Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Reasons Why No One Should Be Glad That Galloway Was Beaten Up

By Raheem Kassam 
 I really hope my cohorts don't stoop to the depths that leftists do when they advocate and condone violence and vandalism today. George Galloway was beaten up on a London street. As yet the motives are unclear, but apparently his assailant shouted something about the Holocaust.
Already I've seen people saying that they're not surprised. And that might be true. But we shouldn't be gleeful or celebratory about violence, even when it is committed against someone as egregious as Galloway. Here are some other reasons, beyond basic morality, why:
1. He's a sad, doddery old man
Galloway is in his late fifties now. He can't be doing too well heath wise, I mean look at him. It's not nice when older people suffer from an attack like this. Especially if the rumours about him breaking his jaw are true. It'll take a good long time to heal, and will likely be incredibly painful. Galloway causes a lot of emotional suffering to people he perceives as his enemies, but he'd be unlikely to lamp an elderly person in the street, even if they were draped from head to toe in an Israeli flag.
2. He needs his jaw, and so do we
I reckon every time Galloway opens his mouth, he does more for the pro-Israel cause than he would like to think. I mean he's a Grade A loon and everyone apart from the leftist hoards that have nothing better to do with their Saturdays but sit in Hyde Park with a keffiyeh and a Hezbollah flag knows it. The silent majority of Britain know him not as a great orator, or a man of significant intellect, but as a man who pretended to be a cat on Big Brother. So let's be having more of him.
3. But really, we DO need him
One of the best speeches of the past few months has been Galloway's pro-United Kingdom speech, where he slammed the Scottish Independence campaigners. On the run up to the Scottish Referendum, I reckon those who want the UK to stay together will need Galloway on the stump, convincing his fellow Scots to stick with England and those other places and give Salmond a bloody nose. Ok maybe a distasteful metaphor right now. But really – Galloway can't do these things over the next three weeks if his jaw is wired shut.
4. It undermines 'our side' if we condone it
I've been intimidated at left wing rallies, threatened with violence, been sent death threats, and so on and so forth. It isn't something we on the right typically do – because we have morals, and aren't sociopaths, and don't need physical force to prove our points. And if we did, it would totally and utterly rid us of the high ground that we currently occupy.
We don't go into supermarkets and trash the places. We don't shout people down for disagreeing with us. We don't believe in a freedom for 'our' press and no freedom for 'their' press. And we certainly don't condone violence. The second we allow ourselves to become happy, and thusly inured to these things, that's when we begin to lose the arguments.
5. It could have been a lot worse, and I don't want him to be 'martyred'
No doubt Galloway will trade off this incident for years now. I can hear it already, in his Arab-inflected, pidgin English: "Aye was brrrrutally... attacked... on the stritssss, of Lundun! By a rabid! Zionist! Imperiaaaalissst!"
It's inevitable really. But we shouldn't let him follow that with, "And just loooook at the reaction, on Twutter! They all loved it! They all loved a fufty-year-old maaan... being punched in the face!"
Boring, right? He'd love the martyrdom. And it could have been worse. Imagine Galloway had been beaten to death tonight (stop it)... he'd be a Saint to the left in a matter of minutes. Owen Jones would be on the TV talking about "his good friend George" and there'd be a campaign to have the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square dedicated to him. They'd probably build a Qassam rocket launch site or something. Yikes.
No. Galloway mustn't suffer. And he must NEVER die. Because that is a truly terrifying prospect.

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