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White Children Will Be Minority in UK Classrooms by 2037

By Donna Rachel Edmunds 
White children will be in the minority in England’s state schools by 2037, if current population trends continue. The Sunday Times is reporting that official figures from the Department of Education show that the number of school children of non-British ethnicity rose by 61 percent in the decade to January 2014, but during the same period, the proportion of white British pupils fell by almost 12 percent. In terms of absolute numbers, this meant that there were 1.83m children of non-British ethnicity, including those of Asian, black and white non-British heritage, in British schools in January 2014, up from 1.14m in 2004.
Meanwhile, the number of white British children fell from 5.4m in 2004 to just under 4.8m this year. If these trends continue, white British children will be in the minority across the whole of the country in 23 years’ time, bringing the rest of the UK in line with London, Birmingham, and some other inner cities where white British children are already in the minority.
The largest ethnic minority in British schools today are children of Asian heritage, of which there are nearly 670,000 pupils. The next two largest groups are black children and white non-British children, both represented by nearly 360,000 pupils each. There are also 320,000 mixed race children.
The fastest growing group are the white non-British, whose numbers have more than doubled per the last decade thanks to an open borders policy with eastern European countries. The figures are of concern because some claim that educational policies designed to support pupils of ethnic minority backgrounds are undermining the performance of white working class British children.
“The white working-class population is massively underperforming. We are neglecting the white working class, and do so at our peril.” Said Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education.
He also told the Sunday Times that the growth in ethnic pupils was making white working class children feel “increasingly alienated and marginalised”, and called upon policymakers to stop “neglecting” working class children.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Migration Watch UK, Alp Mehmet, said “These figures underline the way in which mass immigration is changing the whole nature of our society against the public’s wishes .”
Concerns that white working class pupils were being “left behind” educationally have been voiced for a number of years now.
In 2008 the government released a paper which showed that when a number of factors, including parents’ academic success, single parents status, and living in deprived areas, were taken into account, white working class pupils had a lower level of academic achievement than any other group.
White working class pupils were also noted to be one of two ethnic groups who had the lowest self-confidence and the lowest aspirations.

Turkish Jews Write Open Letter Protesting Government’s Call to Denounce Israel - Several prominent Turkish Jews have written an open letter reprimanding their government for publicly asking the Jewish community to denounce Israel’s operation Protective Edge in Gaza.
In the letter, published by the Hurriyet Daily News Friday, Jewish academics, writers and media figures stated that they do not feel obligated to express an opinion on “Israel’s latest attack on Gaza.”
“No citizen of this country is under any obligation to account for, interpret or comment on any event that takes place elsewhere in the world, and in which he/she has no involvement. There is no onus on the Jewish community of Turkey, therefore, to declare an opinion on any matter at all,” they wrote, reported the Jerusalem Post.
Former Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who took office as President last week, has spoken out harshly during Israel’s conflict with Hamas by comparing the Jewish state to Nazi Germany and by demanding that Turkish Jews denounce Israel.
“Asking the Jewish community to speak up about Israel reeks of anti-Semitism,” Anti-Defamation League (ADL) National Director Abraham Foxman wrote in an op-ed in the Huffington Post earlier this month.

Lady Gaga Again Defies BDS With September Tel Aviv Concert Date

 Lady Gaga defies the BDStrds again with a show in Tel Aviv  on Sept. 13, 2014.
Lady Gaga defies the BDStrds again with a show in Tel Aviv on Sept. 13, 2014.
Photo Credit: YouTube

For the second time in just over two years, Lady Gaga will give a concert in Israel.
Lady Gaga’s concert on Sept. 13 at Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park is yet another thumb in the eye to the BDS (Boycott of, Divest from and Sanctions Against Israel) movement which seeks to intimidate musicians, artists, consumers and others into shunning the Jewish state.
Gaga’s appearance in Israel is part of her worldwide “artRave: The ARTPROP BALL.” This tour started on May 4, and is scheduled to conclude on Nov. 24.
Her first stop of the Asian wing of the tour is in Dubai, on Sept. 10. That is also listed as the most expensive concert for  fans, with tickets starting at $197.66. Her second concert, listed as her appearance with the second most expensive tickets, is in Tel Aviv, on Sept. 13, with tickets starting at $179.67.
Lady Gaga’s notoriously raunchy concerts will be toned down for her appearance in the United Arab Emirates on Sept. 1o.
According to Gulf News, chairman and CEO of AMI Live Marcos Rios, said: “There will be some edits for Dubai. It cannot be the full show, because it wouldn’t be allowed. So it’s a special show for Dubai and for the culture.”
After her performance in Israel, Lady Gaga’s next stops are listed under Europe, although the first one is in Turkey, followed by concerts in Athens and Belgium. Her fans in Amsterdam can purchase tickets for her Sept. 24 concert, starting at $51.22. The lowest priced tickets for this tour will be for Lady Gaga’s concert in Dublin on Oct. 17. Tickets for that concert start at $41.50.
The last scheduled stop of Lady Gaga’s ARTPROP BALL Tour is on Nov. 24, in Paris.

See Clacton

By Andrew Stuttaford 

So how is Douglas Carswell, the Conservative MP who defected to UKIP, going to do in the special election now being scheduled for Clacton?
The first poll (and it is only the first poll, and it’s a small one too) makes very grim reading for the Conservatives.
The Guardian reports:
Ukip could deliver a humiliating blow to David Cameron in the runup to next year’s general election following the defection of former Conservative MP Douglas Carswell, according to an opinion poll. Carswell’s decision to join Nigel Farage’s party and trigger a byelection in Clacton shocked Westminster and the poll of voters in the constituency predicting a massive 44-point lead for Ukip will add to the prime minister’s discomfort.
The Survation study for the Mail on Sunday put Ukip on 64% of the vote, with the Tories on 20%, Labour on 13% and the Liberal Democrats 2%. More than half of those polled (54%) favoured Britain leaving the European Union, while 26%were opposed to cutting ties to Brussels. In a sign of Carswell’s popularity in the seat, more than a third (34%) of those indicating they would vote Ukip said it was because they liked their former Conservative MP, while 57% said it was because they liked Ukip and 9% said it would be a protest vote. Among Tory voters, almost half (49%) said Carswell was a hero despite his defection, with 17% saying he was a traitor….
Clacton is natural UKIP territory and matters are distorted by the drama that Carswell has unleashed, but the implications of these numbers concern more than just Clacton. The Tories ought to be terrified. There will, I suspect, be other Conservative MPs, particularly in UKIP’s Eastern heartland, wondering whether to make the Carswell leap.
Over at The Spectator, James Forsyth frets:
So, Ukip are going to get their first MP. This means that the fracture on the right of British politics is a lot closer to becoming permanent, handing Labour the kind of inherent electoral advantage that the Tories enjoyed in the 1980s. This morning, the next election is Ed Miliband’s to lose.
“This morning”? Well, yesterday morning too, and many mornings before that. A Conservative defeat has been on the cards for a long time now. I’m always somewhat taken aback by Tories who tell me that while Cameron may not be an ideologue (not necessarily a terrible thing, incidentally), he does at least have a nose for power. If only that were true. Enclosed within the prejudices of his own circle and a crippling lack of political imagination, Cameron managed to (1) throw away the chance for a clean election win in 2010; (2) create and sustain a space on the right that UKIP has exploited to the full; (3) alienate his own activists; (4) (I am told) neglect his parliamentary rank and file; and (5) make a mess of “Europe” both at home and in Brussels, Frankfurt, and elsewhere.
These errors are many things, but they are not the actions of a politician skilled in the ways of power. They are those of a prime minister who will lose office in 2015.
Writing in the Daily Telegraph (before the poll results), here’s Charles Moore, one of the leading figures in British Conservative journalism. The article is overstated in parts (not least in the claim that Cameron and Milliband are “not far off” being interchangeable), but this is spot on:
The lack of anger among Conservative-minded people [about Carswell’s defection] is striking. Traditionally, MPs who switch parties are accused of treachery. Parties have had strong collective identities. Those who leave the tribe have therefore been scorned. Mr Carswell has pre-empted some of this by his decision – virtually unprecedented – to submit his switch of allegiance to a by-election rather than clinging on without asking the voters.
But he also taps into something that is happening anyway. The loyalty and cohesion of political parties depend much more upon their mass memberships than on their elites. For many years now, these have dwindled. Since Tony Blair became Labour leader in 1994, party leaderships have made it a point of honour to ignore or despise their supporters. The natural consequence is that activists become inactive, or change party. Many grassroots Conservatives have already formally gone to Ukip; many more vote for Ukip in council or European elections. They do not see this as disloyal to their beliefs. I predict they will vote for Mr Carswell in his by-election and he will win.
And on Europe?
The Cameron modernisers made a . . .mistake about Europe. They said they did not want to “bang on” about it. Of course they were right that people were heartily sick of internal party squabbles, but they ignored the fact that the European Union affects all our lives in countless ways – whom we let in, whom we can throw out, who can make decisions on our behalf, whether we have to deface our country with wind farms, even (this week) how powerful our vacuum cleaners are allowed to be. The Conservatives fought shy of the subject. Now they promise a referendum if they win next year, while intimating that they will settle for minimal demands in the negotiations running up to it. Yesterday – too late – the high command organised a ring-round trying to persuade prominent Eurosceptics to talk the referendum up. Why are they surprised if people do not trust their good faith?
This last is crucial. Cameron thought that his promise of an in/out referendum (a promise, incidentally, that had to be forced out of him) would be enough to bring euroskeptics back into the fold, but he has undermined that promise by the way he has talked (and not talked) about trying to “renegotiate” Britain’s position in the EU first. Promising an attempt at renegotiation was, politically, astute enough as euroskeptics need to recognize. Most Brits would rather stay in an “EU lite.” But the reality is that that option is not on offer and never will be. “Renegotiations” carried out in good faith will make that all too clear, and thus (hopefully) point the way to a popular vote for Brexit. The problem, as Moore recognizes, is that few euroskeptics believe that Cameron will renegotiate in good faith. They are right to be suspicious.
The general election is in May.

What’s Worse: Feminist Sensitivity or Touchy Headchoppers?

Horrific events in the UK now demonstrate the consequences of Western “sensitivity” towards Islam.
Motherly Headchopper: the transformation of Sally Jones
Before and after pictures here:

A British mother-of-two who once fronted an all-girl rock band is believed to have made it to Syria where she is threatening to behead Christians with a blunt knife. …
According to her Twitter profile, Umm Hussain al-Britani (left) married British computer hacker-turned jihadi Junaid Hussain. Her devotion comes with an invitation:
 ’You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at raqqa … Come here I’ll do it for you!’ 


Undercover Israeli Playwright Exposes Palestinian Holocaust Denial, Rank Jew-Hatred, Anti-Israel Agenda

By Dave Bender 
Posing as a German investigative reporter named ‘Toby’ during a trek through Palestinian Authority areas, a noted playwright and polymath author told Israel’s Channel 2 News that he’s exposed a toxic brew of Jew hatred in Palestinian society, masquerading behind purported human-rights activities.
The Tel Aviv-born Tuvia Tenenbaum spent time with the various left-wing Israeli and foreign agitators in the West Bank and asked them to educate him about the plight of the “Palestinians,” according to Prof. Seven Plaut, of the Faculty of Management at the University of Haifa, speaking with The Algemeiner.
Tenenbaum ”turned the results into a book, ‘Catch the Jew,’” a “hilarious and at the same time highly revealing [account] of the sorts of propagandists operating to undermine Israel and provide disinformation to the media. A chapter of his new book is reprinted in this past weekend’s Makor Rishon,” newspaper, Plaut noted.
“Much of the chapter deals with Tenenbaum’s meetings and travels about the West Bank with Rabbi Arik Ascherman, head of the ‘Rabbis for Human Rights,’” group, which Plaut characterized as ”a far-leftist anti-Israel propaganda NGO.”
In a parallel video report aired on Israel’s Channel 2 News Friday evening on the book, Tenenbaum said, ”The Europeans aren’t really familiar with the Middle East dispute and they do not investigate. They are coming out of every hole here. They don’t want to help, but rather to catch the Jew doing something bad. It comes from hatred.”
Translating from the report, noted pro-Israel blogger, Carl in Jerusalem, of Israel Matzav, wrote, ”From the beginning, ‘Toby’ joined a group of young Italians who learned about the dispute in Shechem (Nablus) and in Israel, with funding from the European Union. But the Israeli guide, Itamar Shapira – the brother of the pilot Jonathan Shapira who refused orders and became an extreme Leftist activist – presented himself to the group as a ‘former Jew’ and said harsh things against Israel.
“During a tour of Yad Vashem, Shapira chose to focus specifically on stories of the massacre at Dir Yassin [the Jenin lie of the 1948 War of Independence. CiJ] and told the young Italians that it’s necessary to impose boycotts and sanctions on Israel because ‘we have to stop an additional Holocaust.’ Shapira was fired in the past from Yad Vashem after he compared the Holocaust to the Naqba [the Palestinian characterization of the creation of the State of Israel as a catastrophe. CiJ], but today he leads private groups there.
“The Palestinian guide who accompanied the group was Ataf Abu Rob, a Palestinian journalist and investigator for B’Tselem who is responsible for several stories published by the [extreme Leftist Haaretz] journalist Gideon Levy. Abu Rob told ‘Toby’ that the Holocaust is ‘a lie. I don’t believe it.’
“The senior Fatah commander Jibril Rajob also opened his door after he heard about the book that ‘Toby’ planned to publish and told him: ‘Israel is racist and fascist, it will be isolated like South Africa.’ Rajoub’s close confidantes whispered to Tenenbaum ‘We are all German, but the only problem is that we know that General Rommel did not succeed in coming here.’
“Tenenbaum’s book Catch the Jew will be published this week, and he will then not be accepted as a prodigal son in the Palestinian Authority once his cover is blown, the narrator of the video report said, summing up.
“In response, Yad Vashem said in a statement that, ‘Yad Vashem is careful that the subject of the Holocaust will be presented in detachment from any political agenda. Itamar Shapira was employed in the past as a guide in Yad Vashem and was not careful about these norms, and therefore it was decided about five years ago to terminate him [after he had worked there for three and a half years! CiJ]. Today, we allow outside guides, but we are considering changing this policy.’”
For their part, B’Tselem said that they condemn “any expression of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. The matter will be clarified with the investigator with the full necessary seriousness.” Journalist Gideon Levy added: “I traveled to the territories a number of times over the course of the years with Atef Abu Rob. I never conducted political discussions with him and I am not aware of his views. I very much hope that Holocaust denial is not one of them.”

UK: Since when is Gallowswine a holy man? Why Is An Attack On Galloway A “Religiously-Motivated Assault”?

The man who belted Galloway --the result giving many a feeling of deep satisfaction– has been charged with “religiousy-motivated assault”? But why? It was outrage, and then rage, that he felt at the Nazi-like comments of Galloway, comments that have gone on, in all their hysteria and hate,  unpunished by the state, for many years. Why is that “religiously-motivated”? Or does the government wish to impose a more severe penalty in this case than it might otherwise be able to do?

Surely many will regard Mr. Masterson, in a more subdued key, for his act against a vicious antisemite and a wartime traitor (the war being that of self-defense, against the internal Jihad, conducted so far largely through demographic conquest and incessant pressures on the laws and customs of Great Britain) as they would, if they thought about it, the two members of the Czech resistance who killed Reinhard Heydrich in Prague during the war, or the man who killed the pogromshchik Petlioura in Paris (fatidically, on the rue de Palestine) in 1926.
These may sound, to some, outlandish analogies. They will discover they are not.

POLL: 95 Percent of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed

A whopping 95 percent of respondents to a BBC straw poll have said that they think multiculturalism in Britain is a failure. The poll was taken yesterday morning during the BBC’s Saturday Morning Live show, and asked “Is multiculturalism working?” Just 5 percent said “Yes”; 95 percent said “No”.
Breitbart London’s James Delingpole was a guest on the show. During the discussion of the results, he said: "I think the thwacking great majority in that poll says it all. The multicultural experiment in Britain has failed totally and people have finally realised how much it has failed. Rotherham was just one example; we’re seeing cases all around the country. It has been a disaster. I think that this is going to be the turning point.”
Also on the show was the left-wing journalist Owen Jones, who extolled the virtues of interracial sex and claimed: “fortunately the actually scientific polling suggests that’s quite a pessimistic answer. Yes there are always tensions which we need to work on. We need to bring our communities together. But Britain has one of the highest levels of interracial relationships in the whole world.
We need to break down segregation like faith schools. We concentrate poor people in particular areas because of the lack of social housing, and that disproportionately affects people from black and minority ethnic communities.
“Let’s promote communities which are mixed and live together, and let’s take on the obstacles and concerns that people have.”
However, growing evidence suggests that multiculturalism itself is responsible for increasing segregation in Britain. Last year the Daily Mail reported on the phenomenon of ‘White flight’ – that is, white British people moving out of London in vast numbers. Between 2001 and 2011 some 620,000 white British people left London, tipping the ethnic makeup of London into majority non-British heritage.
Analysis of the 2011 census figures showed that 45 percent of ethnic minority Britons live in areas where white Britons make up less than half of the population. This has led to some areas where there are large populations of Muslim immigrants being self-declared “Muslim zones”. In 2008, two Christian preachers were prevented from handing out extracts from the bible in Birmingham when a Muslim Community policeman told them “You can’t preach the Bible here, this is a Muslim area”. Last year a number of videos emerged on YouTube showing Sharia patrols in East London, as non-Muslims were told that they couldn’t drink in the streets as it was a Muslim area.
A poll last year conducted by Lord Ashcroft showed overwhelming support for multiculturalism, with 70 percent of the public supporting it, and 30 percent opposed. Only amongst Ukip voters were the majority opposed to multiculturalism, with 57 percent of Ukip aligned respondents saying that they opposed multiculturalism.
Those who voted for the other three main parties were overwhelmingly in favour, with 71 percent of Conservative voters, 76 percent of Labour voters, and 89 percent of Liberal Democrat voters all being in favour of multiculturalism.
Amongst ethnic minority respondents (Black Caribbean, Black African, and Asian Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs), nine out of ten thought that multiculturalism was a good thing.
However, the rise of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq has this summer highlighted the problem of British jihadists travelling back and forth between Britain and the Middle East, plotting and carrying out brutal attacks on civilians. Today the UK has been put on a high terror alert as warnings of a “Mumbai-style terror attack” reverberated around Westminster. The 2008 Mumbai attacks were a series of co-ordinated shootings and bombings that took place over four consecutive days, killing 164 people and wounding a further 308.
And on home turf, it has emerged that more than 1,400 girls were brutally attacked and raped by mostly Muslim men in Rotherham, whilst council staff and police officers turned a blind eye for fear of being labelled ‘racist’.
These events are likely to have shifted public opinion against multiculturalism, although further polling evidence is required to ascertain how widespread the shift has been.

LONDON: Thousands Gather In Massive Demonstration Against UK Anti-Semitism

By Donna Rachel Edmunds 
 Over 4,500 people thronged the streets of London outside the Royal Courts of Justice today to protest about the rise of anti-Semitism on the streets. The attendees carried banners reading “zero tolerance for antisemitism” and “prosecute hate before it’s too late” as they listened to speakers including Chief Rabbi Mirvis, Maajid Nawaz from the Quilliam Foundation, and Douglas Murray. It was organised by the group Campaign Against Antisemitism UK, who describe themselves as “a network of activists committed to countering the rising tide of antisemitism spreading throughout the UK and Europe.” Advertising the event on their Facebook page, the campaigners explained the need for the rally:
“We have all been having dinner table conversations about "the situation". We worry together about the rise in antisemitism and commiserate: "It's terrifying, isn't it?" People are even wondering aloud whether the UK, our country, where we are rooted, is a safe place for Jews to bring up children.
“Yes, there is a rising tide of antisemitism and yes, it is terrifying, but it will only get worse unless we stand up for ourselves. You must have asked yourself whether you are content to worry quietly, or whether you are willing to stand and do something - go to protests, write letters, report antisemites to the Police. One of your responses to that question was to 'like' our page. Now it's time to ask the others around the dinner table.
“When people tweet "Hitler was right" or chant "We are all Hamas", it is they who should be afraid of our laws, not us of their mob justice. Already we have gained the attention of some key politicians. We must speak with one voice and call for zero tolerance. A small demonstration just won't cut it.
“We must stand together to turn the tide.”
Supporters took to Twitter and Facebook to report that an estimated 4,500 people were in attendance. Photos posted on the social networking sites show a good natured crowd peacefully waving British flags and ‘zero tolerance for antisemitism’ banners.
There appears to have been very little by way of counterprotest, although one photograph on Twitter shows a lone person holding an image of Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu as the devil, with the caption “Child killer – hang him – murderer”.
Breitbart London contacted one of the organisers, Jonathan Sacerdoti, to ask how the rally had come about and why he thought it was necessary. He described the inception of the group Campaign Against Antisemitism as a grassroots campaign that sprung up one month ago in response to the cancellation of the Jewish Film Festival at the Tricycle Theatre.
“What today’s rally has shown is that we have reached a tipping point. No longer are Jewish people willing to keep their head down and stay quiet and hope that the rise in anti-Semitism will go away”, he said.
“In the past British Jews have been afraid to speak out for fear of what might happen – for fear of being attacked personally. But when you allow antisemitism to go unchallenged, these things build and build until that tipping point is reached.
“Jews are demanding the same rights of protection from attack as all British citizens have under the law, which is sufficient. We don’t need new laws. But when a person stands on a British street with a sign that reads ‘Hitler was right’, they shouldn’t be free to simply go home again afterwards.”
Speaking at the event, Douglas Murray, Associate Director at the Henry Jackson Society urged those present to get involved with politics in a number of ways to ensure that anti-Semitism didn’t become a “fringe issue”. He urged the crowd to write to their MP to highlight the problem, to get involved in political parties, and, slightly more controversially, to hold their community leaders to account for not doing more, saying:
“Antisemitism is not only a problem for Jews. It is a problem for Jews first, but it is always a problem for everybody.
“Please demand more from your communal leadership. If you’re going to have a communal leadership, expect more of them. Demand more of them. Don’t wait weeks and weeks for people to have to take the initiative for a day like this themselves.”
Continuing with his theme of positive steps that people can take, he stressed the most important in his opinion: something that everyone can do at all times, which was to: “help to stop the lies."
“When it becomes acceptable discourse for people to say that Israel is committing a genocide instead of the most targeted military campaign against a terrorist group that history has ever seen; when you allow that to go on you are feeding the lies. When people say that Israel is an illegitimate state and you allow it to go by you are feeding the lies. When people say that Israel is committing war crimes and people remain silent you are helping to feed the lies. And when we hear people saying today in London including allegedly responsible political leaders and Members of Parliament that Israel is engaged in some kind of holocaust we know what they are doing. We know that their aim is not just to lie and to defame Israel, but to be as offensive and offending as they can be towards Jewish people everywhere.”
He finished by paying tribute to the organisers, saying “This is a campaign that should never have been necessary again.”

Germany: Anti-euro AfD nears 10 percent in state election

Germany's anti-euro party, AfD, won its first seats in a state parliament on Sunday after elections in Saxony, according to preliminary results. Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) won more than 39 percent of the vote in the eastern state Saxony, according to preliminary results, meaning it will need to find a new coalition partner. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which backs the dissolution of the euro, won around 9.6 percent, according to the initial results. The result, if confirmed, would see AfD exceeding even the high expectations that had been placed on it ahead of the election. Pollsters had predicted a result of around 7 percent for the party. The CDU's current coalition partners in Saxony, the pro-business Free Democrats, failed to pass the five-percent threshold to re-enter the parliament. The far-left Linke party, which has roots in East German communism, won around 19 percent. Merkel's partners in the national "grand coalition" government, the centre-left Social Democrats, won around 12.5 percent, the preliminary results showed. The Greens won more than five percent, and the far-right, anti-immigrant National Democratic Party of Germany also just scraped back into the Saxony parliament, one of only two in which it has members. The AfD, which leaped into the European Parliament in May but narrowly missed out on entering the German parliament in last September's general elections, was set up by economics professor Bernd Lucke, a former CDU member, early last year. It also wants an end to EU bailouts and for Germany to return to its once beloved Deutschmark. "It's time for a new party in Germany," Lucke said on ZDF television as the first results were coming in.

The New York Times Censors Anti-ISIS Ad

By Shmuley Boteach 
“America reinforces its values and thus its security by being transparent about even the worst abuses of those values, not by hiding the evidence deep in a file drawer.” This sentence is from a New York Times editorial of 20 August, 2014. The editorial was written in response to a decision by Federal district court Judge Alvin Hellerstein forcing the Obama Administration to justify why it will not release approximately 2000 photos that allegedly document abuse by the American military and investigators in Iraq and Afghanistan, which begs the question of why The New York Times forced us to remove a photograph of a hooded ISIS executioner holding a knife while standing by American journalist James Foley.
Our organization, This World: The Values Network, was forced to remove the photograph and replace it with one without a knife in order to have the ad appear this Tuesday in The New York Times.
Why did The Times condemn the American government from trying to suppress images of alleged abuse on the part of the American military while seeking to suppress the horrors of the world’s most monstrous terror organization that decapitates Americans?
Yet, the NYT's response was a lot better than The Los Angeles Times which demanded the removal of a second image that depicted Hamas terrorists standing alongside hooded alleged collaborators which they were about to execute.

Muslim “Refugees” in Italy Reject Pasta, Demand Food from Own Countries

By Daniel Greenfield 
This is what Muslim Supremacism looks like. It’s an endless sense of entitlement. The boatloads of migrants aren’t refugees, they’re colonists. And like all colonists, they feel entitled to demand that everything be done according to their cultural expectations.
A protest held by refugees against “monotonous” Italian food was “excessive”, especially at a time when thousands of Italians go hungry, the president of a police organization told The Local.
“There are thousands of Italians living in poverty and who aren’t even eating one meal a day, let alone two or three,” he said.
For two days, a group of about 40 asylum-seekers staying at a refugee centre in the Veneto province of Belluno refused to eat the “pasta with tomato sauce, bread and eggs” meals they were given and called to be fed food from their own countries, Libero Quotidiano reported.
To reinforce their point, they blocked a street with a wooden bench, put their lunch on the ground along with bags of clothes and threatened to leave the centre in La Secca, a hamlet in Ponte nelle Alpi.
They reportedly said “we do not eat this stuff”.
The refugees, said to have been staying at the centre for the past four months, also reportedly slashed the tires of cars belonging to staff working there in protest against living conditions.
Sam, a migrant from Gambia who has been staying at a centre on the outskirts of Rome for almost a year, told The Local that the food, which mainly consists of pasta, “is not good” and that some have started making their own meals.
“We need the diet from our country,” he said.
The Gambia is 95% Muslim.
The obvious retort that if they want food from their own countries, they should go back there will fall on deaf ears since they are expanding the territory of their former countries to new countries.
They aren’t immigrating. They’re colonizing.

Italy: Arab spits at Jew in tram

An Arab immigrant attacked a Jew on the Milan tram.  The Jew was wearing a kippah which was mostly covered with a hat.

The Arab asked him "are you a Jew?", then spat at him and got off.

More: Il Giorno / antisemitism-europe

Child Rape Scandal Isn't Just Happening in Rotherham, And More Heads Must Roll Immediately

By Simon Danczuk MP 
It’s the crime no one wants to take responsibility for. The same statements are trotted out time after time. “Missed opportunities” and “lessons have been learned” are the stock phrases we’ve grown tired of hearing from council officers and police chiefs. But the horror stories keep coming. Children being trafficked from one town to the next, raped in dingy flats then beaten, held at gun point, doused in petrol and threatened to be set alight if they so much as breathe a word. This is not happening in some war-torn Eastern Bloc country. It’s happening here in Britain and all we’re seeing is a lot of hand wringing from unsackable, unaccountable and unapologetic public servants. This week the focus centered on Rotherham, as we learned that gangs of Asian men raped some 1,400 children while the council blatantly played down the problem and the police looked the other way. A report said that police “regarded many child victims with contempt” and social workers were afraid to act for fear of being seen as racist. It’s the most shameful example of public services letting down vulnerable children I’ve ever seen.
But don’t believe this is just happening in South Yorkshire. The same horrible scenes are being played out elsewhere with the same pathetic response from protective services allowing evil rapists to not only continue ruining lives but also feel emboldened in the process.
In my constituency of Rochdale I didn’t have to read reports to know children were being subject to sickening abuse. I heard directly from victims and their families. Their horrifying stories left me deeply troubled and I shared their anger at how they’d been treated by police and social services. Their pain was made worse by senior officers who told me that children who’d been routinely raped by gangs of men were making “lifestyle choices”.
Other conversations I had with whistleblowers showed what Professor Alexis Jay discovered in Rotherham was commonplace. A group of senior managers held a dominant view that couldn’t be challenged by anyone. In their minds political correctness and cultural sensitivity was more important than shocking criminal behavior. They were more interested in ticking boxes in diversity training than protecting children.
These people have no place working in child protection and I campaigned hard to ensure they weren’t allowed to continue working in Rochdale. Thankfully, the worst offenders have now gone, but many weren’t disciplined and to my enormous frustration were allowed to sneak out the backdoor with payoffs. Some are still working in child protection and I’ve subsequently received complaints from parents whose children have been let down by them in their new place of work.
This is just not good enough, it’s as though a top tier of public sector managers are untouchable. What kind of message does it send out when highly paid officials, whose deliberate neglect caused countless children to be raped and abused for years on end, escape punishment? In some cases not only do they escape disciplinary action but they end up being handsomely rewarded too.
The message it screams is that these children do not matter. The suffering and misery they endured is but a minor inconvenience to them. A bump in the road. The fact that a generation of lost children has been created as a result doesn’t matter to them. As I’ve seen in Rochdale, these kids often end up homeless, on drugs or in crime. Some commit suicide because the pain is too much to bear. But this won’t trouble highly paid public servants while they’re on the golf course in Spain.
And yet it troubles the public a great deal because they can see that in too many instances child protection services are not fit for purpose. The system badly needs fixing. In some cases it almost looks as though public protection agencies are colluding with rapists.
That’s why we desperately need a British ‘mandatory reporting’ law like they have in Australia, Canada and the U.S. This would mean that professionals in large organisations would face prosecution if they did not report child abuse. Attempts to cover up child rape, like we’ve seen in Rochdale, Rotherham and elsewhere, would be an imprisonable offence.
There is now the political will to deliver this. But in the short term we need to see officials in Rotherham who so clearly let down these children do the right thing and step down. Over 1,400 children were victims of this shocking reign of abuse and yet only five men have gone to jail as a result. That means there are still plenty of rapists walking the streets in South Yorkshire.
It’s just not acceptable that every time these scandals explode, in Rochdale, Oxford or Rotherham, no one in a senior position is disciplined. No one faces up to their responsibilities and the worst they experience is a difficult interview where they sheepishly mumble about lessons being learned.
Clearly lessons haven’t been learned. That’s why it keeps happening. And it’ll continue to do so until people start losing their jobs and face up to their failings. Only then will we know that these children truly matter and are given the respect they deserve.

German Security Official Warns of Terror Threat

Germany's domestic intelligence chief says he expects Islamic extremists who have traveled to Syria and Iraq will return and commit terror attacks. Hans-Georg Maassen told Deutschlandfunk radio on Sunday that there was an "increased abstract threat" of attacks in Germany.
Unlike Britain, Germany hasn't raised its national threat level for terrorism recently because of a lack of concrete warning signs.
Maassen says at least 400 people have left Germany to join jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq, and five have died as suicide bombers.
Maassen also wants to improve cooperation with Turkey, a key transit country for Europeans seeking to join extremist groups.

UK: SHOCK POLL puts UKIP in 44 Point Lead Over Tories in Clacton

Nigel Farage's UK Independence Party (UKIP) has stormed into the lead in the British parliamentary constituency of Clacton – an area which will play host to a by-election soon following the defection and resignation of the sitting Member of Parliament Douglas Carswell. Earlier this week Mr Carswell and Mr Farage rocked the Westminster village by announcing the former's defection from the Conservatives to UKIP. A Mail on Sunday poll conducted by Survation showed that UKIP currently lead the Tories by 64 points to 20 – an unprecedented 44 point lead.
Labour come in third on 13 percent, while the Liberal Democrats may as well not stand a candidate at all, gaining just two percent of the vote share.
But perhaps the most interesting part of the Mail's poll is the question about how voting intention would change if Boris Johnson were to stand against Carswell.
In this scenario, UKIP loses just 4 points out of 64, and the Tories actually gain the same number (4) from Labour and the Lib Dems combined as they do from UKIP. A Carswell vs. Johnson election would lead to Carswell winning by 60 points against 27.
Far from the issue being one of local celebrity for the incumbent MP, 57 percent of respondents claimed they've vote for him because they like UKIP. Just 34 percent said they were following the Carswell celebrity.
The Mail notes that if the results are borne out in the by-election, it would reflect the largest post-war electoral swing ever.
Damian Lyons Lowe, Chief Executive of polling firm Survation said: "Mr Carswell has been accused of betraying his party, but that is not how the vast majority of his constituents see him.
"Today’s survey lays to rest the notion that Mr Carswell defected for cynical reasons after becoming convinced that if he didn’t, he would lose to Ukip.
"Such is his personal popularity that he would almost certainly have won the seat had he fought it with a blue rosette next May, rather than now in the yellow and purple colours of Ukip.
"Most worrying of all for the Prime Minister is the reaction of other potential Tory MP defectors to the likely outcome of the by-election."

The Islamic Rape Jihad Against the Children of Rotherham

UK Politicians Feared Racism Charges for Exposing Muslim Rape Gangs

By Daniel Greenfield 
The abuse of at least 1,400 British girls took place because multiculturalism and denial came before their safety. Just as with terrorism, it was easier to close your eyes and chant, “Islam is a Religion of Peace”.
A culture of Left-wing political correctness led politicians and officials to ignore the plight of young girls who were being sexually abused by Asian men, Labour figures have warned.
Ann Cryer, an MP from 1997 until 2010, told The Sunday Telegraph how she had feared being called “racist” when, in 2002, she exposed a sex-abuse scandal involving Pakistani men in her constituency of Keighley, West Yorkshire.
A “politically correct Left just saw it as racism”, she said.
At the same time, Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, revealed that even now some of his colleagues disapproved of his efforts to uncover child abuse, because some were “obsessing about multiculturalism”.
Mrs Cryer recalled how there was a politically correct Left that saw her fight as racism. “At the time I was dealing with this, 2002-04, political correctness was playing a big part. The Guardian at that time hardly mentioned these things… because it was so politically correct.”
Simon Danczuk has written more about it here.
I believe that all those three agencies are run by a liberal, woolly-minded, middle-class elite who simply cannot conceive of the truly miserable lives that some inner-city children in this country are forced to endure, and who prefer to concentrate on media-friendly ideas such as multiculturalism, diversity and community values – rather than on something as wicked as the rape of a child.
They do not pursue the perpetrators because, blinded by political correctness, they simply do not see the abuse.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

German court rules against child porn suspect Edathy

The Constitutional Court on Friday rejected an attempt by former Social Democratic (SPD) MP Sebastian Edathy to have evidence against him thrown out in his trial for possession of child pornography.
Judges found that there were reasonable grounds for suspicion prior to the search of Edathy's home and offices, but that the search did run counter to his parliamentary immunity as a member of the Bundestag.
His lawyer had argued that the investigators had made an “illegal assumption of initial suspicion”, presuming the existence of a crime on the basis of legal images Edathy had ordered from Canada years before.
However, since Edathy had not raised a complaint with the relevant parliamentary authorities following the search, his case for the evidence police found to be removed from the trial was “inadmissible”, the court said.
Edathy, a former rising star of the centre-left, gave up his elected office in February, citing health grounds, shortly before his home and offices were first searched.
State prosecutors brought the Edathy case before a Hanover court in mid-July, accusing him of having used his parliamentary laptop to download child pornography images and videos on seven separate occasions between November first and 10th, 2013.
He is also accused of owning slides and a CD containing what prosecutors say is underaged pornography.
The Edathy case has led to scandal at the highest levels of government.
It led to the resignation of Agriculture Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich after it emerged that he informed Vice-Chancellor and SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel of the investigation in October 2013, while in his previous post as interior minister.
A letter sent by the prosecutors to Bundestag President Norbert Lammert informing him of the investigation also arrived late and unsealed, prompting further inquiries by the Hanover prosecutors.
A parliamentary inquiry initiated by opposition parties in the Bundestag is currently preparing a report on the case.

A Portrait of the Man Without a Plan

In a short interval between a long golfing vacation and the three fundraisers on the schedule for today, our “Commander in Chief” put on a tie long enough to announce that his administration has no plan to deal with the growing threat from the Islamic State, which has been conducting mass executions, ethnically cleansing Iraq of Christians, and destabilizing the entire region, and which promises to soon pose a terror threat to the American homeland that will dwarf al Qaeda.
But Obama does have one recent accomplishment to his credit. When he briefly interrupted his golf to issue a perfunctory, pro-Islam response to the beheading of American journalist James Foley, he inspired a portrait that sums up his response to the rising ISIS menace.
Warning, like everything else having to do with the Islamic State, the portrait is gruesome.


Italy: refugees protest because they want food "of their countries"

(Italian cousine not good enough...)

The lack of thankfulness is shocking, but what is also shocking is that the police admit that Italy is now so poor that thousands of Italians starve. Recently, asylum seekers in Sweden beat up the local cooks with "chair legs" because they did not like the food.

"A protest held by refugees against “monotonous” Italian food was “excessive”, especially at a time when thousands of Italians go hungry, the president of a police organization told The Local. ...

“They’re not complaining that the food isn’t good, but that it is not the food of their countries. But when you’re hosted in someone’s home, for example, you eat their food, right? It’s like on the many occasions I’ve been hosted in England, I don’t expect to eat spaghetti.'" /

Norwegian State Broadcasting Council condemns Norwegian State TV for not being critical enough concerning Hamas, "failed to distinguish war propaganda and verifiable information"

(Some people call it "Pallywood")

"After several hours of discussion the Broadcasting Council decided to criticise  NRK's (Norwegian State Broadcasting) Middle East coverage. ...

After several hours of discussion the council came to the conclusion that NRK has not been critical enough concerning Hamas, and that they have failed to distinguish war propaganda and verifiable information, and NRK should provide more information about the causes of the conflict. ...

Former foreign editor at Aftenposten, Kjell Dragnes, defended NRK with the words 'Do not shoot the pianist if you do not like music.' '- NRK's coverage has been good. It does not differ from international media such as BBC and CNN.'"

The Broadcasting Council believes that NRK has been insufficiently critical about Hamas' role." / 10news

The Great Treadmill of Muslim Extremism

By Daniel Greenfield 
Back in 2008, Latma not only predicted the rise of ISIS but also the newly moderate Hamas and Al Qaeda. This comedy clip from Latma (Hebrew with subtitles) nicely illustrates what I call the “Great Treadmill of Muslim Extremism”.
No matter what awful thing a Muslim terrorist group does, a new even more horrifying Muslim atrocity will make it seem moderate. Even though I’m transcribing some of it, the clip is worth watching for the punchline, which I won’t include here.
Host: Mr. Fadiha, could you explain the background of the current fights among the various extremist factions in Gaza to us?
Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage: They aren’t extremists! What you don’t understand is that Hamas are moderates.
Host: But both Hamas and Fatah hate us?
Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage: Many make that mistake. We in Fatah do hate you and want you to die, that’s true. But Hamas really hates you and wants you to die. That’s why they call us traitors.
Do you see the subtle distinction?
Host: So Hamas are extremists?
Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage: Who says that? They are moderates. That’s why they are fighting the Jaih el Islam from Al Qaeda. They don’t just want to destroy Israel, they want to destroy Israel and get hysterical and parade down the street hitting themselves in the head until they bleed.
Host: So that means that…
Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage: But they are moderate! Because there’s the “Itbach al Alam” (kill the world). They say Israel should be destroyed and hit their heads in the streets until they are bloody and chant “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”.
And therefore Jaih el Islam is a bunch of traitors!
Host: So Jaih el Islam, I mean…
Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage: And what of “Al Jihad fil Kul and Itbach al itbach il”? (Fight and kill everyone) They say to destroy Israel and America and everyone and hit their heads in the street and burn flags with great anger and are for blowing up all sorts of things.
That’s why they say “Itbach al Alam” are traitors who must be liquidated.
This cycle can go on forever. Each more insanely violent terrorist group will be succeeded by Jihadists who are even more bloodthirsty. And that means yesterday’s monsters become tomorrow’s moderates.
Before too long the New York Times will be running articles about negotiating with moderate ISIS factions.
It goes well with this Latma clip, unfortunately not translated, about Islamophobia. “We’ll keep killing them until they realize we’re not dangerous.”

Intelligence Nightmare: Extremists Returning Home

The case of Mehdi Nemmouche haunts U.S. intelligence officials. Nemmouche is a Frenchman who authorities say spent 11 months fighting with the Islamic State group in Syria before returning to Europe to act out his rage. On May 24, prosecutors say, he methodically shot four people at the Jewish Museum in central Brussels. Three died instantly, one afterward. Nemmouche was arrested later, apparently by chance.
For U.S. and European counterterrorism officials, that 90-second spasm of violence is the kind of attack they fear from thousands of Europeans and up to 100 Americans who have gone to fight for extremist armies in Syria and now Iraq.
The Obama administration has offered a wide range of assessments of the threat to U.S. national security posed by the extremists who say they've established a caliphate, or Islamic state, in an area straddling eastern Syrian and northern and western Iraq, and whose actions include last week's beheading of American journalist James Foley. Some officials say the group is more dangerous than al-Qaida. Yet intelligence assessments say it currently couldn't pull off a complex, 9-11-style attack on the U.S. or Europe.
However, there is broad agreement across intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the immediate threat from radicalized Europeans and Americans who could come home to conduct lone-wolf operations. Such plots are difficult to detect because they don't require large conspiracies of people whose emails or phone calls can be intercepted.
The 2013 Boston Marathon bombings were like that, carried out by radicalized American brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev acting on their own. So was the 2010 attempt to bomb New York's Times Square by Faisal Shahzad, who received training and direction in Pakistan but operated alone in the United States.
On Friday, Britain raised its terror threat from "substantial" to "severe," its second highest level, citing a foreign fighter danger that made a terrorist attack "highly likely." The U.S. didn't elevate its national terrorist threat level, though White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the administration was closely monitoring the situation. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday that U.S. authorities aren't aware of any "specific, credible" threats to the U.S. homeland from the group.
So far, Nemmouche is the only foreign fighter affiliated with the Islamic State group who authorities say returned from the battlefield to carry out violence, and some scholars argue the danger is overstated. But nearly every senior national security official in the U.S. government — including the attorney general, FBI director, homeland security secretary and leaders of key intelligence and military agencies — has called foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq their top terrorism worry.
"While we have worked hard over the last year and a half to detect Westerners who have gone to Syria, no one knows for sure whether there are those who have gone there undetected," said John Cohen, a Rutgers University professor who stepped down in July as the Homeland Security Department's counterterrorism coordinator.
"And that's why those of us who look at this every day are so concerned that somebody is going to slip through the cracks," Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., the House Intelligence Committee chairman, said Thursday on CNN. "They're either going to get into Europe or they're going to get into the United States."
Unlike al-Qaida militants in Pakistan and Yemen, American and European passport holders who have secretly gone to fight in Syria can travel freely if they have not been identified as terrorists. U.S. authorities are sifting through travel records and trying to identify the foreign fighters, but they won't see all of them.
An American from San Diego, Douglas McAuthur McCain, was killed this week in Syria, where, officials say, he was fighting with the Islamic State. The U.S. is investigating whether a second American also was killed.
McCain is one of several Western Muslims over the last two years who proved themselves willing to kill or die for extremist groups or help them win new recruits. The names of many more remain secret in the files of U.S. intelligence agencies, but here are others that are public:
—Moner Mohammad Abusalha, an American who grew up a basketball fan in Vero Beach, Florida, killed 16 people and himself in a suicide bombing attack against Syrian government forces in May. U.S. officials say he was on their radar screen but acknowledge he traveled from Syria to the United States before the attack without detection. Had he attacked in the U.S. instead of Syria, it's unclear whether he would have been stopped.
—Two brothers from East London, Hamza Nawaz, 23, and Mohommod Nawaz, 30, pleaded guilty in May to attending a terrorist training camp in Syria. They were caught on the return trip home with ammunition. In an unrelated case, Mashudur Choudhury, 31, was also convicted in London of traveling to a terrorist camp in Syria.
—Three Norwegian residents were arrested in May and accused of having fought with the Islamic State group.
—Eight men, including a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, were arrested in June by Spanish authorities and charged with recruiting for the Islamic State group.
Of the thousands of foreign fighters who've flocked to Syria, many have fought with the al Nusra front, an al-Qaida affiliate and rival to the Islamic State. The group poses its own threat, American officials say, but poses less of a threat than does the Islamic State, whose battlefield successes have made it a stronger draw for foreign fighters than any Jihadist group in recent history. It has seized advanced military equipment and has millions of dollars in cash.
Intelligence officials estimate that about a dozen Americans are fighting with the Islamic State group.
Nemmouche, who has a long criminal record, allegedly killed two Israeli tourists outside the Brussels museum entrance with a .357 Magnum revolver. Then he walked inside, removed an assault rifle from a gym bag and shot two museum employees in the face and throat, prosecutors say.
He was caught six days later during a random customs inspection of a bus from Amsterdam. With him were the murder weapons, authorities say, and a sheet scrawled with the name of the Islamic State. He had intended to film the attack with a wearable video camera, authorities say, though it wasn't working that day.
Abusalha, the 22-year-old Vero Beach suicide bomber, was recorded in a series of videos before his attack. In one of them, he addresses the U.S. public in American-accented English.
"You think you are safe? You are not safe," he said. "We are coming for you, mark my words."

Scottish Independence Campaigners Accused of Co-ordinating 'Nationalist Mobs' to Disrupt Pro-Union Events

By Nick Hallett 
The pro-independence 'Yes Scotland' campaign has been accused of coordinating 'nationalist mobs' to disrupt prominent pro-union events. Labour MP Jim Murphy made the claims after being forced to suspend a speaking tour of Scotland after he was targeted by angry nationalists who shouted him down and intimidated staff. He had been touring the country on a '100 towns in 100 days' tour in the run up to the Scottish independence referendum, urging Scots to vote 'No'.
The Telegraph reports that the pro-union 'Better Together' campaign has now circulated a dossier that appears to show social media accounts belong to local branches of the official Yes Scotland campaign encouraging nationalists to attend Mr Murphy's events.
Many share specific dates and times of Mr Murphy's appearances, while one told pro-independence supports to give Murphy a "warm YES welcome". Mr Murphy says that in the confrontations that ensued, he was called a "traitor", "quisling" and "terrorist", with one nationalist even accusing him of being an apologist for paedophilia. He also said that he had been physically intimidated on more than one occasion.
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said, however, that Mr Murphy should just "ignore" the heckling. "If he wants to go and shout through a loud hailer at people in the streets then they should be allowed to [protest]," he said.
Yes Scotland said: "We condemn all forms of abusive, dangerous and offensive behaviour, whether it be Jim Murphy having eggs thrown at him, or Alex Salmond being harassed by a road rage motorist."
Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Mr Murphy said that his first 70 appearances had gone off smoothly, but since the TV debates the amount of abuse he has suffered has suddenly increased. He said that hundreds of nationalists had deliberately disrupted his events, with a "mob" on one occasion even gathering at an official Yes Scotland office.
He said: "All-comers are welcome, but there's a difference between a crowd and a mob. The blame for this lies at Yes Scotland's door. They should stop this mob mentality and they should stop it immediately.
"No political campaign in history can control the odd idiot. Every political campaign in history has the odd idiot. But that is not what we are talking about here. This is coordinated by one side against another."
Yes Scotland said: "For the most part, the independence debate has been conducted in a responsible, peaceful and enthusiastic manner with only a very small minority on both sides behaving badly.
"The eyes of the world are on Scotland and it is vital that everybody – regardless of which side of the debate they are on – helps to show off Scotland at its best."

Rotherham’s — and England’s — Shame: The Muslim men who tortured more than 1,400 girls are criminals. So are the authorities who covered it up

By John O’Sullivan  
We often read or hear from the media that a nation is “shocked” or “horrified” by the revelation of some crime or government scandal. It is almost never true. At best, most people are disapproving or mildly interested in the shocking news. Since Tuesday afternoon, however, Britain has felt real shock and horror over the report that 1,400 young women in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham had been groomed, raped, prostituted, trafficked, and brutally abused in almost every possible way by a criminal gang for the last 16 years. In addition, the authorities — which in this case are the local government authority, the police, and the child-protection services — had been repeatedly informed of these crimes but had dismissed the reports as false or exaggerated and taken no action to investigate, halt, and punish them.
Some of the examples of this depraved official indifference are barely believable. In one case, a girl was found drunk in the company of her exploiters and was arrested while the men were let free. In another, a father found his daughter, tried to rescue her, complained to the police, and was himself arrested while the authorities took no action on his complaint.
It is not as if this series of crimes was hidden or unknown. No fewer than three official investigations (prior to this one) looked into these crimes. They reported the broad truth that we now know and called for further investigations and arrests. The police and child-protection services did nothing whatever about them. Indeed, they quietly pigeonholed the findings with dismissive comments. The local councilors looked the other way or, on some occasions, intervened to discourage investigations by the police. Only the general public was innocently ignorant.If these events were occurring in a film noir or a paperback novel set in a midcentury American city, the Philip Marlowe character would eventually unravel a complicated plot in which a corrupt administration and police force were helping a criminal gang run child brothels for fun and profit. That is in fact the most rational interpretation of what took place. But it is not the true explanation.
What happened is explained by two additional facts: The 1,400 girls were all white and of Christian background and English ethnicity while all but one of their exploiters were Muslims of Pakistani heritage. (The report describes the men delicately as “Asians,” but so far no Hindus, Sikhs, or Hong Kong Chinese are among their number.) As in other recent cases, the men targeted the girls in large part because they were white Christians, culturally speaking, and thus “worthless.” They actually told the girls that this was so. Still worse, the police also treated the girls as worthless when they bravely ignored the physical threats against them (one man poured petrol over a girl and threatened to light it) and sought police help. As a result, some of the girls came to believe they were in fact worthless, which, of course, made them more tractable to the gang. Others committed suicide. Many of the survivors will experience, perhaps for the rest of their lives, prolonged bouts of depression, self-contempt, shame, and other psychological disorders.
This scale of criminality and victimhood is vast for a country that has traditionally regarded itself as law-abiding. Worse, the report concedes that the estimate of 1,400 victims is a conservative one. (It is the equivalent of about three girls’ schools.) Some of the girls were as young as eleven. And since other (more or less identical) cases of criminal exploitation of young Christian girls by Pakistani Muslim men have been uncovered in cities such as Oldham, Birmingham, and Oxford in the last decade, the total number of victims must be staggering.
The motives of the exploiters, though vile, are not hard to understand. They plainly include both racism and sexism alongside the lust and cruelty enabled by their misogynistic culture. But what explains the silence, the acquiescence, even the cooperation of the authorities? Their motives seem to derive from the rich stew of progressive absurdities that constitute official attitudes in modern Britain. The first is the fear of being suspected of racism. Again and again the police and the social workers shrank from intervening or responding to complaints because to do so would invite the accusation that they were “racist.” Most people in the Muslim community were unaware of this criminal conspiracy (and, shocked and horrified like everyone else, they now condemn it). But when it was brought to the attention of  “community leaders,” they too played the race card to suppress further investigation. To uncover such scandal would be not only racist, it would commit a sin against the ideal of multiculturalism that now actuates much official policy.
The Labour member of Parliament for Rotherham from 1994 to 2012, Dennis MacShane, admitted yesterday that as a Guardian-reading left liberal, he had shied away from looking into such topics as the oppression of women in “bits of the Muslim community.” He ought to have done something about it, but, well, you understand . . . “I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that.”
That kind of official response is worse than outright bigotry, but it has unfortunately been not uncommon in recent years. Anxious to avoid the “racist” taint, the police frequently ignore the appeals of young Muslim women fleeing from forced marriages or genital mutilation; instead, they work with community leaders to persuade the women to return to their families. This shameful collaboration is gradually being brought to an end. But it still shapes many official attitudes.
Official attitudes to the young white girls in Rotherham were different — but, if anything, worse. They combined sexism with a contempt for the white working class that is now common in both the progressive intelligentsia and the lumpen-intelligentsia whose members respectively lay down and enforce social policy under uncomprehending or cowardly political leaders. Thus the police shared the opinion of the criminals that their victims were little better than “sluts.” They were powerless, without influential parents or friends, lacking an ethnic support group that would rally to their defense. If racism is a weapon that can be used only by the powerful, as the progressive mantra holds, then the girls were victims of racism. But they were the wrong victims just as the criminals were the wrong pedophiles. Their plight had never been a topic in lectures on diversity. In short, they certainly weren’t worth risking a reprimand for disrupting good community relations or undermining diversity.
The authorities’ contempt was ill deserved by any standard. Many of the young women victims have proven to be brave, decent, and articulate. All of them were bullied, deceived, and beaten into submission by their tormentors and betrayed by those legally obliged to protect them. But the moral character of the victims is irrelevant in any case. So-called sluts deserve the same police protections as the rest of us — arguably they deserve more since they are at greater risk. Instead, these girls were seen by officials not as children in need of protection but as powerless pieces of meat who scarcely deserved the rights of British citizens and who could be safely ignored to avoid embarrassment.
Another element in official attitudes is hostility to the family and a hatred of the notion that families might instill traditional moral values in their children. Such hostility proved very convenient for the criminal gangs, who probably had to overcome a weaker moral resistance on the part of their grooming victims. To be sure, this hostility arises from a very different source than sexism or contempt for the white working class: a sense among progressives in the public sector that intact families undermine equality and that even etiolated Christian beliefs obstruct multiculturalism. If that sounds a trifle paranoid, recall that it was the same Rotherham social-work department that wanted to remove children from foster parents whose support for UKIP indicated an impermissible hostility to multiculturalism. You couldn’t make it up.No one can deny that many families in Britain’s new underclass neglect their children and, in the worst cases, abuse them almost as much as the criminals did. But exactly the same is true of social workers. They too have been guilty of the worst possible scandals (leading at times to murder), some of which are rooted in quasi-sophisticated “anti-racist” nonsense about the proper ethnic culture that young children should enjoy. They increasingly show a contempt for natural families and their rights that is plainly contrary to almost any theory of human rights and that allows them to break up families on slight pretexts. Late last year, the British courts forced a young Italian tourist to have a caesarean operation and hand over her newborn to foster parents on the grounds that she was bipolar and might not always take her medication. And to put the top hat on it, these social-work interventions have a very poor record of success. As Colin Brewer, a distinguished psychiatrist, points out in the current London Spectator, it is increasingly plain that social work simply doesn’t work. And that makes intact families with religious commitments even more of a threat — because they do work.
A final factor is that Rotherham and South Yorkshire have been Labour “pocket boroughs” for 80 years or more. Until the last local elections — when UKIP broke through to win ten seats — there has been no effective opposition to hold Labour to account. The threat from UKIP in recent years has made Labour still more determined to hold the Muslim vote and even more reliant on those Muslim Labour councilors who were its missionaries to Muslim voters. So Labour kept the lid on the scandal as long as it could and discouraged interest in it. (You may hear certain American echoes there.)
What can we do? Given the scale of horror in this story, governments and politicians will propose to do a great deal between now and the election. But will their proposals pass the tests of serious effectiveness? There are two:
First, will anybody apart from the “Asian” criminals themselves go to prison for what has happened? What penalty, for instance, will be imposed on the current police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire who, in his previous position as a Labour councilor, shared responsibility for the council’s treatment of the young victims? At the moment, he is offering weak apologies and refusing to resign. But he and his official colleagues are guilty of something like conspiracy to facilitate and conceal crimes such as rape, sexual assault, grievous bodily harm, etc., etc. A competent lawyer could probably run up a dozen formal charges on such lines overnight. Mere resignations and dismissals will not fit this bill. Nothing short of prison sentences for senior officials in the police and local government will meet the needs of both justice and public opinion. People are tired of official scandals for which no one ever pays a price.
The second test is whether the British government will reform the broad-brush multiculturalism and “anti-racism” that have grievously distorted government policy nationally and locally. One way of advertising such a change would be to repudiate the official definition of “institutionalized racism” that the Macpherson report introduced a decade ago. The Commission on Racial Equality, a quasi-official body, defines it as follows:
If racist consequences accrue to institutional laws, customs, or practices, that institution is racist whether or not the individuals maintaining those practices have racial intentions.
And the Macpherson Report itself gave a further explanation as to how it works:
[Institutionalized racism] can be seen or detected in processes, attitudes, and behaviour which amount to discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness, and racist stereotyping which disadvantage minority ethnic people.
These arguments are fatuous and cannot withstand serious intellectual criticism — though there is a huge inverted pyramid of intellectualized nonsense resting on them. Once intentionality is removed from the concept of racism, it becomes the accidental result of policies or structures adopted for legitimate reasons, and almost anyone anywhere can be shown to be guilty of it. But in Britain and (under the term “disparate impact”) in America, these arguments have carried the day in law and politics. That explains why the police and local authorities in Rotherham and elsewhere have been willing to conceal or ignore crimes that involve race, ethnicity, or religion.
If racism is a mysterious airborne virus that shapes people’s behavior without their realizing it, then why should an ordinary copper take the risk of even noticing a case with racial overtones? If he cannot avoid involvement, why not take the side of the “disadvantaged ethnic minority” — especially when it has such advantages as powerful friends and helpful pressure groups? And if the powerful friends sense that police intervention might threaten their ethnic electoral support, then a quiet word in the right place will ensure that the problem “goes away.” In reality, however, the problem metastasizes — until, as in Rotherham, it becomes so massive, toxic, and embarrassing that the authorities join the criminals in concealing it, to the continued detriment of its victims.
Ultimately, this mess is the result of progressive official policies. It will recur endlessly until the policies are changed. Ordinary citizens — especially working-class “Old Labour” voters — realize this. The only good aspect of this scandal is that this time they seem enraged enough to insist on real change.

Why We Must Demand More of British Muslims

By Richard Elliott 

When I say 'demand' more of British Muslims, I don’t mean 'ask' more. That isn’t enough. Governments and civil society have been asking for long enough now, yet we still have a frightening lack of cohesion within communities where a large percentage of Muslims live. Nor has it encouraged a tolerant, inclusive attitude amongst huge swathes of Muslims. The soft approach has failed; we have seen a rise in complacency by successive governments who have taken to handling the groundswell of problems involving Muslims in British society with kid gloves. Now it is surely right to be more demanding.
A few years ago, the British novelist Martin Amis gave a scathing polemic during an interview with The London Times about the political correctness towards Islam in the West. His own experience came from the ridiculous scenario of his daughter, a small white Jewish girl, having her bag stripped out and searched at airport security, to save face and make up the numbers on the supposed ‘random bag searches’ for politically correct reasons.
Amis suggested that Western society be more restrictive on Muslims, saying that "the Muslim community will have to suffer until it gets its house in order." His language was crass, sure enough. And he later went on to retract the bulk of what he had said. I still think his message was for the most part right.
It’s quite clear that Western Muslims in the large are not doing in any way near enough to integrate, stop radicalisation, or respect the values of the countries they enter. A recent book written by a BBC reporter, Innes Bowen, gives testament and empirical evidence to this claim.
The findings of Medina in Birmingham, Najaf in Brent are harrowing; we find historical data pointing at every front to the worrying conclusion that British Muslims and Muslim organizations are far less ‘liberal’ and progressive than perhaps we would like.
It alleges, for example, that the Muslim Council of Britain, ever the flagship of representation of Muslims in Britain, has its ideological roots in the message of Jamaat-e-Islami, the political group which imposed sharia on Pakistan. Surely you must remember when the same group boycotted Holocaust Memorial Day.
It also says that the Muslim Association of Britain was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, by all intents and purposes a terrorist Islamist organization. Also, only a tiny number of mosques (single figures amongst a sea of thousands) support a progressive stance within Islam, Bowen tells us.

Moving from the academic to the practical: my friends are for the most part a pretty liberal crowd, desensitized by years of drinking in Soho and Dalston. But many of them have tales to tell where they’ve experienced verbal or physical assault by Muslims, based on ethnic or religious prejudices.
This is true particularly of my white friends; especially the white female friends. Examples include men steering their niqab-clad daughters away from passing them in the street, shouting at them and being pushed for making very slight physical contact when stepping onto a bus, and (in my own case) having a man ask me why “I let my woman dress like that”. I do not have any women, per se, and I have never made a woman dress in a particular way as to avoid offending sensibilities. But this of course makes me my friends and most of British civilized society filthy kuffar to these people; didn’t you know that?
With the seemingly endless stream of ultra-orthodox tendencies amongst a large amount of Muslims in Britain, particularly amongst young male Muslims, you would think mosques in Britain would recognize this, right? I mean, have you ever been to a religious service? The imams and workers don’t just teleport away at the beginning and end of the service, having no interaction with these people.
These religious leaders interact with their flock, the members of the Dar al-Islam, on a daily basis; and somehow, the extremism continues, the antithetical stance to liberal Western tolerance is maintained, the orthodoxy is fed.
This is not good enough; it should be the civic duty of imams and community activists to not only preach the message of tolerance, but also to inform the authorities if any Muslim is showing increasing signs of radicalisation. It is time that Islamic authority figures stop being seen to be consistent in their saying one thing to please a British audience, whilst encouraging something starkly opposite amongst their kin.
Contrary to the drive of this article, I am not at all fond of collective blame. I deplore the treatment of Israelis and Jews, who are perceived as being unjust by extension for the supposedly disproportionate actions of the government of Israel. I also know full well that most British Muslims aren’t planning on cutting off any heads for holy jihad any time soon.
But, to be frank, there is no problem with Jewish extremism in this country. There is no credible risk of radicalization amongst Protestants in our schools or university systems. Quakers do not desert their jobs and native countries to try and establish brutal rogue states. Islam is the anomaly, and failing to give both the religion and its adherents special focus would be a grave mistake.
It is becoming my belief, and no doubt has been the belief of many others for some time, that there is a really crisis with Islam in the West. We are constantly told that there is a battle within Islam to turn it into a progressive, inclusive religion. I wish those involved in that the very best of luck. But that doesn’t mean that in the meantime, civil society in Britain can have such a palpable threat against it. Enough is enough. It’s time we started demanding more of British Muslims.

The Dilemma of the 21st Century Liberal

Leaving the EU Is the Only Way to Cut Immigration

By Alan Murad 
It has become a familiar routine to hear Cameron plead he can reduce net migration, and for the Office of National Statistics to publish figures which reveal the futility of his efforts. Yesterday's ONS figures reveal annual net migration – the difference between numbers arriving and those leaving - soared past 243,000, equivalent to a city the size of Southampton. This is a massive increase of 68,000 from net migration the previous year, and two thirds of the increase are accounted for by the influx of EU migrants.
Cameron’s plans are in tatters, but his claim he can reduce net migration have always been wishful thinking. As long as we remain members of the EU there is nothing we can do to control or limit European workers arriving, and Cameron knows it.
This point cannot be stressed enough. As members of the European Union we have effectively signed up to suspend border controls for any EU citizen arriving on our shores. It is spelled out in Article 45 of the Lisbon Treaty which establishes the free movement of workers. You can’t opt-out of it. What the mainstream  media (and Cameron) don’t want the public to know is that EU membership is a package deal, a tailored arrangement is not on the table.
Freedom of movement is an integral feature of EU membership and despite the strain inflicted on our schools, hospitals and housing by relentless waves of migrant workers fleeing the beleaguered Eurozone, there is no political will in Brussels to call a halt to it.

As such, attempts by Westminster to control or reduce net migration while we are in a political union with Brussels amounts to a farce. The only way to control immigration is to leave the EU and restore our national sovereignty.
Britain deserves a sensible, controlled immigration policy. The current arrangement is forcing the government to crack down on non-EU migrants. We are left in the astonishing situation of having to turn away skilled and motivated workers from countries such as Australia, India and Canada, while unskilled workers from Eastern Europe are waved through customs.
Downward pressure on wages mainly at the lower end of the job market is now the norm, causing devastation for low-paid workers struggling to compete with their European rivals.
Interestingly, Douglas Carswell’s defection to UKIP serves to underline the failure of the EU strategy, as he has accused the Prime Minister of not being serious enough about renegotiation and has asserted Cameron has already made his mind up about staying in the EU.
When your own MPs are jumping ship, it is clear your party is not headed in the right direction. It is time for Cameron to put aside his commitment to “renegotiation”, bring forward the In/Out referendum and lead the Brexit campaign to  Get Britain Out. I’m not holding my breath though, are you?