Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bill Cosby & His Love for Islam


By Rebecca Gold 

The sexual assault claims against Bill Cosby continue to multiply, and are causing the cancellation of many projects. As of Monday, November 24, the number of women publicly accusing the comedian of sexual assault reached 16, some reporting anonymously, according to The Washington Post.
The number spiked after the 77-year-old cultural icon finally broke his silence on the recent accusations. On Friday, November 21, Cosby’s lawyer denounced the claims as "unsubstantiated, fantastical stories."
Cosby told Florida Today, on Friday right before his standup show, "I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendos. People should fact check. People shouldn't have to go through that and shouldn't answer to innuendos."
In addition, the spotlight on Cosby has led many to take a closer look at his past, including an op-ed written for the New York Post last year in which Cosby details modern society’s flaws and suggested we take a life lesson out of the Koran.
According to Breitbart, Cosby wrote, “I’m a Christian. But Muslims are misunderstood. Intentionally misunderstood. We should all be more like them. They make sense, especially with their children. There is no other group like the Black Muslims, who put so much effort into teaching children the right things, they don’t smoke, they don’t drink or overindulge in alcohol, they protect their women, they command respect. And what do these other people do?”
Maybe if people did do a better job of protecting their woman from Cosby, this whole mess of accusations wouldn’t be in play.
He concluded, “They complain about them, they criticize them. We’d be a better world if we emulated them. We don’t have to become black Muslims, but we can embrace the things that work.”
Cosby seems to support a world where woman are objects, and victims would never bring rape allegations against him because they would be stoned to death for being sexually assaulted.
No criminal charges have come against Cosby from any of the allegations, which go back as far as half a century. Cosby has repeatedly denied accusations of assault in the past, and was only publicly accused for the first time 10 years ago. The allegations have come into the spotlight in the last few weeks due to a significant number of woman coming forward in a concentrated time frame.

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