Saturday, August 30, 2014

Italy: refugees protest because they want food "of their countries"

(Italian cousine not good enough...)

The lack of thankfulness is shocking, but what is also shocking is that the police admit that Italy is now so poor that thousands of Italians starve. Recently, asylum seekers in Sweden beat up the local cooks with "chair legs" because they did not like the food.

"A protest held by refugees against “monotonous” Italian food was “excessive”, especially at a time when thousands of Italians go hungry, the president of a police organization told The Local. ...

“They’re not complaining that the food isn’t good, but that it is not the food of their countries. But when you’re hosted in someone’s home, for example, you eat their food, right? It’s like on the many occasions I’ve been hosted in England, I don’t expect to eat spaghetti.'" /

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