Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Arabs Attack Jew As He Leaves Berlin Chabad House

A 22-year-old Israeli was the victim of an apparent hate crime attack in Berlin on Sunday, after being hit by four Muslims as he was leaving a Chabad house in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf neighborhood, Ynet reports. The man was treated at a local hospital and will return to Israel to receive further medical treatment. “Right after I left, four people suddenly jumped me and cursed me in German with an Arab accent. They beat and kicked me,” the victim recalled in a conversation with Ynet. “They really had murder in their eyes. I was in shock. Some passersby came to help and they simply ran away, otherwise I don’t know how it would have ended.” The victim was treated for fractures in his fingers, and dried bruises on his legs and hands. “I have no doubt they attacked me because I looked Jewish or Israeli to them,” he said. German police are investigating the incident. The young Israeli says he was looking into the option of moving to Berlin because of the economic situation in Israel. “I did not believe that this was the situation in Berlin, but even though I was attacked, it will not prevent me from living here. I’m not scared of this nonsense,” he defiantly proclaimed.

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