely right. What representatives of the British Parliament should do instead is sit on their comfortable sofas in their constituencies and sound off on Twitter about what the BBC tells them is going on in Gaza, right?
I can't help but wonder if all the pro-Cannabis campaigning (not that there's anything wrong with that) is finally taking its toll on the scarcely unbiased member for Newport West.
Of course Flynn was the one who engaged in anti-Semitic discourse not so long ago, when he claimed that the British Ambassador to Israel (a staunch leftie, by the way) was unable to be pro-British because he was Jewish.
He said in 2011 that Britain needed "someone with roots in the UK [who] can't be accused of having Jewish loyalty". Disgusted? You had better be.
Journalists and parliamentarians should all be scrambling to get to Israel and the Palestinian territories right now, because (and this shouldn't be something that eludes Mr Flynn), you can learn the most about a long-standing conflict by actually being there at its most intense moments. It is called "education" and "experience".
I am minded to assume from his comments that he would prefer Tory MPs to remain ignorant about the realities of living in Israel during a war. They were indeed also supposed to visit the Palestinian territories but were unable to under advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
So while Mr Flynn holes up in Newport, perhaps sparking up a doobie with Twitter at the ready for some #activism, his Conservative Party counterparts are as close to the front lines as possible.
But I wonder who the Stop The War Coalition will call on next time for some 'expert insight'? I'll put a £10 bag of Pineapple Express on the fact that it won't be Guto Bebb MP.
P.S. – "tacit support"? I'd be mortified if Tory MPs weren't pursuing ACTIVE support of the region's only representative democracy.

French Christian Decency and Hamas Evil

By Michael Curtis
Goodness and mercy coexist with evil in the world. At a moment when the Hamas terrorists in Gaza have horrified the world with the extent of their evil in using Palestinian children as slave labor to build underground tunnels in Sinai and as human shields in Gaza in their strategy to kill Jews and eliminate the State of Israel, the chronicle of goodness and mercy by French Protestants heroically saving persecuted Jews during World War II in a small farming village is being retold.
The story of the courageous and noble 5,000 inhabitants of the village Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, located in the mountains of south-central France, 350 miles from Paris, has been told several times. It was remembered for its good deeds when it was honored in 1990 by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem as a place of Righteous among the Nations. The memories of those deeds are recalled in the new release of a revised version of the documentary film Weapons of the Spirit, written and directed by Pierre Sauvage, who was born in the village in 1944 and hidden there, and in a new book, Village of Secrets by Caroline Moorehead, that provides an accurate account of events, enhanced by personal diaries and interviews with survivors.
The story of the village is even more compelling because the villagers were reluctant for many years to talk about their heroism that accounted for saving at least 800 Jews, many foreign born (the figure is sometimes put as high as 5,000). The villagers sheltered the Jews, who were in danger for their lives, in private homes, hotels, farms, and schools. They forged identification papers and ration cards, and helped some flee to Switzerland. The Jewish children attended school together with local children, and participated in youth organizations.
Other acts of heroism, individual and collective, took place in the dark years of the war when France was divided and the Vichy Regime established in June 1940 collaborated with Nazis, but the moral consensus exhibited in Le Chambon was outstanding, even exceptional. It is rare these days to speak about actions in tones of moral righteousness and goodness, yet the behavior of Le Chambon deserves to be remembered in this way for its remarkable implementation of Christian ethical principles.
The villagers, essentially Calvinists, descendants from the Huguenots, led by their pastor André Trocmé, safeguarded resisters, freemasons, and communists, and above all Jews. Trocmé himself was a pacifist, believing in nonviolence, but many of his flock were not. It was Trocmé who, after France surrendered to Nazi Germany, said it was the responsibility of Christians to “resist the violence that will be brought to bear on their consciences through the weapons of the spirit.” It was also he who protested in a sermon on August 16, 1942 against the roundup of 13,000 Jews in Paris by saying that “the Christian Church must kneel down and ask God to forgive its present failings and cowardice.”
In July 2004 the then French President Jacques Chirac commented that Le Chambon was “the conscience of our country.” The same sentiment is present in the new museum in Le Chambon which records that even during the terrible years of World War II, there were places where people behaved decently. Interestingly, it was the village where Albert Camus lived for a while in 1942 in his attempt to deal with his tuberculosis, and where he wrote the first draft of his book, The Plague. Camus was well informed of the nonviolent resistance in the village. His discussion of the attempts to control the outbreak of disease in the town of Oran is in effect an allegorical representation of Le Chambon resisting Nazi and Vichy anti-Semitic policies.
The opposite form of behavior to this illustration of goodness is that of the terrorist group Hamas. For three weeks in July the war in Gaza has shown the employment of hundreds of rockets by Hamas and the surprising discovery of a considerable number of tunnels built by it for only one purpose, to infiltrate into Israel and kill innocent Israeli civilians. This single purpose is still not understood or is disregarded by many in the “international community” and even in the United States State Department, whose spokeswoman proclaimed it was “important to explain the true facts about what happened.”
Yet the true facts have been clearly stated in the Hamas Charter: the Charter of Allah, issued in 1988. Article 13 declares, “There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, proposals, and International Conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility.” Secretary of State John Kerry is no doubt well meaning in his attempts to achieve a ceasefire between the parties but his priorities are mistaken. He should press for the immediate end to the firing of rockets by Hamas, and the consequent elimination of the rocket stockpiles, and call for the destruction of the network of tunnels, built at considerable cost to infiltrate into Israeli territory and inflict casualties on civilians.
What a contrast between the historical events in Le Chambon and the continuing terrorism and criminality of Hamas. The Protestants in the French village wanted to save lives of Jews; Hamas wants to end the lives of Jews. The heroic Andre Trocmé, when threatened by a Vichy official for sheltering Jews, replied “We do not know what a Jew is, we only know human beings.” No citizen of Le Chambon ever informed the Vichy authorities or the Nazis about those taking refuge. They felt it was their duty as Christians to help fellow human beings.
Hamas does not help fellow human beings. Not only has it used children as human shields, it has also exploited them. An article in the Institute for Palestine Studies in summer 2012 reports that, according to Hamas officials, at least 160 Palestinian children, who were used as laborers, had died in building the tunnels on the Egyptian-Gaza border in Sinai. It is not clear if children have been used in building the tunnel network directed against Israel, a network that has used 800,000 tons of cement, an amount that could have been more profitably used for domestic purposes.  It is however noticeable that Ismael Haniyeh, the Hamas leader, who owns a 27,000 square foot area of property on the Gaza beach worth more than $4 million, sends his own children to school in Europe.
One can appreciate that the increase in casualty figures has caused alarm among international observers. No one can be happy about the mounting death toll except Hamas, which displays the photos of dead or injured children for international television coverage to gain sympathy for its cause. Yet it is mistaken policy to call for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that will not simply end Israeli military activity, but also grant Hamas concessions on border crossings and finance.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon must know that the argument that both sides have an equal obligation to end hostilities does not reach the heart of the problem. Turki al Faisal, the former head of Saudi intelligence services, in a statement quoted on July 24, 2014 may have implicitly answered Ban Ki-Moon. He stated, “Hamas is responsible for the slaughter in the Gaza Strip following its bad decisions in the past.”
The solution can only be the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip so that the terrorist organization Hamas is no longer able to commit evil in its objective to eliminate the state of Israel. The threat of the network of highly sophisticated tunnels, each said to cost up to $2 million to build, must be ended. The world, and particularly the World Council of Churches, should remember Le Chambon.